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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  March 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. so grateful to have your company. i'm christi paul this morning. >> i'm victor blackwell. the passenger plane that has crashed in southern russia, all 62 people on board are dead. the flight crashed after repeated attempts to land in the city of rostov-on-don. >> take a look at the surveillance video. that's the flight. russian state news says this shows the exact moment of that crash. cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of that, but we want to bring in cnn international correspondent matthew chance. math throuyou, what's happening
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>> they brought in the flight recorder and they're going to be able to piece together quickly what happened to the 787. it was five years old. up until now it has a relatively safe record but it's a relatively new airline. there were bad conditions when this aircraft tried to land unsuccessfully. it tried to land once and aborlted that landing in the early morning hours of the morning because of the weather conditions. it then circled rostov for two hours which is quite a lot when you think about it. two whole hours before it tried to land again unsuccessfully. those images which you've shown already of that fireball as the 737 plowed into the area around the runway. actually fell short of the runway some 200 meters, 8 hund
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feet or so short of the runway. everybody on board was killed. all of them dead. and, of course, there are terrible scenes now in rostov as the authorities try to clear away the debris and, of course, retrieve the human remains. >> we know psychologists there are on the scene as well to help these members with what they're seeing today. matthew chance, we appreciate it, thank you. let's turn to the other breaking story. the sole surviving suspect of the paris attacks is now out of the hospital. saleh abdeslam were captured in a dramatic raid in belgium. this happened after an intense manhunt that started after the november attacks. cnn, of course, is covering this story from every angle. we have cnn international correspondent fred pleitgen in
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brussels and cnn international correspondent in paris. i'm going to start with you. >> one of the things we heard when this raid took place is saleh abdeslam had been wounded when the raid happened. apparently those wounds were only very light and as you said, he was discharged from the hospital. the latest information we're getting is he's going to be brought to a detention facility at some point. he's going have to be brought in front of a judge who is then going to decide whether or not to keep him in detention obviously as this investigation goes on. there seems no doubt at this time that that is something that will happen, that he remains in detention because at this point in time he's still the main focal point of the big egest on
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in europe. the information we hope to get from him is how the paris attacks began. as you said, he's the seoul survive over the suspects from the attack in paris that killed 130 people. how those attacks took place and more importantly, who else might have been involved. as this investigation has gone on, they found that many, many more people were involved than they had initially thought, so to try to cut through that web is going to be something that's very important. have to keep in mind, victor, that in four months after the attack took place, there have been 100 raids in belgium alone that have net 150 suspects. it's a huge investigation. he's going to be the main focal point. >> indeed. let's go to nic now. how long could that take and what's next in the process as
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france gets involved in this? >> there are indications this is going to be a fairly speedy process, legal of course, so it may take a few weeks. right now president francois hollande is having a defense meeting. in that meeting will be the interior minister, prime minister, foreign minister, defense minister, head of the military forces here, and we have just learned here in the last couple of minutes we can expect a statement from france's interior minister that may shed light on that question of how long the actually judicial process may take. the interior minister is expected to speak within the next few minutes. but i've got to tell you the mood here in paris about the arrest is quite one of jubilation, if you will. still, look, this is the front page of the parisian newspaper. it says quite plainly "capture"
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and this one says, "locked up." here, a victory against terrorism. this is something people have been waiting a long time to see the possibility that they could get answers, and this is what the french president has indicated here with the capture of salah abdeslam. of course, all that wide network of people involve thad the french president has talked about. >> crucial and important for the capture of the people of france. broadly the people around the world. fred pleitgen in brussels and nic robertson in paris. thank you both. let's brung in our panel. tom, i want to start with you. now that they have him in
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custody it seems extradition is all but certain. what kind of information do you expect they'll be able to extract from him and how might the u.s. assist in this? >> the problem is, christi, in many of the cases they're arrested an interrogated don't give up much information. they don't have a lot of maneuvering and plea garining and some of the issues we're able to exercise in the u.s., so many of these expects are taken into custody and then say nothing. i will say europe has a process called the european arrest warrant and under that system probably within a month or two, he'll be back in paris. if he doesn't cooperate, if he starts talking, they'll probably leave hem there to not upset the goings-on. if he doesn't talk and doesn't cooperate, they'll have him back in paris, i guess. >> here's the thing. he could have died in the paris attacks for one in that apartment. he didn't blow himself up for
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jihad, which is what was expected that he was ordered to do and he did not. so isis wouldn't see him as a martyr at this point. would he speak at all? how likely is it that he would give up any information if perhaps he is in danger from isis? >> it's an interesting question that you raise, christi. he will probably give up some information. he's put a high value on his life. as you said, he didn't carry out the extent of the attack. he was more interested in preserving his life. so this individual has placed a high price on living. he's probably in fear of what isis will do. there's a question what information he could potentially reveal in terms of logistics,
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safe houses, other individuals that might be operating. so this is a positive story, but there's a lot more that needs to be done to extract the information that is required. >> so, john, are you surprised he was still na that neighborhood. it was on the authority's radar since the attacks four months ago. >> well, on the one hand it's audacious, the fact that he felt it was so comfortable in brussels which is where he's from. but terrorists in the past have stayed where they feel comfortable. sometimes when you have that support and refuge and sympathizers, it's easy to stay where you're use to. >> i want to ask you, tom, about these four other people who were arrested. three, we understand, are family members who are facing charges of just sheltering him. what do we know about these people? are they suspected of simply
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hiding him, or were they involved in more than that, do we know? >> i think we don't know at this point. that's going to take investigation to find out. but i completely agree with sir john's comments on what's hap n happened and what will happen. ifky add, one of the a great leverage items the authorities will have to interview him will be you're a coward. you had a suicide vest on and took it off so you could live. you could have fought it out with authorities in brussels and lived. that's very difficult for somebody. they don't have to threaten him be in any kind of torture. they just have to tell him we're going tell the whole world you're a coward and that won't sit well with his group. >> there's so much to talk about with this. thap you so much. we're just getting started on "new day." donald trump in utah where
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angle boiled over in salt lake. donald trump is headed to arizona. there has been an increase of citizens and there's been a strategy for that. looking ahead to president obama ee trip to cuba. the welcome signs are out, mat figuratively rolled out. what does this mean for the cuba/u.s. relationship? cnn is live in havana. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity,
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there you see they tried to rush the door. these are part of protests against donald trump in utah. you see they were stopped by secret service. outside he brushed it off. >> there's a lot of love. there's even love for the protesters. do we have love for the protesters? honestly, they're doing their thing. i don't quite get the thing, but whatever it is, they're doing their thing. let me just tell you. i have love for the protesters and i have love for the people standing outside, the thousands that wanted to get in here. i love you people out there. i love you. >> reportedly no protests inside that event, but you saw the melee outside. trump is now turning hid attention to arizona today, holding two rallies in the state, first in phoenix and then in tucson. >> arizona is front and center.
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the democrats are trying to make sure trump can't make good on that promise. bernie sanders is going to be in phoenix later today as well. cnn correspondent jeff zeleny has more. >> victor and christi, the eyes of the democratic fight are now out west this weekend as the arizona and idaho and utah caucuses are just three days away. bernie sanders hopes to jump start his candidacy. he's heading back to arizona for a rally tonight. he has the campaign trail to himself all weekend long. hillary clinton is taking two days off, secure in her lead against delegate bernie sanders but increasingly donald trump is the center of conversation. the democratic machine is turning all of its attention to him. and sanders is even taking his shot at rival hillary clinton for her take on donald trump. >> let me say to you a word or two about my good friend donald
3:17 am
trump. just kidding. he's not my good friend. in fact. i never even went to one of his weddings. >> in fact, that's in reference rens to his third wedding in which mr. and mrs. clinton went to. both of them are making that argument. that's what they're going to be continuing do as the next election night in this long campaign is on tuesday out west. victor and christi? >> all right, jeff. thank you so much. we have with us political science director and policy director at the jason johnson. jason, i want to pick up, and good morning to you first. i want to pick up something that bernie sanders said at that rally, i never even went to one of his weddings.
