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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  March 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> absolutely. never forget that two years ago today. >> richard quest, congratulations on this new book "the vanishing of flight mh370." that's it for me. thanks for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news. cnn learning that some advisers to marco rubio are urging him to drop out of the race before the florida primary. excuse me. bernie sanders drawing fire for dismissing hillary clinton during cnn's debate. sanders fighting back against charges of sexism saying clinton was the rude one. we went out and found voters of donald trump. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. the breaking news at this hour, it's time to go. that's what some rubio advisers
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are telling the candidate tonight saying that rubio needs to drop out of the presidential contest before florida votes next tuesday. tonight, the campaign pushing back, insisting rubio is staying in the race through florida and beyond. this is a new poll tonight shows donald trump leading rubio in his home state by eight points. >> i'm going to be on the ballot. we're going to win florida. this is going to be a very long process. >> rubio's two main rivals are turning up the heat already calling it a two-man race. >> i think marco rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally i'd call for him to drop out of the race. i think it's time now that he drop out of the race. i would love to take on ted one on one. >> we started with 17 candidates. as the field narrows more and more and more, we're getting closer to a two-man race. >> all this could well be decided by the voters in just a
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few hours. gop voters heading to the polls in michigan, mississippi, idaho, and hawaii with 150 delegates up for grabs. i want to begin with the breaking news about rubio's advisers. what's going on? >> reporter: let me preface this by saying marco rubio himself is very bullish about his chances of winning in florida. you just heard him say that, and he and his campaign have said he's staying in through the florida primary no matter what. that said, we were told that there's been a serious internal debate by a very knowledgeable source, and that debate is about whether or not he should drop out before florida. that source told us that top advisers have told rubio they do not see a path before the nomination and they're advising
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him to get out of florida because they want to see him ett killed in his home state. now, for the record, the communications director for the rubio campaign came on our air last hour. he was very upset about this report. he said it was not true, that there is no dissent within the campaign. once again, repeated that rubio was staying in, but we double checked with our source who confirmed that our story was 100% correct. so the rubio campaign may not be happy that the story is out there when they're fighting for their life and trailing in the polls. they don't want people to know there's disacceptabilisent in t, but the reality is there has been a serious debate about
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whether he should drop out before the florida primary and also because they're very concerned that tomorrow he's not going to do very well in any of those states. erin? >> i know that's going to be a crucial question, right? he's got to get more wins or else this talk is going to get louder and louder. there's been a lot of speculation about jeb bush, whether he's going to jump in and endorse marco rubio. they had an historic relationship, mentor, mentee. you have some news about that as well. >> reporter: jeb has been sitting out very quietly. i'm told as of now he has not made a decision, but a source very knowledgeable about the rubio campaign told us that rubio and bush have had three conversations. in the first one, rubio did not ask for jeb's backing, but in the last two rubio raised it and that he walked away feeling that jeb was, quote, vague about his
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interest and that he did not think jeb was going to endorse. so the rubio campaign is moving ahead thinking they're not getting that endorsement. obviously, things could change, but my understanding is tonight jeb has not made a decision. >> all right. thank you very much with that significant breaking news tonight. i want to go out to the republican senator from idaho, james risch. you heard jamie's reporting that there's been conversations within the rubio campaign about whether he should drop out before the florida primary. what do you think? >> erin, this really isn't fair. with all due respect to you and jamie and cnn, which i respect tremendously, this is not fair. i was with the campaign this weekend. yesterday i traveled with the campaign. we did a number of events with the senator. in addition to that, i am, as
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you know, a senior surrogate for the campaign. >> right. >> i sat at the table with advisers, including the senior advisers to the campaign. i can tell you there was not even a hint that that was the issue. indeed we had deep and lengthy discussions about florida, the strategy there, how they're going forward in florida, and the good things that are happening in florida, which you didn't mention and that is that he's closed a 20-point gap down to eight in a very short period of time. he's going to win florida and he's going to be in it. to repeat a rumor like this without having foundation and naming the person who is supposed to be putting this out really just isn't fair because these rumors get started and people repeat them. >> i stand by cnn's reporting. this has been vetted through our political desk. >> of course, you do. >> let me ask you because you
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raise a narrowing of the gap in florida. that is one way to put it. there's one poll that had donald trump ahead by, what, 16 or 18 points. a monmouth poll 18 points. two different polls. you want to call that narrowing, certainly go ahead and do so. there's question as to why marco rubio is not polling ahead in florida. why isn't he? >> he is actually. you're comparing those polls, two ones, that had him 20 or points behind less than a week ago. we saw what happened in virginia. it was the exact same way. he closed that gap. if kasich hadn't been in the race, he would have won in virginia. i understand that you stand by your reporting. i was there. i was sitting at the table. we had lengthy discussions at the various states and how we were going to go forward and what was happening in florida. not one person made a hint that this wasn't going to happen. there is no reluctance. this isn't going on. i don't know who your source is,
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but i can tell you they weren't sitting at that table or they're not telling you the truth. >> let me ask you about his chances in florida. you talk about that he's gained, but he's still not ahead in the polls. today a major florida paper, "the sun sentinel," they were predisposed to like him. their reasoning on rubio was, remember he has almost no experience and has done little by run for office. he holds the worst attendance record in the u.s. senate. senator, as a fellow senator how do you respond to that? that's a pretty damning summary. >> i've spent hundreds of hours with marco rubio over the years over national security issues. whoever wrote that and says he doesn't know what he's doing does not know what they're talking about.
