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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 31, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. it is 5:00 p.m. in des moines, iowa. that's where all eyes are right now. it is a sprint to the finish in iowa, one day ahead of the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential race. candidates on both sides
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hammering out exhausting schedules with events all over the state. five of them speaking live this hour alone. hillary clinton, ted cruz, jeb bush, bernie sanders and an important note regarding the democrats. we have just learned that two days after the caucuses on monday night they will make their closing argument this is new hampshire. they'll speak to voters, answer questions in a live primetime town hall event happening only here on cnn. that's wednesday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern. also just in, cnn has a brand new poll taking the temperature of voters in new hampshire. we have all of that. brooke baldwin. >> hot off the presses tonight. poppy thank you so much. this is so, so crucial. listen, iowa is the story and we're getting the result of this cnn wmur new hampshire poll. let me bring in dana bash and politics executive editor mark
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preston. first, dana to you, we've been going over the numbers quickly. let's start on the republican side. trump. >> trump, trump, trump. >> trump and everybody else is looking at him so far away they need binoculars. i mean, it is just that big. let's take a look at the numbers to tell our viewers what we're talking about. trump, 30%. then go down to 12%. ted cruz, marco rubio 11%. kasich 9. cristie 8, bush 6. >> number 2 and 3 there. ted cruz and marco rubio. all of what we're seeing here in iowa, ted cruz going after marco rubio in a pretty aggressive way, especially on tv with his tv ads. >> taking those numbers -- >> lumping them all -- >> those numbers, that's the illustration. that tells us why he's doing that. first and foremost to make sure he -- rubio doesn't creep up on
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ted cruz here in wie a wa. but it's about the next move in in game of political chess. ted cruz is kind of vying for second place in new hampshire. if marco rubio has what george h.w. bush used to call the big mow, coming out of iowa and doing quite well that, could propel him up in a big way and could -- do two things to hurt ted cruz. number one, push him down. but also, push all the other people in the so-called establishment lane out of the way and it would make people consolidate around marco rubio, which is bad for ted cruz. >> what about the democrats? >> the democrats, also kind of not even close when it comes to the contest in these poll numbers. bernie sanders, 57%. clinton is way far behind, 34%. don't forget, martin o'malley i at 1%. these numbers are kind of what we have been seeing historically, at least the past couple of weeks and months. bernie sanders is practically a
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home state senator. he's from the neighboring state of vermont. hillary clinton has been trying to kind of do better there. but the expectation, genuine expectation in the clinton campaign has been for some time, she's going to lose in new hampshire. that's why they're working hard in iowa and the next big stop, north carolina. >> that's your interpretation of all of this. you, sir, what surprises you the most. >> listen, the fact that bernie sanders is still so far ahead in new hampshire right now which shows you what's going to happen in the next 24 hours will help define the race for the next week. understand this, we're playing day by day right now. we're not playing a long game even though they're focusing long game. to the point, there's this town hall that will be two days after iowa. we're going to see bernie sanders, martin o'malley and hillary clinton on stage taking questions from new hampshire voters. new hampshire has a tradition of
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long town hall meetings and it can combative. these are hearty new englanders who want answers. we saw this in iowa. cnn did the same type of town hall with chris cuomo. he did a masterful job moving it around. everybody walked away pretty happy with it although there were tough questions. anderson cooper did a town hall on guns, a very explosive issue. did a masterful job with president obama. on to the town hall. >> you know about the questions from new englanders. am i hearing right? mark preston, thank you so much. we need to marinate through a lot of this. i have reaction to this poll also from our political dynamic duo, husband and wife, my favorite. republican strategist margaret hoover and editor in chief of the dailey beast. >> dana outlined it superbly. it's essentially trump and the rest are bunched in. she highlighted the number 2 and 3 spot.
