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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  March 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. it's getting even nastier as we count down to our cnn republican town hall. this is cnn tonight. i am don lemon. on the campaign trail, everyone is talking about donald trump not so nicely. >> what the republicans have sewn with their extremist tactics, they are now reaping with donald trump's candidacy. >> we're america. we don't shrink from the world. we have to lead the world. that's who we are. >> it's easy to talk about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. but the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? >> has the gop war on trump only
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made him stronger and is there a disconnect between the powers at be and the rest of america? plus, new york's top cop on capitol hill -- on the capitol hill shooting, i should say, and the search for terror suspects in brussels. we've got a lot to get to and we'll get to all of it tonight. i want to begin with cnn's chief correspondent dana bash. you have news on the cruz campaign. what's going on? >> the name of the game is to keep donald trump from getting enough delegates to get the nomination outright and i am told by a top aide to john kasich -- excuse me, john weaver, that they have been trying to work behind the scenes with ted cruz's campaign to do that, coordinate. not only that, that mitt romney, the gop nominee from 2012, reached out to jeff rowe, the campaign manager for ted cruz, to try to get him to call the kasich campaign.
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so he was trying to be a behind-the-scenes broker to get these opponents to get together for their common enemy. here's the problem, though, don. the cruz campaign, they are not biting. they simply do not think it's worth it. they don't think its in their interests and that it won't benefit them to work with john kasich on any level. so right now, it's not going anywhere. i talked to another republican source who is also trying to be a go-between. but so far, they are not biting. but the fact that this is an attempt just goes to show you how hard and how far -- another piece of evidence, i should say, of how farther both willing to go to try to stop donald trump. >> the cruz campaign views the kasich campaign as a spoiler. >> exactly. >> so let's talk about wisconsin now, dana. >> yeah. >> shaping up to be a bruising battle. how important is it to both republicans and democrats? >> very, very important. first, let's just start with republicans. what we were just talking about,
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ted cruz is hoping to win and win begin. they are 42 delegates in wisconsin. the idea bng that if he does that, it will make it very, very difficult. not impossible but very difficult for donald trump to get the 1,237 delegates he needs before the convention because there are only a few other winner-take-all states if you look at the calendar and trump would really need to get all of those. that's why it's so, so critical on the republican side. on the democratic side, it's really tight. you know, there aren't a lot of polls that show that either is -- either hillary clinton or bernie sanders is pulling ahead right now. the clinton campaign remembers in the not too distant past, they got pretty surprised in michigan when bernie sanders won there and the sanders campaign, they are hoping for another one. and again, the same goes for the sanders campaign. they feel if they can win in a
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state like wisconsin, where there are certainly a lot of college campuses and young people, classic bernie sanders voters, it will be harder for the clinton campaign to try to put him in her rearview mirror. >> so dana, you know, it's a dogfight out there for candidates. donald trump is threatening to sue my home state, louisiana. >> can you believe, politics are crazy in louisiana. >> whoever heard of that. no. >> never. >> right. >> yes. it seems as though they might be backing down inside trump world on a lawsuit but they are definitely not happy because politics is really down and dirty still when you're talking about these delegates and the voters are going out there. they are voting in each state. but then there are a lot of complicated rules in how each state then takes the allocation of how each candidate does and turns them into delegates and what happened in louisiana is the trump campaign, they feel
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that they were not involved in a critical meeting that allocated marco rubio's delegates. of course, he's not in the race anymore. and that, you know, that cruz iced him out. the cruz campaign said, look, we outmaneuvered you. this is how politics are. get in the game. that's what it's all about. but it just under scores how every single delegate counts now and that is where another fight is being played really behind the scenes at all of these conventions and meetings going on within the states that have already voted and as to how the delegates are allocated. >> dana, i know someone who is dying to get into this conversation, hugh hewitt. hello to you. what do you make of dana's news about the kasich campaign trying to coordinate with ted cruz to defeat trump. >> i have heard it. dana is the first to report it. my hat is off to her. i'm not surprised. she has the best sources. i also heard that governor
