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tv   Wolf  CNN  March 9, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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given how much knowledge and personal trust she placed in you. we are going to continue to watch these pictures as you watch the hearse containing nancy reagan body on the motorcade heading from the funeral home to the reagan library. that's all for me. wolf is going to take over the coverage now. it is 10:00 a.m. in simi valley, california, 1:00 at the university of miami. 2:30 in pyongyang, north korea. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. ♪ we're keeping an eye on california at this hour. take a look at this, live pictures from santa monica where a private prayer service for the
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family of nancy reagan just wrapped up. the casket is about to begin the journey to her final resting place of the reagan presidential library in simi valley. there mrs. reagan will lie in repose for a public viewing this evening and tomorrow. we will check in throughout the hour as this procession makes the final journey. our other big story, the race for the white house, presidential politics in the united states. donald trump defies the republican establishment once again. bernie sanders scores an upset win against hillary clinton. all of this has as the candidates look ahead to crucial primaries next tuesday. in yesterday's critically important contest, donald trump took three of four states. he won michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won idaho. on the democratic side, bernie
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sanders stunned hillary clinton by winning michigan, while clinton took mississippi. despite losing michigan, hillary clinton picked up more delegates than bernie sanders did. she now has 1238 delegates. that includes 472 super delegates. sanders has 572 delegates, that includes 23 super delegates. among the republicans, trump leads with 461 pledged delegates. he has added ted cruz by 100 delegates. the next big date, next tuesday, march 15th, both parties hold primaries in key states, including florida, illinois, missouri. republican presidential candidate donald trump widened his lead in this race. his rival ted cruz is trying to close the gap. he is closing it a little bit.
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cruz picked up a surprise endorsement this morning from one of his former republican rivals. >> i'm very pleased to introduce to you somebody who you know very well. miss carly fiorina. >> when the establishment says that ted cruz is too conservative, too much of a fighter. he won't get along. i say you go, ted. it is an important thing. it sends a signal despite disagreeing with this person i want them to be president. i think they are the best man for the job. that said, it doesn't broaden the cruz constituency. that's what cruz needs to do. he needs to make plays for the
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west coast of california. i'm not sure this endorsement does that. >> i want you to listen to something donald trump, the man you want to be the next president of the united states said here this morning. >> i am a uniter, but i have to finish off the project. we should be talking and unifying because i will tell you what, with all of the good people that have come to the republican party and have come to vote, during all of these -- during this last session, it's been incredible. during the primaries, with all of these people that have come in, we have something that is special. we have something that the democrat can't beat us. >> how does he become a you kun. we are talking about republicans who don't want him to be the nominee. >> he has to reach out to the establishment on the other side at some point. it is very important he has to
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unify the coalition. if you don't get behind me hillary clinton is the alternative if he is the nominee. that's a powerful message. i think he has been a you know f -- a unifier. he is uniting ideologies which is a big deal. >> he said he thinks tomorrow's cnn debate here on the campus of miami will be a softer debate. do you think it will be? >> i hope so. i think it needs to be. donald trump needs to -- if he attacks ted cruz doing substantively. say this is the guy that shut down washington and hurt government workers badly. he needs to attack that way and make it softer. >> one of the republican candidates goes after him and he's not soft. >> that's the danger. we saw him strike a presidential tone in the first debate and when he was attacked he attacked back at the same level but he needs to go to substantive
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attacks and be softer. >> thank you for joining us. >> anderson cooper will interview donald trump today. you can see that interview tonight 8 p.m. eastern on ac 360 only here on cnn. from carly fiorina's endorsement of ted cruz to bernie sanders win in michigan there have been a lot of surprises over the last 24 hours. my panel is here to discuss what's going on. joining us is a florida political reporter from "politico," our national political report arer and executive editor mark pres on the. thank you for joining us. first of all, with carly fiorina endorsement, is that going to make much difference? >> no. what we are seeing made a difference is donald trump has made a difference. depending on the poll, it shows dump up 16 points others show imhupp a different amount. this is all over rubio. if ted cruz plays hard in florida he will siphon more votes from rubio and deny him a
