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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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equal second chance. my right hand moves. my left hand follows. i can see the opportunity someone deserves. i can see and feel it and i have been giving gn the gift to make sure the door is open. >> find out more at cnn and nominate someone you think could be a 2016 cnn hero. thank you for joining us. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal view." people is in certain states vote and analyzed and counted and then new poll s and it starts over with a different bunch of states. this tuesday the wild west. but the weekly state contests
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are no small affair. make no mistake. ask rubio who at this time last week was still in the race. remember those old times? good times. here's where the remaining republican candidates are working today. democratic senator bernie sanders is making stops in arizona, idaho, and utah today. hillary clinton for her part has fund-raisers scheduled for later today in connecticut and virginia. little further down the pike. donald trump heads in to the western states needs his republican rivals big time and today we are learning how bad another group wants to see trump steam roll come to a stop. not his fellow candidates, not the democrats either. i know what you are thinking. instead a powerful group of conservatives already in office
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or very much in influence. and a surprise endorsement for the campaign of anybody but trump. cnn's phil mattingly with that. >> i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you would have riots. >> the gop upping the pressure on donald trump. two days after the front runner's interview on "cnn's new day" where he said there could be delegates. >> nobody should say things like that in my opinion. to address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> top conservatives meeting privately in washington on thursday, plotting any way to block trump's path to the nomination, raising the possible of a third party option. >> it's not going to be me. it should be someone running for president. >> house speaker ryan rejecting the topic he could be the republican nominee through a contested convention. trump hitting back at his opponents in his own way.
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sticking to his free ads of choice, social immediate with a series of posts aimed at ted cruz and hillary clinton and trump's fiercest one-time rival marco rubio. >> hopefully there is time to prevent a trump nomination. >> speaking out for the first time after his bruising loss in florida. >> i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i'm not interested in being vice president. >> reporter: saying he is done with politics. >> i'm going to finish out my term in the senate and be a private citizen in january. a surprising endorsement for ted cruz from lindsey graham after months of colorful digs. >> if you are a republican and your choice is donald trump and ted cruz in a general election, it's the difference between poison or shot. you are still dead. >> reporter: telling cnn's dana bash he is raising moneyer the cruz campaign. >> the best alternative to donald trump to stop him from getting 1237 is ted cruz and i'm going to help ted any way i can. >> wait. i thought i heard, bill, you had
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an interview 0 or dana bash had something different than whether you are poisoned or shot, you are still dead. >> i believe one point lindsey graham said someone shot and killed ted cruz on the senate floor nobody would be convicted because no one would help him out. donald trump creating strange bedfellows. it under scores the desperation. republican leaders don't know how to get the job done and are trying to line up any way they can to do anything to stop what up to this point as been unstoppable momentum. >> we have had this conversation before. >> it's a broke en record. >> they are getting worried, is it too late? this has been going on for weeks. is it too later? at what point do we stop asking the question? >> it is a broken record question. everyone says there's a potential possibility, maybe just if we do this pathway or that. the reality here is ted cruz and
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john kasich -- john kasich doesn't have an opportunity win it before a convention. ted cruz i has a small one but needs to ratchet up the delegates he's winning in what major way. this will come down to the convention floor. you need to deny donald trump's ability to get the delegates. if you can't do that, it is over. if you get to the convention floor that's a risky proposition. top republicans likely waited too long and even if they get to the convention floor they have more work to do. >> problems like you have never seen, bad things would happen. there would be riots. those are ugly words for a presidential candidate, for anybody, for my 10-year-old would be ugly words. thank you. i want to dig in deeper to this with a political commentator who supports donald trump and uncommitted republican and democrat.
