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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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this is the free exercise protection act designed to give faith based organizations to deny services to gay people. doing so would infringe on religious freedom. they are inundating the governor's office saying sign it. the hollywood of the south are saying don't sign it. a lot of pressure on the governor. "early start" continues now. >> new terror raids and arrests across europe as investigators hunt for the two surviving brussels bombers. protests erupt in the city as tensions over terrorize. we have new information. dozens dead. hundreds wounded as a taliban bomb targets christians in a crowded park on easter sunday. we are live. isis pushed out of a key
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historic syrian city. we are live breaking down the developments. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> nice to see you. i'm christine romans. it is monday, march 28th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. new terror arrests across europe connected to the brussels and paris attacks. suggesting the network is bigger and widespread and more cities than we knew. the manhunt expanding for brussels bombing suspects still on the run. far right protesters stormed the memorial site for the brussels victims and clashing with riot police who pushed them back with water cannons. we are learning more about the americans killed in the attacks. including justin and stephanie shults. families received condolence calls from president obama on sunday. cnn's michael holmes has the latest on the investigation and who was arrested where and what led authorities to them. bring us up to speed, michael.
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>> reporter: i will by bringing you new information, christine. authorities have raised the death toll now from 31 to 34. we understand that does include the three suicide bombers we know about. the death toll was 28 plus the three suicide bombers. now it is 31 plus the three suicide bombers. new information there. you mentioned the raids. many over the last 24 hours. 13 in brussels alone on sunday. more people taken into custody as part of the investigation into the attacks. we know after a tip-off from french investigators, 32-year-old french citizen was arrested in the netherlands on sunday. that arrest tied to the arrest of another man picked up last week described as being in the advance stages of planning an attack on french soil. we saw the algerian picked up accused of making false
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documents. this points to the breadth and complexity of the web of isis sympathizers. we saw the ugly scenes in the square behind me. the place de la borst. the memorial site. this group marching and chanting "this is our home" as they confronted women in head scarves. we saw some nazi salutes there. many of them were soccer hooligans or skinheads. as i say, skinheads, troublemakers, but emblematic of w what we have seen growing throughout europe. supported by those who are opposing sometimes fiercely, the migrant and refugee populations in their communities. let's remember, we saw similar
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protests after the paris attacks last year. christine. >> we did. ugly turn, no question. micha michael holmes, thank you. cnn takes you inside the paris attacks suspect salah abdeslam and his brother ibrahim. new video showing them partying at a nightclub months before the attack. we have that for you at 5:30. a splinter group of the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide blast that killed at least 69 people. many women and children. a spokesman for the group says it intentionally targeted christians in a park in the city of lahore gathered to celebrate easter. let's bring in cnn's ravi agrawal with the latest from new delhi.
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>> reporter: the attack took place sunday evening in the park in lahore in pakistan. this happened at 6:45 for easter celebrations. we expect people at the park were christians. worst of all, there was a playground nearby and amusement park nearby. many young children and women were killed. lahori and pakistanis waking up to realize the cost of the attack. the accla claimants of the atta a group splintered away from the taliban two years ago. they're seen as extremist group that does not flinch to attack minorities or flinch the attacking women and children. it openly declared its target was christians and the government today on monday has
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said that it is doing everything it can to combat this group. it has already run operations in five pakistani cities. >> what a horrific attack on a holy holiday. ravi, thank you. the ancient city of palmyra is back under control of the syrian government. isis occupied palmyra and the priceless ruins for last year, but now they have been driven out. a triumph for president bashar al assad. we have cnn's arwa damon with the latest. it is the russians credit who have helped bashar al assad. >> reporter: it is, christine. russian air strikes up in the hundreds which then allowed for regime forces along with any
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number of militias that fight alongside them to get into palmyra. not much in terms of confrontation when it comes to fighting that took place with isis. although some battles did emerge. all in all, a fairly easy and relatively easy victory. one that bashar al assad is using to make a very clear point. that is his and the russian strategy is one that is clearly proving to be working, especially when compared to that of the u.s. and the coalition that it does lead. palmyra, one of the country's most historic cities along with, of course, the unesco declared ruins that are nearby it. they damaged by isis. that reportedly bombed a number of temples as well as shrines
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and other areas they occupied. in the initial days, isis took over, beheading an elderly gentleman, one of the leading archaeologists on the site. this is not just a strategic victory, but symbolic one for the regime. >> arwa damon, thank you. republican presidential frontrunners blaming each other for a nasty tabloid story. the race getting dirtier next. g) (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction... forward. one time: now. and there's just one sound. you and us... together. telling the world... we're coming for you.