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the fact that cruz and rubio are so tight. just one percentage point away. the big moment is everything out of iowa. >> absolutely, it is. but you're going into a different state that is entirely different from iowa in terms of its primary voter makeup. 7 and 10, iowa gop caucus-goers identify as conservative. in new hampshire, only half of them self-identify as conservative. it's a state where the table is set probably better for some of the other ones who are bunched up in the middle. the rubio, the christie, the kasich. coming out of eye warks if it happens that rubio closes the gap with cruz, he'll have the big moe. that could help him beat cruz. rubio's strategy has always been 3, 2, 1. third in iowa, second in new hampshire, first in south carolina. who knows whether that will happen. but here is a scenario whereby that may come to pass. >> that's the narrative they've been pushing. but keep in mind that there's -- they're only one point in this poll separates the person in second, third, fourth be, fifth.
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kasich and christie are pretty competitive in this. what's interesting is that not only is donald trump doing well with self-identified moderates in new hampshire. but so many of them haven't made up their mind. what's also jumped out. ted cruz does the worst among self-identify centrist republicans, there's a big amount of room for the rest the grow. cruz has a ceiling for them. it's all about the fight for the center right. >> what about democrats, the fact that you see these numbers and you see bernie sanders and this is his wheelhouse, geographically speaking. sanders at 57% and clinton at 34. there is the big, let's play the if game. because it is neck and neck in iowa. there is a possibility that sanders wins iowa. >> absolutely. >> he goes into new hampshire, wins new hampshire. >> that's why the fact that it's so tight between hillary clinton and bernie sanders in iowa is so impactful. you're talking about a
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difference of 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 votes at the caucus tomorrow. if bernie sanders pulls it out. that's a win here and overwhelmingly likely of winning in new hampshire. that's the prohibitive front-runner losing the first two. that's a disaster scenario. if they split them, it's a much better situation. >> but we're playing day by day here. anything can happen. if there's a democratic debate that cnn is hosting in the middle of next week and another nine days until that happens. anything can change. the tide can change the ebb and flow. if sanders did win iowa, hillary still can make a good showing in new hampshire. >> brooklyn. >> not condemn her chances by any means, especially in the south. >> margaret and john, thank you so much. we've been mentioning and let me remind you that cnn is of course, the place for complete coverage of the iowa caucus. we'll be there live all day tomorrow as the votes are cast. stay with cnn. again, that town hall as i mentioned, new hampshire that's wednesday night the. here in iowa, our special coverage is just getting started
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we are 24 hours away from votes being cast and the first in the nation iowa caucuses. on the democratic side the final polls before the caucuses show bernie sanders barely trailing. but basically in a dead heat with hiblgt hillary clinton. des moines register gives a slight edge to clinton. given the margin of error, we're not talking about much. >> take a look at this, show. this is a recent poll. 43% of all democratic caucus-goers in iowa describe themselves as socialists. could this help sanders. ? >> thank you for joining me. you are the national press secretary for the sanders
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campaign. i want our viewers to listen to what your candidate said yesterday. >> we will win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turnout. we will lose the caucus on monday night if there is a low voter turnout. >> if you cannot get the young votes out there, the young votes that you need tomorrow night, will bernie sanders lose iowa? >> well, poppy, as the senator said, if voter turnout is high, we'll win. we believe. and if voter turnout is low, it might not work out so well for us. i don't think it's just young voters. there are lots of unlikely, what folks are calling that, they will be caucusing for the first time. i have seen these folks firsthand myself coming in. people saying, i've never caucused before but i believe in what bernie sanders is saying and i'm excited to caucus for him on monday. it's a mixture of first time
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caucus-goers, young people. yes, if they come out, we think we'll do pretty well on monday. >> let's talk about hillary clinton's e-mails. bernie sanders brought the crowd to its feed, simone, in october when he defended her and he's sick of talking about them. listen. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> all right. but this morning, simone, he was much less dismissive of the e-mails. here's what he told jake. >> i think this is a very serious issue. i think there is a legal process right now taking place and what i have said -- you know, i get criticized. bernie, why don't you attack hillary clinton. there is a legal process taking
