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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  March 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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news room, france calls it an important blow against isis, europe's most wanted fugitive is now officially charged. how the paris attack suspect could provide a treasure trove of secrets. nd a a crash landing at an airport in russia. all 62 passengers on board are dead. what the black boxes could tell us and donald trump hits mitt romney over his faith. >> he's a choke artist. i can't believe -- are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? >> you're in the cnn news room. happening this hour presidential candidate ted cruz holding a rally with utah senator mike lee. you're looking at the live images of the event. we'll keep an eye on it and bring it to you live as cruz takes to the stage. he has also gotten an endorsement from mitt romney in
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utah. the republican front runner donald trump is getting ready to hold a rally of his own in phoenix this afternoon. it's one of his two stops in the state. immigration is a big issue in that state of arizona and of course it's a big issue for the trump campaign. politics reporter jeremy diamond joining us now from phoenix. the stage is set there behind you and earlier we saw the long line of people waiting to get in, so how far away are we from this getting underway? >> reporter: well, fredericka we're a few hours away from starting up over here. thousands of people trying to line up to get into this event. it's an outdoor event and donald trump is sure to be hitting his key talking points on immigration particularly here in arizona. last night he had some comments to make about former republican nominee mitt romney. listen in. >> we never want to take on the pope. right? we don't want to take him on. so anyway, so the evangelicals have been so amazing, everybody's so amazing and do i
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love the mormons. okay? do i love the mormons. i have many friends that live in salt lake. i have a lot of friends. no, i have a lot of friends, by the way mitt romney is not one of them. did he choke? did this guy choke? he's a choke artist. i can't believe. are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? he choked. he choked. it was so sad. he should have beaten obama. >> so that was donald trump last night in salt lake city, utah. one of the two states in addition to arizona that will be voting on tuesday. donald trump is holding a big lead in arizona so that's where he's making his play with the two echbtds today. he's expecting to stop by utah before that caucus on tuesday. fredericka. >> all right. thank you so much. just a few hours away from that
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event getting underway. meantime, as we await ted cruz to take the stage out of utah let's bring in larry and talk a little bit about these dynamics. what's happening in arizona, what's happening in utah. larry is the director at the senator for politics at the university of virginia. good to see you. okay. so i think there were many who kind of gasped when they heard donald trump when he's talking about mitt romney the endorsement of ted cruz and you know saying mitt romney choked and then saying, you know are you sure he's a mormon, are you sure. is this a great risk that donald trump would do this just ahead of the caucuses in utah? >> reporter: yes. in a word, fred, yes. look, obviously he's having a dispute with mitt romney. i've lost track of the number of disputes that donald trump has had with various people, but my guess is and i'm guessing. it's tuesday, but there are two key primaries on tuesday. one is a primary in arizona, one
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is a caucus in utah. i think trump has a very good chance to win in arizona, a lot of things moving in this direction, but i think these comments about romney have iced utah for him, and probably ted cruz will be winning the utah caucuses. maybe he would have anyway, but i think now he's likely to do so. >> and then how do you kind of assess what's going on with mitt romney and at this point involving himself in, you know, representing the establishment, the party of the gop on this campaign to save the gop at the same time say you know, there has to be a republican in the white house and the one that i'm choosing right now is ted cruz? >> reporter: fred, that's his privilege. he is after all the leader of the republican party having been the previous presidential nominee and it's been obvious for a long time that he has been antitrump. so i don't think there's any
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great surprise here. >> i guess i wonder what's the leverage he has given yes, he was the nominee. he didn't win. he kind of disappeared for a while and then at this very late stage in the game seemingly late stage of the game of the primary race he would emerge with so much to say against donald trump and for any other republican. >> reporter: yes, and of course one of the key questions after this year is over is going to be why did it take romney and all of the other establishment republicans so long to take a stand. but remember, fred, i think romney, you know is a double edged sword. he probably is helping cruz in utah, but for the trump backers and people who might be inclined to support trump, romney's support of someone else is just more proof that the establishment is out to get them. >> and then i wonder if i can ask you about president obama who will also is kind of on that bandwagon now, you know, he's got less than a year left in his presidency and he now is