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romney was acting as a go-between campaigns. i had heard it but wasn't willing to go with but i wanted to hear it from someone like dana. republicans who are not aligned with any camp are working overtime to make the convention boring by scheduling delegate debate calls in the afternoon and morning so that there are not nighttime riots and nighttime fights because donald trump's not going to get to 1,237 and they don't think that ted cruz can get there on the second ballot, which means you've got to start balloting early or you'll have chaos. so i hate to tell me friends at cnn, it's going to be a dull cleveland television set because the republicans don't want to fall into a 1968 in chicago situation. >> but we've got people like me, we've gone anderson, wolf, jake, we have hugh, dana, we've got a lot of people who we can fill in the gaps with. so it will be -- it's still going to be interesting. i want to continue to ask you
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about dana's reporting and what you have heard as well. is it a mistake, do you think, hugh, for cruz to turn kasich down? why not cooperate with him? >> first of all, john kasich pulled off his advertising. it was constant today. right now, ted cruz doesn't have to cooperate with him in wisconsin because ted cruz is going to win wisconsin. i'm pretty confident of that. ted had a really good week running up. he's got the same donor network and activist network that governor walker did. where they are going to have to cooperate is in california. in june, there are 54 elections out here and where ted cruz may be strong in a few districts, i expect john kasich to do better. in liberal districts up north, they are not going to want to overlap or spend money beating up on each other. they want to get to cleveland. they don't want donald trump to get to 1,237. i expect that cooperation only
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implicitly. ted cruz is going to win wisconsin. >> i asked dana about wisconsin and i want to ask you a little bit more about wisconsin. you know charlie sikes, right? >> oh, yeah. >> last week you tweeted out a threat to spill the beans of the wife of ted cruz, heidi cruz. you followed it up by tweeting out a picture that insulted her looks. you know, wouldn't it be a good way to start off your wisconsin campaign by saying that wifs should be off limits and that you apologize for mocking her looks? >> well, by the way, i think it's true, actually, charlie. but you know, if you remember, melania my wife was a very big successful model and she did a
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cover shoot for gq magazine and it was a little provocative. it was gq and he was she was a model. but what they did ted cruz knew totally about. he says he didn't know about it he totally knew about it. he knew these people. >> so is this your standard, that if a supporter of a candidate does something that is despicable, for you, a candidate for president of the united states, to behave in this same way? >> does this hurt, fighting over their wives? >> charlie sykes is the most influential talk show host in wisconsin. he's a professional. and donald trump did very well in an interview for which he may not have been adequately prepared because charlie is
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#nevertrump. we're not never trump people but charlie sykes. they are going to follow charlie sykes a lot. that's why i think ted cruz is going to win. the conservative network in wisconsin is deep. they have five elections over five years or three elections over three years, i can't quite remember what it is, every register voter is known and cross-tabbed and the cruz voter machine and opinion makers like charlie sykes make a big difference. >> i absolutely agree. i got to meet sykes way back when scott walker was a presidential candidate. remember that? i did a profile on walker because, as you said, hugh, sykes kind of is the voice of the conservative movement, certainly on talk radio in wisconsin. but i think more than them following sykes, he knows the republican electorate and that they are not -- that's the point that he was making to trump,
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that they are not into this name-calling thing and your wife is this and her face looks like that. and it was pretty interesting to see cruz himself after he really engaged and got into the mud and defended his wife and defended himself and so forth last week, reset today and he did it even on the stump but even more so in an interview with our colleague sunlen serfaty. that doesn't seem to be like an accident. >> can we play that? >> sure. yeah. >> let me tell everyone what it's about. ted cruz denying some of the tabloid allegations of him cheating. he addressed them on friday, saying that it was garbage and then today with sunlen. listen. >> last we talked on friday, you said you were not in the habit of supporting someone who attacked your wife. are you prepared to definitively say you will not support donald trump if he becomes the nominee? >> well, as you rightly noted, i am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family.
