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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> are you telling me there's another debate in ten days. >> there's one on the books for salt lake city, but no sponsor has been announced. i think they are waiting to see what happens tuesday. >> i think tonight's debate was a -- we saw in tonight's debate what a normal race could have looked like if it was a policy discussion. for a while there it felt like they had all xanax in their water. it was all about issues and it was all about policy. i think it worked for them not to go after trump because it takes away from him that platform. there were no moments about little marco and lying ted in this debate. it was a different subdued donald trump. >> tell me you didn't miss that a little bit? i'm kidding. >> you mean the penis reference? okay. >> you didn't have to spell it out.
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>> i think marco rubio did a good job for dade county. i think when john king goes to the board on tuesday night and we look at northern florida, i think donald trump is going to dominate northern florida to a degree we've never seen any candidate do and i think because of north florida i think he's going to carry the state. >> it was a good night for everybody and a good night for everybody right now means nothing changed and nothing changing is really good if you're the front-runner. so donald trump still in the lead. >> do you agree with marco rubio who said earlier to wolf blitzer that whoever wins florida is going to get the nomination. >> i think that's pretty accurate. that has been the case in the last two primary elections and it will be this time as well. >> what about ohio? >> i think ohio -- i think john kasich is probably more has a better chance to make a case there as a favorite son candidate, but is unlikely to be a candidate that would win enough delegates, obviously it's
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almost impossible for him or serve as a fusion candidate. in a contested convention. >> trump-kasich. >> if rubio loses kasich became the last mainstream candidate standing. what does that mean? who knows? >> can you see any of those as a vp to trump? >> cruz. >> we'll see. the tribe has spoken. thanks very much for watching. "new day" starts after this quick break.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to special early edition of "new day." chris and i are live at the university of miami. john berman is in new york for us. chris and i are at the site of the final republican debate here in florida. there was a major shift in tone last night. the gop rivals opted for policy and they talked trade and social security and islam among other hot topics. donald trump appeared presidential and some said low key than the previous debates. >> ted cruz only had eyes for donald trump. he made it clear it is a two-man
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race with one choice. him. marco rubio entered the night a desperate man. did he do enough to survive? we will ask senator rubio in the 7:00 hour. all of this comes as trump picks up endorsement of one-time rival dr. ben carson this morning. let's begin our coverage with cnn's manu raju. manu, this had a lot of heads shaking yesterday when it came out. >> reporter: absolutely. it is like the candidates could not beat trump at his own game. no more name calling or talking over each other. ted cruz and marco rubio avoided each other all together. while there were certainly pointed jabs, candidates tried to focus largely on why they should be president. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> reporter: a major shift in tone at the gop debate. the rivals moves away from the
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personal attacks in the past. >> have you seen his hands. >> i call him lying ted. >> reporter: and civil contrast on policy. >> trade deals are killing our country. the only way we will do it is we have to do taxes. >> donald is right about the problems. his solutions don't work. the effect of a 45% tariff is when you go to the store and shopping for your kids, the prices you pay go up 45%. >> the 45% tax is a threat. it is not a tax. it is a threat. it will be a tax if they don't behave. >> reporter: social security. >> it is my absolute intention to leave social security the way it is. not increase the age and to leave it as is. we will get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. >> the bottom line is we cannot tip toe around this and get rid
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of fraud and abuse. you still have hundreds of billions of deficit you have to make up. >> reporter: and middle east peace. >> if i go in, i'm pro israel. i told that to anybody who would listen. i would like to have the other side think i'm somewhat neutral as to them so we can maybe get a deal done. >> the policy donald outlined, i don't know if he realizes is an anti-israeli policy. i don't think that is your intent. there is no peace deal possible at this moment. there isn't. there is no one to negotiate with. >> reporter: the audience chuckling at trump's response to whether he would close the u.s. embassy in cuba. >> i would probably have the embassy closed until a deal is struck with the united states. >> and rubio jumped in. >> cuba has free elections. cuba stops putting people in jail for speaking out. cuba has freedom of the press. cuba kicks out the russians from
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lords and kicks out the chinese listening station. >> reporter: rubio looking for any opportunity to go after trump in the do-or-die debate for him. >> last night, you told cnn, quote, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? >> i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. >> there's tremendous hatred. i will stick with exactly what i said to anderson cooper. >> the problem is the president cannot just say anything he wants. >> i don't want to be so politically correct. i like to solve problems. we have a serious problem of hate. >> i'm not interested in being politically correct. i'm asked in being correct. >> reporter: now, of course, the big question is how much does this change the race heading into tuesday? particularly here in florida where rubio must win to survive.
