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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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counting down to super tuesday and voters will be lining up in just a few hours. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the whole thing could come down
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to win or take all contests in florida and ohio. could this be the last chance republican powers at be to stop donald trump? and on the democratic side, can hillary deliver a knockout blow to the bernie sanders campaign? rosa, first, is trump worried about winning ohio? is that why he's there tonight? >> reporter: you know, don, the answer is yes, absolutely. right now in the polls, kasich and trump are head to head and every single vote counts. that's why was here. he flew from florida, held this event here and then he flew right back to florida. but we've got to mention this. lately, in the past week, all of the trump events have been overshadowed by protesters, probably the most explosive in chicago at the university of
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illino illinois know where protesters and supporters clashed, leading to the cancellation of that event. so what happened here today in ohio? something very different. the trump campaign controlling the message. hear this. they asked supporters, attendees, to park about seven miles from this location and then they screened them and bussed them to this location. did it work? absolutely. not one disruption during tonight's event. donald trump speaking about ohio and how it should be a big win for him but, again, the bottom line, ohio means big for trump because this could mean that he gets his rivals out of the way, including kasich and for kasich, of course, it could be a big win. he could change the narrative of
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this campaign if he wins big in his home state. >> rosa, we did see sarah palin out stumping for him. tell us about that. >> reporter: well, sarah palin was out in full force and in full color as well. palin had colorful words for protesters. >> we've needed a revolution! and we found our revolutionary! donald j. trump is that revolutionary. what we don't have time for is all that petty punk ass stuff that's been going on with these quote/unquote protesters! >> again, the trump organization controlling the message, bussing attendees to the venue here in ohio to avoid clashes between supporters and protesters. don? >> rosa, thank you.
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sara, how confident is marco rubio on the eve of the primary? >> reporter: well, he and his campaign are still insisting that they have a good shot to win here in florida but, of course, they are facing a steep, uphill climb and marco rubio at his events, he was very reflective, not only on where he has come from in this campaign but also used regret about getting down there in and not sounding as presidential and talked about violence at his own rallies and also sort of seemed beside himself saying that humility used to be a virtue and now it seems to be a weakness. >> we have a culture today which what used to be wrong is now considered right. my whole life i've been told, being humble is a virtue.
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and now being humble is a weakness and being vain and self-absorbed is somehow a virtue. my whole life i've been told, no matter how you might feel about someone, you respect everyone. because we are all children of the same god. >> reporter: and don, we've heard these kinds of comments from marco over and over again and it gives you a sense going into tomorrow, it's not just a fight for his campaign and for the future of his campaign to win florida but also as a fight between the values and conservativism that he holds dear versus what they hear from donald trump. a number of republicans are telling me that not only do they hate the kind of politics that donald trump is espousing but they are also kind of afraid of it. don? >> are there signs, sara, that marco rubio may be out if he doesn't do well tomorrow? >> reporter: well, his campaign is being very careful to say
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that that is not the case. they are not saying that if he doesn't win florida he will all of a sudden get out of the race but his super pac, for instance, hasn't reserved any time on the airwaves. they are bolstering him in florida. that's sort of telling him, just the fact that it is his super pac spending on the airwaves in florida, it's not the campaign, tells you they are having a problem raising the kind of money that they need to post an aggressive stance against donald trump. of course, that all could change if rubio pulls out a surprise victory here but it gives you a sense of sort of the obstacles he's going to face if he does lose florida and still for some reason decides to stay in this race. don? >> sara murray and rosa flores, thanks to all of you. mat lewis is a senior contributor and author of "too dumb to fail" and kayleigh mcenany and margaret hoover. matt, you say tomorrow is the most important day in the election season so far. are you nervous?
