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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 18, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪ you and me together >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york! >> to hell with the devil, isn't that redundant? thanks for joining me today! i'm carol costello. at this hour, berman and baldwin start now. ♪ this is more likely to become an open convention. >> you would have problems like you've never seen before. >> this time is still, you know, prevent a trump nomination. >> his campaign is built on ska casino phobia. >> mr. trump will not be president. >> hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. this morning either not too late to stop donald trump or way too late to try. new details this morning about a
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conservative plot to take on trump, prominent conservatives preparing for a contested convention and tossing out idea of a possible unity ticket or even pushing a third-party candidate. trump has a big rally planned in utah. >> all right. meanwhile, a top trump aide just issued a new warning about the consequences if party leaders block trump from getting the nomination. this is sam clovas a short time ago here on cnn. >> i will tell you this -- if the republican party comes into that convention and jimmys with the rules and take away the will of the people, the will of the republicans and democrats and the independents who have voted for mr. trump, i will take off my credentials and i will leave the floor of that convention and i will leave the republican party forever. >> wow. all right. a lot going on here. let's bring in cnn's political director david. david, we seem to be at this crucial moment, this pivot point in this campaign. >> we do, indeed.
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we should say, of course, sam clovis is on a donald trump's payroll and not every dealt on the floor will be. i think he is clearly giving voice to this notion that all of these trump supporters, if you just try to wrestle away the nomination from the guy that is clearly leading and poised to win the nomination, that sentiment is, obviously, going to ring true throughout the trump supporters. you're right, john. we have hit a moment in this campaign now that donald trump looks all but certain to be the nominee and giving new life to the force that want to desperately do anything to stop that from happening. >> david, what do you make of the force that desperately want to stop that from happening? what is going to come, do you think, of this meeting of conservatives? described as secret acceptance, clearly not secret any more. >> worst kept secret. >> a lot of those worst kept secrets coming out of washington. >> it wasn't a secret all. this is one faction of conservatives. faith-based conservatives. they got together.
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this is different than sort of when we talk about the establishment. there are all of these different wings in the party that are anti-trump and are trying to find the best path forward. you saw out of that meeting yesterday in washington with a lot of those conservatives, one of the ideas put forth was this notion of a unity ticket, maybe cruz and kasich together, some still talking maybe cruz or bring rubio back together. of course, marco rubio sort of dismissed that notion yesterday. but they are talking about joining forces in some sort of unity ticket to be able to prevent trump from getting the nomination. i still don't understand when i ask people, i constantly say, guys, how does that actually work and what that sd that mean in terms of counting the delegates on the convention floor if you have some sort of unity ticket? that is not how people get nominated. i don't think there is a surefire path. i think one of the things you're seeing about the anti-trump movement hasn't had some galvanizing successful moment yet there is not one-agreed upon strategy how to take him down. you guys know he is not yet in a
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one-on-one fight with someone who can be the vehicle for all anti-trump movement. >> meanwhile, arizona, utah vote on tuesday. he will probably pick up some delegates, at least in arizona. all right. david, thanks for being with us. >> sure. let's bring in our panel right now. barry is a senior adviser to the trump campaign and formerly ben carson's campaign manager and moon amanda is with us and ben who is a cnn political commentator who worked in the obama administration. barry, first to you. what do you make of this meeting of, you know, the conservative faithful? these are not the establishment guys getting together in washington to talk about how to stop trump. still. >> there are establishment leaders in every faction of the party. but, i mean, it's becoming laughable at this point. i mean, if donald trump wins arizona next tuesday, this is over. and, you know, they can have all of the meetings they want but they can't change the laws of
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imagi imagine mattics. >> can you change the laws of mathematics when others have failed? a lot of money spent to defeat donald trump a few days ago in the march 15th states didn't seem to work. >> the only way donald trump locks this up is when he gets 1,237 and every day more people uniting and getting behind ted cruz. i think it's certainly going to the convention in july but anything can happen in this environment. donald trump is probably, to use his words, just one riot away from losing this nomination. but all of his supporters want to pretend this is over and locked up and he doesn't have to go to any debates and it's enistable. get over it and get behind trump. a solid group of people, i think maybe 30%, maybe 40% that will never support donald trump given his behavior in this election so far and i probably count myself among one of them.
