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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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i'm don lemon. this comes amid fears of possible new terror attacks in europe. also ahead tonight, the personal attacks in the republican campaign getting nastier and reaching a boiling point. let's get to the latest on the anti-terror raids in brussels. nick paton walsh is there. >> we have seen forensic officers focusing on that top floor, that's where we've seen men head to toe in white overalls for much of the hours we been here. other officers coming and going, taking out pelican cases, wearing lighter vests. this began hours before that. some locals saying they heard
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helicopters, keeping large areas free of locals, who were kept behind the police cordon. that cordon came down. some individuals say they have heard an explosion at some time before the police first moved into this area. clearly the police focus on the an night in which the interior ministry say six people have bain been arrested here in the belgian capital. we have not seen witnesses who have reported anybody being taken away. it's the intensity of police focus on that top floor of the forensic investigators that sure live means they're looking to establish the presence of somebody here. and of course it is the real question, don, who that may have been. was it the man seen in cct video
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at the airport or the man in surveillance individuvideo outs the metro complex. but here in the small hours of the morning police are digging flew that top floor. >> i want to bring in buck sexton and michael weiss. let's talk about the arrests tonight. how is this connected to tuesday's attack? >> this would have been the network that mannplanned the pa attack and brussels bombings. paris was coordinated in realtime from brussels. this is -- it's not so much a transnational phenomenon as it is these two countries are so inextricably interlinked with each other.
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these raids are going after this very viable french speaking jih jihadis. >> what about the arrest in front of the prosecutor's? >> i don't know. the attack that happened in brussels was meant to occur at %-pm and the slaying, murder, killing made them feel the noose was tightening around their neck, it was any minute these guys were going to come through the door and shoot or arrest them. >> buck, there are two suspects at large, the man in the white jacket in the picture that was up still unaccounted for and now there is an unidentified suspect seen with the suicide bomber,
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khalid el bakraoui. what do your sources tell but them? >> we have to decide whether they have gone underground or maybe they'd want to shoot it out or join remnants of another cell. there's nothing for belgian authorities it say about it because they don't know. the belgians really don't want to answer questions because they don't really have the answers. that's why these individuals are still at large. just the fact that salah abdeslam was able to stay in the naked he w neighborhood he was in before they captured him is a slap in the face. the "daily beast" had a piece how left and right they missed up but this is a tiny country that makes waffles and
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chocolate. it's t has an incredibly low crime rate. they're not going to have the world's most adept counterterrorism and surveillance capabilities in is something we're expecting them to be prepared for when why would they really be until now, especially given there's such freedom of movement across the e.u. they brought in a fair amount of refugees. some of them are citizens in is a tough problem for countries with month more in the way of resources. i feel bad for the belgians but for the security services. >> thousahow should the people europe feel? that doesn't make me feel very safe as an american. >> it's their job to know. you had the deportation by turkey twice of one of the bombers. i agree with buck. let's give the belgians their due for a minute. it's a country of 11 million people. every terror suspect that you
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have takes between 20 to 25 counterterrorism officials to track that person. the guy who shot up a site in france, he was using 20 different burn phones. you need signal intelligence guys on every one of those phones. that's a huge manpower resource drain or suck. as buck was saying, they just are not fit for purpose here. they've been dli problem for decades. it's not just about jihadyis coming back from syria. when the terrorist got out of jail, he was meeting with a cleric known as santa claus. it was a veteran of the soviet afghan jihad and he's handing out 3,500 euros for people who
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wanted to go to syria and join isis. why wouldn't this guy rounded up and arrested? >> this is what it sounds like to me. is this just an impossible problem to deal with, you can never have enough resources? >> it's a continuous problem. it's a question of whether can you contain it -- >> so not something you can stop, you can contain it. >> you're trying to avoid the mass casualty event. a lone wolf that will stab someone in the neck and say this is for the jihad, you'll never eliminate that or goes low tech and gets their hand on a firearm, that's going to be tough to stop as well. but these coordinated plots, individuals who know where to find soft targets, that's the level you're hoping security services can effectively catch. there's also the discussion that's going on now about assimilation and how could they not have seen this, not have
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dealt with this? the fact of the matter is you have people drowning to try to get to europe from the middle east right now, some from syria and iraq because they figure it's a better place to be. we're asking a lot to expect the belgians can make all of these groups or all of these individuals so happy they won't actually turn to jihad. why are we only seeing this from certain communities here? there's some impetus on the state perhaps to try to find a way to deal with this but how exactly are they going to deal with that? there have been programs in place for a long time. you have the swedes making individual i don't see of people hugging immigrants and they're not welcoming enough? these are questions that need to be answered swas well. the image of the day is nick paton walsh trailing the resigned minister.
