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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. we're going to dip in. right now cruz is addressing the press ahead of his rally. he's live in maine. let's listen in. >> their supporters coming and joining us. and we welcome them to our kingdteam. the only way to beat trump is to stand together, and last night you saw a clear contrast. if you want a washington deal maker who will go to washington and cut deals with the democrats and cut deals with harry reid and nancy pelosi j donald trump is your man. that's what he's promising to do. i stand with the millions of americans who are frustrated, who are fed up with washington deal makers, because the deals always benefit the rich and powerful and wall street, and
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they always benefit the giant corporations, and the people that get left in the cold are the washington deals are always the working men and women of this country. we need a president who stands with the working men and women in this country. if i'm elected president, we'll repeal every word of obama care. we'll pass a simple flat tax and abolish the irs. we'll stop amnesty and secure the boarders, and the result will be millions and millions of high paying jobs. wages going up for the first time in over a decade. young people coming out of stool with two, three, four, five job opportunities. we can do that, and this election is about a fundamental choice. >> senator, are you open to a unity ticket with senator rubio if you're on the top of it? >> well, listen, i think we're seeing discussions within the party about coming together. i think those discussions are happening among the candidates and happening among the activists. i think those discussions are happening among the donors. there is no doubt if we remain
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divided, donald trump wins. remaining divided is a path to cat if catastrophe for this country. i welcome the supporters of every other candidate to come together, and i welcome the other candidates for us to stand together. super tuesday demonstrated if you want to beat donald trump, ours is the only campaign that's done it in five states. we will continue to compete vigorously, and the more we unite republicans, the more we're going to beat donald. when we do that, we will defeat hillary clinton in november and turn this country around and bring back the constitution and the bill of rights. >> would you be on a ticket if you weren't on the top of it? >> at this point, i'm not engaging in negotiations. i'm focussed on winning the nomination. i have to say a lot of folks in washington are talking about a
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brokers convention. a brokered convention is the pipe dream of the washington establishment. it is their hope that they can come and snatch this nomination away from the people, and the washington establishment, they're frustrated. all of their chosen candidates, all of their golden child candidates, aren't winning. and they don't understand. they picked who they want the nominee to be, and there's just one little detail they can't get the votes for the people. in my view, a brokered convention ain't going to happen, and if the washington deal makers tried to steal the nomination from the people, i think it would be a disaster. it would cause a revolt. instead, the answer is real simple. we've got to win this nomination, 1237 delegates is what it takes to be the republican nominee. if you look at where we are in delegates right now, fewer than
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100 delegates separates donald trump and me. i am the only candidate that has the delegate count and the state wins that is in a position to beat donald trump. if you want to beat a donald, the way to do it is coming together behind this campaign. and that's what we're working hard to do. >> last question. is donald trump flip-flopping? >> well, last night was really striking. all of us are used to political candidates who run to the right in the primary and then run to the center in the general elections. we're frustrated because they make promises to get the nomination and then they promptly go to washington and break all of those promises. now, normally a politician waits to the general election to do it. last night donald trump started galloping to the center before the primary is over. donald trump repeatedly emphasized flexibility, that he will be flexible on every principle, every issue, he'll be flexible. you know, in that he echoed what
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he reportedly said to the new york times editorial board, that everything he said on immigration, that's been his signature issue. that's what he's talked about the most. apparently he said everything he said on immigration he doesn't mean. he's not going to build a wall or deport anyone. on the debate stage last night he changed his views and said suddenly he's now for expanding h 1 b visas. and one of the more stunning moments was when he turned to marco rubio and donald trump said, marco, i agree with you. the flexibility you showed negotiates with democrats in the gang of eight amnesty bill. you want to talk about a stunning moment on the debate stage where donald trump is saying he agrees with marco rubio and the democrats on the gang of eight amnesty bill, that that's good flexibility? well, on one level, that shouldn't be surprising. because donald trump funded the gang of eight. he funded of the members of the gang of eight, he gave
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contributions to five of them, over $50,000. but it was still stunning for a candidate who has pretended to be a posed to illegal immigration, for him to say on the it debate stage. and there was another moment that not many folks in the media picked up on. when he was asked about his foreign policy, and he said who do you listen to on foreign policy. the first name out of his mouth was richard haas. most americans have no idea who that is. but the dc establish does. he's the president of the council on foreign relations. he's a lifelong liberal. he is someone who is advised hillary clinton in the state department. what does it say about you that donald trump and hillary clinton both listen to the same advisor? look, on one level it's not surprising. donald trump is someone who supported jimmy carter over ronald reagan. donald trump is someone who supported john kerry over george w. bush.
