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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  March 26, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. so grateful to have your company this morning. >> we are going start with live pictures this morning taking you to brussels. people setting up the memorial for the 31 people killed in the deadly terror attacks this week. the city on edge. the country on edge as police patrol the streets in brussels. >> there have been several raids where a taxi driver picked up three of the suspects and took
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them to the airport. one was arrested there. authorities are looking for this man. hamid. he may have entered greece as a refugee. he is very dangerous and believed to be armed. why are we finding out about him so many days. >> reporter: a couple developments there. hi, victor. two of the attackers we know about have come in on the wave of refugees fleeing syria to the greek island of laros. hundreds of others arriving by boat and mingled in with them were at a refugee center at one
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point. he then disappeared from there. he is suspected of being, and the police say he is quite likely armed and dangerous, and expected to be a key figure in all of this. one other development i can tell you about, salah abdeslam, one of the ring leaders of the paris attacks, french media based on french transcript saying he told investigators, after his arrest here, he said he played a minor role. he was trying to diminish his role. he helped organize hotels and cars, but pointing the finger at his brother. he might want to diminish his own role after the explosions here in brussels. he said nothing else to investigators. as we know, he is asking to be
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extradited to paris to face charges there. more information there. victor? >> we have heard with this remarkable number of pairings we heard similar counts, we think back to the tsarnaev brothers where the older brother was linked in that case. we'll learn more about salah abdeslam as investigators continue the investigation. michael holmes there for us in brussels. we'll get back to you and talk about the arrests in germany later this morning. thank you very much. >> the international security director and a cnn former analyst. tom, i want to start with you. how much credence do you put in anything that they say regarding the minor roles he claims to have played in the terror
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attacks? >> good morning. i think you could only put as much credence in what he says if you can prove what he says is true or if there's a way to back up what he says, that's one thing. if there isn't, take it with a grain of salt. he can say what he wants at this point. it's a matter of them being able to prove. if he puts himself in a position of helping lodgistically, he's admitting to that, if that's true. >> john, when we are talking about naim al hamed, sources are telling cnn they believe he's involved operation ally. what does that mean? >> he was a coordinator, a planner, he put it together.
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potentially, he may have been on the scene, did the reconnaissance with some of the bombers in advance to the attacks. it's just how important it is. what concerns me is how long it's taken to formally identify this individual between now and the day of the attack. as we know, a lot of people use free movement of travel to go through various eu countries and may have already left belgium. the worry is he may have moved on by now. >> you would suspect he moved on to syria or would he have stayed somewhere in belgium as abdeslam did? >> that's a good question. he stayed in brussels for four months. that illustrates just how much support there is for individuals within brussels for isis.
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if he's left, it's no surprise, but equally, if he stays in brussels the support network for isis within brussels is entrenched and authorities have to work out how to extract from the civilian population. >> tom, when you look at what's been able to be done here in the last few days since the attack, how much confidence do you have in the intelligence sharing there in belgium and with other eu nations and even with the u.s. >> i have tremendous confidence in the information sharing. i have almost in confidence in the information collected. that's what the problem is here. even if they collect any information, it doesn't seem to be analyzed and put into a useful form that they can identify members of the grand conspiracies, where they are from, where they live, who they associate with, where they are
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likely to get the explosives from, the bomb makers. all these things come as a huge mystery to services that should know all about them and should have known about them for a long time. >> tom and john, thank you both so much for taking the time to be with us. >> you're welcome. >> do stick around, too, as we are going to talk more about the death of isis' number two man later this hour. john smith, stay with us for that. >> meantime, in new york, thousands of additional police officers have been deployed across the city since the brussels attack. >> the nypd canine unit found traces of bombs that are harder to detect. here is randi kaye. >> reporter: it's a busy afternoon in new york city's times square. if someone was looking to set off a bomb here, these dogs may sound the alarm earlier than
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ever before. and they are no ordinary bomb sniffing dogs, they are vapor weight dogs trained not only to sniff out bombs and bags but to pick up the scent or vapor of a bomb as it walks through the air, something the human nose cannot detect. >> the very function of these wonderful dogs is to protect against exactly what happened in belgium. >> reporter: even on a busy new york city street, they can pick up the scent of a bomb in the air. the vapor can come from a person's clothing, perhaps the bomb maker that walks past them or a bomb pack that may contain the bomb. the dogs were trained at auburn university. we visited the university after the 2013 boston marathon bombing to see the training firsthand. the point of a vapor weight dog is detect the vapor of a bomb before it is placed where it
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might explode. >> that is correct. the standard bomb dog is primed on looking at an object, a backpack that is put somewhere. a vapor weight's dog is the ability to detect the o boar coming off the backpack as they carry it. >> reporter: amazing. >> to follow that plume of vapor. >> reporter: this video shows a vapor weight dog in action. once he catches the odor in the air, watch how he never stops. there are eight deployed to detect soft targets. they just graduated the nyp d-training this week. each is named after a fallen nypd officer. >> in a world where suicide bombings are the weapon of choice for terrorists throughout the world, the crcs capability to deploy these dogs is more
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important than ever before. >> reporter: these pups are always working, zigzagging through the crowds, sniffing everyone and everything they come into contact with, including our camera. if one of these dogs does pick up the scent of a bomb, he can follow the plume or bomb vapor up to the length of several football fields. if it leads him to a suspect, he will stop when the suspect stops and sit down to alert his handler. why are the dogs so good at the jobs? their nose has 220 million cells to pick up a scent compared to 5 million in the human nose. in the world of counterterrorism, they are truly man's best friend. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> and stay with us. still to come -- >> holding two very volatile bombs in my hands. this one has three components to it, this has two. three, two, one, fire in the
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hole. >> nick valencia there making homemade bombs, apparently isn't as difficult as you might think. cnn, along with law enforcement agencies around the world getting hands on training in the power of explosives. plus, the republican presidential candidates are continuing their feud, punching one another over their wooifs and video that outraged many this morning. a teacher knocking a 4-year-old special needs child to the ground. was this intentional? i know what you're thiining, they all claim stuff like that.
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we'll get back to the breaking news in a moment. as the international manhunt continues to catch the suspects terrorist is underway in europe, donald trump and ted cruz are focusing on domestic matters. battling over salacious stories and hurling accusations over who planted that story. we are joined by political anchor for time, errol lewis. good morning to you. we know donald trump retweeted this posting comparing cruz's wife to trump's. he introduced it without having been asked by a reporter. is this what they want to talk about? >> i don't know about ted cruz so much because it's a damaging story and distracts at a time he needs more attention on his
3:16 am
campaign. for donald trump, though, i'm not clear this hurts him. this is something his followers love to see. he's a counter puncher. he comes roaring back with attacks. the wilder they are, the more entertained his followers seem to be by it. donald trump doesn't lose one bit of support from core followers when it comes with this stuff. >> women at large, coming into the general election, he has a double digit deficit with hillary clinton. >> obviously, it doesn't. frankly, he may have concluded in a way that that problem is one he can't fix and that is his vote or support on women is irretrievable. he'll have problems trying to fix that down the line. let's keep in mind, there's been a pattern we have seen for months now. there's a distraction quality to
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this stuff. just a couple days before, the day before the horrific bombings in belgium, you have donald trump saying the united states should reconsider its role in nato. that's a cry for follow up. he's not the only person that's suggested that, but the only person that flippantly put it out there this close to the nomination. he was over his depth saying that. having to talk about that, now we are talking tabloid stuff. >> torture would encourage salah abdeslam to speak more freely. we know he's stopped talking. let's talk about what we heard from ted cruz when supporting a nominee, donald trump. this is what he said after having made this pledge, he would support donald trump if he wins the nomination. watch. >> i will say this, i don't make
3:18 am
a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family. and donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. we are going to beat him. >> no longer are we hearing from any candidates say yes, period. we are now hearing these type of statements. these candidates say, no, i can't support donald trump. >> i think, frankly, if you read between the lines, you heard that from ted cruz. how this works, victor, there's politics and we have seen politicians execute one back flip after another over the years. when it gets this personal, when it comes to personal attacks on your spouse because of anything she's done, but her looks. this is not anything you would expect any grown man to put up with. i wouldn't expect ted cruz to
3:19 am
support donald trump, even if it made all the political sense in the world once it gets this bitter, personal and nasty, barring a reconciliation. the question has always been when it comes to this stuff, how low is donald trump willing to go? how deep is he going to dwell and does he have any intention of pulling back? the answer is no. >> erol louis, cruz is holding a rally in wisconsin. we'll continue the conversation throughout the morning. we know, coming up, three remaining republican candidates coming up on tuesday will be in milwaukee for a town hall. the prime time event is moderated by anderson cooper, tuesday at 8:00 p.m. here on cnn. still to come, a georgia teacher has been arrested after being caught on camera knocking a special needs student to the floor. we have that video for you,
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3:24 am
time of the attack. >> in georgia, a special education teacher has been arrested after video. first, it looks like an accident, right? some say, in slow motion, it appears to show the woman intentionally shoving her knee into the 4-year-old's back. he was not hurt, but the matter has been turned over to the state's division of family and child services for investigation. ♪ just days after president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years, the rolling stones as you can see here, became the first band to perform a rock concert in havana. a free concert here. it took months of negotiations to make it happen. it was held at a rundown sports complex outside of the city.
