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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  March 20, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. the president walked off air force 1 and walked on to cuban soil. >> the last time a sitting u.s. president stepped into the cuba,
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1928. that is when then president calv calvin cooliage sailed there aboard a ship. the decades-long freeze between cuba and the united states is ending. today he and the first family walked the walk. now standing on a new clean batpage of u.s. history. the obama family will be in cuba until tuesday. they have many plans. president obama will sit down face-to-face with president castro. i want to take you straight it havana. my friend and colleague chris cuomo is there. what a moment chris to be there. i know the weather is cooperating. a little bit aftof a downpour behind you. tell me what it is like to be there and also the fact president kcastro wasn't there o meet president obama at the airport.
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>> well, think about it, when your child, and you are getting close, when your child comes into the world, it will be a different relationship between the u.s. and cuba. for generations, cuba was told this would never happen. is this raining? yes. the air was thick with anticipation then the clouds opened up. an old man told me in the square that fidel brought the rain, the tears of the revolution. so there are going to be different takes on this. but there are absolutes. president barack obama who made this moment possible with the first lady, his daughters, and mother-in-law, when he touched down on cube an soil, you're right, you are right with the context with president cooliage in 1928. but that was a different cuba. they were taught different things about america. imperialists, oppressor. that ends today. what it means going forward,
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that's different and what we are here to talk about. i didn't for get poppy's question, patrick, saying what about raul not being here? he was here for the pope. we all saw it. it was big. i'm told sources close to planning this trip say there is no reason it make the biggest moment the first. by the way, it wouldn't have been history if they met because the president of the united states and president of cuba have met. they met in central america. shook hands in south america. what do you think -- in south africa. and the u.n. >> they talked about and will spend a lot of time together. >> so this is true but cover and how much of that is okay? >> we are going cautiously. they want friendly relations but the countries will probably never be friends. they want to coexist. we are talking about a new day. this is a new world with the revolution and every country but mexico broke relations in the hemisphere with cuba. up until last year we were the
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only country that didn't have diplomatic relations with cuba. >> this means more for the cubans than the united states. the embargo doesn't hurt the u.s. except for two generationes who lost so much here and worried about the castros and realities of the castros and wanted america to be a defender. someone that wouldn't turn a blind eye to the wrongs. >> like a big peaya, a big mix. he wants to shot world that president of the united states and his family has come to cuba. at the same time, the white house made it very clear, he will talk about the rights of cubans and how he wants to see those rights broadened. freedom of the press. spr freedom of speech.
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but in terms of what is at stake for the cubans, greatest natural resource forts cubans, almost its opposition to the united states. well, president obama is trying to take that off the table. and you know, cuba can't count on the soviet union any more. can't count on the petrol dollars from venezuela. they need the united states. and as patrick said, the united states was so isolated in latin-america, in a sense they need cuba. they were talking about the colombian peace process. and so they are hoping that this pays dividends on a lot of different fronts. >> earlier today, a beautiful day, by the way, before the rain came. there hasn't been rain for weeks. as patrick keeps blaming on me. right now we see something you dent see the way when it was el pappo. when the pope came, there were pictures of him all over havana and beyond. this is one of the rare images of fidel castro -- >> i have to tell you, i have worked with officials and i have
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never seen them more tense. the concern. the narrative breaks with their entire life that united states is blame, the enemy. last u.s. invasion was the bay of pigs. and then they will always stand up to the u.s. maybe that in respect from a lot of countries around the world but it broke the economy here. cuban officials tell me again and again we want a normal country. part of that is normal relations about the u.s. so it will be slow moving forward. but president obama has something in common with cubans that fidel castro doesn't, and that he wasn't born when that took place and he is african-american. so that meeting you covered in panama, castro railing against the u.s. and saying i can't blame you because you weren't even alive then. >> he likes president obama. >> he does. >> and during pros press conference -- >> and by the way, that is a plus/minus also. a guy that raul castro likes him and fair or unfair, that's
