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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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have arrested or i should say the individual, the gunman is in custody. let me be precise in my language. we have much more. do not move. continuing coverage of what has happened in washington, d.c., continues now with my colleague, jake tapper. good afternoon, i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." we're going to start with breaking news. a lockdown has just been lifted at the u.s. capitol after capitol police shot a man and a woman was hurt by shrapnel. it was a frightening scene today as crowds flock to the nation's capital this time of year. many families in washington on spring break. staffers inside local buildings at the capitol were told to shelter in place. we have a team getting all of the latest. manu raju and brian todd are gathering information from air sources. brian, let me start with you.
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what do we know right now? what happened? >> reporter: jake, we're told a male was shot by capitol police in an area close to the capitol visitors complex. we'll take you in toward the emergency response vehicles that are still gathered over there. that is the entrance to the visitors center. this incident may have taken place somewhat close to that point right there. that is the corner of first street northeast and east capitol street. what we're told, jake, is that a male suspect was shot by capitol police. that suspect as of about a half hour ago was en route to the hospital. we presume that he has gotten there at this point. we are told that a female bystander was wounded by shrapnel. no other injuries that we know of at this point. we were told no police officers were injured. the lockdown is now over. the capitol sergeant at arms has just announced this to the staff, that everybody is free to move around.
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the house and senate office buildings are now open for business. we just talked to one lady who was wrapping up a tour at the capitol building with her grandson. she did not see or hear the shots, jake, but what she did tell us -- >> all right. sounds like we lost brian todd. let's bring in manu raju, also on the capitol. manu, there were reports of another incident at the white house around the same time. what is the latest on that? what does the secret service have to say? >> yeah, this actually is not related to the incident at the capitol. both the white house and the capitol, neither of those buildings are currently in lockdown right now. as brian was saying, where he's standing right now is a significant spot. that is the entrance of the capitol visitors center where hundreds and hundreds of tourists come through those doors each day and exactly where that shooting took place is going to be very significant to
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understand, given how risky of a situation it is for all these tourists, who happen to be gathering near that precise spot. now, of course, jake, also this is an important time at the white house. there was the easter egg roll that was happening today. thousands of people were prepared to enter attending that event. and in the capitol, this is cherry blossom season, so tourists are going in and out of the doors -- law enforcement officials waiting outside the entrance which is where the shooting did take place, right around that entrance which is right next stto the supreme cou, right near the capitol building itself. >> and these potential threats are not theoretical. in 1998 there was ann incident
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inside the capitol where a shooter killed two capitol police officers, it was the summer of 1998, so officers there, security there are always on alert because they know not only could something happen, things have happened. >> that's absolutely right, jake. officers really take everything incredibly seriously. i've seen time and time again when there was a threat of a suspicious package in the capitol for hallways to be evacuated, even if there really is no threat immediately. but they don't take anything for granted, especially in a situation like this, and clearly with someone with a gun, with a firearm near that capitol visitors center entrance where there are so many tourists. even if lawmakers are not around, and they're not. they're on a congressional recess right now. law enforcement takes it incredibly seriously. we've seen incidents of people trying to bring guns inside the capitol. there was an incident in
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december when someone was arrested for trying to bring a firearm into the senate. that was -- this person was caught and charged with trying to bring a firearm in so it's clear this has happened in the past. we're still gathering details to figure out exactly what happened here. as we know, as brian todd just reported, that suspect has been shot and injured and taken to the hospital. so we'll see exactly what happened and how the police responded. but it's clear, jake, these officers take nothing for granted, especially since that attack in 1998 when two capitol police officers were shot and of course after 9/11 and as the risks of terrorism continue to increase. >> that's right. when you were talking about suspicious packages, i was thinking about the anthrax attacks in 2001 after 9/11. let's bring in dana bash. dana, you're hearing more about the scene inside the capitol hill visitors center. what are you being told? >> that's right. a law enforcement source that i've been communicating with and
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i should say that ted barrett and manu have gotten backup about this from other sources that the gunman came through the mag, and this is where the incident happened, at the magnetometer machine. we all know from going to airports that you go through and wait to see if it beeps. well, it beeped and it turned out that at that moment the gunman pulled out the gun, which is what caused the beep to happen on the mag and that's when he began to fire and he was shot by the one officer, as we have been reporting. so the question had been how did this guy even get a gun into the capitol. well, it appears the answer is he didn't. he tried, was unsuccessful, and it seems as though the mechanisms in place, both the technology and the people, the law enforcement officials who were there, they stopped it from
