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tv   Race for the White House  CNN  March 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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islands. we won five. and it was incredible. we picked up a hlot of delegate. we're moving. we're moving. i think we get to the convention, it's over. i don't think there is going to be much of a dispute. i don't think we're going to have a lot of dispute. the numbers were fantastic. illinois unbelievable and, you know, we had, as you know, i had a tough race in florida. i was facing the future of the republican party, marco rubio, the future. well, that's what they said. they said he's the future of the republican party. i assume he's not going to be endorsing me. i haven't found that out. but i assume. but we faced the future of the republican party, folks. someday you'll get another chance to vote for him maybe. you never know. you never know. and boy did we win big.
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we got 99 delegates, just about the max. we did incredible between illinois -- i mean, we won missouri but we're still waiting for that final count. i keep hearing cruz has somebody that's a big shot in missouri but i don't think missouri works that way. that's a great place, folks, i'll tell you. we did fantastic. we've done great essentially of where. >> that's donald trump speaking at salt lake city, speaking at the infinity center. donald trump's campaign sought to block the streets off. when they did that, protesters made sure that they showed up so donald trump could know how they feel.
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joining me is bob beckel, margaret hoover, republican strategist and consultant for sirius-xm radio host and douglas brinkley, order of "right full heritage." we're looking at all of this. he comes out and says, listen, we have a lot of support, i don't think there's going to be a brokered convention once we get there. you don't think that's going to be one. you don't think there's going to be one, margaret? >> i don't think so. and part it have is because of the scene we're looking at now. as these rallies become riots, like the one in chicago last week, he support went up in florida, around the time that the support from rubio pulled back, 22% of republicans said those riots solidified their
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support for donald trump. romney comes outs are endorses ted cruz today, they're supposed to be tying up this caucus there. if they can get over 50%, it's winner take all, ted cruz would get all 40 delegates, but now the protests just bring support for donald trump. it's going to add inertia and momentum for donald trump and he only has to win half the remaining delegates. >> when you add up all the anti-trump delegates -- if you're not in the race, your delegates will become unbound. those party regulars are not going to be voting for donald trump. so there's still a pathway for kasich and cruz. they have to unite. the story i hear is that kasich is saying i'm going to win these blue states. there's enough country club republicans out there, cruz is
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not going to win them. they're going into wisconsin, it's a blue state. if kasich wins there, he'll stay in the race. it he doesn't, he's told the cruz people i'm going to reconsider. kasich did not do well in michigan, he did not do well in illinois. so the idea that somehow he does well in all blue states is wrong. >> the one thing i'm just puzzled by is the fact that now all of a sudden cruz has become the establishment candidate when he's been everything except for establishment. the fact that we're comparing john kasich with a ted cruz is crazy to me. the fact that now mitt romney is saying he's going to support ted cruz, which we know is damaging for ted cruz and the fact that john kasich continues to stay in the race is also damaging to ted cruz. i hear your scenario, i just don't think it's very likely. >> the historian will tell you
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ronald reagan brought in bill casey to run his campaign, brought in george bush as his vice president. trump would need to do something like that but definitely ted cruz is going to reach out. i think you're going to see a change in the cruz campaign. this is a very, very clever politician. i think he could win -- he could win over latino voters. i think he's going to moderate on immigration. >> chris, you have been saying there are enough country club republicans that will get -- >> kasich people are saying that. >> the kasich people are saying that. but those aren't the folks that are showing up at these rallies, these thousands of people showing up aren't country club republicans. those probably aren't the people that have gotten donald trump's 683 delegates so far. are you with me, bob beckel? >> i'm with you. i just want to know if there was another commercial break. i was waiting. >> all right, forget beckel. you're done. when you get your chance, go on. >> what did you ask me?
