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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 9, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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simi valley, california. that there is the hearse that has been carrying former first lady. passed a way at 49 years of age sunday morning, nancy reagan. her body has just arrived at the ronald reagan presidential library there just in the thousand oaks simi valley area of southern california. the former first lady will be carried inside the library by a number of secret service agents and then her body will be placed there to lie in repose for the next few days before she is laid to rest ultimately next to her husband, her beloved ronnie. that is friday afternoon. let's begin our coverage with by colleague sara sidner who is there just outside the library. sarah, talk us through what this day means for so many people. >> reporter: well, to give you some idea, there are about a thousand people who are on the list to be at the funeral service which is private. today it really is a day for the public to go and view her body lying in repose. as you just mentioned we just
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watched as the hearse carrying former first lady nancy reagan's body drove up to the presidential library. it is a very scenic view, very quiet here, despite all the media that's here. people are being very respectful -- to give you an idea. >> sarah, let me stop you there. let me stop you there, forgive me. let me stop you there. let's not speak over this. let's gist watch her casket being removed from the hearse. [ silence ]
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>> forward march. [ silence ]
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>> dear friends it was our lord joe's us himself who said come to you all you labored and burdened and i will give you rest. we pray for our sister nancy that she may rest from her labors and enter into the life of god's eternal rest. receive oh, lord your servant for she returns to you. wash her in the holy fountain of everlasting life and clothe her in her heavenly wedding garment. may she hear your words of invitation, come you blessed of
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my father. may she gaze upon you lord face to face and taste the blessedness of perfect rest. may angels surround her and saints welcome her in peace into your hands oh, lord we commend our sister, nancy. >> now nancy reagan is home. she is now lying in repose there at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california, just feet from her husband, who is buried just outside of those doors. they are no longer showing pictures -- let me just be clear and transparent. they are not showing pictures of the casket any longer because they are now holding a private ceremony there inside of that library. so there will be pictures up.
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we of course will dip in and back out. there will be ceremonies for vips and special guests. and ultimately later today because i know there are so many people, members of the public who want to way their respects to the former first lady who passed a way just this past sunday morning. they will be able to do so this afternoon and tomorrow. and then her funeral will be this time friday afternoon. let me bring in douglas brinkley, presidential historian who can talk a little bit about the legacy. when you think of nancy reagan, i come back to the image of her bending down and kissing her husband's casket some years ago at her husband's funeral. this is a woman who planned her own funeral who wants to be buried right next to her beloved husband ronnie because apparently she wanted to feel like she was etrnlly holding hands. >> she wanted to be buried inches from him, casket to caskets. simi valley is a garden. on top of that hill, the landscape views there.
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>> beautiful. >> it's stunning. those were the bridle trails where ronnie and nancy used to ride horses. they would spend time in pacific palisades, malibu. eventually got their ranch home up by santa barbara. nancy reagan loved california. she was never really happy in new york or washington, d.c. it was this area from bel-air to simi valley to santa barbara that was really home to her. >> you know, so many of us were just there in the fall for our cnn republican debate. all of us remarking how just absolutely stunning it was atop all those mountains looking down. and so many people, i should mention, you know, as the name ronald reagan was evoked so much. so many people were asking where is nancy and how is nancy doing? when you think of nancy reagan, you think of the yaettle and her say no to drugs campaign. it was incredibly powerful. i go back to nancy reagan representing old hollywood and just such a tremendous love story with her husband.
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>> well, and she just adored hollywood. whenever i spent any time with her i would talk to her about what was going on with current actors, not just of her era. but she liked every bit of gossip and detail that was going on in hollywood at any moment. she loved "vanity fair" magazine a great deal. the thing about presidential libraries, she would sometimes drive and spend a lot of time at the library. people visiting, tourists, scholars would suddenly catch her in the hallway or see her there. she was very hands on working with joe yawn drake and her assistant wren on making sure that that library was the best in the united states. its that highest turnstyle, meaning more visitors than any presidential library. that's a tentment to how popular ronald reagan is. also, they did things like air force one at the library so families could come and get a picture of themselves at air force one.
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they have wonderful conference facilities there. this is part of her legacy, the whole complex there on top of the hill where she will be buried. >> just beautiful watching the precision, the respect paid by these members of the u.s. military as they removed her casket are the hearse and took it inside. we were all remarking, goose bumps just watching that. doug brinkley don't go too far here. we should remind all of you, we will be seeing vips, special guests appearing. we won't be far from the live signal from simi valley. quickly to sara sidner who was with the motorcade. sarah, friday. the funeral. what exactly will be happening then? >> there will be a lot of dignitaries. that's when the majority the dignitaries will show up. this is mainly for the public. he talked about planning her own funial. it was just about six months ago that she went back over every single detail of exactly how she wanted her funeral to be. something she had plan with
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ronald reagan but something that she had added to over the years. and she had just gone over it some six to nine months ago. so really, really, really intense planning on her part. she was intimately involved in what you are seeing today and what you will see throughout the week. but we are expecting michele obama for example, to show up. wayne newton to show up, tina sinatra frank's youngest child to show up. there will be people from heavyweights from the political aisle to hollywood who will be here as a part of the 1,000 people who were invited. she even planned on who would be sing, who would be performing. this is really her funeral. and not all of us get the chance to plan her own funeral. this is her funeral and she also wanted her husband to be a big part of it as well. his body lying right next to hers. brooke. >> inches apart. sara sidner, thank you so much. quick break. back after this.
