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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 23, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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manhunt for the surviving brussels airport attacker as police reveal the identities of the suicide bombers there. coordinated attacks killing dozens, wounding hundreds. bringing the city to a standstill and putting the world on high alert. >> more breaking news, this in the race for president. new election results. four candidates winning states overnight. this as they go after each other on terror and what happened in brussels. good morning. welcome to "early start." >> it is wednesday, march 23rd. it's 4:00 a.m. in the east we
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welcome all of our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. a manhunt underway for the surviving suspect in the terror bombings on an airport and metro station in belgium. as we learn the identities, learning the identities this hour of two suicide bombers who died in this airport attack. police across the continent are searching for the man on the right in these surveillance images. the two dressed in black on the left they are believed to have been the suicide bombers. a senior belgium security source telling the men the men have been identified. they're brothers, khalid and brahim el bakroui. the man in gray put his bomb down and left the airport alive. a cab driver who drove the men to the airport giving police the address where he picked them up, leading to a series of raids that uncovered the terrorist bomb factory. investigators found a nail bomb, chemicals, isis flag, isis
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claimed responsibility for the attack. the attack which killed at least 20 people at maalbeek metro station, 10 at the airport. 230 injured. we're covering every angle of this story. we are starting with senior international correspondent from brussel brussels, the site of a growing memorial. >> reporter: a senior belgium security source has confirmed to us not only the identities of the two brothers, khalid and brahim el bakroui, but also the links to salah abdeslam. the flat where abdeslam's fingerprints were found, dna found last week. that was the break that led to the case of abdeslam's capture on friday that was rented in khalid's name. so you have this reinforcement of the network linked to
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abdeslam. we they are also suspected to be tied to the network that carried out the paris attacks. the reason the source is differentiating between the two sources at this point is because on sunday, belgium's foreign minister was telling us that they believe abdeslam, in addition to his ties to the paris attacks, was also part of a growing network building up around him that was planning new attacks. it is this evidence that -- that investigators -- the evidentiary leads that investigators are following. that's the picture that's emerging. this is part of that broader network that was working towards new attacks. we all saw those events as they unfolded yesterday. >> all right. thank you. let's get more on the identity of these two suicide attackers and their possible ties to salah abdeslam, the man
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arrested just last friday, taken into custody, has been questioned all weekend long. we're joined now by max foster, who is also in brussels. max, you know, we hear the phrase these two brothers, the el bakroui brothers, common criminals, linked to organized crime that also fits the profile of folks connected to isis over the last 18 months. >> they're just trying to make whatever connections they can at this point. the working assumption from the security officials is that the paris attackers were planning something else. we hear from u.s. officials as well that their working assumption is the paris attack network and the belgium brussels attack network from yesterday were linked. then you look to the fact that isis claimed responsibility for the brussels attack, and an isis flag was in the apartment where the attackers were based here in brussels. connections are all there.
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in maalbeek where the group of terrorists were based, they lived very close to each other. the assumption is they are linked up, isis is involved and potentially sending over these fighters to europe to carry over military style things. typically they would carry out lone-wolf attacks, now these are organized networks. the question is how big is the network in brussels, however does it stretch around europe and around the world and are there more attacks on the way from a similar network linked to this one? it's a complex operation. security sources are struggling with the amount of resources required to continue these investigations. >> you can bet they'll go to the background of the two brothers and look more for the one suspect believed spotted loose. >> these brussels terror attacks
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have had a chilling effect across europe. an alert from the u.s. state department is warning americans of potential risks traveling to europe. for more let's turn to jim bitterman live for us in paris. within moments of word that these attacks happened at the metro station and at the airport, around europe you saw governments taking action on their own. >> well, taking whatever action they could. in paris, for example, the interior minister said he would add 1600 security people to the various transportation hubs and train stations. they're trying to do what they can, but this is taxing security officials. those types of warnings from the state department and other governments will have a fairly
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strong impact on economies, especially tourism. it remains to be seen how that will fall out. but there are already prediction there's will be a short-term fallout of economic loss because of these various warnings and various attacks. i think they have to be worried about that as well. it's something that they've got to get their arms around, particularly since this attack yesterday seemed to be so directed at the very hierarchy of europe. the subway attack occurring just beneath the european parliament. with those types of things happening, they have to take action. there's supposed to be a meeting in brussels tomorrow. security chiefs from around europe. we'll see if that takes place. they have do something to reassure the public. in the newspapers here this morning there's some doubt about whether security officials do have their arms around this problem. >> this morning are you seeing any change on the street? 1600 police officers, but is there a difference that you can see in france?