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weighing in quite frequently why donald trump shouldn't win, can't win and you know, one has to wonder, why he would be doing this and does this kind of underscore what some would say this laying duck philosophy in this time or is it about saving his legacy from any republican, particularly the front runner donald trump? >> reporter: well, fred, my guess is the president has very strong feelings about donald trump and they aren't positive and just as trump's feelings toward obama are not positive. so he's expressing what he really believes about trump and maybe he's trying to plow the ground a bit for the eventual democratic nominee. >> does he end up helping though, donald trump? >> reporter: within the republican party, yes, but fred, the more you talk to democrats privately even though publicly they're saying oh, god, we don't want to run against trump, he'll
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be so strong, he'll win this group in a landslide. the truth is privately they're hoping it is donald trump although they don't fear ted cruz particularly either. >> all right. thank you so much. stick around. as mentioned we will be keeping an eye on the ted cruz rally this hour. there it is, live pictures out of utah and when that happens we'll take you there. also, you'll get the chance to hear from all five presidential candidates live during one huge event right here on cnn. they will make their cases to the voters live monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern but the republicans and the democrats and europe's most wanted man, paris terror suspect abdeslam has just been charged with participating in quote, terrorist murder. belgian police captured him on friday in daring raids. he has been the focus of an intense man hunt since november's paris attacks that killed 130 people. he was released from the
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hospital today after suffering a minor leg injury. his attorneys say he is cooperating with investigators but the fighting to have him extradited to france to face trial. our correspondent is in belgium for us. and we have a national security analyst. let's begin in belgium, a suburb of brussels. what's happening there? >> reporter: well, they have now charged abdeslam and the man hiding with him who's also believed to have been involved in the attack plot. charged with participating in terrorist murder and terrorist activities. the hope was that this charge would bring them one step closer to seeing him face justice in a french court. his lawyer has said that's not going to be as easy as the president is hoping.
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they're going to fight these charges and fight them hard only acknowledging that his client admits to being in paris and no more than that. the worry here is that in all this jubilation and celebration that he's quite lost sight of the procedures. if there is an arrest warrant it takes some time for that european arrest warrant is contested and of course the belgian authorities are going to see what they can get out of abdeslam first because there are some key figures that were part of this conspiracy that is still at large. so we could be looking at days or weeks before abdeslam is in paris. >> and julie, your thoughts on the significance of this arrest and what could potentially be next? >> it's exceptionally significant. he was found alive, which will then lead to not only the prosecution as just was described whether -- even if there's extradition fights but also he may speak and then that's when things start to unfold because you will learn,
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we will learn about both the paraphernalia rhis attacks but also how he was able to stay in bell gym for so many months. he must have had an extensive network that we'll be interested in. even if he doesn't speak, if he quote unquote lawyers up, it is still significant because the terrorists around him are now nervous. he has been captured. this is a man who never used the suicide vest, never got himself killed. he may be viewed as a weak link and so now they are nervous about what he may be saying or not saying. and so they're likely to move, they're likely to do things they didn't plan on doing and that is when law enforcement will come in and try to capture them. so he's disrupted a net wok that's going to respond that is good for european intelligence and law enforcement agencies to try to capture others. >> so this was a good day yesterday. >> okay. and then you wrote this in a piece today. let me read a portion of it.
9:11 am
saying even if abdeslam never utters a word again, they will have no idea that is the case. they do not know if abdeslam who kept running and hiding rather than sacrificing his own life for a cause that he seemed more than willing to have others sacrifice for theirs will be weak or strong in the face of his upcoming isolation and interrogation. you want to elaborate on that? >> yeah. so any good law enforcement agency and we just heard it. they said he's cooperating. they will probably begin to suggest that abdeslam is talking, he's cooperating, he's willing to speak, and that will make a terrorist organization very nervous, whether it's in belgium, france or in syria and iraq. they will then start to do things that they did not plan on. they will start to run, they will start to hide. they will -- and that -- and those kinds of moves make them susceptible to capture. so in the old cold war days this was called black propaganda.