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thank you to all of you. i love that you laugh at that. phil was eluding to this unity ticket option, these conservative republicans all getting together in washington. some on the phone, some in person but a big, important group saying oh, dear god. what's the strategy now? one of the ideas is this unity ticket or a brand new option all together. do they have a snowball's chance in you know where of making that work? >> they are on the yellow brick road on their way to someplace with dorothy to find a wizard that will change things around. here's the problem, even if you had an opportunity to do this, you need brokers. republican party what no brokers. i'm not sure i know who what the establishment is. if trump stays under 1,000 delegates maybe you could deny him but even then i doubt it. if it is over 1,000 it will look like the democratic party of
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1968. that's the last time we had a brokered convention when hubert humphrey was shoved down the throat of the delegates. but they had brokers. is priebus going to do that? give me a break. >> let me ask you, if i can, kayleigh, there's all sorts of talk -- fareed zach cara has a write up up. you can think it is them trying not to fully capitulate. "wall street journal" is inching there, karl rove inching there slightly. for all of the things they have said, not one of those have said they won't back trump. i don't know if that means embracing him but does it mean something that only one senator jeff sessions said he would back trump. others have said they wouldn't? >> look, i mean i think most of
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the senators recognize that donald trump is a threat to their interest. forever we have had republicans who ran an election against big spending. they want to reduce the debt. that's what they tell their constituents and they get to washington and all of a sudden they have pet projects like the democrats do. donald trump is a threat to that dynamic. i think you are right. all of the republicans who want to beat hillary clinton are inching toward trump because they realize a brokered convention seals the deal for hillary clinton. trump supporters will not settle for having their will stifled and rally around a candidate hand picked by a man in the back room. no one is going for that. candidates who want to beat hillary clinton, or elected officials are rallying behind him because these only choice they have at this point. >> below the fold in the "wall street journal" is a little piece saying clinton coalition takes aim at trump. this is 22 liberal
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organizations, some support hillary, some support bernie. all coming together to fight trump. what i don't understand, we are awfully early in the picture. right now, those polls say that a hillary-trump contest has her beating trump. what do they want to propel him in to the nomination? >> well, you know, it's a little early to declare donald trump a winner any way. last time i checked this isn't over. the fact that trump supporters are trying to push forth this notion that we cannot deny the will of the people, trump he might as well be -- might as well give it to him because he's almost there. that's not how it works. there are rules and rules in place for a reason. if donald trump does not make 1237 delegates by the convention, that's why we have conventions. it is a nominating process. there's an open convention and you have more than one ballot. you don't get to change the rules because you are ahead now. i don't know where that applies. doesn't apply in sports and
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doesn't apply when if you have 1,000 delegates we should give it to him. that's not 1237. we are arguing over plurality versus a majority. when you have a plurality, that's not the rules. so where does that apply? when donald trump, god forbid becomes presidents, it is kind of what the constitution says but not really but what it benefits me that's what we will do. you believe in the rule of law and rules and follow them or don't. you don't get to strong arm your way to bullying people to "fall in line with you" because that's what you feel like doing now i. >> are you talking about presidential election or the supreme court nominee process? i'm confused. >> no. >> i'm kidding. >> don't get to bully your way in. >> if you want to stay on the constitution, the constitution gives the president equal ability to nominate and the
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senate equal ability not to do it. the point about strong arming people in to changing the rules is what the trump people are trying to do. >> what is interesting, the three of us have been having this conversation and one part is about a contested convention. i'd like you to stay where you are right now. there's more to the contested convention talk than people are talking about. i know that is weird. but one bernie sanders let drop this, i don't know, slight bombshell on the tv last night that suggested it's possible there maybe a contested democratic convention. i kid you not. we will go there next. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us.
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this is cnn breaking news. our breaking news is coming to us out of belgium. there are reports of brand new raids of fire fights, apparently related to the search for the paris terror suspect. we are joined with the latest. you have been not be just shots fired but may be more to this.
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>> as a result of an armed police operation moments ago in brussels, belgium police have taken two suspected terrorists in to custody. they are trying to establish whether one of those suspected terrorists is one of the on the run paris attackers. they do not know that for sure. at this moment it just happened. we are breaking the news first on cnn before any other news network in the world that they have got two people in custody as a result of an armed police operation in brussels. those two suspected terrorists were both wounded in this operation. >> oh, really? >> but they are still alive. they are trying to establish whether one of them wsalem. they do not know for sure yesterday. there was a raid brussels on tuesday in which they suspected after finding fingerprints and other things that he may have been there and escaped that
9:17 am
raid. this feels very much he is on the run if it is him. >> absolutely. flash back to tuesday. they went in to this apartment in brussels. they had intelligence that that it was linked to the paris attacks. when they tried to get in there was a lot of gun fire coming through the door. 'two escaped through the roof. >> two of them. >> two of them on the run. >> these appear to be they hope the two terrorists they were trying to get.
9:18 am
>> i can only presume the apartment inside of that window, that s.w.a.t. member was climbing out of was a cache of investigative ben fit for them, that it may have led to what -- is this -- >> we understand the police operation was in that near mole beck. >> that is one of the areas they have focused on so deeply after paris. so many coming from or returning there. remind me. let me know this is brand new video coming in. this is indeed in molenbeek. i can only assume this is what we were able to shoot prior to the raid because clearly after the raid it would be a heck of a lot more phrenic. i want to listen in.
