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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  April 2, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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your voice remote by visiting good morning. 6:00 on a saturday morning. we're so grateful. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. new republican front-runner said abortion laws should remain unchanged. this report comes days after that firestorm of criticism for saying that women who get abortion should face some form of punishment. listen to his latest comments. >> you told bloomberg in january you should abandon it. >> first of all i would like to see this be a states right.
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i think it would have been better if it were up to the states, but right now the laws are set and that's the way the laws are. >> you have a feeling -- there are a lot of laws you want to change. you talked about everything from liable to torture. >> the laws are set. i think it's set. >> quote, mr. trump gave an accurate account of the law as it is today and made clear it must stay that way now until he is president. then he will change the law through the judicial pointn'ts and allow the states to protect the unborn, unborn sno. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i don't know if i see jeffrey, but i hear jeffrey. earlier this week trump said women who had abortion should
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face some form of punishment. now there's a shift. after a week of discussion -- and errol, i'll start with you. do we know what trump believes about abortion laws? >> not only do we not know what he really thinks, victor, what i think is important is what i think we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt is this controversy has been going on for 43 years. it's not something donald trump has thought through very well. there are shelves in the library of the legal and medical and rhetorical implications in one stance or another when it comes to abortion. we've heard a few in the last few days about where he ends up, and this latest version of it basically is i think him throwing up his hands acknowledging he doesn't have much of an answer and that, you know, i think we've all seen the difference of being unscripted
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and unprepared. this is not something donald trump every expected to talk about in any depth or length and that's what we're hearing right now. can you articulate what you think are the laws? >> the law is the law. he believes the judicial process that you can change the law and he also very importantly and, you know, this is a view he shares with justice ginsburg that roe v. wade basically shauft the political debate in this country and therefore by doing that it sort of put a stopper in the bottle and has made this an explosive issue for what, 43 years since and that this issue should really be decided through the political process in the states and that by refusing to do that, we've made the issue worse. so that, in essence, is what
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he's saying. >> so his campaign communications manager says through judicial appointments he's going to change this. >> right, right. i mean there's no question this is one of the reasons why you would have conservatives on the court. he also said state's rights and what he's saying is the states should decide and that's what he said in 1973 before roe v. wade and as justice ginsburg pointed out, that shauft the debate and basically made this a hot button issue to the detriment, she believes, to the pro-choice movement ever since. >> he's explained this in the last three or four days now. why hasn't donald trump come prepared with a concise clear answer on his beliefs about abortion laws? >> i think in all candor, victor, he's a businessman. it's not like he's spent a great deal of time on this issue. >> but he's talked about it for quite some time. people go back to that 1999 interview with tim russert. >> yeah.
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i mean this is an issue that frankly if you're not a politician, you don't deal with it very often. you know, you might have an opinion here or there, but you don't deal with it. you're going to face this with anybody from the so-called, as it were political class who gets into politics for your the first time. this is his greatest strength. it's also on occasion correct it around i think he's doing fine. >> errol, i'm going to come to you after this next sound bite. another portion in "face the nation" with john dickerson that will air tomorrow in which he asks him if abortion is murder. watch this. >> do you think it's murder, abortion? >> i have my opinions on it, but i'd rather not comment on it. >> you said you're very pro-life. >> i am very pro-life. i have my opinions on it. >> you don't disagree with that
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proposition that it's murder? >> what proposition? >> that abortion is murder . >> no, i don't disagree. >> he seems uncomfortable talking about it at all because he's afraid he's going to say the wrong thing to offend the wrong people. >> i think it ee occurred to him that having no pollsters or fill soffers and others, he'll kind of going to be out at sea and there will be one uncomfortable question and exchange after another. you u can look at his face and see what's happening. he's sort of saying can i say this, do i have a belief, and if so, can i express it. i have to say, i love jeffrey lord, i appreciate what he's doing and hope hicks who's
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trying to thread the needle and turn wreckage and rubble into some kind of coherent policy, but it is outrageous for a candidate who says he wants to be president of the united states is leading in the polls and is heading for the nomination of major party to say that he's going to sort of -- he's a businessman and he hasn't really thought about this stuff, so give him a pass. that doesn't happen. that's just outrageous. that cannot happen. >> let me ask you this, errol. is this something that matters, though, to the trump supporters. are they going to him primarily because of his views on social issues or do they love him because he's going to build a wall on the southern border, he says, and he's going to bring jobs back? is this something that weakens that support at all? >> i'll be honest with you. i have to say. the interest and the fascination that many of us have had from trump supporters, where do they come from, why are there so many of them, are they impervious to
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it? i think we're past that. the polls if you go state by state, they're not budging, they're there for a lot of comparable reasons and in facts and new information is not going to sway them. what we have known all along is they're not a parties of the voting and it's a question that frustrates a lot of your viewers but it becomes the horse race stuff about who's got the delegates, who's got the nomination, who's going to be on the ballot in november. >> jeffrey, finally to you. i want to talk about this interview with fox news where donald trump had a con vversati with chris wallace. >> are you ruling out running as a third-party candidate? it's a simple question. >> no, it's not that simple. i'm by far a front-runner as a republican. i want to run as a republican.
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i will beat hillary clinton. >> if you don't get the nomination. >> we'll have to see how i was treated. very simple. >> again, he's flirting with the idea of running as a third party. i get that. he wrote the heart of the deal. get that. why is he doing that again. just a couple of days ago he tweeted about a nice meeting he had with the rnc. why are we hearing this now? >> i do think when you see them out there. so much was made of donald trump signing the pledge. then these guys are suddenly backing off. what does that tell you? >> they're not saying if they don't get the nomination, they're going to rub and go third party. >> well, no, but they're saying they wouldn't support the nominee of the party and that's a pretty big deal. one other thing, victor. >> yeah. >> senator cruz does the same thing on abortion.