3:25 am
pope francis celebrated good friday. a pre-easter tradition known as the way of the cross. he washed and kissed the feet of muslims and prod substantiates. all but one were refugees. a major terror plot. we have details on why police believe the suspect was in the, as we call them, advanced stages of the plot and how they are tied to brussels. terrorism officials around the world are in the u.s. right now. hands on training is what they are getting on the types of bombs used in the belgium attack. we are going to take you there. stay close. bug chicks.e the we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out abouhow awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video" oh! this is so good. (laughs)
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bottom of the hour and we push forward on the breaking new this is morning. president obama just said at least 14 americans were injured in the brussels attacks. we know at least two americans were killed in the attacks as well. security has been ramped up, it is visible in many places. in many places, there is security that is not so visible, as the city, we know, is living in fear in some communities that it may not be over. >> a manhunt is on for those involved including this man, naim al hamed.
3:30 am
he played a critical role in the attacks. erin, authorities, we know, foiled an attack in france this week. what do we know about that this morning? >> reporter: french president francois hollande says rallying the attacks in brussels as well as the paris attacks in november, they are concerned about the potential there are other networks out there and the event that is unfolded here in paris this week is an example of that. authorities say they foiled a terrorist plot in its advanced stages. they arrested what they say is a key isis operative who has been identified by a source with knowledge of the investigation as a 34-year-olds french national. he was wanted by authorities for recruitment, jihadist recruitment sending fires to syria. following his arrest, they
3:31 am
conducted a number of raids in paris as well as belgium. in the raid here in paris, it happened in a suburb outside the city. they found 4.4 pounds of tapt, the same explosive used during the paris attacks. so, authorities saying this plot was in advanced stages, not giving much more details than that, saying it lasted for months, but this is ongoing. it illustrates the nature of the threat authorities are facing, a large number of french speaking mill tanitants and isis sympath in french speaking parts of europe. the question for authorities, the question is identifying the individuals, unraveling the networks and preventing further attacks. keep in mind, all of this happening amist a backdrop of isis coming under pressure in
3:32 am
syria and iraq directing sympathizers to carry out attacks abroad. >> we appreciate the update, thank you. the u.s. says the coalition forces have killed another major isis leader. they say haji imam is dead. the secretary of defense says isis' minister of war was also killed. let's bring back the international security director. first, gauge for us, give us an idea from your perspective the importance of haji imam. >> it is important. he is second in command, the right hand man in isis. they say when the first was injured last year, he took over briefly. we have to keep in mind, it is
3:33 am
still an up hill trail for counterterrorism agencies. one person being killed doesn't mean they are destroyed. they are losing territory. my concern is the more territory they cover, they will want to carry out attacks in america like they did in brussels. >> is there a direct correlation between the loss of resources, the loss of a senior leader, the loss of territory and their ability to carry out the types of attacks we saw in brussels this week? >> i would say there is a strong connection between the two. keep in mind that isis is not just a terrorist organization, it operates as a criminal enterprise. it is a paramilitary force. it has a number of different dynamics to it. if the other dynamics are weakened or the criminal
3:34 am
activities are cut, financial supply lines are severed, it will resort to the attack it knows how to do, which is terrorism. it can be low key and operate more in the shadows like al qaeda and fear that something like brussels is not a one up event, but part of a series of plugs they will want to carry out in europe and north america. >> because of the events in brussels did not get as much attention, the city seems to be no longer in the hands of isis. we know there were ruins there thousands of years old that were bombed that historians believe had great value. what is the significance of the city being turned over from isis' hands? >> palmyra is an ancient city. the artifacts are essential to
3:35 am
history and culture. unfortunately, many were destroyed by isis and some ended up on the black market. that's how isis does things to fund itself. the fact assad's troops have retaken palmyra, that's a set back. on one hand, it is positive isis is suffering, but also strengthens assad's grip and that may not be in the benefit of the west. >> we'll continue the conversation throughout the morning. thank you. an american who survived three terror attacks, the boston marathon bombing, now the belgium bombings. he's talking to cnn. you will hear the remarkable story. a bomb can be made. cnn is with counterterrorism
3:36 am
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20 minutes to the top of the hour now. wednesday, belgian officials discovered 30 pounds of tapt explosives at the house from the airport attackers. tapt has a nickname, the mother of satan. this powder can easily be set off by excessive heat. >> what is alarming is how easily terrorists can acquire the bomb making materials. nick valencia went to alabama
3:40 am
for a law training course. he said straight out, it is frightening. >> frightening is not only the word for how easy it is to make them. i made three in 45 minutes. the sheer accessibility anyone has to the products. in the piece you are about to see, the bombs we made weren't half as powerful as the ones used in the brussel attacks. >> fire in the hole! >> here in rural alabama, elite members from law enforcement agencies around the world prepare for the worst case scenario. training against global terrorism. this all hits close to home. he's a brussels police officer and k-9 handler, sent to the u.s. for training as his city was hit. had he been in belgium, he would have likely been guarding the subway during the attacks.
3:41 am
>> the knowledge we have here, we can share that with the rest of the world who wants to make it a better world. i think that's one step in the right direction. >> this is what we know they are using all over the world. >> reporter: ryan morris founded trip wire in 2005. he says the lessons he teaches are critical in the fight against isis and beyond. >> the conventional side, dynamite and c-4, that doesn't bother me. the things that bother me are the things you can make in your house, your garage, anywhere. >> reporter: we found out firsthand what he meant. >> go ahead. grab some. >> how much? >> a cup here. >> reporter: he shows how, in a matter of minutes, anyone can make this. >> i'm holding two volatile bombs in my hand. this has two components to it. three, two, one -- fire in the
3:42 am
hole! what i found just absolutely terrifying about this experience is how simple and easy t is to make an explosive using household products, products capable of inflicting mass casualties. it's these explosive training force that is are crucial to stopping those who want to inflict chaos. for the team, their success is a matter of life and death. those counterterrorism officials say, it's not a matter of if, it's when there's an attack. they are training elite members of law enforcement around the world. >> two were from brussels. what did you learn from him that surprised you the most? >> the brothers that carried out the attacks were street thugs. they were known ten years ago, arrested for small crimes, smoking marijuana, taking cell
3:43 am
phones from grandmothers and carjackings. now, they are up to these attacks. he said something disturbing, they had been arrested, charged, convicted and they were out because of overcrowding in the prison in brussels. they had a year to report. they were out. they are not going to report themselves and obviously, they are carrying out what they are now. it's really scary. >> you reported on these two, it corresponds to what we are seeing in france. we were told by authorities there, he was someone who was arrested several years ago for jewelry theft, illegal jewelry theft. >> petty crimes. >> the transition from petty crimes to terrorism, it refutes the narrative we have heard for some time, they are often men ousted in community, feel like outsiders, then transition into jihad that way.
3:44 am
nick, amazing story. >> thanks. >> we'll talk more throughout the morning. turning to the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in this run up to the race for the white house, they are battling for three western states today. 142 delegates are up for grabs. could sanders end up sweeping all three contests? if he does, what's the impact? >> plus, emotional reunion in belgium. an american family sees their son for the first time since he was injured in the brussels airport bombing. it is an incredible story of survival and gracious of them to let us watch.
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this little bird doesn't know it -- [ cheers and applause ] >> who knew the bird would get so many people on their feet. that bird stealing the show. senator sanders expected to do well in all three states today, washington, alaska and hawaii. so, a lot of people are -- let's talk about hillary clinton supporter maria with us, bernie sanders supporter with us. ladies so good to see you. let's start with you, maria. sanders, as we saw there in the video, too, a lot of people behind him. he brought in 15,000 people to one rally.
