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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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comcast business. built for business. . hello, everyone. i'm ash li lleigh banfield. this time voters in four states are helping to shape and maybe narrow the nominating races. while the voters do their thing, the candidates are doing their thing. republican john kasich is about to speak in michigan. the biggest delegate jackpot of the day, on the left side of the screen. ted cruz is in north carolina. that son the right side of the
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screen and we are waiting for him. that candidate is about to speak to the press live. we will listen in on those candidates the moment they appear. ballot cams in the middle of the screen. that is warren, michigan, folks. michigan is key today. in all, 150 republican delegates are up for grabs today. michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. democrats are competing in two states, michigan and mississippi. nationwide, there are some brand new signs, folks, the races are getting tight er. donald trump beats ted cruz by nine points in the new poll out from abc and the "washington post." in january that gap was 16 points. among the democrats, hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by seven points, but again back in january, that was a lot bigger lead. it was 19 points back then. even newer poll, literally released a moment ago from nbc,
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the "wall street journal" has a similar view of the democratic race, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by nine points. in january, she was down by 25. sanders was down by 25 in january. you can see how things have been changing as the campaigns get tighter. polls in michigan suggest that a super tuesday indeed could be ahead for the front runners of both parties. trump and clinton. but the only numbers that matter right now are the vote totals and that means you folks. it also means jean casarez is watching you folks weigh in from warren, michigan. this is the ballot cam in warren, michigan. what does it look like? turnout in the south has been huge. i'm wondering if you are feeling the same thing in michigan state. >> reporter: ashleigh, can you hear me okay? >> can you hear me? >> i can hear you.
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we are in warren, michigan and it has been a steady stream of voters. it is important as you said because it is the midwest. this will give the pulse of what's going to happen possibly in illinois, ohio. because the midwestern voters are showing their opinions today by this voting. i want to tell you, i talked to so many voters. what i am not hearing, i have not heard the name ted cruz come out of the mouth of one voter or marco rubio come out of the name of one voter. i'm hearing donald trump. we are here in the auto industry country. auto industry is miles from us. i'm also hearing john kasich out of ohio. that's a name that people are saying. they are loyal to him because he's midwestern. they like what he has to say. as far as on the democratic side, a life-long republican told me in this open primary because it doesn't matter what party you are, you can vote for the other side. he said he voted for bernie sanders. a life-long republican voting
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for bernie sanders because he believes he has the will of the people. several people voted for hillary clinton. i asked them why. they said because of bill. the thing that amazed me the most, a man said that he voted republican and he's a life long democrat. he voted for donald trump, not because he wants him to win, but because he wants him to win in the short term because he thinks hillary can beat him in the long-term general election. ashleigh. >> amazing we are hearing those stories all the time of people switching parties kblaetly. jean casarez, keep an eye out for us there in warren, michigan. thank you for that. i want to dig in to this michigan race. it is telling about michigan. we have two astute observers. david gergen, cnn political analyst and white house adviser to four presidents. errol lewis, cnn political
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commentator and anchor and the walking wikipedia of politics. first and foremost, i want to talk about how the polls have been changing. nationally, we have seen it shrinking, the donald trump lead nationally has been shrinking from about 16 points in january to 9 points ahead of ted cruz. in florida, we have seen the same shrinking with other polls. i think the shrinking in florida was eight points or so. looks like the national shrinking. there's some talk that donald trump may have peaked. i know it is difficult to two take polls but david gergen, weigh in on this notion. with all of your history and watching waves and peaks and ebbs, do you get the same feeling? >> i do have a feeling the assault on donald trump coming from all sides are taking some of the pain ot off and chipping
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away at it. to me the big e surprise is not just the shrinking but one of the polls that just came out but among independents and republicans leaning independent, over half think that donald trump is dishonest. that is the anchor that hillary clinton has been carrying around a long time. if voters think both are dishonest it will wipe away the advantage that republicans might have had. if they have donald trump, he has to deal with this question now. i think he's likely to get a boost today, both in michigan and in mississippi. some of the doubts may subside for a bit. he's going to be hard to stop. the man to watch is john kasich today. he is surging in michigan. >> we have been talking about michigan and ohio being his savior. >> absolutely. he could be the one person that could stop donald trump at this point. >> i want to talk about something getting a lot of traction, on a lot of newspapers, the morning shows
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this morning and that is imagery from trump rallies, the trend where he's been asking all of his followers to take a pledge, put up their right hand. it depends on the photo you look at. here you can see people taking the pledge but other photos make it look like they are saluting as a hail hitler analogy and it is uncomfortable to a lot of people. he was asked about that by matt lauer on "the today show" this morning. i want to run his sound byte. it is on the phone because he cancelled all of his on-camera appearances. he was heard by a technician saying i don't like the way i look so tell them there is a technical issue and he carried on his interviews by phone. that's why we are hearing it by phone. >> sometimes we will say do the swear in. do the swear in. they are having a great time. massive crowds, by far the biggest crowds and we're having a good time. honestly, until this call i didn't know it was a problem.