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he was asked a year ago in iowa about this. i've seen it on c-span and he basically says he doesn't want to answer the question. he just dodges. this is what i think a lot of political people do on this issue. so i'm not saying necessarily it's the best approach, but i honestly don't think abortion on the scale of issues in the polls that i've looked at is at the top of the list. people are much more concerned about the economy, terrorism, that sort of thing. >> jeffrey lord, errol louis, good to have both of you at the start of this show this morning. >> thank you. >> certainly, jeffrey. later this hour more on donald trump and what he's said about his policy news. also, programming note, stay with cnn for the wisconsin presidential primaries. all day coverage, special coverage on tuesday right here on cnn. we're going to focus on the
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fired back at her about bernie. >> sanders said that his campaign is not lying as clinton charge and that clinton's campaign relies heavily, that's his word on donations from lobbyists from workers in the oil and gas industry. >> just the latest attack as it really starts to heat up now. senior correspondent jeff zeleny has more for us here. >> victor and christy you can feel the tension out here on the democratic campaign trail and it's not just from the candidates alone. it's from their support irs as well. the mere mention of hillary clinton's name produces loud boos. the reason, the length of this race. after clinton lost the new hampshire primary, her campaign urged supporters not to worry because the nomination wouldn't be one in february but all but sealed in march. now that it's april, the race is hotter than ever. hillary clinton just can't shake bernie sanders. >> this is really personal for
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me. >> their democratic fight isn't winding down but ramping up. sanders and his supporters keeping alive their criticism of clinton, receiving contributions from the oil and gas industry. this with the climate change activists going viral. >> i am so sick. i am so sick of the sanders campaign office lying about this. >> it ushered an we doff rising frustration from bernie sanders. the clinton sanders called it a distinction without a difference. >> if people receive money from lobbyists of the industry, i think you're receiving money from the industry. these are not just a little worker there. these are lobbyists who represent the oil and gas company. >> today in new york clinton struck back saying sanders isn't pro business. >> i just go crazy when i hear senator sanders and the tea
3:17 am
party republicans rail against it like it's some kind of evil, you know, presence. >> the democratic rivals are also tang ling over abortion. clinton accusing sanders of not properly denouncing donald trump. >> bernie sanders agreed donald trump's comments were shameful and then he said they were a distraction from, and i quote, from the serious issues facing america. >> sanders cried foul. >> what secretary clinton did is take things out of it. i am 100% pro-choice. >> the clinton campaign once assuming the contest would be all over by now as campaign manager robbie mook noted in this memo. the nomination will likely be in march, not february. sanders is fighting hard on clinton's turf in new york. he drew 18,000 supporters last
3:18 am
night to rally in the bronx. >> my father came to this country at the age of 17 from poland without a nickel in his pocket. >> sanders is well behind in the delegate race but money is keeping him in the game. his campaign says it raised $44 million in march, fortifying it for the final two months of the long democratic primary. >> let's take this fight to the white house. >> for bernie sanders to take this to the white house, he needs to keep winning and winning big. his first target is wisconsin. he's out there today and campaigning there all weekend long. now a top clinton adviser told me they believe wisconsin is basically out of reach. that's why they're focusing so much time and attention on new york, but judge big the size of some of these sanders crowds, the popular streak is alive and well. that's why the clinton campaign has taken it so seriously. they know a loss would up end this race like nothing else
3:19 am
could. victor and christi? >> thank you so much, jeff. let's talk about this further. ladies, it's so good to have both of you here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with you first, please. according to fact, secretary clinton has received six times the donations in the oil and gas industry so is sanders correct in what he's saying? does she owe him an apology. >> no, i don't believ she owes him an apology at all. so mass bernie sanders received money from people who work in the fossil and fuel industry. look. hillary clinton is in an extremely strong position in this nomination fight. she's not only leading in the popular vote. she has 2.5 million more votes than bernie sanders.
3:20 am
she also has an almost insur mountable delegate lead than bernie sanders. bernie has to win very big all of the states coming up and on facing that steep hurdle, facing that steep hill to climb. i think he's getting a little frustrated and is going after hillary clinton personally. look. the implication of his attack that hillary is taking money from the fossil fuel industry is that hillary can be bought or sold. that's just not true. i mean her record -- she has a very strong record. she has a very strong record with renewable energy. so i think he, if anything, bernie sanders owes her an apology. >> you wrote up a question -- nomiki, i saw you shaking your head, i want to get to that. according to a report by the federal election commission, hillary clinton has received $307,000 and bernie sanders has
3:21 am
received 53,000. is he injennous when he's also taking money. does he expect to give some money back? >> hillary clinton has received $307,000 from industry lobbyists. there are industry lobbyists. there are 57 of them on behalf of the oil gansd industry who have bundled collectively. 11 of them have bundled over 11 million from the super pac. her super pac alone has received $4.5 million which is not in those discloser. if you want to look at the kachl pain, sure. she's received $300,000 from industry lobbyists while bernie sanders has received $50,000 from people who work in oil companies, every kaye workers, accountants, people on the field. >> the federal election commission doesn't specify that. they specify pac contributions and individuals giving more than $200. >> right. when you look at the super pacs, there's a authentic called bundling. those employees, those
3:22 am
affiliated with them, have gone out and bundled over $11 million each. we all know how campaigns can raise money sneakily and unfortunately they're not able to disclose a lot of these things because of citizens united. i understand democrats need to compete with republicans as they raise money in these shadowy groups, but if they're going to take on citizens united and big interests, you can't accept money. with all due respect, she doesn't owe him -- she owes him an apology. he doesn't owe her one. she's the one who denied this. she said she didn't receive any money from him. >> i want to move ahead. clearly we saw frustration from her when she was asked that question this week, patty, and i'm wondering. we're not seeing her as much in wisconsin. obviously she's focusing on new york. is there any indication that there is real concern in the clinton camp about the straights bernie sanders seems to be making? $44 million that he's raised and
3:23 am
16 or 18,000 people at a rally in the bronx yesterday. why is she essentially skipping wisconsin it seems? >> well, look. demographically wisconsin is right in bernie sanders' wheelhouse. it is predominantly white. democrats in wisconsin are predominantly progressive. this is a state that favors him. polls right now show he's four or fuehrer points ahead. he's likely going to win wisconsin. will he win by the 20 points or 30 points that he needs to win in order to move forward and take, you know -- beat hillary's delegate lead? i don't know about that. then they move to new york. hillary clinton was elected twice in new york statewide. she lives in new york with her husband. her daughter lives in new york. she's got very strong relationships in new york. she has always supported new york state, and i think new york state is going to support her,
3:24 am
and i think she will win new york. i don't think the campaign wants me to say that. they want to set expectations low, but i think she's going to win it. >> do we want to set expectations low, and nomiki, let me ask this of you because there's a concern of voter turnout. bernie sanders asking about this $44 million that he has raised last month. those people, a lot of that, as i understand it, 99% online, will those people who are donating equate to people actually going to the polls and vote? >> well, i think we're seeing that already. i'm from new york. i grew up in buffalo. i'm very familiar with hillary's record and i was at that rally the other night the bronx, two nights ago. those are 18,000 people of all different colors, race, background, and those white aren't resonating anymore. there was a challenger, a very progressive challenger who took on the governor and she had no
3:25 am
money. she ran this grassroots campaign and challenged governor cuomo and reached 40% and that was somebody who didn't have the support system, didn't have the infrastructure that bernie sanders had. so you're going to see a real shift happening in new york which is quite a populist state. when you look at buffalo, you have a lot of working-class voters. when you look at vermont, they're bordering his home state. you look at areas like brooklyn. you have a real change in progressive politics. the difference is hillary clinton went to the assembly and she asked for the assembly to turn out the votes. those are super delegates. they're going out there and work machine politics and getting their voters to vote while he's working the proagreeive grassroots campaign that quite fraurngly works in new york. >> she received something yesterday that may also cause a shift in some respects. she's going after sanders on the issue of guns, we know. there was a family who tried to sua gun manufacturer after their
3:26 am
daughter was killed in the aurora theater attack. spoke in defense of hillar clinton, against bernie sanders. so is this gun issue, patty, where secretary clinton may be hoping to get some of that momentum back? >> look. i think pointing out the differences between bernie sanders and hillary clinton on guns is very effective. it has been very effective for hillary clinton. this is one of the reasons why she's actually beating bernie sanders, why she beat him in many of those southern states. she has been campaigning with the mothers of the victims of gun violence. look. bottom line is bernie sanders voted against the brady bill five times. bernie sanders sided with gun manufacturers on the immunity issue. so is it effective? absolutely. will she use it? absolutely. >> all right. wisconsin tuesday. looking ahead to new york in a couple of weeks. patty and nomiki konst,
3:27 am
appreciate you being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. by the way, programming note bernie sanders is jake tapper's guest on state of the union tomorrow on cnn. the city of flint, michigan, takes major step on battling the ongoing water crisis. we have details on the lawsuit the city is filing against the state. and brussels, we'll tell you about why security may not be enough following the recent terror attacks. ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. introducing the first-ever cadillac ct6.