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what's wrong. >> and the president by visiting cuba is legitimizing a brutal dictatorship. those are words from ted cruz. but it does cut both ways in terms of the president's relationship with raul castro. when i asked obama, raul says sure i trust president obama. i asked president obama, do you trust raul castro, and he doesn't answer the question. he didn't say yes i trust raul castro. this will take time. it will take 50 or 60 years to get to this point and it won't change overnight. raul castro did not come and meet president obama at the airport. i don't think this is a diplomatic disaster from the word go. we have a few days. few mojitos. few cigars. >> and i'm told they knew president castro wouldn't be here to meet him when they got off the plane. this isn't something where president obama was surprised. any intrigue is unfounded on the basis of fact as we know right
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now. >> since the embassy opening, they've been working more closely than ever. it used to be if you were a u.s. diplomat you were isolated. they spied on you. they harassed you. didn't work with you. it took 10 administrations, u.s. administrations, to get where we are now. if it was easy, it would have happened earlier. >> thank you very much. we will get dried off here and then continue our special coverage from havana. history has just been made. and there's a lot more to come. so coming up, we will show thought first family will take part in a big embassy meet and greet. another first. set to tour the family, streets of old havana in the rain. we will take you there live. stay with us. so just a reminder, if we can get a picture up there, united states finally has a president, since the revolution, setting foot on cuban soil. that's a good thing for a lot of people. a scary thing for a lot of people. but to be sure, it ends more
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than half a century of strained relationships. we will have cnn's patrick altman take a look at how we got to where we are right now. there's a lot of history. here is how the story las gone. >> since the communist island just 90 miles off the united states and for more than 50 years relations between cuba and the united states have been chilly at best until now. >> fidel castro in cuba. joyously acclaimed following his victory over bautista. >> 1959, castro leads an army of thousand niece havana forcing out the dictator at the time and becomes the country's new leader. there were high hopes for the young revolutionary but almost immediately confrontation begins with the united states. the u.s. places an embargo on cuba and soon after breaks off diplomatic relations. later, infamous failed u.s.
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invasion at the bay of pigs. cia hatches plots to assassinate castro. hundreds of plots according to the cubans. and soon the soviet union secretly deploys nuclear missiles to cuba. >> regard any nuclear missile launch from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. >> the cuban missile crisis lasts just two weeks. but cuba and the united states remained locked in cold war tensions for decades. in 198 0 an exodus as more than 100,000 cubans come to the united states after castro loosens restrictions. two decades later, another cuban leaving by boat, 6-year-old elan gonzalez. his arrival in the united states sparks custody battle chess fidel castro trance forms into a prop beg propaganda victory. castro saying he expected to die
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president obama getting a red carpet welcome in a nation once viewed as enemy territory. just five decades ago, cube an missile crisis triggered worldwide fear. now the page has been turned. you're wenatcheeing an extraordinary moment at the final year of president obama in office. no u.s. president set foot on cuban soil in 88 years. that all changed just one hour
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ago. president obama landing with his family on air force 1. you see them all there. his decision to thaw diplomatic relations with cuba was welcomed by some and heavily criticized by others. he asked congress to end the economic sanctions against cuba. those date back fost 60s. using his executive authority to loosen up trade and travel restrikes with cuba. let's talk with princeton historian julian zel asser. library director and author, and my friend, who spent a a long time m cuba. let's watch a clip. >> fish know no politics. >> yes. >> no border.
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>> birds. >> larvae that are passive migrators. >> js jesse and eric are cuban marine biologists. fernando is a cuban-american. he used castro's love of marine life to open dialogue years before the politicians so he credits manatee diplomacy with the change in cold war tone. >> he i think we have a lot to do with that. i'm a florida resident. so my work here in cuba is selfish as well -- >> you're down stream. >> i'm down stream. whatever happens, if cuban reefs aren't well protected, if relose this crown jewel, florida suffers, gulf of mexico suffers. new jersey suffers. >> florida is just 90 miles away. but reefs this healthy are impossible to find there any more.