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>> errol lewis, until this phone call i didn't know it was a problem. i think he went on to say when pressed by matt lauer whether he will do something about it and would you stop doing this? he said i'll certainly look in to it which we have heard him say a lot of times. there's a problem when it comes to race and he's been hammered hard on race. >> well, sure. look, when it comes to the pledge to go out and vote, this is a practical side to this. where you have early voting states where people can go out from the rally and cast a vote that day, it really helps to cement it. we know this because there's solid research on it that once people say they are going to do something you know, you can sort of nudge them a little bit. it is easier to nudge them to the polls and get the vote in the bank on that day. the imagery looks horrible. understandably, maybe donald trump may want to walk away from that. on the other hand, if it is
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working for him, he is putting votes in the bank on that day. all the negative imagery in the world is not going to be worse than what donald trump has been experiencing. frankly providing. >> david gergen, i want to move on to marco rubio in florida. he has robocalls going out saying floridanss, here's the deal, if you don't like donald trump, the only way to beat him is to vote for me. i can beat him. cruz and kasich can't beat him. on top of that there's calls going out by mitt romney, too. is this strong enough for him? is in the only strategic move that he can make in florida? >> i think he doesn't have a lot of moves left. i don't think this is strong enough. robocalls can help modestly but not going to make a big difference. he has to find some over avenue, some other exciting thing that will get people to vote for him. he is closer. perhaps the polls suggest he is within ten points now.
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but we know there's a lot of resistance. i think the single most important thing he can do is to get the endorsement of jeb bush and the fact that bush held back, despite pressure on him to endorse rubio underscores how deep bitterness is on both sides. >> i'm going to get two of you to stand by if you will. i have so many questions for you. the democratic side of the race and then just digging in to florida, which i want to do as well. standby, gentlemen, if you will. looking ahead to the contest in florida, the gop ad war is on. corrupt marco rubio has spent years -- >> who would he entrust to run the country? >> wow. wow. that is bad, right? guess what, it's even worse. you will see how ugly this is getting after this. eady is exci.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back, everyone. nice to have you on this very super tuesday. we have live pictures for you of the voting underway right now in jackson, mississippi.
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happy to bring you ballot cams from all around the nation. we have four gop states at play today. for the democrats two, mississippi and michigan. for the republicans it is michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii. it is millions of people that are heading to the polls. the sequel to super tuesday gets underway. some gop candidates are looking ahead to next week's pivotal contest in the winner-take-all states, otherwise known as the big kahunas, ohio and florida. cnn's tom foreman breaks down why that is. >> look at all of the states that have voted so far, and look at the delegates that have been collected by the four remaining republican candidate s here. ted cruz has been surging lately. this is the number they all need to get to if they are going to win the nomination, 1237 delegates. anyone of them gets that they are the delegate immediately. why would trump, to any degree,
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look past ted cruz to marco rubio and john kasich? down here with much fewer delegates? because next week the contest goes to the winner-take-all phase. meaning whoever wins a given state gets all of the delegates and florida is coming on-line. and that is rubio's home state. he is outspending trump there right now and polling relatively well. he's behind trump but not way behind. the same day, ohio comes on-line. that's where kasich is the governor. he's polling relatively well and there are 66 winner -take-all delegates. you see what is happening here. if both of these fellas lose they will be pushed hard to get out of the race. if they both win, they put a significant impediment in front of donald trump to get to that big number they need to reach there. look at this 848 is how many delegates he needs to get at this point to clinch the deal.
