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tv   Reliable Sources  CNN  March 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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coal is now responsible for under 70% of china's total electricity. thanks to all of you for being part of my program. i'll see you next week. >> hey, good morning. i'm brian skelter and it's time for reliable sources. a weekly look at the stories behind the stories. how news and pop culture get made. new this hour, the infamous spat with donald trump and whether he's ever going to get a proper interview with the g.o.p. front runner. a lot that explains a lot about this election season. we examine people's brains while watching a g.o.p. debate. we're going to show you this is your brain on trump. plus nina, the supreme court discussing big interview with president obama about his supreme court justice case and whether it's dwigivided the cas.
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first troubling behavior by donald trump's right hand man. take a look at this video from trump's rally in arizona last night. the trump campaign claims he did not yank on the collar of the protester. the video shows otherwise. it's enough to congresser up the phrase who are you going to believe? me or your lying eyes. i think it's important to see this is a few minutes before the campaign manager operation. this protester was punched and kicked repeatedly by a rally goer. they were taken away by the police. trump says he doesn't condone violence. he did speak about riots. he also renewed his verbal against fox's megan kelly. i have new reporting to share. fist, let me bring in our panel.
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thank you all for being here. >> thanks brian. >> dade, let me start with you. has the media sufficiently held the trump campaign accountable for these support rat rancic acts of violence these past few weeks? here is that initially they em - haven't. when this started as early as july and august, i think %-p television gave trump a past. he was go good for them in terms of rating, they didn't want to offend them. this was especially true of fox. he was coming after megan kelly in august during that debate. nobody would take him on about this stuff. now we're seeing him escalate. trump knows no one will back him down. trying to remember what michael said to the daily beast reporter
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who tried to report the rape allegation from one of trump's former wives. the horrible language he used and the threats was like a mafia conversation. nobody shut him down on that. we allowed this in a way. i'm not blaming the immediate why for this happening. there's a million reasons involved. one of the problems was we allowed it to happen and it's agrease i have enough. i think in some strange ways they flip to the other side and it's all trump, all ban. they didn't have new ones. he's a senor or a satan. >> you're right. there's so many thousands of people that attended rallies. it's hope and change and times the coverage is quiet negative. let me bring you in. you're a trump supporter and i want to review the video of the
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protester. >> violence is excusable wherefore we see it. if you look at the raw footage you can see where he seems to grab the collar. the video does indicate that. the protester grabbed a young woman so they grabbed him. >> what about the specific issue of the campaign manager out in the crowd? hillary clinton's campaign manager is not out in the stand at rallies. >> donald trump was asked about that this morning and he said there were horrific signs in the audience that had some of the worst expletive you could imagine and he asked him to go remove the signs. >> let's show the viewers what he said a few minutes ago. >> we seen the video of your campaign manager who cause appear in the video to grab the
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collar of the protester. why is your campaign manager out in the crowd engaging protesters? >> because security at the arena, the police were a little bit lax and they had signs up in that area that were horrendous. he doesn't touch. >> the video shows he touched him. >> well, i give him credit for having spirit. he wanted them to take down those horrible profanity laced signs. >> the quote that stands out to me there is he didn't touch. he's saying the campaign manager did not touch the protester. the video contradicts that. i don't know if he's lying or not. i don't know if this is an example of what chuck todd said, this is in a phase of politics. what can we do about it? >> this reminds me of where we are now of what we thought we had learned of the the joe
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mccarthy era. the press has to say this is true, this is false. one of the things the media and i think cable tv in particular stands convicted of for months is failing to be prepared enough to if you're going to put trump on him as a front runner to say you said this, this is false. certainly not to put on unvetted 45 minute long town meetings where all you hear are rallies and trump speak. that becomes almost like steak tv. that's what happens when they use to speak. the appetite for the ratings was very candid when he said trump may not be good very america and he's good for the accompany. i think the desire to have him on and the unpreparedness of the
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people interviewing him will stand for a long time as a serious black mark. >> i want one point, he was talking about the advertising revenue for cbs. that's an example how have a long drawn out campaign helps the bottom line of the media companies. you're thinking that cable news when it covers trump is like state tv. i don't hear them complaining as much about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. . >> they'r not covered with anything like the intensity of trump. i will make the same point after almost every debate with whose ever carrying it, the first person interviewed for long moments in donald trump and often intervud by somebody who doesn't have the resources to say here are the three things you've said that are flatly false.
