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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 24, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. we continue to follow news out of belgium. the man hunt in belgium is intensifying and expanding this morning. authorities are now looking for two unidentified terrorist suspects linked to the horrific tragedy. one of them is a man spotted on airport surveillance video. the man in the light colored coat, the man with the black hat on is believed to have dropped off a massive bomb before leaving the scene. investigators are also now searching for another man, spotted at the metro subway station holding a large bag. this before the explosion went off there.
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and another shocking detail is threatening to shake up the belgian government this morning. it was revealed that one of the airport decide bomber brothers, ieber haum was caught in turkey, deported and flagged to belgian authorities, but clearly slipped under the radar. belgium justice and interior ministers have offered to resign, but they are staying on. let's go to brussels. chris, where do things stand with the fast moving investigation as the man hunt is underway? >> reporter: well, kate, it is very much a race against time. i'm standing outside the metro station where i took it the stay before. i go up to the parliament from this station all the time. the broken glass, the spatters of blood on the pavement, and i'm speaking to different people here laying flowers and crying. moving scenes here as the race
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against time continues to try to track done those suspects who were involved, who are still believed alive and left the airport, left this train station after those bomb attacks just a couple of days ago. at the moment they're looking, as you said, for a man who was seen on a surveillance camera here at the station carrying a heavy bag. that's all we know at this point. there was also a raid yesterday at the house of the two brothers, khalid el bakraoui, and ibrahim el bakraoui. the prosecutor saying that khalid el bakraoui had set up a house, a safe house for the paris attackers. there's the paris connection there, and he set it up with a fake i.d. that the authorities were not able to find him. they said, the prosecutors say
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that they -- that he had been -- that there was a warrant for his arrest in december, and that he has not -- had not been caught before this attack. again, this idea of authorities trying to catch these people but they're slipping through the net. back to you. >> absolutely right. a fuller picture of who these people are, their backgrounds and threat, but obviously not on time. and the man hunt is still underway for the two unidentified people directly linked to the attack. chris, thank you so much. we continue to watch there. chris is on the ground for us. also new, u.s. officials are helping with the investigation, sources say they believe the brussels attacks may be linked to isis leadership in syria. they also think the bombings show isis is even more sophisticated that security services really in the united states and especially in european countries had thought to this point. let's get more on the details from cnn justice reporter evan perez.
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you've been working your sources on this. this emerging thought coming from u.s. officials about this link to syria, how direct is this link, do they think? >> reporter: well, right now it's not very direct. they're seeing emerging signs that isis leaders insyria had a hand in facilitating or directing the team that pulled off the attacks in brussels. there's a lot of investigation to be done. there's no hard evidence of a direct line to isis external operations in syria, but we're talking about more of a dotted line connection. i'm told the broader network behind this attack and the one in paris shows a much more sophisticated planning operation than many western intelligence agencies thought isis was capable of. a year ago i talked to u.s. intelligence agencies around the country, and in europe, and they said that there was broad disagreement about whether or not isis had external operations capabilities, and that the group was perhaps more focussed on taking territory and building
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the caliphate in syria and iraq. what they didn't know at the time but know now is isis was already sending trained bombers to europe, and the paris attacks certainly have put to rest the questions about what they were able to do. isis appears to have loose control over the attackers. the wombombers have some autono over when and where they choose to attack. now the job for investigators is to try to figure out the money and the support system in europe for the attacks and where isis is looking to strike next. >> evan perez working his sources for us. evan, thank you so very much. let's discuss what everien an i picking up. let's bring in paul cruickshank and phil mudd. paul, first to you, the emerging signs we're hearing, this is something you've been looking at as well. the links, how direct they are between the paris attackers, now
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the belgian attack, back to raqqa, syria. what are you picking up? >> from everything i'm being told, i've been speaking to multiple western security officials, i've also obtained a trove of documents in the investigation into the paris attacks. this is the same cell that was behind the paris attacks, exact ly the same cell. it was led by the ring leader of both the paris and the brussels attacks, they believe. he was killed in a shootout in brussels last week. and isis before they carried out the paris attacks, they recorded an elaborate video, propaganda video in syria when nine of the paris attackers were shown in that video. that clearly shows the paris attacks had the blessing of the senior leadership of isis. this was an isis directed plot by the external operations division of isis. and the cell that attacked
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brussels is exactly the same cell that carried out the paris attacks. all these men were working very closely together. for me the lines back to isis are strong, and they are direct. >> fascinating, and troubling, because we have paris. what happened after paris was folks trying to learn lessons from paris to make sure it didn't happen again. but obviously, it did. phil, weigh in on thats a sec a. this seems like intelligence officials are acknowledging that isis is showing their capability is far greater or at least their capability was underestimated by western intelligence. does underestimated equal failure? >> no. i think ju v to look at two aspects. the first is capability. i don't think that's particularly significant. any terror group can train a bomb maker and recruit people from western europe and the united states. what it shows me to more significant. take capability off the table.