3:49 am
do you believe he might be strengthening his campaign or getting steam? >> well, his campaign has already had strength and steam, but it turns out hillary clinton's campaign has had more strength and more steam given the fact that she is way ahead in the pledged delegate count and the fact she's had millions more votes than bernie sanders. but look, i said from the beginning, his campaign has been terrific for the democratic party, great for the country and really good for hillary clinton. so, i'm never going to be one to say that bernie sanders should get out. he should stay in the this race. he brought up issues that are important to the country. the debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders has been absolutely passionate and robust, very civil and a huge contrast to the sickening, disgusting debate going on on the republican side. the fact of the matter is, it is going to be difficult, even if bernie sanders sweeps the states
3:50 am
today, for him to make up the delegate mass that hillary clinton is way ahead by at this point. >> that's a good point, he is expected to sweep the three states today. bernie sanders, this is important, you brought up delegates, maria. bernie sanders suggested a path to the nomination is swaying superdelegates. hillary clinton has 482 superdelegates, he has 27. can that be done? can they be swayed to the other side? >> based on dnc rules, they absolutely can be swayed because the superdelegates have to reflect the will of the democratic voters. what's at stake is the pledge delegates. they are those reflecting the will of their state. they decide at the convention. the real difference is 200 delegates. just today, we have 172 delegates on the map. bernie sanders is expected to take all three states. it's very well likely by june
3:51 am
7th, because the later states are more favorable, bernie sanders cannot catch up with hillary clinton but go past her in delegate count. they will see superdelegates turn. this is the sanders campaign speaking. 40% of delegates are soft commits to hillary clinton. don't forget, she locked up half of the superdelegates in august of last year, before any candidates thought about running. that blocked out bible democrat candidates. she's ahead in endorsements, party support, infrastructure support, the millions of dollars of contributions running shadow campaign two years prior. sure, she's been ahead. he was at 4% weeks ago, now, we are 200 delegates alone. today, alone, 172 are on the table and he's winning in all three states coming in at, all three of the states, bernie sanders is likely
3:52 am
to win by over 85%. we have to keep in mind, this is a real race. >> maria, i want to ask you about something. the latest orc poll shows, you mentioned the republicans, but donald trump and hillary clinton viewed unfavorably by a majority of registered voters. 57% of people have a negative take on hillary clinton. how does she overcome that? >> oh, i think easily. when she becomes the nominee, if she is so lucky to become the nominee, what you are going to see is the focus on donald trump's negative numbers, which are overwhelming and so many of the key demographics that are critical for republicans if they want to win the white house. let's look at that same poll in terms of the numbers he has with women. obama won the white house by beating romney with women 11% points. donald trump is under water with
3:53 am
women against hillary by like 23 points or more. when you look alt hispanics, african-americans, when you look at the other key minority demographics, there is no way, right now, republicans have a viable path to the white house if donald trump is their nominee, which is why you see them so desperately trying to tumble him so he is not the nominee. i think she will be absolutely fine if donald trump is the nominee for the republican party. it looks right now tharks is a very real possibility. >> it's going to pan out interestingly because hillary clinton does not have the support as has been gauged of millenial women, specifically. it makes you wonder, who are women going to? i'm sorry, we have to cut it off here. maria thank you so much. great conversation. >> thank you. pushing forward on the breaking news this morning, more
3:54 am
explosions in brussels. this time, police uncovering terror plots and arresting suspected terrorists. we are going to go live to paris where police are getting into the web of terror, as they describe it. we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. ♪ ♪
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only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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an injured american in the brussels airport attack knows he is so lucky. >> he is mason wells, a mormon missionary. he was at the check out when the blast went off on tuesday. >> how quickly he went from standing in that position to flying through the air. >> i was actually conscious for all of it.
3:58 am
we tried to pull out my friend's tickets at a small little station, my friend's tickets to go to the united states. the machine wasn't working, actually. after working with the delta attendant, she took us to the back of the line, the check-in line. i actually pulled out my ipad to look at something, so, it was part of my responsibilities in the mission. i was starting to look that up. i was looking at my ipad when the first blast went off. it was really loud. it really came out of nowhere. i wasn't expecting it at all then all of a sudden a huge blast. i believe my body was actually picked off the ground for a
3:59 am
moment. my ipad, that was in my hands, i don't know what happened, it disappeared. i think it might have hit my head when it blasted out of my hand. my watch on my left hand disappeared. my left shoe was blown off. one side of my body got really hot, then really cold. i was covered in a lot of fluids, a lot of blood. a lot of that blood wasn't mine, either. >> how close do you think you were to the initial explosion? >> within ten or 15 meters. when the blast went off after the feelings of warm and hot, i was actually -- i saw fire in front of my face and around my body. fire, literally engulfed the four of us. there was fire around us. >> do you remember the second explosion? >> i do. it took my body about a second,
4:00 am
a half second to realize it was a bomb that went off and, of course, i'm sure my body was in complete physical shock. i knew i had been wounded. i didn't know how bad it was. i located an exit. i looked up and located an exit and started to run towards the doors we came through. i took a couple steps three or four seconds after the first blast, the second bomb went off. i actually felt the explosion on my right side. i could feel the blast. i don't believe i was hit by anything, shrapnel or anything. >> so calm. >> the willingness to share the story so soon after the attacks. our thoughts with him and his family. prayers for a speedy recovery. >> for information on how to help the victims of the brussels terror attack go to our website,
4:01 am
thanks for doing so. we have a lot of news to talk to you ability. >> the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. we want to wish you a good morning this saturday, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. at least 14 americans were injured in the terrorist attacks this week. we have people going there to spend quiet moments or spread flowers for the hundreds injured and the 31 killed. the city still on edge with police patrols on every corner. >> they have atask on their hands, looking for this man. they believe al hamed is responsible. he may have entered greece as a refugee. he's very dangerous and armed.
4:02 am
cnn is covering this story from every angle. sb michael, i want to start with you. what else have you learned about naim al hamed this morning? >> as you said there, presume him to be armed and is potentially a dangerous man. you could call him the most wanted man in europe at the moment. al hamed came in with the wave of refugees flooding into europe. two of the paris attackers came in at the same time and made his way through europe and they say was absolutely involved in the paris attacks and quite possibly the attacks here in brussels as well. a man that they are very, very concerned about and the manhunt is on for him. 28 years old, born in a syrian
4:03 am
city of hamms. at large and wanted at the moment. >> what about the moroccan man arrested in germany? what do we know about that? >> reporter: interesting. he was picked up, a random stop at a train station. they checked him out. the jgerman's were good at finding who he is. he was on a list of who to question. they looked at his phone and found a text message arnds the time the attacks happened. also, some other contacts with some of those involved in the belgian attacks. people were picked up in france as well. one person picked up was apparently in the planning stages of another attack and the french authority police, they handed off something there and he, also, connected to those
4:04 am
involved in the belgium attacks. >> michael holmes, thank you for the information, appreciate it. >> tom, i want to start with you. we know that in the hours after the attacks on tuesday, naim al h hamed's name showed up. why did authorities wait several days before releasing it broadly to the public? >> victor, first of all, philosophically, european police services are very close to the vest when it comes to information about suspects. it's very different than the philosophy by u.s. law enforcement. here, if we have a photo of a bank robbery suspect or kidnapping suspect or we have an amber alert, we put it out immediately. we immediately seek public assistance. over there, they worry it is going to taint the prosecution,
4:05 am
it will taint the jury if they have someone's name in the media. they don't do it as early as they should. it's one thing when you are worried it is going to affect your prosecution. there's no excuse for it, in my opinion, when you jeopardize public lives and have dangerous individuals running around in europe that should be picked up that other members of the public should be aware of these people and be looking for them. you don't have that. you don't have the cooperation of the public because the police don't seek it in the first place in many of these situations. >> so, john, there were admissions of mistakes made by the belgian interior minister, by many others in the government and there were promises made months ago, years ago after the "charlie hebdo" attacks. after the attacks in november in paris, more promises to support those authorities.