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>> amanda, you're doing something remarkable. you can call it what you want, but you are publicly calling out the people who endorsed donald trump. you tweeted this. for me never trump means never for those who endorse him too. what are you trying to do? >> absolutely. i think this is a question of judgment. i'm very comfortable with my judgment so far in this election, deciding not to support donald trump. i question anyone who is getting behind his candidacy because i think that he poses such a significant threat to the conservative movement in america as a whole. this is a person who openly has condoned violence. >> this is crazy. >> at his rallies. anyone who will support a man who does that, i think, will defend anything and i can't trust them. >> barry, respond. go ahead. >> this is a temper tantrum i examine from my 5-year-old, okay? this is ridiculous. half of the things she says are totally untrue and the other half are made up for spin. this is crazy! stop it!
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>> go ahead. >> i'll say here is the thing my litmus test probably last year, when donald trump started threatening lawsuits against reporters who wrote negative things about him, when he said that the richard lawrie of national roux view should be fined by the government for writing negative things that is a line for me can't be uncrossed. you add a line on he is okay with calling women bimbos. i am not comfortable letting my daughter grow up under a trump administration. >> van? you wanted to say something? >> well, i just think that the name calling, the temper -- the trump style, that has begun to affect the political discourse. i think it's inappropriate. here is reality. everybody has to make their own decision. we have come to this point now it's all about the horse race and statistics and the math.
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in the meantime y at some point you have to say if this man is a president of the united states and starts a dumb war or says something horrible do i want that on my hands? do i want that on my heart? you're last person at the convention and everybody is saying no, if your heart is right you have to go with your heart. we have to get past this thing it's all calculation and all math. it's all who is going to be able to be a part of the administration for clinton or for sander or for trump or for cruz. and people have to start speaking from their hearts again. i just want to say that, you know, if maybe amanda is right and maybe she is wrong but she not throwing a temper tantrum and that is inappropriate. >> it is a temper tantrum. i will never vote with christie or anybody who stands with donald trump. that's too far. never is a long time. all right? i've been angry before. i mean, i wasn't -- i swore that i would never vote for john mccain. he wasn't a republican. you know, he didn't care about the party. in the end i wrote a check for
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him and voted for him because it was important to the party and to the cause that i care about. so, i mean, we all need to calm down. this isn't the end of the world. >> right. >> it's -- >> it might be. >> but i guess i'm crazy just like -- >> amanda? >> go on. >> there are two very different views. i mean, look. barry you're laying out very clearly, calm down because you believe the party will coalesce around donald trump at some point. amanda, you're saying no. >> i think donald trump has gone a bridge too far and too many issues important to me. he is good a couple of but largely he is arlen specter with more money and a worse attitude. >> van jones you're looking at this with an advantage i don't think voting in the republican primary, not now, maybe not ever. >> there is a never there. you can say never there. >> there are two schools of thought. a school of thought which is, you know, there are so irrepairable damaged and a tough
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primary these kind of discussions out in the open make the candidate better ultimately. which do you think it is here? >> well, look. i can't tell. i think that, you know, try to make predictions is very difficult in general, especially this year. this is what i know. democrats who think that donald trump is going to be easy to beat in a general election need to wake up, get a cup of coffee, and look at reality. here is reality. this guy is trump zilla and he stepped on senators and he hasn't spent hardly any of his own money. this thing is going to be very, very difficult. if he gets a nomination, this is going to be the biggest fight democrats have ever seen, thought of, or heard about and we need to take this guy very, very seriously. and, also, this idea he cannot win minority votes is total