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rubio campaign officials say this race is tightening to the low single digits and say he is doing better than many polls are showing. they hope this performance was a game changer last night. >> manu, thank you. no doubt they are holding out the x factor here. the early voting may be a game changer here in the race. donald trump's comments about islam, as you heard, they were a hot topic last night. we caught up with trump after the debate and asked if he wanted to clarify that position. >> you said there's a hatred coming from islam to the united states. >> no doubt. >> the criticism is but not from all muslims, but from some. you understand the sensitivity to it. you call it political correctness. >> always. >> the counter is it is just correctness. >> i don't want to say anything. i answered the question. i answered it many times.
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there's a great hatred and we have to get to the bottom of it. >> the concern is you are painting with too broad a brush. >> there's a lot of -- you look at the mosques and go to various places and you look at what's going on there. it is virtually 100%. certainly you could say radical islam is a disaster right now. it is causing tremendous problems worldwide. not just here. the question was asked about islam. there's a great hatred. no question about it. >> one of the people on the stage with you tonight said it makes an environment around the world where muslims feel the united states has negativity toward them. >> we have to run our own place. we have a country with a lot of problems. a lot of debt. a lot of weakened military. we have so many different problems right now. we are just going to have to do our thing. the question was asked to me. you probably heard the audience. i don't do it for the audience.
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i don't care in terms of doing it for the audience. i'm not talking about doing it as incorrect. there is animosity like i have never seen before. hopefully we can straighten it out. >> this was a big moment last night because it is one of the things that may mean one thing in the room as mr. trump said, but it could mean something different in the general election. let's bring back our friend manu raju to talk about that and david gregory and cnn commentator. >> you see donald trump and his sloppiness talking about radical islam and muslims who hate the west. that lack of precision is one area where he is undermined as a general election candidate assuming he is in a strong position to get the nomination.
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social security. any serious politician who wants to get right with social security. these are issues that become a problem in a general election. last night, he showed a different side to himself. he was more presidential. he was more serious and less cutting. for the first time, he stopped talking about himself. he said all these people are behind me. it is time as a party, whatever you think of me, to unite. i think he did have a sense of a moment. a sense that come next week, he could be in an absolute commanding position to capture the nomination. >> matt, did the gop rivals miss an opportunity? when trump said something, they were so focused on making the tone higher, that when he says things, somebody should have said 1.6 billion muslims do not hate us, mr. trump. that is not leadership. they did not do that. >> that would have been a good marco rubio or john kasich move. >> rubio tried.
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rubio said it, but he said things like they love america. he didn't say it as forcefully as he could have. >> i think they go into the things with game plans they want to execute. i think they did. i think rubio went into the debate trying to get back to the marco rubio that we all knew and loved. the guy who is optimistic and he did that. i think that it was -- i don't know if it is enough to win florida, but i think he definitely did well. i think you have to pick your spots. i think rubio seized on the cuba issue and the castro regime. that was where i think he stood up to trump. that's where it matters in south florida. >> there is also something that was done last night, manu, that made it trickier to go at donald trump. the time elements were changed last night. more time to respond to a question. there was longer rebuttal time. if you said his name, you know, he who shall not be named. if you do that, he got 45 seconds to come back.
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you heard senator cruz many times say now, if a candidate were to -- if a candidate were to -- then he would outline what trump would say. >> going in, jake tapper, the moderator, said, look, you candidates cannot talk over each other. they actually listened to him. you did not see that at all last time. >> he was in command last night which was an important tone setter. >> there was no lying ted or little marco. none of that stuff to draw them into the fray. >> you understand from donald trump's point of view. next week, he could be on the verge of getting the nomination. he wants to hang back and run out the clock and show the country and party and the general electorate that he can do that. it is still upon the others to make the case against him. >> you think cruz was doing that? >> that's what i would say. rubio was strong for himself and
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rising above the fray and showing why he is a big part of the future of the republican party. cruz is very effective. drawing that contrast. issuing a litany. why he is not a real conservative. look how often he compared him to hillary clinton and making the case there's not enough of a contrast there and he would ultimately lose to hillary clinton. i thought that was well done by cruz. trying to disqualify trump. hasn't worked so far. >> i was surprised there was not more from marco rubio to draw the contrast. cruz was effective. going in, i was talking to rubio officials yesterday. they made it seem they would be pretty aggressive against donald trump. not necessarily on the school yard taunts which he was embarrassed about. he tried that on cuba and other issues. he pulled punches on immigration. he could have brought back questions about trump's business dealings, which rubio still
2:18 am
thinks is fair game. he avoided that. i was surprised. >> did they do enough to change any minds in the final debate before the primaries on tuesday? >> if you are marco rubio, one state and one state only matters. that is florida. that's the whole calculus. >> he nailed the cuba issue. >> that may be all that matters. i think the race will tighten. i'm not predicting rubio wins, but he did good last night. >> here are the polls. when you crunch the numbers all together. this is florida, republicans choice for nominee, donald trump still getting 40%. rubio getting 26%. cruz, 18% and kasich, 8%. >> go to the smell factor. there have been 1.5 million ballots cast already in florida. many of them came at a time when rubio looked like the best deal going in the race. what's the change that is a swing that is unknown? that is one-third of the expected ballots cast.
