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tv   New Day  CNN  March 29, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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he is an egyptian national who hijacked the plane over his ex-wife. raising questions about airport security overseas. we begin our international coverage with ian lee joining us live from cairo. what's the latest, ian? >> don, just to sum up this morning, the plane tack off at 6:50 from alexandria, egypt. this flight was coming to cairo. it's about a 45-minute flight. right after it took off, the hijacker told the pilot that he had an explosive belt on him and demanded that the plane be diverted to europe or possibly istanbul. the pilot said they did not have enough fuel. that's why the plane landed larnaca, cyprus.
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we saw a number of passengers being released. they are largely egyptian nationals being released right now, though. a number of foreigners as well as crew members. what we are hearing from officials, they are saying this is not an incident of terrorism. they are saying that the motive behind this has to do with an ex-wife. egyptian officials also casting doubt over whether or not this bomb is actually real. but officials aren't taking any chances this morning. in the past hour, we have seen more hostages being released. when you see them being released, they aren't fleeing from the plane running as if they feel their lives under under immediate threat. officials aren't taking any chances. >> stay with us, if you would. we want to bring in our cnn
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aviation analyst and former fbi special jonathan. i want to start with you, jonathan. how do you know when someone claims they have an explosive belt on to take it seriously? >> you don't know. you have to treat it as though it's the real deal. because if you treat it like it's not and he ends up having is a bomb and he is mentally unstable, which it sounds like in this case, things can go bad. we can see now that the same type of tactics can be used by somebody who might be criminal insane or emotionally disturbed. their end goal is not the same as it would be in terrorism. >> he wanted to have a meeting with his estranged wife. he said things very alarming.
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>> we have to remember the definition of terrorism. it is fear and intimidate to coerce a political belief. that's not what is going on here. he has a beef with somebody. he has marital problems. and this is what it's gotten to. >> officials didn't think it was necessarily true that he had a real explosive belt on. that is the security like at the airport? >> october of last year is when the russian airplane, someone had put a bomb on it. they brought in a company called control risk to look at the risk, assess it, to see if security was satisfactory. we haven't heard anything back from them. they said it would take three months. it's been longer than that. there is still vulnerabilities there, namely, those with the employ increase and the screening of the employees coming into the airport
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>> they left from alexandria, not cairo. how were egyptian officials so quick to conclude this wasn't terrorism? hold on, david. let me ask ian. go ahead, ian. >> egyptian officials did say this wasn't a terrorism incident because security has been stepped up since the incident you were just discussing where the bombing took place last october, that they have increased securitiment they showed me measures they took to increase security. that was sharmell shake airport. there are levels of security that you two through. and so if this was an actual bomb, and it does seem to be a domestic issue where he is trying to reach his ex-wife, the question is how he was able to sneak it past layers of
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security. layers of security where they almost pat you down every time. so these are the big questions. and the question is also are the officials looking through baggage at these airports competent? do they know what they are looking for? officials say they do. they have implemented new security measures. that's why they say they are certain they believe it is not a real bomb. again, they are taking it very seriously. >> okay, david, back to you for a second. are you confident they have in fact, increased security? >> i know they have as far as passenger screening. yes, they have done a lot of passenger screening. the vulnerability, which was disclosed with 9281 was that of employee security. they do background checks. they see what the mentality is. when you first hire someone, they two through screening. but day-to-day routine is still
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the same process that took place at sharmell shake and this airport. it is costly to do so, but they need to do something more for employees to make sure they're screened when come to the airport. >> four passengers -- no. maybe as many as seven people still on board. four believed to be passengers. we don't know their nationalities. what does law enforcement do? >> in this type of can case you will try to use negotiations with this individual. i think it's apparent he doesn't want to kill even. he wants to get to a final destination. you're going to work with that individual. differentiate that from terrorism. we know if somebody hijacks an airplane as an act of terror with one of these primarily islamic groups we have seen, their end goal will be death and
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destruction. so the reaction to that would be swift and very aggressive by law enforcement. in this case it's probably best to step back and negotiate it out. >> wasn't it interesting to hear ian say as passengers were coming off, they weren't running for their lives were. >> right. >> that suggests on board they don't think that he really does have a weapon. >> well, i'm not sure what that suggests. but it looks as though he may have -- i know if an individual is telling everybody on the plane that i was on on i'm not here to kill everybody, i want to see my wife, people will see things a little bit differently. i'm just actually surprised that somebody, anybody didn't go after this guy on this airplane, which has been the case. >> absolutely. we have seen that. often passengers will take down another passenger who seems to be making threats or unhinged somehow. >> that's becoming more and more common. again, if it was the case, if he
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pleaded his case, what was going on, he will disarm the passengers. that can be used by people trying to commandeer an a aircraft as well. sit not to be taken lightly. be cautious. it is not to be stkarpld. remember, terrorism definition by the fact it's how they respond does not mean this wasn't a terrifying event for those people on board the airport because it was. and it was treated that way, which it should be. >> ian, have airport officials moved all media away from the site of this? is there any way to monitor what's happening on that plane? >> at this point officials have just called -- >> go ahead, ian. >> egyptian officials just told us that they are trying to keep as little information about what is going on around that airplane, getting out as
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possible. they want to kind of keep a bit of shroud around it, not to alert the hijacker. we have heard that the police have been asking people not to send a live signal of the signal around the plane. they have been giving us a few details how the negotiations are going or what are the plans moving forward because they don't want to tip off the hijacker. they want to make sure this ends peacefully. >> makes perfect sense is. bring us anything as soon as you have it. david, jonathan, stick around. we will bring our viewers developments as they happen. we turn now to politics. we are just hours away from tonight's republican town hall in milwaukee live here on cnn. the final three gop candidates facing tough questions a week before the wii weuf primary. clearly there's a bit of bad blood between donald trump and ted cruz.
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how will things play out tonight? phil mattingly is looking into his crystal ball. oh, you didn't bring the crystal ball. >> it's of to the side. red hot rhetoric. increased personal attacks. this past week has been particularly nasty. really the first opportunity for all three republican candidates to address a tone and tenor in a race headed south very quickly. >> all three gop candidates converging on the battle ground state, wisconsin for tonight's cnn town hall. republican front-runner donald trump receiving a hostile reception monday. protesters demanding keep hate out of our state. radio host charlie sykes giving
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trump the cold shoulder. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you know i'm a #nevertrumpguy. >> that, i didn't know. >> app opening act with 42 delegates at stake and a strong anti-trump. >> here in wisconsin we value things like decency. so let's possibly make some news. >> again blaming cruz for a superpac ad that featured melania. >> he owes me an apology because what he did was wrong. he sent out a picture to people in utah. >> he didn't. you know that he didn't. you know that it was a superpac. >> i know that he knew about it. >> cruz laying down another challenge to trump. >> we have heard you wanted to meet donald trump one on one. >> yeah. >> why? >> cnn has two town halls back to back.
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we should make it a debate. make the a two-hour debate. let's combine our events. >> ohio governor john kasich attack both opponents on their foreign policy positions. >> one guy saying we should patrol muslim nations. it's not good policy. >> the state trump won but cruz can could walk away with more delegates. the texas senator rushing off litigation threats. >> who cares. he can threaten whoever he likes. >> and another element of intrigue to watch here tonight. john kasich's campaign trailing badly has been working behind the scenes trying to get in touch with ted cruz's campaign to work jointly to block donald trump in states that are advantageous to one another. john kasich's chief strategist was reaching out to mitt romney,
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having him trying to broker a meeting with their campaign manager. up to this point ted cruz's campaign rejected those. in their mind, john kasich is just is a spoiler. he needs to get out of the race. there will be no cooperation or coordination. he needs to get out of the race. >> we have this to look forward to. you heard donald trump and the radio show host hoe sykes. it created an awkward exchange ahead of the wisconsin primary one week from today. listen to this. >> last week you tweeted out a threat to spill the beans on the wife of ted cruz, heidi cruz. you followed it up by a tweeting out a picture that insulted her looks. wouldn't it be a good way to start off your wisconsin campaign by saying that wives
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should be off-limits. >> you remember my wife was a very, very big successful model. she did a cover shoot for gq magazine. it was a little provocative. it was gq and she was a model. ted cruz said he didn't know about it. he totally knew about it. they sent it out to the the people of utah. with a very nasty statement on it. if he didn't know about it, it would be a totally different things. it was done by people he knows well. >> it was not ted cruz or his campaign. >> no. i'm just telling you he knew people. >> is this your standard that if a supporter of another candidate does something despicable, it's okay for you, a candidate for president of the united states, to behave in that same way? i expect that from a 12-year-old
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bully on the playground. >> it was a retweet. i have fervent supporters. very angry what they did sending out this photograph. it was artistic. >> your wife is a beautiful, classy woman. why can't you say the same about ted cruz's wife. >> i don't know ted cruz's wife. i'm sure she's excellent. i just don't know her. but all this was was a response to what he did. is and by the way, it was a very response to what he did. i didn't know it was necessarily a very bad picture of her versus melania. >> so don't forget tonight on cnn it's going to be a very interesting night. ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump will take place in a gop
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town hall in wisconsin. so voters will get to have ask him directly. moderated by anderson cooper at 8:00 p.m. >> i think we should all have cnn gop cage match. >> wait for it. there's still time, my dear. >> i'm not saying you won't work out up to that. >> we are following breaking news of this hijacking of egypt air flight. there are still passengers and crew on board. stay with us. if i want to go up... hello. or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life, change to tempur-pedic. i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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we are following break news. yon going hostage situation. the plane landing in cyprus where most passengers were freed. i believe seven people still on board that plane. we're still getting new information. let's discuss now is and get reaction from michael weiss, a senior editor at the daily beast and lieutenant general mark
3:21 am
hurtling. i'll start with you, michael weiss. don't know for sure if he had an explosive belt on, as he said. >> right. >> but officials are treating it as they did. they had no other choice at this point. >> yeah. i think after the metro jet bombing, it is stupid to believe you can't get a bomb aboard a plane. a soda pop can bomb blew up the whole plane and all the passengers on board. from what i can tell, it doesn't seem this has anything to do with terrorism. the guy had a grievance with his ex-wife, wanted to get a message to her. the egyptian officials say he's not a terrorist, he's an idiot. >> nerves are clearly on edge because of this and because of the isis attack.
