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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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eastern only here on cnn. anderson cooper will moderate. you can always follow us on twitter. please tweet me @wolfblitzer. join us tomorrow. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, the grand ole party in an all out war. mitt romney calls donald trump a fraud. is the gop melting down? the anti-trump forces pouring millions and millions into one state. is it working? an american astronaut runs from outer space and he is two inches taller. what happened? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin outfront tonight with the breaking news. gop meltdown. chaos today erupting in the republican party all on live television. mitt romney, the 2012 nominee,
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accusing his own party's frontrunner of being a phony and a fraud. he gave a speech aimed at destroying the very core of donald trump's identity. >> you say wait, wait, wait. isn't he a huge business success? doesn't he know what he's talking about? no, he isn't, and no, he doesn't. whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? then there's trump magazine and trump vodka and trump steaks and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> and cnn has learned that romney has told his aides to come up with a plan to block trump at the republican convention in july. a major development tonight. an idea that other senior gop leaders are also said to be seriously considering. trump wasting little time in firing back. trump defending himself for 45 minutes and hitting back at romney. >> mitt is a failed candidate. he failed.
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he failed horribly. that was a race i have to say folks that should have been won. that was a race that absolutely should have been won. i don't know what happened to him. he disappeared. >> one prominent gop senator bob corker who has not endorsed anyone released a statement which said in part, here my message to republican party leaders. focus more on listening to the american people and less on trying to stifle their voices. jim acosta is outfront tonight in salt lake city, utah. there's late news of a mitt romney plan to stop donald trump at the convention. >> this could be the beginning of the fracturing of the republican party. mitt romney savaged trump engaging in an all-out war of words.
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sources close to mitt romney. he is considering potentially some of these options. in what could be a pivotal moment -- >> donald trump is a phony and a fraud. he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. >> reporter: laying out a scathing jaw-dropping indictment, warning the nation would be less safe if donald trump is elected president. >> donald trump tells us he is very, very smart. i'm afraid when it comes to foreign policy he is very, very not smart. >> reporter: romney mocked trump's business background. >> he inherited his business. he didn't create it. a business genius he is not.
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>> reporter: he even went where the current gop had not gone before, donald trump's personal life. >> there's a dark irony of his sexual exploits during the vietnam war while at the same time john mccain, whom he has mocked, was imprisoned and tortured. john mccain approximablasted ou statement saying i share the concerns about donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump brushed off the attacks as sour grapes. >> he let us down. he let us down. mitt ran. it was probably the worst run many people have seen. he doesn't have what it takes to be president. that i can tell you. >> reporter: the real estate tycoon defended his business record. >> i could have said mitt drop to your knees. he would have dropped to his
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knees. he was begging. he was begging me. >> reporter: that love fest was four years ago. >> mitt is tough. he's smart. he's sharp. he's not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country that we all love. >> i spent my life in the private sector not quite as successful as this guy. >> reporter: tweeting if trump said four years ago the things he says today about the kkk, muslims, mexicans, i would have not have accepted his endorsement. mitt romney said he was not out there today to announce his own candidacy. all this talk of what might happen later on this summer at the republican convention has gotten under donald trump's skin. he talked about the possibility about a fight with romney in cleveland should mitt romney decide to pull the trigger on
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this option. it is getting very interesting out on the campaign trail. who would have thought mitt romney would have been talked about a potential nominee of the party this late in the game? >> here we are. it is actually happening. we're outfront on capitol hill. you've been talking to multiple members of congress today. what are they telling you about this -- earthquake is a fair word. this is a seismic event in the gop. >> indeed. of course, republican lawmakers by and large are very, very nervous about the prospect of donald trump as their party's nominee, but what they are not united behind are the tactics in going after him. not only you mentioned at the top bob corker, a very senior member, someone who is respected in his party, close to mitch mcconnell, putting out that statement saying that leaders should not stifle the voices of the american people. i spoke to a lot of senators who
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are not willing to align themselves with mitt romney, even john mccain who put out that statement. i asked him straight up about whether he would expand on that and he would not. one lone trump supporter jeff sessions fired back at his party leadership earlier today. >> i think it's dangerous. i think it's dangerous in the sense it has the potential to backfire on them because what this sort of says is the change agent donald trump is unacceptable, but these others are acceptable to the establishment. i think we do need change. >> reporter: and that is the real fear, erin. what jeff sessions told me there. even if we stop donald trump, all of his supporters where are they going to go? there are a lot of people getting behind donald trump and a lot of these republican candidates will need those same supporters heading into november's elections. this is a real concern within
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the party going forward. even if they go after donald trump, what will that mean come november? that was jeff sessions making a case that a lot of members are saying privately, but not quite sure if they can voice publicly. outfront now stephen miller, ryan williams, hogan senior adviser to mike huckabee, and tim polenti. ryan, let me start with you on this breaking news. you heard jim acosta report that mitt romney is instructing advisers to look into a contested convention in summer and looking at himself as a possible nominee that could emerge. do you know anything about this? >> no, i don't. i think the governor is deeply concerned about the future of the party and the country.