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he contributed four times to the hillary clinton presidential campaign in 2008. but for him to admit that the first day he listens to on foreign policy is the president of the council on foreign relations, a liberal person with hillary clinton is an extraordinary admission, and i'll say this. let me speak for a minute to the donald trump supporters. i get the that people are angry. we're so frustrated. we're so furious because we've been lied to. we've been lied to over and over and over again. but donald trump embodies that washington corruption that we are angry about. the answer to that corruption is not to go with someone who has been funding liberal democrats for four decades who has been immeshed in that corruption. and it'sunderscoring, donald is telling us he will betray us on everything he's
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campaigning on. when donald trump stood on the debate stage and said over and over again, you got to be flexibility, now got to be flexible, flexible is washington code word that he's going to stick it to the people. that's what washington politicians say when they're being flexible. what it means is the rich and powerful are going to get taken care of just like donald trump supported obama's wall street bailout. and the working men and women, flexibility means it's going to help the rich and powerful and the working men and women are going to get left behind. here in maine, i'm encouraged by the support we have on the ground. i'm encouraged by support from conservatives. i'm encouraged by the support we have in libertarians. the liberty movement that believes passionately in the constitution and bill of rights. i've spent my whole life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. donald trump told everyone in the last two debates that when
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it comes to the bill of rights, when it comes to the constitution, he will be flexible. he will negotiate. two debates ago, he lectured me, ted, you got to be willing to negotiate and compromise with harry reid and chuck schumer own supreme court appointments. well, let me be clear to the men and women of maine. there are areas where compromise is appropriate. tax rates, meet a middle ground and negotiate on a question like that. there are other areas not up for compromise. the constitution and bill of rights should not be up for compromi compromise, and i'll tell the men and women of maine, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. i will not compromise your second amendment to keep and bear arguments, the constitution and bill of rights are not up for negotiation, and when donald trump tells you that he will cut a deal with harry reid and chuck schumer on antonin scalia's
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replacement, the conclusion of that deal will be that he would nominate a liberal activist to the court who would take away our free speech and religious liber liberty, our right to keep and bare arms. we need to defend our rights and not get another washington deal. all right. you're listening right there to senator ted cruz speaking to the media, taking questions from the press ahead of his big rally in maine. you heard him go right after donald trump. also going after the idea of a brokered convention saying if they try to steal the nomination, meaning the republican establishment, taking this to the convention, it would be a disaster. calling it a pipe dream, and also making a direct plea to donald trump supporters. we're going to keep a close eye on the rally that cruz is walking into right now. to take a look as soon as that happens. also happening any minute now,
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marco rubio is about to teenaake stage in kansas. last night was a slug fest. donald trump already this morning showing that he is not letting up one bit. and every one not named trump at this point searching for any way to stop him from marching to the nomination. trump fresh off a rally this morning in michigan. he is feeling confident, and very quickly picking up where he left off in last night's debate. >> when little marco spews his crap about the size of my hands which are big, the size of hi hand. i looked at him and i said, marco -- no, i just wanted to -- look at that. those hands can hit a golf ball 285 yards. >> the hands comments continue. that's in warren, michigan. let's go to chris frates in cadillac, michigan.
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chris frates, what should we expect? >> reporter: good morning, kate. after another debate this time in detroit, rubio and cruz ganging up again on donald trump, trying to take the front runner down a peg or two, hitting him on donald trump university where trump is being sued by former students who are arguing the degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on. and rubio and cruz say that donald trump trying to con the primary electorate. donald trump saying no merit to the argument. no merit to the lawsuit. he's going to take this civil lawsuit to the courts because he believes he can win there. also, strangely defending his manhood against a hit that marco rubio made on him last week, and among all the slings and arrows and insults back and forth last night, donald trump also trying to position himself as the eventual republican nominee who can take on hillary clinton in the fall saying that he understands you need some flexibility to negotiate.