3:22 am
general, you fought in iraq. you see what they are doing. how is the military currently handling the fight against isis? >> they are continuing to go along with the plane we talked about over a year, don. there's multiple aspects of this campaign. there is the campaign plan of the bombing from the air. there's the advise and assist with the military. there's the attempt at diplomacy getting more people to join in. stopping fighters from flying across the borders and an attempt to continue to effect isis economically. so all of those things are continuing on pattern. as we said for over a year, this is a multigeneral racial fight. this will occur for a while until there is better governments in both iraq and syria. now as isis expands, as michael well knows, as isis expands in other countries, you can look at
3:23 am
the places they're going and trying to increase terror, it is all places where the governments are bad. there's challenges s.e.c. ts of tribes. >> they are being salamy sliced in syria. is the cure going to be worse than the disease. by that, i mean we are giving rise to these national imps which will replace isis in the area of syria and iraq in the event they are ultimately expelled, defeated. the problem with this, tkop, i think you are seeing the dissolution of the modern nation states of the middle east. i don't think you can put that genie back in the bottle again. does the u.s. have is a term plan to reckon with the new dawning reality? and the answer i got was no.
3:24 am
this is what worse me. leaving aside the foreign terrorist operations which we are seeing at a rapid pace. >> despite all of these setbacks, general, we are still seeing recruit something foreign fighters and the department of defense said 30,000 to 35,000 are with isis. if they are facing such setbacks we have been discussing, shouldn't followers feel like they are losing right now? >> that's part of it, don. in fact, many of them do. we are also getting intelligence reports of massive numbers of defections inside specifically iraq. not as much in syria. they are just being destroyed by mr. assad and his russian supporters. but inside of iraq, you're starting to see more of a dependence on the government, a growing government. and also the fact that many of their leaders specifically in iraq have been killed. so you're seeing many turn away and a lack of support in some of the major cities they once
3:25 am
occupied. so there is a good and a bad. i'm not going to throw up my hands and say, hey, we're doing great. we're definitely decimating this organization. but it seems in some spaces it is being affected, not defeated but affected in a positive way. >> michael, you and i have discussed this. i find it fascinating that you have been speaking to isis defectors. do you get the sense from them that isis is struggling? >> yeah. morale is low. the people over isis don't want to be ruled by isis. they have opted into this devil's bargain. they feel like isis is, as awful as it may be, the only viable choice at the moment. a defector from their spy
3:26 am
service told me in aleppo, everybody there is really against isis. they are just waiting for that moment when resistance internally can become a grassroots uprising. but they need help. >> michael, general, thank you very much. okay, don s. stay with cnn for the hijacking of egypt air flight 181. we know seven people are still being held will hostage. they are on board that plane at cyprus at this hour. we'll bring you updates >> and the latest on the capitol hill shooting yesterday. what we have learned about the gunman and his last run-in with police. eeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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we want to update ow this breaking news situation. there is an active hostage situation. most of the 81 passengers have been released. however, seven people are still being held on board. the hijacker is upset over his ex-wife. this is not to be terrorism. the flight was heading from
3:31 am
alexandria to cairo when the hijacker threatened to detonate an explosive belt, which authorities do not believe is real. yesterday a man took out what appeared to be a weapon at the capitol visitors center. it is not his first run-in with capitol police. live with more on what we are learning from this individual known to capitol police. >> russell dawson was charged last night with two crimes. one assault with a deadly weapon and another assault on a police officer while armed. mr. dawson entered the complex. he was holding his firearm when security detectors picked up that he had a fire alarm. he waved around his gun. and he was shot. he was taken to a local hospital. surgery was performed on him. a woman, innocent by stander,
3:32 am
was injured because of shrapnel injuries she sustained. after being treated, she was relet'sed from the hospital. mr. dawson is well-known to capitol police. in october 2015 he disrupted house proceedings when he screamed out, i'm a prophet of god. at that point he was arrested and removed and told not to return to capitol grounds. obviously he did that yesterday when he brought back his firearm. the capitol went into lockdown for several hours during that very, very tense situation. now what we are hearing is that mr. dawson, after he becomes healthy, he will face his charges in d.c. superior court. don. >> thank you. appreciate that. after months of struggling, the fbi said it has unlocked the iphone. the bureau unlocked the device with the help of a third party after apple pushed back.
3:33 am
a top official saying, my law enforcement partners and i made a commitment to the december 2nd attack in san bernardino and to the american people that no stone would be left unturned in this case. they are dropping their case against apple, which they say should have never been brought. we'll bring you details as soon as we get them. donald trump tangling with a milwaukee radio host. we'll play you that radio interview. also what we can expect during tonight's town hall. that's next.
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mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you know that i'm a #nevertrump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> i thought it was interesting. people were wondering does donald trump know what charlie sykes has said in the past. >> i understand. >> that was a doozy of an
3:38 am
exchange. this sets the stage for tonight's cnn presidential town hall in milwaukee one week before the primary. let's bring in jackie kucinich and david gregory. great to have both of you guys. so jackie, before we get to the substance of the radio interview, the fact that donald trump's staff, campaign staff didn't know charlie psych past and what he had, that seemed like an oversight. >> it could have been cleared up by a simple google search. he is a conservative radio host in wisconsin. they really should have known he is a cruz supporter, never trump movement. they were very contentious
3:39 am
questions. but the way he sort of systematically dismantled the argument that ted cruz was the one who sent around this controversial photo of melania. he didn't. it was a pac, outside group. it was interesting to listen to. and the kind of wisconsin nice the a he did it. >> mid-western nice. sykes is the conservative radio host in wisconsin. >> right. >> donald trump has explaining to do when it comes to wisconsin. he said things about scott walker. he said things about wisconsin. this was charlie sykes you said wisconsin is doing terribly in its turmoil, that it projected a $1 billion surplus. it turns out a deficit of $2.2 billion. the schools are a disaster. the hospitals and education here is a disaster. donald trump says you know what, here's how he explained where he got his information from. take a listen.
3:40 am
>> i can tell you i got that from "time" magazine. if you from the time the statement was made, it was taken out of there verbatim. it was actually taken out of "time" magazine? you said it, mr. trump. you're running for president. do you stand by what you said from scott walker i can only say what i took out of "time" magazine. >> how is this going to sit with voters in wisconsin? >> i think it's unique to wisconsin that you have the sitting governor running against trump early in this race and got out a long time ago. i was surprised when governor walker got out. he had a lot of enthusiasm in the grassroots and among younger conservatives. he did get out. there is lingering concern who were supportive of scott walker. that's something that makes this much more of an interesting race in wisconsin than we have seen in other contests.
3:41 am
cruz with some advantage in the polls. and a lot of stumbling blocks for donald trump here. some of the things he said. the coarseness of his own rhetoric and the things he said about ted cruz's wife and the rest. that plays out in that interview you saw there. yeah. i think these issues, and the fact that you have a candidate who says, well, i just read this in a magazine. it shows you the off-the-cuff nature. >> scott walker is set to endorse someone. it's a mystery as to who it will be, three and a half hours from now. >> on charlie sykes radio show today. >> yeah, you're right. charlie sykes is quite relevant today, jack where. >> scott walker and charlie sykes have always had a close relationship. i believe it was charlie sykes who had a phone that was a scott walker phone to call in. this is a radio host that was
3:42 am
always very supportive of scott walker. i don't know but it seems like he is a cruz supporter. perhaps that might be a hypothetical. >> do you think because -- obviously it won't be donald trump. do you think it's going to be ted cruz? >> well, if you look who sykes reported, there is something to that. scott walker is more of a conservative than kasich. i would probably go in that direction. this goes to a bigger issue for ted cruz. there aren't a lot of plays left here as he is chasing donald trump. he has a much more difficult fight in order to get to the map he needs in this race. it is simple. he has to outtough trump supporters to try to say, look, the guy is not conservative. he is a fraud. if you want someone to break up the international system, foreign policy and all the rest because don't forget cruz is out there on some of the things he
3:43 am
said. veiling muslims and so forth. he has to disqualify them in that way. or say the rest party, he has huge negatives. he will be a huge liability to congress, co keeping the senate and the house and so forth and trying to consolidate the rest. it is one of those two ways he has to establish in wisconsin. >> we will talk more about this throughout the program. thanks so much for giving us that background. tonight ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump take part in a town hall. that means real questions from real voters. >> you really don't want to miss this one. >> the timing of this seems particularly relative. it is moderated by anderson cooper at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. and tonight bernie sanders with erin burnett 7:00 eastern, of course here on cnn. >> much more on the hijacked plane situation in cyprus ahead.
3:44 am
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a bit of turmoil within the terror investigation in brussels. officials did not even ask the newly captured terror suspect about imminent threats when he was caused days before last week's bombings. joining me is ryan heath. also with us senior international correspondent nick peyton walsh. i'll begin with you. why don't you bring us up to date on you are learning about the investigation. are they any closer to tracking down the two suspects that are still on the loose? >> hour by hour they are further away from that key goal. obviously finding the man in the airports with the cctv and the accomplice the metro bomber is
3:49 am
the most urgent task. yesterday in the afternoon, a man has incorrectly and widely has been identified as the man in white was released for lack of evidence. they simply didn't have enough to hold him in the eyes of the investigation. now, that of course has led to a great lack of confidence in how they are progress. there has been a sigh of relief that maybe one of the two is in custody. it appears to mount every day. the number of clues they have. we're talking about men who had interpol against them, deported from turkey, who went on to be the bombers. a real sense of an investigation in crisis. >> ryan, we look at what is happening in the last few days. we have seen all of these raids in and around brussels. i think nine people were arrested. several released, as nick was
3:50 am
telling us, not enough to hold them. are they innocent? does that mean they don't have sufficient evidence? what is your assessment of what's going on here. >> makayla, we have began from the tragic to the urgent and now into the surreal. in the case of salah abdeslam, they had three chances to capture him. information that wasn't put into a critical database in disease. >> it's interesting. we understand when they had abdeslam, they had him in custody. he had to be in hospital because he was recovering from an injury from the raid. when they finally did get to him, they didn't ask him about any imminent attacks. to all of us, even lay people, that seems in conceivable. >> that's absolutely right. and the journalists here are
3:51 am
feeling it as well. it really gets down to the fact that there are many shades of grave between black and white. so the fact that he was in surgery, everyone can understand you can't interrogate someone in the middle of surgery. but questioning one hour in 9 # hours is a big gap. that is a big gap. you can either search every hughes in molenbeek or 38,000 or 120. there is a big gap between 120 houses and 38,000. >> and an article in politico highlighting the 12 miss steps perpetrated in the investigation, not acting on warnings from turkey, in sufficient resources to track the foreign fighters. and you can't search houses from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., to americans seems ludicrous.