9:19 am
is so telling. we are off video coming in to us as we speak. when we get new material up we will bring it back. we had these reports earlier there was a fire fight. i don't know if this is prior to or afterwards but clearly clearing people out of the
9:20 am
stairwell of the apartment. these two who they have in custody injured. what would be the reason they would be injureds because they were firing back? >> from what we understand they were heavily armed. they have had weapons and there was a lot of concern. after two of the suspected terrorists got away from the safe house, this terrorist den on tuesday. they could launch some kind of attack. >> you can see women being cleared out of this location. >> grave concern. if they have managed to neutralize a threat from that that is a huge achievement from the belgian counter terrorism. they have been cooperating with the french as they have been investigating it around the clock. in fire fights on tuesday afternoon, confirm the terrorist belgian police sniper killed during the operation was mohammad belkide an algerian isis operative. he is believed to be the senior kingpin behind the entire conspiracy, a senior figure even
9:21 am
to the ring leader on the ground in paris. >> for the french operation. >> they managed to kill him on tuesday. a key leader they managed to kill. >> if he is not familiar with the name -- they were going under the name of samir. and they determined he has an alias and that's the guy question killed on tuesday. >> that's right. >> we wiped out one of the operators for sure, even when we didn't realize we were wiping them out. >> he is neutralized. he's dead. a senior isis operative. he had been on the phone exchanges messages with the paris attacks. he had a key associate who they were looking for, a guy who was going by the fake name of aao. is one of the two people they have arrested just now kao who is believed to have played a
9:22 am
senior role in this conspiracy. fast-moving developments in brussels. they are trying to figure out for sure whether they have got abdelslam in custody. that is very good news in terms of the terrorist threat in belgium and in europe. but it could provide a wealth of intelligence on this broader network who are ratcheting up their attack planning. this is a key breakthrough in the war against isis. >> to remind our viewers who have seen the picture of abdelslam. 130 people were killed. this is the man they suspect was driving the black vehicle. it dropped off three suicide bombers. no one was killed other than the e-bomber but it is thought he
9:23 am
was wearing a vest and may have been a bomber himself but for the fact he may have chickened out. hi vest was found a trash can after the fact and he was nowhere to be found at all. he's been a key figure. a quick break. we are getting more information to cnn that we want to bring you right away and paul has his sources as well. back after this on cnn. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®.
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the breaking news is coming to us via belgium where shots fired raised alarms given the fact that earlier this week a
9:28 am
massive raid, not only took out one terrorist who was involved in the paris terror attacks last november but two escapees on the run may have led to what may have happened today in the streets. i want to recap why this is so significant because this police force, this tactical police force closing in on this apartment in the molenbeek area in brussels may have very well been on track from what they found in that raid where one man died. he's confirmed to be one of the killers in the terror attack last november in paris. the other two fled and we now hear two, two people have been hurt in the shootout today. >> that's absolutely right. hurt in the shootout w two suspected terrorists taken in to custody. they are trying to confirm whether one of them is salah abdeslam. of course our viewers would say, why wouldn't they know for sure?