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donald trump is not going to be the nominee. we are going to beat him for this nomination. >> so dana, before you continue, though, we saw this with marco rubio just before he dropped out of the race. is it getting harder, do you think, for ted cruz to hold to that pledge that they all signed to support the ultimate republican nominee? >> yes, of course. it's getting harder for him. it's getting harder for a lot of republicans in the #nevertrump movement. however, at the end of the day, they are all going to have to look into the mirror and look into their souls and figure out whether they prefer a donald trump or a hillary clinton or bernie sanders. obvious lea obviously, more likely at this point, hillary clinton. that's going to be the end of the story for a lot of them. some will say, you know what, i'm just going to be neutral. i'm not going to say, which means effectively that they are not backing donald trump or maybe even privately voting for hillary clinton. who knows. but i do think that not on that
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particular answer but broadly, the fact that cruz is trying to kind of pull back from the mud is, for a lot of reasons, one, it doesn't help him at all in general. but specifically in a place like wisconsin, he doesn't want to sully things in a place where voters are turned off by that, even more than other places. >> we're out of time. it was a great conversation. appreciate having you, especially dana. hugh, you know, you're okay. >> thank you. you have a hugh and dana reunion. you love that. >> it's always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you. don't forget, cnn's wisconsin town hall is tomorrow. ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump take questions from voters in a town hall event moderated by anderson cooper right here at 8:00 p.m. when we come back, donald trump says he cherishes women but do they love him back or will women stop him in his tracks? being a part of helping people in need is who i am.
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this election has gotten weird. wait until you see how weird this is. the gop just got stranger tonight. here's geraldo rivera donning a wig on dancing with the stars. take a look. ♪ >> vladimir, hi. it's donald.
7:18 pm
it was huge. it was huge. can you hold on for a second? melania. ♪ >> i want to bring in frank rich now, writer for "new yorker" magazine. what is going on here? what is happening? >> i think it's time for him to go back to al capone's vault. >> did you ever think you would see such a strange election cycle? what do you think of that? >> it's like we're living in i don't know what. a banana republic. it's crazy. i mean, is he still on fox? >> yes, i think he's still on the air. >> is that an in-kind contribution to ted cruz? i don't know. >> i think that donald trump would get a kick out of it because he likes attention, right? >> he would redirect it.
7:19 pm
he would fault the impersonation. >> i'd like to ask you the latest from the campaign trail now. did you ever think we'd be listening to two candidates running for president of the united states fighting over their wives? >> not -- not in our lifetime, no. it's incredible. and also the national enquirer is at the center of it and it just keeps going. your earlier segment -- i mean, trump is standing by whatever he's standing by on his tweets and cruz is fascinating because he called trump a sniveling coward for attacking his wife but doesn't have the guts to disown trump as a potential nominee. that's sort of cowardice, too, isn't it? >> you look at the latest cnn poll, 73% of -- he's viewed unfavorably by 73% of women. this is an opinion poll. do you think this is his achill achilles heel? >> it could be.
7:20 pm
i'd like to know about the other 27% that have no problem with him. i've learned bun thing in this election cycle, we cannot predict anything. hispanics, african-americans but we just don't really know what's going to happen. >> yeah. do you remember sitting here and having a conversation with me about taking trump seriously and saying that he could potentially be the nominee? do you remember that conversation? >> i do remember it. >> did you laugh at me? >> no. i agreed with you. >> you did? >> i never felt he could be elected president but now i'm beginning to worry about that. >> you have written about what you call trump's fearmongering. we've had three big terror attacks in the last four months, paris, san bernardino, now brussels. do you think that this works in donald trump's favor? does it play to his strong suit about being strong on terrorists? >> i fear it may with some part of the electorate and i worry, as i think a lot of people do, they don't want to say it out loud if there were a big terrorist attack that was threatening to americans near
7:21 pm
the election, would people be looking for a strong man in their panic and fear? no one behaves well when fear is the motivating factor. >> you've seen "the new york times," right, from yesterday? >> yes. his int views about foreign policy? >> about foreign policy. so the question is, do you think it will hurt him in the long run because he appears to have so little foreign policy knowledge or experience? >> to people like us, certainly. but i think there's a group of people who like trump who feels we're sick of the experts, they've screwed everything up, they got us into iraq. i'm speaking for them, not myself. let's have someone who is a strong man, a gambler and running it like "the apprentice." it's shocking but some people are so fed up, they want that. >> you have an article out where you write about the epic failure of the republican party, the
7:22 pm
establishment to take on donald trump seriously and to stop in. the pillars of the establishment failed to turn back the trump insurgency because they have no balls? because they have no credibility? because they have too little support from voters in their own party? because they don't even know who these voters are or how to speak their language. how did they miss this trump phenomenon? >> they are not in touch with their own voters. the fact is, the establishment fielded three candidates. jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio. they all went belly up. why did they think that voters would want them? trump is trying to hijack the party when, in essence, the establishment is trying to hijack the voters from trump or cruz. >> a lot of people say that trump would be a disaster, ruin
7:23 pm
the party but they are still going to support him as a nominee. >> it makes absolutely no sense. if you feel that way, you should say right now, forget it. we're not going to stand by him and have the civil war right now. but they don't have the guts or the other word i used to do it. >> on the democratic side. >> uh-huh. >> do you think that bernie sanders has a point? he's complaining a lot about -- he's been complaining, i should say, about the super delegates and in order for him to have any sort of pathway to the nomination, he's going to have to pull a barack obama, what he did in 2008 and get some of those superdelegates to come back over to him or to say, you know, maybe there's somebody else besides hillary clinton. do you think he has a point? >> i do. i'd say although sanders and trump are very, very different, they both have a point when they say the parties are anti-democratic and there's going to be some backdoor way to go against the will of the voters. >> but not writers at large?