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even softening his immigration stance. that was interesting. the hard line part of what rocketed him to the top of the polls. there's no surprise. he's still in lead. we're in michigan today in northern michigan. people coming in to see donald trump, and he's in the lead in this state. the latest polls showing that donald trump, 29% support. rubio and the ted cruz continue to battle it out for that number two spot to be that donald trump alternative and take him on. but donald trump, of course, feeling confident on the stump today in michigan, continuing to hit little marco and lying ted cruz. people here excited to hear from donald trump in a few hours, kate and john. >> he is fired up, donald trump. you can expect you'll hear a lot more of what we just heard in warren, michigan. chris is there for us. a lot to discuss, especially on ted cruz. mark preston is joining us now, scottie nel hughes, and a trump
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supporter, and kevin chariton, and kerry sheffield. thank you for joining me. mark,y ho mark, cruz said a brokered convention is a pipe dream of the washington establishment. if they try to steal the nomination, that would be a disaster. that's coming from senator ted cruz, but then john kasich just said this morning this thing is going all the way to the convention. >> right. and if you look at the mathematics, there's a possibility this could go all the way to the convention into cleveland in july. how that happens, kate, is if donald trump is not able to win florida and ohio on march 15th, those two states in particular, because there are 99 delegates
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on the table, 66 in ohio. a huge number of delegates. whoever wins the states collects all of them. up until march 15th, these states are divided, depending on how you do with the vote. so if donald trump is unable to do that, then there is a chance that could happen. >> a whole lot can happen before then. the last 24 hours is just an example of that. scottie, one of many things that happened last night thaft was very interesting is when it came back to where they all began in the first republican debate. they got there again. the pledge to support the eventual nominee. despite all of the insults that were flying, everyone saying the other is unfit and disqualified for office, they all then said they would support the nominee. for the viewers, here's the moment last night. >> i'll support the republican nominee. >> mr. trump, yes or no? >> i'll support mr. trump if
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he's the nominee. >> yes. i gave my word that i would. what i have endeavored to do is do what i said i would do. >> if he ends up as the nominee, sometimes he makes it a little bit hard, but i'll support whoever is the republican nominee for president. >> the you say tonight that you will definitely support the republican nominee for president even if it's not you? >> the answer is, yes, i will. >> scottie, do you believe them? >> i absolutely believe them. i think that was probably the best question, and the best moment of the entire night. that's something that needs to be said right now. granted, i think some others within the republican party should be saying that. when we have governors and state senators coming out and saying i'm voting for hillary clinton or i'm going to go activity bone bank for the other side, i have to question what is their motivation? why are they involved in the conservative moment in the first
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place? all the candidates agree and have said at some point that anyone on that stage last night is ten times better than what the other party has to offer. >> carrie, at the same time, when they make that pledge, does it undercut everything else they said during the debate, the argument that donald trump, the front runner, he is unfit for office? he's disqualified, he's the problem, he is the reason that washington is backed up, is locked up, why nothing happens in washington? the same argument that mitt romney was making yesterday in that extraordinary moment when he came out trying to take down donald trump? doesn't this undercut their argument? >> well, kate, the political reality is they have to do it because they want to get donald trump's votes. if they were to come out and say i'm not going to support donald trump, that would anger his supporters. that's why they're doing it. scottie said the conservative movement. i think why conservatives are
8:19 am
upset is because he's not a real conservative. he's donated to many democratic candidates. he fought for balm care and fought to put people into office to supported every liberal policy that conservatives fight against. >> exempt one little point there. he also gave $5,500 to cruz. if you go and look at all the contributions, he's given to republicans more than democrats. he's a man in business. he cares more about getting things done and not getting stupid audits and horrible things that have happened that take up money than necessarily playing party politics. he puts his family and his employees before he puts his pragmatic ideas. >> he has no spine or actual conscious. scottie, i love her. she's my good friend. we call each other little scootty, big car impri, i love her. she's wrong. donald trump does not have a spine.