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donald trump is someone who who has said he is standing up for working people. he has built the trump tower with foreign workers. he has staffed his posh palm beach country club with foreign workers. this was the con job that mitt romney was talking about today. that's why i think he came forward today. not because of any kind of personal campaign. >> it was personal and it was today mitt romney making a case aggressively and repeatedly against donald trump's character. con job, that was the takeaway you were supposed to take away from mitt romney today. >> i would say that what every american needs to hear tonight is that mitt romney, who wasted hundreds of millions of dollars in a failed bid in 2012 and whose campaign drove away workeriworke
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working class people, did what the establishment wanted him to. marco rubio used a gop credit card to spend lavishly on himself for trips to vegas and painting his driveway. marco rubio ho sold a house to a lobbyist and treated law enforcement like absolute trash. the failing campaign, the absentee senator of florida, who betrayed the people of florida, mitt romney is doing the bid of donors to deny the working people of this country a candidate who cares about them and will fight for them and bring jobs back to america. it was a shameful desperate display slamming the patriotic citizens who want change in this country. >> of course, you support marco
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rubio. you heard steven taking him on. romney eviscerating him today. he used to talk about mitt romney flip-flopping. let me give a little taste of what mitt romney said today about donald trump and what he said back in 2012. >> whatever happened to trump airlines? how about trump university? then there's trump magazine, trump vodka, trump steaks, and trump mortgage. a business genius he is not. >> donald trump has an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works to create jobs for the american people. he's done it here in nevada. he's done it across the country. >> all right. that's pretty rough to hear those two things put side by side. is what governor romney said today going to change people's minds? >> erin, i don't think it's going to change people's minds. the core of what mitt said today -- and i respect mitt and i appreciate his efforts, but the core of what he said today
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is he called into question donald trump's character. the trump supporters have already factored in donald trump's character. that's not going to change much between now and march 15th. if you want to stop trump, you've got to aggregate and get the support of the other parties of the party and bring people in. all this talk about the convention shenanigans and blocking this or blocking that, look as to the nomination, win it, lose it, but don't steal it. i don't think that would go over well. i think that would be a disaster to the party. >> you heard what the governor to say. he's a rubio supporter. he says you don't want the voters to perceive that the election was stolen, the nominee, was stolen by party leadership. mitt romney is trying to stop donald trump at the republican convention this summer. how would that be for the party? >> disastrous.
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you think people are upset now. it would be a political jihad and take delegates away from the person who had the most. you take every state that's voted to this point and compare them to the same states in 2012, donald trump has 3.3 million people who voted for him. mitt romney only had about 2.5 million. 800,000 more people support donald trump in the same states than mitt romney. what that means is mitt romney's speech today wasn't deriding donald trump. it was mocking the american people. and the contelling voters that y haven't thought about this enough -- they're sick and tired of being lied to. their jobs are going overseas. they can't put food on the
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tables or clothes on their back. they're worried about their own pockets and their own establishment power. that's what we're seeing the rejection of in this campaign so far. >> he was talking with arrogance. what do you say to that? >> governor romney wasn't talking to the establishment or the 65% of gop voters who voted against donald trump. he was talking to working americans, working americans listening to donald trump. this is a guy who has made millions of dollars who has bankrupted companies and who has shipped jobs overseas. that's the argument governor romney has laid forward. this guy is a fraud. he's trying to con working men and women in america right now. somebody had to stand up and talk about it. >> thank you all very much for
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your time tonight. outfront next, marco rubio tearing into donald trump at the last debate. will he try it again tonight? the staffer who set up hillary clinton's private e-mail server has begun cooperating with the facebook tonight. rubio maybe from florida, but donald trump's ties are deep and lucrative in the sunshine state. >> we're campaigning against a guy that has the worst voting record in the history of the state of florida named rubio. got the worst record in the history of florida. i should do well there. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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technology connecting you to what matters. tonight, the anti-trump forces an all-out push in