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just absolutely beautiful at the university of miami here in florida. in the last few hours all eyes on this city. just a couple of hours from now the democrats will be facing off and tomorrow a republican debate. first of all, democratic senator bernie sanders wow stunning upset over hillary clinton in michigan. folks, no one saw that coming. then today republican senator ted cruz picked up a new endorsement from a former rival, carly fiorina. she made a unconventional coupling of cruz's competitors linking clinton with donald trump. here she is. >> the truth is that donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they are not going to reform the system. they are the system. hillary clinton has made
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millions of dollars selling access and influence from the inside. and donald trump has made billions of dollars buying people like hillary clinton. they are the system. they will not reform it. >> we will talk in a moment as far as how much this could actually help ted cruz. keep in mine what happened with donald trump picking up three states, huge wins, big delegate grab bag here specifically with michigan and mississippi. more than 70 delegates toward the presidential nomination. trump won by a wide margin. we talked a lot about the margin of victory they were watching for as i mentioned, michigan, mississippi, and hawaii, with cruz taking one state, being idaho. let me now bring in cnn political director david chall on. and we'll get to carly fiorina in just a moment. first you have got news hot off the presses here? yeah. now reporting that jeb bush is going to be meeting with marco rubio and ted cruz today here in
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miami. and john kasich tomorrow. it should not be too surprising that jeb bush, who is from miami, the debate is happening here, that there would be these kinds of courtesy calls and meetings. what of course is noteworthy here is who he is not meeting with. that's donald trump is not on the list of candidates that jeb bush is not meeting with. that probably shouldn't be too surprising too anyone. >> let me show you my shocked face. not so much at all on that. there has will be bad blood between mentor andmentee jeb bush and marco rubio and whether or not jeb bush would endorse someone. do you see that ahead of the debate on thursday or each in the next week ahead of the primary. >> my idea is that jeb bush is going to stand on the sidelines and not get in the debate and endorse before tuesday. who force are you going to back here today. donald trump is a significant
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leader. if you get in and endorse someone and that person loses the florida primary, what did that do. here he can pay the party pat poobah. >> the elder spokesman. >> you know, there are only so many days, six days before the florida primary now. >> yeah. >> i don't know that it would be jeb bush's inclination to jump into the race right now. >> one more and then i will move on to carly fiorina. what do you think those conversation also look like? >> i don't know. listen, jeb bush probably wants to sit with each of them to show simply that he is not meeting with trump. that he wants to support any of the candidates who are running against trump. it's kind of like mitt romney offed to do robocalls, right, for each of the candidates. >> all the candidates. >> right. and some of them have taken him up on that and put out those
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robocalls. i think jeb bush is taking the same approach, trying to indicate to the party we have got to find a way to stop donald trump. that's his message. >> okay. carly fiorina endorsing ted cruz. my name is no longer next to the ballot box but now i'm endorsing ted cruz. how surprising is that? >> not really. i don't think there were massive amounts of carly fiorina voters that she could bring with her to ted cruz. any former rival -- >> she took him on multiple times in the past. >> that's right. that is a validation. and that is a totally good endorsement for ted cruz to tout. he needed some good news after not adding to his delegate total in a significant fashion yesterday. he is trying to move on from what was a big night for donald trump. no doubt about that. what i thought was interesting is how carly fiorina described how she was endorsing it. it linked up their messages that
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i hadn't seen so much this the campaign. she had witness running against over and over again the political class in washington. and that has been ted cruz's brand ever since he got to washington. so it kind of fit. and i think that carly fiorina was able to sort of not just endorse her support for ted cruz but actually help him double down on that message. >> quickly on democrats. total shock, surprise, michigan, bernie sanders. how massive is that for him psychologically, literally, as he heads into another rust belt state next week? >> it's biggest exact is going to be financially. he is going to raise a ton of money off of that victory in michigan. it is a huge psychological boost. it didn't do much to dig into hillary clinton's significant and massive designate gatt lead. i don't think it helped bernie sanders get a step closer to the democratic nomination. but i think it helps bernie sanders to have a total rationale for continuing on in this race. and it means that hillary clinton cannot shake this
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democratic nomination race for quite some time. she can't turn and look at the republicans and just start building a general election. >> that's frustrating to her because she wants to be able to take on donald trump. she said the other day she wants to focus on the general election and start chipping away at donald trump. but can't do it. >> you saw the debate. he is going to take her on. this trade issue, you are going to hear that through ohio, through illinois. you will hear that throughout the midwest states that are coming up. he gets to go on in a significant way with a strong ration rationale to go on without having to pick up the phone and have any democratic person telling him bernie drop out of the race. >> thank you so much. carly fiorina may be backing ted cruz right now but the love as we mentioned a second ago, let's just say it wasn't always there. >> let's talk about another one of your opponents, senator ted cruz. he said this week he thistle
11:25 am
have the republican nomination wrapped up by the end of march. you were quite critical of him during the fifth obama care which led to a government shutdown. let's take a listen. >> there is no honor in charging a hill that you know you can't take. only casualties. ted cruz maybe got name recognition and money along the way. but president obama wanted this shutdown. and treasure played right into his hands. >> so do you think ted cruz would doom the republican's chances in november? >> first let me explain why i said. that because at the time we didn't control the senate. and we didn't have historic majorities in the house. and so without controlling the senate there was no way that obama care was going to be repealed. ted cruz is just like any other politician. he says one thing in manhattan. he says another thing in iowa. he says whatever he needs to say to get elected and then he's going to do as he pleases. >> and now carly fiorina as we reported endorsing ted cruz. joining me now, the lady panel,
11:26 am
amanda carpenter, kaley mcnanny and may have been restin. welcome, welcome, welcome, to miami, ladies. i want to actually begin -- i'd love to hear quickly all of your responses to the fact that now we've learned jeb bush will be meeting with all three of them minus trump. you first. >> i mean, i don't know how much he can really bring to the race at this point. i think that the safest move for him is really to stay in the elder statesman role. he has had such a difficult relationship with marco rubio obviously over the last couple of months that he would create a whole other drama around that conversation in the next week if he were to come in and endorse rubio or someone else. it seems like a dig distraction. >> trump is your guy. and this is a big old -- can i say that middle finger essentially to mr. trump, that he is meeting with everyone else
11:27 am
but him? >> it is, but it's one that helps him. just like the mitt romney speech against trump helps him. it paints the image that he is the ultimate outsider, no one on the inside likes me. maybe he is going to try to say cruz stand down, kasich stand down, let cruz get this. -- skoous -- let rubio get this. perhaps that's it. i don't know. they are desperate to stop donald trump. i don't think cruz will go along with it. perhaps that's it. >> here's the thing. jeb bush along with his own name he has a vast fundamentaling network. ted cruz has already picked up some members of bush's fund-raising team. even if he didn't endorse, if he gives a nod and a wink to say this is who my people should get behind that would be a huge valuable resource. i think all the candidates would be interested in that. to donald trump, ted cruz possibly getting a bush endorsement, i think ted cruz is the only difference it would
11:28 am
make where it would help somebody because cruz has the opportunity to win the nomination. . it has to go to someone who can win. jeb bush isn't going to endorse somebody who is going to lose. you are only going to do it if they are going to win. trump hasn't been able to coalesce people inside his candidacy. cruz showed he is picking more people up. >> john kasich did it last night. and i'm sitting here in florida, and for senator marco rubio it was a horrible night. his margin of victory, he was in the single digits in two massive states. if i wake up -- >> they are saying the marco massacre. that's the headlines. that's a difficult storyline going into the primary that is his be all enall. he has to win florida. his campaign constantly said that. he is going into this having to explain why he has a string of alsos, third place finish, why
11:29 am
he is trailing so far behind donald trump in the polls here. you do talk to strategists here who say the polls probably are a lot tighter than they look right now. >> and they are not always right. not always right. >> and it may tighten up. it is a terrible story line for him right now. >> here's the thing for marco rubio. even if he wins florida and gets all 99 of those delegates he closes the gap with no one. even if he wins florida he is still going into a brokered convention. win or lose the scenario is bad. >> donald trump, massive wins, a la super tuesday massive win. michigan and mississippi, two different states, different constituencies, ideaologists, et cetera, can he be stopped? >> it is amazing, donald trump plays in all the graphics, meets with all the demographics. you have to get into a one on
11:30 am
one race, whether it's donald trump or cruz. donald trump or rubio. >> it's tough with everyone else. >> that's why they have to get it down to the two-man race in order to have any chance of stopping him. >> the one thing that plays in cruz's favor, he did win maine. >> and he did well this weekend. >> sure. >> he basically tied john kasich in michigan. he is somewhat broadening. i struggle to see where he wins new york, california, connecticut. >> here's the thing that boggles me as a former cruz staffer. everyone said he had to win the southern evangelical states. he is not winning those and is still remaining competitive. >> the whole stop trump movement, has it had enough time so far to marinade have those attacks really sunk in. when the donors got together on that big call they were looking ahead to florida, ohio, the march 15th states. so i think that, you know, everybody today is saying well they did nothing -- those attacks did nothing to trump.