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happening. >> thankful for that. the capitol police and the u.s. secret service, we tend to cover them only when there are mistakes or disgraces, but they as a general rule to an amazing job under very dire circumstances. the white house and capitol hill under constant threat. let's go back to brian todd for the latest on this capitol hill shooting. brian, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: jake, we can tell you that the lockdown has essentially been lifted. this sergeant this arms for the senate has just announced that the lockdown is over. senate and house office buildings were back open for business. people are free to move around now. what we're told by law enforcement officials is there was a male suspect who was shot by capitol hill police right at the entrance to the visitors center. that's right over my left shoulder, down east capitol street where those emergency response vehicles are right now. still a lot of law enforcement gathered down there. that is where the incident occurred. we're told a male suspect shot and wounded, that suspect taken
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to the hospital. we're told that a female bystander was wounded by shrapnel in the incident. no word on her condition. we're told there are no other suspects at large, so this incident appears to have wound down, jake. one male in custody but wounded and a female bystander wounded by shrapnel. in other suspects at large right now. police officers just swarmed to the scene when we got word there had been a shooting near the entrance to the visitors center, which again is just down here, and the capitol was on lockdown for about an hour. i talked to a woman who was there taking a tour with her grandson. she said they were in the rotunda area finishing up their tour. she did not see or hear shots but they told them to get down, sit down on the floor, not make any noise and they held them there for a little while and then released them. so this incident appears to have wound down now. the lockdown has been lifted. house and senate office buildings are now reopened, jake. >> and brian, before i turn to our next guests, i just want to
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make sure we understand this. so the only injuries we know of right now are a woman who was hit with shrapnel, an innocent bystander, and the shooter himself. no one else, including capitol hill police officers has been injured in this incident? >> that is correct, jake. there were no law enforcement personnel injured in the incident. the only people injured wars the suspect who was transported to a hospital and a female bystander hit by shrapnel. we have not been told where she might have been taken, what her exact condition is and we hope to get more information on that shortly. we're also told no other suspects at large at the moment so the incident appears to have wound down. >> all right, brian todd, thank you. let's bring in former fbi assistant director and cnn senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes and art roderick. the visitors center can accommodate 4,000 tourists. what kind of security has been
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established inside that building? >> well, i'm pretty familiar with that area, i've been in and out of there several times. i'm glad to hear that this incident occurred right there at the doors because that's where the magnetometers and security are. we had earlier reports that was inside one of the small movie theaters they have in there, which would mean it was deep into the visitors area which to me would have been a problem. but it sounds like both the equipment and the law enforcement response was right on and they were able to engage the individual right there at the magnetometer and make sure that person did not get into that area. >> tom, take us through what investigators right now are trying to determine. >> the main thing is trying to get his full identity, verify what this person is, whether they acted alone, whether he's affiliated with any terror group of the some of the attacks at the capitol in the been from
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white supremacist groups. so this could be a lone nut who took a gun in there and used it. is he an individual, is he politically or religiously affiliated with some group or did he act alone and is this truly over. >> we're going to be getting a press conference and we're going to carry it live in about five minutes. local police will be giving an update on the status and we will bring that to you live, but let's continue this conversation. art, you can actually trace the history of security on capitol hill through the various shootings that have happened there. in 1954 a number of puerto rican nationalists got into the chamber and actually shot five members of the house of representatives. security was extended. in 1998, a white supremacist, i believe, was able to get into the capitol building. the perimeter was extended. now we have an incident outside
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the capitol at the capitol visitors center. >> i'm very familiar with how the capitol police train. they train at one of the law enforcement training facilities up in maryland. they actually have a mock area of the capitol that they use to actually practice active shooter incidenc incidences, suspicious packages and they also do in-service training there at the capitol. but they are well trained for these types of incidences. unfortunately at trial and error they become very good at what they do. today they actually engaged the individual right there at the security point. >> tom, as we've been discussing a male suspect is in custody. he is if not at the hospital en route to the hospital after being shot by capitol police. do you think it's likely that at this point he has been identified? >> i would think so, jake. i think it's very likely that he's been identified.
