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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is cnn's special coverage of the terror attacks in brussels. investigators say the more they learn about the bombings here on tuesday, the more they're convinced these attacks won't be the last. authorities now believe isis bomb maker najim laachraoui on the far left in this picture was one of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. they say the other is the man in the middle ibrahim el bakraoui. now prosecutors say his brother khalid was the subway suicide
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bomber. a major manhunt is under way for the unidentified third man. counter terrorism officials say they're concerned about more attacks in europe and isis operatives have picked out potential targets. cnn has complete coverage of the attacks in brussels. we'll here from our team of correspondents throughout the next several hours including a report on how sophisticated these bombs are now. we are getting a much fuller picture about who was involved in the track, but crucially how it has links with the same network that carried out the paris attacks last year. >> reporter: exactly. i think that investigators when they raided that apartment after a tip off by a taxi driver found these huge quantities of
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explosives and that was the exact explosive used in the paris dwaattacks. the question is have they been able to identify all of the members of the network. we know at least one is on the run, probably more, but how many more and are they capable of carrying out more attacks. this is a huge concern for officials. there's a lot of concern that there could be multiple targets across the continent. >> and yet the city is still trying to come to terms with it, but for the families of those who were killed and for those who -- more than 200 people injured, wasn't it, they're still being dealt with. there are still people unaccounted for. >> reporter: absolutely. one of the toughest challenges here is because of the nature of the attack, these massive bombs,
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they ripped through a lot of the b bystanders that were there and it's made it hard to identify people and hospitals are finding they're full still days after the attack. the day after twin terror attack shattered the city of brussels hospitals are dealing with the influx of victims. this is where at least 80 of the victims from the airport blast were brought to suffering from multiple burns and shrapnel wounds. the entrance was transformed into an emergency ward designed for disaster. many have been transferred to the burns unit, though the hospital is working with investigators to identify the dead. this man was among the first medics at the airport. what was the first thing you saw when you got to the scene?
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>> chaos. dust chaos, people shouting and crying and yelling help over here. it was a war zone. >> reporter: for 20 years he has served as a military medic in places like afghanistan, but he has never seen anything like this. a bomb that investigators believe was packed was nails and bolts. >> i saw a lot of people with holes in their body. the people were hit by pieces that flew around. i saw children with wounds -- penetrating wounds so it has to be some explosive device, things are floating around with a great power. >> reporter: outside the hospital soldiers stand guard. the belgian flag flies at half staff. do you also have a picture of your girlfriend? this man is searching for his girlfriend.
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they have a 1-year-old son. what kind of a person is she? >> she's very shy. she's short and she's -- >> reporter: strong? >> strong, yes. >> reporter: she's a strong person, yes. >> yes. he has set up a facebook page for information. she was studying to a botanist and on her way to school when the bomb ripped through the train car. her last iphone location was near the metro station. are you worried that she's been injured and unconscious yes. >> i don't think. i don't think. i don't want to think about it. >> reporter: hospitals across brussels, the heart breaking search for answers continues. now, as you heard there for many family members they don't want to imagine the worst. they are providing however dna samples, dental records, anything that might be able to identify loved ones that were caught up in the blast, but it
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is a painful thing to do. >> thank you. the attacks confirmed a disturbing reality that brussels is now a major hub for jihadist. as we saw in november isis has spread from the middle east and beyond. we report on the expansion. >> reporter: salah abdeslam captured in brussels following extensive raids of homes across belgium and france. authorities admitting the scope of the network was bigger and more so first kated than ever imagined with belgian a logistic capital for some muslim extremists to launch their attacks. >> it illustrates that it's very
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worrying. >> reporter: belgium is a small country. about 6% of the population is muslim. many originally from more rack koe. the highest number of fighters to isis have come from belgium. some 500 men and women believed to have traveled to syria and iraq. many were inspired by the power jihadi group which gained prominence in 2010. its leaders targeted a vulnerable community with crime and unemployment. >> two or three men who were critical in the recruit proceme process and in the fundraising and getting the channels organized to send people overseas. the belgium authorities did not take it seriously until it was too late. the damage had been done.