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the state of north carolina could lose millions if the state limits the protections of gay and transgender across the state. according to a "new york times" report the obama fund could pull funding for highways and housing and laws if it is not repealed. coming up, an attorney said he would defend north carolina's law for free. the city of flint is getting ready to sue the state of michigan. the city says it needs help fixing its damaged water system and defending itself against lawsuit. remember flimt's water supply was tainted by lady after they switched sources to save money. since january more than 50 lawsuits have been filed against the city. the airport in brussels could reopen for the first time since last month's terror attacks. an agreement has been reached between the country and the policionion. the deal requires passengers to be checked before they reach
3:32 am
that terminal. and according to a new report by a human rights group, turkey has been forcing syrian refugees to return home. thousands of refugees are being sent back to the war-torn country from which they fled. they say turkey is not able to handle the number of refr gees that are coming into the country. president obama says donald trump has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to foreign policy. we've got details on what trump said that prompted the president's reaction. later this morning isil has taken over mosul university. find out why they targeted that structure and what the u.s. is doing about it. not now! i'm cleaning the oven! yeah, i'm cleaning the gutters! washing the dog! washing the cat! well i'm learning snapchamp! chat. chat! changing the oil... (vo) it's surising what people would rather do than deal with retirement. pressure-washing the... roses. aerating the lawn! (vo) but with nationwide it's no big deal. okay, your retirement plan is all set.
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to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. 36 minutes past the hour on this saturday morning and president obama is slamming donald trump's recent call for japan and south korea to develop nuclear weapons. >> yeah. the president speaking after his meeting with the world leaders at the nuclear summit in washington. also took aim at the front run're's experience in foreign policy. >> the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean policy or generally. i said before people pay attention to american elections. what we do is really important to the rest of the world.
3:37 am
>> well, let's talk about this now with cnn political commentators ben ferguson and errol louis. errol, good to have you back. ben, good morning. >> good morning. >> he talked about the rhetoric and the tone, but this is a policy criticism. why is the president on three levels here criticizing donald trump criticized in this way in this setting? >> it makes sense. this is something that the president has been working on for his entire presidency. basically every other year he has this major summit where they're trying to deal with the proliferation and they dealering with the jobs of the u.s. president. they're the leading nuclear power. we're the defensive shield for many, many countries and we have tried. it has been standard u.s. policy no matter who was in the white house to try to deal with that. that's really why the setting is there. i think also, though, look, there might be a little
3:38 am
political payback. you know, the birtherism and the other attacks by donald trump and politicians don't like being attacked. finally, i believe most importantly, unlike something like trade policy which a lot of people don't quite understand or, you know, there are some winners and some losers, maybe you lost your job in manufacturing, but maybe you made -- maybe you got a job because you make stuff that gets shipped overseas, nuclear weapons are something every understands and everybody over a certain age understands how darmgs they are, how expensive and dangerous the cold war was and we don't want to go back to that, to a certain extent. >> is this something everybody cares about? ben, let me come to you. you are no fan of the president, you're no fan of donald trump, you've -- you support ted cruz moving forward. my question to you is does this help donald trump? i mean the president seems to be -- he's the elected lead oesh f
3:39 am
the country. he seems to be punching down in the primaries. does this help trump? >> it certainly helps trump. i'm the complete outsider, i'm going to undo everything he's done. this is huge because he advocated the other night. he advocated for other countries getting nuclear weapons an also conceding that other countries on that list are going to get nuclear weapons regardless of what we do. >> hold it a second, ben. we have that sound. let's play it. let's listen to donald trump in his own words. >> it's been a u.s. policy, though, for decades to prevent japan from getting -- >> it may be policy but can i be honest with you? maybe there's time for a change. at some point we have to say, you know what? we're betting off if japan
3:40 am
protects itself against this maniac in north korea. we're better off if -- >> let me throw in here, ben, a japanese official said we don't eechbt want nuclear weapons, but go ahead. >> this is where he gets himself in flubl these primary states. look at how the voters will respond to h in wisconsin on tuesday, for example. the idea that you have a president or candidate on either side of the aisle advocating for other countries getting nuclear weapons and conceding that places like saudi arabia are going to get them or iran's going to get them anyway, is not a foreign policy that the majority of americans -- i don't care if you're republican or democrat, the majority of americans do not want nuclear proliferation in other countries around the world, especially in the middle east. remember, america wasn't even an advocate for israel getting nuclear weapons, for goodness sakes. this is completely off the reservation for donald trump. this has dmog with being a conservative or republican, this
3:41 am
is donald trump not well thought out and this is one of his biggest weaknesses going into a general election against hillary clinton. >> errol, will there be a consequence at the polls? >> i would imagine for all of the reasons that ben just described. here, again, this is not a partisan issue to a great extent. the korean border is the most hostile border in the entire world. they signed it. >>et a peace treaty. they're still officially at war. the notion of introducing nuclear weapons in that situation is very unusual, let's put it that way. very unusual. >> will he have to readvise this? should we expect he's going to change this or try to move on? >> i don't think he's going to readvise this because he's donald trump. he basically says, i'm smarter than you. if you don't like what i have to say, i'll insult you. it was a shocker this week that he backed down on his stance on abortion saying he misspoke, but
3:42 am
that's literally the first time he's done that in the entire campaign. he seems to be sticking to this that, hey, other countries need nuclear weapons kind of like we have them, they're going to get them anyway and i'm not going to fight them. some i don't mind if they have them for their own defenses. it's beyond the logic. the fact that we're having this conversation, the fact that errol and i are in this campaign are agreeing, that should tell you something. >> we're just starting this conversation. ben, errol, thank you both. we'll continue throughout the morning. thank you. innocent people being killed by u.s. drone strikes. president obama makes a stunning admission in the fight against isis. plus, joe biden getting in on the march madness. we go live to houston where the vice president will be sitting courtside today.
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by visiting u.s. drone strikes have killed innocent people. that's what president obama is admitting even though he now says the controversial program does have new guidelines in place to prevent collateral damage. now, yesterday the president said his administration is very cautious when looking at potential targets saying they will not strike if women and children are close by but the president also admitting the program has had its shortcomings. >> ily has been in the past legit mat criticism that the
3:47 am
legal architecture around the use of drone strikes or other kinetic strikes wasn't as precise as it should have been and there's no doubt civilians were killed that shouldn't have been. i think that over the last several years we have worked very hard to avoid and prevent those kinds of tragedies from taking place. >> cnn military analyst lieutenant colonel mark heardling joining us. it's a very bode admission, no doubt about it. what did you make of the president being so public about it? >> it's very interesting. good morning, christi. >> good morning. >> the representation as to what has occurred is extremely accurate by the president. some of the decisions on the ground not only by the military but intelligent agencies who have the use have what is known as either the kill/don't kill decision.