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it was used to make or disrupt russian organizations nervous about what we knew about them and this is sort of good old fashioned intelligence work that we are going to see. so whether he speaks or he doesn't speak, this will disrupt the apparatus that was supporting him and that is when law enforcement goes in for further captures. >> and then i wonder what is dell j belgium do if he is successfully able to fight extradition to france? >> well, we could be looking at a situation where this is in the courts for weeks, possibly month, because there is an overseeing structure that governs the entire european union in terms of extradition. but for now i think it's a very interesting point to focus on the terminology that they used when describing his cooperation. they said he's collaborating, which obviously brings with it shades of traitorist behavior
9:13 am
and the hope is even while the french and the belgian authorities are finally waiting to see him in the docks somewhere, the benefit of that is flushing out these networks but that brings a real dangerous. what do terrorists do when they're starting to feel desperate and that's what authorities are having to prepare themselves for even while they're looking at the legalities of this, fredericka. >> thank you so much. appreciate it, ladies. all right. coming up, a plane heading from dubai crashes at an airport in russia. officials say weather could be the to blame. we'll have the latest on that next. there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most powerful performance line ever. including the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs... and the powerful rc coupe. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event.
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in just a few hours investigators will be heading to that terrifying scene of the plane crash in russia. this video shows the moment the plane went down this morning killing all 62 people on board. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of the video. the jet circled the airport for more than two hours because of bad weather before crashing at the review of systems of dairpo. joining me now is an aviation analyst. so they've got the two black boxes. because there have been reports of bad weather, do investigators go into this investigation a
9:19 am
little differently, particularly since there have been so many other plane, you know -- plane crashes in recent months that have, you know, just heightened people's concerns? >> well, you know, the ntsb at least and it's good they're on their way. they approach them all the same. they have a lot of clues already and i think the biggest clue was of course the weather and the radar flight pattern this plane made in the two hours between its first attempt and its waiting for the weather to clear. that's a long time to wait and they have clues from other aircraft approaching the airport and they decided to divert. if this pilot had made the decision initially he would or she would have had fuel to get to the alternative airport. so those are things that the ntsb and other investigators know and of course the ntsb is there because it's a boeing aircraft. >> okay. so that explains that, the boeing connection. so then what kind of information
9:20 am
might investigators be able to extrapolate from those black boxes in the short term? >> in the short term, well, actually even in the long-term, i think they will have the answer quickly. first and foremost they'll be looking to see if there was any fire on that plane as that video suggests. and again, i think not, but they will be able to check the air speed and of course what the pilots were saying in the cockpit on the voice recorder will really give an indication and if at the very end they thought they had the runway in sight because it does have lighting, category 1 and category 2 lighting depending on what the approach route was and they may have said let's just take it from here hand flying it and a lot of mistakes are made that way. pilots think they have it lined up and of course the weather could have dealt them a blow at the very last minute. so i think they'll have their answers off those black boxes as soon as they download it. >> and you mentioned other planes landed at other airports
9:21 am
and what would be the circumstances that this particular plane would either insist upon landing at that time or be instructed to land at that time? >> fred, you know, sadly i've seen it so many times in so many crashes. we even have a name for it. we call it get thereitis. i can't tell you how many times you hear is "i think we can make it." a lot of times you just want to get the thing on the ground and i'm sure it was a horrible ride. it must have been extremely bumpy and rough and finally they just say let's get it on the ground and sadly this is sometimes the outcome. >> all right. thank you so much. back to politics now. the race for the white house with marco rubio out of the race where do his follows go? will they support the trump campaign, kasich or cruz? we'll hear from one rubio supporter next. xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better
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all right. marco rubio may be out of the presidential race but he hasn't stopped fighting in an effort to stop donald trump. arizona holds its primary on tuesday with 40 delegates up for
9:26 am
grabs on the republican side. and rubio's former supporters there are gearing up for the fight. >> i want to congratulate donald trump on his victory. >> reporter: out of the race, but not out of words. marco rubio urging his supporters to fight donald trump. >> hopefully there's time to still prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party. >> reporter: rubio's supporters in arizona are listening, clutching her now by gone rubio sticker. mobilizing for a new cause ahead of her state's primary just days away. are you telling them to go vote for ted cruz sf. >> at this point i am. i think he's probably the best shot to take on donald trump. i think cruz has a really strong case to make here in the state. i think he definitely has a very good shot. >> my son, grant, was killed working an overnight shift at
9:27 am
