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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 24, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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with any incident we coordinate with local, state and federal agencies as necessary. miami/villanova playing at louisville. oklahoma and texas a&m face off in california. watch the game on sister network tbs and go to to see how we're all doing. brooke baldwin, thanks for being with me. "the lead" with pamela brown starts now. >> thank you, brooke. isis has plans to hit europe again and soon. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, a new warning from u.s. counterterrorism officials that more attacks are on the way as the manhunt for isis terrorists intensifies. plus new information tonight from counterterrorism officials, including a second suspect now wanted in the brussels bombings, as we learn that isis leadership in the middle east may have been calling the shots for this cell. plus --
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>> donald, you're a snifling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> the brand new sound of senator ted cruz coming back hard at donald trump over his latest tweet about mrs. ted cruz. welcome to "the lead." i'm pamela brown in for jake tapper. we begin with breaking news in our world lead. u.s. counterterrorism officials are warning that more terror attacks could be on the way in europe. this as we learn that two people are now wanted in connection to the brussels terror attacks and they may only represent a fraction of the danger that is out there right now. multiple sources tell cnn that u.s. officials believe more people connected to the brussels terror cell are at large in europe and plotting attacks in the near future. maps found in the apartment raid indicate other potential targets have already been selected, and officials say they don't know if
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the recent raids or arrests have stopped them or if they're still being planned. there's evidence these guys are floating around in europe and haven't been rounded up yet and hope to large an attack, one official told me, adding there is a constant drum beat and fear something else is going to happen. that concern was reflected in the state department alert warning u.s. citizens traveling to europe that terrorists continue to plot near-term attacks. as belgian police hunt for the terrorists responsible for tuesday's carnage, intelligence officials have the tough task of unraveling the plot before another unfolds. let's go to nick patton walsh who's also live in brussels. >> reporter: some news known as the isis bomb maker linking the paris attacks where he had a very technical role to these brussels attacks where he's thought to be behind the explosive devices. this man's family giving a press conference with no cameras in
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which they firmly condemned his actions. his brother making it clear they hadn't spoken to him since he left for sear wyria back in 201. this forms part of a pattern of warnings about this man and other men involved in these attacks that appear to have been missed by belgian authorities. tonight they have lowered the threat level from four down to three, but the political ramifications and questions about what they did and didn't do are growing. screams amid the devastation. firefighters tend to someone who looks severely injured. a taxi driver shot this video while searching for his son who he'd just dropped off at the airport. tonight the manhunt intensifies for the terrorists behind the bloody scenes. three of the attackers are dead and authorities are looking for two others. this man in white is on the run, and now word of a second suspect caught on a security camera holding a large bag at the
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attacked metro station. his whereabouts and whether he's dead or arrive are unknown. bell -- belgium's interior minister offered to resign today. >> translator: given the facts, i think it is justified that people ask questions, that people ask how is it possible that someone was released early and we missed the chance when he was in turkey to detain him. >> reporter: bakraoui was arrested in turkey in 2015. he was then deported back to europe where he was set free. >> what happened to the information? >> reporter: we pressed him on how the mistake was made, but he refused to answer our questions. >> so there were a number of occasions in which there were very clear warnings about the links between all these attackers and the potential for terrorism? >> remarkable decision for the interior minister not to answer
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any questions at all despite the growing evidence of substantial information being passed to the belgian government about the links between all these attackers and terrorism. with suspects still on the loose, commuters in brussels fear another attack may come. >> we have to be careful because they're walking around between us. it's maybe today, it's maybe in a month, it's maybe in one year, but they're still going on. >> reporter: now, what were those warnings? well, a red notice on interpol. ibrahim bakraoui deported from turkey to holland and the dutch saying they never got a warning about terrorism from turkey. so many questions here and, frankly, ones loud enough for the interior minister to offer his resignation, but frankly
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because they consider themselves to be at war here, he's keeping his job right now. >> clearly a big disconnect here and the question is could these attacks have been prevented. nick paton walsh, thank you very much. i want to bring in the panel now. former cia official phil mudd, paul cruickshank, editor in chief and security analyst bob baer, a former cia operative. paul, first to you. we have reporting that other attacks in europe are in the works. it's clear that even before the brussels attacks, this particular group of people had bigger plans that what they eventually carried out, right? >> pam, that's exactly right. belgian officials believed there were going to be two attack teams involved in the conspiracy to launch a bigger attack in