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florida. trump hoping a win in florida will deliver a lethal blow to marco rubio's campaign. rubio today picked up a big endorsement from one of the state's largest newspapers, "the miami herald." >> we're doing really well in florida. >> reporter: trump's target, florida, a crown jewel for the gop frontrunner. less than two weeks than the states winner take all primary. the anti-trump movement is spending monstrous amounts of money targeting the billionaire. flooding florida this week a slew of coordinated attack ads from multiple political action committees pouncing on trump university to this $1.5 million ad. >> trump entrusted convicts to help him run his company. >> reporter: there's more. this add part of $1.75 million in ads paid for by the main
4:20 pm
group attacking trump, the american future fund. >> we're on a compressed time frame and it is very urgent that we focus now. to be in politics, you have to be optimistic. we're optimistic it's going to work. >> reporter: you think people are going to buy that, the anti-trump movement? >> i don't see the negative noise -- it might fall onto deaf ears because people here who are trump fans are really trump fans. >> reporter: he is admittedly biassed, business partners and friends with trump for years. >> this project is called the trump grand. trump towers one, two, and three. >> reporter: towers that went up during the 2008 housing meltdown. >> were you panicking during this time? >> there was a few sleepless night. >> reporter: he credits a trump run for bringing in international investors and
4:21 pm
saving his miami area properties. not every florida investment led to a windfall. according to federal election commission filings, trump made 15.5 million at his lago result. 50 million at trump national doral. marco rubio maybe florida's senator and the endorsement of the state's largest newspaper -- >> we have some stating waiting for me in the next few days, but then we're coming to florida. >> reporter: but trump's business partners say trump is florida's investor. decades long work that supporters believe is more potent than any attack campaign and may payoff in two weeks. >> do people in florida really see donald trump as a local man, as someone who is going to make a difference? >> i think he's a florida guy as much as he is a new york guy. >> reporter: that's one man's
4:22 pm
opinion. latest poll does show that trump is leading rubio 44% to 28%. here's an important number to note. in that very same poll 30%, 30%, say they haven't made up their minds yet. they could shift their opinion, shift which candidate they decide to support florida very much in play. the rubio camp tonigcontinuing y they believe their senator will win his home state. >> alex, i want to ask you about florida, but i want to start with the breaking news this hour. jim acosta reporting that mitt romney is having his aides look into the possibility of contesting the convention if trump has the majority of delegates at the time and possibly looking at mitt romney as the nominee for the gop. what's rubio's reaction to that? >> i haven't heard those reports. i really don't have anything to add to that. obviously, we have a long way to go before the convention in
4:23 pm
cleveland, including as your report just said the primary in florida next week, which we think is the beginning of a big momentum surge for rubio. we feel confident even though we had super tuesday. we're looking forward to the florida primary. we're confident we'll have the required delegates going into cleveland to win the nomination. >> you say super tuesday was not the best night for your campaign. you're confident you're going to win florida. on super tuesday you had trump winning seven states and rubio winning one. 17% of the delegates that night actually going to marco rubio. how do you go from third to first? >> well, first look at the states that were voting on tuesday. it's called the sec primary because it is a lot of southern states. these are states that ted cruz
4:24 pm
guaranteed he would win. we knew that it was going to be a challenging map on tuesday. our goal was to win as many delegates as we could. we did very well in the delegate front on tuesday. now we're well positioned. the states moving forward are going to look more like virginia, where marco finished strongly, and minnesota. >> so you see after florida you're saying you see a path for marco rubio. ted cruz was talking about texas. he actually said he talked to his team and that they decided if he did not win texas this past tuesday, he would have dropped out. that would have been the end of the road for the ted cruz campaign. is it the same way for marco rubio in florida? if he loses, is he out? >> we are going to win florida. you can bank on it. we're going to win florida. i understand why ted cruz's campaign would say that.
4:25 pm
even though he won texas, it's not clear where he goes from here. the map gets dramatically worse as the primary contests move from the upper midwest and out west. those are not good states for ted cruz. they're very good for states for marco rubio. florida, we're posed to have a victory in less than two weeks. if you look at minnesota, virginia, florida, states where rubio is going to do well and the rest of the map, we feel very confident about where we are tonight knowing we have a long way to go to the convention in cleveland. >> good to talk to you again. outfront, i want to go to our senior political analyst. when i asked him the question if rubio would get out if he didn't win florida, he paused for a second and said, you can bank on it, we're going to win florida. what do you say? >> i wouldn't bank on it. he may win florida.