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>> that is the challenge of lvee tv. it's like a vh1 pop up video. >> that to me when i've seen the interviews, okay, fine. my only point, i think this is the same state you bring everybody. clinton, sanders, cruz, everybody. it's other things about three quart quarters of what trump said. this is not matters of opinion, this is like no. two plus two does not equal five. >> i want to also talk about megan kelly. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> yeah, briefly, i like wise jeff i think it needs to run both ways. for instance, pund nts seem to generalize sometimes. they say things like donald trump wants to -- all muslims when there's nuances overlooked. he temporarily wants to place a ban on nonu.s. citizen muslims
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to fix a problem and see how they got into the country. he did validate the kkk. i think it's important that everyone is past that. i think that's very important here. >> let me turn to megan kelly and get your reaction to what's happened the past few days. donald trump calling for a boycott of megan fox's news show. calling her crazy, sick and overrated. this is how fox is firing back. this is the statement that makes trump unfit to be president. it says this extreme obsession with her is beneath the dignity of presidential candidate. she's an exemplary journalist. we're proutd of her work and continue to support her throughout trump's verbal assaults. fox essentially called donald trump an abuser.
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i want to know what your advice is for donald trump. he could very well be watching. >> he does watch. my advise would be to move away from fox and megan delhi and let's get back to the issues. i understand fox wanting to protect their journalist and she's a great journalist but donald trump needs to move away from this because really, right now his competitor is ted cruz. it's not megan kelly, fox news, it's ted cruz. all of us supporters want to hear his revision and not decree te critiquing megan kelly. >> brian, absolutely. this is late coming by fox. back in august when he went after her just as hard and attacked her on twitter, i defended her more than fox. i went on bill o'riley and said why don't you defend her the way
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you defended williams. they let her out there. i tell you, for all suppose to be so smart and such a great leader, he's had to cut it both ways. he said we support megan because she's the future of the channel and biggest star in cable tv. he didn't do it with any kind of vigor or attitude and didn't say you don't do this to one of our anchors and he could go on o'riley before her and say bad stuff about her and o'riley wouldn't shoot her down. >> fox would say they did some things but this statement is the strongest aye seen. let me you you briefly what kelly said to the magazine. i wish o'riley would have defended me more in his interview. i would defended him more. i think that's a notable quote from kelly. i have to call the conversation there. thank you for being here.
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we'll take a quick break and turn to a broader conversation about how much may be too much. also this, in light of the trump phenomenon, do reporters need to rethink how they do their jobs. and at the end of the hour, i'll be doing a facebook live chat. ask me anything about this. log on to and send your questions. be right back. the enamel. i recommend pronamel. pronamel helps to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet... it helps to strengthen the teeth. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in
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this has reached a fever pitch. the websites are saying media is to blame for trump's success. what do you think? i have complicated feelings about this. when you look at the numbers, it's clear trump has received the most coverage. it shows when it comes to air time, the candidates purchase trump at the bottom of the list. when it comes to earning free media like news coverage he's far out paced the rest of the field. you can see it's almost off the chart. he's also out faced hillary clinton on the democratic side and yes, trump is the biggest story in politics. arguably the biggest since 2008. joining me now to continue the
8:17 am
conversation amy goodwin and back with me, let me ask you first, we've heard people report in the summer and fall say actually trump has more coverage early in his campaign because he's such a dominate force. what do you say to that? >> i say look at what's happening today. let's look at super tuesday. you had major coverage here at cnn, at msnbc and fox, all the networks all night as the polls are closing. you see the concession speeches and the great victory speeches. you see hillary clinton, ted cruz, kasich, donald trump, you're waiting. you're waiting here at nbc and msnbc, that's it. where is bernie sanders? bernie sanders was in phoenix, arizona before thousands of people and as the networks were
8:18 am
waiting on donald trump and the pun dants are weighing in, they don't even say bernie sanders is about to speak. >> is that because he was the biggest loser of the night? >> no, they didn't know that. at that point it looked like he could take cnn and illinois. they didn't know hillary clinton came in early. everyone was waiting. this is when wolf blitzer and cooper was saying we don't know and he gives a speech. a few weeks ago it was holding on to hillary clinton's speech for an hour news conference for donald trump as he sold his stages and magazines and water and everything else on the stand. this time, they didn't even record and show afterwards bernie sanders was completely absen absent. >> hasn't clinton essentially clinched the nomination.
8:19 am
>> what about john kasich. he won one state. that was the night rubio pulled out. at that point, they didn't know what would happen. would you ice out this candidate? it's not only the networks. washington post march 6th-7th had 16 articles in a 24 hour period against beshny sanders. the new york times a positive story recently about bernie sanders record against congress. >> all the coverage. >> there was a positive story. they did a posz tif story and in a stealth way it was edited ultimately to be a negative story. the public editor wrote a column about it and everything. i think it's very important to understand the media and manufactures consent. in this case their manufacture, this was, we right now, this is the anniversary of the iraq war. >> what about the manufacture?