3:18 am
is that going to be a problem for hillary clinton moving toward the general election as she prosecutes that case against donald trump? >> i don't think so, victor. i think that the connections between hillary clinton and donald trump, they hurt trump more than they hurt hillary clinton. trump who has been much more aggressive about the clintons, about politicians in general, about hobnobbing too much with the political elites makes him a hypocrite. i think the connections are worse for him than they are for hillary. >> let's talk about bernie sanders, the math difficult. not insurmountable but pretty tough. at what point does this continued campaign stop being sanders making her a better general election candidate, you know, offering a really strong message that clinton thoos
3:19 am
respond to into hurting her chances in the general election? >> honestly, victor, i think this is the best thing that can happen to hillary clinton and bernie sanders in this matter. here's the think. i'm probably in the minority about this but i thought the same thing in 2008. a long campaign is actually beneficial and mere's why. it's forcing them to go to states that they're not going to be campaigning in in 2016. if hillary is a nominee in 2016, she's not going to spent that much time in arizona, in utah, in idaho. so because of that competition, she and bernie are going to be meeting with supporters, donors, volunteers that they won't get to see them later on. i don't see how it'sing in for them both to benefit to spike it out as long as they can. >> you acknowledge you're in the minority there. >> yes. >> there are many who admit the long primary process in 2008
3:20 am
made barack obama a better candidate. but that's his first run. this is hillary clinton's second and she helped her husband get elected twice. we heard from donald trump in salt lake city. he questions whether mitt romney was a mormon probably jokingly. you remember a couple of months ago the pope questioned his christianity. that anybody that espouses these things, he bristled. does this hurt or help his mormonism, if that's a correct term, in utah. >> it doesn't help in utah but it doesn't matter given his support bases. donald trump has made it perfectly clear. there's nothing he can say. in his own words he could shoot someone in broad daylight in the middle of times square. there's nothing that could harm him with about 20% to 30% of the
3:21 am
republican supporters are going to come out and vote for him. i don't think it's going to hurt him in utah or any other key states but i do think any time he says it, he makes it easier to show that he's absolutely incapable rhetorically and personality-wise to be a functional president of the united states. at this point he should be looking at himself as a general election candidate because these comments won't help. >> there are comments that he should turn to the general election. jason johnson, thank you so much. >> thank you. we invite you to watch "the final five candidates" this monday. they'll all be interviewed. anderson cooper, wolf blitzer are hoefrting. that's monday night beginning at 8:00 eastern beginning on cnn. a huge spike in the number of latino immigrants can become
3:22 am
naturalized citizens. why it's so imperative. >> we're just getting this in. details about an explosion. it happened in the past few minutes at a shopping mall in istanbul. we've got some video in. we'll bring you this and more details right after the break. ♪
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we've got new video in of police responding to an explosion in turkey. this was a suicide bombing we're told in a busy shopping district in istanbul.
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at least 14 people are dead, many others wounded. this comes days after, you remember, a car bomb exploded and 37 people were killed in the capital of ankara. we'll keep you posted as we get more about this explosion there in istanbul. and apple and the fbi will face off in court on tuesday in a hearing aimed at forcing apple to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple's refused to unlock that phone on the grounds that it violates privacy rights. the baltimore ravens are mourning the death of walker. 23 years old. he died of injuries after a traffic incident. he was riding a dirt bike. it was in miami and after dark and he did not have a light on that motorcycle. he collided with an suv. if you don't know walker, let me
3:27 am
tell you, he was a standout player at texas state university and was drafted by the ravens just last year. the former professional wrestler was awarded $115 million. he sued the tabloid for posting a video of him having sex with another man's wife. up next, reports of latino immigrants rushing to get the citizenship to qualify to vote in november against donald trump. what we're talking about is a substantial number here. what's the possible impact on his campaign? also, is bernie sanders hinting at a convention fight with hillary clinton? covering is caring because covering heals faster.
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31 minutes past the hour right now. we have some new details for you on the two breaking news stories. first of all in southern russia. 62 people are dead after a passenger plane crashed after time.pting to land for a second i want to show you this video here, new video we have from the crash site this morning. small pieces of debris. they're scattered everywhere. very few large pieces, we understand, are being found.
3:32 am
emergency crews have, though, found both flight recorders from this plane and investigators are looking into whether crew error, tech neck cal difficult or weather could have caused this. they're sending teams to help with the investigation. plus the sole surviving suspect of the paris attacks is now out of the hospital after being captured in a dramatic raid in belgium. he was also injured. investigators will now interrogate salah abdeslam and the paris president says he hopes he'll be quickly extradited to france to stand trial. so donald trump is holding a rally in maricopa county in arizona. >> that's the backyard of sheriff joe arpaio who has endorsed donald trump. a justice report found his county guilty of racial filing
3:33 am
latinos. here's how the ballot could backfire at the ballot box. >> reporter: i havable and loud, protesters at donald trump's rally. many of them holding and wearing their outrage. more subdued but just as powerful, a native of colombia and legal resident for ten years, it's only now he feels the need to naturalize in time for november. >> do you have donald trump to thank for bringing you out here? >> translator: if i could become a citizen, i can vote against him, he says. across the u.s. from florida to nevada to illinois to north carolina. latinos once content to carry green cards now seek citizen ship because when trump teed off his presidential candidacy with
3:34 am
this -- >> they're bringing crime and rapis rapists very -- and this. the president said naturalization applications jump 14 jumped 14% from last year to this year. the numbers reveal political power, swing state nevada has 73,000 eligible latinos eligible to naturalize. arizona holding its primary next week, 146,000. florida, 137,000. the u.s. is open to 4.5 million people who can naturalize. >> the very people that he's been attacking are the ones that keep him from getting to the white house. >> reporter: she's joined with grassroots groups to get out the vote in november. the national response overwhelming.
3:35 am
>> you feel it. you know that donald trump is your enemy because he declared war, because he's the one that declared us enemies. >> reporter: that's the main motivator why this cuban is getting her citizenship after 22 years in the u.s. when we bring up his name, this response. >> i can't stand him, he's like a punch to the gut. donald trump's consequence? a pathway to their political power. the trump campaign says the proposed reforms, the 11 million undocumented immigrants, the wall, will actually end up benefiting illegal immigrants. no one believes that. before hillary clinton and her allies can face trump, she has to win the fight against bernie sanders first and that is not over. it's not cooling off. take a look at the tweet here.
3:36 am
clinton announces her 1 millionth donor and said 94% of her donors contributed $100 or less and then bernie sanders hit backes with $2 million, average amount, 27 bucks. ladies good to have both of you. >> good morning, victor. >> let's talk first about the sanders victory race. i want you to listen to what senator sanders told rachel maddow late this week. >> i think it is probably the case that the candidate who has the most pledged delegates is going to be the candidate, but there are other factors, and the other factors will be the strength of each of us in taking on the republican candidate. >> so possibly, he says, or
3:37 am
probably the candidate with the most delegates will be the nominee. but there are other factors. what is he telegraphing here, kn? >> i think he's saying what they're thinking. knows they have a kaeblts that kent be beat. if the candidate is donald trump, then he's the one who does best against them and a lot of it has to do with the white working class vote. the longer bernie sanders is in the race, we have solidified the white working race, reagan democrats, that donald trump is stealing from us now and he's not doing it fairly now. the longer bernie is in the race, the longer we're able to tap into the vote and keep him in our corner. it's very smart of him to say so. to go back to the delegates, we all know what's going on with the delegates. hillary had half of the super delegates back in august blocking the others. i think they know what's going on and they're willing to take
3:38 am
to the convention and why he's able to have so many smaller dollar donations. on the other hand she has $2 million and she has this sneaky fund on the side that has a shell yore nation and what it does is solicits small donors. "washington post" reported this. it's not 2 million small donors or 1 million. it she's loaning money to the account. she's creating illusions that it's others' money but it's her. >> let me bring maria into this. maria maria, is the clinton campaign expecting as nomiki said taking it to the convention? are they expecting a floor fight? >> i don't think so. but that's up to senator sanders. i'm glad he's going to continue in this race. i have been one that has said
3:39 am
from the very beginning, it's good for the party, it's good for the country and the democratic process and ultimately it will be good for hillary clinton. he has made her a better candidate, more prepared, the same way that she helped barack obama become a much stronger general election candidate. and, you know, he has to say this right now. he wants to make sure that his supporters continue to come out and support him. and i think it's smart. and i agree with nomiki on the issue of we want to make sure that all of our voters are out there being motivated to come out and vote. we want to make sure there is that energy on our side. but if you want to look at numbers, let's look at numbers that really matter. hillary clinton is ahead by a very significant percentage of plejd delegates, much more than barack obama was ever ahead of her in 2008. and it is almost mathematically
3:40 am
impossible for senator sanders to your take her on the pledged delegate count, not counting super delegates, pledged delegates. but, look, he should continue. more power to him. she has gotten more votes than any other candidate in this race including donald trump. she has almost 2 million more votes than bernie sanders, but let's do this. let's go to the very end. >> let's ask you about the president obama article. i'm sure you read it. he told them, he understands a lot of them are not excited. not exciteding about hillary clinton because she's not authentic. here's a reminder that mr. bush speaking of george w. bush was considered authentic when he was running for pretty suggesting that being authentic did not translate into being a good president twice. how does he get over this hump and what appears to be a lack of excitement in what we're seeing in the lower turnout as it
3:41 am
relates to the republicans and the primary season? >> well, i think i just mentioned what it's going to take to get voters out to the polls. it's exactly what hillary clinton has dem zrated she has. she has gotten more votes than any other candidate in this primary process thus far including donald trump. her rallies are actually full of people who are excited about having her be the one fighting for democratic values and fighting for the country. >> however, she was never running against 15 people. i mean -- >> exact lly, exactly. that's fine. the numbers are the numbers, and the excitement is there. >> the excitement is from an over 55 demographic. >> maria, unfortunately we have to wrap it there. i thank you for being with us and we'll continue this conversation in the morning. >> thank you, victor. well, it is being called a new beginning between nations. we're taking you live to havana cuba for details on president
3:42 am
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45 minutes past the hour. president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the country since calvin coolidge since 1928. it would be interesting, ed, not only to see the president going there but how he'll be received
3:46 am
as well. >> well, this is a trip that many human people have been expecting -- highly expecting for some time. it's also a trip that will be highly scrutinized by the cuban exile community back in the united states. so it's very much a delegate situation. the delegate will be here in have gnaw for about 48 hours arriving in the afternoon and leaving on tuesday afternoon. he's coming with the first lady two daughters as well as a massive delegation that's really straining the hotels here in the city of havana. but the u.s. -- white house administration saying that they hope that this is a step in reconciliation and continuing and cementing this processing and thawing of relationships between the cuban government and the u.s. government. president will meet with raul castro on monday and meet with reporters. it's not clear whether they'll
3:47 am
be taking questions but the white house says there are no plans for president obama to meet with fidel castro, the older brother. also one of the big things that the cuban community will be looking at is who will the president meet with other than cuban government officials. the white house says there are plans for the president to meet with political activists here in havana as well as dissidents and they expect that the cuban government won't do anything to obstruct those meetings. one thing that's interesting, we were here back in september when pope francis came, and there was always welcoming banners for pope francis throughout the city. we haven't seen much of that along the major streets here in havana where the president will be driving down. but when we did land one of the surreal scenes, the advance team for the president, a massive u.s. air force plane on the tarmac in hashanah, one of those
3:48 am
sights that people thought they'd never see. up next, cnn goes under cover in the rebel territory in syria. a closer look at the jarchl workers and aid workers risking their living to save other people. look at some of this coming in. we're going to get down into the dirt with all of this. also in a few minutes pope francis is going to post his very first instagram photo and people around the world are awaiting anxiously to see what will it be. it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart. it even mutes the radio until the seat belt is fastened. will it keep track of how many boys get it in the car? (laughter) cause that could be useful. this is ahead of what my audi has for sure. wish my beamer had that.