4:26 pm
he has a lot of popularity there. the climb there is very steep. he starts out -- the average in the polls is he is 18 to 19 points behind trump. you have a situation where a lot of bush people that are there who hate marco rubio. they think jeb ought to win florida and he's out because of marco rubio. trump has a lot of strength there. this whole romney thing, that may well backfire. we'll see in the next few days. the way this was done, especially this report he's maneuvering with the republican national committee that you just had on so he can get the come nation, that undercuts -- it was a very powerful speech by mitt romney, but he was the wrong messenger. >> marco rubio's tone changed last week at the debate. he started in on donald trump.
4:27 pm
he has continued over the past week. here's a quick snippet for anyone who hasn't heard some of his best hits. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. and you know what they say about men with small hands. he doesn't sweat because his pores are clogged from the spay tan he uses. donald is not going to make america great. he's going to make america orange. then he asked for a full length mirror. i don't know why because the podium goes here. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. >> is that going to help? is that attractive coming from marco rubio to voters? >> it didn't help him last week for super tuesday. it may have helped in northern virginia. i think he's got to have something fresh to say tonight. he's got to come at it a different way. there's a letter out there by a large number of national
4:28 pm
security folks saying trump is the wrong guy. he has to pick up some fresh things and do it with more humor. the bottom line is if he loses florida, he's out. he's not only out in this run. he's out for getting the vice presidential nod. donald trump will never put him on the ticket. i don't think marco rubio would be the alternative if it ever got to a brokered convention. he's got to win florida. >> thank you. he'll be back with us later this hour. outfront, the gop debate down to four candidates tonight. could it be the last night on stage for one of them? a late development in the fbi probe into hillary clinton's private e-mail account. rush relief to your tough symptoms. to put you back in control. [doorbell] woman: coming! alka-seltzer plus sinus. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right.
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at this moment the republican presidential candidates are in final preparation for tonight's primetime debate. front rrunner donald trump says he's ready. >> they said act presidential tonight. i'll act presidential, but if somebody hits me, i'm going to hit them back harder. >> ted cruz, marco rubio, john
4:33 pm
kasich, will they be able to take on donald trump tonight? we are live at the debate site in detroit, michigan. this is the smallest debate stage so far. we heard donald trump say he'll be presidential, but he'll fight back harder than what gets thrown at him. do you expect attacks from cruz and rubio like last week? >> i think absolutely. i think the time is over where ted cruz and marco rubio wethout they were running against just each other. we've seen ted cruz questioning whether donald trump says one thing in public and another thing in private. we can expect all of that to come out on the debate stage. i think this is especially true for marco rubio. he knows florida is just ahead and donald trump has made it clear he wants to win that state. he wants to knock off marco rubio once and for all. i think we're going to see a
4:34 pm
very heated debate stage tonight. >> thank you very much. outfront now, republican congressman from virginia scott ridgell. he has endorsed marco rubio and then a donald trump supporter. you said you'll never support donald trump, even if he is the nominee. is there anything he could say tonight that would change your mind? >> no. the candidate's own words indict him as i see it. he's talked about killing the families of terrorists. i think about families every day. who is equipped to lead our troops if we need to go into combat? this idea that we would kill the families of terrorists, it's a reckless statement for him to make and he doubles down on it and says, well, i'm a leader, implying u.s. troops would
4:35 pm
execute that order. as a young marine, i would have not have executed that order. i think he's disqualified himself. look at what he said about mexico. i think he thinks he's going to bend the will of a foreign nation to build a wall. i came up here to take a gavel away from nancy pelosi. it was everything i could do to run for 17 months. i get it. the more i looked at donald trump, the more i examined who he is and what he believes, i think he is the antithesis of who we are as american people and who we are in the republican party. the more i know about him, the less i trust him. >> that's a pretty damning assessment you've just heard. could someone like congressman ridgell cost the gop the election? >> it's always possible.