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long shot at a first and give donald trump florida. donald trump wins florida it's a pretty big for the delegates. >> general endorsements don't seem to have much impact thus far this exciting race. >> they haven't. certainly carly fiorina, we saw what kind of political capital she had from how she ran. but ted cruz has personality issues where people say he is not as likable as other candidates and people i can't work with him. for the candidates who ran against him, it's probably important from his standpoint that people like carly fiorina come out and embrace him and say they would work with him than may help to take the edge off of some of those issues. >> >> donald trump sucks up the oxygen. when it comes to early voters
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carly fiorina doesn't matter one bit. where it might matter is establishment figures coming over to ted cruz's side right now. carly ran a presidential campaign where she pretended to be an outsider. she was an insider and is an insider but a more important endorse happened yesterday, neil bush the brother of george bush and g.w. bush. >> let's talk about florida. you know florida well. likely republican voters in florida next tuesday, trump 40%, rubio 24%, cruz 19%. kasich 5%. looking -- you see the other polls too. even with a bigger advantage in florida for trump. any way that rubio can turn it around? if he doesn't win the state everyone agrees it will certainly be over. >> most think he this is the hill he will die on or keep
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alive longer. depending on the poll. we have a lot of early and absentee ballots. we are looking at 2.3 million republicans voting. how good of a game has rubio had in turning out the voters? we don't know. we know from polls that if people back a love donald trump. there was a chance they voted early and that is bad news for rubio if they did. >> let's talk about bernie sanders for a moment. you have to give him credit. he stunned us all by winning michigan last night. how did he do it? >> it is interesting. something fascinating were the polls. we have some of them. among democratic voters who are worried about the u.s. economy, 56% went for sanders, 41% for clinton. you know, on the trade issues, a huge part of that campaign he really hit a home run on those with voters, 58% of voters said
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international trade takes away u.s. jobs. he connected with the voters worried about the trade agreement. clinton was hitting what hard on the auto bailout. that attack did not work very well. he campaigned hard and surprised us all. >> has he become a bit more successful, shall we say, more competitive in the next two states like ohio or illinois, or maybe even missouri? >> right. what last night's win was for bernie sanders was a momentum win. when you look at the delegates is a momentum win. hillary clinton won more delegates. when you talk about the auto industry, hb hillary clinton went after him hard. there are a lot of parts manufacturers in indiana, ohio and perhaps also in missouri, as well. what it shows to us is her attack didn't stick and people,
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and that people, democrats, real liberal democrats look at him as somebody who's going to fight for them. it is important for him heading in to next week because his whole campaign has been predicated on winning the industrial west midwest and the first was last night. thank you very much. up next, after a tight race in michigan, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face each other in on the's debate in miami. both campaigns are here to give us a preview. also, the public says good-bye to nancy reagan. her casket heading to the reagan library in simi valley, california. you are looking at live pictures. for a limited time, you can get a
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[jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. we are watching the motorcade transporting the casket of nancy reagan as it heads to the presidential library where she will be buried alongside her husband. there was a funeral this
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morning. members of her close family were there a well as first lady michelle obama. you can see the motorcade making its way along the highway. i want to talk to douglas brinkley, presidential historian who's joining us on the phone. the impact of this, just in terms of her as first lady, and watching this sort of presidential race, it is an interesting juxtaposition. >> it is. you know, first off the reagan library where she's going to be buried is almost like a cathedral to republicans. if you want to run for president, you had to go to the reagan library. many of the gop debates have been held there some have used it for talk radio programs. i serves as a monday numb to reagan's conservative philosophy. more than that, it is a presidential library open the public that captures the life and times of reagan and america