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five years into syria's international war. >> this is an exclusive report and i want to warn you there are some disturbing images in this but she met with an aid worker as he dodged air strikes trying to help civilians trapped. take a look. >> reporter: it's a tuesday in syria. a british aid worker is making dangerous drive to aleppo. >> it's really important that we drive with the windows open because any kind of explosions that land close to us, the last thing we want is shrapnel and glass, you know, landing in our face. >> reporter: he is traveling to the devastating city to deliver an ambulance but it isn't long before he's diverted.
3:53 am
four air strikes have hit. sharrif runs into the wreckage to see what's needed. >> this was a house right here. look. it's all houses. >> remarkably no one has been injured or killed, but the sound of another jet means it's time to leave. >> everybody out. let's go. let's go. they say the plane is in the sky, they can hear it. they say a tactic that it uses when ambulances turn up, they'll hit the same place again, so we're going to try to get to a safer place. >> shah rear is one of a handful of western aid workers living in syria. >> they don't want to go into the line of fire in a sense. this is something we have to do. this is something that's a human response. if we don't do it, then who will. >> in the relative safety of an olive groefr near the turkish border, he told us that
3:54 am
religious conviction played a big part in his decision to come here three years ago. >> we need to look at what do the people really want and fw the people are muslims, this is not me saying it. if they want some form of islamic governance, then it's important that we establish that. >> is that what they want? >> in my opinion, that's what i believe. if you want york u can go and ask the people what they want. i don't think they'd settle for anything else after this bloodshed, the right to self-determination. >> reporter: for many of the 6.5 milian displaced syrian people, there are perhaps more immediate concerns. most live in sprawling tent cities along the border. conditions in the camps are brutal. there's a lack of food and clean water, and they become more crowded every day. >> we've just recently done a survey of this camp, just this camp alone which is a con glam racing of these camps, it's just
3:55 am
about 80,000 people. >> 80,000 people. >> and there's another beyond this border of maybe 75, 80,000 people. >> reporter: sharrif's favorite project is this smaller camp that houses roughly 100 widows and their children. syria is now a country full of widows and orphans. some still too young to understand what has happened to their country. others who have seen too much. all of them dependent on the mercy of others. >> boy. all right. what a vision that is clarissa ward reporting there. the thing is we're going have more of her exclusive reporting later this morning. there's a whole series she's done. >> as you'd expect, food, in syria., medicine are scarce - to find ways you can help, go to our website,\impact. we're taking you live to
3:56 am
moscow for an update on plane crash that's killed all 62 people on board. and we'll take you back to the latest capture of the suspect in the paris attack now out of the hospital and in police custody. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment,
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3:59 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ coming up at the top of the hour, pope francis's very first instagram picture. we were told he would post it at about 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> it's not up yet, but we have a couple of seconds to go before
4:00 am
7:00. if your march madness bracket is ruined, don't feel bad. several updates thursday and friday ruined so many brackets for us. ncaa said their last per bracket was busted when steven foster beat a team last night and after maryland's win over south dakota state. don't feel bad. -- captions by vitac -- >> i'm in last place in the cnn ranking. >> there is so much news to tell you this morning. >> the next hour of "new day" begins right now. we want to wish you good morning and tell you how grateful we are to have your company as usual. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor black well. we want to get to breaking news. 62 people are dead after a due bay passenger plane crashed in russian. this was a flydubai plane.
4:01 am
look at the debris that's littered across the runway. a lot of very small pieces reportedly being seen there, but not a lot of very large pieces. investigators say both flight data recorders, though, have been recorded. and the uae is sending four investigators to moscow to participate with the russians in this investigation. cnn covering the story from all angers. cn international correspondent matthew chance in moscow. cnn producer as well, . we want to talk with you about what's happening. >> first of all, they've recovered the two black boxes, the flight data recorder and the cockpit recorder. that's crucial in a situation like this because it's going to give us definitive answers as to why this flydubai boeing 737, an
4:02 am
airline with a very good safety record should have fallen out of the skies in this fashion killing all 62 people on board. already there are deep suspicions about the weather playing a role. there were storms in the area, storms, visibility was low, sharp gusting winds as well. in fact, the plane already tried to land once at the airport in ross t rostov-on-don. you can imagine wait was like, waiting for a break, an opportunity to land. they took that opportunity two hours later only to end in that fatal fashion. they say all 62 people on board dying as the plane crashed into the runway or just short of the runway. in fact, a couple of hundreds of
4:03 am
meters or feet from the runway. little bits of aircraft lying all over that area in southern russia. >> okay. matthew chance, thank you. again, what matthew was talking about, there is the video. john jenson joining us now. john, how soon before authorities might be able to analyze the black boxes, the flight recorders, both of which they say they'd have in their possession already? >> well, it could take a long time atz you knee. plane crash investigations tend to go on for days if not weeks, sometimes longer than that. as far as the uae is concerned, they have recovered it. we had a press conference here in dubai. fairly wide-ranging series of questions asked by reporters there and the ceo had this to say.
4:04 am
there was no distress call as far as he could tell from this plane. he also said that the aircraft, which was purchased in just 2011, fairly new, 737 800, that's a both. fairly new plane. he said it had passed what's called a c-check. that's an extensive check they give to plains every couple of months. every plane goes through a crash test. this was a very comprehensive test and it crashed just on january 21st. as far as the aircrafting it was fairly healthy. the pilots, two, one from cyprus, one from spain, both had a number of hours, 6,000 hours in flights. very experienced pilots who had been to this this city before. >> john, any indication whether if the weathe was bad and they had this holding pattern two hours above the airport, why did that not reroute this plane?