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breathe. soon, you'll be enjoying a big 'ol brat at a tailgate and kale smoothies will be but a memory. next time you order kale, try using a silent "k". tastes so much better. the feud between donald trump and ted cruz more personal this morning. besides from the wives being brought into the story, trump denying the claim of the "national enquirer" story put into the fray. joining us to break down the mud fight is chris moody.
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good morning, chris. just really ugly and muddy and bad. it is dominating the republican field. listen to donald trump talking about the tabloid story and ted cruz's reaction. >> i don't care. the "national enquirer" did a story. i have no idea if it was right or not. they actually have a very good record of being right. i have absolutely no idea. frankly, i said i hope it's not right. >> he hasn't campaigned for a week. he is hiding in trump tower. he is sending tweets attacking my wife. it is disgusting to see a candidate attacking the spouse of another. it is a sign of just how scared donald is. he doesn't want to discuss the substance. >> is there an off-ramp from the
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scandal? will this consume the oxygen for the next day or two? >> when you thought it could not get dirtier, it gets muddy real fast. donald trump is an expert in talking out of two sides of his mouth. one hand, i hope it's not true, but then winks and nods. then his ally, roger stone, was quoted by name in the "national enquirer" story. i don't know how you take that into policy debate. it will shift into next week as the candidates focus on wisconsin. this started a couple weeks ago with a super pac ad in utah that showed donald trump's wife of a picture when she was a model.
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then a side by side photo of his wife and ted cruz's wife. hopefully we can find that on-ramp. it doesn't look like this story is going away. we saw campaign folks tweeting about it over the weekend suggesting ted cruz was lying. it is not necessarily going to get better if you are looking for a clean policy debate. >> chris, let's go back to the calendar of what's to come. we know bernie sanders had a huge weekend. gained a lot of momentum. there's reality of the math. math doesn't lie. is bernie sanders expected to really carry this through to the convention? >> bernie sanders had probably the best night of his campaign on saturday. he won the pacific northwest states and hawaii. it wasn't just that he won, it was by the margin of which he won. by scores and scores of percentages.
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ahead of hillary clinton. really sending a message to the clinton campaign. lots of people eager to get out and vote that are liberal. you raise a good point. can he pull this off nationally? that's where it gets more difficult. we head to wisconsin. a huge battle ground for the republicans and democrats. bernie sanders is looking to take that huge massive lead he had over the weekend. he will make the argument saying i'm coming up. he will try to pull away super delegates, more than 400 for hillary clinton. he will have to repeat what he did on the weekend over in the next contest. for bernie sanders, after wisconsin, we are heading east into hillary clinton territory. we're talking new york. bernie sanders is originally from new york. her adopted state. she should be strong there.