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brussels, in belgium in the weeks to come. but the second of those had to accelerate their plans when the first team were arrested. they believe that the members of that first team included salah abdeslam and the overall plot ring leader, mohammed belcai. they were in a safe house when belgian security services stumbled upon them. they went in, there was a big gun fight and salah abdeslam managed to escape for a little while for three days. when they went inside that residence, they found several things. all suggested they were planning a gun and bomb attack in brussels. investigators were not, however, able to roll up the second team
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in time before they launched an attack but they believe to have accelerated their attack plan. they had an extraordinary amount of explosives, enough for a team at least twice as big. this could have been twice as bad, pam. >> wow. and just to think that salah abdeslam is right now in custody, phil, his lawyer initially said he was cooperating and then these attacks happened and we still have two unidentified people on the loose or more that could be connected to these attacks. he's not really cooperating at all, it seems. >> i don't think he was from day one. the question isn't as simple as did he know that an attack was imminent. maybe the answer was he didn't know. that's not the right question. the right question is do you know where they're mixing explosives? immediately after the event, the first thing you're going to do is to take that screen shot from the photo in the airport and say who are these guys? he ought to be able to identify them. tell me every location you ever used, every operative that you ever talked to. my guess is what happened here
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is he started offering information and talking about details that were interesting but not pertinent to this plot, maybe because he thought his friends would escape, maybe because he thought they would attack quickly but i don't believe they ever cooperated, otherwise they could have busted this. >> bob, to you, we just learned of the second terrorist involved in the subway blast. do you think that there were more bombers at that train station or airport? just a couple of days later we're learning about more people now. >> i think there were. there were probably multiple attacks planned, assaults, maybe more explosions. this is typical isis tactics. they wanted to carry off something like was carried off in paris on the 13th of november. it would really have scared the belgians. i think they pulled the trigger on this early and really couldn't coordinate a bigger attack. but what worries me is how big is that network? clearly the belgians don't know. where are they cooking this
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stuff? 15 kilos is a lot. you can cook it in a kitchen, but that's a lot. they had to have a facility with venting and all sorts of things to cook this much tatp so where is that. and i don't think we've gotten to the bottom of this. if there are more attacks in brussel brussels, i wouldn't be surprised. >> so much to discuss, gentlemen, please stick around. it was only one day after his lawyer said that he was cooperating but the police and terrorists associated with salah abdeslam carried out their plot. could that message have been their signal to go? that's next. eat deal on this jetta. it drives great... volkswagen believes safety is very important so all eleven models come standard with an intelligent crash response system... hmm..... .....and seven stability-enhancing systems... hmm... ...for more confidence... on road trips. hmmfff... hmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... hurry in and get a $1,000 volkswagen reward card when you purchase or lease select
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welcome back to "the lead." new chilling information reveals how sophisticated isis has become in launching devastating terror attacks. so sophisticated isis may have orchestrated the deadly explosions in brussels all the way from its stronghold in raqqah, syria. i want to bring in evan perez. you have some new information, evan, just about how much of a role the mothership played in the attacks in brussels following the paris attacks, right? >> it appears that isis' ability to launch these attacks externally has become a lot more sophisticated than intelligence officials really even believed a
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year ago. a year ago a lot of people thought isis was more interested in controlling territory and expanding its hold and building its caliphate and then the paris attacks happened. they finally were able to see that they not only had an external operations division but also had all of these operatives. in the past year they have managed to sneak in these bombers and these bombers are in place to carry out these attacks. it's more of a dotted line back to raqqah. they send these bombers to europe and they give them money and some training, but it's up to them exactly to decide when to strike and where. >> and it's interesting, because it's sort of in the middle of lone wolf with what we saw with al qaeda. it's more coordinated than your lone wolf attack but not as controlled as al qaeda, right? >> exactly. >> they bakally say here's money, here's resources, here's a support network. go decide what you're going to do. >> exactly. it's more of a hybrid approach. al qaeda was very much obsessed