4:05 am
>> that, christi, is the question. we did not get any sort of answer from the ceo of flydubai on that. that will be a question they look to. we're told a number of other aircrafts did divert. why the flydubai flight circled for a number of hours, we do not know. but the ceo said at a press conference, and this is a quote, as far as we know, the airport was open and we were good to operate. >> all right. thank you for the updates. >> we're following another breaking story. french officials say the arrest of the sole surviving suspect from the paris attack has, quote, dealt a major blow to isis in europe. salah abdeslam is out of the hospital this morning. he was wounded when he and four others were captured in a dramatic raid in belgium. let's get right to cnn international correspondent fred
4:06 am
pleitgen. he's in brussels. fred, where is salaam now? >> reporter: at this point we know he's been discharged from the hospital. we know in the next coming mijtss he's going to be brought in front of the judge and the judge will have to decider whether or not he'll remain in detention. of course, he will remain in detention. afterwards he's going to be brought to a detention facility in the city of brugge which isn't very far away from brussel as this investigation, of course, goes on. you're absolutely right. they have said they believe it's a major blow to isis, but they also said that they believe their battle against terrorism is something that's still ongoing and something they really need to focus on. one of the things they hope to get from abdeslam is how the paris attacks happened, where the explosives came from. they also want to find out and this is probably equally as
4:07 am
important, who else was involved, how big is the web. one of the things the friends s have said it was a surprise to them how many more people had been involved. if you take a look at the raid that took place on friday night, victor, they went to the apartment and there were five people. there were apparently also three members of a family that were sheltering him and that might be one of the reasons that could explain why there have been so many raids in belgium over the past four months looking for this man and now they have finally found him, victor. >> to see how much information he'll offer and if they'll be effective in getting the information from him. fred pleitgen in brusless. fred, thank you so much. tom fuentes and sa sajjan
4:08 am
gohel. how long will it take? >> it may take some time but the french interrogators will extract some information. they've done it in the past with other terrorism investigations. keep in mind, christi, this is a man who was supposed to be involved in the paris attacks. unlike all the other co-conspirators who died in the battle against the police, he survived. he's very much interested in self-preservation. even when he went back to belgium, he could have carried out other attacks. he didn't. he's going to lie low. he's going to want to save himself and equally there's going to be other people amongst isis leaders who are very nervous about what he could potentially reveal. >> with that said, tom how will the u.s. assist if at all in the
4:09 am
interrogation process or even the preparation of it? >> the u.s. will supply information that they may not have about him, you know, from worldwide investigation, by the bureau in particular. they'll provide that information to the interrogators in brussels and later when he's transported back to paris. and that will be very instrumental in demonstrating to him that the authorities know a lot about him and have a pretty good idea of his hiftd. so that's the type of background support that will go into this. >> tom do, you believe that there were cell phones and computers in the apartment that could help them decipher the plans of the terror attack and will they be easy to break into when we see some of the difficulties in encryption with items like that? >> exactly. we don't know what the value is going to be. we don't know if they've been using encrypted apps either to make phone calls or send e-mails
4:10 am
that can't be broken down and analyzed. we don't know that yet. we don't know how sophisticated it was and that will be a huge problem. yet again we can see where they use technology to a great extent that keeps them from giving up information to the authorities. >> so, john, i want to talk about some new video that we're learning about today, british hostage. this is a 3 1/2 minute video. he's appeared in several videos, we understand. this one he's standing in front of a media kiosk and saying the americans are so bankrupt of intelligence that this is all they have left to target, some of the busiest residential and shopping areas, talk about these kiosks where isis propaganda is distributed. why would they use him at this point? >> that's a good question.
4:11 am
john cantlie is one of the few remaining western hostages isis has. the others that have brutally killed on camera. part of that intimate kill. john cantlie unfortunately is being used to not only intimidate the west but spur on supporters. for once they've had a setback with the capture of abdeslam. it will be interesting to see how they respond to that. they won't be able to use john cantl cantlie. we will expect more propaganda in the future. i'm afraid that's how they live. >> we should point out with the first video with can'tly, he clarified he was being forced to share a message from isis and you can only assume this is maybe under duress as well. sa jan gohel and tom fuentes,
4:12 am
thank you very much for your insight. still more breaking news from istanbul, turkey. at least 14 people confirmed dead from a suicide attack popular with tourists. response still happening right now. turkish media reports another 20 have been wounded. the area has been cordoned off as the police work to clear the scene. no group has claimed responsibility. there was a car bombing that killed 37. in that case a kurdish rebel group took responsibility. well, the welcome signs are up for president obama's visit to cuba. a historic trip that could mark a new beginning for both nations. >> plus, the political nation moves west and the gop candidates are shifting their focus to the gop front-runner. >> i am conservative. i'm very conservative. but i'm not conservative when it comes to stupidity. we have --
4:13 am
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4:16 am
you see there protesters outside of a donald trump rally in salt lake city. they tried to rush the entrance. they tried to get into the hall where trump was speaking, stopped by officers. trump, though, inside wasn't bothered by it. >> there's a lot of love. there's even some love for the protester. do we have love for the protesters? you know what? honestly, they're doing their thing. they're doing their thing. i don't quite get the thing, but they're doing their thing. let me just tell you, i do have love for the protesters and i have love for the people standing outside, the thousands of people that wanted to get in here. i love you people out there. i love you. >> well, let's talk about the democrats. they're not necessarily feeling love. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to knock out the gop front-runner.
4:17 am
at the same time they're tasked with trying to take out each other. cnn correspondent jeff zeleny has more for us here. >> victor and christi, the eyes of the democratic primary fight are now out west this weekend as the arizona primary and idaho and utah caucuses now just three days away. bernie sanders hopes to jump start his candidacy. he campaigned aggressively on all three friday and he's heading back to arizona for a rally tonight. he has the campaign trail to himself all weekend long. hillary clinton is taking a few days off. increasingly hedonald trump is being talked about on the democratic side and sanders is taking a shot at hillary clinton's connection to donald trump. >> let me say a few words about
4:18 am
my good friend donald trump. just kidding. he's not my good friend. in fact, i never even went to one of his weddings. >> of course, that's a reference to trump's third marriage which president clinton and mrs. clint clinton attended in florida some years ago. that there's a question which would be strongest to take on trump during the election campaign. both of them continue to make that argument and that's what they'll continue to do. the election campaign is on tuesday out west. victor and christi? >> jeff, thank you so much. as it stands, barring any major shakeup, that is possible, we're looking at a clinton/trump fight. it's good to have both of you
4:19 am
with us this morning. >> good morning. >> this week donald trump released an instagram showing hillary clinton at rally barking like a dog. some consider that to be sexist. there's a remark that he made verbal assaults on megyn kelly. how does trump win in a general election fight on ooh a woman who could become the next president. single white women getting to the white house. how does he win that group considering what we've seen in the primary? >> you're accurate for pointing out. this year like any other election year, single white females are actually a dominating group where they've not necessarily had any play in the past. that doesn't mean they don't have families themselves. so what he's talking about, i give them more credit than just talking about gender.
4:20 am
it's actually talking about pay. it's about gettin the opportunity for jobs and health care. i think he has better play than what most give him credit for. >> phillip, let me ask you. we talked about it in the last hour but i want to turn it a bit. we saw where president obama is speaking with democratic donors to get behind hillary clinton. he acknowledges there's a problem of excitement, questions of authenticity. how does she get over that excitement hurdle considering the record in some places turnout that we receive on the republican side? >> i think first of all, victor, what we saw on tuesday, that she won two out of five states is
4:21 am
very crucial. secretary clinton did phenomenal. think it's one of her greater urban wins. the primary is very different than the general election. the difference between donald trump and the democratic issues is going to be so much more empowering and exciting for people to come out for. the one thing, of course, we haven't talked about is secretary clinton is looking like she'll be the first feel may nominee from any major u.s. party to be the president of the united states and that will be historic to a lot of women, a lot of girls, and a lot of americans. >> aside from strategy, let me come to you both with this. what is the single strongest issue, you believe, for your candidates? scott ty, i want to start with you. >> it's jobs. right now jobs are created at
4:22 am
his creation and ongoing. that involves education, health ca care. that's affecting mainstream families today. that's an issue that secretary clinton or snorg clinton has not helped with one single job. it comes down to the economy and being able to provide for your family, whether you're a single female or you're actually in a married relationship. i guarantee that right there is an issue that mr. trump will be able to speak to longer than necessarily hillary clinton. one quick point about hillary clinton in florida, you can sit and talk about the great numbers. what you have to worry about is the disenfranchisement. when you talk about the bernie sanders supporters who are active, it's been virtually impossible since day one for their guy to be elected. they're not going to want to vote for hillary clinton. they're going to realize their vote was dismantled from the
4:23 am
very beginning. >> let me get to the question. single strongest issue for hillary clinton against donald trump specifically. >> it's going to be the middle class. hillary clinton has spent her entire life helping people. young people, old people, african-american people. she has a track record for doing that. donald trump, the one issue that's going to be very important for him, he does not want to raise the inheritance tax. we know that most of his fortune was inherited by his dad. i think what it comes down to is trying to pretend he's a self-made success and secretary clinton who say is want everybody to have the opportunity to live the american dream. of course, with donald trump, as he said, he's under federal irs investigation. that's going to be very concerned to people going forward. >> do you really want to bring up investigations? >> it's a big issue for donald trump. we know this -- >> orange jump suit. it's awesome. >> we've got a record there. thank you both.
4:24 am
monday night, a big night on cnn. three-hour prime event with five presidential candidates this monday. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. wolf blitzer and anderson cooper hoeftding that on monday night on cnn. it's called a new beginning between nations. we're bringing you details on president obama's historic visit to cuba. aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c.
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4:27 am
well, the signs are up there as the president arrives in havana tomorrow afternoon for a historic visit. he's going to be the first
4:28 am
sitting president to set foot in cuba since calvin coolidge in 1928. besides meeting with cuban leader raul castro president obama is also expected to meet with some political dissidents. after cuba he's traveling to argentina. and cnn, by the way, will bring you live coverage after all testify o f this is happening. >> a young american captured by kurdish forces said he wasn't thinking straight when he followed a woman into isis-controlled syria. before that he was trained by a group of isis fighters. he could face criminal charges back here in the u.s. he says he surrendered to kurdish forces because he didn't want to be part of isis. u.s. authorities are now trying to verify that story. and here in the u.s. a florida jury has sided with hulk hogan in his lawsuit against "gawker" awarding him $115
4:29 am
million. that's him wearing the black bandana there. he sued them for invasin of privacy when they posted a two-minute voed owe of him having sex with another man's wife. we're following two breaking stories. investigators trying to piece together what happened before a plane crashed while landing in southern russia, killing all 62 people on board. we've got the latest on that investigation and what they have found so far. also the sole surviving suspect of the paris attack is out of a belgian hospital this morning and in police custody. what the french president wants to have happen to him now.