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that's the sense of systemic failure. they knew they screwed up. >> you have talked to people from inside isis or who have recently left. >> have left. this is a sea change for them. foreign operations is the arm they're leaning on most heavily. the headquarters for isis is in aleppo, closer to the turkish border for good reason. >> donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. (music plays) hi i'm kristie and i'm jess.
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ted cruz calling donald trump a sniveling coward today. i want to talk about this with scottie nell hughes. also with me is legal commentator areva martin and lisa bloom, founder of the bloom firm. scottie, i'm going to stop with you. the trump versus cruz war got
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even nastier and more personal today after yesterday's fight over the naked picture of melania trump that a cruz super pac tweeted. earlier this morning donald trump retweeted an extremely unflattering photo of heidi cruz next to a very good picture of melania trump. it was captioned "a picture is worth a thousand words." were is he now attacking heidi cruz? >> i don't necessarily agree with his response. i don't agree ever attacking anybody based superficially on what they look. we can have a good conversation on disagreement on policy but not necessarily how we were made. that being said, we have to remember that this fight did start maybe not necessarily ted cruz but an anti-trump super pac that ted cruz did not go to the extent of condemning. he could have drop a much
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stronger job saying not only do i not endorse the actions of this pac, please do not associate me with it. >> you're not defending donald trump's actions are you? >> on this i'm not. melania probably does not take a bad picture, the woman is gorgeous. >> i think heidi cruz is beautiful as well. everyone can take a bad picture. i've seen angles of myself and have been like who is that guy? as a woman are you offended by it? >> i'm not personally offended by it. we're acting like heidi and melania need to have their own safe space. i guarantee you they blinked their eyes and moved on. >> this is missing the entire point. we should stop judging women by what they look like. even donald trump's own
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surrogate on this so can't defend that tweet. we have to stop judging women by how they look. have i news for donald trump. on the last presidential election, 70 million women voted. yes, women have the right to vote now, and only 60 million men voted. and if he wants to lose this election, he should keep on making sexist comments about women, which he has then consistently calling women journalists dogs and pigs. he called arianna huffington that. he made fun of carly fiorina's looks. >> "donald, real men don't attack women, your wife is lovely and heidi is the love of my life." did trump take the bait do you think? >> i think this whole debate is ridiculous. it's more evidence for why neither of these candidates are ready for primetime, neither are
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ready to be president of the united states of america. we are having debates as if running for president you need to have some hot babe on your side. this would be okay if this were two guys on a playground or reality tv show but not two men who say they want to be the president of the united states of america. had is absolutely reprehensible conduct by both. >> let's listen to ted cruz firing back today. >> let me be absolutely clear. our spouses and our children are off bounds. it is not acceptable for a big, loud, new york bully to attack my wife. real men don't try to bully women. that's not an action of strength. that's an action of weakness, it's an action of fear, it's an action of a small and petty man who is intimidated by strong
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women. heidi is my best friend in the whole world. she is the love of my life and donald should stick with attacking me. because heidi is way out of donald trump's league. you know, i have to say seeing him go deeper and deeper to the gutter, it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often. but you mess with my wife, you are mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> i don't know what new york had to did with it. what do you think, scottie? >> well, let's remember, this fight was started by a woman. liz maher, that is in charge of the make america awesome again pac started this because she was afraid of the delegates getting together and keeping someone else getting involved if we made it into a brokered convention. a woman started this fight a at
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a time when we should be focusing on international policy and instead we're having this childish discussion. i'm teaching my daughters you only make a strong foundation by the bricks thrown at you. move on, get back to the issues. it has nothing to did about just recruiting. >> why didn't your candidate do that then, scottie? >> because he was -- he's honestly standing up for his wife. that's the thing money is going back and forth. >> oh, please. scottie! >> can you defend your wife without attacking somebody else. go ahead, lisa. >> only in the second grade does he started it count as a defense in is a presidential election. people are going to be attacking our president for all kinds of things when he's president. he can't be going after their wives or their children or making idiotic comments and calling them dogs. he's got to have a little
8:20 pm
thicker skin. >> scottie, you have to admit it does sound like i know you are but what am i? >> i agree, this is childish as anything on both sides. >> but you won't accept responsibility -- go ahead. >> you won't accept responsibility that somebody needs be above reproach. just because somebody attacks your wife doesn't mean i have to attack you back. >> you don't defend them? >> why defend a stupid comment like that? what are you defending? we all know it's petty. we know these are smart, beautiful women. there's no need to defend them. talk about the policies that america cares about, talk about health care, economic development, talk about terrorism. that's what people in this country want to hear about. and your candidate wants to talk about how a woman looks. that's just ridiculous. >> so here's when megyn kelly posted, a picture that tweeted simply "seriously"?