3:16 pm
place. i do not want to politicize that issue. >> on the eve of this race in iowa that is so tight erks no longer dismissing them. what's your strategy here? >> well, poppy, the senator hasn't said anything different than what he said before on that. >> it is different. we hadn't heard what he said to jake before calling it a serious legal issue. he didn't say that on the debate. >> he also noted previously at that same debate off stage at his first interview right after the debate was over, he noted that it was serious but there is a legal process and that needs to be carried out. he wants to focus on the issues and he's going to let the legal process play out. i don't think folks caught that. he says, again, in subsequent e-mails and folks wondered if it was a pivot. no pivot. this is what he has been saying. the senator, he's never dismissed it as that it was not serious. that it wasn't something that -- >> that's exactly, simone -- a
3:17 pm
lot of people would read what he did on stage. i'm wondering if your camp sees this issue. now you have the state department comes out friday, doesn't release those 22 e-mails, calling them classified. does your camp see this now as that opening, that window that gets you over the hump here in iowa? >> what we see this as a legal issue that there's a process for. that will be carried out via the legal process. we don't need secretary clinton's e-mails to carry us over the hump. the momentum that we have, our excellent ground game is what's going to carry us over the hump here. again, there is a process for those e-mails. the senator noted that he wants to focus on the issues. he stated. as you just heard him, he's not going to politicize the issue. politicizing would be using them to get over the hump. we don't need those damn e-mails because we are actively meeting people where they are. we had 150 people in our des moines, iowa office at 3:00 p.m. today that went out to caucus.
3:18 pm
they were rallied by congressman gras hall a, jim dean, deck si for america. we have noex that come from france, panama, california, louisiana, milwaukee, just to come out here to des moines, iowa and all across the state of iowa, of our 27 offices to ask people to g.o.t.c. as we call it. get out to caucus. we're not worried about the e-mails. we're worried about them knowing where the caucuses are and what precinct to be at. >> wish we had a lot more time. you know how it goes in television. a lot to get to tonight. thank you so much. i appreciate it. you do not want to miss the candidates on wednesday night making their final pitch. closing arguments. voters in new hampshire. the next key state. there will be a primetime live town hall only right here on cnn wednesday night from new hampshire. hosted by anderson cooper at 8:00 p.m. an honest look at the candidates straight from the mouths of iowa voters. >> i don't want trump.
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>> okay. >> i don't like trump because i don't think he has any experience. he's too vocal and i don't like his more or less. >> well, i'm going to go to the caucus and i'm going to vote for trump because our country is in [ bleep ] plain and simple. >> there you have it. what trump supporters have to say about ted cruz and vice versa. don't miss it. stay with us. hundreds of crash simulations. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road.
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back live in des moines, iowa. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me on this sunday. in a matter of hours, voters here will make their -- head to caucus to make a choice for president. the top polling republican candidates, ted cruz and donald trump. what do each candidate's supporters actually think of one another? cnn's chris moody asked iowa supporters about trump and cruz supporters about trump. >> i'm going to go to the caucus and i'm going to vote for trump. because our country is in the [ bleep ] plain and simple. >> with a couple of days left until the caucuses, the polls are showing trump and cruz at the very top. no one is coming close. it looks like it will come down to one of those two. we wanted to talk to supporters
3:24 pm
of both trump and cruz and find out why they're choosing one or the other. why trump over cruz if you had to choose at the caucus? >> i don't like cruz at all. i just don't like him. he's looks sneaky to me. i don't know. i just don't like him. >> i don't think cruz has enough backbone to be forceful to say, hey, this is the way it has to be and this is what we got to do. >> i think people are sick to death of the same old same old. >> exactly. >> every time he says something outspoken, oh, no. this is going to do it. he rises even higher in the polls. >> i think senator cruz, you know, talks fairly plain also. i think his indifference to the renewable fuel standards and to the ethanol, which in the state of iowa is a huge part of our economy, it's going to be a little bit of a tough sell here. >> future of america could very