3:48 am
what's happening is drones are being used more. in the past, what the president has said, in the past -- and he's talking about several years ago -- it was based on the decision by the commander on the scene and i think the legal requirements for making those drone decisions have been upped so that there is a criteria for standardization across who is actually making the decision. so in other words, there's no delta between one person and another in terms of what they determine should be a strike or not. and whenever drone launches -- whenever a drone launch as missi missile, they take into consideration a couple of things. the target they're striking, the importance of that target, what's the collateral damage and in that it's what's seen and what might not be seen. in other words, if you see women and children on the ground, most
3:49 am
normal commanders would say, we're not going to strike. but you also have to consider what might be nearby or what you may not see, as far as a target being a car and women and children getting into it. >> is that part of the bigger problem? doesn't isis use civilians? >> they do at times. that certainly is part of the problem with the decision to strike. there will be the so-called human shields that might be used by many of these far gets. but in many of the cases where you've seen drone strike res recently like the one in somalia a few weeks ago, the one in libya before that, these are large targets. the libya target was 40 soldiers, isis fighters all coming together. the one in al shabaab was a graduation exercise with 150 soldiers. so those are obvious targets. sometimes when you're going after a singular target and there are civilians nearby, a commander on the ground, and
3:50 am
i've had to make these decisions in the past, pull up. do not shoot. the collateral damage potential is too high. >> even throw's been collateral damage, has the use of drones in your opinion, lessened the amount of it, lessened the innocent lives lost here? >> no. absolutely it has. when you're talking about trying to get terrorists who are moving from one location to another and these are the only ways to actually strike those terrorists, this is the criteria and it's the only way to strike. the potential for seeing a guy, knowing where he is, coming out of a bulding, you know he's been there at a meeting, it's a high value target, hitting that target would prevent further terrorist attacks or create ruin asian, ation. i'm going to hesitate and, again, you have to think about what's the criteria and what's the importance of the target.
3:51 am
sometimes with collateral damage nooern, you still make the decision if the target is important enough. >> lieutenant general huert lin, thank you so much. isis, we've learned, there is a report out there that they're using chemistry labs at mosul university in iraq to create bombs. we're going to talk more to the general about that and how the u.s. is going to approach that situation. victor? >> all right. thank you, christi. more debris has washed up on the island in the indian ocean that may be tied to ioa-370. it was taken to a hotel for safekeeping and has since been turned over to police. they're expected to take ore the investigation, whether that piece came from that boeing 777. as you remember, it vanished now two years ago.
3:52 am
coming up at the top of the hour, donald trump's latest kmerchltss on abortion and hints that he will not rule out a third-partied by y ed bied by b necessary. plus the white house representing at the march madness final four today. we're live in houston with details on joe biden's arrival for the big games.
3:53 am
3:54 am
3:55 am
the oklahoma star is going
3:56 am
to not be playing today. andy scholes has more. >> good morning. it's exciting. the first matchup, we're going to see oklahoma take on villanova. this will be another chance for buddy hield to shine under the bright lights. he's been so amazing. he brought home the oscar robinson player of the year award yesterday. if you don't know healed's story, it's a great one. he grew up in the bahamas, grew up in the united states. his mom gave him the name buddy after the show "married with children." he went 22 years in between final four appearances and it turns out krueger's nickname was slick but he didn't really want to talk about it. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. i'd like to say it started because i was pretty smooth, you know, probably more about the haircut. >> he might make his run for
3:57 am
that. that's a good name. he's pretty slick at everything he does. >> he's not going to make us run no more. >> so buddy, select, and the sooners tip things off tonight on tbs against villanova. following by north carolina taking on syracuse. be sure to tune in for a behind-the-scenes look. all access at the final four with fredericka whitfield and steve smith airs today at 2:30. vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be there. they might be disappointed. both are alumni. vice president biden graduated from syracuse, the college of law in 1968 and the first lady got her master of arts from
3:58 am
villanova in 1981. so, guy, obviously both of them are cheering for each other's teams today, but they could end up facing each other in the final four and would thamt be a house divided if it was syracuse taking on villanova. >> wondering where that's going to go. >> ahead on "new day," we have more on donald trump's latest comments regarding abortion and why they're making headlines now. >> and new hints on why trump is not ruling out a third-party bid. how his latest tone may be affecting the party at large. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do?
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technology moves faster than ever.
4:01 am
the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. welcome to saturday at 7:00. we're so grateful you're here with us. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor black well. donald trump toning down his stance on abortion possibly. he said the abortion law should be unchanged. that comes after his comments earlier this week that women who get abortions should be punished. >> you told bloomberg in january abortion should be banned. >> first of all, i would like to have seen this be a state's rig. i think it would be better if
4:02 am
it's a state's right. right now the laws are set. >> there are a lot of laws you want changed. >> at this point the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> now the trump campaign has issued this statement. quote, mr. trump gave an accurate account of the law as it is today and made clear it must stay that way now until he is president. then he will change the law through his judicial appointments and allow the states to protect the unborn. there's nothing new here. >> let's bring back ben ferguson and now scotty hughes. good to have both of you with us this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so scotty, i want to start with you. i want to start with you the way i started in the last hour, can you concisely clearly give me just what donald trump has not been able to give the public, a concise sentence on donald
4:03 am
trump's views on abortion laws? >> donald trump is 100% pro-life and he will appoint judges as president of the united states that support his pro-life views. simple. >> why can't donald trump say that? >> you know what? ask mr. trump. he's obviously available to the media. you can ask him that. when it comes down that that, that's exact hi what his views are. i think it goes to the fact that a lot of times when asked questions as you saw with the chris matthews interview, there are several elements introduced. a simple question gets a simple answer. a very complex hypothetical question gets a very hypothetical answer. >> he said earlier in the week women should be punished, he wouldn't say how. now he's come back and now there's a fourth answer as it relates to laws. not abortion but abortion laws. >> it does. each time the question has been asked in a different way but ultimately when it comes down it
4:04 am
to it comes down that he's 100% pro-life. >> back to you. >> i feel sorry for scotty and trump supporters. it's got to be tough when you have to defend his opinion four times. >> he didn't change his opinion. he's pro-life? he's not always been pro-life. you cannot say donald trump has always become pro-life. he's rerecently become pro-life. in 1999 he was defending abortion and partial birth. he doesn't understand. he's faking it. when you sit there and say the law is the law, so it's not going to be changed. that's not what republican conservative voters who are pro-life want to hear. you want to hear that he understands the issue first of
4:05 am
all. abortion is an issue in a republican primary as simple as what is your name or your date of birth and you should know it and you should know why you believe it because it is a moral issue. this is the reason why donald trump is having problems connecting with many evangelical strishs. he does not know what he stands for. he doesn't even know his own opinion. to prove a point, hiswn son was contradicting himself on tv while the trump campaign was changing his pin. his own son doesn't know what he thinks on abortion much less anyone else in his campaign and this is a guy who says, i think i walkts to hear this and i so i'm going to say there has never been a conservative presidential candidate who has ever advocated for punishing women. donald trump faked it. he thought that's what people wanted to hear and he got it wrong. >> scotty, let me come to you. after the 2012 primary, the republican party found they
4:06 am
would have to change some of their rhetoric as it relates to issues like abortion and birth control. having this conversation now, does that fly in the face of that? does that jeopardize down ballot races, not just donald trump's primary, his chances moving forward, but all the republicans who are going to be running for house and senate seats? >> listen. the gop has always had some sort of issue with it. remember, mitt romney put all that in a binder. let me go back real quick something ben just said. this week was the first time i ever heard the pro-life movement and several organizations come out and say the woman who chose to have an abortion was a victim. i've never heard that mantra before. if i look at it right t protesters are saying, calling these women murderers when they walked in and out of planned parenthood, so there is some sort of complexity right now. >> is that something you agree with? >> that's not as simple as it's
4:07 am
made to be. i've never heard this version that women who choose to have this -- >> let me ask you. is that something you agree with that donald trump told chris matthews that he should be? >> he was talking about a hypothetical. as the law stands right now, women are not committing an illegal act when they commit an abortion. so that was -- like i said, this was a whole hypothetical situation. >> all right. >> this drives me absolutely insane. >> so you don't believe it's murder? do you not believe abortion is murder? >> go ahead. >> the idea that somehow donald trump while running for president should not be asked hypothetical questions and therefore they're an unfair question to him, every question when you're running for president is a hypothetical because you're not the president. it's about what you would do in those situations. the trump campaign.