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about controlling these operations and making sure these operatives had instructions and they were trained from the beginning to the end. in the case of isis, we've seen a little bit more of a hybrid division. you see these operatives have a lot more leeway in deciding how to do it and when to do it. they are sent back to europe and then they're plugged into a network that has control of their family, sometimes their neighborhood friends and so on, and they're ready to go whenever they're told. >> and salah abdeslam, let's talk about him because he's really a key player here. he's been arrested, as we know. a couple of days later the attacks happened in brussels. but his lawyer made that statement that he was cooperating. how are intelligence officials viewing that in light of everything that's happened? >> they're viewing it very curiously. there's a lot of suspicion because as soon as that message goes out is when we see the acceleration of the attack. we see according to the
1:17 pm
intelligence that's now been gotten from some of the searches that at least one of them wrote on his computer that they were -- they had decided to accelerate their plan to carry out these attacks simply because they knew that abdeslam was probably talking to authorities. so perhaps that's the word that goes out from abdeslam's lawyer that he is cooperating is the signal forego. now, we're not saying that the lawyer knew that was the case, perhaps this was unwitting. in any case once he was captured, they knew that their time was limited. >> just really quickly, any indication he knew about what happened in brussels? do we know if he's aware of what happened? >> there's no doubt that whatever he knew, he did not tell them. he could have stopped this attack if he had provided that information. >> evan perez, thank you so much, appreciate it. terrorists hiding in plain sight not even on police radar. are there too many to track? plus the mass transit system here in the u.s., could an attack like this happen here? i'll ask the chairman of the
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welcome back to "the lead." breaking news coming in this hour, multiple sources telling cnn that more attacks are in the works in europe after the deadly bombings in brussels that killed 31 people. so just how large is the terror network and how close is it to planning another attack? i want to bring back my panel, cnn counterterrorism analyst philip mudd, paul cruickshank and bob baer. paul, first to you, intelligence
1:23 pm
officials can't say for sure who ordered tuesday's attack in brussels, but it has the hallmarks of isis in syria. isis of course is claiming responsibility, but what does tuesday's attack say to you about isis' support system and financial resources? >> it tells me, pam, that they have very significant capabilities indeed. and they just have a very large recruiting pool of european recruits in syria and iraq, more than 6,000 european extremists believe to have traveled to those countries. many of them joining up with isis. and in the last six months or so, there have been various isis recruits who have been arrested in europe and they have been interrogated and cnn has got hold of some of these interrogations. there was one french isis recruit who talked about a factory in syria to launch
1:24 pm
terror attacks back in europe. by that he meant that they were putting a lot of resources, a lot of energy into launching attacks. and there's a group of belgian and french isis operatives who have really been intensity planning these operations and it's that same group who were behind the paris attacks and the brussels attacks. both those attacks carried out by the same cell. and with the paris cell, nine of those attackers were featured in an elaborate isis video indicating that the isis leadership really did sign off on the plan. >> i think it's troubling for a lot of people that months after the paris attacks, people were operating under the radar in belgium and launched these attacks. belgian's interior minister suggested that tuesday's attack was an intelligence failure. you say this country has a history of not sharing information and even a culture of arrogance. do you think that could change?
1:25 pm
>> i think it better change, because it's the back door of terrorism for europe, something has got to change. i mean the belgians have a very dysfunctional police, they always have. when i was in the cia, they never responded to trace requests. you know, they just were not very good and they're very disorganized. it's a country that's ethnically divided. then you have these large north african communities of origin, north african origin, which are isolated and the police clearly have no sources in them. and now that the islamic state knows how to go off the grid and knows how to make bombs that go off and can vet people that will commit suicide in these operations, we have a serious problem. this is a new threat that i have never seen in my life, and i've never seen a worse equipped police force as the belgians. >> it's terrifying, considering, phil, the threat that is in europe right now, all of these fighters in syria being trained
1:26 pm
to come back to europe to launch these attacks. i man belgian officials are under a ton of pressure right now to work with their foreign partners. >> for a lot of reasons we haven't discussed. people are focused on belgium, rightly so. but the information being picked up, things like dna, phone, e-mail, every security service on the planet, the british, the americans, want that information now because i've got to determine whether there's any linkage to my home country. so the first question is i want to help the belgians but i want the data now. i don't care whether it's about belgian citizens or whether it violates your laws. i want it now. and the final point is if you're sitting in a seat in america, you also want the data to determine if you can identify who sponsors these kind of fighters back home. the belgians do not have the capability to use a drone or aircraft to take out a cell, especially a drone, in syria. the americans do. so one of the questions you've got to be focused on is can i take this back and find the people who trained the bomb makers so there's not another one of these.