4:06 am
now, we are hearing many promises. again, what will it take? is this the threshold that needs to be crossed to implement the changes that need to happen? >> victor, we seem to go through this cycle of attack, promises, repeat. promises, attack, repeat. there has been some progress since the paris attacks, but we are not at this desirable level where things can be improved, especially at a real-time level. that is the most important aspect. one of the problems is belgium's own intelligence operators. it's because of the linguistic issues. there's a french dynamic. they compete with each other. sometimes for every counterterrori counterterrorism, there needs to be two roles, that adds layers. the law enforcement agency, there's a trust deficit where a
4:07 am
lot of the radicals are from. all the factors combined made it hard to have security operators against isis inside the country. >> tom, secretary kerry traveled to brussels yesterdays to reaffirm the u.s.'s commitment to what happened this week and mourn with the people there and offer support in building this counterterrorism effort to build this fight against violent extremism. put meat on the bone for us. what is that support the u.s. is going to offer? >> the offers have been going on for decades. i was involved in offers to assist in organized crime investigations, when i ran that program for the fbi. this is going on for 20, 30 years that i was involved in where, you know, the fbi and u.s. law enforcement and intel have offered to providage cysts, provide agents and investigative
4:08 am
support. really, they are not really as aggressive about trying to gather that intelligence as we have been in this country. that's not just only regarding terrorism, but i can go back to the '90s, talking about organized crime, the rise of russian speaking organized crime throughout europe, the spread of italian based. they didn't want to hear it. they didn't think they had a problem. it's not a big deal. we don't want to create intel mechanisms like you have in the united states. i heard that a lot. i was on the executive committee. a lot of these services this what the u.s. does is too much or too aggressive, collect too much. we have heard many of those criticisms, thanks to snowden and others, we have heard that in our own country. when you don't collect, this is what can happen when you don't have the information. >> are the belgians and across
4:09 am
the eu at large prepared if we accept what tom is telling us, are they prepared to change their approach now? >> tom makes a very important point. i would say that, at the moment, it's unlikely that's going to change. the attack like paris where 130 people were killed didn't bring forward the proper changes in cooperation and sharing of information at a real-time level. it's going to require more attacks in a shorter space of time to force europe to alter dynamics. um unfortunately, many of them got their secrets and unwilling to cooperate. they have a piece of the puzzle, if put together, has a wider neck. we know isis is dispersed through many different cities across the eu. they exploit and it allows them to travel freely.
4:10 am
cooperation is critical. >> that's a frightening statement. maybe you are right, you are the expert, it's going to take more attacks in a shorter time but after the loss in paris in november and what we saw in brussels this week, one would think that is enough. we'll see. we have heard the promises before. thank you both. >> you're welcome. all right, to the political arena we are going next. democratic voters heading to caucus out west. could bernie sanders chip away at hillary clinton's lead? >> donald trump is unpopular among women voters according to the cnn/ord poll. what does this mean for the general election if he wins the nomination? later, the rolling stones making history in cuba. ♪ this is shaving. a blade. many blades. sharp blades. blades here, blades there. some more over there...
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4:14 am
13 minutes after the hour now. democrats are going to caucus sites in three states out west today. bernie sanders has been drawing big crowds there, larger and larger crowds, in fact. yesterday, a timely guest stole the show at a rally in portland. a little bird landed right on the podium. there it is. we lost the banner right in time. senator sanders looked at the bird when the crowd cheered. amazing what people cheer about. sanders said the bird had a message to send. >> i think there may be some symbolism here. i know it doesn't look like it, but that bird is really a dove asking us for world peace.
4:15 am
no more wars. >> the dove there. chris joins us live from washington. chris, that was a light hearted moment. we know that bernie sanders is bearing down hard on hillary clinton. >> yeah, i'll tell you, that's exactly right. bernie sanders is coming into today's contest with his eyes on the big prize, washington state with 101 delegates up for grabs today. it's a must win state for sanders as he tries to stay with hillary clinton. there are few places as favorable as washington. of the 50 biggest cities, seattle has given him the most contributions according to the "seattle times." thousands flocked to his rallies. last night, 15,000 people at the seattle mariners ballpark. >> poll after poll shows us that
4:16 am
in match ups with donald trump -- [ booing ] >> don't worry, trump will not become president. [ cheers and applause ] >> recent cnn poll consistent with other polls shows hillary clinton doing well against trump, she was beating him by 12 points, we were beating him by 20 points. [ cheers and applause ] >> sanders is also expected to do well in contests today in alaska and hawaii, which combine for a total of 41 delegates. it's really in washington state where sanders is trying to run up the score. for her part, hillary clinton is doing her best to stay close. if she can avoid a huge blowout, she can get some delegates. clinton has 1700 of the roughly
4:17 am
2400 delegates she needs to win the nomination. sanders won 950 delegates. victor, i'm liking the pocket square you are rocking. >> do you like my pocket square? i'll send you one. >> thank you, man. >> chris, thank you so much. >> did you see victor's face just light up? >> i take pride in my pocket squares. >> let's bring in cnn political correspondent erol louis. pocket squares for everybody, he says. we are talking the three states, the democratic caucuses. it's expected bernie sanders is going to sweep them, does that matter to hillary clinton at the end of the day? not that the states don't matter. >> what does matter for hillary clinton is the sanders campaign. any sign of strength and today is likely to be another sign of
4:18 am
strength for him on the other side of the country, by the way, bernie sanders is opening an office in brooklyn, his birthplace. but the same place where hillary clinton has her headquarters. to the extent he continues to challenge, he continues on a day like today to chip away at her delegate lead. he is setting himself up. we are talking about the republican broker convention that a lot of people think may happen. the democratic convention is not necessarily going to be a peace fest. bernie sanders supporters, bernie sanders himself are seeking to come into that convention with the right to demand certain things in the way of party platforms, perhaps rules changes, a speaking role for sanders. he's trying to make an impact on the party. hillary clinton has to be mindful of that. >> we heard this from hillary clinton and sanders, we need
4:19 am
your vote. get out there and vote. when we talk about voter turnout, who is more dependent on it? >> today, because we have the situation in alaska and hawaii and washington state, you have caucuses that favor bernie sanders. that tends to be activists. frankly, it's an acknowledgement, this is a process for party activists. >> overall, they have been concerned with voter turnout. >> i don't know how concerned hillary clinton needs to be. we know for sure from looking at past races, there's no direct connection between the turnout of the primary in caucus phase and the general election. hillary clinton can say she's got something like 7 million votes at this point, more than any candidate, including donald trump. she's, i think, right to point out that she has no problem with voter turnout at this point. now, will they be able to
4:20 am
mobilize the 60 plus million people it's going to take to actually win in the general election? that's another story and a bigger project. that does involve some of the questions you raised before about whether or not the sanders supporters are going to feel energized, respected and mobilized when november rolls around. >> all right. erol louis, thank you so much. we appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> sure. >> the democratic race continues in alaska, hawaii and washington state. stay tuned for the coverage all day long here on cnn. ahead on "new day," a suicide bomber targets an awards ceremony in iraq. look at this video. more than 100 people killed here and injured. also, what the rolling stones changing gears, what they did this weekend to make history.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
oh, my goodness. isis claimed responsibility for this suicide bombing in iraq that killed at least 25 people, wounded 90 more. this was at a soccer stadium 30 miles south of baghdad. a local soccer team was being honored with trophies when the attack happened. six high school students in georgia are among mine people who now face murder charges in the stabbing death of an
4:25 am
18-year-old. the incident began as a vicious street fight between two girl that is faced off in a suburban division that escalated to include 50 people and a stabbing of a young m. ♪ after president obama became the first sitting president to visit cuba in nearly 90 years, look who's there. the rolling stones performing the first time ever in havana. the concert was free. it took months of negotiations to set it up. thousands turned out for the show. ahead on "new day," belgian authorities asking themselves how the bombers slipped through the cracks and what they need to change to prevent it from happening again. >> we hear the testimony of a
4:26 am
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4:30 am
the two brothers involved in the brussels attacks were included in a u.s. counterterrorism watch list even before the paris terrorist attacks took place. we have the founder of the belgium league. we are so grateful to have your voice in this. thank you for being here. i know that you are from belgium and when you look at europe as a whole, geographically, with open borders, there's an issue with people traveling back and forth. policies, politically aren't harsh enough to do their jobs. in your opinion, what is the biggest hindrance to stopping the attacks in belgium? >> we should think about the security merger. one of the measures which should be taken is about the program. you know, what happened a few
4:31 am
days ago in my country, it's not the first that we experience in europe. it started in 2012. the terrorist attack and soldiers then it happened in brussels in 2014 against the jewish museum then in 2015 there were several attacks in paris in copenhagen. it just one more terrorist attack and more, unfortunately, more are to come. we need to have a view of the problem. it's a very serious problem. the head of europe, which is the europe fbi said a few days ago that 5,000 are back in europe. so, what happened a few days ago in brussels, it just took five terrorists to do this. what happened in, last year in paris, in november, where 130
4:32 am
people, innocent people were killed, it took maybe tenter "rick's lis terrorists to do this. can you imagine how they can change the face of europe. we need a merger. it's not only about belgium. we saw the terrorist attacks in paris, they were prepared in belgium. the attacks in the museum, the terrorists came from france. we need to globally apply it and to give the financial and manpower means to the secret service. we are not prepared at all today in belgium to face this wave of terrorism. we need to do it quickly, firmly and to give all necessary means to fight back. >> so, joel, what do you think is the root cause of the terrorist attacks?