4:30 am
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purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. 33 minutes after the hour and we have details on the two breaking stories we've been following this morning. first let's take you to southern russia where 62 people are dead after the plane attempted to land. russia state news says, and watch closely, shows the exact moment of the crash. you saw the flash there. however, cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. we've got some new details for you on that deadly raid in belgium and the arrest of the last remaining paris suspect, salah abdeslam. french president francois holland is looking for a quick extradition.
4:34 am
cnn's nic robertson is for us in paris. i understand, nic, the reaction is subdued. how might they be able to expedite it? >> reporter: well, partly what the situation is that the french authorities obviously, you know, have said that they need to try him and bring him to justice in france, but they also recognize and they're working very closely, the belgian authorities, and the belgians have a very, very immediate problem and that is that terror network cells where he was arrested. there's a respect here, that belgium needs do their investigation. we've been hearing for a couple of weeks it may stretch out to be a couple of months. it's an important thing for the french is that he will be brought to justice, he will come
4:35 am
to france. that's not of any doubt at the moment. the sense of people here, i say a sense of jubilation, but it's celebrating this inasmuch as it was a big sense of relief. a man who can shed light into all the background details, all the people involved in the attack is in custody and people are beginning to wonder, you know, if that was ever going to happen, if it's possible. there's a sense of relief there. but the authorities say it's a major blow against isis and europe, but this is not the end of the fight against terrorism. so extradition, it's going to happen legally for sure and perhaps with deference to the fact that belgian authorities maybe have more of a pressing need to get details of these terror network cells that were hiding under salah in belgium, in brussels, in the capital over the past four months. >> nic, we know that he was shot
4:36 am
in the leg and he's been released from the hospital. i understand what you're saying is he'll be interrogated in belgium and also interrogated in france once that extradition process goes through, but what about the other man who was hospitalized? what do we know about him and these three people who were helping to hide him? . >> reporter: yeah. we have very few details about him. belgian authorities have been very cautious and careful over the recent months not to release a lot of information because they felt it was counterproductive to their searches for abdeslam. all the indications where he was close. there's a huge amount of suspicion that's going to fall on him and his recent activities. certainly authorities are aware there were other people involved in the upper echelons of the planet in the execution of this.
4:37 am
another member was believed to be own the phone during the attacks actively during the attacks that they were carried out. another man involved in a similar way helped direct the attacks during that night of november 13th, he was shot and killed by belgian and french police by a special forces sniper on tuesday earlier this week. the raid that really seemed to precipitate the capture of salah abdeslam. we have few details other than he was injured and we can fully expect him to be going through a similar interrogation. again, the authorities here continue to say that this is not the end, that the network is big, that this is -- potentially there will be more arrests. so i think we can expect them not to give out too many details of what they learned during the early stages of the investigation. it may well be the trial before
4:38 am
we get the full details of the extent of what prosecutors and interrogators discover during all of this. >> and who knows how long it will be before a trial can get under way. nic robertson, so appreciate the update there from paris, thank you. the pressure on as the gop contest moves out west. some are voting for the person they want to be president. some are voting strategically. john kasich, you know, he won his home state in ohio, but does he have enough delegates left on the table to clinch the nomination before the convention? also officials condemning the latest round of missile tests north korea has launched this time was different. right now,
4:39 am
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it looks like the gop is headed to a brokered convention where the parties pick somebody other than trump or cruz, but who could it be? yeah, yeah, i know, but who could it be? i mean jeb bush's name has been mentioned followed by loud sobbing and "leave me alone" coming from the vicinity of florida. >> stephen colbert having a laugh there, but there's a lot of republican hand wringing over a brokered or contested convention, and it's a prospect that speaker paul ryan says is looking more likely than ever. watch. >> there's more likely to become
4:43 am
an open convention than we thought before, so we're getting our minds around the idea that this very well could become a reality and therefore those of us who are involved in the convention need to respect that. >> before it gets that far, let's talk about the math and take a look at this. tack a lot look at cnn's delegate count. donald trump needs to get about 55%. ted cruz needs 80%. kasich needs 108%. obviously that's a bad math probability. let's get to ben ferguson. >> we did a lot of research on that name. >> let me get to john kasich first. how does he with this mathematical impossibility of getting delegates before the convention win over the "never
4:44 am
trump" voter? >> i don't know. it was like, now what and at least gingrich figured it out sooner than not, i won my home state, i'm going to drop out of this thing. there's no mathematical possibility for kasich. why would you stay in? to put it in perspective, he at this point had fewer electoral votes than a guy who just dropped out by the name of marco rubio. so the idea that the people want him, they want you even at this point less than they wanted marco rubio. it's time for him to drop out. i don't know why on earth except for personal vanity you'd stay in this thing. it's obvious by looking at the math the only two options are donald trump and ted cruz. it's a two-man race. >> there is talk of this last 24 hours of a unity ticket.
4:45 am
putting together a cruise kz/ka or one campaigning east of the mississippi, one campaigning west of the mississippi, what do you make of that plan? >> anything's possible. there are so many people throwing out so many different things. ultimately i think they both understand that they have to make sure that donald trump does not continue to get these, a, winner-take-all states and get a lot of these delegates. for example, you look at missouri, donald trump was able to pick up delegates that if john kasich and marco rubio had been out, it would have changed the outcome and ted cruz would win that state. they can't have any more of those screw-ups. it hurts both of them. if there is any possibility of this unity tick, which i don't think there will be -- there's a whole lot of speculation -- john kasich has to do a gut check and
4:46 am
say do i have a chance. that's not being mean by saying that. the math is the math. it's kind of what i said about marco rubio a week ago. third place is nothing other than third place and he figured that out after losing in florida. these are a bunch of things we're going to hear about. the reality is, i don't think, victor, it's going to happen. i think at this point it's a two-man race and they've got to look at it that way. >> quickly, donald trump withdrew from the fox news debate on monday and kasich said, if trump's not going to be there, i won't be there. that was the last scheduled debate. i would imagine no more debates for the season, that helps donald trump the front runner. >> yeah, it does. it's a strategic move. i think he realizes the fewer people on stage and the more back and forth with him and just another candidate or two, the more vulnerable he is. it's a risk he's not willing to
4:47 am
take. it's very odd, though, that people are accepting this. you want to see a grand debate. donald trump says he's the only person who can beat hillary clinton. he's been saying that for nine, 10, 11 months. if you can't go on stage and go toe to toe with ted cruz, how do i know you can go toe to toe with hillary clinton? that mae be one of his biggest vulnerabilities here. people want to see this debate. there was a time where he was silent for more than 30 minutes on foreign policy. he didn't say a word. you can't do that if there's just two people on stage. >> his response to that is he's won all these polls and debates and how many times can you ask the same question. we'll be speaking with supporters of ted cruz and john kasich. ben ferguson, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, victor. >> all right. stay with us. we have an act of defiance we're watching. north korea launching more missiles. why officials believe this
4:48 am
threat is more grave than others we've seen. here in the u.s., march madness. it was a break bracket buster. we'll talk about it. f performa. we'll be with you shortly.. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better
4:49 am
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4:51 am
heading toward the 8:00 here and north korea fired two ballistic missiles off the coast of the peninsula. japan's prime minister condemned north korea's actions, called on the country to exercise self-restraint. he said japan would take precautionary measures including surveillance.
4:52 am
this comes as south korea and the military are conducting military exercises and ivan watson are considering why officials consider this launch a bigger threat than others. >> reporter: the u.s., japan and south korea, they are all condemning a series of predawn missile launches carried out by north korea. the u.s. defense department says that these appear to have been medium rage ballistic missiles fired from somewhere not too far north of the north korean capital. one of them traveled to an altitude of about 17 kilometers before it disappeared off south korea, off the radar. we don't have an explanation for why that happened. the other traveled quite a distance, around 800 kilometers and to give a sense why countries are so alarmed, the distance between pyongang, they
4:53 am
are interpreting this as quite a threat. if this is part of a broader trend, north korea and its leader kim jong un just this week ordering his scientists and military to carry out more nuclear tests and to further work on testing the country's arsenal of ballistic missiles with the ultimate end goal of fitting a minuminute tour nucle weapon. this is in defiance of many united resolutions. it's also in defiance of north korea's neighbor and trading partner and traditional ally, china that's consistent recalled for the denewizatiuclearization china. they are i can toing place for a
4:54 am
period of about eight weeks here in south korea. north korea filed a former letter of complaint to the u.n. security counsel warning that it feels that these exercises could be a precursor for a possible invasion. so, you've got relations between north and south that have deteriorated to the worst point they have been in years. the south korean government saying this latest missile launch is a frontal attack on the most recent round of u.n. security counsel resolutions. ivan watson, cnn, seoul. >> ivan, thank you so much. if your bracket is trash now, so is mine. in my own defense, i didn't pick from expertise. >> neither did i. >> that's true. >> but you're better condition than i am. >> not much. >> more on march madness after the first round. courtyard, the official hotel of the nfl, and i want to remind you that no one's the same without the game.