1:27 pm
>> no doubt about it, people in intelligence services all around the world are very busy in the wake of this. thanks so much for that. police right now are looking for information about a new unnamed suspect who could be a second bomber at the brussels metro station. is he alive and on the run? new details on him, up next. that engage people. takc and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪ aren't moving in the right direction,bers it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm pamela brown in for jake tapper. we are following major developments out of brussels. a desperate search right now for a second possible subway station attacker. thises athe manhunt for the third unidentified suspect intensifies. belgian interior and justice ministers are offering to step down over the massive
1:32 pm
intelligence failure, but the lingering question, how big is this cell and how many more potential terrorists are out there? let's get right to fred pleitgen in brussels. fred, at this point what more do we know about the second attacker at the metro station? >> reporter: certainly we know that several people in that metro station appear to have seen this person. it's interesting because the belgian authorities have since gotten that sketch together which seems to show at least what this man sort of looked like. the information that we've been getting is that he was apparently in that metro station before the explosion went off. he was seen carrying something like a backpack or something like a large bag. there was at least one person who later said that he seemed to have left that metro station without the bag afterwards. the belgian authorities say they're looking for this man. however, they still say they're not sure whether or not he may not have been killed in the attack. at this point in time that's unclear. of course this is on top of the men that they're still searching
1:33 pm
who they have on that surveillance footage inside the airport, the one man who was with the two others who killed themselves in the suicide attacks. and you're absolutely right, they're also still searching to see how big the wider network could be. one of the things that we've heard in this ongoing investigation is that the french said, look, after the paris attacks, we were amazed to see how many people were actually involved in this. so the belgians at this point in time really checking to see how big this network is and how many people could possibly still be out there shall pamela. >> fret polite again, thank you so much. joining me now, republican senator ron johnson, who serves on the homeland security committee. senator, thank you so much for being with us today. we know that you were recently briefed. and something that is a big concern from counterterrorism officials i've been speaking with is that there's other plots that are in the works right now in europe from people possibly connected to the cell in brussels as well as paris. what are you learning about the possibility of other plots?
1:34 pm
>> well, first of all, in the united states there's no specific credible threat of any plots connected to this thing, but of course that's what we're all going to be guarding against. what we do know in terms of europe is there have been literally thousands of foreign fighters that have gone from different european countries into syria and are now coming back in. we also know that a number of these have been identified as coming back into europe through the refugee flow. so that's a threat we have to take very seriously. other than that, i think we also understand that europe is pretty well overwhelmed by having tracked down as many leads as they might potentially have here and we're also seeing the lack of assimilation within these muslim communities in france, certainly in brussels is a real problem in terms of trying to penetrate and get the kind of human intelligence that we really need to prevent these plots. >> there's also the question of those that we can't keep track of because of encryption and
1:35 pm
such. in the united states you say there's no specific credible threat but what about the vulnerability of our mass transit system here in the u.s.? it seems enormous. it's an easy target for terrorists. what more needs to be done to protect americans here at home? >> well, first of all, you are identifying i think one of the more troubling aspects of just what happened in brussels. these are very soft targets. these were outside the security perimeter, and so what you're seeing is islamic state, the islamic terrorists are starting to hit those soft targets that are almost impossible to defend against. from my own standpoint i really am encouraging dhs to dramatically increase the use of canine units. we had a hearing on the dogs and dhs a couple of weeks ago. there is no technology that beats the nose of a dog. they are very effective. they're expensive, but when you take a look at the cost of just economic damages from even one terrorist attack much less a number of organized attacks,
1:36 pm
let's not be penny wise and pound foolish, so we really need layered defenses. i can't stress enough we need the human intelligence, that effective intelligence gathering capability. this administration's policies have gone a long way toward limiting what human intelligence we can gather because we're not capturin detaining islamic terrorists over a long time. >> when you look at what's happening in europe, for you, what keeps you up at night? >> well, a number of things, which i really don't want to detail on national television. but let's face it, these threats are real, they are growing. i think it really is the inspiration that isis, that caliphate is going to provide to homegrown terrorists is probably the number one threat. we also have to be concerned of our completely unsecured border. potentially islamic terrorist operatives moving through africa into south and central america and coming up through our porous border. these threats are real. what we have to do is we have to
1:37 pm
achieve what president obama laid out as our goal 18 months ago. this was september, 2014, where president obama said we have to degrade and ultimately defeat isis. we have to defeat them. we can't just keep nibbling around the ejdges, we can't do this in a half-hearted manner. we have to be completely committed to it. we ought to assemble a coalition of the willing which ought to be a little more willing now. we have to lead. america has not made the commitment to lead that coalition to, first of all, defeat isis and have a concerted long-term effort to identify through intelligence gathering where these islamic terrorists are, find them and destroy them. >> senator ron johnson, thanks so much. >> have a good day. it's the retweet that set ted cruz off. donald trump threatening to, quote, spill the beans on ted cruz's wife and then later retweeting an unflattering picture of her. now ted cruz is tearing into trump. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often.