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it shows me intent. isis is under a lot of stress in iraq. less stress in syria. what they've shown over the last year or so is that they don't want to use some of the foreigners coming into syria simply as cannon fodder in the fight on the ground there. it shows they have the intent not only to train some of the people to come back, but to give them the operational training to ensure that they can communicate securely, to give them training in bomb making to conduct attacks in places like an airport. determining that intent for a terror group is difficult. and isis has told us we're going to do it. forget about capabilities, we're sending them back and they can do what we're telling them to do. >> let's talk about some of the capables. one of them is the ability to make the bombs. the bomb maker at this time yesterday, paul, the bomb maker, it was possible he was still at large. it's now believed he's dead. is that significant to you? >> it's significant that he appears to be dead.
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they're trying to confirm that, but they think he was one of the decide bombers at the airport. these are key players. bomb makers who can make explosives like tatp, it's quite tricky to make. you can get the raw materials from the street, but it's unstable. tricky to make. you tend to have to have someone to show it to you, and we've seen isis training european recruits in syria how to make tatp. we saw a case in 2014 when a french isis recruit came back in the south of france. he built tatp bombs there. significant that he's no longer with us, it would appear, but there may be others who have the same expertise. >> right. he's not the only one who can make the bombs. that's one of the things they're teaching them how to do in syria before they come back over. let's talk about the one person they have in custody who could be or couldn't be and isn't now
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offering any answers. the last paris attacker, salah abdeslam. he's in custody. his attorneys say he's no longer koor cooperating with interrogators and he wants to be extradited back to france. take me inside the interrogation room. what is going on in there, and how has that changed since the attack? take me inside. >> i don't trust the lawyers. i don't believe they understand how this works necessarily, and i don't believe that their client ever cooperated. it's not about whether he revealed the plot. they're saying he didn't know about the plat. that may be true. i want to know did you know locations where bombs were being mixed or identities of people you were training with. immediately after the event kwl yesterday, you day who are these people. the fact that we didn't know some of the people in the attack after the photos came out showed us before the belgians said anything that he wasn't cooperating. i suspect what happened from day one is he was throwing chaff on the floor. in other words, he was putting
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out stuff that was interesting but not really compelling in hopes that his counterparts could get away or conduct an attack. i think cooperation from day one was questionable. >> fascinating. give me a final button. >> belgian officials believe he knew about the plot and was going to be part of a bigger attack. they had to accelerate the plan at the safe house he was hiding in after the paris attacks, who was he with? the overall commander of the entire conspiracy to attack paris and brussels. the idea what that he wouldn't have known, beggar's belief. >> he obviously wasn't offering up helpful information if the attack took place. paul and phil, thank you so much. coming up next, a taxi driver trying to find his own son in the brussels airport films the horrifying moments after the attacks. i want to see what he discovered. it's a new video. plus it's called the mother of satan. experts say this type of bomb is being used in these coordinated
8:12 am
attacks. we're seeing it more and more. we're going to explore way, and also american families are still waiting for any word about their loved ones. investigators, they still seem at this hour struggling to i.d. victims. >> it's been the worst days of my life. i just -- i guess i didn't know how much one person can love another.