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in the '80s when he was president. >> so in reading the obits in terms of the romance she had, watching this motorcade it is almost the ending of an era. everyone evoking ronald reagan as the ultimate conservative. we turn back to wolf blitzer who's at the university of miami. wolf? >> thank you very much, deb. i want to get to presidential politics once again. hillary clinton turning her attention to ohio and the rust belt states after her surprise loss in michigan. bernie sanders defeated her in a nail biter. what went wrong for the clinton campaign? press secretary for hillary for america is with me at the university of miami. campus. what went wrong? >> i think the polls leading up
10:18 am
to the contest yesterday in michigan had it wrong. we knew for the last couple of weeks the contest was going to be tight. i think the sanders campaign treated it as a must-win state and made the investments accordingly and won. we tip our cap to them. it is important to remember that michigan was one of two states that voted yesterday. if you look at mississippi in terms of the margin that hillary clinton won by there, i think when the results are in, in terms of the delegate tally we may clear as many as four times dell gets based on that victory than bernie sanders earns out of the victory in michigan. that is a reminder it is a delegate contest temperature even though we split the states yesterday we move closer to the nomination when you count the delegates. >> the exit polls showed that a lot of michigan democrats think that international trade takes away jobs from u.s. workers. among those 58% voted for bernie sanders and 41% for hillary
10:19 am
clinton. he says americans are losing jobs and she's for free trade. your reaction. >> i think he mischaracterized her record. the truth is she has said we need to renegotiate nafta. she opposed the cafta deal in the senate in 2005. he opposes the tpp deal that has come out. she has a strict oapproach and when they don't help to lift wages for american workers, she opposes them. if you look at the exit polls it suggests those that made up their mind the last couple of days favored hillary clinton. that is in no small part to her debate performance where she had a better argument about solid record on manufacturing. bernie sanders doesn't a similar proposal to get manufacturing jobs going in the united states and when push comes to shove on support manufacturing jobs in
10:20 am
the united states he's opposed to the reauthorization of that. >> they filed a lawsuit seeking access from the state department for all of her records, including all of her e-mail. your reaction to this rnc move? it is a frivolous, nuisance lawsuit intended to throw head winds in to the face of the campaign and the latest attempt to politicize the e-mail issue to get maximum advantage to derail hillary clinton's campaign. it is not going to work wm have seen taxpayer dollars with grassley mounting funds from his committee he chairs rather than focusing on his job, and pak he launched a witch hunt investigation from congress. we are seeing more from the rnc. no surprise but among democratic voters it's not working. >> we feel confident the result
10:21 am
ares next tuesday will further add to our delegate lead. we are competing in all five states. i'm sure that senator sanders campaign will parlay their success in michigan to the other midwestern states the three contests in ohio, illinois and missouri and i'm sure they will focus a lot of investment in those states. we will be competing there, too. even in the rosiest scenario, say they won all three of the midwestern states we will challenge that and we think we are positioned well. if you gave them all three we have the potential to come out on top with delegates based on the margins in states like north carolina and florida. >> thank you very much. >> joining us the bernie sanders campaign. you want to react to what we heard about next tuesday. how is your senator going to do. >> we will do well. compete for delegates in every
10:22 am
state. a lot of delegates up. probably win a state or two if we can. i think we showed yesterday when we compete we can win. i think we have shown that since iowa. >> you were probably stunned that bernie sanders won michigan because clearly he wasn't -- he didn't himself expect it. he would have had a victory speech ready to go if he had a chance. >> i was surprised. not just the public polling showed us behind our own polling showed us behind. but bernie campaigned hard. we were all across the state and that helped him a lot. he had a strong performance in the debate. i think talking about the trade issue that we did through last week gave him an enormous advantage in michigan. >> will he be tougher in the democratic presidential debate against her or will it be this polite, forceful but polite or will we see a new bernie sanders? >> you definitely will not see a new bernie sanders. i have known him 20 years.