1:38 pm
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our politics lead now, ted cruz says donald trump is going deeper and deeper into the gutter, by now making his wife heidi a target on twitter. sara murray is here with me in washington. sara, ted cruz apparently had enough of trump talking about his wife and threw some punches today. >> it was pretty amazing, pam. ted cruz was pretty angry about this. he was talking about how he was going to explain this to his children and he said it, families are off limits in this race, but apparently donald trump does not agree. donald trump doesn't shy away from controversy. >> but you know lyin' ted, we call him lyin' ted. >> now he's taking his attacks against ted cruz a step further, retweeting a split screen image of cruz's wife heidi and his wife with the caption the images are worth a thousand words. trump's swipe at heidi cruz's looks sparking a sharp rebuke from her husband.
1:43 pm
>> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> even eliciting an incredulous response from megyn kelly who wrote seriously? trump's insult comes after he threatened on twitter to spill the beans about cruz's wife. after an old modeling photo of melania trump posing nude appeared in a facebook ad, even though the ad came from an anti-trump super pac and not the cruz campaign. today cruz accusing trump of having a problem with strong women. >> real men don't try to bully women. that's not an action of strength, that's an action of weakness, it's an action of fear, it's an action of a small and petty man. who is intimidated by strong women. >> while trump is continuing to hammer cruz over social media,
1:44 pm
releasing this video slamming the texas senator's recent spate of endorsements. >> ted cruz says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> ted cruz is not my favorite by any means. >> cruz is warning a trump nominee could cost the election. >> donald trump hands the election to hillary clinton. donald trump is a gift wrapped in a pink little bow. >> with the primary battles still brewing, new cnn/orc numbers show trump faces a steep fight in the general. 56% of voters predicted hillary clinton would win in a head-to-head battle with trump while 42% believe the billionaire businessman would come out on top. while the two are nearly even on who would be the strongest leader, clinton trounces trump on her ability to relate to middle class problems and hands the responsibilities of commander in chief. >> thank you. >> a strength clinton is aiming to highlight in the wake of the terror attacks in brussels. >> cannot allow our nation to be
1:45 pm
pitting groups of people against one another. we cannot give in to panic and fear. >> now, in terms of this trump controversy today, i've asked his campaign repeatedly whether they think that these kinds of attacks on heidi cruz's looks are appropriate, whether they believe that families should in fact be off limits and, you know, to respond to cruz's claim that donald trump has a problem with strong women and so far the campaign has not gotten back to me, pam. >> all right, sara murray, thank you very much. and for more on this we have our panel to talk about 2016. cnn political commentator, s.e. cupp, republican strategist lisa booth, donald trump supporter adriana cohen, plus mo. thanks for being here. we really appreciate it. let's first talk about this tweet. adriana, i'm going to you for this because we want to show a retweet of a side-by-side
1:46 pm
comparison between melania trump and a very unflattering picture of heidi cruz that sara murray was talking about. you heard ted cruz and how he's taking that. what possible motive could trump have other than insulting mrs. cruz's looks? >> well, look, ted cruz, a pac that supports ted cruz launched those negative attack ads going after donald trump's wife so he has every right to defend himself and push back against that type of personal attack upon the trump family. you know, i disagree with some of the comments that ted cruz made. he said that donald trump is afraid of strong women. that's absurd. in the trump organization, donald trump has nurtured and grown so many women to the executive level within his organization, he certainly is not afraid of strong women. his wife is a strong woman. so many women who work on his campaign, in his companies, so that is just completely false. >> s.e., i've got to bring you in here because you were having a hard time not talking. your response. >> a for effort to adriana for
1:47 pm