11:31 am
>> the votes will go to kasich and rubio. >> wouldle' see sometimes it takes a little bit of time to sink in. perhaps it will mean nothing to donald trump becauset in the world of donald trump the rules don't apply. >> thank you all here in miami. a reminder, a dig night for the democrats tonight. 9:00 eastern here on cnn. we will be broadcasting the presidential debate hosted by uni vision. and then tomorrow night, the cnn republican presidential debate here in miami. we've been talking about the gigantic winner take all contest here in florida in just days. meantime, staying on politics, how did bernie sanders pull off the upset he did in michigan? and how did hillary clinton lose in a place where she was so totally favored to win? talk about polls not being accurate. we'll talk to both campaigns together next. also ahead breaking news in the war against isis. we are getting word that the
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we're back here live in miami, florida. you know, it may be the race no one saw coming. the race in the state of michigan long thought to be all sewn up for hillary clinton ends up going to bends bernie sanders in a laid night upset.
11:37 am
it was so close, sanders to be 49.8% of that vote, clinton took 48.3. that's how close. just more than 18,000 voters were all that separated the two of them. they each took to the micro phones after the race was officially called. >> we started this campaign, as many will remember, ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls. and yet we have -- what we have seen is in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. >> i want to be the president not for those who are already successful. they don't need me. i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving, for people who have a dream, and who are looking for a way to achieve that dream. >> it is certainly as we were talking about david chall ona
11:38 am
psychological boost for bernie sanders and likely a fund-raising boost as well. just ahead of tonight's democratic debate here in miami. joining me, jennifer graham holm, former michigan governor and hillary clinton support herb. and chuck rocha, bernie sanders supporter and president of solidarity strategies. nice to see both of you. >> nice to see you, too, brooke. >> thank you. >> michigan let's rip the band-aid off. what did hillary clinton do wrong. >> first of all, anybody who believed those polls were obviously mistaken. we knew it internally that it was closer than we think. this state is a state as bernie sanders has said that was a must-win to him. hats off to him that he did win. they did really well. they spent $500,000 more than the clinton people did on the air and they worked it. they won. i think that in the end, amplifying for her the message about job creation in america and a global economy and her
11:39 am
economic plan to create those jobs, build the products that are stamped "made in michigan", "made in america" and export them -- both sides of that is a message that will continue to go to be amplified. >> i want to come back to that. bernie sanders is tapping into that frustration almost in a similar way as donald trump is, but to a different group of votes. to you sir, what did bernie sanders do right? >> it is the grassroots campaign. i have never seen all these different groups come together. it's young people. they actually showed up to work. the young black lives matter or the dream in the latino community. you see them coming together and seeing them being at the tip of the spirit, not just talking about it on line but actually showing up. i think that's the biggest difference that i have seen throughout my political career. >> talking about the economy,
11:40 am
i've been to the rallies and talked to the young folks as well. and it seems bernie sanders and hillary clinton has been on point talking about everything she has done, that she will do. but it's the emotional frustration. it's that feeling that bernie sanders seems to really be tapping into, the note about the auto bailout, which hillary clinton brought up, which seems to perhaps have help him in michigan shows how important debates are. >> that piece was a frustrating piece to watch happen. because bernie sanders did make a vote in december which went nowhere to support the auto bailout. but that vote did not fly. when it came -- push came to shove in january to release the money to be able to do the actual bailout, he voted no because he didn't like the fact that it was attached to the tarp, to the wall street money. >> that's the point she was trying to make. >> that's the point she was trying to make. leadership is about doing things when times are tough. it is a one thing to cast
11:41 am
arizoan easier vote. but when it's hard, that's what the point was of. that i still think it is a valid point. >> i think that's why you saw the uaw president come out and talk about this being an important issue to people in michigan and important to me who went to work in a factory. i went to work in a factory when i was 19. my job and my father's job sits in china. we made tires. that was the way we were supposed to strive to get out. to watch these two stall worths -- i think hillary clinton and bernie sanders both have a good record. it's unfortunate that we get stuck on the nitpicking. >> the kicker is that she represent buffalo, new york, a place that had been hard hit by the loss of manufacturing jobs. she has looked in eyes of people who have lost their jobs.
11:42 am
it is a deep thing. and the question is, we are not going to be afraid of trade. we're just ticked off about unfair trade. you have got to have trade. we are only 5% of the world's population. we've got 95 -- but we want the products made in the u.s., stamped made in michigan and be able to export. that's what we want. >> wow, i'll feeling it here. >> what's the strategy to create jobs in america. >> when they walked through my plant and handed out the pink slips they didn't stop to ask you if they were democrat or republican. i think that's some of the angst you see, keeping the jobs here, it cuts across all party lines. at' passion of the party. >> for bernie, with all due respect, he doesn't have a strategy, an economic development strategy as part of his platform other than on infrastructure and stopping bad trade. what is the strategy for luring and creating jobs? i think that's where she beats him. >> we'll watch the debate tonight. thank you both. coming up next, they are
11:43 am
angry. they are worried, as we were just talking about, the economy, lack of jobs, money, college debt. she is folks a lot of them are supporting donald trump and bernie sanders. how the two very different candidates are actually appealing to very similar concerns. stay here. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. man (mr. mucus: tore do you work, with it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this
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is caringing because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. as all kinds of very smart people are trying to figure out exactly what is behind the rise of donald trump and bernie sanders as americans are going out to vote the picture is becoming clearer. at the center of their successes is this, the economy, the anger, the unhappiness, the frustration that so many people have about government, about unemployment, about their financial
11:48 am
situations, college debt. and trump and sanders have made that the centerpiece of their campaigns. >> she's not going to bring back all of the employment that's gone. all the factories that are closed. i've seen those factories. let me tell you it's disgusting. what we've done with our trade deals. these guys that talk about free trade they are a bunch of copies. >> i am very glad, anderson that secretary clinton has discovered religion on this issue. but it's a little bit too late. secretary clinton supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements written by corporate america. >> let me show you a fascinating comparison here. among michigan democrats who just voted, 30% believe trade with other nations creates jobs. 58% believe it takes away u.s. jobs. and 8% believe it has absolutely no affect whatsoever. this is what is fascinating, the
11:49 am
numbers wong among republicans in michigan are virtually identical. joining me, ed o'keefe, and molly bolt. welcome to both of you. ed o'feef, you first. on one look, bernie sanders and donald trump could not be you know, more different but they are truly tapping into this unhappiness, this frustration, and this anger in americans who are worried about their economic situations. >> yeah, it is pretty incredible although i would argue look they are both from the city of new york and have that in common at least. so i think they have a similar sales -- >> there you go. >> we saw this early on in iowa. yeah. you saw it early on in iowa and new hampshire. remember there was a lot of talk about the possibility that voters might go for one or the other. there was a small segment of people who were saying. that clearly it seems to have maybe happened again in michigan. it was a close contest. it shows you they have a similar message that is appealing to both sides of the aisle. the economy has rebounded.