10:23 am
bernie will take advantage of an opportunity for people to get to know him. we will be in front of a lot of voters that don't know him. he has a great record. he has a plan on immigration. in the "new york times" which endorsed hillary clinton praised bernie's immigration plan and said that hillary should adopt some of it. we will talk about that tonight. >> we will try hard to wendell gates in those states. she has an advantage in florida. we saw it yesterday in michigan when independents can vote. it was large part of the electorate. that is a great test of general election strength. we saw it in new hampshire where people can come in to the
10:24 am
process and vote independents he does better that. is important for democratic primary voters to consider. >> let me get your reaction to the rnc's decision to file a lawsuit. the state department seeking her documents, e-mails while she was secretary of state. i know your candidate has avoided that issue. your reaction to this rnc move. >> my reaction is what brian said about being frivolous is correct. >> you are with the clinton campaign on that, as well. >> as bernie said in the debate he wants the campaign to focus on the issues that affect the lives of the people in the country. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off tonight in their next debate here in miami. cnn will simulcast the democratic presidential debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, donald trump predicts a nicer, softer tone at tomorrow's republican presidential debate. i will ask the chairman of the republican national committee what he expects to see ahead of
10:25 am
the crucial winner-take-all races of florida and ohio next week. we are watching the live pictures of the motorcade, transporting the body of the former first lady nancy reagan to her husband's presidential library where she will lie in repose. a live report coming up as the tributes pour in. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline,
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welcome back. we're live on the campus of the university of miami where tomorrow night cnn republican presidential primary debate is
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being held. let's take another look at first of all what's going on at the motorcade carrying the former first lady of the united states nancy reagan to her final resting place, the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. a moment ago we saw firefighter and fire truck on the side of the road, lined up paying respects to nancy reagan. mrs. reagan will lie in repose until her funeral and burial on friday. once again, we are here at the university of miami campus. the republican presidential candidates will be here tomorrow night for the republican debate before the florida primary next tuesday. that debate will air tomorrow night here on cnn. it comes as a brand new cnn/orc poll shows marco rubio trailing donald trump by 16 points. joining us senior white house correspondent. carly fiorina endorsed ted cruz today and surprised loot of people.
10:31 am
will it make much of a difference. >> ted cruz won idaho. that is small potatoes, compared to the three donald trump won. how to you change the narrative? you roll out an endorsement. that's what he did with carly fee reen narc the former ceo of hewlett-packard. she tangled with donald trump during the campaign. there is one point where donald trump fired at her appearance. she she fired back. she relished the fact she was siding against donald trump. here's what she had to say. >> last tuesday we had a primary. i walked in to the bam lot box and looked at the ballot and saw my own name on the ballot. it was kind of a thrill. but then i checked the box for ted cruz and i'm here to tell you why. >> now, why does any of this make a difference? i think a lot of this boils down to what is happening here in
10:32 am
florida. this will generate excitement for ted cruz and i asked a senior cruz adviser what's happening in florida? why are you making a serious, hard play for the state? why not concentrate on other states. and this adviser said they have 50-state strategy. at this point they don't see, this is the words of the adviser they do not see rubio has having a viable path to the nomination. so they figure may as well play for every state. >> their assumption is if rubio is to carry his home state he is out and that would be good for the cruz campaign, do whatever you can to weaken rubio. >> that's right. if you look at the latest cnn/orc poll, that is almost identical to the quinnipiac poll, it shows a spread of donald trump way out in front of rubio. i talked to a rubio adviser this morning and said any of this talk that you may drop out before the florida primary is nonsense, won't happen, no way whatsoever. at the same time they acknowledge this is a do-or-die
10:33 am
situation. this is what they staked their campaign on. if they don't win florida all the indications are he is out of the race. >> thank you very much. donald trump wins three states despite a movement to try to keep him from securing the republican presidential nomination. will his victories mean that a contested convention is less likely? reince prebus is joining us live from washington. thank you very much for joining us. let's talk about the debate tomorrow night. what do you anticipate. some would say it was brutal. what do you look folook for tomorrow night? >> obviously i spoke to you last week and over the week about finding ways to reduce the temperature on this debate stage. obviously i have tried in a way to call for a little more cooler debate. i think the folks at cnn are
10:34 am