4:55 am
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this delicious graywater soup? and a single lick of the family lolli every harvest moon? (vo) don't be a settler, get a $100 reward card when you switch to directv. middle tennessee state puts on the big glass slipper. >> more in the bleacher report. let's hand it to you. >> i was looking at my bracket like a lot of people and had -- >> nothing. >> it's over already. >> already. >> i had michigan state winning it all like a lot of people did but michigan state didn't even win one game. the blue raiders won from
4:59 am
opening tip to the final buzzer. they were locked out from beyond the three-point line shooting 58% from downtown. every time it looks like the spartans would take the game back, they end up shocking michigan state and the world winning this one 90-18. the eighth time a 15-seed defeated a number two seed since the field expanded back in 1985. our hearts go out to texas long horn fans this morning. they played a nail biter. time was winding down when tailer tied the game at 72. watch what happens left. they inbound the ball and paul going to shoot a prayer from half-court, and it is answered. 11 seed northern iowa pulled off the upset 75-72. guys, we look at the good old cnn bracket challenge, you have to scroll down the page to find any of our names. we're down there at the bottom, and victor, christi, luckily for
5:00 am
you nick valencia filled out a worst bracket. he saved you guys. i'm already considered out. look at me. michigan state winning it all. not happening. i'm done. actually, you guys are still in the hunt, actually, because you did have michigan state winning it all. >> i didn't. >> it can get better for you guys, i'm done. >> we'll take a closer look later this morning. an andy, thanks so much. there is so much to talk to you about this morning. >> next hour starts now. good morning, so grateful for your company, as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. two breaking news stories this morning. let's go first to southern russia where 62 people have been killed while a plane crashed trying to land. we got pictures of debris from across the runway. you see it spread out there. new video in. fly dubai, that's the airline. dubai-based airline. says there was no distress call
5:01 am
but the plane was circling for quite sometime because of bad weather. next to brussels where they will expedite the sole surviving paris suspect, salah abdeslam and four others were captured. look at the dramatic raid in belgium yesterday. the manhunt had been going on for about four months. cnn is covering these stories from all hangangles. we're also joined by cnn cmichal weiss and john. >> let's start with matthew. i want to know this fight plan from fly dubai, this plane. we have pictures or video. erratic before it landed. what can we deduce from what we're seeing here? information could it provide to
5:02 am
investigators? >> it's pretty extraordinary looking at the flight radar pictures and we've been there being in a holding pattern as you're trying to land. sometimes bad weather and sometimes air traffic. they were there for two hours, which is extraordinary circling around in stormy conditions before the pilot decided to go in an attempt to second landing. he already tried one landing which didn't work. they had to abort because of the high winds, wind sheer, the poor visibility, the heavy snow and rain. so they circled for two hours and tried again. so it raises all sorts of questions. of course, the second attempt ended so fatally. it raises questions why for instance, the crew didn't divert to another airport, other airplanes did. there was a flight coming in from another location that had the same problem, it diverted to a city very close by, about 140 miles away, in fact, which is nothing by air. landed safely.
5:03 am
and so that's one of the questions, not every question but it's one of the questions that's going to be asked as investigators examine the flight recorders which have been recovered in good condition apparently and look at what it was, exactly. was it the weather? it pilot error, technical failure associated weather that brought this boeing 737, very modern aircraft, brought it down with that loss of life? >> of course, people who have been following these airline tragedies over the last 24 months know that those two boxes, the flight data recorder, the voice recorder will provide answers to many questions. matthew chance reporting from moscow, thank you so much. i want to go to fred pleitgen in brussels. they will keep the terror threat three. the fight against terrorism isn't over yet and we know that this neighborhood has been on authority's radars for quite sometime. what do we know about how
5:04 am
expansive the terror cell is and what is next in the investigation process? >> reporter: well, just to give you an indication how expansive the cell could be, they had more than 100 raids since the four months of the paris attacks. they had several people taken into custody and a lot of the raids were focused on trying to find a salah abdeslam. one of the things that the authorities have said is they believe this is a big blow to isis, he was caught but they say that fight against terrorism in belgium, in france and indeed in most of europe still continues. neverthele nevertheless, this is a big success to them. what is going on is salah abdeslam is in a police station here in brussels. he's being questioned by detectives. he's also going to be questioned by a judge, as well, and that judge is going to decide whether or not he's going to remain in detention and by all accounts, he will remain in detention because he was europe's most wanted man and because he is at
5:05 am
the center of you aeuropest lar anti-terror investigation. what the authorities want to find out now, first of all, going back to the paris attacks is what was the logistics and went into that? sort of planning took place before hand? they want to know more detaiil what took place but back to your question, how many people were involv involved? who was involved? where is their potential cells in europe where other things might still be plotted. one of the things that the french have said as this investigation went on since november 13th, since the paris attacks, they were surprised to see how many people were actually involved, how big this web was and of course, they hope salah abdeslam being the sole survivor of the paris attacks, the original attackers, they hope he can provide some information. >> fred plaquen, stay with us. i want to bring in michael weiss and analyst jonathan gilliam.
5:06 am
michael, i want to start with you, in light of this capture, do you believe isis may be modifying its strategies? how nervous do you think they might be? >> i think they are probably a little bit nervous. the paris attacks, unlike some of these other isis-inspired attacks we've seen throughout the world were known in advance to the sure counsel of isis. i know that for a fact. they will have known the identities of the paris attackers as you'll recall not long after november 13th, isis' propaganda put out a teaser for the fourth coming movie that they were going to take credit for and celebrate the nine attackers who were killed. noticeably and conspicuously absent from the video was salah abdeslam and there was a lot of speculation at the time as to what happened. he was wearing a suicide vest. he took it off. threw it in the trash. did he chicken out going through part of his operation?
5:07 am
he giving instruction to abort and lie and wait to perpetrate a knock on attack. or there were reports at the time that he might have actually been gay and seen in a gay district of brussels going to bars and chatting up other men. whether or not that was true or perhaps a clever gambit to try and keep him in europe because obviously, he wouldn't go back to syria or the caliphate if he was outed as a homosexual. one thing this does prove, he was seen and his fingerprints, dna was recovered from at least three different locations within maybe a two-mile radius of central bruz ssels several mont. he was domicile with two senior european isis operatives including the man coordinating the paris attacks and salah abdeslam was armed with a kalashnik
5:08 am
kalashnikov. it was not like they were holding him for fear of information. he was actually still an operative and now the question is, if they interrogate him, which obviously they will do, what is he going to give up? will he actually disclose intelligence or just kind of go silent? >> that's what i wanted to ask. this guy could have died in paris. we know he left behind a suicide belt that they found. he could have died in that apartment in the shootout. he didn't blow himself up. he didn't die for gjihad. the question is, did he really want to die? is this someone that wants to be alive and if that is the case, how much might he reveal in interrogations? >> i would hope it's the fact that he didn't want to die because that's somebody who has a will to live and once he gets in with trained investigators that know how to interrogate and interview, they will be able to work his emotions and his will to live in order to get the information and ifinvestigator,
5:09 am
about techniques like water boarding and things like that but you can do a lot by being really nice to somebody. you would be very surprised. when they are in an emotional shot. he's been shot. you can get quite a bit of information out of somebody. i just think it's fascinating that this one particular area in brussels, it's so centrally located to all these hard targets, all across europe and it is a problem. it's a problem that has to be looked at not only by belgium and france but by the international community because it's obviously a hot bed for fundamental or radical jihadist going in and out of the war zone because the way these people are working, the way they are hiding them and operating, it just shows you that they have a skill set that is a little bit more heightened than some other terrorists we've seen in the past. >> which makes you wonder
5:10 am
perhaps he'll have information or give up information about how they communicate and the fl fluidity of their movements. we know salah abdeslam is out of the hospital this morning. do we know where he's been taken or the terms by which he is being interrogated? >> well, we know there are detectives interrogating him and he's at the central police station here in brussels. it was interesting, christi, because today there was talk of him possibly being brought to a courthouse but now the latest information is a judge will be brought to him and then decide to have him remain in custody there. it's unclear what's going to happen afterwards. the latest indications we have is probably after this takes place and the judge sees him and detectives are finished questioning him. he'll be brought to a high security facility that specifically has an area for terror suspects in a town fairly close to brussels, but then of course, the investigation is going to be going on and of
5:11 am
course, one of the places that the investigation is going to continue to focus on is this area here because this is an area that has a big problem with extremism and had so within the years and one of the things the authorities are very concerned about is the fact that not only do these people have expertise but there are people from this area that have gone to syria to fight with isis and some have returned and brought the expertise with them and the other thing you have here is an abundance of weapon. it's easy to get things like kalashnikovs in belgium in this area here. >> thank you-all so much, gentlemen, for your perspectives and insight. we appreciate it. coming up on "new day" donald trump back on the attack again. he's hitting one of his favorite targets, mitt romney. plus a bill waiting on the georgia governor's desk is being slammed by critics. they are saying it's
5:12 am
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5:15 am
i have a lot of friends. by the way, mitt romney is not one of them. did he choke? did this guy choke? he's a choke artist. i can't believe. are you sure he's a mormon? >> despite the fact one month ago trump bristoled at the pope's position building walls was not christian. trump is in a state where immigration is a key issue and will be alongside the outspoken sheriff known for his anti immigration stance. to discuss, i want to bring in donald trump supporter jeffrey lord. jeffr jeffrey, good morning. >> good morning, victor. >> good to have you with us.