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crap. 70% of african-americans don't like him. that means 30% do. if he gets half of that, 15% of the black vote he is president. this guy is a serious threat and people -- the whole society is now doing what republican establishment did and taking him light and waiting too long. everybody needs to say never trump, not just republicans. >> when he said trump zill arbitration zilla threat i think you both agree he should be taken seriously. i think one issue everyone here agrees right now. >> let's continue the conversation. barry, are you and amanda in the same city? you two need to have a conversation. if you're in the same city right now. >> i don't know. i'm having a temper tantrum. i don't know if i can calm down enough to talk about it. >> all right. you two, fight! thanks. we will talk about the convention right now and speak with a man at the center of a very infamous ballots at the convention, ron paul joins us live. whose side is he on here when it
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comes to convention shenaniganses? >> shenanigans! plus no most mr. nice guy. john kasich is taking shots at donald trump now but why then if he is no more mr. nice guy and the gloves are off? fingerprints of the paris attacker still on the run have been discovered inside an apartment in europe. brand-new details on the new renewed frantic manhunt just ahead. your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. all the talk this morning is will there be a contested republican convention. what will that mean for the party? what will that look like in cleveland? how will team trump react? >> let's bring in one man who knows something about and has been at the center of what a lot of folks would say convention shenaniga shenanigans. congressman ron paul. you've been at the center of a wild convention happenings. when you see that this race is looking more and more likely that it's heading to a contested convention, what do you make of it? >> well, i think it's the same old stuff going on. it's been going on for a long
8:17 am
time. and it did come up in the last election, but i didn't have quite as many delegates that we would have seated than trump has. he is much more in the driver's seat. so, therefore, the republicans are risking a lot more. but this type of thing has gone on for a long time and it will continue. but it's going to be very damaging, if anybody cares about the republican party, which is down on my list. they should be concerned what is going on. i care about the threat of violence and the type of things that are going on already where people are saying, you know, this could lead to a lot of violent reaction to this. but people changing rules is sort of our culture. congress does it all the time. you know? they change rules and they don't follow the constitution. they let the presidents to write executive orders. it goes on and on. so for the political parties to act like the politicians who are already in power, doesn't surprise me one bit.
8:18 am
>> so four years ago, there was something called rule 40. this was also known as the ron paul rule. the romney forces made it be your name couldn't be place in the nomination unless you won a majority of eight state delegations. this was largely to keep your name from being placed in nomination. now republicans are suggesting maybe they should do away with the rule. this time, it's to hurt donald trump. where do you come down on the whole thing? >> i think a bit of an irony and they deserve the problem. but that is it's actually right. they did not want my name to come up. so they changed the rules because we had the votes but they would, you know, disallow some of the delegates. some of the things the delegates we had, they were taken away from us and we had the numbers to allow my name to be put into nomination. but they wouldn't do it. so they are terrified of competition. now the establishment has
8:19 am
competition that really looks strong and a lot of people behind trump, so this is a big problem for them, for the party, and i think it will probably go to the floor, but i think trump is going to win and i wouldn't be surprised if that happens that you're going to see another individual running, a third-party candidate, somebody supported by the establishment type republicans and those who can't control trump. so that is what they have to look forward to. >> if you say third-party candidate, you, yuourself has rn as a third-party candidate. do you support that idea or not thinking of it as a third-party candidate. but what about a late entry? a paul ryan or even a mitt romney coming in at the convention if someone doesn't get the numbers -- they bring in as their nominee, an option? >> well, it's good theater. it would be good for you and the
8:20 am
media. it would be a lot of fun with that. but it has nothing to do with our problems and nothing to do with our solution. it's just a total distraction. so, you know, i don't -- i can't see -- see that happening that they would put another candidate. but they are going to try anything but it will make absolutely no difference whatsoever and there is not going to be any difference whether you have trump or hillary either becaus they support the big issues. they are very much into the internationalism and foreign policy and support federal reserve and they don't challenge spending. >> but on the convention, do you -- do you -- do you -- do you support them dropping rule 40? >> well, i support getting rid of all of those rules and going to roberts rules of order because i think 1,500 pages of rules. it's all a game they play. nobody understands. even with our smaller campaign, we had to have lawyers trying to