4:33 am
>> excuse me? >> what do you think is the root cause of the terrorist attacks? we hear all the time they are people that feel disenfranchised. what do you think is the root cause? >> i think the root cause is we are paying the price of political -- you know, in the late '90s, in belgium, there were riots, also in france and other european countries and main cities. instead of putting sufficient police forces in the street to bring back peace and security, what some politician did from the center, they outsourced the security. they outsourced the security some of them radical muslim clerics and we are paying the price for this. some politician had no long term view and today we are paying the
4:34 am
price. about the fact that some people are not -- i don't agree at all with this analogy. belgium and other european countries are the successful wave of immigration. we have people coming from italy, portugal, spain and the u.s., actually. refugees and immigrants from all over the world. all those wave of immigration from spain, from italy, from portugal and jews who came from different countries when there was the prosecution in the 20th century, they were all well integrated. we see that today some people are coming from turkey, they don't want to integrate themselves. belgium did for them more than they did any other wave of
4:35 am
immigration when we talk about means dedicated to integrate them. >> joel, so appreciate having you with us today. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, appreciate it. ahead on "new day," some of the families of those missing in the brussels terror attacks begin to have their worst fears realized. survivors share the moments it changed their lives. also the other big story, politics and how long can this go on? this war between donald trump and ted cruz gets nastier. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox®, an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine,
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4:39 am
we watch the terror attacks unfold in brussels, you can't help but think about these families that are hoping and wondering if the people they can't get hold of are, indeed, ones who were hurt in the attack or got killed, they died in the bombing. >> we know two americans are among the 31 who were killed. just this morning, president obama confirming at least 14 americans were injured there. here is cnn's jim. >> it's been the hardest day of my life. >> reporter: hope is heart break for emily. her boyfriend and belgian native is among the 31 people killed in tuesday's attacks. his family identified the 21-year-old's body friday. >> i'm going to miss the fact
4:40 am
that he was my best friend and i just felt like i could spend the rest of my life with him. i always told this to him at the end of our phone calls, [ speaking foreign language ] it means bart is always in em y emily's heart. >> reporter: the news delivered to the family. they were checking into their flight headed to new york. the family confirmed they received a list of survivors. the siblings were not on it. in a statement, the family said, we are grateful to have closure on this tragic situation and thankful for the thoughts and prayers from all. this, as secretary of state, john kerry, made a sobering announcement, americans, also among those killed. >> united states, i want you to know, is praying and grieving with you for the loved ones of
4:41 am
those who have been very cruelly taken from us. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official confirmed two americans among the victims but their identities have not been released. some families are waiting for word like those of justin and stephanie from tennessee, who are still missing. they were dropping off stephanie's mother at the airport. she was visiting the couple who live in brussels. she survived the blast, but has not heard from her daughter or son-in-law. an emotional reunion for a surviving victim, mason wells and his parents. wells, a missionary from utah is suffering severe burns. this is the third terrorist attack he survived. he remembers this one vividly. >> i was looking down and a huge blast in my right eye. i believe my body was picked up for a moment. a large part of my body got really hot and really cold.
4:42 am
i was covered in a lot of fluids, a lot of blood. a lot of that blood wasn't mine. >> reporter: brynn, cnn, new york. >> keeping the families in our thoughts and prayers. ahead on "new day," you cannot get away from the bitter feud between donlds trump and ted cruz. what is the impact of their feud on the voter? talk about that. and later this morning, we'll talk with the chairman of the ted cruz campaign about the attacks and whether it changes commitment to support the nominee if the nominee happens to be donald trump.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
the mud slinging on the campaign trail has gotten pretty bad. so bad it's now on the front page of supermarket tabloids. >> ted cruz blaming donald trump for a story. trump says i have nothing to do with it. >> reporter: good morning, victor and christi. ted cruz held an aggressive press conference here in wisconsin blasting and blaming trump that he planted the story in the tabloid. ted cruz breathing fire. >> donald trump may be a rat, but i have no desire to cop late that. this garbage does not belong in politics. >> reporter: in a hastily arranged press conference, the
4:47 am
texas governor bringing up, unprovoked, a tabloid story about him, accusing donald trump of being behind it, but not offering proof. >> it is complete and utter lies. it is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from donald trump and his henchmen. >> reporter: donald trump saying i had absolutely nothing to do with it. i didn't know about it and have not, as yet, read it. sharply personal attacks including spouses. trump threatening to spill the beans on heidi cruz and animage of his wife with the kangs images are worth a thousand words. cruz looking to frame it as a pattern for trump. >> strong women scare him. >> reporter: this isn't the first time he's stirred up controversy with his comments
4:48 am
about women from megan kelly. >> asking ridiculous questions. you could see there's blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> reporter: in comments to "rolling stone" about karlie fiorina's face. look at that face. would anyone vote for that? >> everyone heard what mr. trump said. >> reporter: to the digs to hillary clinton. >> and hillary, who has become very shrill. you know the word shrill? she's become shrill. >> reporter: the latest cnn/orc poll shows 59% of women have a favorable view of trump, 39% have an unfavrable view. it jumps to 73% among registered women nationwide. ted cruz blasted donald trump for being largely absent from
4:49 am
the campaign trail this week. cruz said trump is hiding out in trump tower while he basically picks these twitter fights online. trump will return to the campaign trail next week. >> thank you so much. let's have the conversation now. i'll bring in cnn political commentator jeffrey and back with us, police cal commentator for cnn and hillary clinton supporter, maria. good to have both of you? >> good morning, victor. >> thank you. people love the pocket square this morning. >> it was worth the money. >> it was. we know donald trump loves political polls, the ones that have him on top. he may not like this one. 73% of women viewing him unfavorably with the hypothetical match up with hillary clinton, he trails by 27 points. how does this conversation help him overcome that? >> well, this is, frankly, a lousy conversation.
4:50 am
so much that i'm not going there. i think the whole thing is garbage. >> what? jeffrey, this is the first time i have heard you not, like, just stand-up behind and next to donald trump. >> well, look, what can i say. i agree with senator cruz. i think the thing is garbage. i don't think we should be going there, period. that's all i'm going to say. >> that from jeffrey. let me come as it relates to this deficit that donald trump faces with women. with men, though, white men, especially, we've seen in recent contests in the primary that hillary clinton struggles with winning with white men over bernie sanders, is that a concern for her? >> no, i didn't think it is. i think once she becomes the nominee, i believe the country, the party will unify behind her. we have seen the debotchry going on on the gop side and i feel like frankly these days every
4:51 am
time i talk about the gop primary race i have to go home and take a shower. this is something americans are seeing unfold before their very eyes and aren't happy about it. you see the numbers of hillary clinton over donald trump and not just the nearly 30-point advantage she has among women that should worry donald trump and his supporters and the republican party since he's most likely going to become the nominee. it's his numbers of unfavorability with hispanics. it's his numbers against her on issues of national security, on issues of concern to middle close voters and in essence, people don't see him as somebody who has the values and the temperament to be our commander in chief. >> let me jump in. we know this week when we saw hillary clinton at stanford university giving this speech on national security and responding to statements that we heard from
4:52 am
ted cruz and donald trump on the same day there was this back and forth over the discussion of a tabloid story. >> exactly. >> how does this impact the presidential campaign but down ballot races for republicans in november? >> two things. i think that, you know, allegations donald trump had something to do with this story is garbage, as well. >> got that. >> there is other people being targeted, not going to go there. secondly, in terms of hillary clinton, she has her own women problems. she does have juanita out there making allegations about hillary clinton that aren't going to play well with women and most assuredly, she's not going to be able to skip on this during the fall campaign. so i do think that that's something -- you know, the picture always changes no matter who the nominees are, when we get down to two people in the
4:53 am
fall, as i frequently said there was a december 1979 poll that had jimmy carter beating ronald reagan 60 to 32%. things changed in a year and things will change here. >> is that comparable, maria? i'll give you the last 30 seconds? >> no, when you have two of the republican front runners calling each other lying ted and sleazy donald and hillary clinton talking about national security issues, that's really all the contrast you need in the fall and we saw a preview, jeffrey just laid it out about how horrible a trump campaign will be against hillary. she will be ready to take him on. >> the allegations are coming from women, though, not from donald trump. they are comie ing from women. >> okay. all right. good luck with that, jeffrey. >> maria, jeffrey, thank you both. >> thank you. cnn will host the three remaining republican candidates tuesday for a town hall in milwaukee. prime time event will be
4:54 am
moderated by anderson cooper tuesday at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. well, there is a manhunt this morning for a key figure in the brussels and paris attacks. we'll take you back to belgium for the very latest at the top of the hour. stay close. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard. i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image. it just gives me a different relationship to it. and i can't do that on my mac. this is brilliant for me. ♪
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4:58 am
eight teams left and for them, three wins down, three to go to win the championship. march madness lived up to the name last night. notre dame played a pretty horrible game against wisconsin for the first 36 minutes and then on fire for the last four. scored 17 points, two fewer than they had in the entire first half. they got a huge steal by jackson and he turned it into the go ahead layup right here with less than 15 seconds left and jackson would steal the ball again as the badgers were going to try to tie the game. the i race advance and notre dame trying to make the first final four in 38 years. >> north carolina proved why they are a number one seed. tar heels red hot against indiana last night shooting 52% from the field. hoosiers tried to keep up. north carolina would win 101-86 and out play the irish in the elite eight. unless you went to or go to syracuse, you probably didn't have the orange in the elite eight. jim has his team one win away
4:59 am
and michael put back his own miss with 21 seconds to go to give syracuse the lead and their shot is blocked. they will play virginia in the elite eight. cavaliers big first half last night. started the game on 20-5 run would go on to win 84-71 and virginia going to the first regional final since 1995 and two spots on the final four in the early game, it's number one oregon against the second seed from the region oklahoma and then it's another one versus, too, is kansas going to take on villanova. let's look at the cnn anchor bracket poll standings, guys, you know why? >> why? >> i'll in second place. >> yay. >> i have to brag. i'm in second place. you guys aren't doing as well as me -- >> very kind. >> the spot belongs to nick voo lens ya. >> thank you.