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>> no. i don't get nervous about that. but it is. i think it's the most important because, look, if donald trump wins both, then i think he's going to get the delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. if he loses both states, it's very likely we have a contested convention. if he wins one state and loses another, which i suspect he probably will, then in that case, the muddle goes on. it's a chance for trump to close it out or for the empire to struck back. >> kayleigh, is ohio trump's stiffest competition? >> it is an important state and a win or take all and a popular governor. 62% approval rating. trump's strong point there is hitting kasich on nafta. this is a region of the country that has been hurt with manufacturing jobs and saying your jobs have gone overseas. i'm here. i'm your anti-free trade person. yes, it's his strongest competitor. he still has a shot. but even if he loses ohio and
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wins florida, he only needs 16% more of the delegates. many are win or take all states. he's in a very strong position if he walks off with florida. >> ohio has suffered economically under kasich's term as governor. ohio did very well because of the auto bailouts and, frankly, because of natural gas. there's a huge boom in that part of the country while the rest of the country was really enduring terrible unemployment rates, ohio was buttress because of this explosion in the energy industry. kasich has the ground game. kasich has the political infrastructure and the get out to vote and party apparatus. i think kayleigh is right, that's the one place that we can have confidence that donald trump can be stopped. it certainly doesn't look that way in florida. but then what? matt is right, the muddle goes on. what happens to the never trump movement? it really started as a pro-rubio, pro-mainstream
8:09 pm
republican movement under the guise of being anti-trump. but do mainstream republicans go with cruz or do they sit out this election or find a protest candidate? >> all right. move on. those are good questions but i need to talk quickly about florida. who wins florida? florida is in play as well. >> you want my guess? >> yeah. >> it's looking like trump right now. i have to say, those numbers shall -- these are just analysts marco rubio's numbers seem to have really dropped over the weekend and a monmouth poll that came outset 22% of people think the violence in donald trump helps donald trump, not hurt him. >> donald trump is ahead in most of the polls and most of them by 20 points. the question for me tomorrow is not does donald trump win in florida, but does ted cruz beat marco rubio in his home state? if marco rubio lost but lost to both trump and cruz, it would mean more credence to this narrative of it is an outsider election.
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>> matt, what happens -- kasich wins ohio, trump wins florida and then cruz comes in second in florida and rubio comes in third in his own home state? >> i don't think that's going to happen. look, cuban-americans in south florida are historically difficult to poll. i think marco rubio is going to do better than people think. i think trump wins florida. >> do you think he's going to win it? >> no. i think trump wins florida and i think rubio does better than we think. if you watch and played that clip of him earlier, he had gotten off and was talking about donald trump's hand size or whatever, this is the marco rubio, if he goes out, he's going to go out in style. you know, it is what it is but i think he's going to hold his head high with the comments he's making and i think he's right on track right now. >> all right. everyone stay with me. when we come back, could an open convention be the worst for all possibilities for the party and is there a third-party candidate waiting in the wing?
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just hours from now, the polls are going to open in five states holding primaries on super tuesday. back with me now, matt lewis, kayleigh mcenany and margaret hoover. we've been going back and forth about this strategy, what's going to go on here. what is plan b? many people are saying we need to stop donald trump. what is the plan b here, matt? >> well, look, if donald trump doesn't get the requisite delegates he needs to clinch the
8:15 pm
nomination, it goes to the convention and that means he would not have gotten the majority of the delegates which means the majority of the delegates could coalesce on a second ballot if he's not able to get enough it will be a chance for him because there are some delegates actually undeclared, try to get in the first -- if he doesn't get them, it's fair game. >> good. let's talk about that. we were talking about in the break, many people say, okay, then it will be stealing it from donald trump. but if he actually doesn't have it, then it's not a steal. >> right. exactly. >> kayleigh, you don't agree with that? >> i completely disagree with that, matt. if donald trump ends with the most votes, he has the moral mandate to win this election, more republican voters, independent voters, people who have spoken have spoken on behalf of donald trump and any other candidate. explain to me how any other candidate -- explain to me, matt, how any other candidate, who is shy of having the most of
8:16 pm