11:50 am
jobs have been created but the recovery hasn't been as strong as many people would like especially in the industrial midwest were voters were voting on tuesday. >> i think that's part of it. when you look at some of the sheer numbers, gas prices, stock market, unemployment rates are extraordinarily low. but it's middle america. it's the fly over states, molly, and these are the folks that either look to the successful billionaire businessman who thinks all right this guy must know how to fix the economy or they are looking at this man who is saying you know what, the system is rigged and i'm going to help you out. >> i think the trade issue you mentioned is really interesting and really important because specifically when you look at the states and the rust belt states like michigan, states like ohio and pennsylvania and illinois that are coming up on the primary calendar, this is a place where the angst over those lost fiscal trees jobs is very deeply felt. and to the extent there is any bipartisan consensus in washington it's in favor of free trade deals.
11:51 am
you have president obama passing the tpp with republican votes. the republicans and democrats, all the working class voters feel like they are being ganged up on by both parties. then you have trump and sanders both riding this message to a lot of success. i met a donald trump voter in georgia who said he was supporting trump because he thought immigrants were taking jobs and we needed to keep out the muslims. but the other he would vote for was bernie sanders because he doesn't think people should struggle to have to work 40 hours a week. there is a lot of cross over. >> i have met voters who said the same thing. you are thinking, wow, if not a trump, then a bernie sanders. but ed, looking ahead to the potential head to head between let's say if he gets a nomination, donald trump, and if she gets it, hillary clinton. in terms of donald trump truly being able to tap in to and galvanize folks, whether it's
11:52 am
enhappiness, anger, whatever you want to call it, will hillary clinton be able to meet him on that? has she shown you she has been able to do that with her supporters thus far? >> it remains a big challenge, brooke, for sure. and i think molly hit it on the head there. the industrial states of pennsylvania, ohio, michigan as well are probably going to be in play if trump continues to make this i'm mad as hell amy not going to take it anymore argument to the voters. there are people in those states that would fine cause to listen to trump and clinton would be hard pressed to match that. not to mention she suffered with a enthusiasm gap when it comes to democratic. bernie sanders supporters more into his campaign than perhaps clinton ones. if trump keeps up the anger and frustration it could be a real problem for her. republicans suggest that in a battle between trump and cruz
11:53 am
trump has more crossover appeal so maybe we should hole our nose and support him. >> molly, speaking of trump. can i ask you about red meat? i don't mean the proverbial red meat among politicians. now where i'm going. fillets, rib eyes, donald trump, wine. what was that last night? >> it was absolutely bonkers. and it was impossible to look away from. and i saw some people being indignant that the networks didn't cut away for hillary's speech but look when hillary is giving the same speech she has given the last few weeks and trump is doing a qusk infomercial to a bunch of defunct brands and taking questions from reporters which is another thing you don't see hillary doing very much i think it's obvious why trump is so compelling just as a spectacle and why we sort of can't look away from hymn. i mean, that was just incredible. >> trump winery. got a bump in virginia.
11:54 am
molly ball, it was odd, but you are right. you couldn't pull away. and ed o'keefe, thank you so much as well. coming up next we have more on our breaking news. as we are now reporting we have learn that jeb bush plans to meet with ted cruz, marco rubio, and governor kasich but not donald trump ahead of the republican debate here in miami.
11:55 am
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we're back here in beautiful miami, flat. i'm brooke baldwin, and you are watching cnn. we have news just in to cnn that is extremely significant. jeb bush, as in the man who wanted to be president but who dropped out after south carolina. as in the former governor here in the great state of florida, jeb bush is set to meet with marco rubio, ted cruz, and john kasich here in miami ahead of tomorrow night's debate. what he is not doing is meeting donald trump. that's number one.
11:59 am
the backdrop is of course the continue use of donald trump's domination. defying the republican establishment yet again. the front-runner sweeping three out of the four republican contests on this week's super tuesday. and snagging another 72 delegates with 57 going to ted cruz who did win idaho yesterday. 17 for john kasich who didn't win anything but came in at close third in michigan. marco rubio coming in last with an epic loss picking up exactly zero delegates. trump may be riding high right now. that is not to say his rivals are letting up. this morning cruz showed off his biggest new supporter, former republican candidate carly fiorina. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they are not going to reform the system. they are the system. the establishment says ted cruz
12:00 pm
is too conservative, too much of a fighter, he won't get along. i say you go with ted. >> welcome patricia mizay, political writer for the miami herald. david cat knees, matt lewis is with us as well, senior contributor to the daily caller and conservative writer, cnn political comment tater. and maria cardona. nice to have awful you here. thank you for having us in your beautiful city of miami here at the university of miami ahead of our big debate. we are rolling through. beginning with you as a floridian on the news of jeb bush. no news of any sort of endorsement ahead of tomorrow night's didn't or even the primary here. what do you make of the fact he will be meeting with all the candidates except for donald trump. >> i have been wondering which
12:01 pm
side of his advisors was going to win in this tug-of-war. right after he dropped out, there were those saying you have got to endorse. there is no time to lose. and there were others saying whoa, take a breath. see how things shake out. he waited a bit. we are less than a week from the primary. so many votes have already come in in florida. you have to wonder what effect an endorsement would have and whether this is more of a conversation about how to stop trump as opposed to who should bush should endorse. >> i think talking about endorse meant of other candidates is such old school politics. it hasn't worked this year. >> we are in a new era. >> look jeb bush had the endorsement, if most senators, the most governors. ted cruz got some last night and last week. didn't matter. if there was an olive branch between cruz and rubio and
12:02 pm
kasich to form a fusion to form a deal to stop donald trump. i don't think jeb bush -- it is a nice headline but does he bring more voters to the table? i think those vote remembers already antidonald trump and it gets you a couple of hours ahead of a media cycle. >> think of the last republican debate. it wasn't like cruz and rubio were attacking one another. they were all attacking donald trump. >> right. >> david chall oncalled him the grand poobah, or whatever you want to call jeb bush, he is saying here's your strategy, go beat them. >> it's like crabs in a container. if one tries to get out, the others pull him down. that's what is happening. if you have any candidate who starts to get ahead, the others turn on him. rubio has definitely taken a beating on him. everybody is saying a brokered convention.