2:19 am
>> we look to the late deciders. >> it is right to rubio. >> they tend to break toward rubio. i think cruz is coming off victories. you look at trump's strength in mississippi and in the south. almost 50% in mississippi. that says something about how he may perform in the northern part of the state. >> key distinction. the different parts of florida. >> i think that's a big piece of it. rubio's got a chance to surprise. if kasich surprises in ohio, there is a chance for this race to swing away from trump and keep it going. >> panel, thank you. great to have you here this morning. coming up on "new day," we will talk to senator marco rubio. he will be live in our 7:00 hour. stick around for that. policy differences instead of personal attacks at the republican debate. how would the candidates describe their differences? we will show you coming up. at rt it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support.
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so it was a republican debate unlike the previous 11. this one was soft on tone, hard on substance. who won on the issues? let's bring back david gregory and senior analyst and editor of the atlantic, ron brownstein and maeve reston. let's look at a couple of moments. let's start with social security and show the contrasts. watch this. >> i will do everything within my power not to touch social security. to leave it the way it is and make this country rich again. bring back our jobs. get rid of deficits and get rid of waste, fraud and abuse. >> the numbers don't add up. the bottom line is we can't continue to tip toe around this and though out things i'll get
2:25 am
rid of fraud and abuse. let's get rid of fraud and abuse. >> okay, ron. they went on from there. >> donald trump has brought to the surface that is just under the surface for years. there are some that don't want to end entitlement programs. if you asked about paul ryan's program, they would oppose that, too. it is edgy and opposition al about immigration and trade, but it is defending the entitlement. republican voters make a distinction between the programs for the elderly which they view as earned and transfer which is unearned. donald trump brought that forward for a congressional republican majority that has looked at the spending to bring the federal budget in balance. >> there is nothing unusual and
2:26 am
not a huge point of inflection on the night. >> i don't think they used the opportunity last night. i think there were a lot of moments where cruz and rubio could have gone after donald trump a lot harder and made more policy distinctions. the thing which is frustrated about his campaign is how little he got into specifics. he got off the hook a lot last night. >> you don't think cruz did that? it is easy to say the problem. it is the solution. >> without saying his name, it is like how effective is that punch? nobody ever seems to be able to pin down donald trump on specifics and i think that's been a problem throughout the campaign. >> i have a slightly different view. if we keep our concentration on the fact that as strong as trump is in primary voters, we see him
2:27 am
as a general election candidate. he is not up to 50%. on trade, he is talking about a tax on consumers. if there is a tariff on chinese goods, you pay 45% more. no serious candidate on social security takes about waste, fraud and abuse. give cruz credit. he talked about raising the retirement age and having private accounts for younger workers. >> rubio talked about raising the age. >> not an issue now, but there could be sustained attacks. how about isis? he wants to beat them to hell and come back. he wants to commit u.s. forces? for how long? what is the role after the war? what is the leadership role? he wants to come back and build bridges in america? these are vulnerabilities that show the shallowness on policy. >> let's talk about foreign policy. there is a distinction of
2:28 am
israel. listen to this moment. >> frankly, one concern i have with donald is the language is quite incendiary. when you look at substantive policies on iran, he said he would not rip up the iranian nuclear deal. that is a mistake on israel. donald wants to be neutral with israel and the palestinians. as president, i will not be neutral. >> you look at the foreign policy issues and you see how far donald trump is from where the republican party has been in recent years. some ways, it is reminiscent of the realism of george w.h. bush. i'm the dealmaker with the palestinians and israels. bush tried to be a tipping point neutral figure. his view we will be tough and come home, people describe as a
2:29 am
jacks jacksonian policy. i thought my take away of the debate was that it reminded me of the issues of where donald trump departs from the republican party and how change the direction to choose him as no nominee. >> that is the huge difference with rubio and trump on that issue. we will see him hit that repeatedly leading up to the contest on tuesday. >> they love hearing ted cruz ripping up the iran deal. >> that is a big deal for jewish voters in florida. >> certainly the israeli/palestinian issue will resonate here. the idea of ripping up the iran deal is great. you will have experts come in and saying if you do that, you are in a worse position than ever. >> panel, thank you. great to talk to you. cnn will have complete coverage of super tuesday number three.