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>> bill, you spent a lot of time in havana, even more time in the countryside. given how hisser to thick moment is, a lot of people who support it think it is this wonderful beautiful thing tied with a bow. for the average cuban, it's not. >> not at all. that's the bay of pigs. which for those of you that remember anything about the cold war, now scuba diving in the bay of pigs is radical but it is overfished. most cubans have to eat what they catch or grow. 20 bucks a month, three quarters of cubans live on government salary of $20 a month. a gallon of paint is $5. so you know, you may have your own house for the first time in a long time since raul sort of had sweeping economic reforms but how do you fix it up? there are filling stations for disposable lighters. you have it make do when there is never enough of anything. they see a plane landing with
2:18 pm
the ceo of mariott getting off. >> people might not know that a lot of executives came with the president, ceo of mariott. ceo of air b & b. a long list of congressmen and women as well. people will point to sort of the difference between raul castro and call him a pragmatist versus fidel castro as the revolutionary. raul talked about reading the president's book and sort of enjoying it and liking him. what's the difference here? >> the first thing that this is amazing. this is the end of the last relationship of the cold war. this is it. president obama ended the last element of the cold war. that makes this an enormously cold day. raul was the pro soviet member of the family. he add secret relationship with a soviet union and went fidel castro came to the united states
2:19 pm
in 1959, raul sent a delegation to moscow to say we need your help. to radicalize the cuban army. so the fact that raul is the one -- >> changed. >> look, the chinese changed. they met richard nixon. pragmatism is capable for idealogs. fidel was the leader but raul was an important member of the pro soviet team around fidel. for him to embrace an american president is a very big moment. for a long time the castro brothers had made the embargo, centerpiece of their argument for explaining why for example the bay of pig says overfished. now or if congress acts, julian will talk about that, but they won't have that argument to make any more to explain why cuba isn't keeping up.
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>> i'm so glad you brought that point up p. what is interesting seven so important to point out is that this is not split on party lines. you've got democratic senator menendez, who is very against this. you've got republicans like jeff flake of arizona who say exactly what tim just said and that is that the castro regime can no longer use the argument that we suffered economically because of this embargo. that's pointing to congress to say, lift it. >> yeah, look, the party politics has remained the same and the cold war and cuba doesn't have what it once did. you see why there are opportunities for the president it move forward and to eavoid te backlash and to build support along the business interest who are dieing to kind of gain ground in this country to move forward with economic
2:21 pm
relationes. >> is there any chance, quickly, if a republican is the next president that opposes it that they would walk it back? >> senator cruz certainly is very adamant on this, as we've seen in the senate and willing to burn a lot of political capitol to stop things. so he would do that in the white house as well and he will face a lot of push back from within his own party. >> gentlemen, stay with me. more ahead. historic day. what a day in american history. certainly a date we will remember. also again, i want to remind you, the premier of "the wonder list" from cuba tonight. could not be a more fitting day for to you watch this. someone had some good planning, clearly. tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern only right here on cnn. coming up next, we turn to politics, violence among the view. at donald trump's tucson rally yes. look. a protester sucker punched there. donald trump now responding to the outburster. hear what he said next.