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>> i said are enough country club republicans, those aren't the folks who are going to vote for donald trump and who have garnered him 600 some-odd republicans? >> the states ahead are good for trump. there's new york, his home state. there's new jersey with christie, pachlennsylvania, whe he'll draw a lot of blue collar supporters, connecticut may be a different story, rhode island may be a different story, but it's not a bad setup for him. california, people who vote in the primaries in california, republicans, very far right. and they're not evangelical. that's the other problem ted cruz has got, he's run out of evangelicals in any significant number. >> bob, when you look at these pictures and see what's happen being outside of this trump rally, what comes to mind? what goes through your head?
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>> being outside the 1968 college convention in college and having a horse chase me down. that's what comes to mind. the divisions in the party in '68 when there were brokers around, it disrupted the democratic party for two decades until clinton came along. this has the potential to split this party and it will be that long before they get it back together again. >> bob beckel, i have to take you on about this. 1968 and 2020 are very different years, race riots across the country, bobby kennedy is shot, martin luther king is shot. dissension across the country, they were kicking people out and it was totally corrupt. the democratic party had to go back and redo entirely how they
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select their nominee. that is not what's happening here either in the country or in the republican party. you need to be careful with these kind of irresponsible -- >> the rules committee so humphrey could get himself nominated. let remember here, the republican national committee and they're going to have a rules committee there and that rules committee can change whatever rules they want to change except for binding on the first votes. >> they won't be trump delegates making those decisions. this is all taking place in march. this is only the start. i think it's going to be an explosive summer. it's going to be off the charts. i think the various groups that are already out there that have been agitating, they're going to be ramping up and trump has, whether it's large numbers or not, very devoted followers.
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>> that's why it does remind me of 1968, at least what i've seen, i want here, but these are the images that triggered that type of frustration, that type of anger. this type of speech is what causes the reaction of like a black lives matter. the fact it this black man got punched in the face in fayetteville by a trump supporter. these are the things that trickle and people get fed up enough, that is the kind of violence that happens. >> i want to hear what douglas has to say. >> i think television doesn't -- it doesn't look good on tv brokered conventions in 1952 cbs trained cameras on tap versus eisenhower and you really get the modern day caucus and prime rich system out of the fact of let's do our dirty laundry early so the convention is an infomercial. edward r. murrow wouldn't even
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go to the convention because he saidinfomercial. cleveland will be known as a war zone for -- >> can i respond back to margaret here for a second? you're right it was a much different year but when trump looks out at those supporters in these rallies of his, he thinks these people reflect america, that these people are as emotional as where they are now as the eenanti-war pro ttesters in '68. that's what's got me concerned about it. if it falls apart, i'm really not going to shed a tear. >> what we're watching in utah is quite spontaneous. cleveland, people are going to have a lot of time in the sense of buses coming in, protesters,
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black life matters, latino groups, feminists, they're all going to descend on cleveland as the messy american pie that's grown very dysfunctional. it doesn't look good for the republican party right now either way, whether they have a cruz/tas cruz/kasich team and whether they have trump. >> i want to go to my colleague boris sanchez, who is swrout side where the froprotesters ha gathered. what's going on, boris? >> reporter: they moved to get into the side entrance. moments before he walked in, a crowd walked in trying to get his attention, started chanting "shut it down, shut it down."
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it's a very, very passionate crowd and there's still a pro-trump crowd. they're be very civil. there hasn't been any fist fighting. there hasn't been anything that's gotten out of hand. police officers have main tatap the peace here. >> there have been plenty of officers moving about. i asked when they might start asking people to move out. he sadie had no idea. the crowd may still until the end of the event. we'll have to wait and see how it evolves. so far things have remained civil here. >> we'll get back to boris and the panel. when we come back, much more on our breaking news, donald trump speaking in salt lake city as protester gather outside. e one ? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there?