3:52 am
do you think we will see the same net releasing suspects, releasing people they feel they don't have enough evidence on. >> there is perhaps they are being picked up and subsequently released. we don't know how belgian investigators are pursuing. they are simply not letting people know about them. one told us chemicals were so badly handled they leaked from the top floor to the bottom. that's how obvious that behavior was. one man saw the bomb maker, the man on an interpol wanted list, head into that apartment at one particular stage to help make the bombs. the amount of evidence ahead is staggering. it is easy to have 20/20
3:53 am
hindsight saying different things should have been done. i have to say it is remarkable at this point. quite how much. >> thank you so much for your tremendous reporting and insight. thank you for joining us. tomorrow here on cnn, chris cuomo is returning to paris investigating the terror that stuck a mere the four months ago. you can see the special report wednesday at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >> thank you, michaela. we look forward to that. we are tracking the latest on the hijacked egypt air flight. what we know about the hostage situation and what we are learning about the man who commandeered the plane. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. want to survive a crazy busy day?
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. all right. time for cnn money now. this could be a battle of the ages. however. >> u.s. government said it will
3:58 am
not need app apple's help after all. they have pressed apple, even sued apple, to unlock a phone belonging to the san bernardino gunman. it is not clear if the fbi will alert apple to the srerblt that let them into the phone. new york could be the second state to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. the governor wants to raise the minimum to $15 in five years. yesterday, california governor brown announced a deal to raise the $10 minimum wage to $15 of the next six years. we're following breaking news in cyprus. let's get to it. >> 8320 with 81 people roughly on board. >> this sends a chilling message how easy it is to hijack an airplane.
3:59 am
>> officials are saying this is not terrorism related. >> the manhunt continues. they're looking for eight suspects in total they believe are connected. >> police carried out raids every day since the attacks. >> they still don't know who that is. >> it's time for grown-up leadership. >> every vote is pivotal. >> it is a very concerned puppy. >> donald prefers to communicate in 140 characters or less. >> he tries to steal things because that's the way ted with. >> wait a minute. after we're done getting mad at everybody, what are we going to do? >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". chris is off this morning. don lemon joins us. >> don. >> that's don lemon. i got that. >> we have breaking news. there is a hostage situation in cyprus. a man claiming to have an explosive belt has hijacked a
4:00 am
flight with 80 people on board. seven people are still being held hostage at this hour. >> an official says he is an egyptian national who hijacked the plane over his ex-wife. questions being raised about airport security. will negotiators be able to solve this peacefully? that's the question. let's bring in ian lee joining us hive cairo. what's the latest, ian? >> don, we have the seven people still being held hostage. three foreigners. they have not given the nationalities of those foreigners. we are hearing the pilot, the co-pilot, staoeursd, as well as a person being described as a security official on this plane. not much else has been given about his role. seven people still being held hostage in larnaca.
4:01 am
a 45-minute flight. just minutes into it, though, the hijacker told the pilot that he had a bomb, that he wanted the plane diverted to europe. well, the plane didn't have enough fuel, so it diverted to larnaca. it has been on the tarmac for six hours as officials try to negotiate with him. the motive is that it is a domestic dispute possibly of some sort. the man wants to talk to his ex-wife, according to cipran officials. this explosive belt the hijacker says he has, they don't believe it is real. though officials aren't taking any chances right now. they are talking to the hijacker, trying to calm him down, trying to resolve this peacefully. don. >> ian, thank you very much. i appreciate that. joining us is david soucie, former faa accident investigator
4:02 am
and inspector. and special agent jonathan gillian. officials are saying this is not terror related but motivated by person factors as you heard, an incident related to the hijacker's ex-wife. one analyst is calling this a more old-fashion ld type of terrorism. do you agree with that, terrorism? >> i guess we can call it old-fashioned of way back when people would hijack planes to get from cuba to the united states. it is dangerous to do that now. not only will law enforcement act to it, but passengers can react to it. i'm not sure what the guy said on the plane. but this is interesting.
4:03 am
because we don't want to fall back into the mind-set completely that somebody gets up and says, i'm not hear to kill anybody. i want to get to my wife to say, okay, we'll sit back and let him do that. we don't know what excuse terrorists are going to use. in this case it looks like it is not a terrorist. but we as passengers we need to be very careful with how we react. >> david, there was a flight from new york to egypt delayed because of security concerns. egypt is insisting, though, that the airports are safe. that tourists should come back. it is certainly going to raise a lot of questions about how safe the country is and its air travel as welling correct? >> it is. it's going to have a great impact on that, don. one of the things to remember, as jonathan pointed out, the people on board this airplane are part of the safety system. the fact they didn't react is a little concerning to me. that doesn't reflect on egypt
4:04 am
necessarily. what worries me about are the fact they have been studying this three or four months now since the earlier -- when the russian airplane. i want to highlight the fact that we haven't taken the measures necessary to make sure nothing has happened there. you need to get it done, get it done quickly and get it out to improvement can be made. >> let's talk a little more, david. at this time officials don't know whether he had an explosive belt as he claimed he did. but they are treating it as if it is real. if this man had explosives, how key manage to get it on board a plane? >> the same way the canister of 2.2 pounds of tnt got on the
4:05 am
plane. at airport security, and this is not uncommon. it's the same way in the united states. when someone comes in as an employee, you are screened. after that, things tkphaeupbg people's lives and change the way they view their world. that's what happened in egypt before in the sharmell shake incident. they have their badge. they are loud to go through security. they are constantly bring anything soda cans and other things that go in for sale at the airport. those are not screened. they need to be. that's the biggest vulnerability. >> you just took the words right out of my mouth pofplt we see in the airports here, you see the employees jumping through line. they show their i.d. and go
4:06 am
right through. they two right on the tarmac. is that our biggest vulnerability? the screening, or lack of screening of some employees? >> especially overseas, it's a huge concern. here in the united states, gun smuggling by employees through the airline system. employees -- and i've done threat assessments on airports and having been an air marshall. the unease i always had is who is supplying these planes with food. who is getting hired to do that? i know this sounds strange. what happened in brussels was an example of one of those security check points for security barriers working. because if there's a bomb off, we would rather have it in the lobby. you don't want it getting on a
4:07 am
plane because it becomes a force multiplier for the terrorists. >> how does it play out? >> because this is an emotionally disturbed person, you don't want to engage with aggressiveness. this could be something they could end up talking the person off. but, again, we have to make sure that this is not terrorism. just because somebody is on a plane saying they want to see their ex wife doesn't mean they don't have an al tear ormotive. >> johning thank you very much. over to michaela now. in less than 13 hours, donald trump, ted cruz and john case iic will take the stage. what can we expect tonight? phil mattingly live in milwaukee ahead of the big event. kind of feels like a big event, doesn't it? >> yeah. no question about it, michaela. look at the last five or six
4:08 am
days. you have increased personal attacks, lawsuit threats. and you have the most in-depth illuminating look how reviewed policy. all three republican candidates to address a tone and tenor in a race headed south very quickly. >> all three gop candidates converging on the battle ground state, wisconsin for tonight's cnn town hall. republican front-runner donald trump receiving a hostile reception monday. protesters demanding keep hate out of our state. radio host charlie sykes giving trump the cold shoulder. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you know i'm a #nevertrumpguy. >> that, i didn't know.
4:09 am
>> an opening act with 42 delegates at stake and a strong anti-trump. >> here in wisconsin we value things like decency. so let's possibly make some news. >> again blaming cruz for a superpac ad that featured melania. >> he owes me an apology because what he did was wrong. he sent out a picture to people in utah. >> he didn't. you know that he didn't. you know that it was a superpac. >> i know that he knew about it. >> cruz laying down another challenge to trump. >> we have heard you wanted to meet donald trump one on one. >> yeah. >> why? >> cnn has two town halls back to back. we should make it a debate. make the a two-hour debate. let's combine our events. >> ohio governor john kasich attack both opponents on their foreign policy positions.
4:10 am
>> one guy saying we should patrol muslim nations. it's not good policy. >> the state trump won but cruz can could walk away with more delegates. the texas senator rushing off litigation threats. >> who cares. he can threaten whoever he likes. >> tonight an important opening act. this state, particularly the southeastern part, population driven. it has stk have a fervent anti-trump movement. how that works will be fascinating to watch. it's not just the voters but the candidates. trying to block donald trump, trying to bring mitt romney into the fold to recruit ted cruz's campaign for that assistance up to this point, michaela ted
4:11 am
cruz's campaign rejecting. he sees john kasich as a spoiler. just wants him out of the race. >> so fascinating all the machinations going on behind the scenes. we remind you tonight cnn ted cruz, john kasich, donald trump part of the gop down hall a week before the primary. it will be moderated by anderson keeper, 8:00 eastern. >> start popping the popcorn. hillary clinton's claim says she's not interested in another debate unless bernie sanders changes his tone. live in washington, d.c. with the very latest. hi, chris. good morning, alisyn. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are chris crossing the cheesehead state after the primary on tuesday. sanders is looking to extend his winning streak to four. clinton's campaign is managing expectations, knowing she loved wisconsin by double digits eight
4:12 am
years ago. here's what she told the university of wisconsin. >> somebody asked me, why are you going to madison? i said, well, why wouldn't i. well, that's a place where your opponent is very competitive. i said yeah. that's true. but i'm here because not only do i want to compete for every vote, i respect the people of madison and the county. >> madison and the state's population work in his favor. even after his sweeping wins this weekend, sanders still lags clinton by 240 delegates. so going forward, senators needs to continue to put up huge numbers. he has to win 75% of the delegates. clinton, on the other hand, needs to win just 35% remaining to become the nominee.