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trump who will make remarks in just a few moments at the county republican party dinner. donald trump says he does not condone violence at his rallies. here is what break out in tucson at one of his rallies last night. >> what you see there is a man punching a trump protester who is being escorted out by security. police arrested tony with assault with injury and arrested a 66-year-old woman last night that rally for an unrelated incident. not sure if she was a protester or trump supporter. you will see in a moment, corey lieuiandowsxi appears to draw the collar after protester and pull him back. we asked a spokeswoman and she said quote the video clearly shows that the protester clearly
2:27 pm
reacting to the man who pulled him not mr. lieuiandowski. look, trump was asked about this repeatedly this morning on this week with and what did he say? >> he clearly talked about his actions. let's take a listen.he -- secur. police were lax. i give him credit for spirit. he wanted to take down the profanity-laced signs. >> this is after an incident from earlier this month when a reporter said lieuiandowski gabbed her and threw her down. he denies touching her at all but all of this broo what what offer the protest aeb the
2:28 pm
committee chairman reince priebus weigh in today. he said he thinks law enforcement professionals, not campaign officials, should deal with the protesters. and this is going to be interesting to watch tomorrow. y. because trump who you know has been criticized for not being big enough friend of israel is giving a closely-watched speech to pro israel group. but in that speech is expected to draw some silent protests from a number of rabbis and jewish religious leaders accusing trump of promoting hatred. some will lead a reading outside where trump is speaking tomorrow, poppy. >> we will watch for that. that is the apac conference. a big one. let's good to the other side of this election. his two opponents, ted cruz and john kasich, and sort of split the map strategy. fascinating to watch dana bash ask kasich about it over and over again and kasich seems to say we're not doing that, not
2:29 pm
splitting the map. that's not our strategy against trump. >> right. and there's been a lot of talk in the republican establishment this idea of an east/west strategy where cruz would focus on taking on trump in the western states. places like arizona, utah, idaho, ones that are up for grabs on tuesday. meanwhile maybe kasich would concentrate on battling trump in the east. like new york, delaware, pennsylvania. states that come later on in the calendar at the end of april. the idea being of course it is a lot easier to take trump on one on one and if both guys play it strengths, they could beat trump and deny him that math ib number. 1237 delegates that needs to win the nomination and help take the fight to the floor of the convention in cleveland in july. of course, as you pointed out, poppy, problem with that strategy is that john kasich was dismissing it. telling dana barbie thought he could win and he was everywhere. what whole idea of divide and
2:30 pm
conquer, that strategy, is looking unlikely, poppy. >> it is interesting to say kasich saying with why would i do that. why wouldn't i give everyone in every state the clans chance to vote for me and he says you take a call when it comes. but he wouldn't say more than that. thank you to my friend from washington tonight. >> thank you. >> very big night tomorrow on cnn. all five remaining presidential candidates, democrats, republicans, make their case to you, the voter, on the same night only right here on cnn. the final five tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump is disrupting traditional cuban-american politics. how trump is scooping up votes among cuban-americans who are forthing a very different path. fascinating look at this is ahead. for a limited time, you can get a great deal on this passat. wow, it looks really good... volkswagen believes safety is very important... so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm. stability-enhancing systems... hmmm...
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president in nearly 90 years to set foot on cuban soil. he and the first family will be there until tuesday tonight they are touring old havana. ahead though serious policy discussions, high level meetings on the schedule. but it begins with a striking image. u.s. president who really set forth this historic change, standing there in the rain, in cuba. republican front-runner donald trump is shaking up cuban-american politics. billionaire business man's stance on immigration has support among a certain group of cuban-americans in florida. miami born and raised marco rubio, cuban-american himself, got about 63% of the cuban-american vote in florida's recent primary. trump got nearly 20%. let's talk about all of that with the atlantic contributor joshua alvarez. thank you for being with me. >> thank you. >> you wrote a fascinating piece on this. you wrote, how could it be that a miami born and raised
2:35 pm
cuban-american did not win more than 62% of republican cubans. why did nearly a fifth of cuban-americans there, american republicans, vote for donald trump instead? why? >> right. that's a great question. other presidential candidates from 2012 and 2008 received around the same amount as marco rubio did. yet marco rubio only got 62%. part of this is that it is a different election and donald trump is disrupting how cube an americans are thinking about where they stand. and marco rubio's calls which have really been kind of very much like any other candidate before him is very strong against my reproach between the u.s. and cuba. just not relative to them any more. >> they are voting, as we are americans, not cuban-americans, bl americans. >> yes. a huge shift from previous elections. most have a strong feeling that by being pro american are also pro cuban. support u.s. policy and they
2:36 pm
will see the overthrow for fidel castro. >> your family is from cuba? >> they are. my farther's side. t >> they came here in the '60s. ted cruz gop candidate, same thing with his father and his very critical of the president's trip and thawing of relations. let's listen to cruz. >> so his policy concerning cuba and iran both have parallels where he is allowing billions of dollars to go to tyrants, who hate america, who are state sponsors of terrorism. fighting against our nation. i think it is a real mistake. i think the president ought to push for free cuba. 90 miles off the coast of america. and to go there and essentially act as an apoll gist, it was striking. my dad was imprisoned and tortured in cuba. he fought with castro if the revolution and imprisoned and tortured by bautista. and my aunt was imprisoned and tortured by castro.