12:03 pm
but you don't have any brokers. i don't think there is anybody who has the moral authority to say you are going to be the president, the vice president, the supreme court justice -- >> mitt romney came out and still -- didn't quite work. >> nothing has exactly happened against donald trump. >> jeb bush got out early. he had almost zero support from the republican base. there is a reason why he dropped out. now he has a lot of money or can funnel a lot of money to whoever i think he chooses to be the chosen antitrump candidate. >> right. >> let's remember this. the more the establishment tries to go against trump if trump gets to the convention or at some point gets all the delegates he needs to cinch the nomination or even if he gets to the convention without the magic number but he gets close to it and the gop activist base see has the establishment is trying to bring him down, cleveland will burn. cleveland will burn. >> well, the obvious point was that in florida jeb bush -- if
12:04 pm
jeb bush's endorsement matters right here it would be here right before the primary. >> on endorsements, let's talk about carly fiorina. >> another endorsement. >> of ted cruz n. case you missed it. of ted cruz -- we could do a mash up all the negative things fiorina said when she was running against him. do you think it's significant? >> i don't think it's significant. it is a headline for a couple of hours because we talk about it. again of all the conversations -- if the party had the party best in interest it is a conversation that would happen between rubio and ruz kr and possibly case snik what conversation are you referring to? >> the conversation to say look we can stop trump but not if all of us are running in all these states. you can be the president, rubio,
12:05 pm
be the vice president. >> come byia. >> i think that is the only way. all the power brokers, little endorsement i don't think add up to an effect that matters. >> i was at a cruz event this morning. the voters who were there wanted rubio out because they were cruz supporters and they wanted to stop trump but they didn't want to stop trump at a convention. several people i spoke to said if he has the delegates and the majority he is the guy and we will vote for him. >> but he wasn't have the majority. he will have a plurality. if there is a contested convention there won't be a majority. that's going to be lost on a lot of the delegates if cleveland burns. >> at least a plurality. >> let me hit pause. we have -- stay with me. we're not finished. but we do have phil mattingly standing by -- talk about all the rallies and the data points of all of this. phil mattingly is at a john
12:06 pm
kasich rally right now. phil mattingly let's go to you. john kasich did pretty well in michigan, was joking about, you know, paying taxes there, he spent so much time. set the scene for me in illinois. >> reporter: brooke for john kasich yesterday, last night was a huge result it's leading into his home state contest in ohio. complained often that people weren't paying enough attention to him. according to kasich now that has changed. take a listen, brooke. >> i'm thinking about launching myself onto the table where the questioners are. i think it's changing. and i think we are getting the time. we got it in the last debate. and i just have to explain you to, in michigan i went from like eight or nine percent to -- i don't know where i ended up, 24 or 245%. i mean, it's a surge and it's happening because i think people are beginning to hear me. i just hope as they begin to hear me i don't screw it up somehow. i'm going to do my very, very best. >> brooke, for john kasich it
12:07 pm
really all comes down to ohio. he said very clearly if he does not win ohio he will go home. now in the latest cnn orc poll it shows john kasich trailing donald trump by six points. but his team says he has been making up ground over the last couple of weeks. one key thing to keep an eye on, brooke, he land for re-election for governor in 2014. he and his crew know that state very, very well. they feel good about where they stand right now. so good we are in illinois another march 15th state where john kasich thinks he can make up more ground and add to that delegate total which even he and his team acknowledge is somewhat lacking. >> some. candidates having to look ahead. he has said over and over though, talking about ohio, his home state, got win. must win. let me bring in my panel. thank you very much. and john lewis back to you. john kasich, many people think of him as the last note, an
12:08 pm
asterisk at the bottom of an article. i was talking to him the other day. i'm in the room. he said people are beginning to hear me. are they? >> i think they actually are. he benefits by being the antitrump. john, you couldn't be further from donald trump than john kasich. if you are looking -- rubio -- rubio is eloquent but tried to sort of mimic trump and get down on that level. >> he is the only one who hasn't. >> kasich is the only one who hasn't. test governor of a state, which sets him apart at this point. and look i think john kasich in a place like ohio i would not bet against him winning that. and you know, i think when it comes to a convention you could turn to a john kasich as a possible running mate. >> when you see somebody like john kasich and democrats can actually see themselves supporting him you know that he actually is not just the adult in the room but that's also a reason why he probably doesn't have a chance in the overall republican primary process. but let's also remember that after next tuesday or starting
12:09 pm
next tuesday it's winner take all. so donald trump can absolutely rack up all of these delegates and get to that magic number. now, this meeting with jeb bush, it should have happened or should happen actually after tuesday because that's when you will know if marco rubio is able to win his home state, if john kasich was able to win his home state. if they weren't, then that is a different conversation. >> it's sbg when you look at the cnn poll, speaking of home states on rubio and kasich, if you look at head to heads versus trump and kasich and trump and rubio it's tighter in ohio. kasich is fairing stronger than marco rubio right here. and i'm looking at you again as the floridian because can we talk about marco rubio and last night? i mean is choke the right word? it was a bad night. >> i think the concern is people like to vote for the winner. they like to go to the office the next day and say their guy won, right? >> yeah. >> even though he is spending time in florida and dedicating resources to the florida voter,
12:10 pm
they are seeing these headlines and they don't necessarily want a guy who is on his way down. so the question is can his team on the ground, the ones calling absentee voters and going to the early voting sites persuade those voters, keep those voters and turn them out especially until miami-dade county. >> could he turn it around tomorrow night somehow? he had some strong debate performances. maybe the moment that took him down was chris christie which was a bit of a kamikaze mission because chris christie went away as well. he has done so well. is there anything marco rubio can do tomorrow. >> sure. debates matter. i think debates have married, every week. >> how do you feel about endorsements again. >> i'm not an endorsement guy. who has lived off the land as much as john kasich finishing one second place. this guy has won nowhere and he is in the final four and his hope and prayer is maybe he wins
12:11 pm
his home state? i mean that's a pitiful record to say that's your case to be the nominee. i think that's -- >> well that's one way to put it. >> tomorrow night will be pivotal. let's remember that marco rubio, his debate performance in the last run debate a lot of people say that helped ted cruz because he sullied himself going against trump. >> he sullied himself. >> that was round one. stick around. next democrats, how did bernie sanders pull off an upset in michigan. how did hillary clinton loss in a place she was favored to win? you mean to tell me all thelesst polls aren't right. plus a chilling case in the man suspect of killing a pastor who the day before spoke at ted cruz rally. that man has been arrested outside the white house. those details ahead. and as we showed you at the top of the last hour, nancy reagan's casket has now arrived at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi
12:12 pm
valley, california, lying in repose. special guests, vips expected to pay respects shortly including paul ryan. friday afternoon is her funeral. we will take it live. do not miss a beat. i'm brooke baldwin,
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
12:15 pm
12:16 pm
. i know we keep talking about republicans. let's keep in mind just hours from now bernie sanders and hillary clinton they will come toe to toe right here in florida. this just a day after that stunning upset in the state of michigan. bernie sanders edging outs hillary clinton by just slightly more than 18,000 votes. sources within the clinton campaign say the team was shaken up by the close michigan race especially given the rust belts now in the gate, ohio, missouri and illinois coming up. my panel is back with me, sunscreen and all as we are again here in miami. patricia ms. eight, david cat niece, maria cardona. matt to you, polls can be wrong.