8:20 am
>> how? that's why he's here, because of strength. >> let's get kevin to jump in on this. on this point that scottie said was the most important night of the debate, kevin, when they pledged to back the nominee, when you take that with the thought that this could go all the way to the convention and could, as some are hoping becomes a contested convention, is this going to come back, are those words going to come back to haunt the candidates if that's the case? >> look, the goal is to get to 1237. if that doesn't get settled before the convention, that's what the convention is for. nobody is going to be stealing the nomination from anyone. that's how the system is set up. that's how our process works. the candidates all know the rules going into it. that's what we'll have to see. whether or not they can somehow fashion a fusion ticket, you know, if it's a cruz, rubio, rubio cruz, or some version of that, or kasich gets ohio and
8:21 am
then can make a play for it, we'll see. this is how the process is set up, and this is how we're electing a nominee. this is how it's supposed to work. >> i need to get you to weigh on in something your former boss, an extraordinary moment in modern political history. mitt romney coming out to try and take down donald trump. he was on the today show this morning, and talking about really what the path forward is. because he was pushing. it seemed he was very much pushing far brokered convention saying he thinks everyone should vote for rubio in florida and kasich in ohio. listen here what mitt romney said this morning. >> there's no question i'm going to do everything within the normal political bounds to make sure that we don't nominate donald trump. i think he would be terribly unfit for office. i don't think he has the temperament to be president. i want to see one of the other three become the nominee.
8:22 am
>> it seems a little bit bonkers, kevin, that this is going on. at its core, and a lot of people are wondering this, and what you know about this man, is he angling himself to be the eventual alternative? >> i have no idea. i don't think so. my take would be that he personally believes strongly that donald trump would be a bad candidate for our party, and he would be a bad president for our country, and he wants to make the case. he did that yesterday. you see him lay out the facts. he lays out the case against donald trump. megyn kelly did the same thing. chris wallace did the same thing at the debate. and then people come out and is outrageous. he never answered any of the attacks. you'll never hear him answer anything. >> mark, final thought. i want to get your take on all the cnn reporting coming out of mitt romney talking to his advisors to take a look at what that would mean to block donald trump when it comes to the nomination at the convention.
8:23 am
just give me your final thought. what is that going to look like? >> listen, if there is an effort by the republican establishment, which we believe there is, and they're looking at two things, one is to try to deny donald trump the reck squisite amount delegates. you keep kasich and rubio in the race and cruz in the race. that way they keep on winning a contest all the way through up to the convention. donald trump doesn't have enough. that's when you get a contested convention. if that doesn't work, they're also talking about putting up a conservative third party candidate. that could be a safe haven for republican voters to not only vote for but also for candidates running for the house and senate to be able to support. at times, we can all acknowledge that donald trump can become nuclear hot. having said that, let's acknowledge this. the fact is that donald trump has driven out a lot of republican voters in some respects, record number of voters over the past six weeks or so, and the republican party has to at least acknowledge that
8:24 am
as they're thinking through how to deal with the next nominee. >> what does that mean for the republican party the if the voters are seen as having it taken from them? that's the point many are making. yesterday described as if the party wants to put on a decide vest, that's their choice. thanks so much to all of you. >> thank you. >> cruz is heading his first rally since last night's gop debate. we heard from him. he's going to be taking to the stage. cruz says trump is part of the corruption in washington that voters despise. why did cruz say last night he would support trump if he becomes the nominee? we're live with a supporter on the path forward. plus any moment now, rubio will be live in kansas. will he come out swinging against trump and will there be any more mentions of anyone's hands? we'll bring that to you live. ! in the last year we've doubled our lte coverage.