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he and i have gone head to head over and over again with the administration on their foreign policy and the intelligence initiatives. this guy is ready to be president not on the first day, but on today. >> thank you very much, senator. i appreciate it. >> appreciate it. >> i thank you. outfront tonight, ted cruz's campaign chairman in new jersey, a donald trump supporter and a former navy s.e.a.l., and the editor of "the daily beast." this is heated on both sides now of what's happening with marco rubio, but the bottom line is there is a lot of pressure on marco rubio. he has been steadfast in his determination that he'll win florida. >> i was with a very senior rubio adviser today. he was awfully busy making plans, conference calls. i've been around campaigns that have crashed and have stayed in.
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>> you didn't get that feeling? >> no. he's getting phone calls from people. donors especially, who got frantic. at this point i think marco rubio is going to play out the hand he's got. he made up 10, 15 minutes. eight points with eight days left. what happened with louisiana? rubio could have a tough night tomorrow. maybe he'll rethink on thursday before or after the debate. my sense this is a campaign that's fighting hard in florida. >> it is do or die. there's no question about that, john. they're different polls. we don't compare one polling company to another polling company. it's not the right way to do, but there has been a steady move to a narrowing gap for marco rubio in florida, but he's not ahead.
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>> that is significant. he does seem to have momentum and that's a big deal. this is do or die. if this is about stopping donald trump, the best way to do it to have the home state governor and senators win. there are discussions in campaigns and gaming things out that are political. there are serious high level discussions. while i'm sure jamie sourced this well, the idea this is a strategic conversation about pulling the plug, that might be different from the fact it's been talked about. next, ted cruz is putting the pressure on donald trump. bernie sanders being criticized for being rude to hillary clinton. sanders firing back saying she
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tonight, a major endorsement for ted cruz. the governor of mississippi
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officially backing cruz for the gop nomination just hours before the voters head to the polls in his state. a major surprise in michigan, the most delegate-rich state voting tomorrow. there's a new poll and donald trump is ahead, but john kasich is surging. tom foreman is outfront. is there time for someone to stop trump? >> yeah, that's the only question right now. take a look at the map. all the states that have voted so far and look at the delegates that have been won by the four remaining republican candidates there. you can see trump is out front. cruz has surged with some wins lately. this is the number any one candidate has to get to to seize the nomination. 1,237. with cruz surging, why on earth would trump be looking down here at rubio? why would he be talking so much about rubio right now? because next week this enters the winner take all phase of this election.
4:17 pm
meaning whoever wins a state gets all of the delegates and florida is coming online. florida is rubio's home state. 99 winner take all delegates. he's advertising more, spending more than trump in that state, and he's still within striking range in the polls. if he were to win all 99 of those, even though it would not put him in the lead, even close to it, it would help deny trump the surge he needs to win. >> the possibility keeps coming up of a convention, a contested convention, where trump may not get the nomination. what else caused a contested convention? >> obviously, if ted cruz keeps pecking away at trump, that can hurt his chances. again, trump may be looking further down the line here at john kasich who has 37 delegates. why on earth would he care about that? the same day florida comes
4:18 pm
online, ohio comes online. kasich is the governor. he's polling relatively well there. 66 winner take all delegates. remember this number above all else. right now remember this number, 848. donald trump needs 848 delegates to clinch the nomination and avoid that contested convention. if kasich, rubio, and cruz collectively can get that many, then you go to a contested convention. if not, then you'll hear a lot more of a drum beat for a lot of people to get out of this race. next week we will get a lot closer to knowing whether or not this is trump's game or whether or not it will keep playing on. >> it's going to be crucial. of course, you got those states next week. back with me now, cruz's campaign chairman, donald trump supporter, and the editor and chief of "the daily beast."