2:37 pm
so my family has seen firsthand the evil and oppression in cuba. and when need to have a president that stands up to our enemy -- >> how widely do you believe that sentiment is shared? in this country? >> it is strange because he is speaking to an electorate that's diminishing. older cubans. very old cubans feel that way generally speaking. and there's less of them around. because they are dying. they are talking about 80, 90-year-old people. also some middle aged. like my father is 60 years old. his generation is divided how they view cuba in those records. that hard-line stance is less relative to cubans themselves. so i would have to ask cruz who he is addressing. >> you did not find a single cuban-american under 40 supporting any republican presidential candidate.
2:38 pm
>> not to say they wouldn't exist but we are seeing a generational divide and in n this election i have spoke to a few whether they will go with trump if he wins the nomination. but they share certain solidarity with other latino groups so democratic party is more appealing to them. >> thank you so much. fascinating read in the atlantic. you'll be back with us later. thank you. i appreciate it. straight ahead, taking you back live it havana, cuba. president obama and first family making history. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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well, one thing is for sure. history made and a cloudy and rainy havana bay. big beacon there, the castle, the big lighthouse that guides the way into the bay of havana. that's where we are in cuba. this is where president barack obama has made history. no american president has touched foot on america on cuban soil since the revolution. but now, that has changed. the question is, what else will change? right now, president obama is making his way with the first lady and his daughters and his mother-in-law.
2:43 pm
and one of the biggest we've seen in an international trip, dozens and dozens of people, dig n dignitaries and diplomats, and a meet and greet in the next step of the trip on cuban soil. we have ed lavendera on the streets trying to get the temperature of what regular cuban people think about this, ed. as you well know you're living this as a journalist but also somebody with cuban roots. what does this mean to people today? >> you know, one most highly jut ni skrut /* scrutinized moments. and also, from ordinary cubans here on the street, this is the waterfront that you have probably seen thousands of times
2:44 pm
as you have seen photos of this city of havana. normally, this is a boulevard full of people standing along the waterfront there. mingling and talking. and spending an afternoon. obviously rain drawing a lot of people away but it is quite surprising that even though the president of the united states is here for the first time, and so many people around this city have been talking about this moment, it is interesting that i have expected to see many more people out here perhaps that will change. but what i have noticed is that very few people have a lot of information about what exactly president obama would be doing during this trip. in fact, over the weekend, communist-run newspaper simply said that president obama, a two-sentence article, that president obama meeting with fidel castro and quote doing other activities and just left that. many people acting, what is he going to do? is he meeting with political activists and dissidents and many people in the dark a.
2:45 pm
>> as to wha /* /- what president obama will be doing. after meeting there at hotel, the motorcade and imagine that scene chris, the presidential motorcade, also impressive to see, no matter where you are in the world, making its way down this boulevard that is normally filled with cars. like a frozen postcard stuck in the 1950s. you will see in modern fleet of limousines. a lot of cubans have been asking me about the beast, they heard about the limousine that the u.s. president rides in. they are anxious to see it. you talk to them about it and they are mesmerized about what a limousine about that might look like. soon it'll make its way down the famed street in havana. >> they have a fascination with americans cars, as you know, and they will never have seen an american car like the beast
2:46 pm
before. and a nonpolitical reason why you may not see a lot of people on the street, as you know, a lot of rain coming down. but this is probably bigger than just the weather. we had somebody give us an understatement before. this is complicateed. and it is. why do we have the united states warming relations with cuba? we hear word that starwood company is taking over a hotel here. wants to take over more. is this about benevolence and trying to help those oppressed by the cuban regime or just capitalism? you have that raul castro did not meet, the president of cuba, did not meet the president of the united states when he got off the plane. he met the pope. but we heard let's not make the first moment be the biggest moment. then the question, is this the right thing for america to do? do you thaw the relationship? take the first step as president barack obama wanted to do? or do you risk rewarding an oppressive regime and castro regime and as long as they are here could there be any real
2:47 pm
change? these are all the questions swirling in the air. but one thing is for sure history has been made. and just ahead, we will discuss the impact of this history. how will president obama's trip to cuba affect his legacy and this situation? we're going to dig deeper right after the break. stay with us. >> detroit is a city where you can come together and have some of the greatest times and at the same time is a dangerous city. >> for rapper big shawn, his track, one man can change the world, is more than just versus. it's a mantra. >> i do carry the responsibility. no matter what. they made me who i am. >> the rapper started his own foundation to help detroit's young people. >> it is so easy to get caught in the wrong things when you're young. being a mentor, i see the importance of showing people their inner potential.