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pennsylvania, maryland, hundreds of delegates at stake there. that's where hillary clinton needs to shut this thing down if she is going to. if sanders beats her in new york, can make a case. >> it will be questionable if he can keep that momentum up with that pressure. chris, we will come back to you later in the show to talk about more politics. on tuesday night, the final three republican candidates in milwaukee for a cnn town hall moderated by anderson cooper. that's live at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. 17 minutes past the hour. perfect time for an early start on your money. dow futures checking they are higher. a long holiday weekend. oil is up as well. stocks in asia mixed. markets in europe are closed for easter holiday. no way to predict where the stock market will go over the next four years, but investors think hillary clinton would be better for stocks than donald
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trump. 25% say clinton would be best for investments. this is a survey by td ameritrade. 19% say they don't know which nominee will be best for stocks. the rest were split with the candidates. experts say clinton may have the edge because she is more predictable. think trade war with china. historically, democrats are better for the stock market. experts say that is more luck than policy. the s&p 500 has gained an average of 9.7% annually under democrats since 1945. compared with 6.7% for republicans. four teams left in the ncaa tournament. only one top seed advancing to the final four with the tenth seed making it for the first time ever. coy wire has the bleacher report coming up next. ants
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don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. okay. college basketball final four is set. >> coy wire has more on who is heading to houston in the bleacher report. >> good morning, christine and alison. three games remaining in the college basketball season. if those games are anything like last night's games we're in for a treat. syracuse looked like they were down and out against number one seed virginia. five three-pointers in the first half and syracuse was down by 16 points at one point. in the second half, on easter sunday, they resurrected themselves. they put virginia in the
2:24 am
pressure cooker situation and it worked. virginia had six turnovers in the second half. the orange turning the turnovers into points. richardson led the way. orange get the win. 68-62. syracuse the first ten seed to make the final four. they take on north carolina. the tar heels trading three-pointers with notre dame in the game in the first half. they come back and win this one 88-74. led by senior brice johnson. he had a huge game. 25 points and 12 rebounds. unc heads to the final four for a ncaa record 19th time. you can catch the action saturday night on tbs. the first national semifinal is villanova and oklahoma. a pair of two seeds who knocked off number ones to get there.
2:25 am
in the late game, acc rematch. these winners play for all the marbles on monday night april 4th on tbs. we will take a look at the cnn anchor bracket challenge. mr. andy scholes leading the way. christine, you don't want to see that. neither do i. we're hurting down there, christine. >> that's the reason i didn't fill out a bracket. i didn't want the humiliation. >> i think you are the true winner in all of this, alison. don't fill it out. i'll follow your lead next year. this hurts being the sports dude and i'm at the bottom. >> you and berman actually know what you're talking about. we're right there together. >> that's right. i'm glad i'm here for you. >> thanks. 25 minutes past the hour. arrests across four countries in europe as the terror network widens. could it be much larger than previously known.
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terror crackdown across europe. new raids, new arrests linked to the brussels attacks. what investigators are revealing as protests erupt in the city. we are breaking it all down. dozens killed and hundreds wounded as terrorists target christians. we are live with who is behind the bomb blast and what comes next. isis pushed out of a key historic syrian city. is the terror caliphate losing valuable ground now? what this means for the war on isis. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm alison kosik. it is 30 minutes past the hour. new terror arrests across europe. many of them connected to the brussels and paris attacks suggesting the network is bigger
2:31 am
and more widespread and more cities than we knew. the manhunt expanding for two bombing suspects still on the run. and tension is rising in belgium. far right protesters storming the memorial site for brussels victims clashing with riot police who pushed back with water cannons. we are learning more about the americans killed. including stephanie and justin shults. their families got condolence calls from president obama on sunday. we have cnn's michael holmes with the latest on the investigation and what led authorities to the latest arrests. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning to you. we had over the source of sunday 13 new raids here in brussels. adding to those taking place in days previous. more people taken into custody part of the investigations into the attacks. you had french investigators
2:32 am
tipping off the colleagues in netherlands and 32-year-old french citizen arrested in rotterdam. and one planning an attack in france. you had an algerian picked up over the weekend. that shows the breadth and complexity of the web of isis operatives. this is extraordinary. we talked to the lapses in the counterterror systems here in belgium and the government set up an urgent commission to look into the failures. that's what it was called. urgent commission of inquiry. we had trouble to get through to them. we went to their offices this morning and they are closed for the easter holiday. that sounds less urgent considering we are a week after the terror attacks. closed for the holidays. you mentioned the scenes at the memorial. the group chanting "this is our