4:19 pm
donald trump and ted cruz have been calling for a two-man race. is it a two-man race at this point? it doesn't seem like it when he lays out the math like this. >> i think john kasich will do well in michigan tomorrow, which is proportional. that will help him in ohio. he may do well in illinois. >> michigan and ohio are always at odds sportswise. >> you're probably right. i think kasich could get votes. cruz could do well tomorrow in mississippi and idaho. trump has plateaued. he's losing the same day vote in states that he got a lot of early votes. on the other hand, trump is the frontrunner. he's getting 44% of the delegates. that's close to 50.
4:20 pm
the game is still on. >> let's talk about michigan, right? i know you see this very differently. michigan polls, donald trump is ahead. that's good for you. but when you look at people polled on thursday and friday of last week in the monmouth poll, it was a huge margin. 39% for trump. 22% cruz. saturday and sunday they polled and donald trump dropped to 32%. now ted cruz sort of stayed where he was, but john kasich surged. it seems as if donald trump cannot count on anything right now. >> but he has significant momentum. he's way up ahead. if he slips a little more, he's still in the win. >> ted cruz on super tuesday took texas, oklahoma, and alaska. had a terrific debate performance. goes to cpac. trump runs away from cpac.
4:21 pm
trump goes into may wheine wher is supposed to win. if you look at louisiana, ted cruz beat donald trump on election day in louisiana. yesterday we all thought donald trump was going to win the hispanic vote big time. he got crushed in puerto rico. this guy has been losing and losing and losing. obviously, donald trump is tired of winning. >> that was a diatribe well delivered. >> he's channelling trump a little. >> my contract negotiations next time. >> all spin aside, donald trump has been winning open primaries and ted cruz has been winning closed caucuses. that's a big difference. >> open primaries meaning independents can come in and vote. >> exactly. that accounts for some of the blue collar working class
4:22 pm
democrats that are crossing over in states that don't have voter registration. you have to find out can cruz win an open primary. >> let me put that question to you. can he win an open primary? >> look at louisiana. louisiana is a primary and he won. we won on election day. here's the story, guys. kentucky. we didn't spend a penny in kentucky. we came one delegate behind trump without doing anything. trump losing all his momentum. >> let's look at this real quick. the fact of the matter is trump's ability to turn out previous non-voters is unprecedented right now. a lot of these polls are based on people who have voted in the past. that's how they target them is they call up and find the data of who has voted in the past. a lot of trump's voters have never voted before. >> in maine and kansas, people came to stomp out donald trump.