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>> reporter: prosecutors say hundreds have been arrested or detained since november's paris attacks. the most notable belgium linked terrorists included the high speed gunmen, salah abdeslam and all three of the brussels suicide brothers. salah abdeslam was found in a neighborhood that is a hot bed for jihadist activity. >> they haven't been able to ramp up at the same rate as foreign fighter recruitment as ramped up. >> reporter: those fighters are well funded, well protected and intent on destroying the west. >> authorities have been investing heavily in counterterrorism. still the community remains insula insulated. police have a long way to go to fight what is an invisibility
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army. cnn new york. >> we have a reporter for news week, has reported extensively from the neighborhood where some of the suspects lived. you went back there yesterday. what was -- what was the feeling compared with other visits to that area? >> reporter: it was very strange. it was all boarded up and no shops or kacafes were open. one man who ran a grocery store there said there was a sense of fear in the neighborhood. police raids have been going on there and i suspect perhaps the community worried about reprisal. molenbeek was busy and open for busy. i don't know if that's because molenbeek is no longer the real focus of the police or simply because molenbeek having been raided since november is sort of used to it. >> do they feel the police are on their side?
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>> reporter: i think that's hard to say. what i would say in these kinds of neighborhoods where you have a lot of people from immigrant backgrou background, low incomes and high unemployment rate, often there is a rift between them and authority figures. it's common in cities across the world. >> what we keep hearing is the security services to get across to these communities to identify people before they've been radicalized. they don't have the intelligence coming out of them and how do they improve that. >> the belgian intelligence services have been saying that they are understaffed and i think it's about having people from those background and those areas on your team and on your staff. that's probably the best way to get integrated within the community. >> what sort of people make up the police and security services trying to tackle an area like molenbeek where a typical
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belgian would stand out, right? >> absolutely. i think what's lacking is people from the communities within the police force. the other thing is it's a very tight knit community. i was speaking to a taxi driver who says everyone knows everyone. some people have implied that maybe the people in molenbeek knew that salah abdeslam was sheltering there. >> not necessarily supporting him, but they don't want to get involved because they don't feel the police are on their side. >> reporter: exactly. i went to a house that was raided in december and they found salah abdeslam's fingerprints are. everyone i spoke to said they heard and knew nothing and i get the sense that they didn't want to open up. >> how do you think the police can encourage people to go to them if they have a small suspicion? >> reporter: i think all european police forces have played it very clear that you
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can report the problem if you notice it and there have been instances where parents have said they feel their children are being more radicalized. it requires a vast amount of staff which i don't think they have at the moment. >> did you feel safe there? >> reporter: i did feel very safe. when i was in paris in november, that felt a little bit less safe, but the interesting thing about molenbeek is they're right next to the center of brussels. there's a mixture of high income housing and low income housing. it's similar to neighborhoods where i live in london. so i did feel safe and it's very interesting places to visit because you know there is a problem with extremis extremism >> politicians are at extreme ends of the spectrum suggesting that having open boarders means
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we are less secure, but at the same time people feeling a lot of these suburbs, a lot of the immigrants and refugees are going to those areas when perhaps the solution is to have a more integrated approach to bringing migrants in. do you stop immigration or do you bring people in to make people feel safer. >> reporter: everyone in europe is talking about a more integrated europe in terms of intelligence sharing and that's something that could help with the problem. >> this idea of a shared database, it's never going to happen. are you going to share your details with the french security services? it's never going to happen. >> reporter: perhaps not a shared database, but some form of intelligence sharing. a lot of officials are talking for a more integrated europe. they say the problem is people
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coming back from syria, they're saying that maybe needs better policing, but it's not a question of stopping migration and raising boarders. >> can you explain to people from what you've learned how we get in a situation where people are going to syria no one seems to be aware of it and the authorities and then they're coming back and they're not being tagged. >> reporter: >> reporter: i think the sheer number of people going to syria makes it very difficult to follow. what you have to remember is syria is not that far. it's quite easy to get to turkey and then slip over the boarder to syria. the islamic state, isis groups, they know how to protect people. i think it is difficult for security services to monitor each an every person who goes there simply because they are going in very large numbers. >> just describe the complexities of these areas where the jihadis are from because what you find is a complete disconnects between the older and younger generation
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because the older generation want to do as much as they can and they want to help. >> reporter: i think it goes both ways because we have heard that some of the younger generation feel their parents aren't integrated enough and they blame them for their feelings. i think it's too difficult to distinguish the two groups like that because there have been reports of the older generation radicalizing the younger generation as well. i think in belgian and in many countries across europe there's a big problem of integrating these people from different backgrou background. >> it's been a painful wait for the relatives of the people missing here in the attacks in brussels and those who died. next you'll hear from the families anxiously still holding on to hope. ♪
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we are lerchiarning more ab the moments right after the
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blast moments after. a taxi driver was outside when it happened and he went inside to search for his son and here's his incredible story.