the people's votes has a stronger moral mandate -- >> margaret has some explaining to do. >> i've got this. you can come in and blow up the republican party but you can't blow up the rules before the rules have played out. everybody agreed to put themselves under the rules of 1237 is the majority. if you move the goal post, you're changing the rules to suit your own status. if he's a strong enough leader, he'll win the 1237. you shouldn't have to worry about that. >> you shouldn't have to jockey for -- you've had the establishment saying, this is the way it works. we'll jockey for delegates. >> but it is about delegates. >> it should be about the voice of the people and this is the problem the people have had with the republican party. we don't care what you think, voters. we care what the delegates think. >> but do you agree or not agree that we all decide we're going
8:17 pm
to play a game according to a certain set of rules, we're going to have a presidential contest according to a certain set of rules and we ascribe those rules and don't change the goal posts before we get to the end. >> i was sitting with a bunch of pundits bragging about how the rules are made in april, how they look forward to making some of these rules in april. many of these rules -- >> go ahead. >> that's problematic. >> i think this is indicative of a larger point. i believe in the rule of law and that's what this is. these are rules. and by the way, the only way that somebody could steal the election from donald trump would be if a majority of the delegates decide on somebody other than donald trump at the convention. those are the rules. >> matt, the rules about -- of what plays out -- the rules that are played out in the convention, many of them are made just before the convention. it's barred in the united states from doing that. >> let's part and then we're moving on. >> not the rules are going to be changed now. this is an open, clear and
8:18 pm
transparent process. there are bathroom deals and somebody is going to oversee this process. contested is what everyone is hoping on. contested is an open process. >> let's talk about the violence that's been playing out at some of the donald trump events. you think that's going to have an effect tomorrow night? is it going to help or hurt him tomorrow? >> i think evidence has shown, preliminary polling has shown that it has helped donald trump solidify his support. >> do you think he's to blame, at least partially, for some of the violence? >> i think there's no way that you can detach his rhetoric and the tone that he's set from the top in all of these campaigns from the way this is playing out. >> matt? >> mega dittos there. absolutely. trump -- by the way, anytime anything negative happens in the news, if there's a riot, if there's a shooting, whatever it is, it helps trump because he's the chaos candidate. he feeds off of anything that is negative. and so, yeah, those -- you know,
8:19 pm
the violence -- the protests help trump and yes, of course, he has some responsibility, some culpability. he's creating a hostile work environment for journalists, by the way, by targeting them quite often. and also this toxic environment that encourages violence. get him out of here, get him out of here, take their coats away, i'd punch him. you know how we used to handle those guys in the old days. that's what he says. >> the violence we're seeing, largely, there have been three isolated incidents with regard to trump supporters. we've seen the problem with the left, on friday, the left shut down a rally. thousands showed up to strive fell the first amendment rights to congregate. we saw over the weekend, go read "the washington post," the police had to use pepper spray to disperse fighting among protesters and finally we saw a protester lunge at donald trump. that's problematic and most people see that. >> here's the problem. that's not happening at kasich,
8:20 pm
cruz and rubio rallies. >> because they are not front-runners. >> it never happened with mitt romney or john mccain. there is something different with donald trump. >> because he's changing the party. he's changing the party. >> it's irresponsible and it's making us more polarized. >> that's going to have to be it. thank you very much. a protester at trump's rally in chicago on friday night, who does he think is to blame for the chaos? we'll ask him, coming up. theno one surface...out there. no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension
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donald trump says there's no violence at his rallies. but as we all saw on friday night, couples pushing and shofg and protesters at his rally in chicago which ended up being canceled. jamal green is a protester who was there and he's joining me now. good evening to you. what was your involvement in those protests we saw on friday night and what did you want to accomplish? >> you know what, when we first saw that donald trump wanted to come to town, we wanted to express our first amendment right. we wanted to express that we don't want this man to be president. but not because of his policies
8:25 pm
but because of his character, because of the way he's talking about muslims, hispanics and women. we just don't see that as fit to be present. so we went to the rally to express our first amendment right and that's the only thing we wanted to do. we did not go there trying to be violent. we were just trying to tell the people why this man should not be present. >> right after those scuffles, donald trump spoke to me live here on friday after he had to canceled rally. this is what he told me about the protesters. listen. >> these were very, very bad protesters. these were bad dudes. they were very rough, tough guys and they did a lot of damage before they were taken out and they were taken out on stretchers, frankly. they ended up doing damage. nobody talks about them. nobody mentions when the protester is a violent protester and that happens. it happens not often but it happens. and when it does, i will talk about that protester much