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fresh off the debate last night. cruz is speaking to supporters right now in maine. one of four states holding republican contests tomorrow. what we like to call super saturday. cruz will also be rallying supporters in louisiana later today. let's bring in right now victoria koets, the senior policy advisor for cruz's campaign. victoria, thank you for joining me. >> kate, thanks for having me on. >> of course. i think it goes without saying, the insults were flying at last night's debate. but one of many interesting
8:30 am
things happened. it did seem that ted cruz and marco rubio largely held their fire from each other, at least. here's one example. >> you know, marco's dad started as a bartender. my dad started washing dishes. do you know how many americans wanted those jobs in 300 applied. donald hired 17. donald's record right now is one of hiring illegal -- >> your time is off. >> enwhen you have chances to help the american workers, you're hiring your workers from overseas and making clothes overseas. >> to some it seemed like a coordinated attack amongst the two against donald trump. what's behind it? >> i think right now the reality for the cruz campaign is that we are the only campaign that really has a shot at winning this nomination outright, and
8:31 am
beating donald trump. senator cruz's goal last night was to draw a clear policy d distinction with mr. trump. he looks at distinction policy differences on the immigration issue and hiring american workers, his goal is to draw a contrast with mr. trump. i think that was his goal. as far as we're concerned, he hit it out of the park. >> on the immigration issue, following the debate, the donald trump campaign issued a statement saying that they were talking about one class of worker coming in. not the h 1 v visa worker. do you think that's true? do you think it was misunderstood, the question? >> i mean, i would let them speak for themselves on this. this is an issue senator cruz has been working hard on since the day he got to the senate three years ago. he was the one who led the fight against the rubio schumer gang
8:32 am
of eight bill. this is something our staff has worked hard on with him under his direction. it's a subject he knows well and we're unlikely to have that kind of a problem. >> that kind of a problem. what is the problem, though? >> well, i mean, obviously there was some misunderstanding there. i don't know what it was. that's something we're unlikely to have because this is an issue senator cruz knows a great deal about. >> despite on stage describing or staying donald trump is unfit to be president, all the candidates on the stage last night pledged to support the eventual nominee. do you believe that is something that could come back to haunt ted cruz? >> well, i'd actually take a little issue, kate, with your use of the word unfit. i don't think that's a word krooucruz has used. we also had an election in
8:33 am
tehran and iran over last weekend where there was a council that picked the candidates. we have a broad range of candidates this year. we've got people from different races, different faiths, and they're all absolutely entitled to run for president of the united states. and that's a wonderful thing. i don't think senator cruz is in the business of calling people unfit. he is in the business of promoting his candidacy and the kinds of policies he wants to get into, and particularly, here in detroit. i thought his answer on the city of detroit, on the state of michigan, on rebuilding our economic base so we can be secure here at home and respected abroad resonates. i don't think that he's around to call people unfit. i think he's here to promote his candidacy. >> calling donald trump unfit to be president is something that mitt romney has started to say. he said it yesterday and continued today. seems like he's pushing toward a
8:34 am
contested convention saying he wants to stop trump, and everyone should support rubio winning florida and everyone should support kasich winning in ohio and so on and so forth. is that -- has the cruz campaign at all been in touch with mitt romney about this strategy he's putting forth? >> i mean, governor romney is exercising his first amendment right as an american citizen to speak out on the political process. senator cruz said a few minutes ago on air, that you covered live, he's not interested in a brokered convention. i think it is the same kind of an issue that we have had in washington, very much over the last three years since we've been there which is deal after deal that's cut in a back room, and the american people know that they're getting the raw end of it. they tried to elect conservatives to take the house in 2010, to take the senate in 2014, and we're still getting these bad deals.
8:35 am
i think senator cruz knows from the deresponresponse he's getti trump around the country, this is not going to be received five five i favorably. our goal is to win the nomination outright. >> that is the impoel goal of a candidates in the case. we heard cruz make a direct plea to trump supporters this morning in speaking to the press in an effort to do just that. big votes tomorrow. victoria, we'll be watching it with you. thank you for joining me. >> thank you, kate. >> thank you. any minute we should point out marco rubio will be holding his first rally since unleashing a new round of attacks against trump last night on the debate stage. can marco rubio build the momentum that he needs to take home a much-needed and maybe even a much required win in his home state of florida? we're going to talk live next with the top rubio supporter. bleeding gums?
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marco rubio live right now in kansas. his first of three campaign events in that state today. we heard from donald trump just a short time ago picking up right where he left off and hitting rubio at every turn as they all very quickly turn their focus to the next round of crucial votes. listen. >> do you know in that in florida they hate little marco rubio so much. it's true. because of the fact that he never votes. he never shows up to vote. so when you think -- i mean, i'll use a word that he uses. he has conned the people of
8:41 am
florida into voting for him, and i'll tell you what. they are angry, because he never shows. he has the worst voting record in all of florida. he has the worst voting record in the united states senate and one of the worst voting records in the history of the united states senate. i don't think he's going to do too well. they are angry at him. he couldn't with elected dogcatcher. >> joining me, mike pompeo of kansas. >> it's great to be with you. >> marco rubio really rearranged his schedule to spend this last day before super saturday in kansas. there's not a lot of reliable polling on the state of play in that state. what are you hearing on the ground? how does it look for you guys? >> well, all the evidence on the ground is things are going great here for the rubio campaign.