8:21 am
help us to figure this out and see what the rules were but they still were able, because they had the power and authority to change rules, you know, they rolled over us. no, they don't need all of those rules. it's a more complex than running a government but it's on purpose. they don't like to see any challenges and they are terrified of competition, especially if it's a principle competition they are up against. >> congressman, am i wrong in detecting a tone of glee in your voice? is there a shot that the party and the people running this convention are having some issues? >> did you say greed or what? >> glee. glee. >> glee, oh, no! well, it doesn't bother me. actually, i'm not very gleeful what is happening in the country, but because the parties are disrupted, democrat parties in terrible shape. here, they have a candidate that might be indicted and if she doesn't get indicted, she will have somage baggage and then yo
8:22 am
have trump. i want to see the disruption of the status quo because the status quo has been run both parties for so long and that is why we are in this mess and nobody is addressing that. they are just saying, well, it's trump or it's romney and this is it, it's personality, but it's much bigger than that. it's a cataclysmic climate we have in our economy and they are not dealing with that so the more we can talk about trump and changing the rules, the better it is for the individuals to avoid the real issues, because they will not talk about how serious our economy is and what is going on in this country. the undermining of our liberties. i mean, this is the kind of thing i think they purposely avoid. if they can talk about personalities, there is no need to try to solve the problems or even describe the problem that many of us think are out there and deserve attention. >> ron paul, it's great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you.
8:23 am
>> of course. coming up for us, a hark group says it has breached the personal information of donald trump and his family. why this may show how vulnerable trump and other candidates are. just in. we are getting word the air force is investigating members of the nuclear weapon security force over drugs. we have news from the pentagon. that's ahead. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes aveeno® daily moisturizing body wash and lotion with active naturals® oat. used together, they provide 2x the nourishment for beautiful healthier looking skin. aveeno® naturally beautiful results® ♪ the 306 horse-power rc coupe...
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breaking new details on the terror front. belgian counterterrorism officials telling cnn the firn prints of terror suspect
8:28 am
abdeslam were found this week. >> they believe he was hiding out in this apartment after the terror attacks in london that left 130 people dead. paul is here. you have details. exactly what was going on in that apartment and what is the latest on the search from abdeslam? >> police go in to raid this apartment on tuesday. they didn't believe anybody was there at the time. certainly not salah abdeslam. they had a firefight and killed one of the terrorist but two of the terrorists escaped through the roof and still at large. they believe salah abdeslam had been may have been at that apartment and may have been one of the people that escaped on that day. they found dna of his and fingerprints. they believe he was there recently. a bigmanhunt going now on in brussels to try and find him. the concern is he's armed, he's dangerous, he could carry out another attack, that he is with
8:29 am
at least one other person. big other news that dead terrorist that belgian police sniper killed, well, that, it appears, was the kingpin in the entire paris attacks conspiracy, a guy they have identified as mohamed bell kive. there is his picture on the screen and circulated by the belgian police on december 4th. they haven't been able to find him since then. he was giving order on the phone during the time of the paris attacks to the ringleader in paris but not the overall ring leader of the conspiracy. that is this guy belkide who is killed, it would appear. >> it thought that abdeslam had gone to paris and was he in belgium the entire time? >> every indication he has been
8:30 am
in belgium the entire time. >> isn't that troubling? >> for sure. troubling? yes, but sympathizers in brussels and they have been doing searches in brussels across the country and working in corporation with french investigators to roll up this whole network. they have made 11 key arrests, 11 people in custody suspected of being part of that conspiracy who now await a trial but some of these key figures, they hadn't got until now, this was a key intelligence breakthrough. it appears they got lucky. they didn't know what they were walking into and they didn't have the armed commandos you would need to hem off people from being able to escape from this place. but now that they have clearly got a search around the clock to try to find and the worry is that salah abdeslam are on the one and may see no way out but to attack again. >> turning to politics now.