4:36 pm
i respect the congressman's service and all that kind of thing. very important. thank you. but i must say that what you're hearing from the congressman is the kind of thing that comes from republicans, establishment republicans, all of the time. in light of mitt romney's speech today, i wanted to hold up this book. this is t"the making of the president, 1964." mitt's father june of 1964 when barry goldwater was closing in on the nomination held a press conference and said if his views def ua deviated from the party, i'll do everything in my power to keep him from becoming the party's presidential candidate. he never joined any time when goldwater came onto the ticket. this is what establishment
4:37 pm
candidates do. they do it all the time. they demand party unity. if they lose, they pick up their marbles and they go home. >> what do you say to that, especially with the reporting that we have tonight that mitt romney is looking at contesting the convention so that he himself might be the nominee? >> jeff is talking about 1964 and mitt romney's father. i'm talking about what donald trump has said in the last week. everything he said in terms of his refusal to immediately disavow any association or support of david duke, i mean that was -- he stumbled all over that. >> come on, come on. >> he said he admires putin and that he quotes an italian dictator. in respect to what should have been done at the convention, anything and everything that is fully consistent with the bylaws of the republican party i think should be used to stop him because he is not a republican. again, i understand the anger. >> let me make sure i understand. would you support a contested
4:38 pm
convention if donald trump has close to the number of delegates to secure the nomination, but not quite? if it is in that gray area, would you support a contested convention? >> i think our bylaws are well written such that we wouldn't have the confusion that i think you've just indicated that we would have. i'm certainly not advocating for anything that circumvents our own bylaws. in fact, it's that kind of donald trump has been saying, especially with the use of military force, that has disqualified him to lead our young men and women as our commander and chief. i really believe it would be one of the most reckless presidencies that we've had. i think he's the most prone to get us in a conflict with a foreign country. when jeff implies that i'm part of the establishment, he does not know me. he does not know why i ran. i voted against john boehner. i'm an entrepreneur businessman, all right, jeff? i set aside everything to take a
4:39 pm
gavel out of nancy pelosi's hands because i was convinced she was bankrupting my country and putting my children and grandchildren at risk. >> are you going to support donald trump if he wins the nomination? >> i cannot in good conscious for the reasons i've stated. >> there you go. there you go. >> i think he is not -- if you look at his checkbooks, he is so proud of the contributions -- he's proud of who he has given to and they're democrats. >> koucongressman, would you support -- to the point you won't vote for donald trump, would you be okay with hillary clinton for president? >> for the first time in my life, it aggrieves me that i would be in this condition and situation. i will never vote for hillary clinton because of the structural flaws in her character. >> but you will elect her. >> i'm convinced his reckless
4:40 pm
statements saying he's going to take out the families -- what are families? families are women and children. that's what families are. he's not only going to take out the terrorists, which i support, but he's going to take out the women and children. this is not who we are as american people. this will put us at risk as a nation. >> in other words when franklin roosevelt massivelykilled the f of nazi leaders, he's a war criminal is what you're saying? >> i hope you give us the time to finish this debate because this is a serious point. >> respond, congressman. what donald trump didn't say was if i had to, if the moral high ground was to take out the terrorists and i did everything i could to avoid collateral damage, but the moral high ground was to take the house
4:41 pm
out -- the american president has struggled with that question. we're not dealing with weapons of mass destruction. our targets are more tactical and individualized. we have gotten better at it in that respect, but he's saying this is different. this is different, jeff. he's saying the categorical of taking out of families, this is the antithesis of who we are as american people. that's the kind of thing that gives our young men and women who are serving in this country's uniform -- that sends the wrong signal that we are cowboys. we're gun slingers and tough guys. that's what happens with republican candidates. i've seen it generally. we start talking tough -- >> final word to you, jeff, to respond. >> all i can say is this reminds me also of 1980 when ronald reagan was called a cowboy. he was called a cowboy.
4:42 pm
he was reckless. he was going to get us into a war. he had no business being a commander and chief. he wasn't qualified for the job. again, i've heard this kind of thing before. this is what happens. whether the congressman knows it or not, he is repeating these kind of talking points from establishment's past. that's just fact. >> ronald reagan never said he would take out the family of terrorists, nor would he. new developments into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal and it could throw her campaign a curveball. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar?