9:29 am
well, it's not like he would be carrying identity cards. may have changed his appearance. he's been on the run for months and months. they are trying to confirm if it is him. as soon as we have the confirmation f it ever comes, we will get it out as soon as possible. salah abdeslam has been on the run ever since the paris attacks. he participated in those attacks. he dropped off the stadium attackers around 9:00 on the evening of november 13th. he drove across paris. he had a suicide bomb. for some reason, he decided to abort his mission to be a suicide bomber that night in paris. >> tossed it in a trash can. >> they recovered it and found the dna of salah abdeslam on that device, confirming he was tasked to become a suicide bomber. he was picked up up in the middle of the night by friends from brussels who drove back. they got through security check
9:30 am
points because the french hadn't established he was part of the attack yet. got back to brussels and helped by various people to melt away. the trooil trail has gone cold since then. >> we have seen his name brought back so many times since the 130 people died in the attack in paris that night, that coordinated series of attacks. we have heard of other raids and the suspicion that salah abdeslam may have been there, may have been in the apartment or housed or hidden, but do we have confirmation he has made these points of contact all the way along? >> what we now know is after the paris attacks he was in that residence, the apartment raided on tuesday afternoon in brussels by the belgians in the joint operation. >> that's it. just this week. >> his dna was recovered there. fingerprints of his were recovered there. other evidence suggested he had been there pretty recently and they thought he was one of the two that managed to get away via
9:31 am
the roofs as one of the terrorists covered their retreat by firing at police through the door. they are not sure. they were not sure he was one of the two that got away but they were thinking maybe he was. >> to be clear, this would have been the first time they have had some confirmation of his existence? >> exactly right. >> all the way up -- >> that's right. but the trail had gone cold until tuesday. they were not expecting him to be in the apartment. they did not believe the apartment was connected, necessarily, to him. it was a big surprise when they goth went in and got in to a huge gun fight with the three terrorists inside. >> we always heard when ever there was a big gun fight in the search for osama bin laden it flent was a prize in there. who knows if he is one of the two that escaped or one of the two injured and taken in to custody today. the senior international correspondent is en route to brussels. what can you tell us? >> hi, ashleigh. you are right. the stakes that the fire fight means they were hiding a bigger
9:32 am
prize than police expected. that's the scrutiny directed to this molenbeek raid. you have four raids as i understand it from eyewitnesses on the ground undertaken by heavily armed members of the belgian special sforforces. the raid that led to the finding of the dna on tuesday this week, that was carried out by regular police officers but now it seems as the manhunt has ratcheted up, belgian authorities are very much trying to escalate the capabilities they are bringing. what is interesting, went we were speaking to belgian's interior minister he said he believed he didn't believe they were the only ones helping salah abdeslam but isis himselves would be seeking him. in a way this was europe's most hunted man from all sides. if he had been in the apartment with someone as senior as, that
9:33 am
would show there was continuing connect between him and isis even though it was characterized at the time fled the battlefield and not detonated. we are on our way to the site and will bring you information as soon as we get it. >> i will let you continue to your journey. nic robertson is live. our senior diplomatic editor. something that she just reported fascinating to me that isis may have been tracking him, as well as authorities who were tracking him because of what isis did in that terror attack. which means this man, salah abdeslam may have not found as much comfort and care in his underground journey since the attack that we thought. >> the fact he didn't appear in the tribute video, if you will, the propaganda video that isis put out a few months after the paris attack clearly indicates
9:34 am
he's not in the hall of fame. the suicide vest that had his dna on it, was he really going to use it. reports are when the called his friends following the attacks he was in tears and that indicates some emotional distress. should he have joined his brother who blew himself up as part of the paris attack? that's unclear. we don't know the truth behind that. if that's the case and the evidence seems to point in that direction, that it is hardly a hero to isis. therefore, whatever networks isis had in belgium, knowing he had not followed through the on job, a man like him who would be known to the police within hours would be so toxic if he went to any of their safe houses he could disrupt not just that house but networks of people lying in wait for other attacks. with we don't know that for sure but if you are isis that's what you are thinking. this man is toxic to you.
9:35 am
are you going to help him? he is going to compromise you. if he had been lying low in the property what was his plan b if he was one of the two who ran out of there and ran away. his plan b was perhaps limited because he wasn't going to get all of the help he may have got if he was a hero in those networks. over time, the fact he stayed there and associated, the police raids in belgium, isis commanders in iraq and syria must be looking at what he's brought raining down on their perhaps careful planning and preparation in europe. a number of raids because the roads led back to belgium. he has brought more trouble on the organization. so he's hardly going to be the guy they want to help. yet, are they going to throw him to the wolves? that probably seems unlikely because he probably knows more than they would like to see him
9:36 am
give to the police. you get the impression we don't have good information at this moment because authorities are careful in limiting because they don't want to give clues to terrorists but it creates the impression that salah abdeslam's days on the run perhaps got a shorter after the raid on tuesday. >> something out of a spy novel or cinematic epic to think hee been chased out and chased down and fleeing not only from the special forces efforts that have been tracking him like bloodhounds but isis who are no slouches themselves in this kind of effort. stand by for a moment. i want to address the pictures to the right of the screen. these are live pictures in to cnn now of the molenbeek neighborhood in belgium. where the shots were fired and previous raid pictures were taken. this is brusselles, as we zoom in on the map. i don't know how familiar you are, but this is effectively