4:23 pm
>> trump has won more states than anyone else and he's ahead in delegates. seems like the debate hurt him on thursday night. i think it did. it could get worse. he could have a comeback. he's a very able candidate. not my favorite, but he's able. ted cruz is very able. rubio could do well in florida. kasich is attractive to moderate republicans. >> we'll see if that does pan out. it's a fascinating thing to watch. >> as the debate gets smaller and there's less people on debate and trump has to talk more, ted cruz is going to deliver sound substantial policy issues and trump is going to stand there saying we're going to build a wall and be great again. he can only say we're going to build a wall so many times before they tune him out. >> that is true, but the fact of the matter is he is still
4:24 pm
winning. >> it's an illusion. >> let's get back here tomorrow night. >> thanks very much to all four of you. i appreciate it. don't miss the next republican debate. you can see how important and m momentous they can be. outfront, trump loyalists will who stand by their man no matter what. bernie sanders accused of being sexist by some clinton supporters. he's fighting back tonight. >> if you're talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. [ coughing ]
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tonight, bernie sanders pushing back against claims he was disrespectful to hillary clinton at last night's cnn debate. >> when i was speaking, she interrupted me. i did not interrupt her. despite the fact that she spoke longer -- red lights went on. she kept talking. in the middle of a debate if
4:29 pm
somebody is trying to make a point and someone interrupts you, that's rude. >> it was clearly evident last night this is a crucial contest. you could tell by the way sanders and clinton clashed. >> can i finish? you'll have your turn. essentially, your position is there should not be any guns in america, period. >> this is the nra position. >> can i finish, please? >> jeff zeleny is outfront. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a fight on a new issue. >> i voted for the bailout. he voted against it. he helped some groups like the banks. sometimes you don't get perfect choices in life or politics. >> reporter: the rescue of the auto industry is front and center in the democratic primary fight. sanders says clinton is
4:30 pm
mischaracterizing his position. >> there was one vote in the united states senate on whether or not to support the auto bailout and protect jobs in michigan and around this country. i voted for the auto bailout. >> reporter: but sanders voted against a broader bill to bailout banks, a point clinton seized on sunday night on cnn's presidential debate and today in a new radio ad. >> michigan's economy teetering. america's auto companies asked for help. >> reporter: it's the latest sign the clinton campaign doesn't think the race is over. tonight a new poll showed clinton up by 13 points here, yet michigan democrats say the race feels far tighter. on the debate stage in flint, a civil conversation about the city's poisoned water crisis -- >> it is raining lead in flint. >> what i heard and what i saw literally shattered me. >> reporter: suddenly gave way
4:31 pm
to a clash. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> reporter: over wall street, trade, and guns. >> that is like the nra position. >> can i finish, please? >> senator sanders was spot on in gun manufacturer liability. >> it means you're throwing out the entire gun industry. if that is secretary clinton's position, let her state it. >> reporter: some democrats worry the rancor could divide the party. >> if i am the nominee, i'm going to want bernie's help and bernie's supporters' help. >> she's going to want their help and she's also going to need their help. to complicate it even more, all of bernie sanders' supporters are not democrats. he's a self-avowed socialist.
4:32 pm
that is what's different from eight years ago when barack obama and hillary clinton finally healed those wounds, but that took sometime as well. hillary clinton said she would work with his supporters just like she did with obama's supporters. >> thank you very much. outfront now, bernie sanders supporter and a hillary clinton supporter and campaign director for the center for american progress action fund. emily, you heard sanders say it was clinton who was being rude. last night we were here during the debate. twitter erupted with claims he was being sexist when he was saying excuse me, excuse me, let me talk. he says it's her being rude. what's your response? >> i watched the whole debate. i saw that moment. it didn't really stand out to me because i actually thought his tone during the entire debate was quite condescending towards her. he had his hands up.
4:33 pm
he kept trying to interrupt. it felt like he was real trying to get in there. he brought in a whole new aggressive tone. he saw it worked for trump. i don't know if it moves his supporters one way or the other. if you're already there, you probably like it. i think it hurts him with people who are undecided if they feel he is too aggressive. >> condescending? >> no. first of all, emily and i both use our hands because we're new yorkers. he emotes with his hands. we talk that way. he was very passionate. i didn't see anything different from the way he always explains his positions. one thing i will say compared to the republicans, that was a pretty civil debate. the nonsense that happens on republican debates is kind of mind boggling. there were some points of
4:34 pm
clashi clashi clashing last night, but i think what came out was real differences in opinions. bernie was for the auto bailout. a lot of those thing came out. at the end of the day those things came across to the supporters and potential voters. >> hearing bernie sanders he was saying excuse me. he was very riled up and passionate. the person it reminded me -- i've interviewed donald trump several times. he's done it on the debate stage repeatedly. here's a similarity between bernie sanders and donald trump. >> come on. >> you're the one. you're the one. >> release the tape. >> excuse me. i've given my answer, lying ted. i've given my answer. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> cnn just came out a poll two days ago, a national poll --
4:35 pm
excuse me. >> excuse me. excuse me, jonathan. >> excuse me, erin. by the way, i'm one of those people who interrupts all the time. i'm with secretary clinton in that way. i understand why people interrupt to jump in. what they were debating was not what the republicans were debating. they were debating the size of their genitals, their hands. we were debating last night the question of wall street. >> do you think bernie sanders' tone hurts him? >> i do. >> especially on stage with a woman. she's not out there saying it was sexism , but some of her supporters say it was. >> i think no matter who he was on with it was aggressive. we saw there it very clearly did mirror trump in his tone, which has only helped trump, right? >> uh-huh. >> republican supporters started going more towards other republicans when they took similar tones.