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breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail probe tonight. cnn learning that brian pagliano has been granted immunity by the justice department and is cooperating with the fbi. evan perez broke the story. what are you learning tonight? >> we know the cooperation has already begun. we know pagliano has sat down for one interview with the fbi. under the terms of this cooperation agreement that he has signed with the justice department, immunity agreement, he has agreed to come in for any other interviews that the fbi wants. he's turned over documents related to the setting up of this server. what the fbi really wants to know is really what happened at the time when the server was set up back in 2009. were there any discussions about the security and the fact that this private e-mail setup was going to be handling sensitive
4:47 pm
government business. >> what happens from here, evan? the question is when are we going to know everything that there is to know. when are we going to know if this is continuing in terms of this probe? she says they were related to personal matters. what is the timeline? >> the fbi certainly, they say they don't have a timeline because they don't believe they can prejudge what this investigation is going to find. one thing you never want the fbi to do is to let them starting around your personal business. perhaps this could be done by may. "the new york times" is reporting that. one of the things that happens with fbi investigations, it all depends on what they find. they've done the review of these 30,000 e-mails that have been released already. some of them have found classified information on this. that's the focus of this investigation now to determine whether a crime was committed in setting up this server. >> all right, evan. thank you very much.
4:48 pm
and the democratic presidential debate next one right here on cnn. it is sunday night at 8:00, and we will have your post-debate analysis. outfront next, as the gop candidates get ready for another debate night, one fatal flaw could end a campaign for good. our cnn special report next. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view. and by consistently breaking apart risk to focus on long-term value. we actively manage with expertise and conviction. so you can invest with more certainty. mfs. that's the power of active management. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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right now the republican candidates getting ready for another debate. as we know, one bad night can destroy's campaign. that's just part of what you'll see on sunday's episode of "the race for the white house." our look at america's most dramatic presidential elections. >> they asked if they want makeup and jack kennedy says no. and nixon wants to be manly says, well, i don't need it either. meanwhile, kennedy goes back and gets some max factor applied to him, and nixon sends somebody down to michigan avenue to buy some hideous thing called shave stick. which he rubs on him like gray grease across his face.
4:53 pm
>> nixon was pacing around the studio. he was asking people questions. >> think i better shave. >> well, it was past time for all of those questions. >> studio, 30 seconds to air. >> kennedy did not present himself until he was fully ready. he wasn't going to stand around with richard nixon and chat before the main event. he was going to come in like the prize fighter he was. >> and nixon made every mistake he could think of in that debate. >> look at the faces of the two candidates in this debate. and ask yourself who is presidential? and who is scared? >> the contrast is dramatic. >> david gergen worked for richard nixon as a speechwriter.
4:54 pm
went on to work for three more presidents of both parties. this has to bring back memories when you look at this. finally the back story of the ultimate sweating story of all time. shave stick. pretty stunning. you know, the big debate tonight, you still see echos of this. the whole past week we've heard donald trump and marco rubio yelling about who needed more makeup last week. >> well, you certainly do but there was a lot of crafty innocence that nixon/kennedy debate. which did decide the election according to many historians. the people who listened to the debate on the radio which had been the medium of the past thought nixon had won. he made the better argument. people who watched on television thought kennedy won because he was the tv candidate of his age. the first one to really understand the power of television. after it was all over, kennedy told his press secretary salinger, he said pierre, we won the election because of that. and it was absolutely true. >> pretty stunning.
4:55 pm
when you look at a new medium that transforms things. maybe this time that medium is twitter and whether donald trump -- >> that's right. look how donald trump is using twitter. look how donald trump is using twitter as he does. the call-ins he makes. he's been a master of that. but a lot of things have changed. we've gone from the age in 1960 of walter cronkite and teddy white to the age of john oliver and "saturday night live." it's a big, big change culturally. >> it is. thank you very much, david gergen. and "the race for the white house" premiered sunday night at 10:00. next an american astronaut who just returned from space not just standing tall but taller. we'll be back. make you miserab. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus
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american astronaut scott kelly is back after a 340-day mission aboard the international space station. did you know that the spine elongates in space because of gravity? according to nasa, kelly grew two inches while he was on the iss. but it's temporary. when you come back, gravity takes hold fast. his identical twin brother just e-mailed me this hour to tell me they're back to the same height, went back-to-back last night an hour after he landed. in an hour? whoa. we'll have much more on the science behind this stunning story tomorrow because it really is absolutely incredible. that's tomorrow night.
5:00 pm
thanks for joining us tonight. set your dvr. you can record "outfront" and watch our show any time. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. we're just a few hours remufd from something we've never, i mean never, ever seen before. the party's last nominee. today the famously nonprofane mitt romney went before the cameras and in the strongest language possible broke the 11th commandment right over donald trump's head. >> here's what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as the degree from trump university.