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you're looking at live pictures outside the infinity event center. is kayleigh leigh with us as well as? oh, kayleigh, there you go! can we listen in? >> you know what a great thing that is for our democracy when
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you think about it? these are people, these are smart people, these are great people, these are hard working people but they've been left out. they've been disenfran kichised. they're smart. i have one person in tennessee, the all-time record, 93 years old, a big story, never voted before. i could say, come on, you have do a little voting, right? she never voted before. she voted for the first time recently in tennessee, 93 years old. and she's 93. she's wearing a trump shirt. >> so there is donald trump doing his stump speech, he points out people and gets points across. usually he says the same thing sort of over and over and over. maybe that's good because it sticking with the public. i'm going to bring in kayleigh
7:19 pm
mcenany, who is a trump supporter. what do you have make of what's happening in salt lake city tonight? the first thing he talked about before he said -- after he said no brokered convention, was marco rubio. now marco rubio is in his rear view mirror. why even bring up marco rubio? >> i think that's what donald trump does. he brings up his competitors. marco rubio is part of the establishment. he's going to bring up marco rubio. but i think the real story tonight is the absolutely, unacceptable behavior of these protesters in front of donald trump's rally. it's so bad that even the media cameras have to be wary if they even shoot in their direction. >> but they're peaceful protesters. >> they're peaceful all right, but if the media turns their camera that way, there's a big f.u. sign and we had to turn the camera away. the media cannot even turn in that direction for fear of having vulgarities that are not
7:20 pm
allowed to be on television. this is absurd. they are all over college campuses protesting other right-wing issues. last week they stormed a m metallica event. >> these aren't spontaneous events. there's talk on social media with ads going out telling people to show up. they're not giving him a minute to breathe. jonathan altar had a great column on "the daly beast" yesterday, trump is too poor to win this election. he's going to need a lot of money and he doesn't have the donors behind him and he's probably not going to want to spend a balanillion dollars of
7:21 pm
own money and we're seeing heavy pro testing everywhere he speak. >> this is legit anger. people are legitimately frustrated that donald trump has gotten away with this rhetoric. we can go to the fact -- i mentioned this earlier, the fact that donald trump as campaign has now put out the fact that we're not going to have you leave the press cage, press folks, it's caused him real trouble and there may be fear that these protesters are gaining track shtion but we can say these people are getting paid off to do this. these are legitimate -- >> the thing that worries me about this, whether you think it paid for or whatever, i don't think it's a good idea for the progressive movement to be doing this. but also margaret said this earlier, whenever this happens,
7:22 pm
trump supporters get stronger. and the ultimate protest is going to the ballot box. that's where can you protest. but i wouldn't want to do anything to try to reinforce trump, which is what this is doing so it's probably makes sense -- they have every right in the world to do it and i used to do it all the time but the best thing for the left to did is to stay away and not let him have his supporters get that much more riled up. >> what we also know is this is organized and this is paid for. front page of the wall street journal today, 22 liberal groups have decided that they're going to consolidate their efforts and to organize and start at the following primaries in protesting donald trump rallies beep know this is organized by the left. that's fine, that's probably their right. >> i reject that notion. the black lives matter activists that are out -- >> these grass roots organizations, these people get salaries, they're paid for.
7:23 pm
we have them on the right, you have them on the left. >> oh, come on, margaret. >> what do you think, they send them paychecks? >> this is a problem that started long before donald trump. it started in ferguson when people were burning down buildings. it happens on campuses every day. this is a problem. >> i want to play this. as we know, mitt romney was speaking out against donald trump today. donald trump responded to that just a few minutes ago. >> we never want to take on the pope. so anyway, the evangelicals have been so amazing. everybody's so amazing and do i love the mormons, okay? do i love the mormons. i have many friends that live in
7:24 pm
salt leak,ake -- i have a lot o friends. by the way, mitt romney is not one of them. did he choke? did this guy choke? are you sure he's a mormon? are you sure is this he choked. he choked. it was so sad. he should have beaten obama. >> chris, is this your example of donald trump becoming a different person and pivoting on the campaign trail? >> i am praying that he changes. i admit that he has a problem here by being so argumentative and contentious. i know a little bit of the background on this. donald was very upset he was not invited to that convention in 2012. he was promised something at this convention. they even did a video program, they brought in clint eastwood, who totally screwed up the primetime program. donald should have given a speech. he was a major problem in 2012.