2:33 am
home." confronting muslim women in the crowds and making nazi salutes. no real harm done in the physical sense with the water cannons. emblematic of what we are seeing, right wing tension against the refugee populations in their own communities. back to you. >> michael holmes from brussels. thank you. cnn will take you inside the inner circle of suspects salah abdeslam and his suicide bomber brother ibrahim. you are seeing the video of them partying in a nightclub months before the attack. what their friends are telling cnn coming up. a splinter group of the pakistani taliban claiming responsibility for the suicide blast that killed 69 people. many women and children. a spokesperson for the group
2:34 am
said it intentionally targeted christians in a park in the city of lahore. they were gathered to celebrate easter. we just learned all public parks are now closed in lahore. for the latest, i want to bring in cnn's ravi agraval. what do we know about the splinter group? >> reporter: christine, i'll come to that in a second. we have this in from the prime minister's office in pakistan. the prime minister just issued a statement saying that he will take this war to the doors of the terrorist outfits. god willing, he says, we will wipe them out. strong words from the pakistani prime minister's office. that might be a little bit reassuring for the pakistani people. about this splinter group, it splintered away from the taliban two or three years ago. this group has made a name for itself for conducting attacks that are brutal and not
2:35 am
necessarily in the northwestern part of the country, but in the cities. southeastern city, more populated parts of pakistan like lahore and it has a history of targeting christians. the pakistani government says it will try to attack this group in whatever way it can. >> so terrifying. the christians in that country are a small minority. attacking them in a park with a playground on easter sunday. just atrocious. we know the parks have been closed in lahore, is that right? >> reporter: that's right. all aparks are closed as of today. this was a horrific attack. the park in the city center on easter sunday next to an amusement park. it was also near a playground. we think a number of the people
2:36 am
killed were young children. we still don't have details on that. we don't have details on how many were muslims or christians. a horrific statement of intent from this group. pakistani will look for a strong response. >> a terrible scene. thank you, ravi. the ancient city of palmyra is back under the control of the syrian government. isis occupied palmyra and priceless ruins for most of the past year. government troops say the e extremists have been driven bought. a triumph for president bashar al assad. the liberation is calling assad to preserve and restore it. let's go to cnn's arwa damon who is tracking the latest for us from istanbul. arwa, we understand that it is significant when you see isis lose territory. the question is will the syrian
2:37 am
government be able to actually hold on to palmyra? >> reporter: as long as they have russian support which does seem to be unwaivering, the answer to that question is most likely yes. the syrian government was only able to recapture palmyra because of the relentless strikes carried out by russia air power. hundreds of them leading up to that final push into the city which allowed the syrian regime and different militias to recapture the city and take control of the ancient ruin. the unesco heritage site had seen significant damage by isis during the year-long occupation of the location. it is strategically located. it connects homs and another isis strong hold. it is also incredibly symbolic
2:38 am
for assad's forces to declare such a significant victory. something bolstering their morale. no doubt. it is allowing the syrian president to make a very blunt statement declaring very openly that his success was yes due to russia's support, but also to make the underlying point and to irk, presumably, the united states, he went on to say this is a clear example of how his and russia's strategy is working on the battle field. whereas the coalition's is not. all of this being said, this does not necessarily saying that isis is on the defeat or even on its back foot. yes, this is a victory for the regime, both strategically speaking and symbolically as well. >> with isis leaving behind so much human devastation and cultural devastation, but good
2:39 am
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record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting the feud between donald trump and ted cruz is more personal than ever. on top of the wives dragged into the fight, cruz is blaming trump for planting an ugly supermarket tabloid story about him. trump denying the claim. he says he has no idea if the story is true or not. breaking all of this down and the political action is digital correspondent chris moody. good morning. let's get the dirty stuff out of the way. trump responded to this tabloid in a disingenuous fashion, in my
2:44 am
opinion. listen. >> i don't care. "the national enquirer" did a story. it was about ted cruz. i have no idea if it was right or not. they actually have a good record of being right. i have absolutely no idea. i hope it's not right. >> okay. keep in mind we are having a town hall here on cnn tomorrow. we'll get to substance. first, is he believable on this? >> trump is talking out of two sides of his mouth here. he is saying i hope it's not true, but winking and nudging saying it might be. this shows the republican race is in a tough spot. a time of terror attacks across the world, the two top presidential candidates are arguing over wives. donald trump is tweeting photos to show who he thinks is prettier. this is not the place the republicans wanted to be.