8:21 pm
it all stemmed from a super pac that had nothing it do with ted cruz. trump is in full battle mode. do you think he needs to take it down a notch? >> but this is how donald trump is. >> that's no what i asked. does he need to take it down? >> no. let mr. trump be who mr. trump is. >> he's 68% negative nationwide. he's not doing that well. >> we'll see when we get to the general election. he's not just going after women, he's going after men. >> don't read ahead in the textbook because we're going to talk about that next. stand by. we'll be right back. (music plays) hi i'm kristie and i'm jess. and we are the bug chicks. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious
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cruz to trump, "leave heidi the hell alone." trump tweets "didn't start this with lyin' cruz." this is all so sophomoric.
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it feels like playground stuff. >> it is. >> lisa, we keep hearing from donald trump that he's not politically correct, he says what he means. how is that going to play to a general audience come the general election? >> he has by far the highest negatives of any presidential candidates right now. 68% of the country has a negative view of donald trump. and we may like that sometimes he shoots from the hip and he says entertaining things but i can tell you this, don, women don't like the way he has treated especially female journalists and now the wife of his opponent. and we vote in numbers greater than the number of men who vote. all of those who support hillary clinton or bernie sanders should sit back and enjoy every time donald trump does this. his ego has gotten way ahead of him. i'm sure his advisers are telling him you really have to dial it back on women because he refuses to do it because
8:27 pm
apparently it's just not in him. >> let me add to that number about his negatives. almost 50% of republican women as well say they can't imagine voting for donald trump if he is the republican nominee. so not only does he have a problem with women in general and particularly democratic women, he has a problem with women in his own party. if you can't win the women in your party, you can't possibly win a general election. >> so when he goes after women, who does that appeal to? scottie? >> because it's not just women he goes after. he goes -- it's not like he's just doing this to be sexist. he's criticized men, criticized establishment, he criticized those who have been bullied. >> i often here him talk about women's looks, if you're good looking, no, if you're a supporter, no, but if you're not, if you're ugly, the proof is in the picture. >> i think megyn kelly is one of
8:28 pm
the prettiest women ever and -- >> he used to send her pictures of him that were signed. a and then when she actually dared to ask him some tough question, it's really creepy and stalkery and women understand that. >> scottie, you talk about your daughter about creepy and stalkery, would you say that about -- would you ever see a man criticizing a woman about that? i think let's get the owe motion out of it. we can deal with the other side down the road. let's talk about the primaries with the republicans, why women like mr. trump is because his actions speak louder than words. he has more female ceos they top of his campaign, than any other fortune 500 company. he believes in promos, he doesn't discriminate. >> scottie, your facts are absolutely wrong.