4:13 am
so it rests largely on winning wisconsin and upsetting clinton in her adopted home state of new york. he is already calling on her to debate her in the empire state. clinton has really tried to focus her fire on republicans. yesterday in wisconsin she slammed the gop for blocking president obama's supreme court pick. with an eye-were popping 247 delegates at stake, second only really to california, clinton may be forced to refocus on sanders. and the race could become the nastiest knife fight we have seen so far. >> oh, boy. thanks so much for all of that. tonight bernie sanders sits down with erin burnett on ""outfront"," 7:00 p.m. eastern, on cnn. police were forced to take action after a man took out what appeared to be a weapon at a
4:14 am
capitol's visitor center. he is facing charges. it's not his first run-in with capitol police. manu, good morning to you. >> larry russell dawson, 66-year-old man, charged with two crimes yesterday, assault with deadly weapon and assault on a police officer. after he entered that capitol visitors center complex with a firearm. at that point the security detector caught him with the gun. he waved it around and pointed it as a police officer. he was transferred to a local hospital where emergency surgery was performed. now after he is in stable condition, right now he is in critical but stable condition. he will go to d.c. super court and face charges.
4:15 am
mr. dawson has actually a troubled legal past, including in october 2015 he came to the house floor and said i'm a prophet of god. he was removed from the house and arrested at that time. is and these are questions that will be going forward how he got so close. how he entered the complex. we will see how this plays out. right now two charges. capitol police charged him with two crimes because of his trying enter with a firearm. >> well done pushing through that with all the noise going on and the busy capital. nathan diehl putting a stop to the so-called religion bill. the house bill giving faith-bathe organizations the right to deny services to lgbt.
4:16 am
the secret service denying a approximate urb to allow guns at this summer's republican national convention. an online pub to allow guns at the cleveland convention had picked up steam. but they say, no, only law enforcement will be allowed to carry weapons inside the quicken loans arena. >> did you see this? >> no. i was sleeping. >> i needed to see it. >> vladimir, hi. it's donald. that was huge. it was huge. can you hold on for a second. melania. ♪
4:17 am
>> anyway, you saw geraldo, best trump impression. >> you get the point. >> oh, my gosh. we'll leave that and carry on. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> back up. back up. the orange face paint. do you think he's going to be the first to get booted? what do you think? >> i don't want to do a spoiler alert because i think something did happen last night. >> oh, people are watching their dvrs last night. but geraldo is a wonderful, wonderful guy. he was game to do this. and whatever happened, happened. >> all right. we'll live that now. people can continue to watch it later. we want to bring you up to date on the egypt air hijacking. it is ongoing in cyprus at this
4:18 am
hour. the republicans ready to duke it out. ted cruz, john case you can, are ready the take down donald trump, the real one, not the geraldo version. on? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure.
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the state of wisconsin could be pivotal in the race for president. the three gop candidates will be in milwaukee for tonight's cnn town hall. we're one week from that state's primary joining us is now is tommy thompson. he held office longer than anyone else. he serves as wisconsin chair of the kasich campaign. good morning, governor. >> good morning, alisyn. are you f how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. i want to ask you about a strategy that the kasich campaign is floating. they might be looking to coordinate with the cruz campaign in a sort of divide and conquer strategy, particularly in wisconsin, where they each sort of agree that they will win
4:23 am
some districts or focus on some districts in order to deny donald trump a win. what do you think of that strategy? >> well, i don't think it's a strategy. i think it may evolve into that. pause that may be the voteers eventually vote. but it is not a concertedest that the candidates sat down and said we are going to divide it that way. i'll take another. that's not the case. we sincerely believe -- >> our dana bash said there was an effort to coordinate in back channels and sort of do that but that ted cruz campaign wasn't interested. >> well, ted cruz may not be build. ted cruz isn't as well. that is a figment of their imagination. we want to win the state of wisconsin. we think we can.
4:24 am
we think wisconsin is set up very nicely. it's a very well informed electorate. wisconsin is one of those states you don't know how the people are going to vote. humphrey did well. kennedy made the state. the one that allowed him to be president of the united states. wisconsin is a very independent state. when you look at the candidates, kasich has the pedestrian degree, the den challenges to be the best. is a vote really for donald trump? it is really not the case. i think a vote for donald trump and ted cruz is a vote for hillary clinton. the big race, the big contest is the presidential election. and john kasich is the only one of the three candidates that definitely will defeat hillary clinton. that's why i think people in the state of wisconsin should take a real hard look.
4:25 am
and i think they will. and i think they will eventually come to the conclusion john kasich is the best qualified and is the one that can do the best job going against hillary clinton. >> and just to be clear, it was john weaver, one of the top kasich aides who said he did think there were states that they needed to coordinate. but to your large point saying john kasich is a spoiler. in fact, ted cruz is saying john kasich is a spoiler. let me play that for you. >> right now kasich's role is really being a spoiler. kasich benefits donald trump. and mitt romney said a vote for john kasich is a vote for donald trumpment the reason is trump has a hard ceiling of 25%. head to head.
4:26 am
>> governor, what do you think of that math? >> i think that ted cruz -- the most successful thing about this is that john casing, if you look at him, i think a vote for ted cruz is actually a vote for hillary clinton. i don't think ted cruz can-can beat hillary clinton. that's what i'm in it for. win not only the state of wisconsin but i want to win the big prize, the presidential one. and i know john kasich head to head is the best candidate republicans can put up in order to defeat hillary clinton. you're actually voting for hillary clinton. she has a better chance to become the president. that i think is the biggest mistake, the biggest problem. >> who is governor scott walker going to endorse today?
4:27 am
>> i don't know who he is going to vote for. >> he is going to endorse ted cruz. but i think so be it. the truth of the matter is, the people in the state of wisconsin really don't to the endorsements. i think they should. that's my own personal opinion of myself. but the truth of the matter is that john kasich is a great candidate. and i think he can stand on his own record. that's what the people of the state of wisconsin are going to be looking at. he definitely has a great shot in the great state of wisconsin. >> governor tommy thompson, great to have you on "new day" this morning. thank you. thank you very much. >> lietget to don. >> alisyn, thank you very much. back to breaking news this morning. the hijacked egypt air flight diverted to cyprus.
4:28 am
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this is cnn breaking news. breaking news in that hostage standoff in cyprus after egypt air forced to divert by a distraught man who hijacked the plane. moments ago we saw at least one person getting off that plane. earlier we knew seven people were still being held on board. the incident is not believed to be terror related. but still yet another concern chapter surrounding air travel overseas. we are joined by analyst and former cia counterterrorism official fellowship mud d and jonathan gill yann. we want to show live pictures as much as we can so we can talk through what we just witnessed happening. witnesses during the break saw several people running from the plane, jonathan. give us indication what that
4:33 am
says to you. >> maybe tension is a little more heightened right now. it appears to me, it looks like they might be maneuvering for a response to go in and take this guy down. as we were talking off air, before you do any type of a takedown, you kind of want to make sure this guy does not have a bomb strapped to him. if you rush the plane and he has a bomb, you're going to kill you're men going in there. >> find out what they know, find out what they saw and witnessed, how the man's demeanor was, how he was dressed. >> he could be deteriorating. >> fatigued. >> they get in there, they get fatigued, hungry, tired, or emotional. we're not talking about somebody who is completely emotionally
4:34 am
stable to go in and do something like this. >> so in terms of a plane, because i think they would want to handle this a little differently. when you're approaching this you will do, as you say, a i takedown. you treat this as a room, correct? >> it is a room. it has some differences. there's windows everywhere on a plane that he can look out. but there are ways you can approach the plane that obviously give you more of a sneak up ability on the plane. they can't see you from the front and the back, typically. that will give more of a stealthy approach. overall you treat a plane as one large room with a couple other small rooms with the bathroom and the cockpit. >> phil, as we all came in to work this morning, i think we were all on edge this was potentially a terrorist situation. authorities say they do not believe it is terrorism.
4:35 am
they believe this is a distraught estranged husband trying to reach on out to a wife. look, our collector nerves as a flying public are on edge. do we need to take a collective deep breath? >> i would say take a deep breath. in my world of analysis, this is a framing problem. they will couple it with brussels. two incidents in a continent with hundreds of millions of people. i feel nervous. i don't know why i feel nervous. there's dead people. if you frame this question differently, that is compare europe to the united states. and the incidence of violence against an individual in europe. if you travel to europe, you're much less likely subject to violence than here in the united states. are you nervous? that's okay. that's not the same question as to whether you should be afraid
4:36 am
to fly to europe? >> no. i'd get on a plane tomorrow. i look at these problems statistically. >> we'll get to your caffeine in a second. this is the video we were talking about. we saw three people -- oh, this is live. three more people coming off the plane. that was just live. so we know five people, jonathan, have now come off this plane. we were told there were seven people hostage with an additional one person, the kidnapper, or the hostage taker. they're running. that speaks to the anxiety they're feeling or the fear. this is a previous moment. >> i think what might occur, i'm just going out on a limb. as you start to get the passengers and the crew off that
4:37 am
plane, law enforcement, based on what they're getting from the interviews of these individuals that are coming off the plane, this is going to kind of motivate and direct what type of an assault they're going to do on that plane or if they're going to do one at all. i would think if they are under the assumption he does not have a bomb on him, you may see them assault this plane pretty quickly. otherwise, you know, they have all day. they can just stand back. as he was saying a second ago, take a collective breath. >> you talk about this when you talked about other hostage situations. law enforcement has time on their side. especially when you're dealing with a distraught potentially emotionally or mentally disturbed person. >> but you don't show up just to talk. you have the tactical unit to the side. the same way you don't show up to take everybody down, you have the negotiators there with you. our law enforcement goes over and trains with their law
4:38 am
enforcement in different places in the world. i assume they are acting in a similar fashion. >> we are looping this a little bit. by our account, we have seen five people emerge from this plane. we had been told earlier by egyptian authorities there were seven people and the hostage taker on board this plane. looking at the situation, phil, does anything about this, distraught man, distress, almost like an old-fashioned hostage taking on an airplane, making demands of authorities. does anything about this speak to you of security lapses at the airport there in egypt? >> not yet. there's a question questions i would have in this case. egypt air lost the plane over sinai last year. my first question is whether we had any indication of him getting on the aircraft. >> the producers want to show you something.