8:26 pm
differently than i talk, well, we just have fun. >> he says that these were bad guys. if you were there, meaning you, what do you think? >> that is not true. we had pastors there, we had people of all colors and races who are actually there to peaceful protest. look, this is chicago, don. we've been doing this for four months, protesting against anita alvarez and for the most part we've been peaceful. he's got things wrong when it comes to this city. >> i know chicago very well. were you peaceful on friday night, jamal? >> we were peaceful. don, when i say that he had his own supporters, some of his supporters were trying to be violent, yelling in our faces, saying, make america white again and telling us to get out of the country. even when he canceled the rally, people were going through the hallways pushing and shoving us because they were mad that he
8:27 pm
canceled the rally but we still didn't let it go further. >> so you didn't incite any of the violence on friday? >> no. no. no violence was started on behalf of the protesters. >> okay. are the protesters provoking these confrontations by going inside of these rallies disrupting them inflaming an already intense environment? do you feel partially responsible for the chaos that was caused? >> no. not at all. because these people were going in there to express their first amendment right. see, donald trump is the one that's creating this type of culture. he's telling his people, i'll pay your legal fees. letting people punch people in the face. what if this was back in the day, people will be able to just knock him out. these are the type -- this is the type of culture he is creating. this is not something that we are going in with an intent of. >> you're saying you're going there to express your first amendment right but actually he's saying that you are going there to thwart his first amendment right because he's the one who is speaking and you're trying to shut him down.
8:28 pm
>> well, you know what, we both have first amendment rights. he's trying to forget about the other part of the first amendment right and that's the right to assemble. and the right to address -- >> peacefully assemble. >> right. and we were peacefully assembling. so we have our first amendment right and he had his so he chose not to come so he didn't exercise his first amendment right. >> i have so much to ask you. are you concerned that someone could get badly hurt or even killed? >> in the rally, yes. especially because of what he's saying. you know, he is -- he's a man with a lot of influence and the fact that he's saying, i'll pay your legal fees and, you know, the things that he's saying on the podium is sickening and hopefully nothing bad does happen but this is the type of culture that he's going to start seeing going forward because of what he's saying on the podium. >> donald trump is blaming bernie sanders supporters for the violence.
8:29 pm
you are a bernie sanders supporter. has bernie sanders instigated this in any way? >> no, no, no. this has nothing to do with senator sanders campaign. he had no idea i was going to be attending. this has to do with the tone that chicago has set. we've been protesting for four months. chicago sets the tone against politicians. we protest against rahm emanuel, anita alvarez and trump. it's something that we do. >> listen to what bernie sanders said about his supporters going to donald trump rallies. >> no, not to disrupt rallies. i won't shock you by saying that donald trump lies a whole lot. i mean, he calls me a communist. that's a lie. to suggest that our campaign is telling people to disrupt his campaign is a lie. we don't. we have millions of supporters and some of them will do what they do. but our campaign has never, not once organized any effort to disrupt mr. trump's rallies or anybody else's.
8:30 pm
>> so sanders says his supporters should not provoke any violence at the rallies. do you think his supporters will listen to that? >> definitely. because that's not the -- i saw firsthand on friday his supporters were simply expressing their first amendment right. >> are you worried that these tactics could backfire because there's a mondmouth university poll, 22% are likely to vote for him after the violence at the rally and only 11% less likely. >> i disagree with those polls. you know how i feel about those. i think people will start to look at donald trump for who he is and say, hey, why are those people protesteriing at his rallies? why do they look more into it and not want to vote for him? even his supporters, don, real quick, i'm not going to generalize, he has some supporters that do not believe that he's racist, that have not
8:31 pm
seen certain comments that he's had. i've had honest conversations with him. if his supporters actually look at the things that he's saying at the podium and type of culture that he's creating, they would back off. >> i think i know the answer to this. if he clinches the nomination, you're going to keep protesting up to november? >> listen, chicago sets the tone. so if donald trump wants to come back to chicago, he'll see what we do. >> thank you, jamal green. appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, don. up next, an ohio voter who questioned hillary clinton and bernie sanders last night at cnn's town hall. did their answer change his mind? to get where i am.journey and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be.