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i think they will withhold that information for now so that they can get to his residence, to family members, co-workers, others that may be familiar with him before the media gets to those locations. so they may hold back the identity for some length of time in order to be able to get far enough into their investigation and not be obstructed by what's going to ensue when the media tries to go to those locations also. >> you know, jake, one of the other issues too -- >> art -- go ahead, art, i'm sorry. >> if you saw that shot with brian todd, you can see they have the barriers up on the street there. that street is usually blocked off all the way up to the capitol and you can only get in there by foot. the first thing they're going to have to do is, okay, where is this individual's vehicle. locate that vehicle and then obviously search it. >> right. and tom fuentes, as you've noted, white supremacist groups have posed threats to the capitol. of course in this era of isis,
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everyone is very sensitive to any possible islamist terrorism. we don't have any evidence about any motive behind this individual or his identity. but certainly coming after belgium, certainly coming after the attacks in france, law enforcement at the capitol already on heightened alert. >> no, that's true. what you don't know is whether there is a coincidence, a copycat, what it might be. that's the fear that they have. that's why the quick reaction to lock everybody down, secure the premises and try to figure out whether they have multiple people posing a threat, multiple locations, both in the capitol or throughout the country. so that's the reason for the quick response. but it would have happened anywhere, with or without belgium or paris or any of the prior attacks that we've seen already in europe. >> also joining me on the phone is former u.s. secret service agent dan bongino. dan, your response to the news
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from the capitol. >> jake, this really highlights the difference between access control and security. we've seen this problem over and over. you have an unsecure area, you have magnetometers and a secure area. access control -- a ticket is an access control device, a ticket to a football game. what we have to do to solve this problem is engage in a more vibrant comprehensive security program in the united states that's focused more on some of the softer issues. surveillance, external surveillance around the capitol. countersurveillance looking for people that could be surveilling the capitol. we have to invest in our intelligence operations in the united states. as soft targets become a priority, you're going to see this situation present itself again and again. you saw it in the airport in brussels and you saw it today. although there's no indication this is terrorism, i want to be clear. you saw the same problem appear today at the capitol. >> well, just to play that out, let me ask you a little bit
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further, in terms of what happened at the brussels airport, what could have been done beyond what was done? you see individuals with suitcases. you don't know that they have bombs in their bags, it could be what is normally in a suitcase. >> that's a fair question. here's the solution. the israelis have been doing this for a long time. they have a very vigorous behavioral profiling system. i want to be very clear on this, a behavioral profiling system. it's not based on physical characteristics, it's based on certain behaviors. everything from microexpressions, little things in people's faces, expressions they make, to clothing to the way people twitch and what we would call in the secret service jokingly, the duck walk. when someone is carrying a gun, they'll use their elbow to feel for the gun. they don't even know that they're doing it.
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none of this is 100%, i'm not suggesting that. but it's the kind of thing we really have to reinvest in because as soft targets become the primary target, it's going to be impossible to keep pushing these perimeters out farther and farther. we can't do that. >> art and tom, let me bring you back into this conversation because obviously the israeli model is one thing, but there is not the same tradition of openness and the ability and ease to access the united states capitol that there is in israel. there is not the same sense that anyone can go in and see their member as there is in the u.s. house of representatives or the u.s. senate, tom. >> no, that's true. i've lived and worked in and around washington, d.c., for several decades now, and the problem, especially in the mall area of washington, is you're besieged by visitors from around
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the world and tourists that come in. they dress according to their native attire in their country, not necessarily to what might be the local fashion here. so many people are going to look different. they're going to have different color skins and different clothing, head attire, scarfs, hats, things like that. so really in a way you just have too many people that would look too different, requiring too much law enforcement attention to be able to allow that in washington. especially this is probably the peak tourist week with the exception of the fourth of july that you have in washington. the cherry blossom/spring break time and later this summer july 4th tourism. you have millions of people and they don't look like the rest of us, and that's just a fact of life here. >> let me bring in chris frates who's on capitol hill. i believe, chris, what's the latest where you are?