12:17 pm
they were wrong. i know it was so incredibly tight. campaigners say they saw it. they knew it was close. but this is huge for bernie sanders when it comes to money, money. >> absolutely. he was sort of ready to fade into the knight good night. he wasn't going to drop out but we could have kind of quit paying attention to him. and now -- >> we are. >> it's game on again. i think there is a similarity between trump and sanders and in the rust belt working class white americans who are fed up with whether it's immigration, globalization, automation, whatever it is that's changing the economy. used to be able to get a job after high school, make $15ate an hour at a factory, 35 american dream. those days are gone and they are mad about it. i think on the left it is the bernie vote, on the right it's trump. >> we had a whole conversation about that. i agree with you. we were wondering during the debate, and we talked about how debates matter. that that moment where hillary clinton pulled that you had at
12:18 pm
out of her back pocket at the debate for the first time and talked about the auto bailout. i'm wondering if that moment helped hurt her and helped bernie sanders. >> i actually talked to somebody who looked at the zmbs they say that moment did not hurt her and actually drew some blood from sanders because there were very few late deciders in mission mission. of those late deciders, i think it was 15%, hillary won them by four points. he didn't have a late surge. what he had was an amazing campaign. you have to give it to him. congratulations bernie. it was amazing. i think that hillary needs to do now is make sure she is having the one on one conversations with those voters. she didn't campaign as much as i think she should have in michigan. she focused on flint, grand rapids and detroit but kind of threat other ones go. i think that is going to lesson that the clinton campaign takes from this and really focus on ohio focus on the message of the middle class families, working class families hurting. her message resonates in those
12:19 pm
areas, especially with minority communities as well. she has to make the connection which she had been making thus far, just didn't make it that well in michigan in order to take her over the tom. let's remember it was very close and she is still winning in the delegate count. >> i think this was a debacle for our profession. you have to look, are the ohio polls wrong, the illinois polls wrong, the florida polls -- you would think she would roll it up here. analysis is wrong. she seized on the flint water cris crisis. she was losing that county to him last time i checked and the auto bailout. again, was it new information to voters did it hurt, did it help? i think we still don't know, not even 24 hours later what happened. i think it's going to be important for us to figure out what happened. to know what happens in know know and illinois with similar
12:20 pm
demographics. >> uni vision debate here tonight. you have been talking to floridaians. what do you think they want to hear? what will you be watching for? >> bernie sanders is still a new person for most florida voters. he kpand here for the first time last night. a week before the primary. i mean he gave a speech in july in fort lauderdale. but it wasn't a campaign rally. so you have kind this pent up interest in bernie sanders and it all was displayed yesterday in miami. and he drew thousands of raucous and rowdy and excited people. but i'd say the average florida voter hasn't really seen much of bernie sanders. hasn't seen any advertising, hasn't seen him in their state. tonight may be an introduction especially to the hispanic issues. it is on uni vision, there will be a focus on hispanic voters. >> tomorrow night, republican debate here. your alma mater, miami university. certainly with you. matt, what needs to happen? >> i think rubio nooeds to i about it. we alluded to it earlier.
12:21 pm
this do or die time for marco rubio. if he loses florida, completely humiliating and he is out of politics a year from now. i think rubio has to bring it. i think we are doing to see nice rubio. when i say bring it, i don't mean attack trump. back to the rubio who is inspirational, who talks about the american dream, father, mother, that's what he has to do. >> i think that's true but why will that be enough now when it wasn't enough before? i think that's the conundrum marco is in. even though he brought it in the last debate and it helped cruz, i think that's when people will real that trump can be brought down. if marco wants to live another day and actually win florida, which is a challenge, he is behind and trump is ahead. if he doesn't win florida i think obviously he is going to have to leave the race. tomorrow is do or die for him. >> i am watching ted cruz rather than rubio.
12:22 pm
i think you are going to see him ask for coalescence around him. he has been doing it in the last few debates. and there is evidence that it's working. et cetera saying marco can't win so we have to move to cruz. i think we will see that from cruz tomorrow. >> he wants to be the antitrump guy. >> the two man race. i think this is the dagger. he needs to beat rubio on tuesday so he can be the last man standing against trump. >> trisha? >> other thing would be trump having a bad debate. we haven't talked about the education of donald trump as a candidate and how he has gotten better from debate to debate answering questions and pivoting to the issues he wants to talk about. but it's possible he could have a bad moment in a state he considers his second home. >> thank you so much. awesome conversation. and a quick reminder, as if we haven't said it enough. big night tonight for the democrats. 9:00 eastern here cnn will simultaneous the democratic presidential debate hosted by uni vision. tomorrow game on, it is the cnn
12:23 pm
republican presidential debate here in miami days ahead of the extremely important florida primary march 15th. coming up next, an idaho man pt suspected of shooting a pastor who supports senator ted cruz has been arrested at the white house. we have details on his bizarre manifesto that named several members of congress. also we are keeping our eyes closely honed on these live pictures. this is the casket of former first lady nancy reagan. 94 years of age, passed away in her home sunday morning. lying in repose there at the ronald reagan presidential library. vips, special guests have had opportunities to pay their respects. the public has the opportunity to do so today, tomorrow, and then the funeral will be held friday afternoon. quick break. we'll be right back.
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12:28 pm
>> you are watching cnn. just about the bottom of the hour. let me tell you about this man accused of shooting a prominent pastor just after the pastor spoke at a ted cruz rally. this individual has apparently been arrested outside of the white house. and he reportedly has concerns about -- wait for it -- space aliens controlling planet earth. police say kyle odom allegedly threw flash drives and other items over the white house fence before secret service captured him. the pastor he is accused of shooting is expected to survive. suzanne malveaux is on this bizarro case. what do you know?