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we're just hours away from super tuesday round three. voters in ohio are among those voters casting ballots. one of those voters took part in last night's cnn town hall in columbus, ohio. good evening to you, doctor. thank you for coming on. >> good evening, don. it's a privilege to speak with you. >> at that town hall last night you got a chance to ask both candidates the same question. let's listen to your question. >> i'm a son of immigrants.
8:36 pm
my parents, both citizens now, have done very well in this great country and so have i. but as a 1% ethnic and religious minority, witnessing the rise of donald trump, for the first time, my family has started feeling a little uncomfortable here and, frankly, a little bit scared. if donald trump secures the republican nomination, i'm going to have one mission heading to the ballot box, which is to keep him from taking office. which democratic candidate is going to be better at helping me with that? somebody who cannot just condemn him, which is easy, but defeat him? >> good question. >> and -- and other than the usual negative rhetoric and attack ads, none of which have worked so far, what are three specific points of your anti-trump game plan?
8:37 pm
>> so what did you think of their answers? did either candidate's answer sway you one way or the other? >> you know, initially when i heard each candidate's answer, i kind of tilted towards secretary clinton answer because it had a certain amount of grit and war weariness when she said they have been going after her for 25 years and nothing had stuck so far. but it was really when i, you know -- afterwards, i went over the transcript of their responses that problems in their answers started coming out and i started sort of detecting that they may not really understand their adversary fully. >> donald trump has told me in the past, when i have asked him, that he is the least racist person you ever want to meet, that he just wants people who immigrate here to do things the right way, the way your family did. and after all, his wife melania, is an immigrant. do those things not ring true to you?
8:38 pm
and, if so, why not? >> i think those things do ring true and i absolutely think that there has to be an efficient and appropriate dignified way for people coming into this country to be citizens and legally. and i think as the best way for that to happen is legally, of course. but i think that there's a disconnect, as one would imagine, between what he's talking about, you know, to you and the rhetoric of his rallies and of his speeches and it's that rhetoric, which is trying to narrow the definition of what american is and that is the problem that i have with donald trump. >> can you -- i want you to talk about your family a bit more because you said in your question that your family feels uncomfortable and scared. when you talk about this together with your family, can you share with us what they say and what they think can happen? >> right. and i think that the main
8:39 pm
problem here is that -- and i think when historians talk about what is happening right now, they are going to point this out, which is that all of the sort of shaming mechanisms associated with political correctness, left, right and center across media outlets, wherever you want to look, all of that was triggered appropriately when donald trump started making statements about muslims, about mexicans and so on and so forth. but what didn't happen is that trump and his base were not shamed by it and what is truly frightening is that trump is incapable of being shamed and someone who is incapable of being shamed is capable of doing anything and that is what is most frightening about it. >> so you said your number one goal would be to prevent him from becoming president. the polls show that both bernie sanders and hillary clinton defeat donald trump in the general election matchup. since you say that you have that one mission at the ballot box,
8:40 pm
do you think -- which one do you think is more likely to beat him than the other? >> you know, i don't know -- i guess i -- >> you liked hillary clinton's answer. >> yes, i do. but i would argue that i don't think anyone really knows the answer to that question, who is more likely, who is not more likely because so much can happen between now and the actual election that any predictions we make now are basically, you know, we're just reading clouds right now. and i do know that whoever is running against him, if he secures the nomination, is going to have my vote and i would feel comfortable, i think, voting for either democratic candidate against trump. >> what about a republican candidate? because you were named ohio's first poet laureatte by governor john kasich. would you support him? >> absolutely. i think john kasich has done
8:41 pm
something admirable during this tough time it's a tough time to be a republican candidate and he has really made me proud to be an ohioan and proud to be associated with his name and appointed by him. he has stayed above the fray and has stayed noble when nobility is in short supply. >> what would you say to donald trump? >> i've got nothing to say to him because the less he speaks, the happier i am. >> doctor, thank you. thank you, sir. appreciate it. now i want to bring in nein turner, a surrogate for bernie sanders and bakari sellers and political analyst angela rye. the voters have been so thoughtful in their debates and
8:42 pm
in their town halls with their questioning. are they getting the campaign that they deserve? first you, bakari, since i screw up your name. >> no. bernie sellers is a new one. i think the american public is getting a robust discussion from democrats. last night, hillary clinton took on issues of war and peace, issues of the death penalty and fracking. bernie sanders had to talk about his plan for free college and tuition. we're talking about trade, robust trade proposals on each side. yes, i think the american people are getting the discussions that they deserve on the left side here and i do think that both candidates going into november with a very robust chance at beating donald trump. i look forward to both of them having an amazing chance to beat donald trump in november. >> angela, are they getting the conversation, the campaigns that they deserve? >> i think absolutely i have to agree with bakari on the democratic side. we're talking about real issues. no one is talking about hand
8:43 pm
size or screaming over each other or talking about kids that can't play together in a sandbox. we're talking about real, live issues and it's typical of what happens on the democratic side of the aisle. you know, the other thing is when you look at the fact that this is the anniversary week of the gop autopsy report, they still don't have the issues right. they are still not talking about immigration. they still have so many things that they don't tackle that we deal with every single day and that's why our candidates are competitive. >> nina, there's a new super pac ad about women. here's part of it. >> bimbo, dog, fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump. >> about women. >> a person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a ten. >> i'd look her right in that ugly face of hers. look at that face. would anyone vote for that? >> she had the hype, she had the beauty. she was crazy. but these are minor details.