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honestly, france it's been a terrible year in terms of terrorism for france and now this happening to its neighbor. >> no question about it. there is definitely a difference, but it's been a difference that's been there since november 13th. we're under a state of emergency here in france. this is something that has rarely happened in the past. and that allows the police to do things like stop and search people without cause. it allows them to put people under house arrest. there's all sorts of draconian things they can do. monitor cell phone calls without a lot of judicial oversight that sort of thing. it's taking place. and one hopes that at least because of security reasons, one hopes this intelligence work is panning out. but there's not a lot of clear evidence of that when you see what happened yesterday in brussels. >> jim bitterman, thank you. >> we'll have the latest from brussels including the situation there. the transportation, when will it
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get back up? that airport is still closed. much more on the identity of the two suicide attackers now named, brothers, now named. and breaking news in the race for president. new election results as the candidates clash on how best to fight isis. we have that for you next. so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®.
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manhunt for the remaining living suspect in tuesday's terror bombings at the airport outside brussels. we also now know that authorities have identified the two suicide bombers who appeared next to him in this photo. their names are khalid and brahim el bakroui. they are brothers and believed to have some connection to salah abdeslam, the paris attacker taken into custody on friday. isis has claimed responsibility for the blast in brussels at the airport and also the subway station. they are proving they can carry
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out attacks all over the world atimes of their choosing. >> what important evidence was missed? can this kind of attack be stopped? what can be learned from this? joining us is cnn military analyst, cedric lateen, tim lister who has spent time in syria and iraq, written extensively on the fight against jihadist terror. tim, two brothers known to police, ties to organized crime, violent criminals in some of their interactions with police. now it looks as if one of these brothers, early indications are rented an apartment under a false name, where the dna of abdeslam was found what are we learning about this network? >> i think we're learning every day that this network is getting bigger and bigger. it's larger than was envisioned at the time of the paris
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attacks. even t this is a logistics network that is larger than we ever imagined. we're finding new names. at the same time it goes to show how difficult it is for the authorities. it's estimated that just to follow one person 24/7 requires 25 officers or agents. there are just too many suspects to follow in france and belgium and germany and elsewhere. so this is the massive problem for the security agencies. even people like these brothers who have criminal records who have fired ak-47s at police are still out there pretty much undetected. >> that's what is shocking, i think, you could be on the radar with authorities and still be able to plot and plan something like this. >> we're looking at the picture of these two brothers now, believed to have been the suicide attackers at the airport. the fact that they have now been identified, that is a key break
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in this investigation. cedric? >> yes, most certainly it is. one of the things that you look at with them being such a key part of this, you can then determine what exactly nodes they were linked to. how did they interact with abdeslam when it came to the paris attacks. what other networks are there? you can start basically peeling back the onion and looking at how these folks are related not only to what happened in paris and now in brussels but also what are the exact ways in which they worked through the other aspects of the isis network. so, how -- were they connected to syria? how are they connected to what's going on in raqqah? this is an important break for the belgian authorities, and hopefully it will speed up the process by which they can actually look at all of the
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different elements of this and perhaps roll up more suspects. >> rolling up more suspects, that's what's important here. they got abdeslam and four days later this attack happens from -- by his associates. do we think -- do authorities think or what is your best thinking on whether it was the arrest or the capture of abdeslam that triggered this, maybe pushed up their time lime or whether this was something going to happen any way? what about the timing here? >> i think it was definitely going to happen at some point. they clearly planned this. but i do believe the arrest of abdeslam was instrumental in moving this forward and actually bringing this in essence to the forefront. they -- it looks to me, when you look at the belgian attacks, though there was a lot of planning that went into them, the execution was rushed.