4:08 am
you guys act like it's unfair that someone asked him a question and challenged him on a stance on abortion. every situation nuclear questions, tax questions, health care questions, obama care, defunding it or getting rid of it or rewriting the law, they're all hypothetical. this question -- hold on real quick. if this question is real tough for donald trump to answer and you guys have to use the defense that donald trump was asked a hypothetical is unfair. he's not fit to be president and he's not fair to be president. the entire issue is -- >> i've got it. scotty, hold on a second. you put a question to ben asking if he believes abortion is murder. listen to what donald trump said. >> do you think it's murder, abortion? >> i have my opinions on it but i'd rather not comment on it. >> you say you have an opinion
4:09 am
on it. >> i do have my opinions on it. i'd rather -- i just don't think it's inappropriate. >> but you don't disagree with that proposition that it's murder? >> what proposition. >> that abortion is murder. >> no, i don't disagree with it. >> again kbrourkts that question to ben, why can't donald trump answer that question one way or the other with a kwle or no? >> that's for him to resolve. >> you're here as trump supporter. >> i am a trump supporter, but that doesn't mean -- >> you came here as a trump supporter. >> let me say this. just because i'm a supporter of a candidate does not mean i have to 100% agree with everything he says. i believe that -- >> i'm not asking you the agree. why can't he answer one aor the other. >> i agree. he has to have a better answer for that that's much more simple than going on and on around it. scot sco scottie, you just asked. >> hold on, hold on.
4:10 am
>> i asked you and you went on a tirade like donald trump did. >> no, i didn't. >> yes, you did. >> by the way he answer thad question tells me he's not fit to -- >> ben ferguson, scottie nell hughes, we've gone eight minutes so fafrmt thank you so much. we'll continue the conversation later this hour. also donald trump's views of foreign policy and nuclear proliferation, we'll talk about that at the bottom of the hour. christi? >> next on new day, we're focusing on the democrats, bernie sanders going after hillary clinton and demanding an apology from her. also new this morning president obama makes the stunning admission about u.s. drones killing innocent civilians. and a controversial new law in north carolina involving gay and transgender rights could now
4:11 am
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4:14 am
hillary clinton and bernie sanders takinging their campaigns to wisconsin today. bernie sanders renewing his demand for an apology after hillary clinton was lying about the donations from the oil and gas industry. take a look here. >> i do not -- i have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. i am so sick -- i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. i'm sick of it. >> cnn correspondent chris frates is follow the story from eau claire, wisconsin, in the snow in april. chris, i know that's a bit of a distraction, hour, what are you
4:15 am
hearing that voters are going to hear today from these two? >> reporter: yeah, christi. you're exactly right. bernie sanders and hillary clinton crisscrossing the cheese state. both sanders and clinton will be in the same place. they're coming to this winter wonderland in eau claire, wisconsin, in the lower part of the state and then they're headed for a democratic dinner. hillary clinton trying to downplay expectations all week in wisconsin arguing in 2008 she lost wisconsin to barack obama by double digits. that's no surprise because she's still taking the fight to bernie sanders, arguing that he lied about her record-taking campaign contributions from financial contributors. bernie sanders firing back yesterday saying that hillary clinton owes him an apology because the facts are on his side. >> reporter: according to an
4:16 am
analysis done by greenpeace, hillary clinton's campaign and her super pac have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry. in fact, 57 oil, gas, and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to her campaign with 43 of them contributing the maximum allowed for the primary. and these are not just workers in the fossil fuel industry. these are paid registered lobbyists. secretary clinton, you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. >> reporter: now, hillary clinton's campaign saying essentially there's no way he's going to get that apology. they're arguing that he's grocery distorting the facts here, and they point out he's got about 50,000 dollars worth of contributions from the same
4:17 am
people on that greenpeace list and they're not arguing that he's behold on the those donors. he shouldn't be arguing that she's somehow behold on the his interest. he warraneeds all 86 delegates, many of those delegates as he can get, and he needs 75% of the remaining delegates at stake to clinch that nomination. 75%. that's a really high number. hillary clinton on the other hand, she's just 35%. even if she can't win here in wisconsin, if she can hold him close in the polls here -- a poll outer ler she's ahead. that's big. >> good point. chris frates, stay warm there, my friend. thank you so much. i appreciate it? i'll try. >> i want to bring in errol louis. errol, good to have you back.
4:18 am
thanks for sticking with us here. watching this fight, according to the report from the federal election committee, yes, pac contributions and contributions from individuals giving more than $200, hillary clinton has received 307,000-plus dollars. bernie sanders, 53,000-plus dollars himself. is the argument he making disingenuous because he has received money, it seems. >> i wouldn't call it disingenuous. i would say it's incomplete. let's say their worst fears are actually true. if greenpeace's fears are true that hillary clinton is taking fossil fuel industry money and therefore foreign policy and advocating for laws that are going to be adverse to the environment, you're got to sort of close that loop. you're about got to do what a journalist would do frankly and say, okay, she took the money on monday, on wednesday she sent out an e-mail saying what she was going to do, and on friday
4:19 am
she reversed her positions. i haven't heard bernie sanders make that case including greenpeace. if she arriveded a the same position as senator on frac and they both want to ban fracking, but if she took too long, they're saying because she has this fossil fuel money and has to industry their industry point of view more closely, that's a pretty abstract argument. if they think she's being swayed. if they think she's being corrupt in some sense, they really should give us the proof. journalists will continue to dig. i've certainly been doing some looking. if you can't prove it. you can't make the accusation stick. >> okay. let's move on to wisconsin here because last hour clinton's former campaign manager said sanders is likely. it was kind of a concession. likely to win wisconsin. is there any indication that what happens in wisconsin will affect in any way what happens in new york? as a new yorker, i can't tell
4:20 am
you that. i can't even imagine how it would. now, the sanders supporters. let's say he wins or wins convincingly in wisconsin. he'll have a much needed shot in the arm. they'll have some momentum, some morale boost, a few more delegates and send out a bunch more e-mails not just to raise money but to say to people, hey, we were at 239 delegates behind hillary clinton and now we're closing the gape. he'll be able to say all of those things if he wins on tuesday. i imagine his campaign very much wants to they. on the other hand he's got hard math that was alluded to that he's got to do very, very well in new york in this state and that's a pretty tough road he has to walk down. >> all right. errol louis, always appreciate your perspective. >> thanks, christi. >> a programming note. do stay with cnn for the wisconsin presidential
4:21 am
primaries. all of the coverage begins this tuesday right here on cnn. next on "new day," president obama says donald trump has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to foreign policy. what donald trump said that led up to those comments and also the president's comments on what trump said about the nuclear issues across the world. plus a controversial new law in north carolina involving gay and transgender rights could now cost the state billions of dollars in federal aid. that's according to a new report. we'll talk to a lawyer who hopes to defend the law. i know what you're thiining, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them are stretching the truth a little bit. one claimed to be four times better. we said, four times better than who? they said, four times better than we used to be. wh-wh-wha? if you're four times better than you used to be and you're still not the best, your tagline should be, "not as rubbish as we were." (sighs) only verizon is the nation's most awarded wireless network ever. now get 20 gigs on 4 lines for $80 when you switch to the best network.
