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tv   And the Winner Is...  CNN  February 28, 2016 9:00pm-11:01pm PST

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♪ ♪ the winners are crowned. and the stars are shining. from the big surprises to the big controversy. >> we'll see if people really mean to make the change. >> how did the stars handle it all? how did chris rock handle it all? the milemilestones, upsets and,, the insult. >> wow! how exciting is this? and the winner is is special
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kofrnl of the 88th annual academy awards. i'll don lemon. >> welcome, everybody. i'm isha sesay. we're coming to you from cnn in hollywood in front of a live studio audience. >> yeah! wow. you do enjoy the academy awards tonight? did you enjoy it? yes? okay. a live studio audience for the next two hours. we're going to bring you the glitz, all the glamour, and look how gorgeous she is. from the oscars tonight. big awards and a big surprises, isha. >> thank you, don. you look fabulous yourself. >> thank you, i rented it. >> backstage pass, we'll hear from some of the night's key winners as they address the media. >> and we'll take you to this thing called the governor's ball in hollywood. everybody shows up. they talk to the officials. >> everyone has a fan. >> and they stop and talk. you get to see what they have to say. they dry.
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sometime they're kind of drunk. so, you know, we'll enjoy them. they have a little bit too much to drink. >> yeah. absolutely. this is where they let off steam before they really go out and party hard. and this year we have a big special surprise for you. can you take part in the viewer polls using your smart phone, tablet, or computer. before at wards ceremony, we asked you to pick the key winners and really, don, we're thinking about this as cnn's global oscar poll. >> that's a show. it's like gps, global public square. the global oscar pool. >> exactly. throughout the show, we'll see how your votes stacked up with the academy. from time to time on the bottom of your screen, he'll even be asking you more questions. so, please, keep an eye on that. and you can also send your reactions using the twitt twitter #cnnoscars. >> you can laugh. it will make me feel better. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> i needed that. these guys are great for my ego.
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we want to get tonight's big winners, right? >> that's what you want to hear. >> yeah. >> okay. there was an emotional moment when the envelopes were opened and winners took the stage before the eyes of the world. the top prize which surprised me, i don't know if it surprised you. >> it surprised me. can you believe that? what do you think -- you know now, right? you know the top prize went to? "spotlight." for best picture. everybody thought -- how many people by applause, how many of you thought it was going to be "spotlight"? >> yes. okay. one person. only one woman. >> how many of you thought it was going to be "the revanent?" ? >> i wanted "the martian." >> how many thought it was going to be "the big short." >> all right. but it was a good night for leo, folks. he did get the oscar for best leading actor. >> yeah. >> that was good.
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leo, leo, leo! in time you get mauled by a bear, you deserve to win an oscar. some sort of award for getting mauled by a bear. >> let's talk about the ladies. first time oscar nominee brie larson won best actress for her lead role in "room." >> great film. i am you claustrophobic. i actually watched the film and it was a little weird. i kept saying, dhent go out through the hole in the roof -- i kept saying, climb on top of the furniture. put one on -- i know. overthinking it. i saw the little kid tonight on the red carpet, jacob tremblay. he is so great. >> all right. best supporting actor for "bridge of spies." and best supporting actress, alicia vikander for her role in
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oit danish girl." >> i'm so glad you get to sat next name. >> and for the second year in a row, i'm going to say his name. alex andro won best director this time for "the revanent." >> good stuff. good stuff. all right. we have got a fantastic panel here to talk about all of the night's big moments. let's introduce our very special guest. i'm looking at you. our fandang correspondent, alicia malone. travelled the world covering the major films and festivals. welcome her again. >> indeed. >> and w. bell is in the house, everyone. and host of the cnn original series united shades of america,
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the new -- >> this is going to be black on black here. >> oh, my gosh. >> the new travel show debuts on april 24 24th here on cnn. >> we have special guests except for one. and then there is afrpg la johnson. she's an actress, comedian and former nfl cheerleader. her comedy special "not fancy" is available now on netflix. big round of applause for her and all of our guests tonight. so some of tonight's winners were heavy favorites. there were still surprises to night as we saw with "spotlight." >> i thought that was a huge surprise. let's go with the shockers and snobs with our beautiful panel. welcome. you looked around. >> i didn't know we were supposed to dress up, apparently. >> whether do you ever dress up?
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i never seen you dress up. >> this jacket was bought by somebody. >> you're wearing your good shirt. >> this is my best black t-shirt. >> we'll talk fashion later on in the show. so let's get straight to you and ask you. i want to put this to all of you. big surprises? big surprised for the night? your take away. what do you make of the winners and losers? >> two big surprises, certainly "spotlight," like you said, winning best picture. it was kind of a three horse race between "the revanent" and "the big short" and "spotlight." but "spotlight" is a worthy winner, a great true story. and then best supporting actor for "bridge of spies." everyone thought it would be sylvester stallone because he's the sentimental favorite. it's been 39 years since he was nominated last time for the same character. veal to wait another 39 years. >> he's on the juice. it may help. >> i thought it would be sly as
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well. >> i was going for sly. i was hoping he would win. and then -- i had a little tear ready to g i had to take it back. i had to put it back in. >> i have to say, he was a huge surprise and he's an actor's actor. i think that's one of the things. >> method actor. >> is that the way of saying stallone is not a good actor? >> i didn't go anywhere near that. i just said, actor. >> the people love sylvester stallone. they were like sly, sly. they were screaming. he got the biggest applause. >> creed was the best movie of last year. >> i know so. i saw it. that's the best one. that's the best one. >> why did you think that? >> who predicted a rocky sequel was going to be good and a box office hit? nobody except ryan. leo dicaprio and a bear in the
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woods, yeah! tom hanks, there is a bridge and spies. but creed, no one saw those coming. >> and also i have to say -- >> according to me and one person that almost started to clap and then took it back. >> and then took it back. >> i want to say pictures of the governor's ball. you'll get to see the stars come out and the winners. sometimes the losers go, too. you never know who is going to talk. >> you never know who is going to talk. first of all, oscars are three hours long. they're grateful when it's over. >> it's true. it is long. can i show you some stuff? let me show some stuff. so i went inside. i got to go to the ceremony. there is my ticket. this is what they give you when you go in. this is the actual program from the oscars. isn't it beautiful? i mean it's like -- it's really thick. and then it says we all dream in gold and it has wonderful pictures inside. but it is a big deal.