2:30 am
five states head to the polls. including florida and ohio winner take all states. that is tuesday here on cnn. >> probably a little bit late, but i don't think the super tuesday one, two, three worked as well as we thought. that's a great idea. >> george foreman. >> the nation says farewell to nancy reagan today. this is a moment where they took time to pause and respect last night. we will give you a final tribute to the first lady coming straight ahead. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1
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breaking overnight.
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a serious fire in the boyle heights neighborhood of los angeles. more than 100 firefighters battling the flames which caused a 70,000 square foot commercial building to collapse. no injuries reported. a shakeup at the wounded warrior project. two top executives fired after questions raised about the non-profit's lavish spending. the charity watch dog discovered 60% of the $330 million budget went to veterans with big allocations for parties and conferences. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest at the presidential library in simi valley, california. 1,000 people are expected to attend, including first lady michelle obama and former first ladies bush and carter. stay with the live coverage of the funeral. it all begins at 1:30 p.m. all right. the republicans not to mention
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we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. before last night's gop debate even began, the chairman of the rnc, reince priebus made the case clear. any republican is a better alternative than a democrat come november. take a listen. >> can you agree with me without question that any one of the four gentlemen could be better than a hillary clinton or bernie sanders, a socialist. >> that is reince priebus. let's discuss the impact of the night's events and what it means
2:41 am
in the nights to come. we have hillary clinton supporter maria cardona and bernie sanders supporter sally kohn. it is clear, you guys stink. how do you feel looking at the stage last night? >> i still feel pretty good. although the people we saw on the stage last night were different than the folks we saw a couple weeks ago and in debates past because they were focused on substance. as a democrat, the substance was wrong. they were focused on substance as opposed to each other. what is interesting, there were few attacks on hillary which said to me they were focused on trying to take each other out. the three non-trump candidates were trying to take trump out, but not in the way that marco rubio did in the past couple weeks. >> sally kohn, a head scratcher for you? it was a lot of trade talk last
2:42 am
night. >> not a head scratcher at all. it is fortunately a moment and i'm pained to find one good thing that donald trump said. i agree with him on trade policy. that is where he is tapping into a position that neither the democratic nor republican establishment hold. they have to face facts that trade deals have been pretty bad for american workers and not great for low wage workers in other countries either. that's good to hear. what is also good to hear, donald trump pressed on other positions, including for instance stance on muslims, suggesting that yeah, he thinks most of the world's 1.6 billion muslims hate america. that kind of thing is really hard to stomach as a human being. it is very hard for the electorate in general to stomach, too. i hope. >> what says?
2:43 am
that's right. the last part of your answer may be the most relevant. i hope. not only did it play well in the room. if we know one thing about mr. trump, he does not hold positions because he feels they are unpopular. is this the mood in the country, sally? >> first of all, the most important thing that democrats and independent voters can realize at this moment is this is not a game. donald trump could be the nominee, but he could be elected president. there are any number of scenarios in which this could happen. not only having someone mischaracterize 1.6 billion people, including peaceful and patriotic muslims in the country. majority of whom are peaceful. having someone do that and as he did last night, barely denounces the incredibly ugly violence we have seen of his supporters against protesters.
2:44 am
one of his supporters punched a protester in the face and said if i had a chance, maybe we should kill him next time. i really, really, really hope that our best selves in our hearts can do better than that. >> he did say i don't condone that kind of violence. when you talk about hillary clinton and you see what is playing out on the stage, how concerned are you or you will say you are not concerned at all. why do you think hillary clinton can match the mood as a reflection of the country on that stage? >> i think that democrats need to be careful in taking that for granted. i do think that if it comes to a match up between hillary and donald trump, she will win. >> why? >> it will be tough. because frankly one of the things that sally said. i think the american people are a lot more sympathetic and inclusive than that stage was last night and the electorate that stage was speaking to last night. you can see it in the
2:45 am
demographics of the state of florida. the demographics of florida are helpful to hillary, first of all, in the primary. in the general election, very helpful to democrats. the diversity of the state is 14.6% of latino voters. a large percent of african-american voters. this is different from the deviivisiveness of the republic. >> thank you, sally and maria. sanders and clinton will face-off in a town hall two days before the primary there. still very big. that will be sunday. 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. you just heard us talking here. one thing that came up last night is there is a lot of violence that breaks out at donald trump rallies. what do you mean a lot?