attempting to spin this into something that it isn't. there's really no way to defend slamming a candidate's wife just on her looks. i happen to believe that spouses are not off limits. i thought it was appropriate to talk about some of the things michelle obama had said as a public figure when obama was running for office about america, for example. i think it's certainly going to be appropriate to go after some of the things that bill clinton has done and said when campaigning against hillary clinton. i don't think they're off limits. but there is absolutely no political rationale for talking about the way a candidate or a candidate's wife looks. there's nothing to be gained. it's not deserving of the office. it's beneath the discourse and there's no way to defend it. >> mo, what do you think? >> what i think, what i know is if i ever tweeted out anything like that, i'd get my butt kicked by a lot of different people. >> you'd be fired, right? >> that's absolutely clear, he
1:48 pm
lives by different rules. i think the super pac that ran the photo of melania was way out of bounds. i don't think that was appropriate. but that was a super pac. for him, the candidate, who wants to be the next president of the united states and has a shot at it, to do that, it just -- it defies all logic and is disgusting. >> and i want to go to mo's point, though, because donald trump, a lot of people say, just gets away with everything. in fact $67 million have been spent to attack donald trump and it's hard to say, lisa, if any of those ads have really done anything. what do you think, do you think it's just donald trump, that nothing sticks or that people aren't going after him hard enough? >> i think he's teflon. that's what we've seen. as you mentioned, $67 million spent. you look since new hampshire, there's been a 900% increase in the spending and attack ads spent against him. look at florida and the amount of money and resources that were invested in attacking him in florida and the fact that he bested a sitting senator by almost 20 points.
1:49 pm
nothing is sticking to this guy, he is like teflon. the reason being is because he's running an outsider campaign. the people that are attacking him are the insiders, the lobbyists, the politicians, the perceived insiders, so that's only emboldened him so far. >> and i want to go back to adriana because one of donald trump's foreign policy advisers told npr that trump will count on advisers, thaemt he wants hi add vooirvisers to educate but won't follow through on his most extreme campaign promises, that he's making those statements because it's, quote, political season. what do you make of that? >> well, you know, that remains to be seen. you know, donald trump is expressing his views right now in realtime. it's captivating the public's attention, he's dominating in the delegate count, but i think we'll see as the campaign progresses and if he is -- he does end up becoming president of the united states, you know, we'll see where these policies
1:50 pm
play out later on. we also have to look at where we are with terrorism in november. and that's going to absolutely impact any presidential -- any president's foreign policy at that point. >> two things. it's pretty cynical if donald trump is purposefully misleading people about what he would do as president. but a lot of the things he wants to do, he cannot do. he biwill not be able to do whether he plans on changing his mind. these are not congressionally, constitutionally, international laws will allow him to do. his supporters should really be asking these promises i like, these proposals i like, you know, can these really happen? >> but the same could be said for other candidates too, right, that make these promises and there's no way they could follow through on them. >> number one, when your own supporters are saying we don't know if we can believe what he's saying, we're going to have to wait and see, that's incredibly
1:51 pm
telling, right? but look, he's getting where he is because he's tapping into this outsider thing. he's running as this populist who's got your back. what we're seeing time and time again is that he doesn't. this is the biggest con being pulled on the american people in generations. >> and what donald trump is going to have -- >> hold on a second. >> what donald trump is going to have a problem with -- what donald trump is going to have a problem with if you look at recent polling with the head-to-head matchup with hillary clinton and look how he does among women voters, he's trailing hillary clinton by 14 points. this may not be damaging him now, but what hillary clinton is going to do because she is the presumed nominee and most likely unless she ends up getting indicted, which we'll see the likelihood of that, she will most likely be the presumed nominee, she'll be the democrat nominee. and she's going to go to women voters and say, here, this is what donald trump said about you so this isn't necessarily going to impact right now in the republican primary but very well could in the general election. >> adriana?