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look at it. i want it back. all right? i'm going to walk out and tell the producers now i'm walking out. >> there you go. can you catch? are you a good catcher? boom! look at that. >> all right. so we'll be showing the pictures of the governor's ball and go to our reporter who is there. she'll have the stars. >> can i follow up with w.kamaul bell. i thought the reason that "martian" was good is because it was sort of inspired nationalism. you're like america when you saw it, right? but he did most of this in front of a green screen by himself. and that ain't easy to do. >> right. >> wond hollywood know that? wouldn't the academy know that? >> we have to remember, it is subjective. it's not like sports. it's not like jennifer lawrence won because she ran faster than the other actresses. it is subjective.
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the problem is who is subject to subjecting it? as they said, many people are mostly old white guys and that's why nwa didn't win. they didn't like him first time around. >> and we need to get you to weigh in there on "spiotlight." the academy likes to get behind worthy causes. but there were other films that were more crowd favorites. >> and a lot of them not nominated. "creed" is one of the best films last year. i also loved "face of no nation." i think that deserved a nomination as well. "bridge of spies" is a solid film. >> we're looking at "spotlight." it got picture of the year. >> which is quite rare that a film will get best picture and then no other awards in terms of director, no acting awards. >> and ruffalo didn't win. i sat down and interviewed the co-writer and director of "spotlight." one thing that i was struck by,
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he wrote this is a love letter to journalists. journalists have huge egos. >> really? >> really. and it was really about the job of uncovering a story and telling a story. >> like "all the presidents men". >> does anybody want to see "spotlight" again? >> does anybody want to see "spotlight" again? >> i've seen it twice. >> okay. >> would you watch -- okay -- >> i'm watching "creed" right now in my glasses. >> i'm glad we have an audience ahere. so oit big short." you would watch it twice? yeah. all right. would you watch "bridge of spies" twice? [ applause. "brooklyn"? i know this one. "mad max: fury road." talking about crowd favorites, we'll discuss. that "the martian"?
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yes. "revanent." "creed"! [ ablapplause ] and there you go, "room"? because it's hard to watch. >> hard to watch. >> and then "spotlight." >> that person is trying too hard. all right. i was actually surprised by "mad max: fury road." it won again. it won again. i think that was the oscar's version of diversity. they gave it to australians. that's diverse, right? >> we have got a lot more to come on this special. and the winner, is sfligt. >> we have a lot to discuss. this part of the drama and excitement of hollywood's biggest night. coming up, we look at some of the show stoppers on the red carpet. >> look at that!
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i want a studio audience to follow me around. can you follow us around every day? we'll hire you. all right. welcome back to "and the winner is." we're here with a live studio audience. it's our oscar special live from hollywood. so chris rock, everyone had been anticipating chris rock, right? >> i thought he did a tremendous job. i have to say he got a wonderful panel. i thought he might come out at the top of the show and dance around a little bit, warm up the crowd. he didn't. went straight to it.
9:19 pm
you're a standup comedian. you know what it takes. >> i don't know what that took. i would have said no thank you, oscars. >> let's find out -- >> he talked about racism, right, in hollywood. he said it's not like it used to be years ago. it made some people very uncomfortable in the room. a lot of black people were looking around going, should i love? >> there were moments it was intense. let's play a clip. >> is hollywood racist? you're damn right it's racist. hollywood is sorority racist. it's like we like you, rhonda, but you're not a kappa. >> yeah. i thought that was brilliant. go ahead. >> you know, he used to employ me so i thought he was great. >> that particular one shot where he said listen, it's not like it used to be. it's not overt.
9:20 pm
it's like, you know, but it's almost like a sorority or fraternity. >> literally a pra tern ti. i can't walk up and say i'd like to vote. it is literally a fraternity. the whole thing. >> i thought did he a great job of telling the story of what's going on and not just sticking to set of punch lines, what we're used to in an opening monologue. he took the time to talk to us about what's going on. and then throw-in a punch line. and then be real and talk us to again. i thought he kept it all the way real with the punch lines as well. >> what do you think? >> i really liked it. so much pressure was on him for this role. everyone was waiting to see what he would do. and i love that he just went hard. he went for it. he was provocative, controversial, but he said that everything that i think most people would agree w he was very funny at the same time. >> i think the truth is often spoke non jest, right? i think as a comedians don't have the sort of constraint that some people you have to be politically correct.
9:21 pm
you cant say this and that. when he said that, people were looking at each other going maybe you're right. if you look around the room, there weren't that many people of color in the room at all. >> what? >> which was indicative -- can we do -- before we get to the kevin heart one, can we get to the stacy dash one? it was indicative of the people who were in the room anticipate made up the room. a lot of people in the room didn't get the joke about stacy dash. look at this. >> and that is why it is my honor to introduce the new director of our minority outreach program, please welcome miss stacy dash. >> i cannot wait to help my people out. happy black history month! thank you. >> thank you. >> oh, no. i wanted to die.
9:22 pm
i mean, what do you think? i wanted to die. >> yeah. >> no? >> go ahead. >> you bring up a good point about i don't think everybody got it. >> i don't think anyone got it. people are like, is that girl from -- isn't she like -- force. >> but the people who did get it, we were hurting inside. >> exactly. we were like oh, god. >> i had a "glory" tear going. >> yes. >> explain to people why you were hurting inside. >> well, it's so awkward. she probably thought she was helping her career. >> stacy dash is a black actress. she is very conservative and she speaks out on issues and people think she is anti-black even though these black because she rarely come to the side that most african-americans think she should be on. and she -- >> you mean the correct side? >> yeah. >> but it is one thing to give context to. she thought black history month should be banned?
9:23 pm
>> yeah. >> there are many levels to that whole show. >> there should be black history month. there shouldn't be b.e.t. and all of that kind of stuff. and so we're thinking she probably thought this was going to help her. people are like i'll get back on everybody's good side. it didn't work. >> you didn't like it? >> i felt like i don't know that -- i mean she obviously agreed to do it. it didn't feel like it landed the way she wanted it to land. i just felt like you stood in front of a studio audience and no one laughed. >> here's why i thought it was brilliant. if it was that way, then he got her. >> i'm not trying to -- >> who knows? but i also thought because most people didn't really get the thing is that sometimes we put too much emphasis on what people think and what people say. when most people don't even get it, they don't realize it. stacy dash does not have that much power and that big a voice. so why are we concerned about
9:24 pm
what stacy dash is saying when no one in that room got it. which means most people across the country didn't get it. >> what were they saying? >> the same thing. the cringing. there is like ten means by the time she finished her sentence. >> is she okay? can we cut to her? >> do we give stacy dash too much power for something like that? that's what i was thinking. >> it's not giving her power. if they had shown a picture of her and said that joeshgs it would be differently. she showed up. put on a nice dress. she's never been on that stage before. she ain't coming back any time soon. and it was pig blood and she walked off stage. >> this is a monologue full of so many great moments, so many great moment that's made you krifrpg. there is also a moment with kevin hart that we want to share with you and get your thoughts on. that i thought kevin hart was also a star tonight. let's play that.