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this morning new video is emerging of the devastating aftermath of the blast. it's the clearest view of what happened in the moments after the attack. it's raw and quite difficult to watch. i'm going to warn you that some of this video is graphic. john berman takes us inside. >> reporte >> reporter: the first thing you hear are the screams.
8:17 am
presumably the wounded crying for help. debris is everywhere, making it hard for rescue workers to get around. fire still burning from the blast, bodies buried under the rubble, and this, a baby in the middle of the wreckage on the floor next to his mother who appear to be dead. the horror doesn't end here.
8:18 am
frightened bystanders still trying to make it out of the building. [ yelling in foreign language ] >> reporter: the taxi driver who shot the video reaches the food stand with his son worked only
8:19 am
to find it deserted. outside the terminal, survivors wait for help. those who are able, lend comfort to the wounded. though many inside did not survive. amid the wreckage and debris, a single flower, perhaps a welcome home for an arriving passenger now buried among the shattered remains of this terror attack. >> not one bright spot, if you can even call it that after what we showed you. the taxi driver did eventually find his son alive and well. >> looking at the man hunt and the desperate search underway for more people involved in the attack. belgian authorities investigators are also trying at this point to get a handled on exactly what type of bomb the terrorists used to create this level of destruction that we
8:20 am
just showed you. in a recent raid investigators say they found about 33 pounds of tatp, an explosive material known as the mother of satan. it can inflect mass casually as we clearly saw tuesday. let me bring in right now for more on this, cnn contributor, tim lister. tim, by all accounts when you look at the tatp, it's relatively easy to get the components to create it. if that is the case and we see the destruction that it can create, how does security services plan to stop mother of satan from getting into the wrong hands? >> they can't. it's quite simple. unless you're going to take hair bleach out of the doors, train cleaner, anything with acetone in it as an ingredient. it's easy obtained ingredients. the challenge is putting them
8:21 am
together in a form that is stable and powerful. i have interviewed a former jih jihadist, who was in one of the bomb making camps in afghanistan. he said they mix tatp in ever more po don't combinations. it's the mixing that's critical. if you can get it to a very potent stage, then you can create tremendous damage with these bombs, particularly if you pack shrapnel, bolts, and nails around the explosive charge. it is a very easily substance to produce, but difficult to deploy effectively. >> as we're talking about at the top of the hour, these bomb makers, they're all being, many of them are being at least taught how to do this in syria. going to the war zone, coming back to create and carry out the terror attacks. the fight against isis as we know it is centering in syria.
8:22 am
it's centering in iraq. why, then, is the focus for isis in their attacks right now, the terror attacks, why are they focusing so much in europe, paris, and now we see in brussels? is it because it's easy? >> well, it is easy. they have an opportunity, and the opportunity is helped by the massive influx of migrants that are coming from that part of the world by the ease with which they can produce fake documents or manufacture syrian passports. isis seized passport officers. they filled them out and gave them to their operatives. at least half a dozen found in europe with manufactured syrian passports. there's that, but it's also important to isis because they're under pressure in the caliphate. because their fighters can see when a european attack happens and is successful that the fight is not lost, that here is a victory in the war.