8:31 am
republican rivals taking to the campaign trail and headed out west. contests are tuesday in arizona and utah. >> this as yet another stop trump movement, a movement, a gathering a group is trying to plot the gop front-runner's demise. let's discuss and bring in steven miller, a senior adviser to donald trump and top aide to alabama senator jeff sessions. steven, thanks for coming in again and we really appreciate it. >> great to be here. thank you. >> another adviser to donald trump. sam clovis said this today on the question what would happen if trump was blocked from the nomination. listen to this! >> i will tell you this, if the republican party comes into that convention and jimmys with the rules and takes away the will of the people, the will of the republicans and the democrats and the independents who have voted for mr. trump, i will take off my credentials. i will leave the floor of that convention and i will leave the republican party forever. >> steven, are you prepared to do the same? are you prepared to take off
8:32 am
your credentials and leave the republican party forever if this happens? >> if they give me credentials, i'll happily take them off. the reality is that they are not just trying to stop donald trump from getting the nomination, they are trying to rob millions of citizens from having control over their own economic future. that is what is at stake here. remember, the people trying to stop donald trump are trying to hold on to their own control over the political process. the people who have negotiated our treshl trade deals and the people who left our border wide open. >> stephen, stephen! >> in terrible foreign wars are trying to hold on to power to keep the american people from asserting their voice. >> stephen, would you leave the party if they blocked donald trump's nomination and would you call on other trump supporters to leave the party as well? >> i don't even think it's going to come to that. i don't think it's even going to come to that. i think we are going to get to 1,237 delegates and win the nomination. i think we go to the convention with a large delegate lead we
8:33 am
will get the nomination. the reality is nobody cares what i'm going to do. i guarantee you this! millions of patriotic americans are going to leave the republican party if the power brokers, the corporate people, the people running the policies for years in a desperate bid to hold on to their power deny millions of americans their voice and their vote then we will end up shrinking this party. we need to grow the party and not shrink it! >> another thing about the republican national committee, about the convention, this is how the system has worked. a lot of folks say people might not know the way the system works in terms of the delegates and how a contest convention would work and how going to multiple ballots would happen, because it hasn't happened in decades. sean spicer, the communications director and chief strategist for the rnc, he said very clearly this isn't a game of
8:34 am
horseshoes. you get the nomination and to get the nomination you need numbers, you need 216 and anything short of that means you're not going to -- nothing -- a bill is not going to be -- to become law. are you going to follow those rules? >> well, the phrase this is how the system works is hardly a bumper sticker that we should be embracing as a country. this is how the system works is why we don't have manufacturing jobs any more. this is how the system works is why we don't have a border any more. this is how the system works is why we are trapped in terrible middle eastern disputes that have been draining this country of blood and treasure. but the reality is -- if you want to talk about how the system works, in a normal election cycle, marco rubio would have dropped out before florida and john kasich would have dropped out before ohio and ted cruz would have dropped out after getting shellacked again in another super tuesday. unprecedented that you have an effort from special interests,
8:35 am
collectively worth trillions of dollars to try to stop dump to get the nomination and why? people have made a killing off of our terrible trade deals and our wage suppressing immigration policies. for instance you saw today lindsey graham. >> stephen, can i jump in? >> he endorsed ted cruz because he wants to continue the same failed policy agenda. >> one if he on foreign policy in here. we spoke to you a few weeks ago and donald trump putting together a foreign policy policy and asked who the advisers were then and he wouldn't tell us. he has been on tv saying i listen to myself and speaking with myself number one because i have a very good brain and i've said a lot of things. in addition to speaking to himself, who is he speaking to on foreign policy beyond your former boss jeff sessions? name names. give us some names. >> i'm so glad you asked that question. because senator jeff sessions has actually been in the process of taking meetings and putting together a list of confidential advisers and a list of adviser
8:36 am
to make public in the future and many experts. i had conversation with him the other day talking about the progress he is making and as soon as we he have an announcement to make about that, we will. >> not now? >> hold on a second! let's not downplay -- >> we are not downplaying anything. what is the holdup? >> there is no holdup. you don't want to rush into just putting out a list of name for its own sake to create chatter for cable news. senator jeff sessions has been on the armed services committee for 20 years! he is one of the most respected members of congress in either party! if senator jeff sessions says he is going to meet with the best, most sophisticated, most respected voices in defense, foreign policy, and intelligence issues, then we should allow him the time to put that team together, to assemble it, to meet with them, to vet them. >> what is your projection? when will you announce a team? >> i think we will some name
8:37 am
soon and more names as time goes on. >> you said that last time we talked to you. what changed? >> we didn't have jeff sessions in place last time i talked. >> he had already been announced. >> the question -- the question, the question are there real people out there you're talking to. >> yes. nor jeff sessions is putting together a team every single day. i find it remarkable we would say that having jeff sessions take the time to put together a team isn't a good thing. we are still -- we are still months and months away from the general election. >> folks are rejeacting to and donald trump responds and says i'm speaking to myself because i i have a good brain and i say a lot of things. >> donald trump has been right on the major foreign policy policies issues of our time and that is all that matters. that is why we keep failing on foreign policy. >> do you think -- >> hold on a second!