9:25 pm
>> they're not going to con sell the oscars because i quit. and last thing i need is to lose another job to kevin hart. okay? >> what did you i he actually made a very valid point. >> that joke is more about jada pink et smith than kevin hart. because they said, you know, boycott. he's like, what? jada, why would i do that? it is also about representation. he's basically saying that there are only so many black roles for actors. and kevin hart gets it. >> we have a moment we want to share with our viewers. i want to bring the ball to our viewers live. all the celebrities are there. she has an oscar winner with her. >> you're having so much fun in the studio. this sman having a great flight. this is charles randolph. he won an as core for "the big
9:26 pm
short." >> fantastic. my birthday today. i'm 53 years old. yes. yes. wanlted this for a while. and i'm really happy. i'm very happy. >> it came in your size. >> it's heavy as everyone says. >> it is really heavy? i can see? of course. >> it is heavy. 8 1/2 pounds. get your workout on. so tell me, oit big short," i loved the explainers. the busting out the whole movie stuff. what is going on here? >> it took a while for -- we worked really hard to make this thing clear. we had in michael lewis' book such a great model, someone who took complicated stuff and put it together. it kind of worked. it's a rare peanut butter and chocolate moments. it worked. >> it is awesome to see a movie that is so much about something that is devastating for so many people and make it entertaining.
9:27 pm
you make people understand it. >> we walked into the studio to pitch this thing. the line was, we're going to make you laugh as much as possible on your way to getting pissed off. >> i have to say, a3 looks fantastic on you as does your man here. >> thank you. i'm glad to have it. >> have a wonderful night. >> thank you. >> fantastic. so nice and such a great mood. right? so nice to seat winners. >> stephanie you? look gorgeous, who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing tadashi and forever mark diamonds. you can see that action going on my ear there. >> you didn't even take a pause. >> i can handle two things the. we're having fun out here. >> how you doing? >> you look lovely. >> it's funny listening you to guys. >> and we will -- >> all right, steph, we'll get back you to. when you get someone else, holler. >> she is having a lot of fun.
9:28 pm
she looks gorgeous. we'll check in with her many times. there's a lot going on. tonight, we'll look at how some of this year's show stoppers, how they real writeout it to a halt on the led carpet. there was some really great fashion this year. >> and also ahead, he won the expectations but did he win the award? we're going see whether it was finally leo dicaprio's turn to take home the gold. don't we know the answer to that already? we already know. that the brother won. we'll be right back. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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hello, everybody. welcome back to "and the winner is." say what? i'm don lemon. we're joined by our friends in studio. a studio audience here in hollywood. it's time to party. and the winner is, what? >> leo dicaprio. >> we have special guests. special guests are here. they join us for this wonderful conversation. and, yes, and the winner is -- >> all three are winners and four leo nard yoe dicaprio was the odds on favorite for "the revenant." any time you get mauled by a bear, your son gets killed. >> what does a guy have to win
9:34 pm
an oscar? >> yes. >> too soon? too soon? >> let's listen to some of leo's speech. >> our children's children and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed, i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> this was the fifth oscar nomination. five previous times he went home. what does a brother have to do? >> what does a brother have to do? >> get in a movie. >> good for him. he's a good actor. final thily things are turning for that kid. uninterrupted streak of awesome for him. good for him. >> let me ask you this. is "revanent" the film he should
9:35 pm
have won the oscar for? was this the one? >> i don't think. so i think he was better in "aviator" and "wolf of wall street". this is the flashiest performance and compared to the other people in the category. an it's also kind of unofficial for his entire career. they always do that. >> don't get me wrong. i love leo. oh, my gosh, i have been nominated six times. >> i think we should feel sorry for the best sin ming to if i 13 times and no win. >> it's an honor just nominated, right? >> i think we should feel sorry for the good people that never got nominated. >> exactly. >> who never got an opportunity. >> afrpg la basset spoke. >> i think leone and i want you to weigh in on this. i think leo is an actor that in hollywood for a long time they held good looks and popularity against him. and that's why it's taken so long for him to get to this
9:36 pm
point. >> what? why is that funny? he's too good looking? >> he just can't catch a break. he is good looking and talented. >> why didn't he win in the previous years for the better roles? >> well, he had to get uglier. that's what it was. >> that's what the movie was. >> yes. i feel like maybe this was his most difficult performance. i noent know because i'm not him and i didn't have to play all his roles. i feel like i mean, it seemed pretty difficult. you could see his eyes like the blood in his eyes breaking. you know what i mean? he gave his all. >> because he won. >> it wasn't his best performance he won for. i thought it was a good one. >> i it this was complicated, the performance. and the movie as well. what is interesting, we polled the audience just, you know, through applause, they said they wouldn't want to watch it twice.