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if rubio and kasich and cruz collectively get to that number before donald trump, then you are in all likelihood talking about a brokered convention. >> our tom foreman doing the amazing math with the map. map math. while we're on the topic of the winner-take-all contest, florida, the sunshine state is proving to be a key battleground to bring down the front runner donald trump. a couple of super pacs are blanketing the air waves in attack ads in the state of florida. the latest is, well, listen, cove your ears and get the kids out of the room. we have done our best to cover up but it is a highlight reel of trump's most salty language. >> i went to an ivy league school. i'm very highly educated. i know words. i know the best words [ bleep ]. >> he gets the nomination they
9:18 am
are going to sue his [ bleep ]. >> we'll beat the [ bleep ] out of them. they are ripping the [ bleep ] out of the sea. >> bull [ bleep ]. >> i have the best words. you can tell them go [ bleep ] themselves. >> i do declare. in the meantime, mr. trump is in the lead in florida according to this recent monmouth poll. but -- here the big one -- it is just by a narrow margin over senator rubio. this race is tightening there. because of that, trump is taking aim at his next closest rival in florida, marco. i want you to take a look at part of trump's latest attack ad against rubio. >> rubio's ban total no show in the u.s. senate. with the worst voting record of all. marco rubio, another corrupt, all-talk, no-action politician
9:19 am
>> i'm donald trump and i approved this message. >> joining us to talk about the race cnn political analyst david gergen is back and a cnn's political commentator errol lewis. you heard me say, i do declare -- i'm from canada so it is hard to put that. it is hard to hear that. these ads work, don't they? >> yes, they do. that pac ad against donald trump is a tough ad on him. americans don't really like coarse, crude presidents. we know that from the past. i think especially in the wake of nancy reagan's death, and all of the eulogies and memories of nancy and ronald reagan, how carefully he preserved the dignity of the office. it is not what a helpful time for voters to be remembering how
9:20 am
crude trump has been and he needs to tone it down. >> since the attack ads have started, at least in florida, we have some polling from late january, rather late february, 16 points ahead of rubio. that's been squeezed down to eight points. he lost eight points and he's only eight points ahead now. there's some talk that may be it's an all-out assault against donald trump that some say is too late. but then there's the other end of it. there's the attack ad and the kind of endorsements. so far, jeb bush has not endorsed anyone. the orlando sun sentinel said they refuse to endorse any of the republican candidates at this time. at this point does the endorsements matter or will it be an ad war that is hot as blazes. >> some endorsements matter more than others. it really does matter that marco rubio hadn't gotten the endorsement of jeb bush which might really help him at this
9:21 am
point. when you are talking about a matter of mere percentage points, a couple of points wouldn't hurt him at this level. the same is true with the newspaper endorsement. you need somebody to vouch for you, in part because marco rubio is getting beat up, not just by donald trump but ted cruz is running negative ads on him. trump and cruz have the same thing in common, they want to see rubio lose florida and get out of the race so they can settle down to a one-on-one contest that is not good news for rubio because he hasn't consolidated strength in his home base, witness the lack of endorsement from jeb bush and newspapers. he has a problem on his hands. >> along comes news that ted cruz opened up ten offices in florida, a place where he had decided not to open prior to this. at last math, he is 21 points behind donald trump, according to the monmouth poll. this is a winner-take-all state.
9:22 am
why would anyone at this late time decide to make a play for florida when you are that far back. >> anything you do to take away votes from rubio is a good thing for cruz. he wants to lower the numbers to knock him out of the race. there's one other -- mississippi governor did today endorse ted cruz which will help anymore that state. we knew that rudy giuliani has just endorsed donald trump. there are a lot of new yorkers living in florida. maybe that will help him somewhat. there are favorable memories when he ran for president way back when. i want to caution that the monmouth poll is a single poll. have to see a few more to understand how much the race is, the margin has shrunk. some other polls suggest that trump has a comfortable lead. let's wait and see a bit longer how threatened that trump is in florida. we're not certain.