8:20 am
>> i think this exposure for trump is very frightening. yes, there is now some critical coverage but for the year 2015 as the snow bowl rolled and got larger and larger he got 23 times the coverage of bernie sanders. >> let me go to jeff on this. i suggest to you there's a controversy. trump is negotiable and getting so much more attention. >> i'm going to pick the prerogative of making a slightly different one. to me, this is one of the essential questions. as the media, some of it had gotten critical about trump, it has had no effect on his support and one of the essential questions we're going to have to face is whether trump of the american elector rate has been taught to distrust the media so
8:21 am
long the supporters say that's coming from the new york times and cnn some case even fox. we don't believe it. the whole theory about what the press is suppose to do in a free society is to put spotlights on political people seeking power and we may be in a situation where a fairly elector dstz ate said if trump says it it's true. that's a real problem. i don't know how we deal with that. >> i do see that on twitter feed from time to time. that's actually what worries me so much. i'm not trying to take sides but trump doesn't seem to be able to watch kelly's show without tweeting about it. i watch any presidential candidate to listen to criticism. if you can't listen to criticism
8:22 am
and the other side without getting frustrated and turn the tv off, it makes me wonder what kind of decision making powers he would have as president. it's not just with trump but we see it on display with trurch. i wanted to turn the topic to one other issue because david brooks wrote something striking in the new york times this week. he said we're talking about media here. they expected trump to fizzle because we are not socially intermingled with supporters and did not listen carefully enough. for me, it's a lesson i have to change the way i do my job if i'm going to report accurately on this country. do you think there's any truth to that? is he overstating what's going on here? >> trump actually when it comes to the polls, they certainly overstate his support. he has a tiny fraction of
8:23 am
support i think the opponents for everyone including trump and everyone are the issue of people not voting in the primaries. people have not come out. how do you inspire them? that's why hillary clinton has to be extremely careful if she an to go niezs and that means taking the stand bernie sanders takes. it's absolutely critical she hears what her supporters are saying and care about. interestingly if trump didn't have the horrific. his stands on free trade and his stands on issues of concern to people slip away.
8:24 am
people are fed up. that's the establishment they don't like. >> jeff, go ahead. i'm sorry. quick break but go ahead. >> he's a racist. it is horrific to think about what he has come to represent and the violence at these rallies must be repute appreciated in every corner everywhe everywhere. >> on that note amy, jeff, thank you very much. i appreciate you both being here. up next, president obama's pick on the supreme court. and legendary court here to
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welcome back. president obama ignored public warning. scalia died last month. now, kpending on which news outlet you were reading or listening to, you've heard different things about garland. this is a classic case of news. seeing hear first from msnbc and then fox news. >> as of right now, the public senate doesn't plan on having a hearing on his nomination no matter what they like or do not like about him. that's unprecedented. >> he's going to capitolize on the division of the right and
8:30 am
make himself look reasonable and the media rides shotgun on the entire thing. >> there's lots of reason to believe garland is a moderate selection. some left leaning outlets condone the choice saying he should have picked someone more liberal. this first headline says garland has a liberal view of gun rights and the nra came out with why do we oppose to nomination? let's try to sort this out. thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure. >> first to this issue about the second amendment. what is the truth about the stand on the famous color case? >> you really can't tell. you can tell where his view was before heller and you have to wait and see what his view would be if he were confirmed to a supreme court seat after heller.
8:31 am
>> so when conservative media outlets say he's anti gun, are they stretching the truth? >> i think perhaps that's stretching the truth. the point is lower court judges and that's what he is, are bound to follow what the supreme court says and prior to heller, the supreme court basically said that's no individual right to own a gun. then the question is how much of a right? i mean how much of it is state regulated. you would have to ask him questions in a confirmation hearing. >> that's the argument we've heard from other officials there should be hearings in order to ask the questions. i want to step back before. you had an interview about president obama's choice. let me play this.