8:29 pm
>> look at his board of directors for his company. look at his daughter. >> ivanka, that's one. >> look at the top. >> speaking of women, he had to deal with some women today. everyone was shocked when ben carson endorsed trump after dropping out of the race. he was on "the view" today and the ladies did not hold back. watch this. >> i hate to ask this question but you have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks and you're ben carson. why would you align yourself with that? i'm sorry, he's a racist and he's not good for the country. >> what's the alternative? >> i'm sorry. i just -- i don't understand. he's not said about the white
8:30 pm
supremacists, he hasn't really said to them, hey, listen, that's not what america stands for. it's too much. you're ben carson. you're so much better than this. >> well, i am ben carson. and that's the very reason i'm doing this is because i look at the big picture. could i focus only on racial issues? absolutely. could i focus only on women's issues? absolutely. i could look at any one little thing and pick anybody apart on it. but right now, the nature of our country is at stake. we are on the precipice weeand are determining what kind of nation we're going to be. this is a choice we are making right now. >> that's a lot of people at one table. >> areeva, why would he align
8:31 pm
himself with trump? >> i don't know and i don't think he knows given that answer. we're not going to be an inclusive country that attacks women, attacks muslims, attacks latinos and every other group he has attacked. he's missing the big picture. the big picture is inclusiveness and this is the most exclusive candidate i've seen. scottie stands there and tries to support trump when he's been so blatantly sexist. >> i feel sorry for trump surrogates when all he can say is, gosh, i don't like those things he says but i like him
8:32 pm
anyway. are these people crazy? >> we've had a couple of surrogates. scottie, you did say as much tonight, you did not agree with his actions. kayleigh mcenany said last night he needed to move on. i often wonder, though, seriously when i saw that retweet last night, i wondered, i said what about tomorrow when i go on the show? am i going to get some epiphany from a woman trump supporter on the air that just says you know what, i can't support this anymore? >> no, you're not going to get that. >> why not is. >> first of all, let me back up to "the view." those women were criticizing ben carson just months ago, just rip being him to shreds. these are folks like the women on this panel that i talk with every day -- >> what does that have to did they were ripping him to shreds? ben carson ripped donald trump to shreds and now he's endorsing him. what does that have to did with the price of tea as they said?
8:33 pm
>> he said the right thing. it's about the priorities. bits who is going to get our economy back on track and keep our families safe and from a republican standpoint, who is going to beat hillary clinton who will be their nominee? those three things is where donald trump is at the top of the list. all the other things fall to the wayside when you're going up against the democratic machine and hillary clinton. donald trump is the only one that has been able to get people to cross over lines because they leave in his message. and if you ladies believe 100% in your candidate, then have i to wonder what kool-aid you're drinking because -- >> there's a difference between policy and childish acts and tweets and attacking people. >> you are pointing to lisa and i. we're going to stand up and say if a candidate does something wrong, then have the courage to stand up and say the candidate
8:34 pm
did something wrong. >> that doesn't mean i'm going to throw him to the wayside. >> but then you said he should continue to do what he's doing. >> i said let mr. trump be mr. trump. >> mr. trump is not what this country needs. he can't be mr. trump if he wants to be president. >> he doesn't attack individual groups. he's all about americans first. >> lisa, quickly. >> i think it was maya angelou when someone shows you who they are, believe them. mr. trump has shown us over and over again who he is. >> i just dealt with that this week. when someone shows you who they are -- >> isn't it great? >> it's so liberating. thank you. thank you. appreciate that. up next, following the brussels attacks, it is the angry personal spat between trump and cruz. is it a missed opportunity for each candidate on the campaign trail?
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trump and cruz. it's good to have all of you on. everybody's a newbie except for kevin maddon. kevin, i'm going to start with you. the brussels attack happened on tuesday morning. since tuesday night, donald trump and ted cruz have not been fighting about how to best fight terrorism but instead about their wives. i mean, don't you think is a missed opportunity for both of them? >> sure. look, often times in campaigns, the campaigns are driven a lot by fundamentals, whether it's about the economy or some of the big issues that traditionally are debated in campaigns like health care and things like energy. but when you have an international event like this around a terrorist attack in a major foreign capital, what it does is it reframes the debate for so many voters. they begin to look at candidates and their resumés, candidates and their agendas and it reframes for them the stakes or what's at stake in the campaign.