7:24 pm
>> no. i'm clean. >> thank you. always a pleasure. good to see you. up next, ted cruz ramps up his harsh criticism over donald trump. we're going to hear what he's saying now.
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ted cruz won't say if he'll support donald trump as a gop nominee. that's despite trump's lead in delegates. cruz insists he's going to win the nomination. joining me now to discuss, sarah huckabee, senior adviser to donald trump's campaign and ron nearing, california chairman for ted cruz and communication adviser for john kasich. it's good to have all of you here. ron, i want to ask you about this. cnn has information that your campaign is trying to get you have turned them down. why is that? >> number one, there is nothing to be gained by cooperating with a campaign going nowhere you know, i love trent. we run into each other at all of these debates. he's got to have the toughest job in this campaign trying to
7:29 pm
spin that the campaign is going anywhere. he came in fourth in a three-person contest. every time they lose they say, no, it's going to be different now. we're going to cooperate or the map is going to get friendlier. at the end of the day, the kasich campaign is going nowhere i'm here in los angeles today. john kasich will win zero delegates. he's going to get wiped out in the state of wisconsin. latest poll is up by five. it's clear that the kasich campaign is clearly acting as a spoiler. >> so trent, then, why even reach out if you heard what he said, that he's viewing your campaign as a spoiler, why even reach out? >> because the only way to hold donald trump under 1237 is for john kasich to win the states of the northeast and the midwest where he can win where ted cruz cannot. and that's just a fact of the matter. ted cruz won maine. it's a caucus state. but in other northeast states, he's been trounsed.
7:30 pm
the only way we're going to stop trump, if we can stop trump, is for john kasich to do well in those states where he can win. the bottom line for the john kasich campaign, in respone to ron is, he's the only candidate that can beat hillary clinton. he's up 11 over her in one of the polls and between 5 and 6. ted cruz is even, if not down. they are negatives to cruz and when we get to the point where you pick a candidate that can win in the general election, we pick someone who can be president on the first day. that's john kasich. >> sarah, they are fighting among themselves and don't seem to be able to come up with a strategy to stop your candidate. that's good news for you. >> absolutely. i think the real thing is i'm glad they are fighting amongst each other because that allows us to focus on the real target, and that's hillary clinton. because at the end of the day, it's going to be donald trump and hillary clinton and these two guys, all their fighting is really not going to mean much and they are going to have wasted a lot of time and effort
7:31 pm
into helping donald trump beat hi hillary clinton. i think the sad thing is, that's where they are focusing their time. the nominee is going to be donald trump so let's beat hillary. >> this is sunlen serfaty. ted cruz spoke to her about donald trump. >> from the beginning, our issues have been on focus and substance. when others go to the getter, i have not responded in kind. donald has shown a willingness from the very beginning of this campaign to direct personal attacks at me and others. he's directed them at family members and my wife. that has no business in politics. people are tired of it. these are serious times. abroad we have the threat of islamic terrorism. here at home, millions are urt hadding. they want to see jobs coming back to america. they want to see wages coming back up again. donald doesn't have the answer for those policies so he goes to
7:32 pm
the gutter and engages in personal attacks and resorts to sleaze. i think people are tired of it. they don't care. >> ron, is your candidate ted cruz trying to move on and claim the moral high ground here? >> well, clearly senator cruz has the moral high ground because the only candidate who seems to stay up late at night and tweet weird hate tweets at women he doesn't know is donald trump. and if that is an unbecoming of a presidential candidate, don't know what is. donald trump has had a terrible seven days. i mean, really, really bad. you heard it in the recording of his editorial board interview with "the washington post" where it was clear he has no idea what's happening in the world. he's nowhere near prepared to be chand der in chief of the united states or armed forces, heaven forbid. it started with that and then went on to his obsession with senator cruz's wife and his tweets and attacking her publicly which is completely inappropriate and trying to move on from there and change the
7:33 pm
subject and try to pedal the sleazy story through the national enquirer. i don't know what is next, ufos or something like that. fortunately, people are starting to see what donald trump is like and that's why eavesdropping like a stone in illinois. >> harsh words, sarah. how do you respond to that, sarah? >> of course it's harsh words. that's what happens when you're losing. donald trump has a big target on his back. you heard ted cruz say time and time over again that people are tired of it. they are tired of politicians saying one thing in miss is miss and another thing in manhattan. this is a guy who acts like he's the 13th apostle but couldn't tell the truth if it hit him in the face. he's got a different story every day of the week and on every issue. he's been on all sides of everything. you know, the crazy thing s. he goes after donald trump for