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ultimately a positive story for him. we're learning more about the victims of the devastating terror attacks. the pain is unbearable for the families for the people injured and killed, including this woman, the first fatality to be identified. s she had been living in belgium for six years. she was at the airport with her husband and twin 3-year-old
10:22 pm
daughters waiting to board a plane. her children and husband did survive. the molenbeek metro station in brussels, this man was killed. he worked for a government organization. he was on his morning commute when the explosion went off. it's been agonizing wait for the families of the people missing since the awful attacks. every minutes and every second relatives are hoping to receive a call or message simply any signal that they have not lost the people that they love. here is john berman. he was the the airport with his sister sasha waiting to fly back to new york. he was on the phone with their mother when the bombs went off. the phone line dropped. they haven't been heard from since. friends and relatives have flooded social media with pleas for information. we love you, let us know you're
10:23 pm
safe one post reads. another says we still have the hope they might be with somebody. this man was at the airport with his wife. they were waiting for a flight to miami. both were missing after the blast. their daughter pleaded on facebook for any news. every tweet, ping, gold ring has us trembling just in case. then she posted this, my mother is found in hospital. still no news of my father. 79-year-old and dra is still missing. bart texted his girlfriend on the way to the airport. he was on his way to visit her in georgia and was supposed to text her a picture of his boarding pass, but emily never heard from him. when she calls his phone, there's no answer. >> these last two days have been something i never thought i would feel. it's been the worst days of my
10:24 pm
life. i just -- i guess i didn't know how much one person can love another until -- until you just don't know where they're at. i'm just hoping for a sign of some sort that he's okay. >> reporter: bart is marketing student in belgium. he's 21 years old. david texted his aunt to tell her he was safe after an explosion in the airport, but then commuted on the metro and hasn't been heard from since. friends and family have been desperately trying to find him. they fear he was caught in the second attack. his partner has been driving from hospital to hospital trying to locate him. this woman was traveling on the metro during tuesday's attack. she was 29 years old. the brussels resident has been missing since then. we are desperately searbeen
10:25 pm
searching for her. this woman's phone was found near the station after the terror attack. she has a 1-year-old son who was staying with his grandmother as they search for her. cnn new york. m migrants are using makeshift notes. this one reads belgium, syria, the same fear. many people fear the attacks will hurt their chances of reaching european countries. >> what's happening today in belgian is so bad for us. maybe they will more afraid of us. they will make things harder here for people here. people here have nothing to loss. they can't come back. they will stay here and they have not choice not to stay
10:26 pm
here. >> more than 12,000 mig grants remain in camps there. we're learning more about the bombs from tuesday's attacks here and they have the global intelligence communities extremely worried. up next why clues point to a more deadly isis explosive. ♪ every day, america prints about half a billion dollars. wow! sadly, a whole bunch of those dollars are used to pay too much for car insurance. luckily, there's esurance. born online, raised by technology and majors in efficiency. which saves dollars. and when they save, you save. so you can tell some of your dollars, "good news, gang! we're going out for ice cream!" auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call.