8:38 am
donned j. trump warned of an assault by osama in laden before 9/11. donald trump was a cheerleader before other people were. >> we have to go to break here. does he need a foreign policy team? >> he is putting one together and jeff sessions is leading the search committee which is a wonderful thing. what i want to leave you with -- i'm glad we are having this conversation -- voters have a choice between ted cruz pushing the foreign policy of lindsey graham and reflects an interventionism which is dangerous and reckless and costly. for donald j. trump who will grow the republican party by pushing a foreign policy that puts the national interest first and avoids forcing us in to middle east nation building that is draining this country of blood and treasure and that is the choice the voters will have. >> stephen miller, great to have you with us. >> thanks so much. >> love to know when "soon" is, stephen.
8:39 am
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conservatives right now many of them working behind the scenes to figure out a way to
8:43 am
stop donald trump. his last two republican rivals meanwhile on the campaign trail are going after him the old-fashioned way -- on twitter. john kasich went directly at donald trump tweeting that trump's impolice implicit licit guys, great to see you. kelly ann, marco rubio is back on capitol hill and asked about the speculation about kind of looking -- and thinking about the speculation that he will, at some point endorse ted cruz and he said this. listen. >> clearly, i mean, ted' positions on issues are
8:44 am
conservative but i don't have anything further to elaborate on or anything to announce today. >> he is not announcing anything today but told reporters that ted cruz is the only true conservative left in the race. is this eminent? >> with we hope so and welcome it and happy to have received endorsements from senators lindsey graham and governor nikki haley from south carolina who endorsed other candidates and jeff bub and marco rubio respectively. not to come together and not stop trump but come for ted cruz. you can't stop trump but you have to do it with another vehicle, another candidate. i believe senator cruz himself on tuesday night after senator rubio announced he would be suspending his campaign, he said that -- ed we with welcome anybody who supported senator rubio to come to us. senator rubio has about 168 delegates or so. 90 of them are bound him. somewhere around there. he definitely has more john kasich who is still in the race and cannot win mathematically
8:45 am
impossible but i think you'll see more in the united states senators rally around senator cruz as a way to stop trump and coalesce and focus on the fall. >> jackie, it's interesting. what we hear from cruz himself and cruz supporters like it's unfortunate that john kasich is in the race and doesn't have the math to get there but don't remember cruz going after john kasich or his policies and you don't remember kasich talking about ted cruz now and his policies. what is going on between these two? should they be complaining a little bit against each other in the states they are competing right now? >> i don't know that it serves either of their purpose to do that, because if they continue to split the delegates between trump and the two of them, there is a better chance for a contest convention and a better chance they could win on the floor, especially because, you know, if the first ballot if trump can't win on the first ballot, that second ballot is a free-for-all. the delegates can vote for whoever they want. if they keep dividing this delegate camp, maybe trump won't
8:46 am
get to the magic number by the time we get to july. >> charles, talk about the man in the white house now and "the washington post" had a fascinating piece today about the role of obama and biden in this election and they wrote this. obama is poised to be the most active sitting president on the campaign trail in decade. what does that look like and what risks does that come with? >> i don't know what downsides there are. he has kind of transformed what it means to be a lame duck president and the last kind of domino in that is the supreme court nomination, may not ever get a hearing, but the idea he is so active in this last year has transformed what it even looks like and once you get -- you narrow it down and federal government out who is going to be the democratic nominee, there was a report yesterday that he was already kind of tipping his hat to hillary. if that is true, that means that he will be really active.