9:37 pm
it's a really tough, dark, gory film. >> i loved it. i thought it was absolutely fantastic. >> i'm not saying it's bad. it's tough. >> yeah. >> but it's not like a fun time at the cinema. but it is a good, well made movie. leo most physically difficult role. he ate wild game. >> he had to sleep inside of a horse. >> yeah. >> we have to go back to stephanie at the governor's ball. she has live sh rider with here. >> i do. and naomi watts looking ravishing. "spotlight" best picture award. >> i'm really happy and it's been a remarkable night. >> i feel like when you go for roles you're like i don't want the obvious character. i want something you're not sure was going on s that something you like about the characters you snik. >> i want the jobs i can get. >> working school. zbh i was really thrilled to be
9:38 pm
a part of this film. i really feel like it's a very important film. and every once in a while you get to be involved in something substantive. and to me, the timliness of the script that tom mccarthy wrote that we need to remember how important long lead legislative journalism is to our democracy. i can't say enough about what they accomplished and the journalists who accomplished it. >> there are two live journalists on the air on the other side. we also very much appreciate what you're saying here. it means a lot us to. but when you look at what has happened, the conversation that is brought bab up, and a very nuance multifaceted story. there are so many moving parts to it, did you have a feeling it was going to end up here as best picture nominee and thn winner? >> i think the tradition of best picture, at least as i understand it is the film that's most important. and demonstrates a certain
9:39 pm
generosity and i feel like "spotlight" is that. it really has nothing to do with the performances. the story drove everything. it drove the journalist who's initiated it and drove tom and josh to write the script and drove us to play the characters. >> it was great. we journalists appreciate it. we thank you. you guys have a wonderful night. congratulations. >> thank you very much. they both look beautiful. >> thank you, steph. we'll see you in a minute. let's get to leo. >> i couldn't be more happy. you know, every film is like a son. can you not like one son more than the other. i love this film. and i think experience and sharing this with leo and with all the nominees part of the crew that we are celebrating to night, it's, you know, i think the award i'm getting is on behalf of all of them. and they make possible. i couldn't be more happy because
9:40 pm
we're celebrating tonight and that's fantastic. >> can we say that's a little bit for mexico and argentine ar too? >> the movie is also for mexico and for argentina since it's your country and the movie was there? >> all the crews were amazing and the people in argentina were fantast fantastic. we had a great time here. >> we'll gook to 113. >> hi. down here. >> i don't see you. oh, there you are. [ speaking spanish ] what do you love about being story tellers? >> what? >> what do you love about being a storyteller? >> look, i grew up in east los angeles. i was very close to the hollywood studio system. i felt detached from it my whole
9:41 pm
life. and to have had parents that have allowed me to be a part of this industry, take me on auditions after school and tell stories like this has been my dream ever since i was 4 years old. and this film, to me, was exemplary in the sense that i got to work with a director and all the things we spoke about off camera during the making of this movie transferred their way on screen. this was true story telling. we really got to have a collaborative experience together. this is a journey that i'll never forget with him. it took up, you know, such a large portion of our lives. as a result, we have a great film to look back on for years to come. >> i think life is so uncontrollable. i think we are all the time, it's permanent is everything. i think the story telling is a
9:42 pm
way for us to feel, you know, in a way can con front a huge amount of emotions and possibilities and feel beautiful and horrible emotions but always in a way being in a comfort zone that is another story that can teach us a lot. it's a way to control life. you know? to have an oxygen capsule of life without suffering for real that can teach us when the time comes for being in love or if we have a problem we can suddenly get what this idea. so the story telling is i think oxygen for life that protect us, you know? that's how it feels. >> going back to 113 then 255. >> hi. there all the way in the back. first of all, congratulations. well deserved. >> thank you. >> i want to know where are you going to put that oscar? very easy question. and for you -- >> he's got to ask where he is going to put the second oscar?
9:43 pm
>> exactly, right. >> he is next to the first? >> i will be -- all day. >> it's incredible that two outsiders that came from mexico, came to our industry, were firm in their beliefs artistically and here we are have a two-time winner at the academy awards and a three time winner. i'm so proud to be working with these guys. they represent everything about what this industry is and what it should be. i just want to congratulate you guys. it's awesome. >> thank you, leo. thank you. >> 255 then over to 206. [ speaking spanish ]
9:44 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> the question he is wanted to extend on what i said on the stage where i was interrupted by music. anyway, i want to say what i want to say which is something that is absurd. i think that debate is not only about black and white people. diversity includes is oscar brown or what? i think we are yellow and latin-americans and the complexity of the society of the world is much more than one or the other. i think it's becoming a little bit -- very polarized, very
9:45 pm
politicalized without serving the complexity and the beautiful of the how being this country so mix. as my country which is mix, but this is a multimix country. so what i'm super impressed on is still we are dragging these tribal thinking with these, the lack of -- i think one problem is we're suffering and there is no moderate platforms to talk about something deeply, very important that in a way it's deciding destinies of people around the world, not only here, by the color of their skin. so we're still dragging the prejudice and tribal thinking at this time. it seems to me absolutely absurd. i mean, something that i think -- and i remember that people that have long hair, the beatles were considered like oh, my god.
9:46 pm
i will -- you know? and that was so stupid. now we laugh about it. why we cannot get rid of those prejudice about the color of the skin? it's completely irrelevant. that's what i want to say. we didn't have a lot of time. >> 206 and then 22. >> congratulations to both of you. leo, especially it's finally happen. i'm here. how are you? everyone was cheering in the room here when you won. how was the atmosphere in the room at the sayceremony. what will you remember as the biggest challenge of this film? >> i felt very honored, quite frankly. it was -- this whole thing has been an amazing experience. and, you know, for me to be automobile to sit there and not only talk about the film but to talk about something that i had been duelly as obsessed with besides cinema and that's, you know, our environment and climate change.
9:47 pm
to be able to speak about that and the platform of i don't know hundreds of millions of people that are watching this, to me, this, like i said, this is the most important crisis our sflization has ever known. i wanted to speak out about that tonight. simultaneously while doing this brilliant film that he directed, i've been doing a documentary about climate change which brought me to green land, china, india to speak with the world's leading experts on this issue. and the time is now. s it's imperative that we act. and i really wanted tonight -- i feel so overwhelmed with gratitude for what happened tonight. but i feel there is a ticking clock out there. there is a sense of urgency that we all must do something pro active about this issue and certainly with this upcoming election, the truth is this. if you do not believe in climate
9:48 pm
change, you do not believe in modern science or empirical truths and you'll be on wrong side of history. and we need to all join together and vote for leaders who care about the future of this civilization and the world as we know it. >> 22 and then 72. >> hi, guys. over here. lee yoshgs congratulations. it's been such a long time coming. it seems like the whole world is rooting for you. internet, fans, press. there was a white petition to get you an oscar at one point. are you conscious of how many people are supporting you? how does it feel that people care so much that you ghet oscar and for you, how does it feel to be the director that finally did this? >> it all feels incredibly
9:49 pm
surreal. s is surreal because you can't reach out and physically meet everybody. you hear it on the internet. you hear it from other people. the truth is, it's, you know, we always strive for the best in what we do. fwhut year in particular i have been overwhelmed with such support. really truly. by so many fans and people in the industry. it's quite shocking, actually. and what can you say except i'm very grateful. i really am. >> the big winner of the night, leo dicaprio. we'll break down what he had to say backstage at the oscars. we're going to take a quick break and "the winner is" continues. # i can get over 60 sheets of drywall into my mercedes-benz metris.
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9:53 pm
. welcome back, everybody. >> "and the winner is." we're here in hollywood with a live studio audience. let's talk about more about chris rock. >> yeah. >> he was really the star, the centerpiece. it started with him. everyone -- i was in the room. everyone was leaning in to hear
9:54 pm
what chris rock was going to say. very highly anticipated. and they should ab frayed. >> they were afraid. >> so i want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and i want you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. look at my kbrababies up there. are we going to deny our princesses some cookies? all right. tina fey! tina fey, get that money, girls. make that money. there is tina fey right there. yes! yes. okay. you get him. you get him. leo, you made 30 million. come on. come on. michael b. jordan is here. no. no. you got enough girls. come on. let's make this money. let's get this money. >> i love that moment. >> you liked it. was anyone uncomfortable about
9:55 pm
it? >> no. i thought did he a great job. >> some people said they were uncomfortable. i thought it was hilarious. >> he opened up a joke about lynching. i think that's okay. >> not since billy crystal. >> why haven't we replayed that sound bite? >> we will next hour. there were many, many moments in that speech. i definitely think that is my favorite moment. i thought that was incredible. >> he really shaded jada, don't you think? >> yeah. that was a definition of throwing shade. won't be invited to the will smith home again. >> you can't really repeat the joke. it had something to being invited to ree an yachlt he said you can't go somewhere where you have never been invited. >> that's how dangerous it was. >> you can't even repeat it. >> you can't even reference there was a joke. >> yeah. >> we're going to leave that alone. >> let's leave that right.