7:34 pm
dirty tactics when his campaign is known to be one of the birth teaiest in the business. if you don't believe me, watjus ask ben carson. i watched what happened to him in iowa. >> hold your thoughts, everyone. stay with me. when we come back, donald trump won the louisiana primary. so why is he threatening to sue? wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority:you who don't have access to basic banking,ple but that is changing. at temenos, we use the microsoft cloud to provide banking
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things are getting pretty, pretty nasty between donald trump and ted cruz out on the campaign trail and now trump is threatening to take their battle to court. back with me to discuss, sarah huckabee sanders, ron nehring and trent buffy. cruz may get as many as ten more delegates and now trump is threatening to sue? and just to show how unfair republican primary politics can be, i won the state of louisiana and get less delegates than cruz. lawsuit coming. that's what he tweets. who exactly will he sue, sarah? >> you know, i think that's still being worked out but the
7:39 pm
bottom line here is just how sad this is. it's politics as usual. if you're not part of the insider game and not the chosen one of the establishment, they try to pick away votes one at a time, even after you win overwhelmingly win the popular vote with the american people. it's just sad that the dirty tricks that people will play. >> sarah, those delegates that were for other candidates -- >> they want to hand pick the candidates and take the vote away from -- >> so those other candidates who are no longer in the race, should they just sit there and not go to either of the candidates? i think that's what the cruz campaign is trying to do, is to get the delegates for the people who are not there. >> i think that's what they are trying to tell you that they are doing but there's a lot more going on behind the scenes here. the same thing happened to my dad in 2008 in louisiana. he beat john mccain and later down the line while still in the race, they did backhand,
7:40 pm
backdoor deals. >> your dad is mike huckabee, just so people know. form former arkansas governor. >> really good guy. >> cruz and kasich are tryingis get kasich to drop out of the race. it's really impossible for him to win. how long will he stay in this race? >> as long as it takes to win the nomination. no candidate is going to get the 1237. if senator cruz is going to get the nomination, he needs everyone to stop trump, including john kasich. he's going to stay in it because he's caring about the future of the republican party and the united states of america. he's the best candidate that's ready to take the job on day one. he continues to beat hillary by 11 points in one of the latest polls and he is the most tested, the most proven executive in terms of job creation, national security and the kinds of things we need to do to get the country working together. all of these candidates are so
7:41 pm
divisive. hillary, trump and cruz, that none of them are going to bring the country together and that's why, as this race continues, you have three more months and the more this mudslinging goes on, the late deciders are breaking more and more for john kasich. >> more was said in that sigh than a thousand words. it was a shy heard around the world. but the cruz campaign has a whole team dedicated to figuring out how big of a process where the final delegate is decided. is your campaign simply outnumbering kasich's campaign on this issue? >> we have a very good campaign. i think donald trump would do a lot better in this race instead of staying up late at night, sending hate tweets to people on twitter, he would bother reading the rules of the republican party and then wage his campaign accordingly. he's not bothering to do that. he says he hires, quote, the best people, but they seem to be
7:42 pm
getting outmaneuvered right, left and center so we hope he continues doing what he's doing in that regard. we want everyone to come over to our team. senator cruz has been adamant that he wants to unite the republican party. that's why we have people like ma mark levin and jeb bush come on board. we want them to come onto our team so we can go up against hillary clinton in november and put a republican in the white house who will put conservative ideas into action. as for what trent has to say, he just said about five minutes ago that john kasich is the most electable, you know, the one who does the best. you're not the most electable if you've lost about 27 elections so far and trent says that john is going to do great in the midwest. well, the last time i checked, wisconsin is pretty much in the midwest and where is john kasich going to come in in wisconsin? he's not going to come in first, that's for sure. he's continuing to be a spoiler, that's for sure. but we've had a great week.