9:23 am
>> you are right. that's the florida story. i can tell you this, the "washington post" abc news poll that just came out, that is a big strength. he was 37 points ahead of cruz. -- sorry, he was at 37 and he has dropped back to 34. cruz has gone up from 15 to 25. so some shrinking there. you are right about the florida. we need more numbers, clearly we need the voter numbers which matter the most. thank you so much. errol, appreciate i want. david, appreciate it. i want to take you now to john case cannic who's live in lansing, mississippi, so we can listen in to what he is saying to his potential voters. >> he had something in a brown paper sack and he was weaving back and forth and finally he looked at me and he went "lookin' good." but any way, listen, this tie has a special, special meaning for me. because we have a little town
9:24 am
down in ohio where one day a foreign company hdl, decided they were leaving. they left thousands and thousands of people unemployed. the workers had done everything the right way, everything. they were productive. they played by the rules. they put in an honest's day's work for an honest day's pay and out of the blue they were told they didn't have a job anymore. in fact it was such they opened food pantries all over the town and it was part of that, one of those television shows, rachael ray came out to help them in the food pantry. the people were really down. but you know what? little by little, little by little, the town is coming back
9:25 am
because the state representatives, the administration has been focusing on that town, down in ohio, and i showed up not long ago with a big announcement of, i don't know, 400, 500 jobs and i wore this tie and i said, you know, i told you during the campaign the sun would come up. and this tie represents the hope that the sun is really coming up in your town. >> john kasich has big hope for michigan. he is holding out a lot of hope he will perform well in michigan and of course in his home state of ohio. could be his last stand if he doesn't perform well in michigan and certainly in ohio. we will get back to politics in just a moment. but first he fought long and hard against this, but a court of appeals says this man, a baltimore police officer named william porter, will indeed have to testify against all five of his fellow officers in the case of the freddie gray death.
9:26 am
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i want to get you to raleigh, north carolina, because donald trump has been saying a lot about ted cruz and ted cruz is now talking to reporters. he is at the calvary baptist church where he is about to hold a big rally, but not before having a full-on press gaggle and responding to some of these things. let's listen to what he has to
9:31 am
say. >> senator mitt romney has said anybody but trump and he's done robocalls for rubio and kasich, but not you. why is that? and are you disappointed? >> i'm encouraged more and more we are seeing republicans uniting behind our campaign. what is becoming apparent out of super tuesday and super saturday is ours is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and that can and will beat donald trump. we have been in conversations with governor romney. he's graciously reached out to our campaign and i've talked to him on the phone and we have been trading e-mails with him and i'm grateful for the support we are receiving all over the country but what i am really grateful is the incredible passion and energy that we are seeing from the grassroots. that's really the basis of our support. it's why we are surging nationwide. it's why we are winning primary after primary after primary because the conservative grass roots are coming together and
9:32 am
unifying. >> donald trump was here yesterday. he said ted cruz likes to wave his bible high and lie to you. do you think he has gone too far by impugning your religion here? >> oh, listen. donald says a different entertaining thing every day. you can usually tell how dismayed he is by his volume, by the level of insults. typically when he attacks someone's faith it is a sign that donald is really worried. i understand. the last election day, super saturday was a very bad day for donald. he came in proudly expecting to sweep all four contests. instead he got clobbered on election day. in kansas he and i campaigned side by side at the same caucus site. we spoke back to back. in kansas he was anticipated to win. polling said he was going to win. not only did we win it we won with nearly 50% of the vote and roughly doubled the vote of donald trump in the state of
9:33 am
kansas. maine like wise. donald trump was convinced he was going to win in maine. one thing he didn't count on is the voter and we won a decisive victory on super saturday and donald and others have been pitching the conservative can't win in new england. maine proved them wrong. louisiana, donald had a decisive lead, was convinced he was unbeatable. we ended up effectively tying him. we split the delegates evenly in louisiana. in fact, on voting day we beat donald trump. the only reason he came out slightly ahead in the total vote is because he had a higher total in the early vote before his numbers started dropping and our numbers started surging. keene venn kentucky, where he maintained a large lead for a long time, he barely edged us out. we ended up taking considerably more delegates on super saturday than he did. of course, donald is upset and i will predict he will engage in more attacks. they will be more personal and
9:34 am
nasty and we will don't not to respond in kind but focus on issues, substance and policy because that's what voters expect in the end. >> some foreign diplomates raising alarm bells about donald trump. could you respond to those foreign diplomates and who would be your top foreign policy adviser? >> well, listen, on the question of foreign policy, i think we have seen, throughout the course of the campaign, a demonstration of the relative level of experience of each of the candidates. one of the reasons why we are seeing so much sport coalescing behind our campaign is because people are looking for a commander in chief who understands our enemies, understands the nature of our enemies, understands our friends. you know, donald trump's foreign policy and experience is
9:35 am
demonstrated by his statement two debates ago that he intends to be neutral between israel and the palestinians. nobody who understands foreign affairs would say that nlts perhaps you were a liberal democrat. the reason is, israel and the palestinians are not on equal footing. israel is a long-standing ally. israel is our strongest ally in the middle east. israel shares our values. it is a liberal democracy. israel is a tremendous military ally. israel's intelligence and military benefits the united states enormously in the middle east. on the other hand, the palestinians, the pa formed a unity government with hamas a terrorist organization, that celebrates the murder of women and children, that celebrates terrorist acts. so for anyone to say, as donald trump did, that he would be neutral between terrorists and our strongest military ally in the middle east demonstrates he does not understand foreign
9:36 am
policy or national security. that like wise was evident at a previous debate when he was asked about the nuclear triad. which leg of the nuclear dry tr was in need of rebuilding. it is how we defend ourselves, our nuclear deterrent system. it consists of three legs. all three need rebuilding. by the way, the right answer to that question should have been the submarines because the hardest leg to take out, the most important for deterrents, but donald it became evidence when asked that question had no idea what the nuclear triad was. when pressed which of the three legs, he said, well, the nuclear part. that does not suggest an individual with the experience, with the knowledge to be commander in chief. i would note when it comes to foreign policy.