9:56 pm
there there is much more ahead in our second hour of our oscar special "and the winner is," we'll go over the biggest surprises and there with many. >> stay with us, everyone. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it!
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10:00 pm
i'm curious about what this life holds, to have no expectation but to have an idea about a beautiful horizon if front of you and constantly moving it to. >> 22, 25 and then 16. >> hello. over here. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you had to choose a song about how you are feeling now,
10:01 pm
which song? >> so easy. "i'm in love with my life" by phases. easy. ♪ i'm in love with my life done. >> thank you. >> going back to 16 and down to 280. >> good evening, my darling. back here on your right. >> hi. >> hey. >> hey, girl. >> tell me about it. >> all right, girl, i will. congratulations on your award. i'm just interested to know when you funlly do have children or if you do have children, do you think your experience in filming "room" will color that experience for you? >> i -- probably. i don't have kids. but i do have a little taste of an understanding of how complicated it to be a parent. there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to parenting and jumping into that world and i personally have problems with trying to be perfect and being
10:02 pm
devastated when i realize every day that that's not a possibility. and i think that comes with parenting as well. so i think understanding that it's a relationship. i learned more from jacob than he ever did from me. there is so much wisdom in a child and there is so much ease to the way that he is. i'm really excited for whenever that journey come. i'm not sure what that means fully to be a parent. i only experienced a small taste of it. but i am excited about it. children are just magical, full of wisdom, incredible little people. >> we're coming down here to 280 then back to 124. >> down up front. down up front. >> other side. >> can you give an example in your career of a time where you feel like you really learned to stand up for yourself? >> many times n particular there are times i would go in to
10:03 pm
auditions and cast directors would say it's really great. really love what you're doing but we would love for you to come back in a jean mini skirt and high heels. and those were always moments of a real fork in the road. there is no reason for me to show up in a jean mini skirt and heels other than the fact that you want to create some fantasy. and you want to have this moment. you can reject. that's the craziest part. and for me, i personally always projected that moment. i tried maybe once and it always made me feel terrible. because they were asking me to wear a jean mini skirt and heels to be sexy. but a jean mini skirt and heels does not make me feel sexy. it makes me feel uncomfortable. so learning for me what it took to feel confident and strong and take what these people were trying to get to exude out of me come from a personal place and from my place and trying to represent in film women that i
10:04 pm
know, women that i understand, complicated women, women that are inside of me, that became my mission. and every time i was put in front of an opportunity where i had to decide in those moments, do i do or do i not wear a jean mini skirt? they became huge moments for me of confidence. >> 124 and then wrap it up with number one in the front. >> hi, brie congratulations. i'm here. >> hello. >> great job. i loved the film. i want to ask a question with "spotlight" winning best pictures. one of the devastating theme was involving the media. i think that was an important scene to you. can you expand on that and say how you feel about that. >> about the media to a bunch of media people? >> yeah. >> okay. ballsy. yeah, it's an important thing to me. boundaries are really difficult to create for yourself.
10:05 pm
and especially if you're not somebody like my character i'm playing in "rom" who is not seasoned of bound ridz. a lot of us in the industry if we see the movie, we can see the train coming and knowing this is going to be too much. she's not ready for this. but for her, there's no one there that is on the inside explaining to her that she has strength and boundariesen that is not a proper way of going about this next phase in her life. so i think from the journalist point of view, always remembering that we are human beings. we are sensitive, loving, human beings, deeply at the core of ourselves are worried that we're unlovable. and i think if we can constantly keep that in our heads, especially when we're interviewing and try to get into the soul of a person and not just worry so much about maybe
10:06 pm
your piece that's in your ear that is, you know, your boss telling you that you have to ask something 30 times, i understand that you're trying to keep your job. but at the same time, we're people. and i think if we can get back to the humanity of this and respect boundaries, we're going to go a long way and get real truth instead of performances for tv. >> and we'll end it here number one. >> right here, bri, tonya harding. what a wonderful run you've had this season. >> thank you. >> you know, you won on oscar for playing a mom. many people have been in that situation. what does your oscar win say for all of the victims out there who have been victimized? >> i don't know. i don't necessarily think an oscar win changes anything for those women. i do hope that though -- in the core of it, when we want to talk about being -- feeling trapped and that can be trapped in the way of a metaphor or physical
10:07 pm
representation of that, if you want to talk about abuse, the many different ways that we can be abused or feel confined, i hope that this is a story that honestly changes people and allows them to be free. to me, maybing this movie was my own search for freedom and breaking free of my own personal boundaries. i hope that when people watch this, they realize they have it in themselves to breakthrough of whatever it is holding them back. >> thank you. glaugs. >> thank you zblichlt like her. don't she? >> i do. she's an incredibly talented actress who has been around for a very long time. it's great to see her in the spotlight. let me ask you guys what you made of her speech. she said a lot of powerful things there. >> she's so great. she is working for such a long time. beyond her acting talent, she is very eloquent and very strong. and very self aware. i love what she just said about having to go to auditions and wearing the mini skirts and
10:08 pm
heels because that's what they thought was sexy. that's not what makes her feel sexy. >> we're going to get to stephanie. she is at the governor's ball. >> i learned from the man himself last year. congratulations. >> thank you. >> first time in 66 years a director won back to back. >> i don't know how i feel. i'm still in shock. i wish i had the words to describe how i feel but i don't. >> last year you took us out of our minds in "bird man." this time you took us out into the wilderness. where are we going n year? >> i'll be in my bed sleeping for a month. >> too much of a grind? >> yes. >> it is? glau congratulations. thank you. >> hold up your oscar. isn't it nice that leo won with one of your movies? >> i'm very happy for him. he deserve so it badly. he did an amazing job. >> fantastic v a great night.