2:45 am
it could very well go against donald trump in the end and back fire against him. people are looking to him after months of him traveling across the country and being a spectacle to look more presidential. this is not what that looks like. trump has been asked to answer questions on policy. specifically foreign policy as it gets closer to him being the nominee. and talking about this thing instead does not shine so well in the eyes of his supporters who want him to pivot to look more like a presidential candidate. >> chris, we are getting a look of donald trump. he sat down for two 50-minute phone calls. you can read that and the transcript of how he sees the world. after brussels, he and cruz have used that to shape opinions of immigration and migrant policy
2:46 am
in the u.s. let's listen. >> much of the cause of the terror attacks is the failed immigration policies over the decades where they allowed vast numbers of islamic terrorists to come into europe. they live in isolated locations where law enforcement doesn't engage at all and they are hotbeds to lead to these attacks. we can't become europe. >> i don't think america is a safe place for americans. we allow thousands of people to come in here. nobody knows where they're from. they're coming in here by the thousands. let me tell you, we will have problems. >> is so much analysis post paris and post brussels, terrorism and counterterrorism is clear that the united states doesn't have the same issues as europe for a variety of reasons. that's not what the republican frontrunners are keying into. >> no surprise they're using what happened as happening around the world particularly in
2:47 am
europe to try to say their policies on immigration are justified. i think that's something they would naturally point to. the question is whether it is right. i encourage people to read the times interview with donald trump on foreign policy. he seemed to be under the impression that in foreign policy, you can make a deal with just about anything. that's part of what he is selling himself. the guy to go to israel and make a deal with the israelis and palestinians or made trade pacts good for the united states. when the times pressed him, the article seemed skeptical at the depth of his foreign knowledge. you will see ted cruz drill down on trump. trump will have to show he is someone who can be in command of the policy issues. >> chris, i would say donald trump would wear skepticism as a
2:48 am
badge of honor for the record. >> if you read that, i never have seen the new york times more snarky in their writing on a front page story in my life. >> i hear you. let's go to what happened over the weekend. bernie sanders gaining momentum. now the talk is turning to super delegates. >> huge night for bernie sanders over the weekend. >> begin to look at reality. that is we in poll after poll are beating trump by a larger margin than secretary clinton in your own cnn poll. we were 20 points ahead of him. in the last national poll, we beat secretary clinton by a point. we started 50 points behind. the momentum is with us. a lot of the super delegates may rethink position. a lot have not yet declared. >> chris, go ahead. before bernie sanders rudely cut you off, you were saying. >> i would say it is a huge night. he needed that. the news wasn't just that bernie sanders won.