5:00 am
>> listen, we have a lot of news to talk to this morning. >> the next hour of "new day" starts now. we're also so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> at least 14 americans were injured in the terror attacks in brussels earlier this week and this morning, take a look here, people who are taking a moment to pause and give respects at this makeshift memorial in brussels for the 31 people killed and authorities are looking now for this man. he may have entered greece as a ref roue fee. >> we're getting video from inside salah abdeslam's apartment after the raid. you see the blood smears here.
5:01 am
the suspect says he had a small role in the attacks and rented cars and hotels at his brother's aquest. cnn is covering this story from every angle. let's bring in michael holms, michael weiss and co-author of "isis, inside the terror." holms, what else have we learned about him? >> 28 years old born in the city of haama. two paris attackers went to a greek island and made his way into europe at one point was known to be at a refugee in germany. the french sources are telling -- belgium sources are saying they do suspect this man
5:02 am
was operationally involved in the attacks that happened here in brussels. there were questions, suspicions if he was the mysterious third man at the airport or second man at the metro station bombing. big manhunt on for this man, authorities desperate to find him and the mood here, of course, is still a lot of fear why these mysterious people are still out there, these ones being hunted down and that's always going to be a fear here. >> we know there was, of course, on going manhunt but an arrest in germany. what do you know about this arrest? >> yeah, this was some good work it would appear. this was a man who was picked up at a rail station. he was on a list of people not meant to be in what's known as the zone, the area of europe that is without borders and indeed, he was. so they investigated further and
5:03 am
looked at one of his cell phones and found he had had contact with the brussels bombers, at least one of them and one of the techs chillingly right around the time of the brussels attacks at the airport had the word french for end. so some chilling messages on his cell phone led to police in germany picking him up and of course, he's being questioned and there were two others or another man picked up also in france known to have links to the bombers, as well, here in belgi belgium. victor? >> michael, thank you so much. now to michael weiss. michael, salah abdeslam, we understand this morning down playing his role in the paris attacks as we talked about it here. he says he did not know some of the other attackers. i'm just wondering, is there a sense these attacks are isis inspired or are they isis
5:04 am
ordered? how independent or coordinated are these terror cells? >> no, the paris attack, i know for a fact was plotted in syria and had the approval of abu bakr al-baghdadi. the question is, was it executed or i should say were the targets scouted with the exact logistics planned. this is isis' debut of the scene. this is the real first in a long line of foreign operations that they now tend to emphasize and because it was so spectacular, it led to the promotion of several european nationals into the upper echelons of the organization, particularly on the foreign intelligence apparatus responsible for planning terror attacks outside. salah abdeslam, he may not have known every single paris bomber
5:05 am
but he absolutely knew the mastermind because they were childhood friends and gotten into scrapes when they were petty thugs and criminals running around belgium. i have no doubt that his role was junior to that of mohammed, he was in the same safe house of salah abdeslam. >> the brothers involved here in the brussels attack, michael, they were included in a u.s. counterterrorism watch list we just learned yesterday. and it made us wonder, how often is that information a watch list like that shared with other countries? >> well, it's beyond even sharing with other countries, often times departments in one country don't share with each other. to give you an example, the
5:06 am
tamta tamerlan tsarni, might have had contact with known insurgent there was shared between russia and the united states but then in the united states level, there was some homeland security and fbi sharing it. this over weaning bureaucracy of counterterrorism watch list and keeping tabs of these guys slips through the cracks. you had another bomber mistaken from a national from the bahamas causing that community heart pal pa errors, lack of communication in one country and chance nationally, it always is the case whenever something like this happens, there is always somebody flagged at some point internationally or within the country in which he strikes.
5:07 am
>> all right. michael weiss, we always appreciate hearing your thoughts. thank you so much. >> thank you. so ahead, president obama is saying there is no need for a quote plan b against isis. we'll take a look at the u.s. involvement in the war on terror. >> plus, the republicans continue the top front runners here, donald trump and ted cruz going head-to-head this weekend partly over their wives. has this gone too far? >> how low will donald go? network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth a little bit. like this. faster, more reliable and better coverage than ever. and it shows the coverage there. uh, oh, hold on. oh! map is not a depiction of coverage! well, then what's the point? i'm speechless. only verizon has the largest 4g lte network in america.
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5:10 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at there have been several major terror attacks since the candidates started and several offered differing opinions how to stop the spread of violent extremism. ted cruz advocateed to push law
5:11 am
enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. hillary clinton had this to say about that plan. >> so when republican candidates like ted cruz call for treating american muslims like criminals and for racially profiling predominantly muslim neighborhoods, it's wrong, it's counterproductive, it's dangerous. >> all right. let's discuss now and bring in chad sweet. he is ted cruz' campaign chairman. chad, good to have you this morning. >> good to be with you. >> secretary clinton says it makes muslims feel like criminals. why is she wrong? >> well, she's wrong on multiple levels and i can tell you this not just in theory but practice. when i was formally chief of staff at the department of homeland security, i was personally involved with the counter radicalization programs that we worked with the muslim community with and they actually want visible and active
5:12 am
engagement by law enforcement in their communities, why, because they are the most at risk. >> but engagement is not patrolling. patrolling, i think when people have a visual image, it is a uniform person pacing up and down through communities. what would this patrol look like? >> the senator, if you go back and look at the quote from the campaign, it was not only patrol and secure the communities and what the senator is calling for is actual visible and active law enforcement engagement. some of that is patrolling. it's not dissimilar to what we see across the country where police departments are engaged in what's called community policing. this is a tactic and technique used throughout this country in dealing with organized crime, drug gangs, et cetera. that is part of it. the other part of it is the softer engagement with partnering with the community to identify suspicious behavior and engage early to help at risk kids and again, these children,
5:13 am
a lot of the kids of the muslim community are being prayed upon by these extremists and radicalized online and frankly, many of the plots that i was involved with, which were disrupted were disrupted precisely because of the engagement with the muslim community. >> engagement, yes, but part of the plan so i'm hearing you is to have uniformed officers walking the beat in muslim neighborhoods. >> it's the full -- it's the full spectrum, victor. some of that is involving visible presence. that's happening right now. for example, in new york city, is a common practice that times of heightened alert that you will see multiple police cruisers operating in the neighborhood. that would take place if there was a period of heightened criminal activity around gang violence you would see it. again, senator cruz is committed to not vowing to political correctness to address this problem and i will tell you, part of what we're seeing in europe is a function of an
5:14 am
unwillingness to the law enforce the community to be visibly engaged. i know this because we used to work with europeans on this issue and i can tell you personally, it is a big problem there and if we want to prevent that from coming to our shores, we have to be willing to not bow to political correctness and not do what the mayor did which is shut down practical and effective programs in counter radicalization. that political correctness is make thing country more vulnerable and that's what senator cruz is trying to prevent. >> let me ask you about another issue this week senator cruz addressed the tabloid allegations having not been asked about them by reporters and blamed them on quote or said it was a smear. this is a quote. a smear from donald trump and his henchmen. what evidence does the campaign have to support that donald trump or his quote unquote henchmen planted this?