10:09 pm
see you again. take care. that must be nice when you're just directing great movies that people want to see yoer after year, right? >> totally. >> that was a really tough movie to make. he was talking about the budget, shooting on scene. that was a long slaut for them. >> it was an incredibly hard movie to shoot. we know it went over budget. we know leo himself and afrpg loo and alicia came out, i don't know what you read about. this leo stled are many moments he felt were near death in term of the water being so cold, the conditions and the temperatures. >> i prdid the press release fo this film. it was worth it. it was a great movie. he said easy for you to sashgs it was hell. it sounds like it was really tough to shoot. >> "the spotlight" producers may be surprised as many people are about their win. yeah. let's listen now to "spotlight"
10:10 pm
producers. >> i don't know if anyone watches this show. but if they do, i hope so. i hope that you as journalists in here and throughout the world will help resonate our message all the way to the vatican and maybe we can have some real change at this point. that's what we hope to accomplish. that's what this was really about for all of us is to talk about this film and what happened and because these things are still happening. the spore story of spotlight has really just begun. >> hi, congratulations. you talk so much and it's very important the message, the mission of this film. what thin was getting that message across in the most artistic way. what were the artistic challenges of making this film?
10:11 pm
and you knew that audiences had to respond to it. did they connect to it? >> well, i think tom mccarthy and josh singer wrote a really, really beautiful screen play that was in conjunction with talking to -- it was their own investigation into what happened. and i think that tom did a really great job of directing the movie in a way that was very subtle and entertaining. there was a thriller aspect to the way the story unfolded. i think it's a real testament to tom's direction and the screen play. the way they developed this story because the line the story is not commercial. they did a really great job. i think the performances of the cast were so subtle. and the actors were so generous that it really allowed the story to come through. in a way that is difficult, i think i always like to say tom hit a very small bulls eye.
10:12 pm
i think you're off by a little bit. you're off by a lot. it was really beautifully executed from a script point of view and execution point of view and the actors were really amazing. >> hi. congratulations on your win. i just want to to know about why you wanted to take this film to the road and how they supported you with it. >> you know, open road and participating media in particular have been great champions of film and creating different option for filmmakers. i personally hadn't worked very much with open road a little bit before. they're extraordinary partners. we've done many, many movies who are really courageous with the chances they'll take on making films. they make great films. that partnership seems like a
10:13 pm
terrific one for us. and they were involved from the jump. so we're really excited that we brought this home for them, too. >> we're going to 123. >> those are the folks who made the picture "spotlight," right snt producers. a movie that was surprising. i think you're saying the third one down to winning and then it actually won. >> it is really confusing the way they vote for best picture. it comes down to points. you get ranked on certain number spoints. so spotlight having a lot of mid range votes pushed it up where if the "revenant" was number one. >> it's a remarkable film. it's not a flashy film. it's a slow bush. but great performances. >> one of the hordest jobs in hollywood is hosting the ceremony that honors the world's biggest stars weechlt rate chris rock's oscar performance ahead. >> then you knew he was going to
10:14 pm
have something say about it and boy he did. chris rock addresses the controversy the academy didn't want to steal the show. >> and we want to hear from you. did chris rock's monologue go too far? let us know. go to we'll share your within right after this break. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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10:18 pm
"and the winner is." we're at the official celebration, the governor's ball. she picked up alicia vikander. >> all right. thank you, if i can, she won for the danish girl. how is your night going so far? >> it's a pretty good night. just looks like an oscar. >> it's crazy. >> it looked like an oz car because it is. i just saw you get a hug from eddie readmayne. what did he say? >> we're going to meet up at the
10:19 pm
"vanity fair party." >> you want to give a little message to your folks back home? [ speaking foreign language ] >> what did you say? >> i just said that to my friends and family, i miss them so much and i hope i go see them soon. >> you say this was a dream dunlt know you were having, that this night was going to happen? >> no, this is fiction. i watched this. i had to wake you up at 2:00, 3:00 a.m. with my mom every year to watch this on tele. it was just like not really real. but it's real. it's cool to be hanging out with my mom. >> it was real and you look beautiful. congratulations and enjoy your night. >> thank you so much. enjoy. >> she is just so beautiful and so sweet. she just really excited not even believing that this is happening. >> thank you. >> i didn't know what she said. it sounded good. >> she is very, very sweet.
10:20 pm
>> that comes across. and it's worth saying, she picked it up and this win for the "danish girl," she has an amazing 2015 in terms of output. i mean it's so, so well deserved. >> incredible year. i don't think she deserves to be in the best supporting actress cat gorey. i think she should have been lead. >> why is that? >> she was so strong in this film. her performance, she was so graceful, the character, the role she was playing. she had so much grace and forgiveness and selflessness. i think about when my husband leaves dishes in the sink and i'm immediately annoyed. you know what i mean? are you kidding me? your shoes are right there. and she helped her husband trance nisition into a woman. >> this speaks to the culture now. a year ago, right, the whole talk would have been this is a
10:21 pm
movie about friends and it's part of the norm, as it should be. it's reality. >> well, yeah. i think the next step of that is trans gender people playing themselves in movies. zbh right. >> i think that's what the whole thing about the oscars is white people and black people being the two ends of the spectrum, it's representation for people of all colors, disabled people, openly gay people. >> that's what alex said. this is what he said to me. he said i asked him about this whole controversy. i think what i had to say is something that is going back. there has to be so much more opportunity not just for can americans but for asians, mexicans, latin americans. this is a cull toweral problem. the academy is at the end of the chain. it has to start way before it gets to the acadeacademy. >> it's remembering that no
10:22 pm
asian or latina picked up an oscar win in 50 years. that is put if context in terms of how far, you know, the disparity is. >> why don't we hear from our guests in the audience. let's hear from the audience. before the break, we asked you to grab your smart phone and vote on our poll. did chris rock's monologue go too far? and here are the results. hurry? let's see. where are the results? >> there they are. >> interesting. it's not that far between the side. enough people didn't like it and thought went too far. >> what did you think? 60% say no. what do you think i don't think he went too far. >> nobody is crying. i mean i feel like i was the person like keep going. go to the commercial break. keep talking. come back and he's still talking. oh, my god, i have gotten too
10:23 pm
much. yes, but when he finished, i was like, is that it? i wanted more. he had been speaking for a long time. some people think that shouldn't be said on mainstream television. i think it was fantastic. i would like to hear it over and over and over again. >> where else are we going to have this conversation? you're not going to have the at home with your other white friends. you have to have somebody tell what you we're going to talk b. >> is that your funniest black person joke? >> that's what i'm saying. >> were you surprised? for someone to say went too far much it's chris rock. the expect tagts is he's going to go far. and if anyone is going to take a stand, i was going to be chris rock on a night like this. >> let's talk to chris rock. >> were you up et when you heard there were no block nominee this is year? >> actually, i mean, i wasn't surprised. but i mean it bothered me a little bit. >> i mean like smack a white man
10:24 pm
bad? >> almost. you still go to jail for smacking a white man. >> oh, yeah. you get three years for a hard look. did you think about riding and looting? >> no. we did that already. i deposit get nothing the first time. >> all right. i guess he liked it. i thought it was -- >> that woman won the night when he listed movies and she goes, you are making these up? >> when he say the angelina joely movie and she says, not even though thought it. i thought it was a late night tv but not oscar. whatever, i love chris rock. >> it did seem like a late night segment you would seat man on the street type of thing. i was surprised by it. i mean it got laughs which i think is what it was supposed to get. >> you think the late night talk show hosts were like -- >> i think that you saying you
10:25 pm
didn't like it, what i liked -- >> i thought it was a little late night tv. i did like it. >> i liked it because i felt he deposit have to do it all in a monologue. they put it throughout the show. the show felt sophisticated in the way they dropped in the moments when he tackled issues. it wasn't all -- he was kind of speaking at you. >> and also gives voice to the people who like it says to the oscars, you're'relevant to a lot of people. you're relevant to the people in the room. but you're not relevant to america as a whole. >> not everyone watched "spotlight" or "bridge of spies." i think it gives a voice to other people. >> i loved the whoopi moment where she is like mopping the floor. i told you they weren't going to save your behind. it was funny. >> that's was clever. >> mark is whack stage talking about diversity earlier. is an actor nominated and won tonight. >> i think african-american
10:26 pm
actors are in a strong, stronger position now thanks a lot to our chris rock has done tonight and what the activists who have been raising the issue around this awards ceremony have said. >> he picked up the award for best sporgting actor tonight for his role in "bridge of spies." addressing the issue of diversity. i think it's good to see not just black people address the issue. >> you i asked every single actor i spoke to about diversity. some of them dance around it. others went we're right there. >> i think they were prepared for it. everyone knew that was a dominant conversation. it's important to see all types of voices. i like what george clonie said before the oscars. and he also pointed out it's that -- it's about including everyone, hispanic actors and asian actors and black haktors. >> maybe we should have white people take the year off from movies next year. see if that changes things.