2:46 am
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a violent moment at a trump rally wednesday when a 78-year-old trump supporter punched a 23-year-old protester. here you see it. that is the moment he sucker punched him. the victim, already escorted out, by the way, fell to the ground. violence has broken out at trump rallies before. jake tapper talked about this last night at the debate. let's talk about this with kevin madden and political director
2:51 am
matt schaub. there is a troubling issue with violence breaking out at trump rallies. jake tapper asked him about it and asked if he bears any responsibility. >> do you believe you have done anything to create a tone where this violence would be encouraged? >> i hope not. i truly hope not. i will say this. we have 25,000 to 30,000 people. people come with tremendous passion and love for the country. you see some cases, this someone case. i have heard about it. i haven't seen it. when they see what is going on in this country, they have anger that is unbelievable. they have anger. >> kevin, is that the right response? >> no. i think he should say he was wrong. i think every organization is a reflection of its principle. if you see these before, he
2:52 am
would say i wish i could punch him in the face and get that guy out. that sets the tone. you have violence like this that happens and will continue to happen unless donald trump condemns it or takes action against those that have perpetrated the acts of violence. it wasn't the right answer. he should have said it was wrong. we need to change the rhetoric. >> the victim here, the 23-year-old, who was punched, also believes that donald trump ginned up the crowd. listen. >> on our way out, we were getting heckled by the crowd and donald trump himself was -- how can i put this? >> encouraging. >> he was encouraging the crowd. he was encouraging the crowd to jeer and encouraging the police to escort me out as i was being escorted out, you can see on the
2:53 am
video i was hit. >> has donald trump encouraged some of this behavior? >> i think the rhetoric is overheated. he should have been stronger last night. he should condemn these types of things. especially at his events. i think donald trump is trying to transition into somebody who appeals to people not as a candidate, but as someone who could be president. he modulated his tone last night. he needs to make sure these times of things that when they happen, he clearly condemns it. >> he moderated his tone, but he is not exactly showing leadership. there is a way to show leadership on this and say this is unacceptable. there is no circumstance where i will condone violence at my rallies. he dances around. it people are passionate. >> i had an argument about this last night, too. presidential campaigns reveal a candidate's character. character is an important test
2:54 am
for voters. one of the things you see, other candidates admit when they are wrong. others have risen to the occasion and said they want to change the course of the conversati conversation. donald trump hasn't done that yet. it is another test that he still has which is to show he is willing to say he's wrong. some of what he has done is encouraged improper actions and we shouldn't have that talk. >> the other thing i will say there is an unsanitized nature to the trump crowds. others don't have that problem. they have a more traditional button down audience. >> his rallies are more raucous. they are livelier. to kevin's point, he himself said i wish i would like to punch him in the face. if you punch him, knock the hell out of him. i'll pay the legal fees. that doesn't help the mood of a
2:55 am
raucous crowd. >> when i see what is happening around the country. we are in a raw political moment. we are going to need a president to figure out a way forward and we have to work together to get there. i think that's really at the end of the day, that is so much what this presidential campaign is about. >> i understand people's anger, but violence is not something that should be happening. >> kevin and matt, thank you. coming up on "new day," we will talk to senator marco rubio. he will be live in the 7:00 hour. stick around. we have more ahead on the high stakes debate. the four republican hopefuls sparring on all of the issues. we will break down their differences next. heart isn't pumping well.orsen r (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed.
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a lot has happened in the last ten months. >> i'm a businessman and i have to do what i have to do. >> the presidents cannot just say anything they want. >> this is not about insults or attacks. >> we're all in this together. i cannot believe how civil it has been. >> i cannot wait to say madam secretary, you are asking for a third term of a failed administration. >> hopefully we will all come to our senses. >> there's two of us that can and two of us that cannot at this moment. >> what's true today is not necessarily true tomorrow. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." alisyn and i are live at the u. j.b. is in new york. the four candidates toning it way down in the final debate before the crucial win


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