3:25 pm
well be decided monday night in iowa. it's either donald trump or it's ted cruz. whatever donald brings to this, there's one thing he doesn't bring, that's humility. >> senator ted cruz. [ applause ] >> i don't want trump. i don't like trump because i don't think he has any experience. he's too vocal and i don't like his more or less. >> donald trump, are you considering caucusing for him. >> he's kind of a wild cannon. nobody in iowa wants donald trump for president. but number two, everybody in iowa wants someone exactly like donald trump for president. >> why don't they want donald trump for president? >> because of his ego. >> i haven't made up my mind yet. i need to hear before i can make up my mind. >> he's on the national news. >> ladies and gentlemen, he talks to puppets. he talks to people. he is chris moody. i don't know how you got these
3:26 pm
sound bites out of people. but you're phenomenal at it. to hear people say, you know, looks sneaky, not enough backbone, it me it seems like a personality issue and less on policy with the folks. am i wrong? >> if you look at the campaigns, they've been running on the same issues, conservative ones. a lot comes down to style. donald trump rubs some people the wrong way as we saw in video clips. they find him egotistical and things like that. that doesn't necessarily play so well here in iowa. although we're seeing it plays well enough for him to be in first place. with ted cruz, his supporters have seen him in the senate, fighting for them. he's got a record. so they like him about that. but on the other side, they don't think ted cruz will be as tough as donald trump might be. it goes back and forth. >> four out of five iowans consider themselves christians. it's sunday. this is when everyone is out and about at church. we know that donald trump talked about going to church this morning here in the hawkeye
3:27 pm
state. i'm curious, because it's the all-important evangelical vote. i sound like a broken record. but it's so so important come tomorrow night. what are those folks telling you? >> first thing is they participate in the process. >> they do. >> they don't only vote. they knock on doors, they're out there for you making phone calls. they're very active. donald trump is probably the least likely evangelical hero in the history of politics, yet he's doing so well. i think the reason for that, for years, if you look at electoral politics in the past, they wanted someone like them or one of them. you saw rick santorum, although he's catholic, not evangelical. they felt a kinship with him. mike huckabee in 2008. they're changing their strategy and saying we want someone to stand up and protect us. we see that in donald trump. >> they see his strengths. >> they do. >> chris moody, thank you very much for sharing. as we talk trump and cruz, bernie sanders, hillary clinton,
3:28 pm
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all right. just past the bottom of the hour, you're watching special live coverage out of the all important iowa caucuses. we've thrown a four-box up on your screen. you can see the candidates, candidates' husbands are crisscrossing the state to make a final pitch. the closing argument as to why he or she should clinch the
3:32 pm
nomination. the new poll raises eyebrows. this is the all-important des moines register, bloomberg politics poll. when you look at these numbers, trump is on top of cruz by five points. this is the first time trump has actually held a lead in this poll. on the flip side, look at the democrats. you will see hillary clinton is up three points over bernie sanders in a race that's simply too close to call. taking our cnn poll of polls into consideration, remember it is an average of the five most recent iowa polls. shows roughly the same trends with the democrats, but it does show donald trump up by six points here. joining me back here in des moines, cnn political analyst john avalon and margaret hoover. wonderful to have you back with me. >> thanks for having us. >> let's begin with, i think, one of the surprising storylines has been when you look at the note on how refreshing these millenials these kids find bernie sanders. i mean he's been around for
3:33 pm
decades and decades in congress we know. there's something that's a certain magic. i talked to him at this 4,000-person event and i'm baffled by what it is. >> it's two things. first of all, it's authenticity. that's rare among political candidates and bernie sanders has it. >> there's flow through with trump and bernie although they're on opposite ends frt spectrum. >> what do you mean? >> when you think of donald trump, people think he says what he believes at that moment. he's not speaking from talking points and neither is bernie sanders. the other significant thing, i think the millenial generation has been impacted by the impact of the great recession. they're more receptive to an economically liberal argument than americans have been in decades. so that new new left that bernie sanders was a part of in the late 1960s is coming back among the activist class, that party. >> number one, they believe he tells the truth. number two was the fact that he's not part of a political