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so they tried to get it done because they were fearful the police dragnet tried to capture them. >> the cab driver saying they couldn't fit all the luggage in the cab. they left some luggage at the apartment. >> maybe the attack could have been worse. >> tim wrister, one thing we don't know on the el bakroui brothers. did they go back and forth between syria. certainly we saw that in paris. i imagine that's something authorities will look at here as well? >> yeah, that's very true. but in the case of one of these brothers, he was sentenced in 2010, according to belgian media, to a nine-year jail sentence for violentrobbery. if he does get out, it was way before those nine years were up. so, we just don't know whether these two traveled to syria. what we do know is that
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abdelhamid abboud, evessential the paris attacks, bragged that there were at least 90 isis operatives active in europe and much more on the way. and it's become easier for isis to get into europe because of the migration exodus from sear yo, because isis has taken control of syrian passport offices and used blank passports to get operatives into europe what we're discovering time and again and what european officials acknowledge is these networks, you peel back the onion, there's another layer, another layer. it goes on. as the belgian prime minister said, we're in for the long haul. this is not something that will be sorted out in this year. for isis, it's now central part of their strategy to bring terror to europe. it wasn't two years ago. they there were inspired attacks. these are wholly owned and operated isis attacks and part
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back to our continuing coverage of the brussels terror attacks in a moment. turning now to politics. another big night for the party front-runners. hillary clinton and donald trump each winning the big prize in arizona on western tuesday. clinton beating bernie sanders, trump topped ted cruz. arizona was winner take all for
1:25 am
the republicans. trump beat the 50% threshold grabbing all of the states 58 delegates. ted ted cruz won the other gop contest. he took all 40 utah delegates. trump has 741 delegates, cruz, 461, kasich, 145. 1,237 is the magic number to nab the nomination. on the democratic side there were also two caucus races. bernie sanders takes utah. he wins in idaho, too. the updated delegate count for the democrats, hillary clinton ahead at 1,711. bernie sanders 939. 2,383, that big number on the top right of the screen is needed to secure the nomination. >> utah and idaho, those were huge wins for bernie sanders. biggest wins he's had since he won his homestate of vermont. he did pick up the lion's share of delegates in those states. hillary clinton did well enough
1:26 am
in arizona. so bernie sanders didn't end up with that much of a delegate lead. the brussels terror attack dominating the campaign trail. we have reaction from all five candidates. trump insists torturing the terror suspect, salah abdeslam may have prevented the bombings. >> he may be talking, he will talk faster with the torture. if he would have -- if he would have talked, you might not have to blow up with all these people dead and horribly wounded. he probably knew about it. >> it's very simple, doing what law enforcement does in any circumstance. if you have a neighborhood with a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it is increase the law enforcement presence there and target gang neighborhoods. >> you are talking about muslim area
1:27 am
areas -- >> i'm talking about any area where there is a high number of muslim terrorists. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting is not only wrong, it's dangerous. >> first of all, i'm a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game when i believe he should, had i been president, i would have cut short my visit. i would have flown home. i would have conducted calls jointly with heads of state. >> we can win that war and destroy isis without getting the brave men and women in the u.s. armed forces into a perpetual war in the middle east. >> hearing from all five remaining candidates there. later this morning, ted cruz will be on "new day" that's during the 7:00 hour. we are learning the identities of the brussels
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. all right. happening now, an intense manhunt for the surviving brussels airport bomber. the breaking news just in this morning, we have the identity of two terrorists. these two men who blew themselves up at the airport. part of the attacks on brussels along with the subway that killed at least 30 people, injured hundreds. we'll tell you what investigators are locating at raids around that city. >> and breaking news in the race for president, new election results are in. and the candidates are clashing over how to handle the brussels bombings. welcome back to "early start." >> i want to welcome viewers here in the united states and around the world. we do begin with the breaking
1:33 am