9:37 am
>> a huge shot at donald trump in raleigh, north carolina, ahead of his rally there. ted cruz with the korchous conservative banner behind him doing his level best to set the stage in that state which doesn't vote until march 15th. but today, again, it's super tuesday, just not in north carolina. for the republicans they are looking at mississippi, michigan, idaho and hawaii. for complete coverage for all of the political races, our of our ballot cams, stick with cnn. we will have full coverage of the four contests for the republicans and two for the dems in michigan and mississippi. tomorrow night we will simulcast the democratic presidential debate hosted by univision and the "washington post" and it will be live starting at 9:00. on thursday, it's time for the gop again. cnn holding another presidential debate in hot miami, florida. you thought you had seen hot air, wait until they get to
9:38 am
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you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. breaking news to report to you in the freddie gray case. the maryland court of appeals ruling that officer william porter can be forced to testify against five fellow police officers who were also charged in the freddie gray case. you will remember that porter's december trial ended with a hung jury. so he needs to be retried. but then those five others do,
9:43 am
too. i want to discuss this major development. first to you, miguel. help me get my head around the scheduling this will create. the scheduling is the least of porter's worries. >> it's the least of his worries. he could testify against five other police officers, certainly in two cases. there were two separate rulings from the court of appeals. in one of them, the one dealing with officer goodson and alicia white. >> he worked with them. >> he worked with them on the day that freddie gray was arrested. he had interactions with them on that specific day and that is where it could be most damaging. with regard to to the other officers he could testify in those cases. it clearly strengthens the prosecution hand in getting him to testify and possibly against other officers. >> how they will retry him, the front of the line so he gets the
9:44 am
first crack at the case. >> that's the question. very soon the court in baltimore will have to revisit that and have a schedule. >> this is where i have the issue, joey jackson, there's a little thing called your fifth amendment right against self incrimination. that little tiny thing that is constitutional and if he testified five times in other cases before he's tried how can he be protected in his own trial? >> break that down. think of the implication of this. this is a court ordering a defendant, who has a pending case, who's going to be retried to testify. so his attorneys are arguing it implicates the right you talked about against self incrimination. what's the -- here's their thinking, if you are offered immunity to the extent that anything you say cannot be used against you, it does not implicate your right against self incrimination.
9:45 am
we can argue that point. and here's what the argument would be think of how it would impair his right to a free trial. these trials are public and you mentioned testifying five times. if he testifies against white who was the supervisor, if he testifies against goodson, the driver, what does that do to public perception? what does that do to a jury pool that would evaluate him. you can argue he testified at his trial already and gave statements already but still to the extent he will be viewed, potentially viewed by a jury in a different way implicates his right to a fair trial. i think it is a problematic ruling but a ruling by the highest court in maryland. >> i'm very uncomfortable. it is televised. it could be televised. i hope they least consider putting him and retrying him first. >> that maybe what happens. >> they have discretion not go
9:46 am
forward with him either. that will be up to the prosecution. >> a lot more reporting we have to get on. thank you so both of you. and then this other case that is hanging out there as well. hulk hogan, perhaps the biggest wrestling star in wwe history and now in the courtroom and on the stand for a second day in a sex tape trial. he's suing the website gawker and just like in the ring he's promising to slam his competitor. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. only glucerna has carbsteady, diabetes, steady is exciting. clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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9:51 am
character in those interviews. what he called protection mode. >> the person sitting here under oath and i don't lie under oath. the character, we can talk about like i said, i body slammed elephants, you know, i have surfed on tiger sharks and those are all lies. i pulled bumpers off of cadillacs. that's all lies. that is hulk hogan character driven. to answer your question, i was there and i didn't want to talk about my experience on the radio. there were stills out there. the media was attacking us and i was using your show to try to stop things from going forward. >> in protection mode, right? >> yes, sir. >> i take it, you can do whatever is necessary to protect yourself, right?