4:36 pm
i can certainly see sanders saying, look, this is working. i need to breakthrough. i feel like through this whole campaign sanders and his supporters, a glimmer of hope is all they're going for. he felt like that could potentially keep him in the game there. >> what about that, jonathan? tomorrow michigan voting. polls are so unreliable at this point on the democratic side. so much at stake in michigan. 148 delegates. more than what was up for grabs over the entire weekend. so what do you say in terms of bernie sanders' chances? >> the people on the ground think it is much, much closer. in the last 48 hours, bernie sanders has said to people -- by the way, i'm a member of the united auto workers. bernie sanders has said hillary clinton supported nafta, bad trade agreements that shifted
4:37 pm
tens of thousands of jobs abroad, i think that message is getting through. if you're a middle class worker and auto worker, you're very concerned about that. i think bernie will do very well because of that. >> i think there's a possibility. i think there's a reason clinton has been leading. i think she'll continue to lead. her margins have been greater in some of the states than people expected. i think sanders message is wall street. it is corporate agreed. that is what every message comes down to. that's not a great message for communities of color because they don't feel like they had power to begin with. they want to know what you're going to do for me, my community, my family. how are you going to keep my water safe? she was coming with serious policy proposals. it was almost wonky at times. >> expanding social security, free health care, tuition-free college, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, those are
4:38 pm
all bernie sanders proposals. many of those things she is just copying. >> copying? okay. >> we will come back for another time. >> erin, i have them all laid out for. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be back on the debate stage no doubt talking about that on wednesday night at 9:00. outfront next, new fears of a major terror attack on planes. our report on donald trump's incredibly loyal army. >> i'm 100% for trump. even if his entire goal and his entire result is the destruction of the current gop establishment, he'll still have my vote. relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete.
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tonight, donald trump's loyal supporters, he says they'd
4:43 pm
stand by him if he shot someone on fifth avenue. is he right? ♪ >> reporter: welcome to the church of trump. >> i love you people. look at you. i love you. >> reporter: and they love him back it seems, unconditionally. >> is there anything donald trump could say that would change your mind about voting for him? >> only if he said i withdraw, which ain't going to happen. you know that. >> reporter: trump brags about their loyalty. >> i have the most loyal people. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> who is going to win north carolina? >> reporter: the latest cnn poll shows 78% of trump's backers will support him. >> i'm 100% for trump. even if his entire goal and his
4:44 pm
entire result is the destruction of the current gop establishment, he'll still have my vote. they don't represent me. >> thank you. >> reporter: mitt romney is only further fueling his fans. the hashtag stop the establishment is a favorite of trump nation. >> the republican establishment got to mitt. they're afraid trump is going to mess up their whole little club up there. that's what we need. we need the club shaken up. >> reporter: trump is shifting positions, reversing his call to kill the families of terrorists and his immigration stance. >> he's a christian conservative. he's a good guy, but ted cruz is completely inflexible. you can't run the country and be inflexible. >> reporter: his controversial statements mocking the women and disabled or discussing the size
4:45 pm
of his manhood are seen by some as the price of admission. >> donald trump is getting attention that way, but he's also telling the truth. >> reporter: so a lot of the trump supporters we talked to couldn't think of anything that would cause him to lose their support. >> joining me now my guests. bill, you're with me. you just heard donald trump supporters. >> he has a very strong core support. just how big is it? how many people who are not solid supporters can he win over? he had a huge run up to about
4:46 pm
35%. that seems pretty solid. 35 is 35. it's not 50. there are people waivvering the. mitt romney's statement, questions that are being raised about trump and his business career, can make a difference. he has very solid support, but he doesn't have very solid majority support. >> what do you say to that? bill raises a fair point. the loyalty is perhaps unlike anything ever seen before, but it has a ceiling. >> well, we'll see if it has a ceiling. erin, i have to tell you this and i hate to do this to my friend bill crystal, whom i'm genuinely like. >> whenever people say that -- >> that's right. that's right. i'm looking at a story that was posted at 7:22 on "huffington post" politics. tech ceos and top republicans
4:47 pm