2:48 pm
>> sean hopes to cultivate detroit's talent in a new recording studio he built at his old high school. >> what is funnicy used to get in trouble for selling my cds in the hallway. you can imagine what it feels like to be back. >> for students, opportunity means everything. >> for someone like big sean to come and invest in us, partially unexpected, but such a great asset. >> you've got this young generation of millennials and in traditional education they weren't really being addressed. so this studio really bridges that gap. >> i got to get back. that's my responsibility. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor
2:49 pm
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that it is fuzzy about what this means right now. president obama the first u.s. president since the revolution here in cuba to step foot on cuban soil. the first time air force one has been here. let's fill you in on the latest.
2:53 pm
the president just addressed the embassy staff. >> the president just visited with staff of the u.s. embassy here in havana at a nearby hotel and mentioned the fact this is a big moment for him and the country. he said in 19 28 president cool ridge ca ij came heer /* /- -- he said about his relationship with the cubans and the cuban people sh is a historic visit and opportunity. that goes back to what we were talking about earlier. the president of the united states is taking a risk making this trip down here investing so much in cuba and the final year of his administration. what if it gount well. what if the cubans don't reciprocate? we saw ladies in white, dissident group held a protest. they were arrested on the streets nearby. this is going to be one of the concerns the president will
2:54 pm
raise here. >> how do you deal wit and define change and that gives you a list of plus and minuses. on don't reward the castros. it is an oppressive regime. the white house says we tried the approach of trying not to have diplomatic relations and it didn't work. let's try something new. we will see the outcome of that approach beginning this week. whether whether or not it works remains to be seen. i would assume either side of will not want that poss chur. >> it is tough to mix capitalism. they are dangling opportunity in front of the cuban people. that's a powerful tide. when you hear that starwood will
2:55 pm
buy a local hotel, can -- it is just making money and opening the market so it is the playground again. >> the cubans don't want to be americanized. they don't want kentucky fried chicken, wal-mart and starbucks to pop up overnight. but at the same time, you are right. i think what the white house is saying is look, this will take time. we are not looking for the cubans to change overnight. we know this relationship we are starting here is the beginning of something, not the end of something. when i asked president obama about this earlier in april of 2015 in panama, he indicated he's not sure himself how this will turn out. by bringing his family here, the first lady and daughters are about to walk around old havana. it is like a spring break field trip or for the daughters here. it shows what he thinks about
2:56 pm
the risk he's taking here. >> what it becomes he can't control but what he could control he did. he made history today. always happy to witness history with you. back to you in new york. very interesting. somebody here in the old plaza here. i said so internechlt would you like that to change and the person said do you want the internet and he said it doesn't matter if i am not free to say what i want to say. >> a page has been turned today. thank you. >> chris is with us the next hour from havana. much more ahead. we are waiting on the presidential motorcade as the first family will tour old havana. despite the rain they will see the sites which is a moment for them. the girls there with their mother and father. ahead this hour we are keeping an eye on two events. on the left of the screen they are awaiting former president
2:57 pm
clinton set to campaign for his wife in tucson, arizona. on the right, donald trump said to speak at the republican party dinner in florida. we will have this straight ahead. stay with us. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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it is 6:00 p.m. eastern and history has just been made tonight. i'm poppy harlow and all eyes are on cuba right now. remember this day. this is a defining day in american history the day the president of the united states walked off air force one and walked o


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