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4:25 am
new this morning sharp words from president obama slamming donald trump calling for japan and south korea to eventually develop nuclear weapons. >> this is after speaking. took aim at the republican front-runner's foreign policy experience as well. take a listen. >> the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula . i said before people pay attention to american elections. what we do is really imptant to the rest of the world. >> this, of course, coming amid new tensions. all the talk in washington will not stop its development of a nuclear and missile program. we just heard the president
4:26 am
there saying people talk about american politics even at the summit. what were they saying? >> that's right, christi. certainly those comments right before the leaders were to meet with donald trump that japan and south korea should possibly have nuclear weapons to use against north korea or perhaps that he might use nuclear weapons in europe really startled a lot of leaders, and i think the fact that the president was at this nuclear summit and this is really one of his cornerstone issues, really rattled a lot of people and the fact that this is the greatest responsibility a u.s. president has, to hold the nuclear codes and make decisions. and i think what president obama was trying to say is a cavalier statement is how he thought it was and that definitely was not something that leaders around the world are looking to hear from the president of the u.s.
4:27 am
who's not just really making policy on behalf of u.s. national security but is really seen as the leader of the free world and leaders look to the united states for leadership on national security issues to keep the whole world safe. >> and isis, i know, was one of the -- one of the groups heavily discussed, particularly in regards to them possibly wanting to obtain nuclear weapons. what was accomplished at the summit that might address that? >> well, certainly the threat of nuclear terrorism was really looming over the summit, especially after the brussels attacks. and if you remember, this isis cell that is believed to be responsibility for the brussels attacks, also the paris attacks, one of the raids of the home of the suspected planner of the paris attacks, they found surveillance video of a top belgian nuclear scientist which led u.s. and belgian investigators to believe that isis is trying to get some of
4:28 am
the civilian nuclear material for its so-called dirty bomb. that's why there was a special session yesterday particularly to address,000 keep nuclear material out of the hands of terrorists because a dirty bomb in major city could cause economic, environmental, political, catastrophic damage for years to come, and so one of the things that the leaders were talking about is how to safeguard nuclear civilian material that's in hospitals, commercial industrial plants, how to safeguard it in the plant, how to make sure when it's transported, and how to vet personnel so-to-make sure there are no extremists in there or people are not radicalized and they would be able to use that material. >> all right. elise labott, we appreciate it. thank you. still ahead, a controversial law over gay and transgender rights.
4:29 am
according to ing ting to new re president obama is considering cutting federal funding to the state if there is some inconsk s inconsistency there. next we'll talk with a lawyer who says he'll defend the state for free. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. i actually really like the two steps. everytime i use this together it felt like leaving the dentist's office. crest hd, 6x cleaning, 6x whitening. i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. and you're talking to yourevere rheumatorheumatologistike me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years.
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4:31 am
mortgage rates are slightly down this week. here's your look. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket)
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in the next half hour donald trump is attempting to clarify
4:33 am
his remarks on abortion, some of which include that federal laws should not be changed to ban abortion. the campaign announced this morning that trump who's only speaking about the law today and what he intendes do as presiden to change exiting laws through appointment. he's trying to expound on that. the sanders campaign wants an apology from clinton for accusing the campaign about lying about her. you see her. she angrily lashed out. now although greenpeace has not endorsed a candidate secretary clinton said she was sick of lies from her opponents. the sanders campaign says its statements about clinton are truthful and factual and the that she owes them an apology. no indication sthey'll get one. there's a slight possibility that the state of north carolina
4:34 am
could lose billions of federal dollars that they say. according to the statement ta law says the transgender have to use the public restroom that correspondents with the gender listed on their birth certificate. the times reports that the departments of education, housing are looking aet whether it makes the state ineligible for federal funding. there was a charlotte ordinance that allows people to use the public restroom as a sign to the gender with which they identify. he joins us this morning. matt, good to have you back. >> good the-to-be with you, victor. way toonlt start by listening to the attorney who's already on the job of defending north carolina and the laws there, the attorney general, roy cooper. here's what he said about the new law. >> not only is this new law a
4:35 am
national embarrassment, it will set north carolina's economy back if we don't repeal it. >> i should also say cooper is running for governor of north carolina. he said this law if challenged, he will not defend it in court. you have volunteered to defend it for free, why? >> it's a common sense law and constitutional. first of all, there's no chance federal funltds will be taken from this particular state for this law. we have to go back and look what the law actually did. let's start with the charlotte ordinance. it did not regulate employment. in fact, the charlotte ordinance specifically says employment is a statewide issue. what it did was open up the men's and women's bathrooms to people of the opposite sex so men could use women's restrooms. >> let me stop you here, mat, and i don't make a habit of
4:36 am
interrupting gefrts but in the discussion of transgender men and women, they are men and women. >> no, they're not. a man in this particular situation in the charlotte ordinance, a man who's biologically a man could use the women's shower room and locker rooms. in fact, sweerch this happen in other places. >> we're talking about the state law here. >> it's happened in georgia. >> in which the state legislature and the governor added the word biological to their discrimination laws here. previously this was race, religion, color, national origin, there should be no discrimination, sex or handicap. they added the word "biological." >> they added the word "biological" what's on your birth certificate but in north carolina you can change your birth certificate. there's a way to change your birth certificate from male to female or female tore male. if you change your birth
4:37 am
certificate, then, yes, you can use any restroom under the north carolina i law. north carolina allows for that change. frankly nothing has changed differently than what was before or after april 1. the charlotte law was going to allow in charlotte men to use women's restrooms. women to use men's west rooms. it didn't deal with employment. employment is the same before and after the state law and even under the state law, the state law still is compatible with another north carolina law that frankly allows someone to use a different restroom if you change that on your birth certificate. so if you've gone through surgical procedures or if we have it, you can change that and use the other reeft room. but what we have now is back to common sense. that is a man who's biologically an ma, and that's what it says
4:38 am
on their birth certificate, they cannot go -- >> tell merks why is that the state's business if a person goes through a procedure to change genitalia. why is that the state's business? >> well, you know, just within a week ago we had a 51-year-old cross-dressing male who went into a woman's restroom and exposed himself and now he's being charged in that situation. a few weeks ago we had a 15-year-old boy go into a girl's locker room in minnesota. they -- five girls were in a state of undress preparing for basketball and that's the problem that we have. >> if a man walked into a restroom and exposed himself to another man, would that not still be a crime? it has nothing to do with one's gender. >> no. if a map goes into a woman's restroom, it makes women and girls certainly feel that their privacy has been invade and certainly it puts them at risk. you can have someone in their own mind thinking they're male but they want to be female who
4:39 am
go in there but you can have someone else who's male and wants to go in there. you're not going to be able to go through the recesses of their mind to know what they're thinking but both of them you have to allow. meaning that girls' shower facilities just like it happened in minnesota with the 15-year-old boys will be open to boys who simply want to come in there and observe them in a state of undress. that's a common sense law that north carolina passed. frankly it's law in virtually every state. feerch you go into new york where governor cuomo said he's going to boycott north carolina, his own state has a law that doesn't allow men to use women's restrooms. >> let me ask you this. there have been concerns of security that have been put forward in support of the changes of this new law in north carolina. there will be because of this law transgender men who are forced to go into a women's restroom and transgender women who will be force god into a men's restroom or shower or
4:40 am
change tag silts. does that not put them in danger of physical harm as well? >> no. have we had any report os thereafter being in physical reports? we have zero reports. there was no information ever presented to any of the discussions. >> i'm asking you to say critical. if you have a transgender man walk into a female restroom, does that not put them in some fid phys cal harm or gemdy of harm? >> let's put it this way. how many people you do see walking into women's restrooms like that versus how many women walk into a women's restroom and now you're going to put all these women at risk because someone thinks in their mind they're a woman and they want to go in the women's restroom. frankly in north carolina you can change that if you want to and it's available right there in the state law to change that on your birth certificate.