8:42 am
he's near topeka. he'll be near wichita this afternoon, and then tonight at another rally. we've had people reach out to us to get out to caucus for rubio tomorrow. we think we're going to have a good day tomorrow. the people of kansas understand that keeping the united states matters, and rubio is the only one prepared to be president on day one. >> let's talk about the state of the race in general and really what happened last night. this was the most memorable moment. i will say honestly, unfortunately of the debate, and a low moment in the campaign in general, when the issue of hands came up once again. listen. >> he's really not that much of a lightweight. and as far as -- and i have to say this. i have to say this. he hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands.
8:43 am
i've never heard of this one. look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee. >> congressman, the only reason that donald trump is talking about his hands and whatever else is because marco rubio started this. was this a mistake? did marco rubio go too far on that one? >> well, senator rubio took it for a long time, and this has been a hard-hitting campaign. i expect it will be that way for the weeks ahead as well. with senator rubio, he's focussed on the differences between he and donald trump on important policy issues that face our nation. mr. trump is still talking about the great things being done at planned parenthood. he says he won't take sides between israel and palestine. people will remember those things and i'm hopeful if policy
8:44 am
differences and donald trump's inability to give any detail around anything he suggests will come back to be in the voter's minds tomorrow morning. if they are, i think rubio will have a great day in kansas. >> congressman, so you're comfortable with the line of attack that rubio started with the hands and what that subt suggests? >> it's been a very difficult campaign. senator rubio has done his best to stay on policy and stay focussed on that. as you listen to him travel around kansas, those are the things he'll talk about, the reasons rubio is the right person to take us back toward defeating hillary clinton so we don't have the third term of barack obama in january of 2017. >> congressman, you have endorsed marco rubio. endorsements are something that everyone watches closely. mitt romney, the 2012 republican nominee, he's obviously making his opinions known about the state of the race, but he has not very notably, endorsed anyone. does marco rubio want mitt romney's endorsement? >> senator rubio is looking for
8:45 am
endorsements all across the republican party, folks that will turn out and make the case for why he's the right person to lead us forward. i'm confident he'll accept support from anyone who believes in limited government and a strong national defense. that's who he wants around him. i'm confident we'll see a lot of that tomorrow. >> looking past kansas, to rubio's home state of florida. is a win in florida, is florida must win for rubio? >> he's going to do great in florida. remember, when senator rubio ran the first time in florida, the establishment fought him. he had to bang his way through. like me, he ran as a free market limited government conservative who understood that washington was broken. and the people of florida supported him. the establishment did not. and i think -- >> it is must win? >> it's absolutely very
8:46 am
important that he wins there and all across this country. i'm confident the next few weeks he's going to do that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, kate. have a great day. >> you too. we'll be covering that race tomorrow as the good folks of kansas head into caucus. we have to get to breaking news in connection with oj simpson. the lapd is having a press conference concerning a knife found at o.j. simpson's former estate. much more details about this. it's coming in. we're watching this press conference and what this could meen mean. more after the break. ♪ bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks.
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we are following breaking news out of los angeles this morning. the police department there -- say again in my ear, guys. okay, police there are saying they are testing a knife recovered from o.j. simpson's property. we're looking at this shot right here because the lapd is scheduled to hold a news conference any minute now. while we keep a close eye on that, let me bring in cnn's p l pauler hapaul
8:51 am
er havercammen vercammen. paul, you have covered the long history of o.j. simpson when he was acquitted 20 years ago and his legal battles since then. what are you hearing right now about the knife and if and how at all this could be related to to his history. >> that is the two decades long question because it was two decades ago, of course we had the o.j. simpson saga portrayed throughout the media and throughout the world. the knife apparently, according to reports, came from a now-retired lapd officer. that we're waiting to confirm. in just a short time, we expect that captain nyman of the lapd will talk about how they obtained this knife, where it was, was it always on the property? it's being tied to the o.j. simpson estate, that's the famous manor, if you will, that everybody saw on television when o.j. simpson surrendered himself to the lapd after the low-speed
8:52 am
chase. so details are just trickling out. as of right now, we don't know the size of the knife or if there is any other evidence on the knife. that will all be analyzed and this is a highly anticipated news conference, to say the very least. >> real quick, paul. do we know when this knife was recovered? yes, we're just learning about it now. we'll be hearing from the lapd. they're testing it. do we know when this knife was recovered? >> no idea specifically. but clearly it's been a recent development and that is one of the many questions that will be put forth to captain nyman when he steps up in front of these microphones and, as i said, sounds like it will be more like 9:15 local time to 12:15 eastern. >> paul, do i still have you? >> you have me. >> great, thanks, paul, sorry. what -- go other again what we are now expecting to learn from the lapd.