10:27 pm
>> yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> to chris rock's point. i think he said it was cate blanchett, you get a great role every year. leo, you get a great role every year. we're not hating on leo, he's a great actor. i think he's wonderful. there are actors that get great opportunities every single year, multiple opportunities. and actors of color that, just does'happen. there are no roles there to be nominated. so you can understand, people say why you are focusing on race? when you have every industry in the magazine talking about this. this is hollywood reporter that i picked up to day. hollywood reporter, vanity fair, what's the other, variety, all of them, this is the covers are talking about diversity in hollywood. and more than half of this is talking about that. so i think it's an issue in hollywood. i think that people should not be wondering why are you talking about race? if you're a native-american actor in hollywood, you only get
10:28 pm
called out when adam sandler netflixoffy. >> the audition that's i go on and i know every single girl in the room because we're all fighting for the one latina role in this movie. who whole cast of mostly white people, a black guy and then there's going to be one girl, she is either asian or latina. i know everything is like hey girl, who is going to get it this time, me or you? again, the academy is the end of the line. we'll talk about to casting, what is being sponsored. a lot to talk b we're going to take a very quick break. we'll look at the evening's grand entrances. >> oh, yeah. there were many. our fashion experts, they have the most notable highlights from the red carpet.
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
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welcome back to "and the winner is." we're live if hollywood. >> it's not just about who won at the oscars but also who they wore, yes. waiting for the big reveal on the red carpet can be just as exciting as watching atward ceremony itself. >> sometimes more. >> i have to say, i was in my pajamas watching and waiting. let's talk about this year's fashion nament and who managed to stand out among the very stylish crowd. we're joined by our fashion consultant and style editor at large. hey, george. >> hello. hello, everyone. >> best pair on television. >> thank you very much. >> who won it for you to night? >> so i actually think it was a great nice for fashion. there were a lot of -- there was a lot of fun and playfulness. as opposed to it just being really safe and standard.
10:34 pm
for me it wasn't about oscar so white as oscar so boring usually. everyone's just really worried about that obituary photo. you know what i mean? if they win that oscar, they want to make sure they look timeless which is super boring. let's start with lady gaga. >> all right. >> i like -- >> i think she did a great job of not only playing to the glamour of the oscars but also staying true to herself by wearing a gown that morphed into pants. but it's cool. i think it looks super cool. this was done custom by brandon maxwell. it is a perfect merger of music and film. >> was it appropriate for the oscars, george? >> excuse me. >> with zbl was it appropriate for her? >> she has glamorous marilyn monroe hair, simple makeup. it's this pant thing. and it's all in color. it's not -- you know, it's a little weird, but it's lady gaga. i think it looks cool. >> what is happening to her
10:35 pm
lately? no. i mean she is -- i don't think she ever looked better. remember the black dress? >> yeah, at the globes. >> and then the saga wards. she very classy wlachlt is happening? is she doing this on purpose? >> i think she must be. you have to morph as an artist f you keep doing the same thing, people get bored. she still wearing meat on her body, okay, we've sean the meat before. no, it's salaamy this time. >> all right. who else? who else caught your eye? >> alicia vikander was stunning. she looked like a princess and she is wearing louie vioutan. she is wearing risky looks that are not conventional for the red carpet at all. you know, they're kind of weird for the most part. and the trick is to please -- the trick is to please the
10:36 pm
fashion crowd and the audience here. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> i think she looks fabulous. i think she looked absolutely amazing. i thought that was kind of risky when you do that -- the color. even the shape of the dress. i thought it was a little risky. most people go to the oscars and very i want to look old hollywood. >> yeah. i wasn't a fan of it. let's bring in our viewers at home who are playing along. we ask you the question, who did you think was the night's best dressed? the numbers far and away giving it to lady gaga. people really liked that look right now. between 56% and keeps going up. over 50% giving it to lady gaga. so, george, you win the crowd. >> thank you very much. >> you have an eye there. >> we'll talk about that. >> all right. >> the old hollywood. >> wait, are we done with my
10:37 pm
best? no. cate blanchett is the queen of the red carpet. >> do you agree? >> yeah! >> that was armani. she can do no wrong in my eyes. pretty much you very rarely misses steps. she's quik a queen. and then even on television it was just like she was glowing. it was beautiful. she is this sea foam green angel. >> yeah. >> whether she got there, i wasn't even paying attention. but the runway just sort of went -- the red carpet went aaahhh and you knew a properly movie star arrived. >> you know, that's what it s that is really the criteria at these events. if you look like a movie star, you win. you totally win. i think that's the goal. but sometimes people kind of go a little too conservative. >> okay. >> so who didn't you like? >> it's not that i didn't like -- >> i'm not onest people.