8:23 am
isis also wants very much to create a sense of forboding among europeans toward european muslims. one of the senior leaders a year and a half ago said we want to create a situation where europeans walk down the street and look left and right and fear muslims. it's very much a deliberate strategy on the part of isis to bring the war to europe. that is europe's biggest problem, because this was not the case just a couple years ago. >> exactly. exactly the point of creating this terror. we see that the belgian people are standing out in that memorial square in the face of this threat saying we won't let that fear be struck in us. tim, it's great to see you. thank you so much. coming up next for us, the belgian government making a shocking admission. why they, quote, missed their chance, to catch one of the bombers. plus a disturbing warning, the head of european security says 5,000 europeans have gone to syria for training and many of them have now returned. we're going to explore that, next.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we missed a chance. that's a confession coming from top belgian government officials just moments ago as investigators try to piece together clues about these bombers. the office of turkey's president says his government flagged one of the airport bombers to belgian authorities. this is before turkey deported him last summer. they're reported to eeb el
8:29 am
bakraoui. i'm interested in why turkey's president wanted to go public with this information now. >> reporter: well, to answer the second part first, i think turkey at this stage is trying to make a point, and that point was best made by the president to the effect that europe really one, needs to start taking turkey seriously, and secondly needs to take turkish intelligence seriously and also on the broader spectrum needs to recognize if it wants to defeat terrorism, turkey is a main and key ally. this is not the first time turkey has warned about the possibility of an individual having ties to terrorism and seeing that individual carry out
8:30 am
an attack to violence. when it comes to el bakraoui, in particular, this was not someone on any sort of list. he came into turkey and spent some time in a holiday resort area, and then he moved to where we are, very close to the border with syria. this is one of the main areas that is a launching point for those who are wanting to go into the battle field and join up with isis. the turks flagged him while he was here, put him under surveillance, and then eventually brought him in. they firmly believe that his intent was to be a foreign fighter with isis. they notified the belgians of this, they say. the belgians responded a few days later, all of this happening wac back in july of l year. the belgian response was while we know who this guy is, we know he has ties to criminal organizations, but we have no solid evidence of him having any ties to any terrorist organizations. turkey when deported el bakraoui
8:31 am
back to europe, and then what happened, what happened in brussels. in the other instance, one of them, when turkey notified officials about a suspected person, they were involved in the horrific massacre in paris. turkey says it's doing the best it can when it receives intelligence from various different european and other authorities. it is deporting people. it has upwards of 38,000 individuals on a watch list, but tr turkey is adamant it's europe that needs to up its game when it comes to following up on intelligence that turkey is providing. >> something needs to change and change very quickly which is clear. arwa, thank you so much. it's great to see you. i want to bring in right now a journalist author and senior fellow at the council and foreign relations, and also kimberly dozier to talk more about this.
8:32 am
the interior minister said we missed a chance here to stop at least one of the attackers. after paris, how does this happen? >> well, i was just in brussels over the weekend at a conference focussed on terrorism, and one of the things top belgian initials said we know we need to change. we know we need better intelligence and we're working on it. we need help in more intelligence sharing. the question is how can they share that intelligence before they get their own house in order? they've got six different police departments throughout the city of brussels. they've got a tiny security service only 12,000 or so strong. a couple of different intelligence agencies. and all of these things, they don't talk. when you think back to our own post 9/11 intraspection, it took a long time to come up with a 9/11 report. we set up with national director of intelligence and it took
8:33 am
almost a decade, and they're still making changes. brussels is just at the beginning of this as is all of europe. >> yeah, and, gail, what kim is saying, there's clearly a long-term problem, a long-term solutions needed and changes in belgium and beyond. but they are facing a very real, very immediate threat right now. what can be changed? >> well, and this has always been the issue. you have a relatively small security an rat us with one of the largest problems of fighters returning. you have about 11 million people and about 500 foreign fighters. compare to the u.s., about 100 foreign fighters, we think, that people are monitoring. and a security apparatus of post 9/11 changed. there is not enough information sharing when you talk to people. there's not enough real
8:34 am
understanding of what those communities are and what the threat is that they're facing. ten years ago reporters were going undercover in neighborhoods saying this is something we have to pay tak attention to. and ten years later people are talking about it and less done. >> kim, when you look at the number of foreign fighters, someone came out and said that european security agencies they there are about 5,000 suspects who were radicalized in europe then traveling to syria to fight and many of the 5,000 have now returned to europe. i mean, there's growing concern that belgium is just overwhelmed by the threat and by their foreign fighter problem. is that kind of going without saying at this point? >> exactly. i've heard estimates as high as 1500 isis related fighters having returned to europe. some say this is on the high side. we're at least looking at several hundred. you to extrapolate that.