7:25 pm
>> so he never forgets. >> after the 2012, he and romney had a phone call and he told romney, he said i will never forget and i know there were some expletives in there what you did to me in that convention. >> do you remember the whole pope things and donald trump and he said you should never question someone's religion, right? i'm paraphrasing here. so why is he questioning romney's religion? >> i don't think he's questioning mitt romney's religion. >> he just said is he a real mormon. >> i have said consistently on this program i don't think there's a place for criticizing anyone's religion. i don't think donald trump as faith haas been questioned and many people on this panel has before criticized donald trump's faith. >> his faith? >> did you say criticized his faith? >> yes, his faith. >> i don't know what his faith is. i've never criticized it. i don't think the guy goes to
7:26 pm
church. >> that to me is what that's about. >> go ahead, chris. >> donald trump was not saved by jesus but he was saved by jerry falwell jr. that endorsement gave him the whole south, all of those baptist states was mission critical. if he didn't have that, the university imprimatur, that helped him. donald is not known as being an evangelical. >> he's just up there, saying whatever comes to his mind, a lot of them are rifts we've heard before. to a serious point, politico magazine put out an article a couple days ago, they analyzed hours of his speech and they found more than five dozen m
7:27 pm
mischaracterizatio mischaracterizations, falsehoods, a lie or mischaracterization every five minutes. >> they're supporting domd not because of facts but because of his strength. >> you heard what you just said, chris? not because of the facts. >> admittedly, hey, i might be friendly with donald, he changes his positions fairly frequently on things but he is known as a tough guy. >> i want to go back to what margaret just said about donald trump and this article. and the thing about this whole thing is he continues to not only mischaracterize the truth, he grossly overstates the truth bu also, this wasn't an accident today. mitt romney just so happened to say he was going to support ted
7:28 pm
cruz. he has to undermine mitt romney. of course he's going to throw in at some point at this rally mitt romney lost the election by 5 million votes almost, he's a loser. he's the one who got thrown out for the 47%. donald trump has said far worse that the 47% comment of mitt romney. >> you're right about the fact thing. let's remember, donald trump also said one night "i love undereducated people." >> donald trump said that we -- the republicans lost the election mitt romney had -- >> is this another commercial break? >> bob, it's television. have you ever done it before? >> i've done it a lot. it shows you how popular you are. >> if you don't want to get paid, i won't do a commercial break. when we come back, we'll have
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now. what do you have for us, dylan? >> it started with donald trump who is has been criticizing megyn kelly as he has -- >> i need to you stand by. i need to get to breaking news. boris sanchez is outside at the rally. boris, what do you have for us? can we hear boris? >> okay. we cannot hear boris. but as i understand, as we try to fix that. boris, work on your audio. we're having a problem with it. can you speak into the microphone? >> reporter: can you hear me? >> what's going on? >> reporter: senseessentially t
7:34 pm
came around the side of the building. they started storming the building. there were tents set up outside. the protests or just tore them down. it appears that the doors are closed and the protesters are right at the door. we heard someone say that they got insignde but it still uncle to see exactly what's going on. we're going to try to move closer but it appears the protesters just tore down the security apparatus at the front of this infinity center. i don't see any police in front of them. we're trying to figure out where the police officers are. i think they were clearly trying to get inside to try to send a message to donald trump. i'm not sure if he's still in the building. as we move closer, we'll get a clearer picture. >> stand by, boris. he's still speaking. let's look inside and see if he's even aware. don't go anywhere, boris.