8:40 pm
with that you have this extraordinary opportunity for the candidates to talk about what they would do to make sure we have a great are, stronger, national security posture, here to fight terrorism but also what we're doing to integrate our intelligence capabilities with our partners in europe, what we're doing to strengthen our foreign alliances. >> that's not happening. >> what is not happening. instead we have two candidate, two grown men that are fighting over twitter about their wives. that's a huge missed opportunity. >> adriana, i'm not sure if you heard the panel of women before you, do you agree as a woman? do you find it offensive? >> no, i don't. i'm disappointed with all the women out there who are so thin skinned. if feminists want to be part of the draft, if they want to be president of the united states, if they want to serve in combat on the battlefield, i think they should be able to handle a photo with two women side by side,
8:41 pm
handle an insult or political incorrect comment. there are plenty of people who insult and attack me because i'm a conservative in a democrat state. i let it roll right off my back. it doesn't affect me whatsoever. >> you're a trump supporter? >> yes. >> neither of these women is running for president of the united states. and i don't hear anyone saying, you know, ted cruz is -- either of their wives saying ted cruz is ugly, look at your stupid husband. that's not happening on the other side. you don't see a double standard here when it comes to women? >> well, you know, how many times have people attacked donald trump's looks -- >> i'm asking do you see a double standard when it comes to women? >> what do you mean, don? i'm sorry -- >> when it comes to criticizing women and criticizing men, men are often criticized on the policies, especially if they're involved in the political process. women are many times criticized
8:42 pm
on their looks, whether they should smile, maybe they're too bitchy, those kind of things, you don't hear that about men. you don't think that's a double standard? >> yes, i do. a lot of times women in television get judged by their hair and make-up. i appeared on television and people were attacking my looks -- >> you're not running for president. your husband is not running for president as well. >> they should be focusing on what people say and the content. kevin is absolutely right when he says we should be focusing on isis and national security. this is a grave threat facing our country. isis is raging through europe as we speak. we should be figuring out, strengthening homeland security here at home, not having this squirmish between two candidates over something so
8:43 pm
inconsequenti inconsequential. >> lien,real men don't try to b women. that's not an action of strength. that's an action of weakness, it's an action of fear, it's an action of a small and petty man who is intimidated by strong women. it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often, but you mess with high wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every time. donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone. >> do you think people are letting donald trump, lonnie, off the hook here? >> i don't think they're letting donald trump off the hook. i think the issue frankly, don, is that nothing has stuck to this guy so far. it doesn't matter if he insults a war hero, insults megyn kelly, insults carly fiorina. it hasn't mattered. i'm not sure if this is going to matter as well. what i wish senator cruz had gone on to say is instead of doing this s
8:44 pm
doing this stuff, we ought to be talking about how to defeat isis and hillary clinton and instead we're talking about nonsense. >> kevin madden, if donald trump is the nominee, can you imagine the ads the clinton or sanders campaign will run? >> well, it will be very difficult. look, we're not talking about a republican primary electiorate. if you look at the ata any of te national polls, donald trump has a toxic involvement with the electorate. hillary clinton, who is very likely to be the nominee, she will not do what i think a lot of republicans did inside the primary. she will not wait for donald trump to implode on his own. she will go out and define him very negatively with a lot of voters who are still yet to be
8:45 pm
persuaded inside that much bigger electorate and general election and it will be u.n. like anything we saw inside this primary contest. >> lahne, you said republicans have put themselves in a very difficult position. why do you say that? >> because the reality is hillary clinton is very beatable. even on national security issues, she's going to have a really tough time here. on the one hand she's trying to embrace the obama legacy and that includes the intervention in libya, which has allowed a safe space for isis to move into, burr she's also trying to forge her own path by saying, look, i was different from the president in some respects. she can't have it both ways. she can embrace the president but once he gets to a general election, she's going to have a very difficult time. it's a great opportunity for republicans to define an actual plan when it comes to national security, but instead they're arguing about pictures and super pacs and wives instead of outlining the strategy to defeat isis. >> more on our conversation when we come right back.
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let's take a look at some of the latest poll numbers in the presidential race. back with me now is lanhee chen, kevin madden and adriana cohen. a monmouth poll found hillary clinton would beat all three of the gop candidates, trump by 21 points, cruz by 12 and kasich by 3. do those numbers surprise you? >> they actually do. i have to tell you we've watched this election, the polls aren't always right. sometimes they're predicting hillary clinton is going to win a primary caucus and then bernie sanders blows her away. when it comes to women supporting trump, there are literally hundreds of thousands of women across this country who have supporting him. i've been to rallies in massachusetts where there were 8,000 peoplethere were thousands of women there of all age, all ethnicities, working class women, soccer moms, the whole gamut was there. i spoke to a lot of them, i've interviewed them for my "boston herald" radio show and said why aren't you voting for hillary?