8:53 am
i know obviously details are just trickling in. often there can be a lot of rumor, especially when it surrounds o.j. simpson and the o.j. simpson trial and what happened since then. are we expecting confirmation or just an update? >> we're expecting to hopefully learn a whole lot more about this knife. what about the size of the knife? was there anything that might have been a trace of blood? can they tell that this early? where exactly was this knife apparently found? how long was in the the possession of this retired officer? all of these huge questions that are hanging in the air like the ever-present fog today in a very gray day in los angeles. so, again, just waiting for captain nyman to come out and give us the details on everything pertaining to this knife and o.j. simpson's former property. o.j. simpson, by the way, is in love lock, nevada, in state prison there.
8:54 am
you may recall he, of course, was sent away for a very long time following that bungled raid, for lack of a better term, in a las vegas hotel room when he attempts to get back a whole batch of his memorabilia. and many people had said that they almost felt like the jury had thrown the book at him in that case because they felt that he owed to pay for whatever sins or transgressions or people believe murder here in los angeles. so it would be interesting to hear if he would ever say anything, o.j. himself, about this knife if it's indeed found to be true that it was on his property. what if this is all a hoax, too? we have to be very mindful of that. this could be something c concocted so that would have to be determined as well. >> a very healthy dose of sk skepticism until we hear from the lapd. paul vercammen is there. we'll have much more of this breaking news out of los angeles. the lapd set to have a press
8:55 am
conference at any moment concerning, as paul was laying out there, a knife found at the property of -- the former property of o.j. simpson. no word yet. it is not known when the knife was discovered or if there is any relation to the 1994 deaths of his ex-wife and her friend. a lot of mystery, of course, now surrounding this. we'll follow this very closely. stay with us. we'll be right back. it's not. it's a sign of early gum disease... listerine(r) can help reverse... early gum disease in just two weeks. listerine(r). power to your mouth™! with extraordinary offersmance saon the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. think you know t-mobile's coverage? think again! in the last year we've doubled our lte coverage. our new extended-range lte now reaches twice as far...
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hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we are going to begin with this breaking news. a knife has been recovered from the estate that used to belong to football star o.j. simpson. a spokesperson for the los
8:59 am
angeles police department says it is unclear when this knife was found or even if it is related to the 1994 infamous murders of simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ronald goldman. as you will clearly remember from the months and months of coverage, o.j. simpson was acquitted, a famous acquittal in both of those murders. that happened in 1995. you can see the microphone is being set up, an ad hoc news conference is what we're expecting the lapd to hold at any moment and we're going to bring you those microphones live just as soon as they step to the mike. in the meantime, paul vercammen, who has worked this story as long as any of us who have been in the media for the last two decades has. he joins me live in los angeles on the phone en route to this news conference. this is the kind of headline, paul vercammen, that has media
9:00 am
veterans drop what they're doing and drop their jaw at the same moment. get me up to speed on exactly what we do know about this unbelievable find. >> well, i'm standing right in front of the los angeles police department and captain andy nyman is going to come out in 15 minutes and try to clarify what is going on with these reports that a knife -- unspecified size -- was found at the manor of o.j. simpson's, the well-photographed manor, the one we know, the o.j. simpson estate where he gave himself up after the low-speed chase. as all things o.j. simpson, ashleigh, it could be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism because as you know sometimes there's wild red herrings and all of this. one of the reports is that a retired los angeles police officer turned in this knife. it would have to have been somewhat recently because they wouldn't be having this press confer n


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