news from brussels. yes. there is a surviving suspect in the terror bombings at the airport and metro station, but the news just in this morning, we now have the identities of the two suicide bombers believed to have died in the airport attack. as i just said, police across the continent are still searching for the man in the white jacket and hat. he is believed to be still alive. the two on the left are believe to have been suicide bombers. a senior belgian security source tells cnn that the men are brothers. khalid and brahim el backry. the man in the gray, he put a bomb down, left the airport alive. a cab driver who drove them all to the airport gave police the address where ef pihe picked th. isis that claimed responsibility for the attack which killed at
1:34 am
least 20 people at the maalbeek metro station. at least ten people died at the airport. 230 injured in the joint attacks. we are all over this story. let's start with cnn senior international correspondent nima elbagir. what do we know this morning about these two brothers? >> in the aftermath of the capture of salah abdeslam, authorities here were warning he was found with a cache of heavy weaponry. there were detonators in that flat with where he was believed to have stayed after the paris attacks. they believe he was forming a new network around him with plans to launch a new series of attacks. khalid and brahim el bakroui are part of that network. a senior belgian security source tells us that brahim el bakroui
1:35 am
led the flat where salah abdeslam was captured. as authorities find out who else they knew, who else may have been involved, they are intensifying the manhunt for the man you mentioned, the third suspect at airport. the man currently still on the run. they are also searching for a suspect in the train attack, many the metro bombing. raids and house searches are going on across the country. in fact, the belgian prime minister said there are homes in every corner, in every region of this country currently being searched. already they unearthed that cache of chemicals, the nail bomb and the isis flag through their raids . raids are continuing this morning. the prosecutor saying he could be speaking in the next few
1:36 am
hours. >> nima, what is the situation in brussels? still on lockdown? airport still closed? transportation down? >> the airport is still closed. some of the transportation, some of the train stations have reopened. but they're very chaotic. they are allowing children back in schools today. but the lockdown in that sense has slightly loosened. but in the early hours of the morning when we were here and speaking to people, some people had overnighted here at this memorial. people are torn between the obvious fears, the worries, but at the same time this need to get back out there. this needtoprove thatthey're undefeated. that life here goes on. >> nice to see behind you even as that country certainly mourns. nima elbagir, thank you very much. >> we are learning the identity of the two side bombers, the el bakroui brothers. fred pligis in front of the fla
1:37 am
the apartment where these two brothers were renting, an apartment that was raided last week. weave th . >> it's interesting how this thread keeps coming together, how things keep going around, at the same time you always come back to the same set of suspects. the house that i'm at now was rented by one of the el bakroui brothers, also the place that was raided tuesday ago. where one suspect was killed, also someone implicated in the paris attacks and was apparently in contact with the paris attacker while they were conducting the attacks at the bataclan and other areas. two people escaped from that raid. it was unclear in the beginning who those two people were. now authorities believe it may be the people who blew themselves up, the el bakroui
1:38 am
brothers. when police went into the flat they found the dna and fingerprints of abdeslam that tipped them off to the maalbeek area where they captured him. it's becoming more and more clear that there is a link between abdeslam and the two el bakroui brothers. there's been a lot of raids going on here in the brussels area the past couple of days. i was at a place called scarbeck yesterday, a raid went on there for seven hours with a chopper hovering overhead with snipers taking aim out of the chopper with some sort of building. it was later cleared. this was a place where apparently some of the bombs for the airport attack were made. the police went back there, found that nail bomb. forensic work was going on there throughout the night with forensic workers that we saw coming out taking out bags of evidence and bringing it to vehicles. there was an explosive ordinance
1:39 am
squad on hand there. this house right here that i'm standing in front of, very much significant. we always seem to come back to the same set of suspects who were implicated in these attacks and also in the paris attacks. the investigators here making headway in the past 24 hours. >> fred, bottom line, that apartment, that house behind you, authorities were very, very close to getting those guys. >> yes, you're right. they were close to getting these guys. the mrob they had when they went into the apartment here last tuesday is they went in thinking that the apartment would be empty. they raided this apartment and they didn't have their full-on riot gear on because they thought they were checking on an address with an empty apartment. when they got here, they were met by automatic weapons fire. one of the people who fired at them with an ak-47 was killed. that man was later identified to be a senior member of the cell that conducted the paris