9:52 am
>> well, yeah, especially when someone is trying to talk about your personal privacy, an invasion of your privacy. >> speaking this third person. this is critical to the case. the man versus the character. can you separate them in a court of law? i want you to know his attorney david houston has just sent cnn this statement after today's appearance on the stand. here's how it reads. terry -- hulk hogan has claerly set forth that gawker has violated his rights. after cross-examination it is clear though he is a celebrity playing certain roles he is deserving of privacy in his personal life. it would seem that gawker is suggesting if a celebrity plays a sexual role in a movie it would be appropriate to post a sexual video of that celebrity taken in their private life. being a celebrity in no way,
9:53 am
shape or form, gives the right to a loss of personal privacy. this is in from david houston who is representing terry bollea in court. i want to talk about this statement and the veracity of it. >> i'm going to talk to you in a moment. i get it. it sounds interesting. when we go off the air and do radio interviews or reality tv shows, ostensibly we are still in character but also our personal side. otherwise they wouldn't book us. they wouldn't book us to just get what they get on our shows. they book us to get something more. how can he argue he isn't also terry bollea when he take talks
9:54 am
to howard stern. >> as hulk walks an on the street he looks like hulk hogan, he appears to be hulk hogan. this is not a mask he puts on. he keeps the handlebar mustaches. that is his character. fwhu is a clever strategy for humanizing terry bollea to the jury and saying all of the stuff that is my character, whatever it is, is to be over here. private terry bollea never intended for this to get out and your analogy of news anchors or other people is not the same as a professional wrestler. there's nothing like professional wrestling where you are expected to inhabit -- but you never have something exactly like professional wrestling where it limits the characters in one sense but otherwise have these private names and expect to live by it. >> if that is the case, with your media eye i'm sure you
9:55 am
notice, can we run pictures from the courtroom where terry bollea was on the stand. he was asserting his right to be a private person but look at what he is wearing. he's wearing his hulk hogan head scarf. first of all, i can't understand why a judge would allow a non-religious head scarf in the courtroom. you have to take your hat off. but that is isn't he wanted to fight. but why would he dress the part of hulk hogan on the stand. >> he looks like hulk hogan being examined and testifying. after the word of the sex tape leaked in 2012, tmz wrote about it, he seemed to joke about the tape at various points. this morning, he is saying that is me in character, it is different when the tape is shown on the web. only a few seconds of the sex act were shown on the web. walker says it was showing restraint, just a small portion in order to report this.
9:56 am
gawker will say it is newsworthy. hogan will say he has a right to privacy. tough argument. >> i want to go back to the issue of the character. when he's on the radio talking about his sex life he was making references to his best friend's wife, with whom he was caught in this sex act. >> oh, yeah. >> wednesday angelina jolie is performing a sex scene in a movie. she's not performing as angelina jolie and sure as heck isn't talking about it as rel. he was referring to it as real. does that not cross the rubicon. >> you can talk about angelina jolie or any celebrity and it belies his own argument when he says i'm terry bollea and he sits on the stand and looks like hulk hogan, with bandanna, necklace, the entire look. i think this is an interesting case. it is a first amendment type case. the job of professional wrestler
9:57 am
is unlike any other job. >> it is indeed. i have to leave it there. there is more to come in this one. >> there will be. >> thank you. thank you everyone for watching. wolf starts after this quick break. t go on in our kitchens and living rooms and things like that. i've had to learn to accept certain things like the fact that my toe nails and finger nails are going to be painted constantly. but it's really awesome to watch them at their own things. they're great kids... all of them. whatever home means to you, we'll help you find it. zillow. perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect!
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