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you're watching special coverage of the terror attacks here in brussels. belgian authorities are on a massive manhunt for a suspect in tuesday's airport bombings and say these attacks may be part of a wider plot. they say a man left a bomb at the airport and is on the run. and police believe one of the them was najim laachraoui. he was previously named in the attacks in paris in november. and we have new details about the bombs used in these attacks. they say they're hiybrids. >> this man on the right, a suspect on the run, still unidentified, considered one of the most dangerous men in europe. he's believed to have been a leader of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport tasked with make sure the others carried out the attacks. belgian investigators say the
10:31 pm
same terrorist cell master minded the paris and brussels attacks and now they worry that the bombings have revealed a hybrid capability. combining a suicide vest with a more powerful explosive in a suitcase. >> what kind of flexibility does it give them to pack the explosive power of a car bomb with this. >> it gives them a lot of flexibility. >> this photo shows the three men pushing suit cases on carts. two of them are wearing one glove each. investigators tell cnn they think it's possible that each man's glove hid a detonator. one conclude to the explosive is what police found in an apartment raid. >> 15 kill grams of explosives. 30 liters of hydroper objection side. >> tatp, a very unstable kplo
10:32 pm
explosive that packs a nasty punch. this video shows it combusting from a tiny film cannister. >> it's one of the most sensitive explosives known and it takes very little to set it off. >> it's so delicate that just trying to make a bomb with it can be deadly, but if a terrorist is successful in making one, he has another advantage. >> it can be more dangerous because it's difficult to detect. >> bombs that are difficult to detect, easy to make, combining massive explosive power to maneuver through a crowded airport, a tactic so effective experts we're it will be repeated. >> essentisomething that we wil quite a lot in the future, the number of casualties is usually high and the effect that the terrorists want to achieve is also very high. >> does this kind have bomb, these kind of tactics mean that passengers are going to be
10:33 pm
screen at the entrances to airports? that would create other security risks like long lines of passengers at the cush arb and might be kploesed to bombings or drive by shootings. this is going to require for law enforcement officers near the entrances and ticket counters and even that may not prevent attacks like the ones we saw in brussels. brian todd, cnn washington. early i spoke with cnn intelligence and security analyst about how investigators missed the belgian terror netswonet network. >> these people are very good at hiding communications. they're communicate ing with couriers. those messages erase right away
10:34 pm
so there's no reconstructing the network and this is why they miss so many. it's oversimplistic to say they're incompetent because it's not true. they've been working hard at this. we had the same problems in bagdad at the beginning of the war. the united states essentially ended the momentum in iraq by 2006 and 2007 by using commando operations where you're kicking down doors, you have drones everywhere and are with e prepa to turn brussels and paris into militarized cities. the europeans are between a rock and a hard place. >> we're going to bring in political senior correspondent on this because the language we're hearing from the agencies and the government is the lae language you heard after the paris tracattacks.