doing a great job at taking some steps, i think, that will kind of cool the mood, you might say in the debate hall. >> it will be up to the candidates themselves, the four men on the stage. have you spoken with them and urged them to calm things down, if you will? >> yeah. we have spoke en to campaigns and just obviously i think there are some things that can be done that cnn will do, like not miccing the audience. talking to the audience ash participation a little bit. keeping things more cool in the debate hall. you are right. it comes on to the candidates. obviously, it is helpful if we get a look at the big picture, opposed to the petty fighting that goes on. we want that to be a debate that's more of a g-rated debate
10:35 am
this time opposed to some of the things that have been said in the past. >> what do you think of donald trump's latest comments including here on cnn this morning, on cnn's "new day" that he wants to move to a new stage and become more of a uniter, especially now he is the front runner and thinks he will do well next tuesday, as well. what do you think of what he is saying about bringing the party unified behind him? >>. >> it is yet to be behind. it about. as far as our party coming together at the end behind our nominee. that's my pledge to the candidates and our voters and delegates across the country which is, you know, the commitment we've made is whoever gets the majority of delegates is going to get 100% support of our party. there's no way around that. there's not going to be games played. it is going to be straight up
10:36 am
and it has to be that way. people will speak and delegates will vote and eventually we will get a nominee and this party will get behind that nominee. >> the republican national committee filed a lawsuit seeking the release of hillary clinton's e-mails, all of her records basically during her tenure, four years as secretary of state. what are you looking for? >> well, look, we are looking for more specifically the communication of key employees, cheryl mills, here's the issue, we have requested this information months and months ago. you have to wait a certain period of time before you can file a lawsuit on an open records request. these are things that we have been seeking for months and months and months. and the state department has blown us off. they have blown off the ap and other groups that have sought other types of information, as
10:37 am
well. we have to bring the case forward and ask the court for relief. communication about what obviously has been going on in regard to these secret servers. what's going on in regard to benghaz benghazi, in regard to the clinton foundation? nobody knows. there is obviously a lot of apparent wrongdoing going on but if you have a state department, a government entity as big as that that is blowing everybody off and all of their requests, they are under the law they have to comply, well, turnly there's no other thing we can do besides go to federal court. that's what we did today. >> you just heard, i don't know if you were listening, but both the clinton campaign and bernie sanders campaign, they don't agree on a lot now days but they do agree this is politics, political witch hunt on the part of the rnc and they say it is totally inappropriate. your reaction to that?
10:38 am
>> well, look, we seek open records all the time, wolf. it is common to seek information and do research. the truth is, they didn't say that about the associated press, gawker, vice, this is daily caller, this is something that is epidemic at the state department, not just the rnc. it is everywhere. they are not complying with anything. nobody's getting any information whatsoever. so, obviously, the only other thing we can do -- we have a right to this information, is to go to court can. but again, there's other entities out there too going to court and they too have a right to the information. so it's all of the above. everybody isn't getting what they have been asking for. >> we will see you in miami tomorrow. thank you very much for joining us. >> you bet. tomorrow night, trump, cruz,
10:39 am
rubio are and kasich will face off in the final presidential, republican presidential debate before the florida and ohio primaries next tuesday. jake tapper moderates the cnn republican presidential debate tomorrow night 8:30 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. coming up, remembering nancy reagan, the formentor first lady's casket set to arrive at the reagan library any moment now. we saw law enforcement and firefighters saluting the first lady as the hearse drove by. many on the highway overpasses flying american flags. more coverage after a quick break. we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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welcome back. we are following the motorcade in california right now where the hearse carrying the casket of first lady nancy reagan is making its way to the reagan library in simi valley. waiting for the arrival, sara sidner is joining us now. the former first lady will lie in repose there. who's expected to pay their respects today? >> we are expecting the speaker of the house paul ryan to show up. wolf, this is about the public's chance today to pay their respects, final respects to former first lady nancy reagan. we expect her hearse to come in about ten minutes. it will be at the bottom of the hill and it will come up the hill to a imaginestic view here and in to a very, very powerful scene inside of the ronald reagan presidential library. we have been inside to take a look and they are exciting quite a few people. they will be bussing the public up here. we know there are quite a few people expected to be here.