7:43 pm
>> not in pennsylvania. >> we've had a great week. we're very happy about it. >> i'm sorry? >> well, in pennsylvania, a brand-new poll shows kasich tied with trump for first. that's a swing state. he'd have to win in a general election and a primary. so in very certain states like pennsylvania, ohio and new hampshire, the states that decide a general election, john kasich is the only one that can beat hillary. >> thanks, everyone. we're going to hear from all of your candidates tomorrow. thank you very much. don't forget, cnn's wisconsin gop town hall all tomorrow. all the candidates are going to take your questions from voters in a primetime event moderated by anderson cooper at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. donald trump and ted cruz have both used anti-muslim rhetoric on the campaign trail. when we come back, new york commissioner tells me what he thinks of that. >> when an 8-year-old is feeling the rhetoric and high better bolly from a presidential campaign in the united states of america, the fear that we are
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7:48 pm
joining me now is william bratton. it's a busy time for you, especially today. someone was arrested at the white house. the incident was quickly contained but people are understandably on edge after brussels. what do you want people to know, commissioner? >> the irony of those events at d.c., simultaneously with that we had an event at times square where a security officer and his dog hit on a trash basket and we had a portion shut down simultaneously with these events even as we were running a marked table top exercise at police headquarters about multiple events happening in new york city at the same time. so the events of what happened in washington and new york today is reflective of the fact that the world we live in now is different than the world we used to live in. >> you were holding
7:49 pm
counterterrorism events today, right? >> we were emulating what we saw in paris and brussels. the exercise was four events happening simultaneously, brooklyn and manhattan with different scenarios, suicide vests, bomb, hostage taking, assault weapon attack. so all of the things that have gone on over there the last several months, we had this practice exercise. >> you've been watching the news. you're abreast of this. donald trump has been giving his opinion about safety here in the u.s. take a listen. >> i don't think america's a place safe for americans, if you want to know the truth. we're allowing thousands of people to come in here. nobody knows where they are from. nobody knows who they are and they are coming in here by the thousands and let me tell you something, we're going to have problems. >> a america a safe place for americans right now? >> america is a very safe place, particularly compared to the rest of the world. but we have our incidents, as we
7:50 pm
know. we've had our share of mass killings. some committed by inspired terrorists with the vast majority committed by american citizens living here who have access to firearms. all of those young children killed by an american citizen is an example. a bigger threat at the moment is from our own citizens than from those abroad. that may change over time as the world gets less stable. but fortunately, in this country, after 9/11, we put a lot of things into place, particularly in this city that i can speak to and los angeles where i was chief of police to help protect against those types of events. so we have a safer place in the sense that we are much more prepared than we would have been 15 years ago. >> perhaps there is no better person to respond to some of the political rhetoric going around than you and you have not minced any words when it comes to ted cruz over his opinion about how to prevent terror here in the united states. this is what he said. we need to empower law
7:51 pm
enforcement to patrol muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. you came out strongly against those remarks this weekend. you wrote an op-ed and said, when people call the police, we rush to help them. when people break the law, we move to arrest them. but, no, we do not single out any populace based on selective enforcement because of race or religion, nor will we use the police and an occupying force to instill date a populace or a religion to apiece the provocative chatter of politicians seeking to exploit fear. when that patrol was happening, when nypd was patrolling neighborhoods based on whether or not they were muslims? >> there was a lawsuit filed against the new york city police department in reference to what you're referring to which was the demographic unit. the chief of intelligence for
7:52 pm