1:52 pm
>> i want to say political correctness has not kept america safe. president obama is the most politically correct individual and europe is on fire. isis has spread into 20 countries, okay. and so political correctness is getting this country nowhere. in fact it's one of our biggest national security liabilities along with a broken immigration system of the and so donald trump is not politically correct and so he has tough talk, like talking about waterboarding and that's appealing to a lot of americans who want a real commander in chief and want to evis rate this grave national security threat which is isis. >> politically correct has nothing to do with it. it's not politically correct to say that's what makes us better than isis. not what makes us weaker. political correctness has been used through this entire election to defend every asinine thing that donald trump has said. >> well, s.e. cupp, i understand that it's against the law right now. donald trump has said that. he says we need to change the laws to allow toughness.
1:53 pm
>> you understand 126 countries have ratified the geneva convention. how will donald trump change that law? >> well, you know what, it remains to be seen. >> it does remain to be seen. >> okay, all right. >> you don't even need me. the whole show could have just been you two talking. all right. we've got to take it from here. thank you so much. s.e., adriana, lisa, mo, really appreciate that lively discussion. coming up, several americans still missing two days after the brussels terror attacks. why it's taking so long for families to get answers. that's next. icky gervais) verizon is the number one network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth. one said they were the fastest. we checked, it was fastest in kansas city and a few other places. verizon is consistently fast across the country. you wouldn't want to hear from the bloke who packs your parachute, "it's good over kansas." do you know what i mean? so that's, you know... anywhere else, splat. only verizon is the #1 network for consistently fast speeds.
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witnesses of the brussels terrorist attacks describe the aftermath as a, quote, war scene. the conditions of victims were so horrifying belgian officials are struggling to identify the dead and the wounded. it's still not exactly clear how
1:58 pm
many americans were hurt or dead. our cnn correspondent reports. >> my mind wanders into dark places, but then i just see a glimpse of hope. >> reporter: hope, it's all families and friends of those still missing from tuesday's attacks can do. emily eisenman couldn't wait to see her boyfriend. he was expected to meet her in atlanta. the last message she got from bart, a text on his way to the airport. >> i wouldn't be surprised if he was harmed because he was trying to save somebody else. >> reporter: siblings sasha and alexander pinczowski were checking into a flight headed to new york. they were on the phone with their mother. >> the phone sounded like it went underwater and then went dead. >> reporter: james cain's daughter is engaged to alexander. cain traveled to brussels wednesday night to search the hospitals, hoping alex and sasha's name turn up on the
1:59 pm
list. >> you can never imagine that something like this would happen to your own daughter, your own family. >> reporter: levi sutton had hoped that his brother and sister-in-law, justin and stephanie schultz, were found wednesday. but posted a tweet saying his family had been misinformed. the schultz moved to brussels in 2014. they were stopping stephanie's mother, carolyn moore, off at the airport. moore, injured, was about to walk through security when the first explosion occurred. 79-year-old andre adams' daughter is still looking for her father, according to a facebook post. the former ambassador's wife was found and hospitalized. the couple were reportedly traveling to miami. the latest from the u.s. state department, at least a dozen americans are injured and with the names of those deceased not confirmed, for now families can only keep hope. and the state department official has since apologized for any misinformation that has gotten out to u.s. families
2:00 pm
saying that the process has just been so difficult. pamela, we should mention that about a dozen americans have been -- said that they are on the injured list. of course some of them have undergone surgery but certainly a long road ahead for them. >> it must be so agonizing for them and their families. thank you very much. that's it for "the lead." i'm pamela brown in for jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. more attacks planned. u.s. counterterrorism officials warn that isis has multiple plots going in europe. they say electronic enter septembe -- intercepts suggest the suspects have already been picked up. the manhunt intensifies. police are searching for a suspect who fled after the airport bombing and another man spotted at the scene of the metro bombing. there's now a desperate race to track them down. americans


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