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>> reporter:. i can tell you the suspect entered the visitors center and when he went through the metal detectors, the alarm sounded. when the alarm sounded the suspect began to draw his weapon and that's when capitol police shot the suspect. just again, the suspect sblg the capitol visitors center, that's in the basement of the capitol. he started to go through the metal detector. the metal detector sensing that gun, setting off an alarm. as that alarm went off, he drew his weapon and that's when capitol police fired. i can also tell you that most of the legislative leadership on the hill today were not in washington, starting with house speaker paul ryan. he was not in washington. he's been broeiefed on this incident. his counterpart on the senate side, mitch mcconnell, was home f louisville when this all went down. i'm told by his staff they're
1:20 pm
certain he has been briefed. on the democratic side, nancy pelosi was in san francisco. we have not yet heard from harry reid's office, the senate democratic leader so we're waiting to hear back from him. the leadership staff for those three members all safe and sound, so that is good news. but while this all went down, most of the legislative leadership -- in fact most of the lawmakers were not here today. it was easter recess. congress was not in session. so if this had to happen, today was a day where there was not as much traffic on the hill because congress was not in session. but really the breaking news that we are following, the suspect entered the capitol visitors center, set off the alarm as he went through, pulled his gun and as he did that, he was shot by capitol police officers, jake. >> okay, we're going to take a very quick break. we are expecting a live press conference from the capitol hill police department on what exactly transpired. we'll bring you a lot more after this quick break. stay with us.
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welcome back to cnn's breaking news. we are awaiting any minute a press conference from the u.s. capitol police about the shooting that took place not long ago at the visitors center at the u.s. capitol. an individual trying to walk through the magnetometers. the alarm went off and what we are told from our reporters is that the individual then tried to take out a gun. he was shot. he has been taken to the hospital. we do not know his identity yet, we do not know his motive for bringing a gun or trying to take it out. we're also told there was
1:26 pm
another individual who was wounded. a woman was wounded by shrapnel in this incident. we do not know yet about how she is doing. those are the two individuals we have been told were affected directly in this event. no one else was wounded. no one else was shot. but obviously a very dramatic event on capitol hill. there was a shelter in place for quite a bit of time. that has since been lifted roughly half an hour ago. let's bring in some of our panelists. i want to talk to tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director and cnn senior law enforcement analyst and also cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick. art, let me start with you. when an incident like this takes place, how often do law enforcement officials have a list of people, suspicious characters, that they are on alert for and how much are events like this just a complete random individual that they have
1:27 pm
never heard or seen from before? >> i mean there are -- when you look at security issues here specifically, i know we're talking about the visitors center, but obviously there's a lot of facilities here in the u.s. protected by magnetometers. when i was with the u.s. marshals, i recall two or three shootings that occurred the exact same way. what the marshals started to do was think about screening outside of the building so they did not get into the alcove of the front area. now, when you look at this incident, there is an area between where the screening occurs and where you actually walk into the main dome area to go down and get your tickets. so they might want to start looking at moving that area for screening outside of those front doors, because once you get in those front doors and get through that magnetometer you do have a clean shot right to where all the visitors are standing to
1:28 pm
get their tickets. >> tom fuentes, we were talking about this earlier, this individual has been placed in police custody in addition to being taken to a hospital for treatment of his wounds that he may have suffered from being shot upon by a capitol hill police officer. when you think about the quick reaction time of that capitol hill police officer, that he was able to shoot this suspect before the suspect was able to fire his gun, it shows you just what level of alertness these officers are. >> it does show that and shows how quickly these incidents happen. so that law enforcement officer that fired that shot had probably about a one-thousandth of a second to make that decision. so as the individual was drawing his weapon out, when that machine goes off and that officer seies that that person s doing something extremely suspicious, like pulling out a gun, he's got just a split
1:29 pm