10:35 pm
what do you think he's changed. >> what they realize is that they lacked the resources to get on top of the game so i do think they've been scrambling, but when you don't have the numbers of people to get on top of this very deep and dense and well organized cell there's only so much you can do. i think that the belgians are feeling the pressure right now. they know they haven't committed enough resources. at the same time you have to keep trying to do long term forward planning. you have to stick the band aid on the situation now and hunt down this guy, but you have to really out a five and ten year strategy because this is something that's so deeply embedded that it's not going go away. that's why you're seeing a lot of leaning on talks of ue security union, things like that and also still a little bit of denial in pushing things away because i think it must be very
10:36 pm
frustrating to realize the sort of strategic errors that were made. >> it's about intelligence isn't it from the communities where this threat is emerging and not just in the communities within the communities within the communities, they don't have those things or we would have had some indication this was happening. >> when you see the sort of zig zagging and inability to pin things down that's when you see people get more al. >> in terms of more plots expected, that sort of language that we're hearing all the time, is that based on the fact that we had a plot that we didn't know was eminent and we didn't have the intelligence on it and there must be others. >> i don't have sources telling me about anything specific, but
10:37 pm
if you wind the clock back a little bit, they thought the abdeslam brothers were drug runners and then paris happened. they thought everyone is going with the ring leader and he can't do anything, once we get the ring leader and it's done. now we get the ring leader and the brussels attacks happen. so they think they found the bomb maker and the bombs, but when you have potentially 90 people operating you can't be sure. maybe something else is out there and that's when you can't really leap beyond the fears, you have to take all the precautions you can otherwise you can't have egg on your face three times. >> it's frightening. >> it is indeed. >> thank you very much. the belgian terror attacks has the united states presidential candidates talking about this threat and how they would respond to a terror attack. that story just ahead.
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it's coming up to a quarter to 7:00 in the morning here and nearly 48 hours since the attacks on the airport which devastated this city and the attack on the metro as well. people still trying to work out what happened and what it means for them, whether or not belgian's learned anything since the paris attacks of last year because there were so many parallels with that, but those questions are being asked and we continue to try to get the
10:42 pm
answers because it feels different this time. it feels like we're constantly under a threat now. >> this is a time for europe to take stock of so many issues, the open boarders, integration, policing intelligence, much to consider in the days and weeks ahead. max, appreciate it. thank you. as investigators in europe search for suspects tied to the terror attacks, u.s. presidential candidates are responding to the situation and some of their ideas on how to deal with the terrorists are generating kocontroversy. >> gop front-runner donald trump saying he would potentially use nuclear weapons to stop isis. >> i'm never going to rule anything out because at a minimum i want them to think we would use it. >> trump telling wolf that he
10:43 pm
would support waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods. >> they can chop off heads and drown people and we can't waterboard so we have to change our laws and we have to be able to fight on an at least almost equal basis. >> democratic front-runner hillary clinton is outlining a contrasting terrorism agenda. >> we can't let fear stop us from doing what's necessary to keep us safe, nor can we let it push us into reckless actions that end up making us less safe. >> taking aim at trump and ted cruz who is calling for stepped up policing of muslim communities in the u.s. >> it is that head in the sand political correctness that has made america so vulnerable. >> cruz was rebuicked by new york city officials for his comments, including the police commissioner. >> doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.
10:44 pm
>> and the miles an hour. >> i have to say it's represent henceable. >> cruz in new york today pushed back. >> the mayor's response is essentially who are these terrorists of which you speak. >> this is the heels of a split decision in tuesday's western state contest and a new endorsement for former rival jeb bush. >> what we're seeing all across the country is the momentum is with us and i'll tell you one of the things that shows that is this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. >> and as the trump/cruz feud intensifies their wives are being drawn into the fight sparked by a anti-trump facebook ad showing an old modeling photo of trump's wife. trump blaming cruz for the ad tweeting be careful or i'll spill the beans on your wife. cruz denies his campaign had anything to do with the ad. >> that should be beneath
10:45 pm
donald. >> mrs. cruz is weighing in. >> there are a lot of things that donald trump says that has no basis. >> her husband using a line from the american president to punch back. >> if you want a candidate to debate you better stick with maname. if donald wants to get in a fight, he better stick with me. we heard also what united states president barack obama had to say about krcruz's plan combat terror. the president opened a news conference by addressing the terror attacks in brusles. >> as far as the notion of having surveillance of neighborhoods where muslims are present, i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance, which
10:46 pm
by the way the father of senator cruz escaped for america the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. it's contrary to who we are and it's not going to help us defeat isil. >> mr. obama is on the trip working to cement ties with cuba. let's talk more about the brussels attacks. he's the cnn senior reporter. we heard the president there slamming ted cruz for his comments about securing and patrolling muslim communities, but there are those who are slamming the president himself for the images that have emerged in the last couple of days and hours, him attending that basketball game in cuba and dancing the tango.