1:40 am
attacks, at least two suspects got away. they believe it could have been the el bakroui brothers and then they lost the trace of these people afterwards. y you're right. they were very, very close to apprehending these people. they didn't have enough forces on hand when they raided the apartment because they were preparing for something different. it turned out that it's highly likely the two people who blew themselves up at the airport may have been here. >> frederick pleitgen, thank you very much. you can see how close those connections are between what happened in brussels and paris months ago. the brussels attack had a chilling effect across europe. an alert issued by the united states state department is warning americans of potential risks traveling to europe saying terrorist groups are planning near-term attacks in europe. let's get more from jim bitterman in paris. the connections between what's going on in brussels and what happened in paris months ago, it's not loosely connected, it's
1:41 am
directly connected. >> absolutely directly connected. there was immediate reaction yesterday when the attacks took place in brussels. they ordered 1600 more security out on the streets and security measures. but it's the kind of thing officials here have been warning about. the education minister here came out this morning and said all school trips towards brussels or through brussels wille canceled. the prime minister was on french radio this morning saying they have never faced this kind of a threat before. europe has never faced this kind of threat before. he's off to brussels this morning. he will meet with his counterpart, the prime minister of belgium. and the president of the european commission. security will be at the top of the list. one thing the french have suggested, and they've been suggesting for years is that europe install this passenger name recognition system that has
1:42 am
already existed in the united states, where every passenger flying, their names, destination, passport details and so on are recorded. this doesn't exist in europe as it does in the united states. it's been in the united states since after 9/11. it's the kind of thing that europeans could do better to tighten security operation. that's one of the questions after the attacks yesterday. >> see if this spurs changes. change, is that appear necessary to say the least. all right. lots of breaking developments this morning about the paris -- the brussels terror attack and how isis manages to create the cells around the world in paris, brussels and elsewhere. how can they be fought? >> and breaking news in the race for president here in the united states. primaries in the west, four separate winners in states what does it mean for the race ahead?
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1:47 am
. happening now, the manhunt for a suspect in tuesday's terror bombings in an airport, a metro station in brussels, belgium that killed 30 people and injured 200 more, the manhunt for that man is underway. breaking this morning, we know who these suicide bombers are. they have been identified as two brothers, khalid and brahim el bakroui. isis that claimed responsibility for the blast. >> what do these attacks tell us about the capabilities, counterterroism capabilities in europe and here in the u.s. joining us is tim lister and
1:48 am
cedric lateen. cedric, the identity of these two brothers is now known, khalid and brahim el bakroui. they are believed to have been connected to salah abdeslam. they may have fled the apartment on friday when there was a raid there two brothers known for law enforcement for some time. it begs the question if these guys were known, if there are connections to the most wanted terror suspect in the last four months, how were they able to pull off this attack? >> what's troubling is you're seeing the inability to act on the intelligence that the belgian authorities had. part of it also is that they probably did not have the complete picture. because they didn't have that complete picture they were probably reluctant to act and get the el bakroui brothers when they could have prevented the attack. there's a significant issue of
1:49 am
not only getting the information but acting on that information in a timely fashion. >> one of these brothers had fired on police officers. they were both known to police for organized crime, for carjacking, violent offenses, but not, authorities say, terrorism. the fact they have been so close to police. the fact they were in an apartment that was raided by police a week ago, incredibly frustrating that they could not have been prevented. >> very frustrating indeed. the problem you have is these networks have been formed very often in jails, in prisons. keeping an eye on and apprehending all those who might and might not be involved with these jihadist networks who might have known abdeslam, they
1:50 am