9:37 am
where this is happening. this is the tape that we shot moments ago and had fed in to us of the actual operation. i cannot tell you the timing of this, whether the shots were fired prior to or after the pictures you are seeing now. we know this apartment, up the stairs where they stopped, where police special forces and tactical team stops they cleared a few women out of there but did not see any arrests or shootout involving the two men in custody. we are back to the live pictures on the right side of the screen. you can see it's odd to see all of those people crowded to the right side of that doorway. i don't know if they are onlookers or actually special forces themselves or other police entities. paul, as we watch these live pictures and i know at any moment we will have to jump off of those because we don't like to give away tactical operations. so these have been cleared for us. the word "toxic" was used when nic robertson said that salah
9:38 am
abdeslam was toxic. a couple of reasons, number one he chickened out and watched his brother die and threw his vest in to a garbage can and it is possible he had given up intelligence on their operation, which makes him in persona nongratis in the top degree. >> i don't know if it is a hypothesis shared by some counterterrorism officials 245 he chickened out and because of that was persona non-grata as far as isis is concerned. i think finding out more about the raid on tuesday and the fact he was in the apartment with mohamed belkaid, a senior member of the entire conspiracy, more
9:39 am
senior than mohamed belkaid. he was in an apartment with him recently. i think that suggests he was still in isis' good graces and may have been plotting another sort of attack with those other two on behalf of isis. the fact that isis didn't put out his picture didn't create a hero profile of him after the paris attacks was to protect his future plans. >> reading too much in it to. >> that's the side of the argument i'm on at this point. he was very much of the isis setup. salah abdeslam was a senior figure hiding in brussels and being in syria. >> he may have been a beloved friend who despite what isis may have wanted, which is, you know, salah abdeslam's head on a spike. >> i think that sort of hypothesis is losing its stock price very quickly this week.
9:40 am
>> i want to keep on your sources, if you would. meantime, as we watch the live pictures, we are waiting for confirmation as to who was shot and injured and taken in to custody. two people referred to as terrorists taken in to custody after the shootout and after this raid today in the molenbeek area in brussels. was it salah abdeslam? the most wanted man in the paris attacks. whyto learn, right?e? so you can get a good job and you're not working for peanuts. well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? while you guys are busy napping, peanuts are delivering 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients right to your mouth. you ever see a peanut take a day off? no. peanuts don't even get casual khaki fridays. because peanuts take their job seriously.
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theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. our breaking news out of belgium. if you are just joining us, pictures like this crossing the screens as a police raid took place in the molenbeek
9:45 am
neighborhood in that city. they were after suspected terrorists. they caught two, injured two and it's believed at this time being confirmed by 0 our cnn affiliate rtvf, which is the belgian state media that salah abdeslam has been captured and is injured, but is alive. salah abdeslam, the picture on the left hand side of the screen. one of the most wanted terrorists in the last four months. he was the driver of the car that dropped off the suicide bombers at the stadium in the paris attack. an attack, a coordinated attack, that killed 130 people. this man has been on the run since, and the confirmation coming from cnn affiliate rtvf that, in fact, he has been captured alive. i want to go to a newspaper reporter who's live in the neighborhood. can you tell me what you are seeing in front of you right now?
9:46 am
what do you see? >> just an ambulance have arrived because two people in the apartment were wounded. one is shot in the knee and apparently it is salah abdeslam. >> sorry, have i lost dirk? i think we lost our connection. >> hello. >> we just lost you. if you can, reiterate, tell me what you are seeing. >> a ambulance just arrived and because there are two people in the apartment, one apparently is salah abdeslam shot by police. >> we are getting that confirmation, as well. is the police operation still happening, or have they finished? >> it is still going on. they are inside the house. inside the building.
9:47 am
ten minutes ago shots were fired. >> ten minutes ago shots were fired. any other shots, and are they clearing people out? are they telling residents to move away and clear the neighborhood? >> yeah. the neighborhood was cleared before police begun the action. >> were there any other people in the apartment where these two people, one of them now confirmed to be salah abdeslam, were there any other people, as well, who were arrested or taken out? >> some sources say there were three people, others say it was two. it is not clear yet. >> not clear yet. in terms of the police who were there, do you know if they are international, if they are local police? can you determine who these forces are who have come in to
9:48 am
capture these two? >> it is the special units of the belgian police. special units who do that kind of jobs. >> were these the same people who did the raid on tuesday, in which one man was killed and two escaped? >> yeah. the same unit, yes. >> is there any concern there maybe additional weapons or bombs in that areas as they try to assess the situation? ? >> we don't know yet. the police haven't finished clearing the building yet. first they are taking out the wounded guys. an ambulance has arrived. they are now taking out the two guys who were wounded. one of them who has been hit in the knee is salah abdeslam. >> did you witness that, dirk? the man who was shot in the knee, did you witness that?