8:32 am
take a look. >> by the way, when are you offering the job? >> over the weekend. >> well, he's a very good actor because i had dinner with him sunday night and he looked like just the same he wasn't going to get it. >> i thought that was fascinating. tell me more about the dinner. >> it was a charity dinner that feeds the poor in washington d.c. they have dinners all over the private homes where chef's cook and he was at the one i was at and so everybody was teasing him, me included and any time if his phone rang everybody said oh, it's the president and he was very convinced at that point he wasn't going to get it or so it seemed. i've since been told the president was wrong. he didn't actually offer him the spot until monday. so perhaps he was really on tender sunday night. >> we were talking earlier about
8:33 am
the fact checking of interviews and real time and there's an example the president was wrong. you've been covering these elections for many years. do you sense a clear predictable partisan in the divide of the coverage? is it the same as the past? >> the only thing, remember senator said they were going to make a pen i don't think at that out of whoever the nominee is. garland is the ultimate person. he's beloved on his own court by the most conservative members of the court. it's going to be hard to make him a pin yacht at that. they are staking out a position in principal that the people should have a roll in this and therefore, there should be no vote until after the election. this morning mitch ruled out a lane duct session confirmation. i think that's you know, if the democrats win and win
8:34 am
convincingly, it's going to be very hard not to have a vote on him and in fact, republicans will probably refer to have a vote on him because the assumption would be hillary clinton would name somebody more liber liberal. >> it's as if your beat has become a gambling beat. >> yeah. >> thank you so much for being here. >> it's my pleasure. >> one more legal story of note this weekend. a damming verdict in hulk hogan's hundred million dollar invasion of privacy suit on a jury awarded $15 million. that's a far worse outcome than anyone expected. the argument is if the video is news worthy because hogan bragged about his sex life for years and talked about the sex tape in public. they thought he would lose the first round in court and they
8:35 am
would win on appeal. it was far worse than anyone expected. they might award more in damages this week and then the appeals process begins. we'll stay on top of the story. tom was in the courtroom for every minute. you can check out his stories at up next is donald trump backing away from his pledge to sit down as america's number one spanish speaking news man? send questions and i'll see you on facebook at the end of the hour. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at it recognizes pedestriansligent driand alerts you.ems. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
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this week donald trump declined to participate in a planned g.o.p. debate on fox news that's going to happen tomorrow. john kasich seconded him and they cancelled the debate. was trump trying to dodge hard questions? they think so.
8:40 am
about a month ago trump said he would sit down for an interview but so far, it's not been scheduled yet. i asked about this. he's the new author from stake a stand. lessons from rebels. >> thanks for sitting down with me. >> you received a lot of attention. i'm curious when your title is take a stand, what sort of stand do you think the press should take when it comes to coverage of donald trump? >> we have to cover the basics. if it's red we say red. then after the basics, in certain locations you have to take a stand and when it comes to racism, discrimination, we have to take a stand. when we have a candidate rewardirewar rewarding hatred and says that mexican immigrants are rapist or
8:41 am
criminals i think we have to take a stand and that's exactly what i did. >> with trump, do you think that makes it difficult or impossible to get an interview with him? >> we don't know. we don't know how donald trump is going to react. >> about a month ago he said he was ready to talk to you. >> nothing has changed. i'm still waiting. if he wants to have anything to do with me, i'm ready. >> he as you said and you put that out in a tweet, he finally had accepted a conversation. we need to have that conversation. he has no support. >> you mean when he says he has a lot of support among hispanics, the polls shows he
8:42 am
doesn't. if he were to run against hillary clinton, he would win. mccain got 31% and lost the election. all the things he's been saying, he's wrong. i would love to be able to talk to him directly and confront him. >> so you've put in request repe repeatively and haven't heard back? >> sometimes they accept the answer, sometimes they don't. we're ready. we're in communication with them. they haven't answered yet. >> given what you're saying, can you be fair with donald trump in an interview? can your coverage be fair? >> i think so. i cannot be accused of asking tough questions on democrats. we had a debate a few days ago and i think we put pretty good strong questions against hillary
8:43 am
clinton and bernie sanders. i've been tough on donald trump and i think i can be on anyone. >> you're saying you're tough across the board. >> i think so. >> your critics say because your daughter works for the hill kri clinton campaign you have an interest. >> right from the beginning i disclosed he was working for clinton. that's her choice. not mine. i've talked twice to hill kri clinton and on both occasions before the interview and the debate, the forum, i said this is what's happening. i'm disclosing it again and nobody has complained about it. >> some commentators have suggested that donald trump's rise is white america es reaction to a black president and to an increasingly majority minority country. do you subscribe to that idea
8:44 am
there's a racial component to trump's success? >> what i know is he has a lot of support from white voters. what we know is that minorities, because of the things he has said are not supporting donald tru trump. the fact is these countries are becoming more technical country. in a way in which no one even imagined. in 2055, the white nonhispanic population becomes a minority. i think donald trump has an astall jik view of the united states. >> does it go deeper than that? should the press take a stand and say trump and what he represents there's an element of racism to his campaign? >> ji don't know what's in his heart but i know what's coming out of his mouth. when he says mex san immigrants are racist, i think we have to take a stand and say mr. trump, that is not true.