5:15 am
>> the quote in the actual article comes from roger stone. roger stone used to work and advice mr. trump. now he has left the campaign on a mission to go do what he does, which is he's a former nixon aid who is known for being a master of the dark arts of the dirty tricks, and his engagement with the national inquirer has become an organ of the trump organization endorsed donald trump and if you look at, again, the pattern, don't take my word for it. your viewers know when donald trump tweeted that he was going to quote spill the beans on the senator's wife, who is the god mother to my children, i can tell you that that kind of behavior is outrageous, but then what do we see after donald trump tweeted that? outcomes this article from the
5:16 am
inquirer and guess what? who is the source? roger stone. one of donald trump's former advisors. the pattern is clear. how low will donald trump go to effectively avoid engaging senator cruz on policy issues but distract voters into the gutter on issues that aren't solving any problems that our country faces. >> donald trump has said and there is a statement that came to the campaign that he had nothing to do about it, didn't know about it and didn't read the article so having said that, we'll reach out to roger stone interviewed on this network several times and you mentioned discussing issues. this was something that ted cruz introduced at that news conference, no reporter had asked him about it so if he would rather speak about national security fighting isis, why did he bring it up? >> well, we'll see, we don't stand back and take hits. the senator has every right as this story is being viciously circulated to respond and
5:17 am
respond vigorously. i think at the end of the day, what is important is you will see us pivoting and focussing on the issues that matter to the voters. every minute we are spending wasting our time discussing this kind of garbage isn't helping another american get a job. not helping increase take home pay for the voters and not securing borders. victor, your fundamental point is good. the senator will vigorously defend himself but not be distracted from addressing those court solutions he's providing and set before the voters they need to evaluate. >> let's wrap it here. chad sweet, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you, victor. >> on tuesday, we'll discuss those issues with ted cruz and john kasich and donald trump at cnn's milwaukee town hall at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. this hour, we'll hear from john kasich's campaign and let's talk about the opposite side of the spectrum there, democratic
5:18 am
side bernie sanders expected to win hawaii, alaska and washington in today's democratic caucuses. what if he doesn't pull through? a surrogate for bernie sanders will be here talking the 142 delegates may not sound like a lot but could really help or hurt hillary clinton perhaps? we'll have a look at what's expected today. stay close. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. don't let dust and allergies get and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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5:22 am
authorities looking for naim al hamed is a key figure in the attacks. he's from syria and may have entered europe from a refugee. he is very dangerous and probably armed. >> the pentagon will hold a news conference later this morning to reveal how a top leader of isis was killed. the man was considered the finance minister and the number two person in that terror group. a u.s. operation was underway to capture him alive, but u.s. special forces had to fire on his vehicle, instead. [ gunshots ]. >> isis has claimed responsibility for this suicide bombing in iraq that killed at least 25 people, wounded 90 more that happened at a soccer stadium. a local team was honored with trophies at the time of that
5:23 am
attack. let's talk politics as the democrats caucus in three states, bernie sanders is hoping to cut into hillary clinton's delegate lead. >> look at the states in washington grand prize 101 delegates a combined 41 in hawaii and alaska. >> cnn's chris joins us live to talk about the state of the race. sanders expected to do well today but let's be honest, clinton still has a very commanding lead here. >> that's exactly right, christi. i think it's going to be a good day for bernie sanders. he comes with his eyes on the big prize, that's washington state 101 delegates up for grabs and really a must-win state for sanders as he tries to stay competitive with hillary clinton. for her, delegates are rewarded
5:24 am
proportion anyti proportionally. if she can avoid a blowout, she can get a good chunk of delegates and build on her lead. let's look at the polls. the latest cnn orc shows sanders and clinton are in a dead heat when it comes to how faverbly democratic voters view the candidates with clinton at 73% and sanders at 71% that might lead you to think this race is closer than it is. let's go to the chalkboard. going into today, clinton has 1700 of the roughly 2400 delegates she needs to win the nomination. sanders, he's won about 950 delegates. so that means that sanders has to win 75% of the delegates left to clinch the nomination. that's a really high bar. clinton on the other hand needs to win 35% of the delegates remaining to become the nominee. even if sanders has a very big day today, christi, the math favors hillary clinton. >> all right.
5:25 am
chris frates, thanks for breaking it down. >> absolutely. coming up, we'll talk to bernie sanders surrogate nina turner about what's happening today. but first, in this week's start small, think big, success offering lifestyle classes online to meet demand including everything from knitting to cooking. >> when jan started his latest business venture, he and co-founders dreamed of the next generation of online universities. >> we felt like online education was broken whether we first started the company, we tested a lot of different classes by international history and personal finance but what we really saw was lifestyle categories, quilting, knitting,
5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:30 am
30 minutes past the hour and president obama is addressing the situation in brussels in his weekly address. this as he's being criticized for his trip to argentina and for attending a baseball game in the wake of the brussels terror attacks. let's listen. >> we will succeed. they want us to abandon our way of life, we will not. they want us to give in to their
5:31 am
vision of the feature, we will defeat them with ours. >> i want to talk to david, former obama campaign foreign policy advisor and u.n. and state department official. thank you so much for being with us. what do you make of the criticism being hurled at the president about some saying he should have cancelled these trips. >> well, i don't think it holds any water. you know, the president was on a historic trip to cuba and argentina. he was there for state dinners and to do diplomacy. most of the trip was work. there were fun parts of the trip like that but including working with and entertaining with leaders of other countries. he did a tango in argentina. it was spontaneous. the day after the terror attacks in brussels and this is part of diplomacy. he can't give up his side because of bombings and terror
5:32 am
atta attacks. life goes on. the president has given it appropriate consideration and the president has given appropriate statements like the one you just played where he said we need to respond strongly but we need to respond consistent with our values. >> so david, let me ask you as a former campaign foreign policy advisor, who do you think we should be hearing from candidates on the trail right now about this bombing and our national security? >> well, there is, you know, two basic parts to the response. one is law enforcement angle which is we need to make sure we are protecting our country, the homeland against terror attacks similar to the one in brussels and work with the you are popar. that's happening. the second part is fighting isis where it is. if you had ants and had a problem and fought them every
5:33 am
time they came into your house, that would be one way to do it but you can go to the ant hill and defeat the base. we need to defeat them in raqqah, syria and mosul iraq. that's the second part. what is the plan to defeat isis on the ground? i don't mean to minimize what's happening because a lot is happening on the ground in iraq and syria, air strikes and special forces of rages like the one we saw this week, but there needs to be a full plan to take back mosul and push isis out of the stronghold and then in raqqah and we need to fight them on the ground. if we don't, we'll keep developing terrorists and fighters who come to europe and the u.s. and plan attacks like the one in brussels. >> david, a lot of people are watching the news and this is the time of year they are planning summer vacations and travel and europe is on a lot of people's i ten rarely. >> i don't think it's advised
5:34 am
not to go but you need to be careful and look at what country you're going to and the situation in belgium. it's a very significant and serious security situation and other countries that haven't been attacked and haven't experienced attacks, it remains very safe. life goes on. we need to continue to travel. we can't give up all the things that we do just because there has been one or two terrorist attacks in europe but we need to be careful. you need to plan trips smartly and need to be suspicious of anyone who looks like they might be suspicious and might be planning to harm you. >> be vigilant and aware of what is around you. david, we appreciate you being here. thank you. >> thank you. >> of course. for more information how you can help the victims of the brussels attacks, go to and thank you for doing so. well, all t presidential candidates want to fight terror obviously, but we're hearing their ideas of how to do that
5:35 am
are very different. coming up, we'll ask insiders from bernie sanders campaign and john kasich's campaign what their candidates want to do. will do to fight isis. >> let's just talk about your friends in the muslim community. they are going to have to work with us to destroy isis. they are going to have to tell us what they are hearing in their community for people who have been radicalized and if we tell them drop dead, how the heck are we supposed to get them to work with us? ♪ i love to take pictures that engage people. and to connect us with the wonderment of nature. the detail on this surface book is amazing. with the tiger image, the saliva coming off and you got this turning. that's why i need this kind of resolution and computing power. being able to use a pen like this. on the screen directly with the image.