the new york city police department at that time, who is still the chief of intelligence for the new york city police department now during my time, testified that unit did not develop one actionable piece of intelligence during the whole time of it is existence. so this hyperbole, this rhetoric, this fairy tale about the effectiveness of this unit, its value didn't run its course and indeed by the time i took over as commissioner in 2014, my spread sor, commissioner kelly, had reduced it from 14 detectives to 2. so if the entity was so valuable and useful, 2 out of 1,000 detectives we have, or 1,000 personnel in that kind of counterterrorism unit, evidently it wasn't generating much value. we didn't think it was generating any so we did away with it. >> what have your responses been
7:53 pm
touting the number of muslim offices in the nypd? what is the relationship between the muslim community and nypd? >> 900 plus officers we have, i have several other muslim employees, including many of my school safety division, many in my traffic division, many employees spread throughout the department. we have about 800,000 muslims who live in the city out of a population of 8 million. so one in every ten is a muslim. if we have good relations with that community, that's where we're going to get our intelligence and information. if that community is fearful of us, if they feel that we're harassing them, then that kmu community is not going to work with us. so isn't it better to have 800,000 people who are here because they want to be, many fled oppression in their native lands like so many immigrants, they know what it's like to live under tyranny and oppression so
7:54 pm
they are going to work with us better if we attempt to develop relationships with them. >> commissioner, when you hear comments like that from cruz or trump, does that make your job harder? >> it does. all political campaigns have hyperbole, rhetoric. the old expression, words hurt, words do hurt. i was at a press availability and we went to our favorite restaurants last night and our favorite waiter is from muslim from morocco here with his family. talking about all of this churning of anti-muslim sentiment, not focusing on the anti-islamist but in general it's just highlighting that muslims are somebody to be feared. his daughter made a comment to him in the words to the effect of, daddy, why do they hate us so much? well, when an 8-year-old is
7:55 pm
feeling the rhetoric and hyperbole from a presidential campaign in the united states of america, the fear that we're generating, something's wrong. something's wrong that that's not what this country is all about. we are a country of a simulation. those who commit crimes or seek to commit acts of terrorism but we're not going to paint with the broad brush. we're going to be basically very detailed on who we go after with reasonable suspicion, with probable cause and it's just -- it's sad with everything going on in the world today that we've been reduced to this, to name calling. it's not what we are about. >> i can't believe it sometimes when i'm sitting here reporting it. >> we all shake our heads, unfortunately. and it's -- they are all well-intentioned. every one of these candidates is well-intentioned. they all love this country. but, unfortunately, in the heat
7:56 pm
of the debate, in the continuing debate, we're losing something and it's -- what i worry about from my profession's standpoint is getting caught in the middle with the anger that's being churned up and the idea of churning one group against the other and we have seen that, done that. i've been in the business for 45 years. i've seen the turmoil of the '60s, the '70s, the turmoil of the '90s. i've seen what it's like when one population is churned against another. i don't want to go back to that. >> thank you, commissioner. >> good to be with you. >> thank you. appreciate it. we'll be right back. ssie. i'm there for ray. ted loved baseball. dr. phil likes to watch football. renne, who wants sloppy joe on the menu every day. rosie's my best friend. evelyn likes to dance. harriett wants her fried shrimp as well. alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. they give me so much back. i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what they give me.
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we are counting down to cnn's gop town hall in wisconsin. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. our town hall is just hours away followed by wisconsin's primary in just one week but will the trump/cruz war be last straw for women voters? plus, the $140 million sex tape. that's how much jurors awarded hulk hogan after gawker posted his tape. they say they are sending a message about arrogance and new york snobbism. gawker's nick denton says this is all about free press and it's not the sex tape that embarrassed hulk hogan. it's something else. both sides are here to discuss that. but it's been a very busy day on the


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