have spent time in jail together. so those that emerged from jail, maybe they go to syria and come back, impossible to keep in touch with all these people. this one town in belgium that sent more people to syria and iraq as jihadists than any other town in europe. the scale of the problem is enormous. >> do we know if these guys had been to the foreign battlefields? if they had been to syria and iraq and had come back? or they were homegrown? >> it looks at this point as if they were homegrown. we don't know. one them did start a jail sentence back in 2010 for nine years supposedly. he was clearly let out early. we will had time to go to syria and come back is not clear. plenty of others, including almost all the paris attackers, did go to be trained in syria. and were able to come back using false documents. there was a point made earlier
1:51 am
about why isn't there a common passenger list for airline passengers? most of these people came over land. >> in addition to having the two names of these brothers believed to be the suicide attackers, the belgian officials still have salah abdeslam, the remaining terror attacker from paris in november in custody. what might they be doing with him? >> they will be interrogating him. looking at basically him giving them an idea of what the pattern of life is. that's the technical term used to describe what these people do, how they actually operate. what they'll try to find out from him is exactly what he did in the run-up to the paris attacks and also what happened now with the brussels attacks. and find out what the connections are what that met work really looks like. it is going to be interesting to
1:52 am
see how much he will tell the belgian authorities. that will be the key to understanding how this isis network operates within europe. especially within belgium. >> cedric, you make a point this plays into the apple versus fbi encryption fight. here's why. if you have the resource problems that you have in following all of these foreign fighters, many people have said belgium is a hotbed, ground zero for this traffic back and forlt forth of foreign fighters, you need better surveillance. we're e >> we're entering the era of big data, and you need big data to keep up with the terrorists, and that's on the web, in the cloud, and on cell phones what you're seeing here is with the debate that apple and the fbi are
1:53 am
having about encryption, and the access to devices that are encrypted, you're seeing a ground swell within europe and the united states to try to get access, at least in limited cases, to these devices. i think terrorist attacks like this will have a significant impact on all the legal battles out there. >> guys, stand by. i want to come back to you as we get more information on the two brothers identified as the suicide attackers at the airport in brussels. there is also breaking news in the race for president, four separate candidates win states on western tuesday. what does that mean for the election?
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more continuing coverage of the terror attacks in brussels including the identity of two suicide bombers at the airport and their ties to the paris attacks. we have breaking news in
1:58 am
politics as well. four separate winner in the western primaries. front-runners did okay. hillary clinton and donald trump each won in arizona. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders there. she got just under 60% of the vote. donald trump topped ted cruz and john kasich there as well. arizona is a winner take all stay state so he wins all 58 delegates there. in utah, ted cruz won there. because he won more than 50% of the vote there, he wins all the delegates in utah. the delegate count now as it stands on the republican side, trump at 741, cruz at 461. casic won zero delegates last night. 1,237 is the number it takes to nominate at the republican convention. on the democratic side, there were two caucus races.
1:59 am
ber bernie sanders won utah and idaho. his best states besides his homestate of vermont. but he didn't make too much of a dent in hillary clinton's delegate lead. you can see there, she's at 1229 to his 912. that is the pledged delegates, if you add in superdelegates, her lead is much bigger, 2,383 needed to nominate there. later this morning, ted cruz, republican senator from texas, presidential candidate, will be on "new day" at the 7:00 hour. time for a look the at global stock markets, cautiously moving higher now. we did not see major moves yesterday. even the european stock markets are higher now. that's right, european stock markets are higher including a nice gain in belgium. dow futures are up slightly. shares in asia finished lower. the dow's seven-day winning streak ended, it lost 41 points yesterday. that's not much. over the span the gains have
2:00 am
been modest. let's talk about where we did see reaction from what happened in brussels. travel related stocks posted some of the biggest declines yesterday. booking site trip adviser fell 2.54%. carnival cruise lines dropped about 2%. marriott lost 2%. and american airlines almost 1.75%. it takes an average of ten trading days after an incident before markets return to normal, that's according to bank pnc. you had some support in markets but also some concern in travel related areas. >> our breaking news coverage continues on "early start" right now. happening now, an intense manhunt for this man, the surviving brussels airport attacker, police are revealing the identities of the suicide bombers in the airport


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