12:29 pm
>> reporter: it is buy scar. one of the most bizarre cases i've seen here covering the white house. brooke we know there was a list a manifesto he had, more than two dozen names on this list of people he was describing as trying to take over washington trying to take over the country. aliens, full. there were a lot of members of congress, senators, and officials on that list. a who's who, mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi, john warren. you name it. and prime ministers of israel on that list. not threatening them but essentially saying they were part of the problem, this move, full, to take over washington, to take over politics, and carpet america. that they were essentially using the rest of us and treating us like animals in a zoo. i talked to the white house first about whether or not this dui was thread to the president. the secret service white house officials saying no that never happened but he was arrested here yesterday when he threw
12:30 pm
over those flash drives that included the manifesto and the things that we have uncovered on facebook and otherace ways of what it was, who he was targeting and what he believed. and one of the interesting things, brooke, if you look at this manifesto it was note the president he was necessarily after. it is a very sad read you about it talks about how he grew up in idaho, a loving family. that he studied science, that he was an honor student. essentially went to college, was very stressed out, didn't get enough sleep, started to hear voices -- if you believe what he said, started to hear these voices and that this pastor had reach out to him at some point. he felt like he was trying to control him. he felt like he was hearing these voices and others were trying to control him as well. but he says the president, specifically in this letter says he is doing a great job, he sympathizes with him, that he wishes him well and that he is sorry that the president is humiliated and controlled by
12:31 pm
these other people that he believes are really alien to everyone else, brooke. it is bizarre. he is going to be in court late they are afternoon facing those charges originally out of idaho for attempted murder of that pastor. what we did see this morning, brooke, as well as is more than two dozen or so -- a big secret service presence on the north lawn this morning. this occurred on the south lawn. but that was the north lawn just out of due diligence so see if there was anything they missed if there were suspicious packages or objects besides what he threw over the south fence. we're toll no that's not the case. they pretty much wrapped this thing up and that the president as well as some of those representatives were not in any danger. certainly a bizarre situation last night and the this morning, brooke. >> at least the pastor is expected to is your vooiv. thank you so much, there at the white house. now, to this amazing story
12:32 pm
of a missouri trooper who says a driver just moments before her car explodes into a fireball -- the woman had been hit by another driver who was running from police. now the driver's husband is given cnn his first better view since the heroic rescue was all caught on video. ryan young has today as beyond the call of duty. >> reporter: police dash cam video shows the daumt moments when a driver running from police strikes another car. both vehicles spin out of control. i called it in. just knew i needed to get down here. i could see -- see the fireball. i could see the pretty good sized plume of smoke come up from there. >> reporter: the missouri state trooper had clocked the speeding driver at 100 miles per hour. >> car at the enter, it's on fire. >> reporter: the flames spreading fast, the officer ran to the 60-year-old beck'
12:33 pm
crawford's totaled honda civic as gas spilled from its ruptured tank. >> i knew i had to get her out of there. i've worked probably a thousand plus accidents in my career. and you know once a car catches on fire the time that they are taking to go up is pretty quick. >> reporter: with at least half a dozen broken bones including a broken back, crawford lay help unless her car. >> climbed inside, undid her seat belt. asked her if she was okay. she said i hurt. i said i know you do but we've got to get you out of here. >> reporter: less than 906 seconds after the officer carried the woman away from the scene the car explodes. when you watch the video what's that like? a little surreal? >> it is a little surreal. you know, that's not something you capture on your own camera very often. everything just happened so fast. >> reporter: the 19-year veteran says he didn't do anything that any fellow officer wouldn't have done. >> there he is. >> reporter: but the victim's husband calls the trooper a
12:34 pm
genuine hero thanking him in person. >> god bless you. >> god bless you. >> good to see you. >> god to see you. >> reporter: crawford says the trooper's disregard for his own life saved his wife's. >> i wouldn't have chosen this way to meet him but i'm glad that we met. >> all right. take care. >> we'll see you soon. >> the accolades are nice but that's not why we do our job. we don't do our job for accolades. we do our job because, you know, the service and protection that's on our patch. and that was my opportunity to do a little bit of both that day. >> reporter: ryan young, cnn, kansas city. >> how about that. ryan young thank you for sharing his story. meantime, a bizarre moment during a john kasich rally minutes ago. who is this guy? and what did he say? you will hear it. plus, kids say the darnedest things. that goes for plits as well. wait until you hear what a bunch
12:35 pm
of school kids told cnn about this nasty primary season. f
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
is desperate for a big win. rubio is woefully trailing his opponents for republican nomination. and a win next week right here in his home state of florida is precisely what he wants and what he needs. question is, will he get it? it is the most important primary really of his campaign. here with me, sun sentinel columnist michael mayo. michael thank you for being with me. >> hey brooke, a pleasure. >> so, i know i chatted with
12:40 pm
someone from your paper from the editorial board the other day. and she explained to me how your paper isn't actually endorsing a single candidate you have never done this before but no one is up to snuff but there is one candidate you think should quit, that being marco rubio. wrote in a piece there is one message voters just aren't that into you. is he not getting the message michael? >> i suppose suppose that he is not because he is out there actively campaigning all day today with rallies across the state of florida. he is actually opening a field office in north carolina tonight. he's not going to be there, but some of his surrogates are. so it's kind of befuddling to me because i think it's more like closing time for marco than anticipate opening time. but he's marching on. and i don't know if it's denial or stubbornness or what, but he thinks he really has a shot to copture the 99 winner take all delegates here in florida.
12:41 pm
and i say it's kind of besides the point because even if he gets those 99 delegates, i don't see a path for him to get the nomination. >> so have you heard about this news that has come in and out the last hour or so, the fact that jeb bush will be talking to all of the candidates except for donald trump ahead of our republican debate tomorrow night? i'm curious about your thoughts on that and what a conversation between jeb bush and marco rubio would like look like. >> i don't know how i guess beneficial jeb bush's endorsement may be. it might even be the kiss of death in this campaign season. talk about voters not being that into you, they certainly weren't into jeb bush. and right now marco rubio's campaign is also in the same kind of utter free fall and collapse. it's really amazing because you know he was in that neck-and-neck dual with ted cruz just two and a half weeks ago. then all of a sudden as soon as he got into the gutter with donald trump -- and it wasn't
12:42 pm
that debate so much where he actually started really hitting on donald trump hard on policy wise, but it was the following day where he was at that rally and he had that whole thing about the big hands. oh, the small hands, and you know what they say about guys with small hands. >> right. >> he started going into the gutter there. and trump finished him off by -- you know, he ran him over with the trump dump truck, so to speak. >> so let's continue with your analogy, and let's maybe say the what if game could be that the donald trump dump truck runs him over right here in florida march 15th. what are the political repercussions of that for the florida senator? >> well, i mean, that's -- the thing is, if he does not pull out before the actual primary day, which you know now there is there are murmurs all over the place. obviously cnn had that report earlier this week. the twitter versus also has those rumblings that marco might
12:43 pm
be hearing some pressure from his donors to pull out now before he totally loses face. again, his campaign spokesman denies it 100%, says it's fiction. but the more i hear -- you know, the more i hear his people talk and marco talk i wonder if it's more like baghdad bob. he is saying everything is fine, we are just where we want to be. i don't know how many presidential candidates, successful ones go 2 for their first 24 and oeng only single digits in their last four or six contests. it's just -- the floor has obviously fallen out below. in my mind it's not a matter of if his complain is going to end but just a question of when. >> michael mayo, someone who would know, sun sentinel columnist here in the great state of florida. thank you so much. and coming up next, new sound just in from donald trump himself. what has he now said? we'll play it for you next.