8:35 am
some of people might have left the war zone because they didn't want to be part of isis anymore, but others, intelligence officials believe, have formed sleeper cells that may stage rolling attacks when they get hands on weapons and capability. they don't even need to be isis directed specifically. they just need to be isis-inspired. >> and gail, it's one thing to say there's a long term problem of getting our house in order and dealing with a security issue in terms of belgium but when the turkish president comes out and says we flagged this guy before we deported him. what do you make of that he came out and said that and this suicide bomber still slipped through the cracks? >> he even talked about brussels several days ago in what is a horribly -- the statement saying they're dancing on a mine field and sometimes you step on a mine. it's awful. the thing is this isn't
8:36 am
something that people didn't foresee. right after paris attacks, everyone was talking about brussels, and one thing that's fascinating is you talk to administration officials. back in 2013 they were saying our biggest fear is that this becomes sort of a club med syria for foreign fighters who then take this fight back to europe and god forbid to the united states. that was the fear in 2013. so the worst part is that we've seen this sort of slow rolling out of fears that have been held for years now. >> also all the talk post paris attacks that the security services were doing a better job at coordinating and sharing information goes without saying. much more needs to be done. >> absolute lly. >> thank you so much. still ahead, a republican voice questioning ted cruz's proposal to patrol muslim neighborhoods. and this voice also endorsed ted cruz.
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8:42 am
even senator lindsey graham, former rival but now someone who has endorsed ted cruz had this to say this morning. >> if it means we need to have a better policing relationship where we can gather intelligence from the muslim community, that makes sense. if we're going to surveil them because they're muslims, that doesn't make sense. >> we are joined by a communications director for the ted cruz campaign. thank you for coming in. let's start with lindsey graham, what he just said right there. this proposal, it's been out there for days, and it appears that folks still don't understand exactly what ted cruz wants to do. even lindsey graham, a man who is supporting and fund raising for you guys is questioning exactly what ted cruz wants to do. which is it? >> well, kate, it's quite
8:43 am
simple. he's talking about doing simple identifying problem spots and increasing the law enforcement presence there and taking root of the problem before it gets bigger in these neighborhoods. this is the same thing law enforcement does when it comes to fighting drugs and gang activity. if you see problems in a neighborhood, you increase the presence and have empowered law enforcement in there, and you identify the problem and root it out. look, any person that's running for office and certainly any elected official that refuses to identify a problem such as radical islamic terrorism and refuses to call it for what it is is doing so as our parent's own peril. ted cruz is trying to say this problem is growing. it's not going away despite the fact that president obama likes to say that it is, and we need to call it for what it is. and we cannot have situations like we had in brussels grow and get bigger and come over to our
8:44 am
country. >> so, alice -- >> this notion of identifying the problem at its root is exactly what needs to be done. >> so, alice, ted cruz spoke out against -- was against the ban on muslims entering the country. somehow this different than the muslim ban? how is this not some sort of a religious test? >> what he is talking about is radical islamic terrorism, radical elements -- >> he's talking about patrolling and securing muslim neighborhoods. those were his words. >> as this problem grows and every day we turn on the television and see more and more cases of isis growing, it's only smart for law enforcement on the local state and federal level to come up with new ways and creative ways to fight this. >> so does he support the ban on muslims entering the country now? >> we're talking -- i'm specifically talking about radical islamic terrorism, radical elements of this group
8:45 am
and identifying it at the source, increasing the law enforcement presence, and having a visible presence. it works when we're talking about drug and gang activity, and it certainly will work in this case. anyone who wants to put their head in the sand and act as though it's not happening, is doing so at our national security peril. >> so does he support a ban on muslims entering the country? >> in this case we're not talking about that. we're talking about increasing the law enforcement presence in neighborhoods when we see problem spots and making sure that this doesn't grow in neighborhoods. that's simply what he's talking about. >> do you know what neighborhoods you want to target? >> look, we're talking big picture. we're talking about putting out solutions. unlike donald trump who we don't even know what his foreign policy is. he hasn't provided any specifics with regard to his foreign policy. when he does, it's broad strokes from a pen.