10:47 pm
do they undercut his image. >> it matters in that we're living in a reality tvs age. it doesn't look great to go to baseball games and distance han da tango, but two things are going on. you have a philosophical difference. the republicans say there's a clear and present danger. that's islam and we have become too sensitive and politically correct to address that problem head on. what the democrats are saying is that's not who we are and what you're talking about sounds more like nazi germany than the united states of america. i don't think the two sides are going to line up there, but there's a tactical difference and that is the republicans say we need to do something about it and your policy of us being a
10:48 pm
melting pot, of us being a country that contains multitudes isn't doing anything to address paris, brusles, san bernardino, london, but what they're saying is the vast majority of muslims do not harsher il will, they are the first and best line of defense against the terrorist organizations and i think that's where this debate, that's what this is about. >> with the back drop of brussels and san bernardino and paris, does it put hillary clinton in the tougher position of the two sides in that democrats have to walk the line with hillary clinton trying to seem the grown up in the room, but at the same time not seem weak. >> the gut instinct is when things go bad, people gravitate towards the strong man. they gravitate towards the tough words that a candidate like
10:49 pm
donald trump provides. there's a counter point here though and it will be interesting to see how it plays out which is do people want stability. do they want that steady hands at the wheel and do they want a grown up in the room. we played this clip of donald trump talking about spilling the beans on his rival's wife, is that the temperament you want to stand up against global terrorism. >> ted cruz put out a tweet saying to donald trump real men don't attack women. donald, real man don't attack women. your wife is lovely and my wife is the love of my life. all lines have been crossed in this campaign. >> all lines have been crossed and watch in the general election, whether hillary clinton is running against ted cruz or donald trump, watch when they try and go after her
10:50 pm
history, bill clinton's history of extramarital affairs, watch her come back and say when brussels happened, when international, when this terrorist incident happened, you guys were bickering about each others wives. watch for that to happen. i wouldn't be surprised. >> there have been so many twists and turns and really most of them going downwards so we'll see what happens in the next stage. a pleasure. thank you. new information linked to missing flight mh 370 to share with you. investigators reveal what they discovered after analyzing the plane debris, what they uncovered. stay with us. like look at a site without going to it. or watch a video without opening it. you can do pretty much everything faster. shooting stuff. music stuff. couch shopping. shoe shopping. running. kind of. checking a flight from an email. i'm peeking my flight. i'm not peeking my flight. i'm peeking my...wait, i missed my flight.
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the australian government says debris recovered this month is highly likely to be wreckage from malaysia's flight 370. matt, what more can you tell us about what we're hearing from australian officials? >> there was a statement released from those australian transportation officials today local time and they confirmed what you just mentioned.
10:55 pm
highly like lie that two pieces of debris discovered last month were from that missing plane. their expect words were both pieces of debris are consistent with panels from a malaysia's airlines boeing 777 aircraft. we heard more detail saying that the paint on both parts of debris matched those used by malaysia airlines. so while neither ministry is saying for 100% certain that these pieces of debris are from the plane, it is highly likely. families are reacting in china from one man telling us i think this information is useful for us in finding the plane. what family members have found so far is close to nothing. i think all information is crucial as long as it's carefully studied and proven. some progress in this
10:56 pm
investigation. >> it is so very distressing. appreciate it matt, thank you. you have been watching newsroom l.a. from l.a. -- newsroom from l.a. with my colleague in brusles. our continuing coverage continues next with max. stay with us. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures.
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i'm max foster. it's 7:00 a.m. in brussels where a massive manhunt is under way. authorities say the deeper they dig into the bombings, the more evidence they find of bigger and broader plans by isis. counter terrorism officials say more attacks in europe are imminent and isis operatives may have already picked out potential targets. meanwhile, authorities now believe isis bombmaker najim laachraoui was one of two suicide bombers killed at the brussels


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