4:39 am
this is the moment we have when the -- yeah. you can see an individual crawl out of the cockpit and jump to the ground and then run away. does that make you maybe think he was able to get out on his own, escape? not necessarily be released? >> that very well could be. that is one of the escape routes out of the cockpit of a plane. it appears -- that's just one of the potentially the pilots right there. although we don't know that. they could have the crew pushed back in a different part of the plane. listen, if you're going to get the opportunity, you should go for it. obviously that individual knows how to climb out of that plane. >> that speaks to it being on that plane. >> did you notice the vests in. >> it might be uniform. >> flight attendants, i think on
4:40 am
this plane you will have two pilots and four crew people. although it could be a few more flight attendants than that. >> and there could be a crew on board not officially working. >> sure. i think those are vests. flight attendants do wear vests. >> just a uniform vest now they are talk to go everybody who has come off the plane as we watch this live scene play out on. we're going to take a harder look at the security there. egyptian officials say, no, we don't believe he has a suicide vest. we know security has been increased greatly in the last little while. is that what you're hearing? is it being increased? has the quality inn ceased? >> it's not clear that anything went wrong. we have questions on who got on
4:41 am
the aircraft is and why. there is nothing that indicated to officials that this individual should have been on the aircraft. so you have the simple question, did they follow standard policy and procedure when somebody on the aircraft threatened to take the aircraft down. i would say in this case the first question for the pilot is policying, procedure, training. we're going to stkof this happened just as it should have happened. >> let's follow the thread there was a suicide vest. let's go with that presumption right now. would that not have shown up in airport screening? could you separate those components prior to passing security, put them together after security boarded the plane. >> if we find he had a best that should have been discovered in prescreening. anybody in my position is going to say let me get this straight. we went through the downing of the aircraft in the sinai last
4:42 am
year. that would be stunning to me. >> i saw you raise your eyebrows as we were saying that. i think there is a certain amount of on reasonable skepticism of authorities coming out saying we don't believe there is a suicide vest. this is not terror related. people wouldn't to wait a bit given the metro crash last year. >> when the officials come out and say that immediately, from a bad guy perspective, they can immediately turn around and hijack a plane and say, no, we want to see someone, we're emotionally disturbed and turn this into a terrorist incident. that's the way these people think, these professional people that use terrorism, which is fear and intimidation to cause a political change, they will see this and say we didn't think
4:43 am
about that. >> this is not out and out terrorism? >> no, not at all. >> we know this guy was making demands. he tried to get the plane to go further. the plane didn't have enough fuel. thus, they had to land in cyprus >> right. >> he wanted to talk the his wife. he made demands. this is not just making a violent statement. there's no reason to rush in trying to down play stuff. i think they should let it play out, especially when it's on air. le the authorities to what they are they do. then give details as they come. >> we'll have to find out more details when we can. thank you so much. >> we'll bring in cnn's ian lee live in cairo. he's been monitoring this hostage situation. what can you tell us of what we have watched of these people in
4:44 am
the past few moments just coming off this plane? >> the situation is still very much fluid there. their goal is to end peacefully through negotiations. although i just talked to a passenger on the plane. they mentioned when she got off around it she said when the plane took off from alexandria, going to cairo, everything seemed to be normal. she had she wasn't concerned until they looked out the window and saw the mediterranean. it was a 45-minute flight. at no time does it cross the mediterranean. that's when the flight crew said that -- went around telling passengers that the plane in fact, been hijacked. there wasn't an announcement over the intercom. the crew members went to each passenger. the passenger, many of hem
4:45 am
started break out, crying about that situation. the passenger i talked to wasn't aeublg to get a look at the hijacker, seif eldin mustafa. he was giving orders to the crew from there. at one point during this flight or, the crew went around and collected the passports of every passenger. as you can imagine, it was a very tense moment. these hijackings don't usually end well with them landing at an airport. people were scared, crying.
4:46 am
women and children were ordered to leave the plane. as the passenger described when she was disembarking from the plane, security was everywhere. there was police on the bus that she was on. but she said when they were getting off the plane it was very orderly. the crew made sure everyone got their luggage, that they got off the plane in an orderly fashion, that there was no panic, nothing that could spook this hijacker. but the one thing that really stands out, did not want to be seen by the passengers. he was in the back. he didn't make any sort of statements, speeches, just giving orders to the crew. >> ian, what an account you've just given to us from one of the passengers. can you imagine how terrifying it would be to suddenly see the mediterranean sea and know that was not your destination and to
4:47 am
have all of the passports collected by the flight crew at the behest of the hijacker. we are hearing from the cyprus minister right now. the ministry of foreign affairs, that the hijacker has been arrested. we're hearing from the ministry of foreign affairs that this situation has been quelled and that the hijacker has been arrested. ian, it's been very tense watching this video right here. we watched some of this unfold live on our air or just moments afterwards where you can see what looks like the pilot sort of scaling down the side of the plane and then running for cover. ian, do you know the status of the americans on board? >> right now we do not know the status of the americans. we know there were eight americans on board. the last account -- the last count of foreigners on board was three. although they did not give us
4:48 am
the nationalities of those foreigners. but it does look like if this is in fact, they were able to arrest him, hopefully this one was peacefully and no one was hurt in this operation. this person, according to the passenger i talked to, seemed to be fairly disturbed. of course you have to be hijacked in an airplane. but the main goal of this whole operation was to make sure that it ended peacefully and that that one was hurt during this operation. so if it is in fact, this person has been arrested, we will be wait to go see what is the state of the other passengers on that plane. >> stand by for a second. we have other questions some why collect all the passports of the people on board. >> that i cannot answer. again, he's an emotionally disturbed person. we may find out later maybe he thought she was on board.
4:49 am
i don't know. maybe he was looking for someone in particular. maybe he had al tear ormotives we don't know and he was using that as a ruse he was going to see his ex-wife that. doesn't make any sense to me. and order all the egyptians off the plane. >> listen, i don't want to speculate too hard. but these are questions that i'm keying in on, as are you, that this is unusual. you know, i want to say this. when captain sulen burg landed the plane, i was the first detective there. and shawn o'connor showed up. we grabbed the first two passengers and interviewed them very quickly. and we interviewed them separately. they both said the same is thing. we find the captain and found this was not a terrorist incident. it was actually a bird strike.
4:50 am
you see how important it is for the passengers. if you're on a plane and something goes down, if you remain calm, you will be able to get details like this. that thing about the -- as investigators and officers that are preparing are possibly for a takedown. a bit of a heightened alert because it just doesn't make any sense. >> thanks so much for all of that expertise and for giving us that account of the first passenger to speak coming off of the airliner. we do believe now that the situation has been quelled and that the hijacker has been arrested. but we are staying on top of this story, of the hijacked egypt air flight. we'll bring you all of the latest. plus bernie sanders wants to debate hillary clinton in new york.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
senator sanders doesn't get to decide when we debate. particularly when he's running a very negative campaign against us. let's see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. if he does ewe'll talk about debates. >> so no chance of a debate. >> i didn't say that. i said wear not going to talk about it. we're going to see whatened of tone he sets. >> hillary clinton's camp demanding a new tone from bernie sanders. and what does that mean and what does bernie sanders do differently after his big western wins? karen finney. great to have you. >> great to be with you.
4:55 am
>> why set a condition for a future debate? >> i think what joel was getting at couple of things. we had a process whereby we were talking about adding additional debate. that seemed to be working just fine. and then we see this kind of stunt as brian fallon pointed out they send this public letter gla demanding a debate. at the same time we see reports on how they are doing polling on new lines of attack on hillary clinton. so it just felt like hold on here. you don't get to set the terms and conditions around when our where we debate. we've had a process. let's stick to that process rather than public stunts particularly at a time when you had said at the beginning of this campaign i don't do negative attacks. i think at one point senator sanders said i'm not into the polling. and now it is all about polling ho tow attack hillary clinton? what kind of a campaign is that? >> well it's a typical campaign. a lot of presidential, most presidential campaigns engak in some negative ads and some polling. >> well but i think -- which i'm
4:56 am
all for that. but don't then say set a started at the beginning of the campaign and say one thing. and then decide you are going to plated it another way just because. and by the way, i think this is an important point. if we had a debate in new york i can guarantee you hillary clinton would do very well. not just because she does well at debates but a because this is a state that knows her well. knows that when she says she's going to do something she gets it done. >> so why not do it? if it's too her favor why not agree? >> but i think the point is less about do we agree or disagree about should we debate in new york? and more about let's talk about the tone of this campaign and again let's talk about the process we by which we were talking about debates. why are we now going to stunts? why are we now going to, you know, public -- you know, saying we're going to publicly attack. he tried that actually. some negative attack ads that came out going into illinois and north carolina. and they didn't work actually. >> there you go. isn't it though up to voters to
4:57 am
decide whether or not they like the negative attacks or they respond to the negative attacks? why is secretary clinton saying the tone for what the bernie sanders campaign does? >> well we're not. we're just going by what senator sanders himself said. he essentially said i've never run a negative attack ad ever. well if that is the standard, then -- >> i gotcha. by the -- >> i do think part of what tends to happen as we're having this conversation is people look to the the republican side and want to say well at least it's not that bad. if that is now the new standard our country is in a lot more trouble than we suspected. >> if senator sanders says okay, noing in ads whatsoever. them she'll have a -- >> we'll have a conversation about it. let's go ahead and go back to that process and talk about it. >> let's talk about what kind over the weekend. bernie sanders has huge wins in alaska, hawaii, washington state. does that change what you are doing on the campaign in terms of how secretary clinton will
4:58 am
campaign moving forward? >> not at all. we still have a very commanding lead. senator sanders need to win 57% of the pledge delegates left. and if you lack at the states that are left. we are talking about big states. and so far, you know, all due respect. that is wonderful that he had those wins in those three states over the weekend but that is not comparable to the kind of states and performance that we've seen in the states coming i p. he has yet to win in a large state with a large african american population, a large latino population. i'm thinking of texas. i'm thinking of illinois. i'm thinking of florida. he hasn't demonstrated the ability to do that. and even in michigan, it was a very narrow win. that is not 57%. and there are only 3% left of the pledged delegates in caucus contests. . so we kneel vefeel very good wh are. i think we're going to do very well in new york. wisconsin.