8:46 am
ted cruz is taking a strong stance when it comes to fighting terrorism and rooting out isis. when we had the terrible tragedy in brussels, he came out with a forceful statement on the need to identify radical islamic terrorism. on the need to wipe out and destroy isis. donald trump has not done so. i think the key now is to identify ways we can take out isis at the root and not have it grow. that's simply and exactly what ted cruz was referring to. >> alice, i have to get you to clarify something. on this show yesterday the trump campaign, an advisor, said yesterday regarding this ridiculous feud between the spouses of cruz and trump, the advisor said cruz needs to apologize because he needs to
8:47 am
step up and get the superpac behind this to stand down. will you or have you told the superpac to stand down? >> well, first of all, i hate to inform donald trump, we're not in aversion of his reality tv show. we're running for president of the united states. his action and his behavior is conduct unbecoming of someone running for president. this ad that was put out there was by someone we have absolutely nothing to do with. she does not do anything with us. we have plenty of superpacs. she is not one of them, and she is an anti-trump pac from what we understand. and donald trump knows that. yet, he still tied ted cruz in with this and has threatened heidi cruz. it's despicable. cruz denounced the ad. he said spouses and family members are off limits when it comes to the presidential race, and the discourse. and he has made that quite clear. yet not only that, donald trump has done the original tweet on
8:48 am
this, and he followed up with another disturbing tweet on this. look, this is a sad state of affairs when we have someone running for president who makes derogatory and insulting comments repeatedly against women. we had carly fiorina, megyn kelly, and now heidi cruz. this is a pattern. cruz is out talking about the issues that the american people are concerned with. he's talking about what to do to improve our economy, ways we can fight against isis and strengthen our national security. and that is why he's doing well. that's why he's in a statistical dead heat in the latest polls. he's going to be in wisconsin there. the latest polls, he's leading there. the race is tightening up was ted is talking about the issues people are concerned with. and donald trump is instead resulting to insults and distracting from the issues. it's going to make a huge difference as we move further
8:49 am
down the process. >> as we say with this whole unpredictable election, we'll see on what impacting this latest back and forth has on those numbers. alice, thank you very much for your time. >> thanks, kate. >> so what does team trump have to say about all of this? we're live next with the senior trump campaign advisor. stay with us. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. ♪ ♪
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. . one of the polls just came out, and a number of them have just come out. i'm beating hillary clinton quite easily. thank you. >> polls show that i beat hillary clinton. many polls show that i beat hillary clinton. >> many polls have come out that i easily beat hillary clinton. the one person that hillary doesn't want to run against, i will tell you this, is donald trump. >> he says hillary clinton would be easy to beat. but a brand-new cnn poll out just this morning shows donald trump losing to clinton by double digits in a general election match-up. 42-56. clinton also tops trump on a number of key qualities of the candidate, including who would be the better commander in chief, who is more in touch with
8:54 am
the middle class and who the voters agree with on the issues and also who is more honest and trustwort trustworthy. let's talk with steven miller, a top aide to jeff sessions. steven, welcome back. let's start, though, where i just ended with the ted cruz campaign. alice stuart, his communications director, saying that this back and forth over the wives and the fight and the feud and the spilling the beans and now the retweets. let's put up the retweets so our viewers can see it. that donald trump sent overnight. she calls that conduct unbecoming of the office he's trying to run for, and also points out that the ad -- the ted cruz campaign had absolutely nothing to do with this. and has nothing to do with that super pac. steven? >> things thanks for having me back on. it was interesting. you asked ms. stuart about my comments and whether or not the cruz campaign would call on the super pacs to stand down and she wouldn't. she said something about a reality tv show, it was hard to
8:55 am