8:45 am
>> some viewers say people should support the news and let people decide. why is that not enough? >> the most important social blt we have as journalist is to control the power. that's why we're here. we have the cover the basics and that's reporting what we see and that's fine. then the second level of journalism is to prevent the abuse of those. that's our power. our responsibility. sometimes we have that responsibility, you're not being a true reporter. that's taking a stand. >> now, about that possible trump interview, i asked the campaign for comments and they're beseized they say quote, trump explores the sitting down in the future. now, up next, a debate focus group like you've never seen before. seeing how viewers react to candidates on a neurological
8:46 am
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donald trump is in our heads, and i'm not saying that figuratively. there's science to back up on you hoe's penetrated our collective minds, during cnn's most recent gop debate we com i bind an eeg study. a neuroscience ph.d. candidate helped us measure your brain on trump. >> there are small little metal disks directly touching your scalp. >> this is your brain on presidential debates. sam barnett is measuring brain activity as viewers watch the most popular show of the season. the 26-year-old is a hedge fund ceo by day, and a ph.d. student
8:51 am
by night. >> a field of science that's trying to make science fiction a science. >> what are you trying to measure? >> we're trying to get a sense of where their waves are going to see what content is driving people to feel similarly about topic. >> an equal number of republicans, democrats and independents, he starts to study the data he quickly notices one thing everybody's brain seems to agree on -- donald trump. >> when trump's on the screen, i see this data shoot up. what does that mean? >> he's at 35.9. when these others candidates are in the 20s. >> see trump's face, hearing his voice. >> lights up the brain. on a neural fundamental basis the fact you can make everybody feels the same way is --
8:52 am
something in their brain is ticking in the same way when that's happening. >> maybe it's his uneerk television skills. what ur showing is where you're a democrat or reps, whether trump is on the screen, suddenly yew eyes are wide open, paying more attention. >> yes. so everyone in the room is sharing some kind of neural bond, everyone is feeling the same kind of attention, the same kind of underlying passion at least. >> afterward, barnett's analysis found that the trump-led engagement, he trailed marco rubio among men, but only slightly. and while trump might not want to be compared to a four-legged animal barnett says there's no denying his appeal. >> are there other things you would compare it to. >> dogs have been known for a long time in advertising as a popular figure to include. people from all difficult walks
8:53 am
of life like so egg a dog in a commercial. it's cute, engaging, and maybe people are feeling similarly. >> he was more engaging about immigration than education. >> this is one of the questions that he didn't perform on. this seems to be a much stronger answer for john kasich. >> but trump was best overall to get this focus group to focus on his words. barnett uses this method to study advertising, and he's applying it to his hedge fund investments as well. in the not too distance futures, he expects campaigns to be strapping these contraptions on people's heads to learn more. >> i would imagine people would learn from this and this can't affect more messaging in the future. >> yes, for advertising, for campaigns, we don't have comparable data from hillary clinton or bernie sanders, so maybe they are more engaging than trump, but maybe we'll find that out in the months to come. up next here, how anchors
8:54 am
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♪ before we go this morning, a note about the future. a new form of television is being born on your phone. app like periscope, facebook live, you now, let you fire of a stream. this month's south by southwest
8:59 am
pell in austin facebook was focused on getting people to go live. i saw it on california, a woman was per scoping her friends showing where he was. this creates more content and gets people to spent more time on that are web sites, but i think it ben gets viewers, it's a new form of tv. univision and jorge rho mass sold me on it. he says he's been reaching millions of people facebook live. he has to keep experimenting. it's too risky to expect people to tune in to a scheduled show like this. >> what i'm asking for the audience will put me in extinction. if they tune it at 7:01, they
9:00 am
don't see me. that's to be a dinosaur. >> try it with me. go to, and i'll be chat you with you in about two minutes. here on the big screen. "state of the union" starts right now. can trump close this deal? >> thank you. >> with more key wins this week, will he secure the nomination outright, or will there be a battle at the convention? >> i think we'll win before getting to the convention, but i can tell you, if we didn't, i think you'd have riots. i think you'd have riots. >> john kasich tells trump to cool it. >> he's not running for the presidency of the wwe. he's running for president of the united states. >> but the ohio governor can only win if he gets delegates, not voters, to switch to his team. is there a backroom deal in the works? i'll ask him next. plus, supreme court showdown.