4:41 am
if you don't change it it says essentially if you're a man, you have to use the men's restroom. it's a fairly common sense procedure and it's not unusual for the rest of the country. almost every state has law that's very similar. this is nothing unusual. what we receive is a lot of histrionics and a lot of mi misrepresentation ore a common sense law that frankly a lot of people would support and the vast majority would have. >> mat, i've been told i've got to wrap it up but i would be remiss if i didn't ask you this last point. it adds to the discrimination section adding biological before sex and there are no specific protections here against discrimination and hiring against lgbt residents of north carolina. should there not be protections for the ggbt community? >> there was never any listing in the law before and that's never been changed. it's not changed at all.
4:42 am
>> if the law has changed -- i'm actually holding it here where it says employment without discrimination or abridgement depending on race, color, handicap, or biological -- >> that's dealing with the transsexual issue, transgender orientation. employers can have their own policy obs this issue, but it's never been changed. it's never been an issue and it's never been so leading to. what it does is men have to use women's restroom and women men it's common sense piece of legislation that makes a statewide uniform law and it doesn't allow charlotte to just simply allow men to go into women's restrooms or shower facilities. >> mat staver, thank you so much for spending time with us this morning. i think we got some clarity on
4:43 am
the issue and hope we can talk to you again soon. >> thanks, vector. good to be with you. >> all right, a lot covered there. next the legal consequences of this very controversial bill. what can be done. stay close. we're back in a moment. show me movies with explosions.
4:44 am
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show me more like this. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. 46 minutes past the houfrm behalf wi took this break here, we heard from an attorney who's in favor of north carolina's controversial new law and protests have been raging in that state because critics say the law limbs the rights of the gay and the transgender. we want to talk now about the changs that are facing that ledge lags and what's being done about it.
4:47 am
political science professor jason johnson here with us. jason, first of all, we're in the middle of this campaign. this has been going on for a good week, maybe two. we haven't heard any of the candidates talk about this yet. why is that? >> well, they haven't talked about this specifically. ted cruz said he's in favor of laws like this. donald trump hasn't said much. he has talked about everything else but john kasich taking the stance, it should be a state-by-state basis. i don't think they want to draw any attention with wisconsin being so close. we may hear more about it after tuesday. >> what do we need to hear from these candidates? >> i think any american voter -- look, if you're in faber of what's happening in north carolinaing if you're in faber of what's happening in mississippi, then you want to hear them all come out and say, hey, look, i'm in favor of these bills, we need to have restrictions, we need to protect
4:48 am
liberty. therefore hillary clinton and bernie sanders can say they're using it to divide the country, et cetera, et cetera. i think in many cases it's another issue candidates don't want to focus on when they're in a tight race. >> this is an issue as victor got into of safety. i actually spoke with a dad this week of three girls, and he supports transgenders. he supports the rights of the lgbt, but he was concerned about his three girls going into a bathroom. >> right. >> how do you find the balance not only for as the attorney there even said, there could be some people out there who try to manipulate this law for their own purposes in a criminal manner or for the safety of the transgender person. how do you balance that? >> it's extremely difficult to do. in fact, i think it's reasonable to take into consideration the
4:49 am
religious concerns of people. we can't treat people who have certain faith difficulties with the lgbt communities. they're not all big gots or homophones. you have to be able to demonstrate this law is necessary. if we had case after case after case of transgender people being attacked for going into different types of bathrooms or instances of people abusing it, then i would see this legislation as necessary. but that's not what's been demonstrated here. therefore, i this think is a much more aggressive legislative response than necessary. >> is the third bathroom the answer? >> it may be one day and extremely expensive and an accommodation that's not necessary. i don't know that you have that many cases where you say, hey, don't come in here because i recognize you or don't recognize you. i think they can come up with their own rules. most people are going to be concerned. >> jason johnson, i appreciate
4:50 am
your voice. listen. when we come back, the legal ramifications of this issue. stay close.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
the conversation this morning about this new bill in north carolina. let's talk about the legal, as we just talked about, the political ramifications attorney paige with us here. i want to address something in the new york times today that this report that says federal funding could be pulled from
4:54 am
north carolina because of the bill that they have going on there, and our last guest or one of our last guests said there is no chance. there is no chance money will get pulled. we're talking about billions of dollars in federal funding for education, for school, for transportation. what is the protocol here when it comes to the passage of a bill like this and the federal government's responsibility fiscally. >> the federal government has a responsibility to make sure that any money it sends states is used in a non-discriminatory fashion. that's true for education or anyway they may use federal dollars. while the federal government cannot change north carolina law, they can use money to influence north carolina law. so if i'm with the federal government, i'm in control of an agency, department of education so to speak, i've got an obligation to make sure any federal dollars i'm putting into north carolina do not result in
4:55 am
the discriminatory treatment of any student. so if i think this particular legislation is going to have a discriminatory impact, i can with hold that money. it's not an easy process. nothing like this has been done this to level we heard mentioned just yesterday. so it would be very new and very different and a lot of court challenges, no question from both sides. >> well, but do you see an open door for the challenge to be there with this bill? >> i do. more importantly to me, i see a c c constitutional challenge out of the gate. this law completely unconstitutional just the way it's written. you don't have to wait to put this law into effect to realize it's not going to survive a constitutional challenge, but i don't think the proponents of the laws care. i think the whole point is to try to send a political message because legally, they cannot believe that these laws are going to with stand challenge. victor mentioned earlier about the attorney general in north carolina refusing to defend this law. that is a huge step.
4:56 am
the attorney general's primary job is true in georgia, north carolina and most states is to defend the state and its laws under attack. it said this law is so bad i'm not going to do it. that's unusual. >> very unusual but very local about it. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it so much. victor? right ahead on "new day" donald trump's latest answer on abortion laws. the fourth in as many days. why they are making headlines and hints on why trump is not ruling out a third party bid again. how this may really affect the gop. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement
4:57 am
with e*trade.
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5:00 am
well, good morning. 8:00 just about on a saturday. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell, always good to be with you on a saturday morning and new this morning in just a few hours, donald trump will be at a rally in wisconsin. the republican presidential candidate, the front runner will be chris crossing the state today and tomorrow ahead of tuesday's primary in the hope of picking up some of the last-minute votes and work to do. the latest fox business poll shows ted cruz ahead by ten points there. >> yeah, trump had what a lot of people are character rising as a rough week regarding comments on abortion and this week saying abortion laws should remain unchanged and earlier this week he said women that get abortion should be punished. take a listen. >> he told bloomberg in january abortion should be banned in pregnancy. >> i would have like to seen this be a state's right.