follow. but she wouldn't call on the super pacs to stand down. this began with a super pac trying to stop trump and help cruz. and to this day, as you just heard there, they won't go out and condemn and also ask to stand down and cease and desist this super pac. that's what's going on here. >> so steven, this could have ended yesterday, with our conversation, because this could have ended because the candidates could have ended it. but donald trump then september out the retweet. no need to spill the beans. the images are worth 1,000 words. explain the retweet. explain this coming from donald trump. >> i think the retweet speaks for itself. there was a vicious mean spirited, uncalled for attack on mr. trump's wife. and it was a personal attack about her image and appearance. and so he responded as any normal person would. so i don't really understand what the concern is. but i will say, again, that the
8:56 am
cruz campaign needs to tell the super pacs, and their donors, to stand down. >> steven, this retweet, coming from your guy, has nothing to do with the super pac. it has nothing to do with donors. this is trump continuing to want to talk about this fight, after both sides have had their say. i do wonder, why does donald trump want to continue to talk about this, because as i look at this retweet as a woman, it's demeaning to not only ted cruz's wife. it's demeaning to melania trump. because she's got a lot more going for her than just her looks and you don't see that in this retweet. >> well, i would not presume to speak as to what mrs. trump or mr. trump or anyone else in the family views the tweet. but i think the retweet speaks for itself. and i think that you and i are probably just going to have to agree to disagree on this, which is fine. not everyone is going to see eye-to-eye on things 100% of the time. >> so you -- >> but we don't agree --
8:57 am
>> you endorse the retweet. >> of course i do. of course i endorse the decision to retweet it. you and i are aren't going to see eye-to-eye on everything and that's fine. that's what's great about america. we're not going to agree on everything 100% of the time. and that's okay. but i think what really matters, and i was trying to get to yesterday, and i don't want to -- i don't want to dominate the conversation, just keep talking. but i want to make this point real quickly, if you'll let me. which is just to say, very straight forwardly, that the super pacs and the donors and the special interests united behind ted cruz in trying to stop donald trump are doing it for one reason only. which is to cling on to power in washington, d.c., to continue sending our manufacturing jobs overseas, leaving our borders wide open to wage suppressing immigration and to continue reckless foreign wars that are bankrupting the country and making us less safe and increasing the threat of terrorism across the world. that's what this is about.
8:58 am
that's why you see these super pacs doing what they're doing. and everyday working people in this country who want to change in policies are going to vote for mr. trump by the millions, because they know whether it's woman's issues or whether it's wage issues or economic issues, the real issues affecting families in this country is the destruction of our middle class. >> i'll say this, though, steven. again, this retweet has nothing to do with the super pac, because the super pac had nothing to do with creating this retweet, or having your boss retweet it. and yes, we will agree on one thing. put politics out of this. you and i are not going to agree on endorsing something that is demeaning to women, including donald trump's wife. i do -- >> women want safe communities. >> women also want to be taken for more than what they look like. >> and i couldn't agree with that more. and the campaign -- we are going to be the best administration for women's issues in this country. and the most important thing to keep in mind is that women in america have been destroyed
8:59 am
economically by misguided policies, on taxes, regulations, immigration and trade. and we are going to reverse that. and we are going to -- >> steven, how about this? tell your boss to stop perpetuating this conversation and you and i can talk about important things, like maybe how he would handle the threat of terrorism. he continues to just want to retweet this kind of feud with ted cruz. >> we are the only campaign who is going to protect our communities from terrorism. >> steven miller. we'll be back in a moment. thank you. >> thank you. some say "free the whales." for them, nothing else is acceptable. but nothing could be worse for the whales. most of the orcas at seaworld were born here. sending them into the wild wouldn't be noble. it could be fatal. when they freed keiko, the killer whale of movie fame, the effort was a failure and he perished. but we also understand that times have changed. today, people are concerned about the
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