second to react and stop him. stopping him in this case would be to take a shot and not let that individual get a shot or series of shots off endangering the public or endangering the officers. so it's an extremely, extremely quick decision that has to be made and apparent low was made correctly in this case. >> let's go to dana bash right now, also on the scene. dana bash, what are your sources tell you about this incident? what's the latest? >> reporter: well, first of all, just to tom's point, the idea is that -- what i'm told again and i think it's revisiting, the dramatic scene that apparently went down here at the entrance to the visitors center, that the suspect came in, went through the mag and again the mag did what it was supposed to do, it beeped when it sensed the metal. and it was a gun. and once it beeped, the suspect drew his gun and pointed it at an officer but that i'm told it was another officer who shot the
1:30 pm
suspect from the side. so it was really, again, like todd said, obviously it happened in just a split second. two things. one is all of us go through mags a lot, especially those of us who go into these secure locations. and it almost has become rote and routine. your shoes go off, your keys go off, but this time it was real. it was an actual gun and it was a man who was determined to use it so quickly that he pulled it out right away and was taken down immediately by an officer standing right there. so again, to be at that scene and to witness something that is there for a purpose but generally these days is kind of rote sounds like it was quite, quite dramatic. >> we have been told that the u.s. capitol police will hold a press conference any second now
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you're looking at live pictures from the site of where we expect the u.s. capitol police to deliver a press conference at any moment. they are testing the audio equipment there and when that event begins, we will bring it to you live. for a lot of us covering today's potential capitol hill shooting, which obviously thankfully did not happen, the suspect was fired upon by capitol hill police, a lot of us are recalling 1998 when two capitol hill police officers were shot and killed in an incident.
1:36 pm
those officers, detective john gibson and officer jacob chestnut are constantly memorialized on capitol hill by their fellow officers in blue. gloria borger covered that 18 years ago. gloria, the shooter that day was a paranoid schizophrenic with no apparent political motive. we don't know anything yet about this suspect. but compare what happened then to today, if you would. >> well, you know, at that point there was no visitors center. it's the reason we have a visitors center, jake, is because what would occur is tourists would go into an entrance where you had lots of other people, staffers, even members sometimes would go through that entrance. members of the press. very busy. there was no sort of distance at that point really between the building of the capitol itself and the tourists. and i think at that -- that day everybody realized that they
1:37 pm
were unprepared. as you say, every capitol hill police officer either knows about that story, recalls that story, there is no room for error anymore when you're an officer on capitol hill. so two people died. i remember that the republican leader, bill frist, saved the shooter, if i recall, or tried to save the shooter. and it was a moment when people realized that there couldn't be this kind of a crowd anymore directly inside the capitol before people had been cleared through security first. and the center -- the visitors center took a very long time to build. it's very complicated. but if we step back and look at what occurred today, and again we don't know exactly how this went down. we have the outlines of it. it seems to me that things worked very much in the way that
1:38 pm
they're supposed to work. >> the murderer in 1998, the capitol hill shooter who killed two capitol hill police officers is still in an institution. he is still alive. let us find out more about today's shooter. chris frates is on capitol hill and has more about the incident not long ago with the capitol hill visitors center. chris, what do you know? >> reporter: hey, jake. what we're learning is it was a really dramatic scene that played out here at the capitol visitors center. that is the center underneath the capitol where hundreds if not thousands of visitors come every day to see the capitol. what we learned is that the suspect as he walked into the building walked through the mags, the magnetometers here in the visitor center. those mags went off. they did what they should. as he pulled the gun out of his jacket, he pointed it at a police officer and waved that
1:39 pm
gun around. that's when an officer responded by shooting the suspect. that officer was from the side. that's coming from our colleague dana bash. what is so remarkable about this is how quickly that officer responded. as you know, we go through mags every day. it's kind of the rigor as we come in and out of the capitol. oftentimes you forget you have your keys in your pocket, your cell phone in the pocket. the fact that the officer acted so quickly and saw the gun waving in the air, neutralized that suspect with no other casualties is really a miracle, jake. the other thing that is very lucky today is that most of the legislative leadership was not in the capitol while this happened, starting with house speaker paul ryan. he was not in washington today but he has been briefed on the incident. mitch mcconnell, my staff tells me they believe he's also been briefed. he was home in louisville, kentucky, today. the same goes for nancy pelosi,
1:40 pm