4:59 am
pennsylvania and some big states coming up. and i think as we continue and hech knows hillary clinton you said delegate math as well as anybody having gone thank you this. we just don't see he's going to be able to make up the difference. >> i want to ask about thengoing e-mail saga. we keep hearing the fbi investigation is ramping up somehow or they are interviewing more people. what has the campaign heard about the status of this investigation. >> interesting how little leaks keep coming out. you knowers we are the same place we were last week. and that is there is an ongoing review. hillary clinton has said she's more than willing to come in and have a conversation. she's urged and encouraged staff people to cooperate. she's cooperating. is it is proceeding. and that hasn't changed. so the basic facts haven't changed. we may get stories that try to rehash information from time to time. >> status quo. >> absolutely. >> thanks for being here. the man who hijacked an
5:00 am
egypt air flight had within arrested. we'll bring you the latest. let's get do it. good morning everyone. back welcome to your "new day." chris is off this morning. don lemon joins us. we haven update this hour about the egypt air flight that was hijacked and diverted to cypress. the cypress ministry of foreign anarffairs says that hijacker i now under arrest. moments after we saw these dramatic pictures of the final hostages leaving the plane as you can see. >> the hijacker claimed to have p an explosive belt. than 80 passengers and crew on board. apparently over an issue with his ex-wife. the stand off over but the issue reigniting questions about airport security overseas. ian lee join us live in cairo. you watch all of this unfold. people leaving the plane.
5:01 am
now they are saying the man is in custody. what is the latest? >> reporter: well really traumatic video coming out of the final moments of this operation. at one point you have a person leaving the cockpit window of the airplane. the security forces were able to arrest the hijacker. we do not know the state of the passengers and the crew members. if there was any injuries. but we are looking hopefully soon to get an update on their status. although it doesn't look like at this point that any of them have any major injuries or if there was any sort of incidents like that. but security officials ending this hours long hostage situation the best way possible. to arrest this person. now they will be able to figure out if in fact he actually did have an explosive device. also, to figure out what were the motivations behind this. as you said, as we've been hearing that this could have something to do with an ex-wife.
5:02 am
talking to a passengeren who ww on the plane at the time she said at no point did the hijacker say why he was taking over the plane. he collected the passports of all the passengers. when the plane landed, he ordered off the women and children as well as. and then later expanded it to all egyptians. but a very tense situation. as you can imagine. being on a hijacked airplane not knowing their fate, as a lot of times these days, these sorts of situations do not end this well, where you do have the suspect arrested. and for the most part it looks like everyone has been able to escape. >> absolutely. and this is the best possible outcome officials and all of us could have ever hoped for. joining us is david soucie. our cnn aviation analyst and faa accident investigator and inspector. john gilliam has been guiding through what's going on here. cnn law enforcement analyst.
5:03 am
former fbi special agent and air marshal. and former inspector general for the u.s. department of transportation. mary, i want to start with you. you have been watching this unfold. it's had a good outcome we're happy to report. however, terrifying moments for the passengers on board for the past few hours. >> well absolutely. but the most important things and what pilots are taught and certainly in the united states the protocol is to get the plane on the ground and keep the plane on the ground. which is what occurred. once they get it on the ground they want to do everything they can to avoid takes it off again. and we saw a lot of footage of someone leaving the cockpit. i don't think that is the pilot. you couldn't see who it was but it might have been somebody else because the pilots want to keep there, keep talking to this person. and at this point we don't know if it was a security breech at r or not because we don't flow if he had any explosionsive. that will remain to been seen.
5:04 am
keep it on the ground and keep him talking. >> jonathan what was your impression of the person we just saw on video scaling down the side of that plane. looked like someone who knew what they were doing. >> which the crew is trained in that escape procedure. so it could have been a pilot. my thinking was if the other people had gotten off the plane, if i was the captain of that plane i'd want to be the last person off. either way it was one of the crew members but i'll tell you one things that's interesting is we're sitting there talking about this off camera about the way the egyptians are saying things that to me aren't necessarily adding up. but you all, i'm trained -- >> such as? >> well, you know, the thing with the passports. the fact that some t of the people that have been interviewed that got off the plane said they never heard him say anything about the wife. that is not to say he didn't say that to the crew. but what's interesting to me is how the general public has
5:05 am
changed. i'm trained in terrorism and have been a seal and fbi agent. but i'm sitting here with three anchors from a show that are thinking exactly like me. and that is the way the psyche of the world has changed. 15, 20 years ago everybody would be sitting here just saying oh well it is probably just some guy who wants to go home to his wife. >> and david soucie, the training of the flight attendants has changed as well. they are no longer just giving out your sodas during the flight. they had to be negotiatining wi this man. we heard from our reporter that he had been in the tail. he had been in the back. the passengers didn't see him. but he had been telling the flight attendants go collect their passports and the flight attendants had the presence of mind they said to keep everyone calm. just incredible training. >> i'm so impressed with how they reacted to this. 30 years in 1985 was the most botched hijacking of all time. but this time now after training, after what they have been through.
5:06 am
this flight crew and those involved afterwards with the negotiations, all of those people are to be commended for what they have done. pau because of the fact that you are ambulancing the truth of what's -- balancing the truth of what's happening because of the fact that someone is saying they are going to blow up that airplane. and the fact is he did not have or may not have been a true threat. they have to be balanced and they did it in such a way where no one was hurt and got off the plane safely. really a testament to training and everything that's gone on over time to get them to this point. >> it is quite often the flight attendants and crew who have to take control in that situations. it is part of thaf training. as alisyn said it is not just o happeneding out soda. this is part of the rigorous training that goes into being a flight attendant. >> and the world changed on september 11, 2001. w457d then is the cockpit door will remain closed. flight attendants were trained to be in most cases the first
5:07 am
responders. it is now the flight attendants that have to the respond to this and react. we all remember the attendant literally threw herself on the shoe bomber to save that plane. so they know that cockpit door is going to remain closed and us. and we are they. we have to fix it. and every case they are the cops on the plane. >> generate, i wi was thinking t that while the passengers and crew are now in the safe hands of authorities at the airport, this is far from over in terms of what they need to assess what went on and what motivated this man to make sure. because the fact is we do live in an era of terrorism. so while they have said they don't believe this is terror and not terror related. you want to look careful at this man's motives and the reasons that brought him there and assess his mental capacity. >> it doesn't matter what his motivation was. that is important. but when you looks at the security of an airport it doesn't matter if a guy wants to
5:08 am
take a plane down, which happened not too long ago where the pilot crashed a plane into the mountain. if it is a terrorist or the guy's wife. they have do the investigation the same way and figure out where the holes are that they are missing. right now is a very crucial time. interviewing the passengers before the memory degrades. once they come down from the adrenaline there is going to be a lot of stuff they don't remember. right now is a crucial time, where people are going to be a little wrd about am imgoing to get in trouble because i didn't check this guy? so getting the truth out of these people as well is going to be something they are dealing with right now. >> one of the pe coolier things about what we're seeing on the screen. this is moments ago. the airplane door has been open the whole time that the plane is on the ground and yet that person took the other exit out of the window and scaled his way down the plane.
5:09 am
so hard to know why this is happening here on the side of the airplane there. and have you seen this before in other hostage situation where is the airplane door is wide open? >> the airplane door typically isn't open. but this would indicate to me the protocol would be to keep the cockpit door closed during the entire time. i would that probably was a pilot but nonetheless it is a separate event. two different things going on. part of the training as well is if you are not contributing or protecting the passengers, which remember most of the passengers had been deplaned through that door. so at this point to evacuate the airplane any means necessary is what the crew would do. i suspect that was a pilot who had served his purpose. he wasn't functioning with helping with the situation so he would have escaped through that exit. and you can see he's obviously experienced how to do that. so he's had training.