5:16 am
you heard what donald trump said there, despite his being so offended when the pope questioned his faith a month ago, why is he doing it in reference to mitt romney. >> victor, i think he has a good sense of humor and tweaking old -- >> on religion. do you tweak someone on religion? >> good lord, have we become so serious, i'm a congregationest and i poke fun at my own religion. >> does that work in utah? >> i think people in utah have a good sense of humor, sure. >> okay. that's your answer. let me ask you about the debate that was supposed to happen on monday but trump pulled out and kasich said if trump isn't going to be there, i'm not going to be there. you can't have a debate with one person. donald trump acknowledged skipping the fox debate before the iowa caucuses likely hurt him. why risk it again?
5:17 am
>> that my have been true then but i don't think now. is this debate 12, 13, 14? i think the country has been debated out just generally speaking and that's probably true on both sides. we now all know where everybody stands. that applies to donald trump and ted cruz and bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i mean, i just think people are finally getting, you know, on board with this and want to get on with it. >> as events warrant after san bernardino and paris, voters wanted to hear the candidate's reaction or plans to combat terrorism as, you know, the events warrant. should there be more debates? >> i don't think so. i mean, i think we pretty much run the string on this. you know, there is plenty of ways to communicate with the public. you can have one interview, donald trump is always doing them with just about everybody who asks. i mean, anderson cooper pointed out the other night to carly
5:18 am
fiorina that the difference between her campaign and the trump campaign, donald trump said yes to requests and her campaign said no. >> there is a difference between being interviewed and challenged by your opponent. i got your answer on that. we know anonymous waged war is waging war against donald trump leaking his alleged cell phone numbers, social security number, contact information for some of his associates. the campaign released this statement. let's put it up on the screen. the government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of people responsible for attempting to illegally hack mr. trump's accounts and telephone information. what do you say to people that think back to july when donald trump announced lindsey graham's cell phone number and say if you can dish it out, you should be able to take it? >> i think there is a bit of a difference. again, there is such a thing as having a sense of humor but in terms of what we're talking about with anonymous, we're talking -- i mean, this goes far
5:19 am
beyond donald trump. this goes to the security of the white house as an institution, the pentagon, national security, all of these kind of things where you have a group of people who are busy hacking in with the intent of doing serious damage, deliberately. that's a different ball of wax here and extends well beyond donald trump. >> all right. jeffrey lord, always good to have your insight. >> thanks. >> thank you so much. and of course, we're going to hear more from the candidates. it will not be a debate but a three-hour prime time debate with the final five presidential candidates monday. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich, democrats hillary clinton, bernie sanders all interviewed by anderson cooper and wolf blitzer. they are hosting monday night starting at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. ted cruz gets mitt romney's vote but it's not necessarily a ringing endorsement some say.
5:20 am
the cruz campaign joins us live and we have an update on what we've been following this morning. this passenger plane that crashed in russia overnight. stay close. (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma. for crash survival, subaru has developed ours most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention
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our partnership with habitat for humanity at pg&e, we believe solar should be accessible to everyone. allows us to provide the benefits of solar power
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to the types of customers who need it most. pg&e provided all of the homes here with solar panels. the solar savings can mean a lot, especially for low-income families. with the savings that i am getting from the solar panels, it's going to help me to have a better future for my children. to learn how you can save energy and money with solar, go to together, we're building a better california. 23 minutes past the hour and a bill is passed by the georgia legislature but december criisc against same-sex couples. they have until may to veto the bill. here is nick valencia. >> reporter: this is 2016 and taken us back to the 1800s. >> reporter: kelvin williams is
5:24 am
angry. the small business owner say as proposed georgia law, the so-called religious liberty bill will ruin opportunities for his telecommunications business and discriminate against others like him. williams is gay. >> this is going to protect anybody that feels like discriminating but i don't see where it's actually going to protect anybody from being discriminated against. >> reporter: after nearly two-year battle, house bill 757 passed both chambers of the georgia legislature. if signed into law by the governor, it will protect faith-based organizations who do not hire or host gays and lesbians because of their religious believes. as its written. the legislation will quote provide a claim or defense to persons whose religious exercise is substantially burdened by government. >> the only discrimination i see going forward is if the governor refuses to sign this bill. >> reporter: senator mike crane is one of the bill's most adamant supporters. he, too, is a small business owner and running for u.s. congress. >> there is an undermining of
5:25 am
religious freedom in the country. the christian is the group that's going to be discriminated against if the states don't stand up and say, this liberty is important. >> reporter: if georgia's bill sounds familiar, it's because it is. in 2014, arizona legislatures made an attempt at a religious restoration act. after intent pressure from athletic organizations, corporations, and even some republicans, it failed. >> i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> reporter: in 2015, it was indiana's turn and after much debate, governor mike pence signed it into law. supporters like this small business owner were thrilled. >> i think it protects me from the government forcing me to do something that's against my will. >> reporter: back in georgia, critics of the bill worry about the economic consequences to the state, especially to georgia georgia's bombing movie industry, tourism and sports. atlanta is bidding to host the
5:26 am
2019 super bowl. opponents like atlanta convention william pate says hb 757 will limit the state's chances at attracting investors like the nfl. >> this legislation stands today, if it becomes law, it will have a significant impact on our business, and i think it will have significant impact on other businesses in the state. >> reporter: how much money are you talking? >> i think it could be as much as $6 billion, and it might be $3 billion. >> reporter: if the bill is signed into law by governor nathan deal, for kelvin williams, the answer how to deal with it is simple. this week his business of 20 employees reincorporated in delaware, personally, he says, he may be leaving the state, too. >> i'm actually in the process of talking to a realtor and, you know, looking at selling my house and packing up and leaving. >> thanks to nick valencia for that story there. still ahead. [ gunshots ].
5:27 am
>> the latest on the raids in bu belgium that brought in a suspect on the paris attacks. what's next for salah abdeslam? also, clarissa ward takes us inside syria along the path known as death road. may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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5:30 am
new details on the two breaking news stories we're following this morning. in southern russia, 62 people are dead after a passenger plane crashed attempting to land for a second time. i want to show you the
5:31 am
surveillance video here. russian state news says it shows, and you'll see it here, that moment of the crash. however, cnn cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the video. >> plus, there is video of the last remaining paris suspect in the november attack. salah abdeslam leaving the hospital. abdeslam was captured and being interrogated. the french president is looking for a quick extradition to france. a report first on cnn, ted cruz is calling some of his biggest fundraisers to las vegas for an exclusive retreat. a sign the campaign is preparing to go all the way to the convention, as many expect and in arizona cruz called john kasich governor of ohio a quite spoiler arguing a vote for kasich is really a vote for donald trump. to discuss, let's bring in the national spokesman for the
5:32 am
campaign. ron, good to have you back. >> good morning, victor. >> good morning to you. are you calling, is the campaign calling for john kasich to get out of the race? >> well, john kasich has to consider the fact that every single day that he remains in the race he makes it more likely donald trump can get to 1237. john kasich doesn't have a single state going forward, which he can win and the longer he stays in this race, he keeps it, you know, as a bit of a diversion and functionally, this is a two-person race because the only two candidates who have a plausible way to get to 1237 delegates are donald trump and ted cruz and so we want to get on with that. >> let me ask you about the debate. there was one scheduled for monday. donald trump pulled out and kasich pulled out leaving ted cruz on the stage and so fox cancelled the debate, can't have a debate with one person. is the cruz campaign working aggressively to have more debates? >> we want to have a one on one debate with donald trump because this is a matter of not only
5:33 am
producing a nominee but also vetting our candidates and ensuring that our candidates are prepared to go toe to toe with hillary clinton. if donald trump can't stand on a debate stage opposite ted cruz, how are we supposed to believe he can go one on one with hillary clinton and so -- >> let me get clarity. i hate to jump in. you said you're looking to have a one on one debate with ted cruz and donald trump. will the campaign call for debates with all three men or only if it's just cruz and trump? >> no, certainly, we were ready to participate in the fox debate, which would have had the three candidates with john kasich there, as well. i think the dynamic of the race, of course, is primarily between donald trump and ted cruz and we look forward to having the opportunity for that debate. we want to know why is donald trump so afraid to debate ted cruz. we think we know the answer to that. i think you can find some of the answer in the most recent debate where the segments were longer. you found that donald trump was repeating himself over and over
5:34 am
again and repeating talking points and people could really see he doesn't have the depth of knowledge on just about anything beyond simply, bumper sticker length talking points. that's a real source of concern. it's part of the reason he is so vulnerable and if he were the republican nominee, he would lose to hillary clinton and lose the supreme court for a generation. donald trump is a republican nominee would be a disaster. he doesn't want to go toe to toe with ted cruz for a reason. there should be a debate as soon as possible and he should have stuck with his commitment to the utah debate. >> let's talk about arizona. big prize winner take all. ted cruz long made border security part of the platfom before the election but he has been over taken according to polls as being the person who would best handle illegal immigration, many believe that that belongs to donald trump. just this week, ted cruz, the campaign released an ad that looked a lot like an ad we saw from the trump campaign. does ted cruz now find himself
5:35 am
chasing donald trump on the issue of illegal immigration, easy specially in arizona? >> we really don't know where donald trump would be on the issue in terms of what he would do if he were the republican nominee or the president, i think that's why he won't allow the new york times to release the secret tape they have when he went off the record and shared what he really thinks on the issue of illegal immigration. why won't he release that? that is a source of concern for everyone and particularly, look at what he has said about being quote flexible and how flexible he is. you know, jimmy carter said he would much prefer donald trump as -- >> ron, with all of -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> being considered the voters still choose donald trump, they believe he will best handle the issue of illegal immigration considering ted cruz' record and how do you answer that even after the fight ted cruz has launched, voters still pick trump to handle it.