the house democratic leader. she was in san francisco. so if this had to happen, jake, today was a good day for it to happen on as most of the legislative leadership was not here. we're still waiting to learn where harry reid was. still pretty remarkable events unfolding at the capitol visitors center. the gunman walking through the mags. the mags going off. the gunman brandishing a gun, waving it around, and the police officer on the side seeing that, shooting the suspect and no other casualties except for one innocent bystander hit by shrapnel. this could have been a whole lot worse if it were not for the quick-thinking capitol police. >> a horrific incident and obviously could have been much, much worse. we're thankful for the quick reaction and expert training of the capitol police officers. we're going to squeeze in one more quick break. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we are expecting at any moment the u.s. capitol police to brief reporters on just what happened earlier today when a capitol hill police officer shot a suspect with a gun at the capitol visitors center. we have some breaking news about this individual, who has been taken to a hospital. dana bash has that and will bring that to us. dana, what are you learning from capitol hill police? >> reporter: well, this is a law enforcement source and i should say this comes by way of our colleague, peter morris, who says that this actually is an individual who was known to u.s. capitol police. the reason for that, jake, is because there was an incident involving this individual in october of 2015 during an outburst in the house chamber, during an actual house chamber session, there was an outburst
1:46 pm
involving this suspect and so the name and the information about this suspect was already known to capitol police. now, having said that, anybody can walk in through the mag, so i think we're going to learn a little bit more when we have this press conference. the fact of the matter is just because they knew who he was, the fact that he had a history and a record with causing problems in the capitol doesn't necessarily mean it is easy to keep him out if he's coming in as a tourist. but again, we'll get more information and maybe this is one of those incidents, as you have been saying all hour, jake, that with every unfortunate incident and sometimes tragedy throughout history over the past decades, it has caused a change in the way law enforcement at the capitol does its job and perhaps because they knew of this individual, this will be yet another change to try to make sure that those people
1:47 pm
can't get into the capitol. >> we're awaiting news from the u.s. capitol police on exactly who this individual was. let us bring back our panelists. dan bongino, former u.s. secret service agent, i want to ask you a question. when there is reaction time that is so quick, as we saw today, as we've heard about, by the u.s. capitol police officers, so that the magnetometer goes off, there's an alarm and the individual takes out his gun. before he has an opportunity to fire that gun is shot himself by a u.s. capitol police officer. that is a split-second decision. tell us about the kind of training that officers go through, because i imagine what you went through as a u.s. secret service agent is probably fairly similar to what the u.s. capitol police go through in that respect. >> yeah, that would be accurate. there's two different things here. there's the actual mechanics of drawing your weapon and firing it as a law enforcement agent and capitol hill police, which
1:48 pm
is difficult enough to learn frankly. that takes thousands upon thousands of rounds. but more importantly it's the target discrimination. it's training in multiple scenarios to learn not just when to shoot but when not to shoot. engaging in we used -- we did a firearm simulation system. you would look at a movie screen and see multiple scenarios to make sure that you are accountable for every round. >> the officer is speaking, we'll come back to you, dan. >> every day thousands of people visit the united states capitol and member offices and over 2 million people a year are screened through the capitol visitors center. today at approximately 2:39 p.m. an adult male subject entered the north screening facility of the capitol visitors center. during routine administrative screening the individual drew what appeared to be a weapon and
1:49 pm
pointed it at officers. an officer fired and struck the suspect, who was subsequently treated by medical personnel. the suspect was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. the suspect is currently undergoing surgery. his condition is unknown at this time. a weapon was recovered on the scene. the congressional complex was locked down and uscp ordered a shelter in place based on the initial investigation. at approximately 3:40 p.m. the lockdown was lifted and all buildings except for the cvc which is processing the crime scene. the suspect's vehicle has been located on the capitol grounds and will be cleared of hazards and seized pending service of a search warrant. an uninvolved 35 to 45-year-old female bystander also suffered what appeared to be minor
1:50 pm
injuries and was transported to the hospital. no officers were injured. it has not been determined as to how many officers fired their weapons. the u.s. capitol police investigations division, the capitol police office of professional responsibility and the metropolitan police are conducting investigations into this matter. i stress that much of this information is still very preliminary. i want to stress that while this is preliminary, based on the initial investigation, we believe that this is an act of a single person who has frequented the capitol grounds before, and there is no reason to believe that this is anything more than a criminal act. as jisadditional information is gained, i'll provide as much as i can through our public information office. i want to assure the american and visiting public that the u.s. capitol police officers