10:45 am
she had a lot of friends in a lot of police including political heavyweight including george w. bush. we are expecting first lady michelle obama to come on friday. we're also expecting hillary clinton, newt gingrich. there are some hollywood celebrities who had close ties with her, including mr. t. i bet you remember, remember when he was dressed in sap tnta claus outfit and she was on his lap. it was her having a good time. there are a lot of people around the community who feel a strong tie to nancy reagan and what she brought to the table as the wife of the president and as you know, wolf, she was so close to her husband. so much love there and she will be buried next to him. >> such a wonderful love story indeed. thank you very much. coming up, an isis operative spills his secrets to the united states. the crucial information he's
10:46 am
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we expect the hearse carrying the casket of the former first lady nancy reagan there you see it, to arrive at the ronald reagan presidential library in seemy valley, california at any moment moment now. mrs. reagan will lie in repose at the library for the next two days before she is laid to rest next to her husband former president ronald reagan on friday. we'll continue to watch the motorcade. in the fight against isis u.s. officials tell cnn a detailed isis operative has been providing details on the group's chemical weapons program. the u.s. is now acting on that information launching air strikes mainly around the city of mosul in iraq. let's get more on this. joining us republican senator ron johnson of wisconsin. joining us from capitol hill. he is the chairman of the homeland security committee. the governmental affairs committee. let's talk about this operation
10:51 am
to take out isis chemical weapons. what can you tell us about this? obviously it's very disturbing. >> wolf, actually, cnn has done a good job reporting on it. this is good news we are taking out chemical weapons. but it also indicates two things. first of all, we have to defeat isis. because when they are not defeated they are left to actually produce chemical weapons and use them in you know, violation of war standards as well as it also shows how important it is to actually capture terrorists. i'm all for killing terrorists but it's better if we can capture them and then question them because we get information that's required, human intelligence to defeat them. unfortunately, president obama wanting to close guantanamo bay, we haven't been capturing, detaining, haven't been questioning to gain that kind of intelligence. it indicates a few things, good news that we were able to obtain the intelligence and destroy the chemical weapons but it
10:52 am
indicates the pressures we are facing by not defeating isis. >> yesterday we learned that a top isis leader known as omar the chechen was killed. the day before 150 terrorists were killed in air strikes. it looks like it's full speed ahead in the air war against isis. i assume you are on board with the president. >> i support that. we should be killing the terrorists wherever they reside. and of course the special operation forces doing the capturing and killing. god bless them for doing. that bottom line, we have to accomplish the goal that president obama laid out 17 or 18 months ago, which is actually defeat isis. because as long as they are not overtly losing they are going to be continued to be perceived as winning. they will inspire, continue to spread, deepen their roots, produce chemical weapons, use chemical weapons.
10:53 am
we have got to defeat them and we have to be more committed to accomplishing that actual goal. >> senator for the second day in a row iran has test fired two ballistic missiles. some are saying this is a violation of the iran nuclear agreement. i know you voted go tense deal, but is it a violation? >> it's certainly a violation of u.n. resolutions to prevent them from doing this. president obama was hoping that the iranian nuclear agreement would modify iran's behavior. he was right. it modified it. but it modified it to the worse. the ayatollahs have become emboldened by our weakness. they are poking a stick in our eye. they are threatening obviously israel. they are threatening the region. they have become more dangerus because they have actually now received about $100 billion of funds into their economy, into their military. i think it was a very unwise agreement and i think it has proven to be exactly that. >> has that $100 billion already been provided to the iranians as
10:54 am
part of the nuclear agreement? or is that money that is let's say hin the pipeline. >> that's what they are claiming. the administration was not exactly forthright in how much -- how many funds would flow into iran how soon. but we knew it was going to be tens, a hundred, a hundred plus, hundreds of billions eventually. iran was saying -- and they are crowing about it, they already basically recovered or had access to about $100 billion. i think that's very foolish. why would you want to inject that amount of capital into the economy and military of a self proclaimed enemy that acknowledged largest state sponsored terror in the world? it's very foolish. >> senator thank you for joining us. obviously a lot of critical issues. we didn't evenv a chance to get to north korea, what's going on. but we will on a later occasion. i appreciate it very much senator ron johnson of wisconsin. >> have a good day. >> thank you. that's it for me. i'm be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern
10:55 am
in the situation room. for our international viewers amanpour is coming up next. for our viewers in norkt america a special newsroom with brook brook. she will have much more on the tributes planned for former first lady nancy reagan. the motor indicated transporting her body right now to the ronald reagan presidential library in seemy valley, california, ahead the funeral that's planned for friday. much more with brooke when we come back. heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed.
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11:00 am
simi valley, california. that there is the hearse that has been carrying former first lady. passed a way at 49 years of age sunday morning, nancy reagan. her body has just arrived at the ronald reagan presidential library there just in the thousand oaks simi valley area of southern california. the former first lady will be carried inside the library by a number of secret service agents and then her body will be placed there to lie in repose for the next few days before she is laid to rest ultimately next to her husband, her beloved ronnie. that is friday afternoon. let's begin our coverage with by colleague sara sidner who is there just outside the library. sarah, talk us through what this day means for so many people. >> reporter: well, to give you some idea, there are about a thousand people who are on the list to be at the funeral service which is private. today it really is a day for the public to go and view her body lying in repose. as you just