plot to stop trump. when you scroll down, there's a tweet which reeds from bill crystal, heading to aei world forum. lots of interesting guests. it's off the record. consider my tweets from there off the record. if you want to know how to expand trump's base, thank you, bill. >> this was a conference, a think tank. a lot of people were talking about donald trump in the halls. we're all about public policy, foreign policy, domestic policy. very interesting conference off the record. i won't say more about it. you have to give donald trump credit. a heck of a lot of scholars and senators and congressmen were there, governors, and backers of aei, donors to political campaigns, democratic and republican. trump was the main topic of conversation. >> are some going to be okay
4:48 pm
with him? there are more and more who are saying okay. >> i think so. the establishment types, a lot of them think they can work with donald trump. ted cruz is the inflexible one. i don't think it's quite fair to say that the establishment is against donald trump. >> how high do you think donald trump can go? can he break that 50% in states which he has not done so far? sure there are other people in the race. there are still three other people running, but he's not gotten above that 50. >> i remember when his ceiling was 20% and then it was 25% and then 30%. of course he can do this. events will play out here. there's no question. i think we're reaching a stage in michigan and florida where we're going to have another twist in the narrative here that's in his favor. one of the things you can never
4:49 pm
see in a presidential race is the invisible factor is momentum. the other night when we were on cnn i was talking to paul. we compared notes. bill clinton lost 16 primaries in 1992. ronald reagan lost six in 1980. they still won because they had momentum. donald trump has momentum. i think he's cruising long here. >> cruising long. we'll see who's cruising long. thanks very much to both of you. they're all facing off tomorrow for those crucial votes. an airport explosion. the bomb was about to be loaded onto a passenger plane. who is behind the failed attack? for a limited time, you can get a
4:50 pm
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new tonight, terrorists may have just tried to take down a passenger jet using a sophisticated bomb. a device actually located inside a laptop exploding at an airport today. just as american troops launched one of the largest air strikes against terrorists to date. jim sciutto is "outfront." >> reporter: it was one of the deadliest u.s. air strikes in years. drones and manned aircraft striking the al shabab training
4:54 pm
camp in somalia killing what the military says were some 150 suspected al shabab fighters. u.s. intelligence says the pentagon indicated the group was in final preparations for a large-scale attack on u.s. and african union forces. the camp had been under surveillance for weeks by u.s. special operations forces. part of a small u.s. military presence in the east african nation. >> the remove alf those terrorist fighters degrades al shabab's ability to meet the group's objectives, including recruiting new members and planning attacks. >> reporter: it's part of a disturbing trend. al shabab ramping up efforts to carry out terror at home and beyond somalia's borders. and al shabab claimed today it's just tried but failed to bring down a passenger plane. a bomb hidden in a laptop and another electronic gadget exploded at an airport in somalia today killing several.
4:55 pm
the blast detonating as security officials inspected luggage before being loaded on a flight. somali police have several suspects in custody. al shabab launched a similar attack just last month. exploding a laptop bomb on this passenger plane departing the somali capital mogadishu. the suspected bomber killed as he was sucked out of the hole in the plane's fuselage. the airliner managed to land safely. the fear that al shabab is gaining technology and know-how previously believed to be the specialty of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap. and its notorious bombmaker. >> it is concerning because it shows this group, including al shabab, are getting more sophisticated in how they are conducting attacks. and they have an eye towards the u.s. >> reporter: this has been a grave concern of u.s. counterterror officials. the sharing of technology among terror groups, particularly the technology of sneaking
4:56 pm
explosives on to aircraft. another thing that al shabab shares with groups such as isis and aqap is a desire to attack beyond their borders, beyond somalia, including into the west. that, of course, a grave concern as well. >> of course, a reminder of what's happening in the world and what's at stake this election. we'll be right back. economy is growing, tate, the with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at [ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms.
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thank you so much for joining us. set your dvr to record "outfront" so you can watch the show any time. ac 360 starts right now. >> thanks for joining us. whether it's the voting tomorrow including the contest in michigan and mississippi or tightening two-way race between ted cruz and donald trump or the fact that michael bloomberg will not make it a three-way race or trying to mend fences with african-americans after last night's debate in flint. we begin with the republicans with trump in mississippi chasing a big victory there and in michigan tomorrow and next week of course florida and ohio. both he and ted cruz trying to squeeze marco rubio out. senator rubio who is campaigning in his home state of florida while still trailing there appears to be closing the gap. sara murray is at the site of the trump event in madison, mississippi. she joins us with more on trump and cruz who is expected to make a late night campaign