7:35 pm
he's still speaking inside. obviously he's not aware or it's not making a difference. so boris, sanchez, it doesn't appear they've gotten inside. but if they did, they were held off. boris? >> reporter: it appears they were held off. now i'm getting a glance closer and it looks like there's a line of -- i'd say a dozen police officers that rushed to the door and got outside. now they're blocking them. it looks like they have a gap between the pro tsers and the door and they're starting to march away from the door. they're starting to try to push the protesters to the back. >> all right, boris. boris, keep an eye on that and we'll get back to you. boris sanchez outside of a trump rally where you can see there are protesters. we are also in the middle of some other breaking news with our senior media correspondent dylan byers.
7:36 pm
you were saying that donald trump east campai trump's campaign has responded to the fox news statement. >> reporter: that's right. fox news accused donald trump of making verbal assaults, it accused him of sexism and of basically behavior that was beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate running for the highest office in the land. this is the response that we just got from the trump campaign. "megyn kelly is a highly overrated roarer, an anchor that constantly disparages mr. trump with negative and inaccurate reports. despite the fact that he wants nothing to do with her and will not appear on her show due to her extremely biased reporting, much of the program is about him anyways on a nightly basis. in fact, fox news has begged mr. trump to do a prime time special
7:37 pm
to be broadcast on the fox network, not cable, with megyn kelly. he has turned them down. likewise they recently called for an unsolicited -- what you're seeing from the trump campaign is more of what you've been seeing from donald trump. he's doubling down on those remarks. he is continuing to insult her and to try and impugn her integrity and he's very focused, of courses are on the ratings as always. >> okay. thank you, dylan byers. stand by. that's a lot to absorb. the campaign is really going into detail about what's happening behind the scenes. >> i also think isn't this really the end of fox news as a powerhou powerhouse. roger ailes was the most competitive -- >> do you run a competitive news
7:38 pm
network? >> the game is over. up just had a candidate say i'm not showing up at your debate. fox is being regularly pilloried by him and there are studies that show republican viewers are not so happy with fox. i think they're also tuning in to cnn becaus you guys tell is straight. look at the diversity of views we're having here. they were effectively, we talked about it earlier, a super pac for marco rubio. marco rubio came in almost 20 points behind in his home state and fox said he was going to win. so i think -- >> a super pac for marco rubio when the data shows that trump got more than $2 billion of free coverage. >> other than donald, marco got the best coverage. >> every day trump wants to win the media. he's there tonight in salt lake because ted cruz is beating him
7:39 pm
there. it's a caucus state. he's got to do a few things quick quickly. he rebrought up the golden oldie of megyn kelly today. tonight he doubled down on mitt romney that he's not a mormon. i think it a horrible thing to say to anybody, i don't think you're a real catholic, i don't think you're a real jew. but politically he thinks he has to emasculate romney and margaret hoover nailed it, these protests help donald trump in utah. >> i have to go but i think the donald trump supporter here deserves a shot at responding to what dylan byers reported.
7:40 pm
quickly. >> no problem. he's on the march to front-runner status, he already has it. it time to pivot and turn to the candidates and leave megyn kelly behind. if he feels he's been treated unfairly, fine, but it time to pivot. >> wow! thank you very much, kayeleigh. you've been saying what a lot of people have been saying. i appreciate when you speak honestly on this program. >> i always do. >> we'll be right back. the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪
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the gop establishment waging war with donald trump. with me is doug has brinkley. sunday's episode is about the presidential race between dukakis and bush. >> 10 points ahead, michael dukakis seems untouchable. >> there's a stupid, untrue, terrible rumor floating around that dukakis had suffered a serious depression after he lost his first election campaign for governor and had been treated by a psychiatrist.
7:45 pm
and i think we tamped it down for at least a week or so. and then, ronald reagan, the president in a news conference was asked about something about dukakis's policies or whatever. >> do you think that americans deserve to know whether he's fit to govern by having his medical records my public? >> look, independent n'm not go on an invalid. >> every line on my desk is ringing. >> i was pretty upset. the incumbent president is calling a democratic nominee an invalid. what did he mean by that? >> the president elevated this crazy rumor that made some people believe it. i was very, very angry. >> reagan could be very quick.