8:44 pm
>> i like kids. i mean, i won't do anything to take care of them. i'll supply funds and she'll take care of the kids. >> you know, it really doesn't matter what they write, as long as you have a young and beautiful and piece of [ bleep ]. >> that must be a pretty picture you dropping to your knees. >> nina, should we have seen these sorts of things, these ads coming months ago? >> i mean, that is just ridiculous. it causes us to pause in this country to have someone who is running for the presidency of the united states of america to carry on like that and say such words, not just about women but as senator sanders says, often on the trail he's insulted almost every group in this country. it is very much unbecoming of the presidency of the united states of america. but i will say that my republican colleagues -- and i do agree with the good doctor when he said that the only republican that has tried to stay above the fray, who has stayed above the fray is governor kasich, our governor.
8:45 pm
but, you know, what mr. trump is doing is really ramping up the ladency and negativity that is part of the human nature and the ugly racial history in this country as well. and so beyond mr. trump, i will continue to argue that he has a responsibility but as a nation, we have to face the fears and the -- just the cries of the people in terms of painting other people as the other. he really is dividing this country and it's unfortunate. and what is more unfortunate, he is not standing alone. there are millions of people who want to stand by his side and see him become president. >> angela -- actually, i'm going to ask this of bakari. we have heard from voters on the campaign trail that they like that he tells it like it is. he's not d.c. they like that style. it's part of trump's appeal while disgusting to some. >> unfortunately, it's very
8:46 pm
distasteful. as much as i have to worry about donald trump, my angst goes up even higher for the people who support him and these comments. tonight, me and my stepdaughter were able to have dinner together and to look at a 10-year-old african-american girl and know that it will be hard for her to grow up with donald trump as a president and using language like that. when i see that i'm on tv with angela rye and nina turner, strong women that have made it this far, if donald trump becomes president, how many steps back do we take? >> bernie sanders says he doesn't like to run negative ads. if he becomes the nominee and runs against trump, would that have to change, angela? >> i don't think he would have to go negative. he could just go truthful. those literally were his words about women. it plays by itself. there's another "new york times" video today comparing how the president deals with protesters
8:47 pm
at his rallies versus how donald trump deals with protesters at his rallies. the words are in black and white, don. it's as clear as day and bernie sanders wouldn't have to run a negative ad. all he has to do is use donald trump's words against him. earlier john kasich was mentioned about staying above the fray but i would argue that he's complicit in this because he has not pushed back and challenged it. marco rubio is complicit. he was like a kid playing with their homeboy saying this has to stop. now all of a sudden it has to stop because he's probably going to lose tomorrow. it's too little too late. so much has been done that's violent and dangerous for people who look like me and i just don't appreciate it. it's time for all of them to look at what they have created and it existed long before donald trump and his rhetoric. >> everyone, stay with me. when we come back, i want your super tuesday predictions. don't go anywhere.