10:38 pm
i want everyone to look beautiful. i'm not onest people that is cheering for, you know, wardrobe malfunction. so i just think that, you know, reese wither spoon, for example, super simple. i don't know, just didn't look like -- it looked like no effort. beautiful, looks beautiful. do not get me wrong. absolutely beautiful. but it's just kind of dull. >> beautiful color though. >> severing beautiful. but it's just like -- a little prommy, sfligt. >> we've seen it before. and that's like we haven't seen kate's dress before. we haven't seen gaga's dress before. there is tina fey. i want to say throw us a naek las on, give us a hairstyle. tina fey is doing the same look. again, looks beautiful. like absolutely beautiful. the body looks great. right? am i wrong? she looks beautiful. the hair.
10:39 pm
that's maybe what looked a little matronly. but she looks great. she looks great. >> i do not want to be the focus of tina fey's rant. i'm going to say nothing. >> the other one is like rachael mcadams. beautiful. i haven't heard a gasp up there. okay. so she's got that really, really long train which you know she's changing. she's not wearing that train. even like at any stylist knows, you're not going to put someone in a train. beautiful dress. just kind of like plain. >> yeah. >> there was nothing that was like wow! except for that train. >> that slit is high. >> how annoying is that train? but looks fantastic. i'm absolutely not saying she looks bad. it's just, you know, come on. it's oscars. you want your breath taken away. and that was not breath taking. >> my breath was taken away by the tall red one?
10:40 pm
>> shar lease they'ron. >> exactly! >> gorgeous. gorgeous. >> absolutely. >> beautiful necklace. it was great. >> but wait, there is one for that i didn't think looked too great, actually. can we talk about that one? >> super quick. >> who did you think did not look good? who? >> you put everyone else on the spot. >> okay. >> you didn't hear it from me. >> all righty. you know what again? it's like she's gorgeous. it was too much. i want a lot but not everything. she had the sleeves, she had the flower. if i was just there and would rip the sleeve off, she would have been best dressed. >> thank you, george. wonderful. thank you, george. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. live from hollywood.
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i love this. i want a studio audience in new york. i'm so jealous. >> all right, baby, i'll get you a studio audience, okay? all right. but until then, you'll be fine. until then, let's check in with stephanie who is there at the governor's ball. one of the many post parties shechlt caught up with one of the producers on best picture, "spotlight." take a listen. >> we're here with blithe. she won for "spotlight." >> there is so gratifying to so many people involved in. this there were journalists and the survivors, our entire team. it's really the culmination of a very long, very satisfying special journey. >> it's not the kinl of project that is an easy one to turn into a if i film that people want to go see. how do you begin to tackle something like that? >> i think we saw the story had
10:46 pm
extraordinary, extraordinary potential. i was such an important one that had to be told. and, yeah, it was difficult. along the way, took us seven years to get here. you know, we got a lot of knows. here we are. we stuck it with. we told it the way we want to tell it. so we're thrilled. >> and with a phenomenal cast. you have such great strong people to portray these characters. >> yeah. >> that must have been a huge part of finding the right people to do that. >> absolutely. >> mark was the first one to sign on. and once he signed on, everybody else followed shoredly there after. he is a talent magnet. we're so lucky to have him and rachael and everybody else. >> best picture win. we appreciate your work. thank you very much. enjoy. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for your work. >> okay. >> looking fantastic. you know, as a journalist, we're a little biassed, right?
10:47 pm
>> she talks with all big stars. again, we keep talking about "spotlight" being such a surprise. "the revenant" came away with. two i just didn't see this one coming. i didn't. did you? >> i think earlier on in the award season lead-up, frn is saying "spotlight" is going to win. as it kept losing, people were saying it could be "the revenant." . >> and spotlight is about the abuse in the catholic church in early 2000s. et was really about around the country, right? >> yeah. and you -- and around the world. and it's how these dogged xwlurnlists from the "boston globe" caught whiff of it and dug and dug until they sold the story. it's about truth in power. >> i enjoy it. i think all the people did a great job. again, i feel like a lot of
10:48 pm
times the oscars is your friend when you ask them what movies they like, they say the important movies. and we sit down and watch "rock ii." this say great fit will. i love mark ruffalo. i hope we can reconceive what the oscars are. >> you have the same hair. up next, we'll as the panel for their favorite moments from the oscars. >> yes. and time for another question, did you enjoy the oscar ceremony? go to our web page and let us know. let us know. do stay with us. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour-
10:49 pm
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10:52 pm
. we are back. >> we are. >> we're back. >> we are back and we are still
10:53 pm
in hollywood. and there are plenty of chokes and moments. let's go to our panel to talk about their favorite moments. let's start with you, alicia? >> i have to go with brie larson winning for "room." she is so wonderful are great actress and heartbreakingly emotional in that perform an. >> your favorite moment? >> chris congress coming out to a public enemy song and ending on a public enemy song. that was cool. >> i like keeping it real with the documentary category that they're going to go home with their honda civic. i enjoyed. that i really liked -- i think it is cool that justin timberlake sang. >> i love when chris rock said i love father figures. nobody got that either, "george
10:54 pm
michael." ♪ i will be your father figure my favorite moment was stacy because i thought it was an actress playing stacy dash. and i was in the room. i looked up and i said that is stacy dash! it uncomfortably hilarious. >> but where is she now? can we check in with her? can we check in with her? >> yeah. >> let's bring in our viewers at home. we want to know what was your most awkward moment of the night? was it stacy dash turning up at the oscars or the kids? check that out. overwhelmingly that was a moment that made people want to dig a hole and hide. because it was a lot. >> you have to find stacy dash. if you're with stacy dash, tweet us. >> i do have to say, don't you think it made her famous? i didn't think she was that famous. i made it more famous.
10:55 pm
this was her moment. she's going to capitalize on this. she's already written a blog post. >> that's coming down. i think she's more famous now. >> i think my favorite moment wag seeing jacob tremblay and the two little ones come out and do best documentary short. they were cute. >> they were cute. zblz what he brought the boxes out. >> yeah. >> i'm a sucker for it. >> so this is how uncomfortable it was. so at the one really late deal, chris rock went in and this lady leaned over and said i'm so glad you're enjoying this. because that would be really bad. and i said, yes, ma'am. and i'm also enjoying your outfit. it was very nice. >> all right. thank you guys so much. >> you were brilliant. and our studio audience, they
10:56 pm
were brilliant as well. >> that is a wrap for our oscar special. thank you for our brilliant pant for insight and our studio audience. i'm don lemon. >> "cnn newsroom" is next. >> good night, everybody, from hollywood. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. shaky but holding. syria's cease-fire enters a third day. "spotlight wins the prize for best picture. nearly overshadowed by issues of race. republican and democratic candidates attack donald trump after controversial comments on the kkk. welcome to our viewers all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> i'm errol barnett. thanks for kicking off your week with us. our


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