7:46 pm
was that a low blow? >> it was low but an effective blow. they were starting to paint dukakis as weird. that picture of him in that tank. now we do much better on mental health issues. back then if you saw a psychiatrist in 1972, eagleton was going to be the vp senator for missouri, george mcgovern had to drop out because he had one sceneseen a psychiatrist. >> that tank thing, did that really make him sort of a laughing spot? >> it cost him a lot. dukakis was an add candidate. al gore had run that year, he was the good looking candidate and jesse jackson. we underestimate what that
7:47 pm
meant. gary hart, he had the monkey business with the girl friend on the boat and everything. and then he was painted as the liberal, the willy horton ad that got used against him. >> do you remember the "i am somebody" speech from jesse jackson? we should play that at some point. one of the most inspiring and memorable speeches ever. >> the fact is we don't give jesse jackson i think enough credit. everyone talks about the bridge in selma paving the way for barack obama, but jesse jackson had the chutzpah in 1988 to run and do well, a serious contender. >> mike dukakis spoke to wolf
7:48 pm
blitzer today. here's what he had to say about donald trump. >> look, he's the grandson of german immigrants. he ought to be ashamed of himself. i'm very proud of my background and i'm sure you are and as others of us are. this is a guy who is a grandson of somebody who came over from germany and i don't know what he's talking about. >> i can't imagine donald trump cares much about at that. >> no. the problem is he abandoned the world liberal. when bill clinton ran, he said i'm a new democrat, i'm not a dukakis democrat. he's a wonderful personality, michael dukakis, teaching in the boston area, a very likable person. >> if you had to pick the most
7:49 pm
memorable moment from this campaign, what would it be? >> i think it would be the megyn kelly line. everybody said he's toast. the fact that was fox news. what consultant would you have paid last summer to say here, mr. trump, is the way to win. just devastate fox news as a republican. everyone thought you had to court fox news. the fact that trump got away with that started telling us something was new. >> megyn kelly was famous before that but she's even famore famo now. >> she's a memoir. >> the book is called "rightful heritage, franklin d. roosevelt and the land of america." tune in on sunday night for the cnn series "race or the white house." when we come right back,
7:50 pm
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7:54 pm
authorities. russian state new agency reports at least 55 people on board are dead. the plane had taken off from dubai. joining me is cnn aviation analyst mary schiavo. what can you tell us about this? >> reporter: i'm looking at radar tracing. this plane had made three large looping circles. it was supposedly poor visibility weather. a lot of crashes when you've got poor visibility and you don't make it in on the first time, i can't tell you house of representatives crashes i've worked where they crashed on the second time. this runway was lighted it, had good lighting on one end and it did have an instrument landing system. now whether it was working or not or like previous crashes where the system was out or maybe the pilot didn't know it, but with the chew of bad weather
7:55 pm
and making at least three different circles, trying to reorient to the rupp wnway, it look like pilot disorientation. the airline had safety violations. it had an engine overheat, it had a couple issues in russia and iran and another airport where there had been missiles in the vicinity. that's about all that is on previous problems with the airline like this. >> this is mary schiavo reporting to us about this passenger jet carrying 55 people on board crashed in russia. you heard mary say it was
7:56 pm
possibly pilot disorientation at least initially that's what she thinks. again, a 737, flying from dubai. it is believed all 55 passengers on board this plane have died. we'll continue to update you on this news as we get it. make sure you stay with cnn for a three-hour primetime event as well with the final presidential candidates this monday. anderson and wolf are going to host that. that's monday night beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for watching. cnn's "race for the white house" begins next. ingredients you can spell.
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>> for eight years you've been a heart beat away from the oval office. a loyal vice president. biding your time, waiting your turn. you know the


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