8:47 am
he is a strong counterpoint. what you have to understand about every election that it is a referendum on the person in the office now. the sitting president is always on the ticket, whether or not they are on the ticket or not. so they are running against him and he is one of the things he is best at and what he loves is campaigning. the idea that he would be campaigning for whoever the democratic nominee would, he loves the idea of that. >> i think the irony is that for a while, i viewed secretary clinton as running for bill clinton's third term and trying that. i think she has leaned into running for obama's third term and she stepped into that breach. i think hillary clinton need barack obama on the trail with her. there are people, voters that were excited about him who have not been turning out, that despite turnout has clearly favored the republican side this year. not necessarily the democratic side. with those kind of numbers, they haven't seen the kind of turnout you saw in 2008 when -- >> ted cruz would love that
8:48 am
image of hillary clinton and barack obama to run against, i'm sure. >> thank you both so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. president obama, he is getting ready for a historic trip to cuba. calling it a bright new chapter in relations with the former cold war enemy. but how do the cuban feel about the president's visit? the emotional reactions, just ahead. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house
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how is life in havana these
8:53 am
days. >> hard. >> maybe for business. i don't know. >> the wonder list is back. bill weir is back going to some of the most important places on earth about the most important subjects. you went to cuba. and president obama headed there the first president to go there since call individual coolidge. he is heading there on sunday. how will he be received? >> they will love him. to a person -- they are so warm. i went down there, i don't remember much of the cold war. you grew up hearing stories about the missile crisis and duck and cover and wondered how we would be received. so open hearted and warm. they are so excited about the change in relations. for 50 years, they have seen the blockade as they call it as the impediment to a letter life. society that developed as a result of that hardship is one of a kind.
8:54 am
i had such a blast down there. they welcome what they fear is that american corporations may come down and turn the place in to cancun or key west and they might lose a bit of their soul along the way. >> you talk to tobacco farmer about what lifting of the embargo would mean for them. are they ready? >> we went to a region that is like the napa or cigar region. i met a farmer and said if this opens up will you be able to keep demand, will you have to stop growing food to grow cigar leaf? >> they are not sure yet. they are sure about the water, infrastructure, power, communications systems are as old as the '57 chevys you see there. they need billions in infrastructure investment but the welcoming spirit is there. the biggest brand right now, the buzz isn't whether starbucks or mcdonald's is coming. it is air bnb.
8:55 am
it is their first taste of capitalism in 50 years. >> incredible change. thank you so much for being with us. you can watch the premier of the cnn original series "the wonder list" with bill weir sunday at 10:00 eastern. don't miss it. >> nice picture, bill? >> thanks. the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at [sportscaster vo]command performance sales event... there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on
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yeah, i was just talking uhabout yourico?... emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7
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and then our car overheated... what are the chances? can you send a tow truck please? uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. a brush with the law but he went on to become an elite chef. >> today brandon is helping other exoffenders get back on track. take a look. >> coming home from prison after someone's done their time everyone deserves a fair and
9:00 am
equal second chance. my right hand moves. my left hand follows. i can see the opportunity someone deserves. i can see and feel it and i have been giving gn the gift to make sure the door is open. >> find out more at cnn and nominate someone you think could be a 2016 cnn hero. thank you for joining us. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal view." people is in certain states vote and analyzed and counted and then new poll s and it starts over with a different bunch of states. this tuesday til


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