9:49 am
>> no. it was inside the house. we were on the street. so we couldn't see that but it was told to me by a good source. >> stay with me if you can. he's been on the scene in the molenbeek neighborhood. >> you have confirmation as well. >> cnn has confirmation that salah abdeslam, the so-called tenth terrorist attacker has been taken in to custody by belgian police. he was injured as part of the operation but he is alive. his life is not in danger, it would appear and it is a huge moment, not only neutralizing the threat from him but he could be a font of intelligence moving forward to wrap up the wider network they fear out there that was responsible for the paris attacks and maybe plotting a new wave of attacks in belgium, france and other european
9:50 am
countries. it's a very big moment. they managed to smuggle him back to brussels but he has been hiding the last several months. they went in the apartment on tuesday afternoon. they weren't expecting him or any other terrorists there. his fingerprints were there and he managed to escape. >> that told them it is a high value target. >> high value target indeed. the guy they killed in the safe house was one of the senior members of the whole conspiracy given orders to the paris attackers during the time of the attacks, coordinating the paris attacks, giving orders to the field ring leader in paris with the team that was sent to paris. this attack was planned from belgium. they had multiple safe houses. they built the bombs there. they had several addresses across the country, some in brussels where they planned this thing for weeks and weeks and
9:51 am
weeks, only moving to paris just before the attacks. they have now got one of the ten attackers that night, ibrahim abdeslam played a key role. he was meant to be -- his own brother. >> his own brother, ibrahim abdeslam who blew himself up in the cafe. he walked in and blew himself up. his brother was killed but he wasn't killed in that attack. one of though thoughts is was he persona nongrata in isis. i think the fact he was with several isis operatives in the safe house suggests he was very much part of the isis set up. that ratcheted up international attack planning. they were heavily armed and engaged police on tuesday afternoon. >> if it was him, on tuesday if it was him. they are trying to fit 0 all the
9:52 am
pieces together. connecting all of the dots, that seems likely with what will come out of this. >> the newspaper reporter we were speaking with on the scene were telling us of the live police presence there. the pictures on the screen are live pictures coming in to us. it does not seem frenetic at this time after two suspected terrorists were injured and taken in. as paul confirmed, one of them confirmed to be the most notorious, most wanted figure from the paris attacks that left 130 dead in that coordinated night back in november in several different locations, where all of those people were hunted down and murdered. this is the police presence now you are seeing in the arrest of the man on the left, salah abdeslam. remind me, are there still outstanding members they are looking for? >> there are still members they are looking for. one of them is a friend of the
9:53 am
attackers who grew up in molenbeek who was driving some of the attackers from belgium to paris. he's still at large. not clear -- it's possible he was one of the guys arrested today. we don't know that for sure. we don't know the identity of the other guy. also, another senior member of the conspiracy, a guy was working very closely with the guy who died in the brussels apartment earlier this week, mohamed belkaid, they are working hand in hand to coordinate the paris attack. not clear if the man using the fake identity is one of the two arrested gist now in brussels. they have salah abdeslam. that's a huge intelligence value moving forward and neutralizes the potential value of a follow on attack in paris following the suspects at large before now. >> doesn't an operation like this have anybody who might be
9:54 am
in the planning process abandoning plans because this is a little too close for comfort v comfort? >> they clearly felt the best bet to evade security services was to hide in the heart of brussels. it is a neighborhood close to the center of brussels. they found what would appear to be a safe house to hide in for an extended period of time. finally the belgians working with the french were able to get key intelligence to tell them this was an aggressive interest in relation to the paris attacks. they have no idea when they went in to this apartment, when they launched this search on tuesday afternoon there would be any terrorists at all, at the building, that the power, the water had been cut off. they thought it was going to be empty. salah abdeslam was there at some point recently. >> they found the dna. they found fingerprints and
9:55 am
other things. pieces of news in to our viewers at this time. while we have the confirmation that this is salah abdeslam who was injured and take en in to custody, very much alive ie long with another person, the belgian prime minister and the french president hollande gave a statement saying they are aware of the ongoing operation and hope we understand. they won't disclose too much details for obvious reason. the belgian and fwrench investigative services are cooperating on this. they say we do not have confirmation on the identity, however, that confirmation has come to us clearly that person on the left of your screen, a notorious, alleged murderer from the night of the paris attack now in custody and presumably soon he will be answering a lot of questions. thank you for watching, everyone. our live coverage of what is happening in belgium will continue. my colleague wolf blitzer comes
9:56 am
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