5:10 am
it is either a pilot or crew member. in this case i believe a pilot because of the door being closed and remaining closed during the situation. >> what happens now? now that he's in custody. now that they are having the chance to speak to the people on board this plane. what's next? >> well not only are they speaking to the people on board but back to the origin of the flight. they are combing the origin, who worked the flight, booked the passengers? is there any chance he had anything inside the airport? because they have to scrub the security of egypt air. this is a huge issue for egypt air if there was a violation. and egypt air has had its problems in the past. even more than at the sight more is going on at the origin, where the flight took off and they are scrubbing through interethere a. that is going to be very important to close that door and keep it closed to any potential persons in the future that want the repeat this. so i think for the airline itself and for the traveling public everyone where, even more
5:11 am
important is what's going on back at the point of departure. >> we have new video to show you. this is apparently the moment of the arrest of the individual. he is in the white shirt around the center of your screen. armed personnel there around him. that appears to be the seif elden mustafa. seif eldin mustafa. seif eldin mustafa. what we don't know is what of the suicide vest or belt or explosives? we haven't gotten confirmation if he was indeed carrying any sort of explosives with him. >> i guarantee they wouldn't be walking with him right there if he had it on. >> you said you believe he didn't have one but you have to treat it as if he did anyway, krekts? >> that's correct. i don't know whether or not he had one on in the plaeb plane but i know the officers are not going to be surrounded him like that right there if he has one
5:12 am
on. which would typically be you show whatever you had on. just like a regular arrest. in this case i'm sure they approached him slowly to make sure he didn't have anything. we may very well find out he doesn't have anything. in which case there is no security violation. it is just potentially a guy who just got on a plane and yelled "hijack." which used to work. i'm still surprised that the passengers did not react to this. >> and the best possible outcome. >> absolutely. jonathan, mary, david thank you all very much for your expertise. what a chilling account ian lee brought us of the passengers who just said they saw the mediterranean and knew they weren't supposed to be flying over the mediterranean. michaela. the three remaining republican candidates take the stage in milwaukee in less than 12 hours. time for a kriltd cnn town haul a week before the wisconsin
5:13 am
primary. the bitter fooeud between the t top republicans nearing a tipping point. what can we expect tonight? coverage begins with phil mattingly live in milwaukee. hey phil. >> announcer: well over the last 67 days we've seen barbs traded in 140 characters or sound bites or even rallies for certain candidates. tonight you are going to hear in depth the views of what's happened from the personal attacks to the foreign policy in-depth views to what happens what could happen going forward on a contested convention. all based in wisconsin. the next crucial primary state. all three gop candidates converging on the battle ground state, wisconsin. for tonight's cnn town hall. a week before the voters head to the polls in the high stakes primary. republican front runner donald trump receiving a hostal reception monday. protesters demanding trump
5:14 am
cancel a rally later today. saying to, quote, keep hate out of our state. popular radio host who endorsed ted cruz also giving trump the cold shoulder. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show did you know that i'm a #never trump guy? that i didn't know. >> and a strongen anti-trump movement. >> we value things like civility, decency and actual conservative principles. so let's make some news. >> trump continuing his attacks on ted cruz and his wife heidi again blaming cruz for a super pac ad in utah that featured his wife melania. >> again i didn't start it. he started it. >> remember we are -- >> what you just said is fine with me. >> we're not on a playground. we are running for president of the united states. >> right. >> reporter: in an interview
5:15 am
with sunland surfati cruise laying down another thing for trump. >> cnn has two town halls back to back. an hour with me. an hour with donald trump in the exact same location. we should make it a debate. a two hour debate. let's combine our events. >> and ohio governor john kasich attacking both opponents on their foreign policy position. >> one guy saying we should patrol muslim neighborhoods and the other saying we should have a religion -- in not good policy. >> all that over threatening to sue in louisiana. a state trump won but cruz could get more delegates. the texas senator brushing off trump's litigation threats. >> who cares? he can threaten whoever he likes. >> now michaela, what's most interesting about this event is it's coming really at the central time for the future of the primary. there is a lot of ground to make
5:16 am
up. the way the delegates are allocated in this state are by congressional district. so even if you are not winning there is a chance to pick up delegates. tonight a big night for candidates as they try and figure out the path forward. again there is a serious anti-trump movement in the state of wisconsin. can ted cruz and john kasich capitalize on that? tonight will be the first opportunity to see if they can. >> and we'll be watching. all right phil. thank you so much. so a reminder. don't forget to tune in tonight. cnn town hall. ted cruz, john kasich and donald trump all take part. the prime time event will be moderated by anderson cooper at 8:00 eastern hear on cnn. >> that will be dramatic event playing out of the u.s. capit capitolal as well where public safety under the microscope. a man took out what appeared to be a weapon at the capitol visiting center.
5:17 am
facing charges now. and it is not his first run in with capitol police. >> reporter: larry russell dawson, a 66-year-old man was charged with two crimes last night by capitol police. that includes charge with with saumt assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer wild armed. mr. dawson allegedly enter the capitol complex yesterday afternoon with a firearm and when he went through metal detecter the alarm sounded. he waved the gun around and at that point was shot. he was transferred to the hospital and when he gets in better condition he'll go to d.c. superior court and face his charges. nobody else wainjured except a woman who had minor injuries from shrapnel wounds. he was remoouftd in 2015 from
5:18 am
the capitol as well. and he was asked not to return to the capitol. clearly he did and now we'll see how he addresses the charges when presented to him in court whenever he recovers from those injuries, michaela. >> thank you for all of that. turning to brussels now because authorities are intensifying their search for two remaining suspects and eight others believed to have some connection with the attackers. european officials also are said to be asking the u.s. for help, examining laptops and phones seized in the aftermath of the bombings. cnn's senior international correspondent nick payton walsh is tracking all of the latest from brussels. nick. >> reporter: the threads continue to seem a little out of grasp of investigators here. there were high hopes for the main suspect in the hunt had potentially been in custody. a lot of the speculation backed up by officials and in fact it was a man known as fiezal c. but that man was released
5:19 am
yesterday. investigators saying the evidence stack up. in fact saying he was innocent. plus anybody else involved in the cell. the number of clues missed by police staggering. we ourselves saw in the apartment where the bakraoui brothers prepared the chemicals for the bombs, they mishandled them so badly that it leaked from the entire floors to the floor below. and one man in the building said he saw a key isis bomb maker visit that apartment. it is remarkable to see how many clues were missed. and now as day passes after day these arrests seem to be yielding less sense of certainty here for ordinary belgiums who simply want to know the man behind the attacks is in custody. >> thanks for joining us nick. we appreciate it.
5:20 am
so the egypt air hijacking situation is over. that suspect issers aedal we'll bring you the latest from cypress. plus the war of words heating over candidate's wives. actions speak louder. something we'll show you. through small things. big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪
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you know what that music means. time to talk politics. donald trump refusing to back
5:24 am
down on his attacks of hyde cruz during a tense interview with a conservative wisconsin radio host. could trump's latest line of attack make him his own worst enemy? let's check in now with katrina pearson for the trump campaign. good morning katrina. >> good morning don. >> i want to start with that interview donald trump did yesterday with charlie sikes. ion him. he's really the conservative radio host in wisconsin. he surprised trump by saying he was part of the #never trump campaign. listen to this. >> mr. trump, before you called into my show, did you know that i'm a #never trump guy? >> that i didn't know. >> okay. because i thought it was interesting. and people were wondering does donald trump know what charlie sikes has said about him in the past. and i would give you credit either way. >> no no, i understand -- >> katrina, did your campaign know what donald trump was getting into? shouldn't he have been prepared,
5:25 am
armed with that knowledge? >> well i think what you are seeing is that the fact that donald trump doesn't really care. look at this. we have seen mr. trump go in very hostile territory. we've seen mr. trump go into interviews know that anchors have said horrible things about him in the past and he's been unafraid to do these interviews. this is a radio show in wisconsin. he did do the interview and he defended himself. >> so you don't think he should have known? he might possibly not have done the interview had he known. >> no and i think he would. that is my point. donald trump is not afraid to do interviews. he's the only candidate willing to go into hostile territory. but i think the bigger question here is this somehow this attack on ted cruz's wife narrative that somehow sprouted last week and it's unfortunate that i was unable to come on to discuss that. because the fact of the matter here, don, is there's only one one wife attacked this cycle. and that is melania trump. last year glen beck, ted cruz's
5:26 am
top surrogate was trashing her and no one said anything. earlier on this month on another network there was another supporter who maligned melania's character. there was before the attack ad by the pro ted cruz pac. >> so why would donald trump need you to defend? if donald trump can defend himself against the likes of glen beck and others, why would melania trump need you to defend her? >> that is the o point here. mr. trump is defending his wife. there is no such thing as an attack on hyde cruz. i have yet to hear the attack. >> you didn't see the retweet donald trump did? you don't. >> no that is an not an attack. >> that is -- [inaudible]. >> that is not an attack, no. >> -- >> that is not an attack. it is supporting his wife. >> don't say that is supporting his wife because you don't need heidi cruz in that picture to support his wife. >> well of course not.
5:27 am
mr. trump didn't make the picture. he retweeted a tweet because he believes that his wife is beautiful just the way that she is. and since when did it become okay to attack a woman. what is the policy here? is it okay to attack a woman, malign her character and impugn her dignity just because she's beautiful. >> i can ask the same question about heidi cruz? is it okay to malign heidi cruz who is a beautiful woman to attack her and put up a horrible picture. >> no one has attacked her. melania trump has been attacked. where has that headline been. i bet cnn viewers didn't even know melania had been attacked for month bis pro ted cruz people. that is the problem here. >> i think you are being very disengenus about this. >> it is not -- >> -- hold on. katrina. let me. we have been talking about it.
5:28 am
we have interviewed melania trump. anderson cooper did a very extensive interview and talked about all of those issues. we report on everything that happens with melania and the other candidates so you're being very disingenuous saying we're not -- >> you are covering it. it is just ttd wrong context. >> it is the cob text that you want us to cover. doesn't mean it is a wrong context. >> these are facts don. >> facts are facts. but let's move on and talk about the other thing in this interview. where, the host asked that maybe mr. trump should apologize or maybe he should keep wives off the table. let's listen to this. >> i expect that in a 12-year-old bully on a playground not somebody who wants the office held by abraham lincoln. >> again i didn't start it. >> do you ever apologize.