12:44 pm
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donald trump coming off of three massive wins last night, super tuesday part two we'll call it. i just sat down with anderson cooper in palm beach. here's a piece of that. >> huge night last night. did you have any idea that you were going to win as big as you did? >> well, i felt good. mississippi i was there three or four times and it was like a lovefest so i felt really good about it. michigan has been great. i have so many friends there. i had no idea it would be that big. >> do you think it's the message on trade particularly in michigan that was effective? sanders winning as well there with a very similar message on trade. >> i think they want strength, i think they want military, i
12:49 pm
think they want to take care of vets, i think they hate obamacare. ultimately it's about jobs and the economy. michigan has been stripped. you look at those empty factories all over the place and nobody hits that message better than me. >> two new polls out today, you are way ahead here in florida. almost, i think, 2-1 against rubio and even in ohio leading kasich six points and seven points in each poll. if you win florida, if you win ohio, is it over? >> i think so, yeah. i think if i win those two, i think it's over. >> if you win ohio, kasich drops out and you win florida and rubio is gone and it's just you and cruz, if you don't get all the delegates needed to win by the convention -- >> i think if i win ohio and i win florida, pretty much you're going to be assured of doing that. >> you think you'll get all the delegates? >> i think so, yeah. i don't see the convention going that route. i see probably getting the delegates. you know, it's like the fighters, that's the ultimate way of doing it, you knock them
12:50 pm
out. if you knock them out, nothing can happen. >> you want to go for a knockout. >> i'd rather go for a knockout, yes. >> he wants the knockout. you can watch the entire interview tonight at 8:00 eastern. speaking of delegates here, 461. that is the number of delegates donald trump has won thus far in this election process. the majority by 101. those are the people's votes but this is not a direct election. after trump supporters cast those votes, those votes then get distributed among pledged delegates. trump will take these votes to the convention floor along with any more that he wins over the next few crucial months. but if he doesn't get to that magic number, 1,237, that he needs to be the party's nominee, it is at that point, people like mitt romney have strategized that the only remaining way to beat him is through a contested or brokered convention. so begins a political process that is so very much out of the control of the people. so joining me now who had this
12:51 pm
phenomenal piece in "time" magazine, zeke miller, political reporter for "time," the questions you're embarrassed to about in regard to a brokered convention. first of all, if he doesn't hit 1237, he says he is, let's say he doesn't. you go to the convention and he needs a majority after round one, correct? >> to win the nomination on the first ballot, you need 1237 pledged on the way in. all but 95%, 96% of the delegates to a convention are pledged so that means about 90, 95 will go in unpledged. there's a little flexibility for trump. if he's just a few numbers short, he'll be fine. if he doesn't hit it by a significant margin -- >> then what? >> that's when things get interesting. this is what we're going for. if we can get multiple ballots, you start seeing ted cruz, that's his whole strategy right now, really anyone else in this race is betting on getting 1237 at the convention rather than
12:52 pm
beforehand. it's very, very hard, sort of hitting a perfect shot for them to do it beforehand. they have to do it at the convention. >> but then there's this whole rules committee, which is incredibly powerful and ultimately they could make or break, like you've pointed out, there was a bit about ron paul. they didn't want ron paul to get the nomination so they threw this little piece in there and they can do that with these candidates. >> the rules committee can do anything. at the convention the delegates run the entire show and the rules committee sets the agenda for the rest of the convention. the rules committee can pass a rule and send it to the full convention that says you must have blue hair to be the republican nominee for president. >> they can do anything. >> they can do anything. they can get rid of the delegate process. they have that sort of power. there's no law here. this is a party function. the democracy is secondary to the party. >> when do you have the potential deals being made, hey, you go this way, we'll go this way, assuming trump doesn't get
12:53 pm
the majority. >> it will probably start as early as march 15th if donald trump doesn't win both florida and ohio. then it's going to be very hard for him to start hitting 1237. even now he needs to win 50% of the outstanding delegates and that's a hard thing to do with three other people in the race. >> he wants them to stay in. >> he wants them to stay in a little bit right now. it's very hard for anyone else to do that. for ted cruz, maybe try to cut a deal with marco rubio or john kasich, whichever one gets out, try to get some of their support. then you have that option of a white knight coming in. that's very, very unlikely, particularly when you have ted cruz, who is very close to trump in the delegate count right now. >> do you think you'll be covering a brokered convention? do you think we'll have this conversation when it's really happening? >> it's 40% to 60% right now. say 50-50. >> appreciate the math. we'll talk again i'm sure. zeke miller, "time" magazine, thank you. on this race and all the words being thrown out there, even kids know that all of this name calling, the attack ads and
12:54 pm
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let me just say this. this is not so much a question, so much as it is a compliment. on behalf of all the american people, i want to thank you for bringing a little class to the republican debates. >> bring a little class, so says the bernie sanders impersonator who john kasich just brought up to the stage there at a rally in illinois. speaking of keeping it classy, the presidential candidates this year have been compared to children. but maybe even that is an insult to children. our own great kelly wallace sat down with a bunch of third and fourth graders in new jersey to
12:59 pm
check in. >> have you noticed there's a lot of fieghting? >> yes. >> what do you think of that? >> i do not like that. it's like they're 10 years old. >> do you fight like that with your friends? >> no. >> i might like that with my brother. >> any candidate that's running should not yell or anything. >> so of all those candidates, who's your favorite and why? >> i'm not really sure, but i know who my least favorite is. donald trump. >> donald trump. >> because i've heard that he might build a wall dividing mexico and the usa. and he seems like a bully. >> who's your favorite and why? >> donald trump. >> donald trump. why? >> because i feel like he's a strong leader. it's like even though he yells, yes, but you don't want someone who's just quiet and sits there in the corner. >> he's not talking about what he's going to do. he's just saying you won't believe what you see when i'm president. it will be awesome, it will be amazing. what's going to be so amazing? what's so awesome? what are you going to do? >> who's your favorite and why?
1:00 pm
>> hillary clinton. >> oh, my gosh. we need more kids on the news. the kids, the kids. thank you so much for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin here at the university of miami. we'll be back here same time tomorrow. but don't move a muscle, "the lead" with jim sciutto starts right now. >> thank you, brooke baldwin. democrats about to square off after the biggest upset of the season. "the lead" starts right now. bernie sanders shocking hillary clinton in michigan, pulling off a win not even his own campaign saw coming. and this right before another big debate on cnn tonight. donald trump keeps rolling as questions mount about whether marco rubio's campaign can survive another disappointing finish. can he stay afloat through his own home state of florida? plus, breaking news in the war on terror. u.s. air strikes zeroing in on isis chemical weapons after