3:34 pm
powerful, some couple with tons and tons of money. >> the brooklyn sanders. >> exactly. that was part of the appeal. one of the concerns, obviously from this camp is getting them out to caucus. the clustering and the campuses and universities. >> the main concern for the sanders camp, rightfully so, you have three major university hubs in iowa: you'll have a lot of students coming out in those areas. the main challenge is get them to other precincts in the state where they can caucus and win delegates that will go on in order to represent -- >> would you explain that to people at home. >> in order to get enough delegates in order to go on to represent bernie sanders in the democratic primary. >> yes. >> when this comes to -- it's not in cleveland. philadelphia, later in july. so that's the key. the point is, go to the university and shift the students out to other precincts across the state so that they can win delegates in order to
3:35 pm
move on towards the nominating process. >> what does hillary clinton do to grab this youth vote away from him? >> she can counter with organization. she's been making a strong closing argument about herself having decades of commitment to core issues, the democrats care about. i think bill clinton has been an effective surrogate in terms of telling her story. there's not the sense of entitlement or presumption. this is someone who has experience as secretary of state, a hard-fought campaign eight years ago. making the case also and this is the larger question. about the crusade -- the campaign becomes a crusade when it's about electing the first woman president. interestingly, do millenial women, do they believe they'll see the first woman president. >> in their lifetime. i was fascinated by that. >> let me tell you, eight years ago they voted for barack obama not hillary clinton. the millenial generation does not have a history of coming out for the clintons. that's right. young women believe that they
3:36 pm
are not up against the same challenges that second wave feminists were up against. >> we have to go. there's a whole story to be said. >> there is. >> come back on my show tomorrow. i want to talk more about these young women and older women who want a woman before they might see one in their lifetime. thank you so, so much. if there is any doubt about donald trump's popularity, look no farther than new hampshire. that's where -- this is fun. this is where the clay dragon tattoo is giving free tattoos of, can you guess? by the ink. the donald himself. >> no. >> free tattoos of donald trump. bob holmes, who owns this tattoo parlor, john avalon keep it together. i know it's hysterical. >> been inundated -- when i think of somebody on my arm, i think of a politician. >> there's no cure for stupid.
3:37 pm
>> if you're in this neck of the woods -- laughing at you. laughing at you, laughing at this. they're available for at least another month fyi. and people from as far away as florida have asked about the free donald trump tattoos. one customer says his friend thinks the tattoo is hilarious. because when i think tattoos, i think -- >> there you go. >> anything goes in this election apparently. let me show you live pictures here. bev bill clinton stumping for his wife. this is live pictures from cedar rapids, iowa. listen, everything, we're going there. this is cnn. we'll be right back. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him.
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all right. want to show you live pictures. let's pull them up. ted cruz's wife speaking at a campaign event. they're pulling out all the stops ahead of the caucuses tomorrow night. that is in davenport, iowa, before they head to des moines, where there is a big event tonight in des moines for ted cruz in iowa. if you are a churchgoer, well, the candidates are clamoring for your vote right now. ted cruz holding an event as you saw in davenport. they're going to head to des moines later tonight. the key evangelical vote. phil mattingly joins me now where that event will take place later tonight. interestingly, obviously not crowded behind you now. it will be. and you know, when you talk
3:42 pm
about the evangelical vote, this morning ted cruz, his daughters, his wife went to church and the pastor at the church service they tended this morning actually, phil, preached against attack ads. >> that's right, poppy. gave a rundown about how iowans don't necessarily appreciate the type of ads they've been seeing and were upset by the tone and assumption that iowa ads, as the pastor said to pair phrase, we're being treated like we were stupid. an interesting way to start the day. he's been mired in some of the most brutal attacks. also, facing attacks. mostly from donald trump over the last couple of weeks, poppy. you really underscore a key point here. it's the evangelical vote. ted cruz in his first event, even though things have gotten crazy and meanspirited, had good things to say about his fellow candidates. take a listen. >> one of the things that the pastor asked is pray for any who
3:43 pm