5:29 am
most real men when they screw up. >> i do apologize. i do believe in apologizing but i think before i apologize he owes me an apology. >> let's say more the sake of it ted cruz said it was a super pac. that it wasn't him. let's say ted cruz did start it. is it an excuse beyond second or third grade to say he did it first? is that really an excuse katrina is it. >> i think it's supportive of what he has always said that he's going to hold the campaigns accountable for the attacks on their behalf. this was on the behalf of ted cruz and he's a counter puncher. this is nothing new. donald trump didn't start this but he'll respond and to expect a man not to defend his wife is pretty insane. and the fact that he continues to support his wife and defend her in light of these attacks when the media is making someone else the victim, no he shouldn't
5:30 am
apologize until ted cruz does because even a fox news averag r anchor said this is a slippery slope do go after spouses and that is when donald trump issued the warning. >> i think it is a very good spin you have put on it. but not necessarily the truth. don't forget. cnn's three republican candidate, john kasich, ted cruz and donald trump are going to take part in a gop town all in wisconsin, 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. alisyn. over to you. >> i'll take it here actually. a hijackers arrested after commandeering a flight. and belgian authorities on the hot seat. did they drop the ball? we're going to talk to the deputy mayor of paris next. y dos rely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us,
5:31 am
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the search for suspects in the brussels attacks is expanding across europe. but our belgium -- are belgium law enforcement hissing too many
5:35 am
clues. patrick klugman is deputy mayor of paris and visited brussels and working reque ining with of. great to have you in the studio with us. i interviewed you a little less than a week ago. you were in paris. i was in brussels. you had just returned to paris from brussels. at that time you told me you had confidence in the belgium officials and raufrt that they were doing the best they could. a week later, do you still feel given that there have been clues that have been missed that they are doing the best they can. >> i think belgium is waking up. with sad news from the attacks. apparently police didn't work how it should but they are working very very strongly and the common work with french team of inquirers is really doing great progresses. >> you are pleased with the relationship since. obviously there should have been
5:36 am
better coordination. >> there was coordination before. and it led to the arrest of abds slam abdeslam. >> what he heard is he was interviewed for one hour. it seems as though that was inadequate. >> he was interviewed i think two hours not one but the time change. but this is the common pressing. he's under arrest. he will be probably judged in france, which i wish very much. and also in belgium probably for his links to the brussels attacks. but it was quite unexpected to have this attack such a short time after his arrest. and you know, we are always wiser after. but to be honest, it was quite a surprise for everyone. >> look, of course the hindsight is 20/20. and we don't mean to cast criticism but it does seem like
5:37 am
things were missed. the mayor ofmolenbeek. the mayor of molenbeek we understand received a list of more than 80 suspected islamic militants in her district in molenbeek. given to her by the belgian security services. what should a mayor have done with that information? you are the mayor of paris. if your security services had given you list, what would you have done? >> well responsibility both in france and belgium as mayors is not to deal with police. police is a responsibility of the state. so we care about how our kids do not turn into radicals. how kids in our schools won't become the -- >> radicals. >> yeah. this is our job. and we failed in paris and in belgium. we did fail.
5:38 am
and we have much bigger work to do to prevent future terrorist and future attacks. this is as mayor the job. to have livable, inclusive strong cities of citizens. >> that incorporates citizen swoos t into the fabric of the city. so what has changed? >> since brussels it is the strangest feeling i have ever seen. like we were hit ourselves in the city of paris. the two cities are so close. one hour by train. it is really a part of ourselves. and there are progresses to be made, for sure. but i think we are on the good way. not as the belgium, kind of, political craziness. and we want better cooperation
5:39 am
on police and action together. this is what we need. terrorists don't see our borders. we show -- >> exactly right. terrorists don't recognize your borders so you shouldn't recognize your borders. we're happy to hear there is more cooperation and that you are all working together in light of these terrible things. patrick klugman thank you so much for being on "new day." we appreciate talking to you. tomorrow our chris cuomo returns to paris to investigate what happened there in november. wednesday 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. after an hours long standoff in cypress a hijacker of an egyptian flight is now in custody. that's next. there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most powerful performance line ever. including the exhilarating is... the thrilling gs...
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updating you on our breaking news this morning. the man suspected of hijacking an egypt air flight has been arrested. all of the hostenings are now free and sasm. ian lee has been over the story from the start live from cairo. what a tense, tense situation.
5:44 am
>> and really dramatic video coming out of that situation. at one point you see a person escaping the cockpit of the airplane through the window. really tense there in the final moments as well. this hijacker had about seven people in the final moments. we saw some of them being released but security officials were able to get in there. we were able to arrest him. right now though we are hearing that this bomb that is allegedly on this hijacker was in fact a fake. that is what we are hearing right now from officials that he did not in fact have a bomb. they are describing him as someone who is unstable. who was demanding many things during this situation. but the whole time they kept it very professional and very serious. because they didn't know if he did in fact have a bomb. >> all right ian.
5:45 am
thank you very much for that. let's talk about someone who's helping impact the world. best known for his role in vampire diaries but actor ian summerholder is doing what he can to protect african elephants from extinction. a closer look and more information, you can visit >> a number of years back i was staying in zimbabwe, in the bush, at this incredible conservation institute. with a young orphaned elephant. both of her patients were killed by poacher, unfortunately. i wish people had the experience that i had to hug this beautiful, intelligent, loving creature. >> that encounter inspired the actor to help save elephants from the deadly ivory trade. >> if people had that ability to make the connection, to touch those tusk, then i people would
5:46 am
really fill differently about what it means to kill these beautiful animals. >> ian partnered with wild aid for it's year of the elephant campaign. >> the goal is our goal, to make this if year of the elephant. where more elephants are born than killed by poachers. >> within seven years the african elephant could be extinct. >> this whole thing is about really just getting people to come down the herd. stop this senseless slaughter of these beautiful animals. because when the buying stop, the killing will stop. >> beautiful. all right. check that out on well, for the first time since the war of wives unfolded between cruz and trump, wisconsin voters get a chance to question the candidates directly in a town hall tonight. we'll with joined by a panel of republican gauge what they think
5:47 am
about trump and cruz whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes.
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again, i didn't start it. he started it. >> do you ever apologize because you know what? most real men when they screw up
5:51 am
they go you know what, i was a hot head. i shouldn't have done that. >> i do apologize. i believe in apologizing. but i think before i would think about apologizing he owes me an apology. >> well the war of wives as it is being called between draump and ted cruz continues. ahead of tonight's cnn gop presidential town hall in milwaukee. so how are republican women responding to all of the accusations and the insults? let's bring this our panel? tara grant is a donald trump supporter. jessica fernandez is a former marco rubio supporter, now undecided. and carol bruner is a ted cruz supporter. tara, i want to start with you. you are a trump supporter. also mom of four. i'm interested in talking to you. some accusations of playground politics have been leveled. whether do you think of donald trump's explanation for why he attacked heidi cruz. well he started it. what do you think of that?
5:52 am
>> it is very playground politics. and i'm ready for these guys to bring it off the playground and get real with each other. leave melania out of it. leave miss heidi out of it. to be honest alisyn i'm just sick of it. quick pooping in each other's sand boxes. let's keep this ming moving. but for his explanation of he started it. i know if someone throws verbal jabs at me in the heat of the moment i have come back and said some things that i probably shouldn't have said. i think we're all human. we all do that. if he apologizes, that's great. if he feels justified in what he says, that's great too. >> carol, should we hold our presidential candidates to a different standard than what the rest of us adhere to or what our children adhere to? >> i think we should. i think they should be above as was said playground politics. kind of reminds me of my
5:53 am
grandchildren. he said this. you said that. i'm going to get even. and i'm really tired of it. it has to stop. i don't care who started it first. let's stop it. >> jessica. you are undecided. does this battle sway you one way or the other? >> no. i mean, i think it keeps me further to be sideline. i think we're clambering for a level of decency and maturity, one that is going take this contest very seriously. this is the nomination for the president of the united states. this isn't, you know, school president. we are getting a little tired of the barbs and the insults and, you know, we're really looking forward to them being able to elevate the discussion. talk about what's mattering in the kitchen tables across america. what's happening, you know, with young people and student loan afford nability and it's distracting from the real
5:54 am
issues. >> tara you said support donald trump. given the insults and vulgarity, was there any moment during the campaign season so far where you had second thoughts? >> no. not all. i've been a huge trump supporter since the very beginning when he announced his candidacy. and of course i want my candidate to rise above the fray. however when we are looking at a debate, the last debate, it was very clean. and alisyn it was very boring. so tonight, do i want to see a little more fire? absolutely. would i love to see a little more fire based on policy? absolutely. and i want donald trump to come out very strong. and i want him to come out the donald trump that i know, that i support, that i love his candidacy. but, you know, it is one of those that i'm not scared of a few verbal jabs at each other. that is politics. >> i understand you will be going to the town hall tonight. is that right? >> that's right. >> so carol, what do you want to
5:55 am
hear? >> i'm looking forward to it. >> we as well. what do you want to hear tonight from the candidates? and from your chosen candidate, ted cruz. >> i want to hear him talk about the issues. i don't want to hear about donald trump's wife. i don't want to hear about heidi cruz. i want to hear the issues and what he's doing to do about certain things. we have so many issues and so many problems in this world that to concentrate on each others families and jabs and insults i think does all of us a disservice. >> jessica. what is going to help you make your final decision on whom to vote for? >> i mean, who's going to be able to fix the economy? who is going to be able to bring more jobs? who's going to be bring more stability in the job market. who's going to be a world leader. today with the hiemging and
5:56 am
terrorist attacks last week these are issues that are not going away and we need a leader who cease going to be able to rise above the fray and unite people. have a conversation and rhetoric that is strong but not insulting. and i think that is what america wants in their next president. >> tara, jessica, carol thank you ladies very much for being on. don lem season giving you a round of applause. >> women are the more evolved of the sexes. that was really fantastic. congratulations ladies. >> as if we needed anymore proof of that. thank you ladies. we'll look very forward to seeing what happens tonight at the town hall. also stay tuned for the latest on the egypt air hijacking "newsroom" with carol costello picks up after cnn's very short break. actions speak louder. something we'll show you. through small things. big things. and spur of the moment things. sheraton. ♪
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. a hijacker seizes an airliner and the drama ends peacefully on live television. this is one of the last hostages escaping through a cockpit window and scaling down the side of the airplane. minutes later the hijacker surrenders. that is reportedly him in the white shirt. the man you see being led away there. officials say this was not an act of terrorism but a man upset over his ex-wife. the flight was supposed to be a short


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