5:36 am
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5:38 am
5:39 am
and i believe if we win here in washington, we're going to win in california. we are going to win in oregon and we've got a real path toward victory to the white house. >> bernie sander there is in front of 15,000 people in seattle and with the strong showing today in three states, bernie sanders could come into hillary clinton's delegate lead. we got a map here that shows you the delegates at steak here in washington of course, jewel of the day. 101 delegates on the table. there is a combined 41 delegates in hawaii and alaska. we have with us now a former ohio state senator and supporter of bernie sanders. good to have you back.
5:40 am
before we get to the horse race and delegate count, let's talk about the breaking news of the day and this manhunt going on this week that hillary clinton gave a quite sober delivery of a speech at stanford university discussing national security and the fight against isis. should senator sanders give a similar speech where he discusses and i know he's done it on the campaign trail but should he deliver a speech that discusses this element after of course? >> victor, as you know, he has been talking about these, not simil sure about that. he is talking about king abdullah fighting for the heart and soul of islam. the america building coalition with the muslim brothers and
5:41 am
sisters in the middle's to stomp out isis. they must be destroyed. not only a threat in the middle east but sisters and brothers in europe and the united states of america. senator sanders is clear he will defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic but also talked about the need to not have america in perpetual wars. >> all right. let's talk about the contest today. alaska, hawaii and washington all caucuses. senator sanders historically does well in caucus states. and demographically it fits well to the past few months. are you expecting a sweep today? >> we hope so. we've been working hard in the states as the senator has across the country and the map has moved to a place where senator sanders will do well. >> we know with the democrats, they are proportionally
5:42 am
allocated. if he wins, 55%, maybe 60%, he still has a pretty steep hill to climb. how does senator sanders in pledged delegates, we'll talk about the superdelegates in a moment but pledged delegates over take hillary clinton? >> i'm glad you brought up the pledged delegates, victor, the superdelegates do not vote until convention time. there is only about a 300 person difference between the secretary and senator sanders and so we still have delegate rich states like california, like new york so it's going to be one state at a time, one vote at a time convincing the people in those states to vote for senator bernie sanders so that he can and will have the numbers he needs going into the convention. this is about the uplift of this country, it really is about what congresswoman barbara jordan said which is what the people want is simple. they want an as america as good as its promise and that's what senator sanders has been running
5:43 am
on and fighting for. >> we can't ignore the superdelegates because their votes count, as you said, they will count them even more later when they commit fully but how does senator sanders convince these superdelegates who have lined up behind hillary clinton to switch their alliance and come to his side? >> well, they lined up early on, victor, as you know but what the senator has been saying in the states where he is winning, you know, how can the superdelegates in those states still decide to vote one way when the people of their state said another. it is important to note that even in 2008. secretary clinton went all the way to the convention, superdelegates were pledged and did the right thing and went within senator barack obama who is now the president of the united states of america. a lot can happen between now and then but senator will continue to push and fight very hard and
5:44 am
when we get to the convention. we'll see. >> bernie sanders supporter nina turner good to have you on the show. >> thanks, victor, always good to be with you. >> all right. coming up only the republican side of the race, john kasich has the fewest number of delegates, candidates still actively running but continuing to stay in the race. is he further dividing the party? does he have a plausible path to the nomination? (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight.
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5:48 am
john kasich is taking break from campaigning, back on the drill monday making a big push across telling audiences he is the only one that can bring the gop to the white house. >> we'll get to a convention and delegates will think about two things, who can win? i'm the only one that can win a general election and number two, who can be president? i have the experience to do it. >> that sentiment is backed up in one poll. kasich would beat secretary clinton in a head-to-head matchup 51 to 45% and his rivals do not fair as well. let's talk to a former senator from new hampshire and kasich campaign chairman. here is the thing, as we talk about math, mathematically looking at the for him to garner the prior on that brokered
5:49 am
convention to make his point and try to secure the nomination there. >> well, ted cruz is banking on an open convention, as well. cruz would have to win 95% of the delegates. that's not plausible. donald trump would have to win 60%. highly unlikely. most likely there will be an open convention and the questions will be the ones john kasich described, who has the strength and vision and leadership to lead the republican party and take back the white house and who will win the general election. cnn poll showed only john kasich beats hillary clinton but bloomberg showed the same thing. "the new york times" showed the same thing. monomouth showed john kasich beating hillary clinton and ted cruz and donald trump losing.
5:50 am
they lose so big senate seats in ohio are likely to be lost on the republican side and that's just not the right thing for the republican party. >> when you look at the math, if he would do that well against hillary clinton, why is he not doing better now? >> well, look, i think in a lot of primaries, the voters don't necessarily look at electability. we got contested primaries in the northeast, connecticut, rhode island, john kasich has and the northeast and he's better positioned to win from donald trump in those states in the west, california, washington, oregon john kasich will win. every vote, every delegate and making the case to the republican party at the convention. >> all right.
5:51 am
listen, we. >> i will say this, i don't make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and family and donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. donald trump is not going to be the republican nominee. we are going to be. >> if trump is the nominee, will governor kasich support him? >> i don't know. you'll have to ask john kasich. i think the important thing of the clip you just showed, this isn't what the republican party should be about. it's not about name calling. it's about john kasich,
5:52 am
entrepreneurs, investors create jobs and for turning the economy around for restoring our strength internationally. just this past week, ted cruz said the answer to terrorism was to monitor muslim neighborhoods, or would he monitor catholic neighborhoods because of the bombings that took place in the united kingdom years ago. this is unconstitutional. donald trump wants to withdraw from nato. nato central to america's security. john kasich understands foreign policy in a way these individuals do not. he has a vision for the country to get us back on track while these two are fighting like two high school students over a parking space to impress their girlfriends. it's embarrassing. that is not what the republican party should be. john kasich is the vision. the leadership, and the strength
5:53 am
that we need for america now. >> there is no doubt this has been an unconventional campaign season thus far. if by chance mr. kasich is not nominated at the convention, is he willing to possibly branch out to a third party run? >> i doubt it. i doubt it. look, that's not what john kasich is about. he's honest, he's authentic, he's -- i think committed to the republican party because he knows what our party should be, ideas and creating opportunity and jobs, about turning around our fiscal direction and getting fiscal house in order for our children and grandchildren and cutting taxes reforming tax code and restoring america's strength. that's what john kasich is about. >> is about. >> it's not about game theory or running as an independent or name calling or anger. there is too much of that going on right now and it's not what
5:54 am
the republican party should be. and john kasich knows that. >> we appreciate your time today. thank you for being with us. >> great to be with you. >> absolutely. thank you. and we'll be right back. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all.
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(vofights mess right.ghtweight 4-in-1
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attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight. ... and now it's light. every home, every cat. there's a tidy cats for that. all right. we've got breaking news in right now. we're learning of charges, charges against a person. we don't know what the c stands for. that's as much as we've been given related to participation in terrorist activities. >> cnn's tim lister is in london following this and the happening this morning. tim, what can you tell us? >> christi, victor, it is indeed
5:58 am
one of nine people arrested over a period of 24 hours. he and two others were outside the prosecutor's office in brussels when they were arrested. belgium media reporting his full name but the prosecutor only reporting his first name and initial and he has been charged with to quote the prosecutor, participation in terrorist activities, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder and a search of his home was under taken and no guns or explosives were found. a couple other charges against suspects held but that is the most important because it's related directly to the attacks in brussels last tuesday. >> just to clarify because i thought i was seeing in this e lett alert he is not linked specifically to the brussels attack. are you saying otherwise? >> yeah, he is specifically linked it says within the context of the investigation opened following the attacks on
5:59 am
brussels national airport and the metro station, the examining judge issued an arrest warrant, although he's already in custody for him. it is specifically attached to those attacks, definitely. >> he's being held with these nine other people? >> no, several of those people have been released. some of them are not thought to have been involved in any way in the brussels attacks and are being held for relations with a french national who was arrested the other day just outside of paris. multiple investigations, multiple leads, this wide and rather disbursed network is being examined from many angles in many countries but the most recent arrest and charges that of ficil c. >> the latest on this breaking news, terrorism charges and investigation opened after the attacks in brussels this week.
6:00 am
we'll continue to get the latest on the breaking news as a manhunt continues across europe. >> don't go anywhere, smerconish starts now. ♪ ♪ i'm michael smerconish, were americans like this 19-year-old missionary the intended targets of the attack in belgium. i'll ask the head of the nsa and cia and ted cruz says claims of marital infidelity are garbage and blames donald trump and can the phrase vote for trump be considered hate speech? yes is the answer according to students that you'll meet from emory university. but first, just when you thought it couldn't get any uglier, a presidential race that has


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