are your opponents and indeed, i'm showing prayers that god blessing and peace and love upon them. >> poppy, 24 hours from now, caucus-goers will start the process here in iowa and for ted cruz, while he's praying for the other candidate, he needs the evangelical vote to come out. it seemed to break away from him in the last 48 to 72 hours. that's a major concern for his campaign. >> i'm interested, phil, in why you think that is. we saw donald trump a few days ago, friday, hold the bible up that his mother gave him, talk more about his faith. do you think that is successfully pulling the votes away from cruz. what is it? >> no question. poppy, it's both anecdotal. i've heard it at rallies. rallies for donald trump and for ted cruz. where people are all of a sudden saying donald trump maybe is not so bad. one voter said, look, we're not totally sold on donald trump when it comes to religion, but
3:44 pm
we like the idea of his confidence and he's trying. here's the problem for ted cruz and the latest poll. while donald trump's unfavor ablts amongst evangelicals is higher, ted cruz lost evangelical support by 12% over the last month. those voters are breaking towards donald trump. if you talk to cruz campaign folks, they didn't expect this to happen. that's his vote, the crux of his message when he's campaigning right now. what you'll see today and tonight, behind me will be packed, believe it or not, poppy. what you see tonight will be a big final push. those are the people they need to break their way here if they want a chance to win or have a strong second, poppy. >> no question about it. then they head to new hampshire with a very different electorate and focus. phil mattingly, appreciate it. have fun tonight. take a look at this. live pictures for you of former president bill clinton stumping for his wife on one side of your screen. you have jeb bush making a final
3:45 pm
push despite his low polling numbers in iowa. all of this, the final 24 hours to go before the critical iowa caucuses begin tomorrow night. quick break. we'll be right back.
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you're looking at live pictures of candidate hillary clinton
3:49 pm
speaking in sioux, iowa. she was just joined by her daughter, chelsea, talking about the election. trying to court the last-minute votes. any of the undecided ahead of the caucuses tomorrow night this is the eve of the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders pushing back at critics who claim that his winning the nomination could hurt democratic chances of retaking the house. in fact he says that would only happen if his chief rival, hillary clinton, wins. here's what he said this morning on nbc. >> i think in fact hillary clinton will be the problem. because i think our campaign is the campaign that is generating excitement and energy, that will result in a high voter turnout. republicans win when voter turnout is low. democrats win when voter turnout is high. >> joining me now, christina shockey is the deputy communications director for hillary for america. i want your reaction to senator sanders' comments responding to
3:50 pm
chuck todd and saying actually that's going to happen if hillary clinton wins. >> you know we feel strongly that hillary is the best candidate to represent the democratic party in the election this year and to retain the white house for democrats. you know this is a really important election. the stakes are so high. a little less than a year from now a new president is going to walk into the oval office to replace president obama. and the stakes are so high for americans. are we going to have a president that's going to build on the progress that he has achieved for this country? or are we going to let the republicans rip it away? and we really believe that hillary is the best candidate to make sure that we retain the white house and to really get the job done for america's families, as president of the united states. >> i know iowa is top of mind. but on that point you said you believe your candidate who we see speaking live now on the screen in sioux city is the one who can do that, the latest poll just out tonight, cnn/wmur poll
3:51 pm
out of new hampshire does not show that voters agree with you. it shows they disagree by a pretty wide margin. it has sanders beating clinton by 23 points in a state she won eight years ago. your reaction to that? >> well, poppy, iowa is first and we're on the eve of the iowa caucus, we feel great about the energy and enthusiasm out here for hillary. >> what about new hampshire, it's only a week later. >> well i have to say, iowa is first and we're focused on iowa and you know, she is so grateful for this support she's received out here. we have 4200 precinct captains trained and volunteers ready to get out there tomorrow. just today we had 1600 volunteers out there knocking on doors. and for us, we just think it's incredible. by the end of the day tomorrow. by the time the caucus begins, we're going to have 125,000 doors knocked on in this state. all over this state. so iowa is first, she feels good about going into this caucus. i have to tell you it's going to
3:52 pm