8:51 pm
women typically vote democrat, at least that's what they tell us? why aren't you voting for hillary? and they say we think she belongs in prison. they don't trust her as far as they can throw her and there's a lot of things that appeal to women about donald trump and one of the main things i here is he's going to get touch on immigration and national security. donald trump is the only one who has ever met a payroll. he's a proven jobs creator. with 94 million americans out of work, we need to elect someone who is going to get people back to work. >> none of those people you mentioned, the poll people are actual people, the other thing in regards to hillary clinton and donald trump, what he's going to do, that's nebulous and fantasy. people would like to see her go to prison on one side. it's not necessarily fact. he says he's going to this.
8:52 pm
it's not necessarily fact. kevin madden, you usually have a good poker face. >> i didn't have one there. >> this is a classic case -- the amazing things about trump supporters like adriana, they will rationalize what they like about donald trump dismissing the facts. you're talking about anecdotal evidence. the empirical evidence will show you that donald trump has like a 20% favorable rating and 70% unfavorable rating. >> and kevin is a republican. why is he the front-runner? why does he have the most delegates? >> he's the front-runner because he took advantage in a very fractured field and cobbled together a coalition of voters that the others -- all the other candidates split apart. but you're talking about thousands of people at rallies. meanwhile that means there are millions of other voters throughout who will say they will never vote for donald
8:53 pm
trump. and if you look at the elections where we've lost -- in the romney campaign, we lost women voters by 11%. john mccain lost by about 13%. the last time a republicans campaign won, we had got those numbers down to single digits, which was 3% with bush in 2004. there's no way we're going to be able to win with candidate like donald trump who has problems with women voters and as toxic a profile with women voters in general elections. >> let's put up more numbers. according to the latest cnn/orc poll, in a general election, clinton leads trump 56% to 42%. what is your reaction to that, lanhee? >> it's a big issue. we don't really know aside from a few vague pronouncements, what is donald trump actually going
8:54 pm
to did as president? he can duck all that in the republican primary maybe, but when he goes up against hillary clinton, that's going to be a huge problem. and he's also got a trust gap as well. believe it or not, voters trust hillary clinton more than they trust donald trump. i never thought i would see that where another candidate is more well trusted -- has poorer trust numbers than hillary clinton but donald trump has put himself in that situation. i'm not sure, don, that either ted cruz or donald trump can win a general election but i know one thing and that is that donald trump will not win a general election, even if it's against hillary clinton. >> but you say people underestimated the skill trump would bring to this and his unique brand of populism. why do you think that happened and why do you feel the way you feel now? >> i think to a certain degree a lot of people under estimated him going through the republican primary process, no question about that. i think now, though, there is a real concern about what a trump presidency would look like. i just do not see six or seven
8:55 pm
months of a general election campaign with hillary clinton pounding this guy of day, with all of the stuff that's in his dossier, i just don't see how donald trump makes it through that. in addition to the fact that the guy has no filter whatsoever. for him to be out there talking about the issues he's talking about now suggests that this is not somebody who has the discipline to be an effective general election candidate and to a certain degree you need some of that to be the winner. i agree people like that he's unscripted but you got it have some discipline to win this thing. >> kevin, i have 20 seconds. do you agree? >> i do. i think lanhee makes a good point. it's hard for me to imagine him winning in a general election with a section of the electorate -- >> i want to say that mitt romney was politically correct and he lost big time in the last election. >> so political incorrectness is
8:56 pm
the way to win. >> no, he's super nice and they blew it. >> that's it tonight. thanks for watching. our live coverage continues in just a moment with max foster in belgium. good night. the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪
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hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm max foster live for you in brussels. within the past few hours police have raided more homes here, one anti-terror operation took place right in front of our cameras. officers spent hours inside this home and have been sealing off streets. police have arrested at least six people in connection with the attacks. three