8:48 pm
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by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. the next 24 hours could be the key to this election. back to talk about what will happen this super tuesday, it's almost super tuesday in a couple minutes. nina turner, bakari sellers and angela rye. not bernie sellers but bakari
8:52 pm
sellers. nina, i have to ask you this. a pastor backing donald trump told a rally today that bernie sanders has to, quote, got to get saved, got to meet jesus. the anti-defamation league responded saying neither bernie sanders or any jew needs to be saved. we need presidential campaigns without bigotry. that's a mike drop right there. it's 2016, nina. were you surprised by this? >> really, i am. i mean, give me a break. i mean, in this country, people have a right to worship the way that they believe best suits them. so it definitely makes no sense to me. a lot of people subscribe to different religions in this country. so i have no words for that. >> bakari, that is a mike drop, isn't it? that was a great response. >> south carolina, too, so another one of those moments where i have to shake my head. >> you should be, i don't know
8:53 pm
where he's from. >> so listen -- so, tomorrow is a big day. the democrats have 691 delegates at stake tomorrow. so where is bernie sanders going to win? nina, that's for you? >> yeah. i think he's going to do very well in my home state. we certainly made 1 million calls just today. today will be our 1 millionth call that we made. i'm really excited about that. he's really closed the polls. excuse me. closed the gap between him and secretary clinton in this state and illinois. i'm praying for a michigan miracle. >> a michigan miracle. >> yes. >> okay. bakari, let's say bernie sanders wins illinois and maybe even ohio. where does that leave secretary clinton? >> oh, it still leaves her with a very good night. delegate-rich night. 246 delegates up for grabs and i
8:54 pm
expect hillary clinton to have -- >> are you spinning, bakari? it's still great. >> no. it's a fact. listen -- >> that's true. >> listen, it's a fact. she'll do well in north carolina and virginia. the democratic map from texas to florida all the way up to virginia will be owned by hillary clinton. and ohio, illinois and missouri are going to be very close. after tomorrow, don, we only have three states left that are delegate rich. we only have new york, california and pennsylvania. the map for the nomination for bernie sanders, it slims down exponentially. >> angela, bernie sanders, the campaign scored a victory by winning a lawsuit in ohio that's going to allow 17-year-olds to vote in the primary. you say hillary clinton should have joined that lawsuit. why? >> i do think so. i think that we've talked throughout about her kind of seeding the youth and millennial vote. we've seen gaps from bernie sanders winning 80% to her 20%. it was a great opportunity for her to say, i care about you. i'm not just going to fight for
8:55 pm
you after i win the presidency. i'm going to start fighting for you and your vote now. particularly in ohio where, of course, senator turner is familiar, john kasich has done everything he could to suppress the vote. this is an opportunity to say, there's no voter suppression here. we're going to stand together because your vote matters. >> nina, in illinois, for example, bernie sanders doing well among white voters and hillary clinton is going to need a strong showing among minority voters to keep that state. we've talked about how hillary needs to work on the youth vote. does bernie need to work on his appeal with minority voters? >> well, he is, don. and i think it's just truly a mi misconception. he has not had a national profile in the same way that the secretary has and he's covering great ground. i mean, he was at a baptist church about two saturdays ago here in ohio. he's been traveling in most of the southern states. he has been there. and i've been there with him and
8:56 pm
other african-american surrogates. his entire history, though, speaks to -- he doesn't have to make things up. he doesn't have to say one thing in front of one audience and say another to another audience. his history from being a young 22-year-old even up to today shows that he believes in social justice and what is right for the working poor and middle class in this country but he's working very hard, make no mistake, to earn those votes, both in the african-american community and latino community as well. >> nina gets the last word tonight. thank you, everyone. see you soon. >> thank you. we'll be right back. that engage people. picts and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪
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by visiting that's it for us. thanks for watching. make sure you stay with cnn for complete coverage of all the super tuesday results tomorrow. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us and get ready for a day that will almost certainly live up to the name super tuesday especially on the republican side where it is do or die tuesday with big winner take all states like ohio and florida. by this time tomorrow night two gop candidates could be back on the game or on their way out. and one could have the nomination almost within reach. bernie sanders can narrow the gap with hillary clinton and for her to stop his momentum. however, most of the headlines tonight revolve around one party and one candidate and one thing, the republicans, donald trump and all the


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