1:51 pm
continue to protect the capitol and the cvc for all who visit. we expect regular order of business tomorrow morning at the capitol visitors center. so people can safely visit the united states capitol and their member offices. again, this is preliminary information. as we get more information, i'll be happy to provide it through our regular pio sources. >> chief, is this suspect known to you, known to the capitol police? >> while we have not -- i have not received confirmation about who the suspect is, we believe that the suspect is known to us. >> and how was he known to you, sir? >> through previous contacts? >> disruptions, sir? >> was this the individual who disrupted the house chamber last fall, a gentleman from tennessee? >> i can't comment on that right now. >> chief, have charges been filed? >> not at this point. >> chief, there's been a lot of talk -- >> not at this point. >> there's been a lot of talk about security in light of what happened in brussels. this checkpoint at the cvc was
1:52 pm
designed to identify a threat before it could get into the capitol. did this work the way it was designed today? are you satisfied with the response? >> it appears that the screening process works the way it's supposed to, that's correct. again, again, this is preliminary and i know you want as much information as i can possibly give you, but without confirming some things i really don't want to give you bad information. i'd rather just give you the information when we confirm it. i'll try to provide as much information as i can so that you can certainly get it out to the public. >> chief, on the car -- >> i want to thank you very much. >> all right, that was the u.s. capitol police briefing reporters on what exactly happened. he said that they believe this was just one individual, one individual known to capitol police from prior incidents. they said that he is in surgery. they have not released the suspect's name at this time. they said that the woman,
1:53 pm
innocent bystander, only has minor injuries. they cautioned, as we all in the media should be doing as well, that a lot of the preliminary information they have is just preliminary and could be corrected. so with that news given, let us turn back to our panel. i want to bring back dan bongino, former u.s. secret service agent. dan, you were describing the importance when it comes to the quick reaction of law enforcement in situations like this not only to fire but not to fire because obviously a number of officers firing at a suspect in a crowded area with one that is teeming with tourists could potentially be deadly and cause a lot of injuries by the officers. so holding their fire also a significant decision to make. >> absolutely, jake. one of the lessons they teach you from day one in the secret service academy and i'm sure the capitol police are taught as well, you are responsible for
1:54 pm
every single round of ammunition that leaves that gun, there are no excuses. especially in the secret service when you're standing a foot away from the president of the united states. you don't just get to unload your magazine to eliminate a target. you have to be extremely careful. so the target discrimination is the difficult part. the mechanics of shooting can be taught, but it's learning when not to shoot sometimes. in a scenario such as this having heard the briefing from the officer there, it is amazing, and thank god that the injuries given the scenario and the amount of rounds that apparently seem to be let go that no one else was hurt. god bless the response. it couldn't have gone any better from the law enforcement side given all the circumstances. >> yeah, let's hope that their report that that innocent bystander only has minor injuries, let's hope that that's one of those reports that holds up as time goes by. tom fuentes, what was your reaction to the information given at that briefing? one of the reporters asked if
1:55 pm
the individual in question was from tennessee, known to have disrupted the capitol, i guess the house chamber perhaps, in october of last year or in the faum of last year. he wouldn't comment on that but did acknowledge that this was somebody who was known to capitol police. >> that's true, jake, but there are probably thousands of people that are known to them that show up there, cause trouble, even if they don't have weapons, get through and past the magnetometers. so it's not uncommon trying to deal with people trying to get in or after they have gotten in. it is uncommon to have somebody try to walk through that magnetometer with a gun or being in the process of drawing a gun. from the police standpoint, all in due time. they'll put that name out soon but they want to have access to that person's residence, computers, phone records, talk
1:56 pm
to neighbors and friends, others that can shed more light on why this person did what he did. >> all right, tom fuentes, art roderick and dan bongino, thank you so much. thanks to our reporters today. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we'll have to continue on coverage of this story by cnn. i have to take a quick break. but we'll have much more on this with wolf blitzer in "the situation room" after this very quick break. we'll see you later.
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