be really close. we know that, we knew that from the beginning. we need our supporters to get out there tomorrow. the caucus starts at 7:00 p.m. we want our people in line by 6:30. we want them out there caucusing for hillary clinton. >> how should i read this? it sounds you're not addressing the new hampshire numbers at all. you're focusing on tomorrow night in iowa. i get that, but you have to move on to new hampshire, which is just next week. are you seeing this we're going right from iowa to south carolina and the quote-unquote firewall. that many of your camp argue she has there? >> no, certainly not, poppy. iowa is first, but new hampshire has always held a very special place in hillary clinton's heart. she came back from a deficit in 2008 to win there. she loves that state. she loves the primary. it's a first in the nation primary. she's ready to get in and campaign her heart out there next week so you know, iowa is first, new hampshire is always really hard when you have somebody running in that election who is from a neighboring state. but she has a real connection to that state as her husband did
3:53 pm
before her. she's going to go right from iowa to new hampshire and work her heart out for that primary. >> i got to ask you and i want to listen in live to hillary. i want to ask you about the emails, right? because state department comes out friday, says we're not releasing 22 of these emails, they contain quote-unquote top-secret information. donald trump comes out, he tweets quote hillary clinton is a major national security risk, not presidential material. this email, emails are not what your camp wants to be talking about right now. how do you put this to bed for voters? >> well you know what i would say poppy, the republicans spend a lot of time talking about emails, but it's not what iowa caucusgoers are talking to hillary about. so fundamentally they were no new facts that came out with this. we really think this is an issue that she has addressed. she wants her emails to be public. she hopes that this is an interagency dispute she hopes it gets solved and the emails are made public. but truthfully what people in iowa are talking to her about are the issues that are
3:54 pm
affecting their families. we think that's what people are going to go out and caucus on tomorrow. which of these candidates is going to build on president obama's progress for this country? who is going to lower costs for college, costs for prescription drugs? protect planned parenthood? who is the best candidate to do that? we believe strongly that's hillary clinton. >> christina shockey, appreciate you joining me, thank you very much. and before i get to break, let's all listen in to hillary clinton speaking live right now in sioux city, iowa. >> working folks, even poor people, more people were lifted out of poverty than at any time in recent history. because you know, the best remedy for poverty is a good job. that gives people a good standard of living. gives them the opportunity to do better for themselves, and their kids. and we ended up with a balanced budget and a surplus. but here's one of these inconvenient facts that the republicans try to cover up -- our country is four times more likely to have a recession with a republican in the white house.
3:55 pm
and boy, did we see that happen, didn't we? and i was in the senate. i was speaking against, i was voting against, what i thought were the misguided policies of george w. bush. they got their way. >> hillary clinton live in sioux city, iowa for us tonight. coming up next, the candidate not really getting any attention right now. may be the big factor in deciding this tight race in iowa between clinton and sanders. the number is next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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right now to tonight's number, it is 15, 15% to be exact. the amount of support a democratic candidate needs to reach in each precinct in iowa. in the caucuses tomorrow night to be considered quote-unquote viable. the question right now in iowa -- is will martin o'malley, who is polling at 3% in the latest "des moines register" poll reach the 15% viability? if he fails to reach it, his supporters have the option of realigning. they could help tip the scales and ultimately decide who wins the iowa caucuses on the democratic side. could they help hillary clinton? could they help bernie sanders? we will see, 15% the number tonight. cnn all day extensive coverage tomorrow of the crucial first in the nation iowa caucuses, stay with us all day for that.
4:00 pm
>> i'm poppy harlow in new york, my friend brooke baldwin. that does it for me tonight. our coverage continues here next live with erin burnett in des moines. have a good night. a special edition of "outfront" we're live in iowa, one day before the caucuses, deadlocked between trump, cruz, clinton and sanders, tonight trump making a final pitch live tonight. plus donald trump's sons on new york values, their family's religion and why their dad never sleeps. with the clinton/sanders race too close to call right now. could it all come down to martin o'malley? let's go "outfront." and good evening, i'm erin burnett, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world tonight who are watching in this


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