his job by an illegal immigrant. >> reporter: that good shot in arizona begins his position on immigration. the cruz campaign stealing a page from the trump play book launched this new ad in arizona featuring a father whose son was reported by an undocumented immigrant. >> i trust ted cruz. >> reporter: cruz trailing trump in the polls now renewing a challenge in this gop winner take all state by hitting hard on immigration, the issue in this border state. six years ago arizona passed the broadest and strictest immigration law in generations giving police the power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally and making it a crime if immigrants didn't carry their papers. protesters called the law state sponsored racism. eventually the supreme court gutted portions of arizona's law so trump's antiimmigration rallying cry -- >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and
9:28 am
i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> reporter: it's a second chance for arizona to see immigration reform. a vocal illegal immigration foe endorses trump calling him a savior. >> it was dying until trump brought it up when he was here. he started talking about it again. >> reporter: do you think that's why he's resonating so much with people in arizona? >> they were waiting for somebody like them. >> reporter: there's not a lot of polling in arizona but of the polls that have been done the latest one showed rubio hovering right around 10%. if all of those supporters go to the cruz camp then cruz could be competitive here in this state. here's something to note though. early absentee voting rates in arizona are quite high. it is possible that many of those rubio supporters already mailed their ballots in before marco rubio dropped out of the race. >> all right. so with marco rubio out of the race, what does happen to the
9:29 am
delegates? let's talk more about this with larry who's the director for the center of politics at the university of virginia. so you heard her say many of them are absentee voters who already voted for marco rubio, but then what would potentially happen to any of those delegates? >> fred, that's -- that's a great question, because there are two different matters here. the first is voters. of the rubio voters or the people who would have voted for him had he stayed in the race, i think the largest share would in fact go to ted cruz. surprisingly, a minority would vote for donald trump in every survey i've seen and you also have another portion that simply drop out. he was their candidate, they don't want to support anybody else. so it's never as clean and neat as people like to make it. but the delegates are another matter entirely. the actual rubio delegates to the convention, there's where i think you would find the lion's share going to ted cruz rather
9:30 am
than donald trump. >> all right. and then on the democratic side, you know, former presidential candidate weighing in on donald trump and actually calling him nuts. listen. >> i think he's nuts. look, he's the grandson of german immigrants. he ought to be ashamed of himself. it's very devicive. it's not the kind of america i believe in and i don't think it's the kind of america that most americans should believe in. i hope at some point he's going to start addressing real issues that face this country. >> and you addressed this a little bit earlier last time we spoke about president obama also weighing in saying that people should not be voting for donald trump, but one has to wonder, you know, as -- as -- as people continue to talk about him whether it's on the democratic side or the republican side it only serves him because he continues to be in the headlines and his supporters continue to feel even more fur vent about their support for him.
9:31 am
>> that's it exactly, fred. look, dukakis is in his 80s. he's expressing his real opinions. there's no special political motive other than to support democrats, but it's a bit early for democrats to tear into donald trump. as i suggested, i think he's the candidate they really want to run against if you've got him off the record. they'll never say that on the record because you don't want to appear overconfident, but if they end up helping some other candidate then that may regret it in the long run. >> and hillary clinton perhaps taking a little bit of a respite. we haven't seen her campaigning as much in recent days after last weekend or last tuesday's kind of supertuesday number three. how do you read the tea leaves on that? does it mean anything? >> well, look, hillary clinton's fund raising. she still needs to raise money. in fact, she was in my little town of charlottesville last night raising money.
9:32 am
john grisham was holding a fund raiser for her. she has other tasks to perform. i think she knows there's really no serious question that she'll be the democratic nominee, you know, barring an indictment which is unlikely. so given that confidence, she is going to try to turn toward the general election and criticize trump, but maybe also criticize ted cruz, the second most likely nominee. >> all right. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thanks, fred. >> and of course everyone at home you'll get a chance to hear from all five presidential candidates in one big live event right here on cnn. they will make their cases to voters live monday evening 8:00 p.m. eastern time. all right. it isn't the first time, but trump and megan kelly are at odds again. trump calling her sick and overrated. is this a fight between the donald and fox news or is this something else personal?
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welcome back. so fox news is slamming donald trump over what it calls sexist verb verbalist attacks against megyn kelly. the feud between the candidate and host began seven months ago at the first republican debate and it's only intensifying. trump tweeted this yesterday saying quote, everybody should boycott the megyn kelly show. never worth watching. always a hit on trump. she is sick and the most overrated person on tv. joining me is cnn's senior media consultant. this is getting weird. how long does this go on? >> caller: if we know one thing about donald trump it's that he's a fighter, but he's picking a strange fight here by going after one of the most prominent women in television news and by doing it for so many months.