2:49 am
it's the margin in which he did. that's what he was going for up in the pacific northwest. he succeeded. now, as he mentioned briefly, he will take that momentum and try to make the case to the super delegates, most have pledged to hillary clinton. saying, look, the avalanche is on my side. look what happened in alaska and washington. he will have to pull that off again in wisconsin and then he will have to head further east into real clinton territory and make his case there. if he does exceptionally well there, he will have a good point when he talks to the super delegates. he has to face future tests. he has to pass them with flying colors as he did in the west to show he has a national appeal. that is an uphill battle for bernie sanders. that is their way forward to try to take the nomination. >> you are right about that. chris moody, thank you so much. on tuesday night, the final
2:50 am
three republican candidates in milwaukee for a cnn town hall. moderated by anderson cooper. live at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota joins us. >> good morning, ladies. love the purple. christine. in a few minutes, we'll talk about new striking developments in the 2016 race. donald trump laying out his foreign policy plan and he and ted cruz trade barbs over a salacious tabloid. and we will ask the sanders campaign about the new strategy to win the state of new york. in the wake of the brussels terror attacks, the threat continues throughout europe. police spreading a dragnet across several countries. we will have the latest on the manhunt for all of the attackers. >> thank you, alisyn. investors in a bad mood last week with a long holiday week.
2:51 am
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an exclusive look in the lives of six suspected terrorists implicated in the paris terror attacks. cnn has obtained video of the extremists partying at brussels night krclubs and participating illegal poker games eight months before the terror plot. let's go live to cnn's nina dos santos. this is before the paris bombings before 100 people were killed. were they associated with isis when the video was taken? >> reporter: according with their friends, they don't think they were. we corroborated that with police in the last few days, alison. the issue we face here is the pervasiveness of isis which has its grips on the two friends
2:56 am
according to the six friends implicated to the paris attacks. one still remains on the loose. two went on to become suicide bombers. the picture is carefree use. eight months since the video was taken, they came radicalized. they said the last time they saw the individuals was four or five days before the paris attacks were carried out by ibrahim and salah abdeslam. what is interesting here about this is it paints a picture, alison, of the situation where we have the belgian authorities who are, it seems, completely unaware this particular group was operating in the cafe operated by the abdeslam brothers. the two individuals, despite spending time in jail. one having been arrested and released on suspicion of armed
2:57 am
robbery. they say the police have not contacted them. they have not had any dealings with the authorities about this. obviously they wanted to keep their identity hidden to avoid that. we reached out to the belgian authorities on the video. we have yet to hear back from help. it goes to the nature of isis and what is a quiet suburban street and how it infiltrated this group of friends quickly with deadly consequences. >> thank you, cnn's nina dos santos. thank you. let's get an early start on your money. oil back up near $40 a barrel. stocks in asia closed mixed overnight. markets in europe are closed. the s&p 500 went negative for the year. the dow is up. nasdaq is down 4%. more companies are pressuring georgia's governor to veto a religious freedom bill.
2:58 am
20th century fox and weinstein company will take their business out of georgia. apple and other tech companies call it discrimination. the nfl says this would jeopardize a chance for atlanta to host a super bowl. disney, sony, amc threatening to move production out of georgia if the bill becomes law. the businesses georgia wooed and now threatening to stop business. it is the hollywood of the south. tax breaks can cover up to 30% of the expenses of a film. what is in this law? it is the free exercise protection act. designed to give faith based organizations to deny services to gay people because it infringes on their religious freedom. they can deny the services. it has corporate america in an uproar. word from georgia is that a lot of people are calling the
2:59 am
governor's office urging him to sign the bill. he is stuck between what companies are urging him to do and what his constituents are saying. the race for president getting uglier. donald trump and ted cruz with new attacks on each other. "new day" starts now. i don't think america is a safe place for americans. >> we can't become europe. >> there are things about heidi that i don't want to talk about. >> attacking spouses is and children is off limits. >> we are winning state after state. we do think we have a path for victory. >> multiple raids, arrests in five different european countries. >> the manhunt expanding for two brussels bombing suspects. >> hundreds of men dressed in black with their faces covered,
3:00 am
invaded the square. >> a suicide bomber targeted a pakistani park. >> many of the victims are women and children. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day". it is monday, march 28th, 2016. 6:00 in the east. chris is off. don lemon is joining us. five candidates swooping down on the next big battleground. donald trump laying out some of his kopcontroversial plan. and the war of words with ted cruz continues. a big weekend for bernie sanders. the v


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