5:36 am
>> well, the campaign is an educational process, as well, where we go into these issues, part of the reason we do advertising is to inform people about ted cruz' position and donald trump's ever changing position. we've seen him change positions two, three times in the same debate. we're not sure where ultimately he would turn out on the issue of illegal immigration and border security, which is security to those people that live in border counties. i live in a border county of san diego, california. >> got it. >> ted cruz is who i trust on that issue. >> let me ask you before we run out of time here, we understand that donald trump will be speaking in front of the proisrael lobbying group on monday. we have gotten this telegraph from the campaign that ted cruz will use his time to mock donald trump. you have said here on cnn that perhaps mr. trump is unable to speak for more than a minute about the top pick. is going after donald trump in that way mocking him wise?
5:37 am
you have to look at the marco rubio campaign. rubio regretting going after trump in that fashion. >> well, i think you'll have to wait and see what senator cruz and donald trump have to say. we really wonder whether donald trump is going to repeat his previous assertions where he would be neutral between israel and palestine. it will be interesting to see if he tries explain away that. cruz will be in friendly territory. donald trump however has to, you know, will once again have to suffer for the fact he's so quote flexible on issues such as the israeli conflict, u.s. support for israel and israel security. >> we'll look forward to what both gentlemen have to say. good to have you back. >> thank you. still ahead on "new day" the obamas head to cuba.
5:38 am
they arrive tomorrow. we'll take you to havana to see how cubans are preparing for the first family's visit. in this week start small, think big a high tech restaurant offering a fresh take on fast food and you know what? you'll never have to deal with a waiter getting your order wrong. it's a restaurant that could be from the tv show the "jetsons". >> what would you like for breakfast? >> the usual. >> there are no servers, no cashiers. >> automated makes it easier for folks to place orders and get in and out fast. >> it's reinventing the way you eat fast food. >> you walk in and use your mobile phone or the kiosks. place your order and usually 90 seconds, your food will come out of a digital cabbie. >> there are cooks in the kitchen. instead of burgers and fries,
5:39 am
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now. president obama arrives in cuba tomorrow for a historic two-day visit. his trip marks the first time a sitting u.s. president set foot since 1928. >> ed is in havana right now. wondering, ed, we know this is important for the president and will be interesting to see how he's received. what are you finding there? >> you know, many of the cuban people that you speak to on the streets incredibly excited and looking forward to this visit, of course, this comes a mid a year of already great change here in the country of havana as the normalization of the relationship between the united states and cuba is underway. set in motion by the obama administration. so a lot of attention being paid to this on the street but what is interesting is when you look at the official cuban communist newspaper here, previewing tomorrow's visit, only two sentenc sentences.
5:44 am
it says president will meet castro and promoting other activities and those other activities will include meeting are political activists in the country. that not getting very much attention here in the newspaper this morning. >> all right. but what about the reaction from the cuban people itself? you've been there. i'm sure you talked to folks. they got to see this as being historic. what is their hope coming out of this trip? >> they want to see that, you know, you talk to people here on the streets as they really hope this is the beginning of the ending of the strain between the united states government and the cuban government. what is interesting is that one of the things that president obama will do after he meets with castro on monday, president obama will give a speech here that will be broadcast live on cuban television. so you can imagine many people will pay very close attention to
5:45 am
all of that and, you know, there is a great deal of interest being paid to that and they hope that this will continue this process that is already being seen and bringing a great deal of changes here to the country of cuba. >> the first family, we understand. >> yeah, the first lady, malia and sasha obama. we know a bit about the president's schedule, but do we know what they will be doing during this visit? >> reporter: the first lady meeting with young girl students, among other things. you know, this is part of a massive delegation that the united states is bringing here. i understand like close to 1200 people, as well as 30 members of congress. you know, obviously putting great deal of strain on the hotel systems here in cuba that are very kind of already struggling to keep up with the numbers of tourists that are coming to visit havana and the rest of cuba. so it's a massive delegation.
5:46 am
the obamas will obviously, president will be meeting with castro and taking a tour of old havana after they arrive here and of course, the tampa bay rays will play the cuban national baseball team. president obama and the first family expected to attend the beginning of that baseball game on tuesday afternoon after the president meets with political activists here in cuba and before the first family moves on continuing their trip into argentina, as well. >> ed lavendthere in havana. up next, clarissa ward and reporting inside syria. she shows us what it's like to travel on some of the country's most dangerous roads.
5:47 am
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it's been five years since syria's bloody war. aleppo, cnn is senior international correspondent clarissa ward has gone where no western journalist has gone more for than a year. >> reporter: you can tell when you're getting closer to aleppo. the streets are pockmarked with the aftermath of fresh air strikes. burns of earth flank the road to protect the way from enemy fire. it's a dangerous journey to a city few dare to visit.
5:51 am
>> we have to drive extremely quickly along this morgs of tpo the side because you have the regime and kurdish fighters fighting against rebel forces and there are snipers all around here but this is the only road now to get into aleppo. as you arrive in the city, the scale of the destruction is breath-taking. stretches on and on entire residential neighborhoods reduced to rubble. aleppo was once syria's largest city, a bustling economic hub now an apocalypse landscape. russian war planes have bombed these areas relentlessly allowing government forces to encircled the eastern part of the city. still, we found pockets of life among the devastation. a fruit market huddled in the shadow of a bombed out building
5:52 am
and a line of people waiting patiently to collect water, now a precious resource here. this is basically what is left of rebel-held aleppo after months and months after thousands of russian bombs reigning down on here, the streets are largely deserted, the buildings have been destroyed and the people who once lived here have been pushed out and the very few residents who are still here who we've spoken to have told us that they don't expect the situation to get any better, in fact, they are convinced it will only get worse. 70-year-old suad lived in this city for 40 years. her grandson fa ruk rook is a fighter. nine members of her family have been killed in the fighting, including two of her three sons. [speaking foreign language]. >> translator: they all died on the front line. we raise her heads high for
5:53 am
them. god willing, they are in paradise. >> reporter: what would it take for you to leave aleppo? >> translator: it is true there is shelling and militia and every day there is massacre, but it is enough for us to express our religion and faith as free people without anyone stopping us. it is enough for us to fight and defend our honor and our women. >> translator: should we leave our country and go to another country? no this is our country, and we will remain in this until we die. >> reporter: the people clinging on to life here feel that the world has abandoned them, leaving them only with god. their existence becomes more every day but surrendering is unthinkable. >> they are powerful pictures. for more how you can help
5:54 am
refugees survive conflicts in syria and iraq, go to new numbers out of istanbul after an explosion rocks a shopping area here. we'll bring you the very latest, next. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature.
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let me say a word or two about my good friend, donald trump. just kidding, he's not my good friend. [ cheers ] >> bernie sanders getting a laugh as he campaigned in idaho. he'll be in phoenix today. the three remaining republican candidates are in the west, ted cruz will be in draper and provoe, utah. john kasich has an appearance in st. george and donald trump holds rallies in phoenix and tucson. >> turkey's health minister says that four people were killed and now 36 others were injured as a suicide bomb in istanbul this morning. that number, 36 injured up from 20 just an hour ago. this happened on a major shopping street there. no one has taken responsibility,
5:59 am
but an offshoot of armed kurdistan workers party that claimed responsibility a week ago did vow to carry out more attacks. >> in the west bank this morning, israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian teenager when he stabbed an israeli police officer at a boarding crossing. the boy pulled a knife when asked for a passport. the israeli officer was slightly wounded. that's it for us. we'll see you at 10:00 for more "newsroom". >> don't go anywhere, smerconish starts right now.
6:00 am
♪ ♪ i'm michael smerconish, new clashes between donald trump supporters and propetesterprote. all this turmoil fueling a big turnout at the ballot box and trump is taking credit. here he is last night. [ cheers ] >> the biggest story in all of politics worldwide is what's happening to the republican party. can you believe this? still, because the voting turnout is massive. and you know who they are, right? the people coming in, where are they from? they are democrats, they are independents and we have, i think, i guess, ultimately millions of people coming in. they have never -- you know what a great thing that is for our democracy when you think about it? >> donald trump claims he's brought millions to the republican party. i can't speak to the number, but i'm sure there are many joining the gop because of him. in fact, i've decided to be one of them, just not


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