9:38 am
i've never seen a statement from fox news quite as severe as the one they released last night defending kelly. they said in the statement that donald trump is using abusive language. they call his obsession with megyn kelly sick and extreme. it's basically saying he's unfit to be president and that's amazing coming from a conservative cable news channel. >> and trump consistently, you know, does attack reporters, whether they be individuals or networks, newspapers, you know, saying especially if they're not nice to him, that's usually the level, but this one, you know, it just seems to be never ending whether she makes a comment or not. i mean -- >> caller: yeah, he keeps coming back to it time and time again and i think you know, what we see here from trump is loyalty. right? he wants a certain kind of treatment. he is loyal to the people he believes are fair to him and the people he thinks are unfair he is outspoken about. that can be a positive quality and a lot of his supporters like
9:39 am
to see him when he's in these feuds with various people. it's risky with megyn kelly because she is such a well known female television star and of course, what all started this was the debate in august when megyn kelly asked him about various comments he's made in the past that sounded antiwomen. sometimes trump seems to be proving her point when trump calls megyn kelly crazy. when he goes after megyn kelly in very harsh language. we can debate whether he would call a male television anchor crazy or not, but this goes to something very important which is where he gets his information. it's really important. where president obama gets his information is important because they make decisions based on that information. he tweets he doesn't like watching megyn kelly's show because she brings on guests critical of donald trump. i want president obama to watch
9:40 am
fox news and cnn and for him to hear criticism. and donald trump doesn't always seem to be able to listen to criticism. >> and you mentioned this is risky, but it seems that everything donald trump is fairly calculated and as he decides to kind of latch on to this, it seems as though a lot of his female supporters are excusing it. i mean, we've talked to many of them on the air, you read about many comments from a lot of women who say, but you know what, he still exemplifies being a fighter and he's going to fight for me. so why is it this doesn't seem to turn off people? >> caller: to some degree, the appeal of donald trump is that he's always able to present himself as an underdog. always fighting and winning with someone, even though he's a billionai billionaire, even though he's one of the most famous people in the world he presents himself as someone who is always trying to fight and make deals and win. so when he says he's boycotting megyn kelly he's trying to win
9:41 am
another fight. but her ratings are very strong and i would be very surprised if any viewers stopped watching the show as a result. >> thank you so much. you can watch bryan stelter's show right here on cnn. all right got the nod from georgia lawmakers. now a controversial religious freedom bill is sitting on the governor's desk and critics claim if he signs it it will leg legalize immigration in this state. >> i think it protects me from the government forcing me to do something that's against my will.
9:42 am
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9:47 am
arthur blake released this statement saying the legislation would have a long lasting negative impact on the state and its people. right now georgia's governor is reviewing the bill and has until may to decide if he'll veto it or sign it. here's nick valencia. >> this is 2016 and they've taken us back to the 1800s. >> reporter: he's angry. the small business owner says the proposed georgia law, the so-called religious liberty bill will diskram nate against many others like him. williams is gay. >> it's going to protect anybody who feels like discriminating but i don't see with where it's going to protect anybody from being discriminated against. >> reporter: after nearly a two-year battle house bill 757 passed both chambers of the georgia legislature. if signed into law by the governor it will protect faith based organizations who do not
9:48 am
hire or host gays and lesbians because of their religious believes. it will provide a claim against persons whose religious exercise is substantially burdened by government. >> if the govern nor refuses to sign this bill -- >> reporter: senator mike crane is one of the subporters. he too is a small business owner and is currently running for u.s. congress. >> there's an undermining of religious freedom in this nation. the christian community is really the group that's going to be discriminated against if the states don't stand up and say this -- this liberty is important. >> reporter: if george's bill sounds familiar it's because it is. in 2014 arizona legislatures made an attempt at a religious restoration act after intense pressure from athletic organizations, corporations and even some republicans, it failed. >> i have vetoed senate bill 1062 moments ago. >> reporter: in 2015 it was
9:49 am
indiana's turn and after much debate the governor signed it into law. supporters like this small business owner were thrilled. >> i think it protects me from the government forcing me to do something that's against my will. >> reporter: the governor later signed a revised bill which seeks to prevent businesses from discriminating against anyone based on their sexual orientation. critics of the bill worry about the economic consequences to the state especially to georgia's booming movie industry, tourism and sports. atlanta is currently bidding to host the 2019 super bowl. opoenponents bill says hb 757 w limit the state's chances at attracting investors like the nfl. >> this legislation as it stands today, if it becomes law it's going to have a significant impact on our business. and i think it will have significant impact on other businesses in the state. >> how much money are you talking? i think it could be as much as
9:50 am
$6 billion and it might be 3 billion. >> reporter: governor deal has until may to decide if he'll sign the bill into law. if he does the answer of how to deal with it is simple for kevin williams. in a gesture this week his business of 20 employees reincorporated in delaware. personally, he says he may be leaving the state too. >> i'm actually in the process of talking to a realtor and, you know, looking at selling my house and packing up and leaving. >> reporter: cnn, atlanta. all right. let's talk more about this. let's bring in our cnn legal analyst and attorney avery friedmann joining us from new york. not cleveland this weekend. good to see both of you. so what is this restoring that was taken away? >> what this bill seeks to do fredericka is to return the state of the law as it pertains to government action against free exercise of religion. it seeks to restore state of the law back to where it was in
9:51 am
1989. and the reason i say that is because in 1990, the u.s. supreme court in an opinion written by justice scalia having to do with native americans using peote in religious rituals, he said the lower standard which is called intermediate review is what is required and under intermediate review the government can interfere with your free exercise of religion if there's an important governmental interest that's furthered and it's substantially related to that important government interest. what this bill wants to do is increase it back to the strict scrutiny level of judicial review which existed in free exercise cases prior to 1990. >> so avery, do you see this as season issue of free exercise of religion? >> no, it's an absolute big bowl of confusion. the bill calls itself the religious freedom restoration act. nothing needs to be restored.
9:52 am
it's protected under the 1st amendment. this case involves that battle that you remember in the news about the baker that wouldn't put the two little plastic guys on top of the cake. and everybody got excited about it because those states like colorado and new mexico prohibit that. atlanta, georgia, doesn't have a law like that. georgia has no such law, so it means nothing. in other words, if you discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation right now in georgia, it would neither violate federal law nor state law. it means nothing. if governor deal signs the deal it will be a total waste of time, won't make any difference and they will lose millions of dollars in business. it's a great big bowl of nothing. >> so then what is the potential journey of this if the governor has until may in order to make a decision about it, but where's the campaigning for or against this be go?
9:53 am
>> well, first let me correct avery in part. georgia, he's correct, georgia does not have any state laws that outlaw discrimination based on sexual preference. there are a number of cities though including atlanta, georgia, and other municipalities that do have local ordnances that would be impacted by this legislation. they would be heavily watered down and it would be much easier for an individual to say look, i -- i refuse to go service this wedding, i refuse to go service this -- >> but there are people that are interpreting that this bill would mean if it were passed this would make an allowance for that. people would be able to say because of my religious believes i should not serve these individuals. >> it makes it much more easy for that person to say my real religious objection prevents me from going and providing this service because it's a -- it violates the my religion.
9:54 am
but justice scalia said look, if each individual person is allowed to say what their own religious believes are, then you can circumvent any law of general applicant and if you do that justice scalia said basically religious tenants outweigh the law. >> that case involves smoking dope essentially. i don't think it has anything to do with this case. >> well, it lowered the standard of review. >> no, the fact is, that if government interferes with religious freedom, there are constitutional provisions that can address it. on passing a law that will restore that, there's nothing to restore. basically it's a political argument being made by certain elements within the legislature and frankly, it's going nowhere. i don't think your governor there will sign it. i think it winds up being a great big bowl of nothing.
9:55 am
>> all right. always good to see you, gentlemen, thank you so much. >> we'll have much more in the news room right after this. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t.
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news room out of the hospital and heading to court, one of europe's most wanted minnesoen now have to answer for his allege role in the paris attacks and 62 people are killed as a passenger plane tried to land in russia. >> was it pilot error? was it technical failure? >> the crash caught on video as they comb through wrekage and look for answers from the flight data recorders.
10:00 am
>> did this guy choke? he's a choke artist. i can't believe. are you sure he's a mormon? >> donald trump attacking mitt romney, questioning his faith and who he really supports. news room starts now. hello again, everyone and thanks so much for joining me. happening right now a crowd is building as donald trump gets ready to hold a rally in phoenix, arizona. the republican front runner is set to begin speaking in less than an hour from now. republican voters in arizona and utah hit the polls on tuesday. meantime, look at the crowd building in new york city. this is an antitrump rally. p protesters accusing him of having fascist policies and they plan to march to trump tower. re


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