5:01 am
it would have been better if it were up to the states, but right now, the laws have said and that's the way the ways are. >> do you have a feeling they should change. there are a lot of ways from liable to torture. >> at this moment the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> cnn is covering this story from every angle. we have jason carroll in wisconsin, cnn producer christian holms in washington and jason johnson politics editor of the >> trump's latest flip-flop some would call it on abortion laws. do you think this will affect his what still seems like strong favorability among gop primary voters? >> that's exactly right and that's what we'll be watching for as all three candidates chris cross the state into the primary on tuesday. now, we should note that the campaign came out immediately after that clip aired and said that mr. trump was just stating the facts, he was merely saying
5:02 am
those are the ways the law are now but once he's president, he will change that through judicial appointment. in any other campaign, we would definitely see a lot of lash back and problems but as donald trump has proven time and again, he can get away with quite a bit. we know that he has several times has coal back and said some things we've all said oh, wow, this will hurt him with the republican party, this will hurt him with evangelicals but hasn't really impacted him. wisconsin will be different because cruz is ahead ten points and is going to have to work with the conservative and evangelical voters. >> let me ask you about what we heard in this conversation on fox news, this potential for running as the third party candidate. let's listen to that and then we'll talk. >> are you ruling outrunning as an independent third party candidate? are you ruling that out? simple question. >> it's not that simple. i'm by far the front runner as a
5:03 am
republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> but if you don't get the nomination. >> we'll have to see how i was treated. i have to see how i was treated, very simple. >> so donald trump has been a bit of a pendulum on this. he said he would sign the pledge to support the republican notary public knee and came back and flirted with the idea of running and committed here on cnn to running as a republican and now we're hearing this. is there any indication is more than a rhetorical swing or he's really seriously thinking about going third party? >> that's an interesting question and one that has followed him since he first announced running. i mean, the republican party was fearful of this from the very start. that's why they had them sign a pledge. that's why they had them commit to the go manp and nominee but t this magic number. the 1,237 delegates needed for the nomination and donald trump believes that he has earned the nomination. he believes he is close enough
5:04 am
to the number or has hit that number. if that leads to an open convention, even though he's close to the number, i think there's a very serious potential of him running as a third party candidate which would be detrimental to the republican party and nominee. >> christian, thanks so much. >> thank you. to jason carroll in wisconsin, jason, what do you think we'll hear from donald trump specifically about some of the clarifications some people may be waiting to hear today. >> reporter: you know, i think donald trump whenever he has some of these town halls, we've seen him have town halls in florida and tampa and takes questions and has an opportunity to address any issues out there. it's going to be hard to believe if he doesn't in someway address what happened last night when the president sharply criticized him on the international stage regarding his foreign policy experience, he was specifically asked the president about trump's suggestion that japan and south korea should arm
5:05 am
themselves with nuclear weapons against north korea to that basically the president said trump doesn't have enough foreign policy experience. >> what the statements you mentioned tell us, they tell us that the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> very, very sharp criticism there, as you heard, christris . trump didn't say anything yesterday. didn't have reaction to the president then. was looking and he loves to tweet not tweeting about the president this morning, instead focussing on the issues facing wisconsin. as you know, he is trailing here by ten points behind ted cruz. he tweeted out this morning saying this, wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade but if i win, all of
5:06 am
the bad things happening in the united states will be rapidly reversed. christi? >> all right. be waiting to hear how all of that happens. jason carroll, appreciate it. >> let's talk more now with jason johnson and jason, donald trump during this campaign has said and done things that no modern front runner for the republican nomination, not a nominee has said or done and that's one of the reasons that his supporters like him so much, right? is this one of them not having a clear concise answer on a pro-life position in abortion laws? >> this is the one that got him dragged into the principal's office, victor. this is why the rnc brought him in. you cannot switch positions on something like abortion when women voters are so critical not just for donald trump's chances to become president of the united states but for all those down ballot issues. this may not keep him from being the nominee but the issue that could hurt republicans in the
5:07 am
house, senate and running statewide. >> you said this may not keep him from being the nominee. how does he get the nomination even with it he has consistent message on abortion. >> right. >> but the inconsistent message on abortion laws, how can he hold those positions, we're up to four and win the nomination? >> he can win the nomination if he ends up winning a contested convention, right? it looks like right now if ted cruz wins next week, we're almost guaranteed to have a contested convention and unless the rnc wants to have a very, very long destructive fall, trump should end up winning the nomination but it still hurts him and what we're seeing right now is independent women, you know, republican leaning women not strong republicans are saying they will sit home. they are saying i don't want to be involved, i will definitely not vote for hillary clinton but i cannot vote for this person and that hurts rob portman. that's what we're seeing now. >> what does he need to say today as he starts this morning?
5:08 am
>> the first thing he needs to say is look, you guys don't want to contest, help me beat ted cruz. second thing he fields to say is look, does abortion really matter when we're losing jobs? no, it doesn't. does abortion matter when the chinese are beating us? >> no, it doesn't. >> in a republican primary the idea of telling people abortion doesn't matter, will that work? >> i think that will work if he focuses on what he's good at. when donald trump moves into social issues and foreign policy, that's where he screws up. when he talks about bringing back jobs and immigration, those are the areas he does well. he needs to focus on what he's good at. the more he explores, the more he screws up. >> i can tell you, if he says that we'll be back here tomorrow morning saying donald trump said abortion doesn't matter. so i mean, is -- let's play this sound byte, guys, when john dickerson asks him about is abortion murder and then we'll talk about it after that. >> do you think it's murder,
5:09 am
abortion? >> i have my opinions on it but i would rather not comment on it. >> you said you're very pro-life. abortion is murder. >> but i -- i do have my opinions on it. i'd rather -- i just don't think it's an appropriate forum. >> but you don't disagree with that proposition that it's murder. >> with what proposition? >> that abortion is murder? >> no, i don't disagree. >> twice he says he doesn't want to share when john dickerson asks if he believes that abortion is murder. are we at the point where donald trump will do his best to avoid talking about abortion? because i mean, it seems there that he's uneasy having the discussion all together. >> this is what i'm going to love. i can't wait to see the campaign commercials this fall with like golden flip-flops going back and forth on donald trump because this isn't the only issue where he said i don't really want to talk about it. it's not appropriate to talk about it. when is the appropriate time? you're running for president right now. he can do that because again, there is 35% of the republican
5:10 am
base that will support him anyway. if he goes into a general election and doesn't want to be honest and again, this is what i'm talking about. trump's strength is i tell it like it is. you're not telling it like it is so move back to the issues you can and stay off the issues you can't. that's something -- it's not going to help him win wisconsin but keep him from having one bad week turn into a bad month. >> jason johnson, good christi. three days until the wisconsin primary and donald trump falling behind. we're talking with the republican state lawmaker that says trump will not be getting his vote. also, bernie sanders is looking to make wisconsin his sixth win in a row and chip away at hillary clinton's lead here. we have a live report for you and a little bit later, stay with us, the science department at an iraqi university is now controlled by isis. and they have been according to some reports turning it into a bomb-making factory. what the u.s. military is doing about it.
5:11 am
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13 minutes past the hour. donald trump holding three rallies across the state of wisconsin. the first campaign appearance. his opinions on abortions sparked criticism and several polls have the front runner trailing behind senator ted cruz by double digits in that state. the one state lawmaker says he's among those that will not vote for donald trump. we are joins by republican state representative in wisconsin. representative, thank you so much for being with us. apleasuate. >> thank you. >> you've been public about your opposition to donald trump. what do you think, what will you do if he's the nominee? >> well, i can't support him. it's like asking me how if i
5:15 am
could support hillary clinton as the nominee of the republican party, i just couldn't. he doesn't stand for anything that i think the republican party believes in. >> well, i want to pull up a tweet. we just showed -- i want to show it again, something he's tweeting this morning talking about wisconsin and jobs and his promise as he says here, wisconsin is suffered a great loss of jobs in trade but if i win the bad things happening in the u.s. will be rapidly reversed. that could resonate with a lot of people there. >> it could if it were true. i mean, the problem is donald trump exposed himself, the minute he stepped foot in wisconsin he used the same old liberal talking points they have been using for years against governor scott walker and legislature and the problem is they are not true. wisconsin created over 100,000 jobs in the last few years, and economically doing really well. >> okay. wisconsin we know is dairy
5:16 am
country, yes? >> absolutely. >> donald trump had this answer for a dairy farmer who asked about keeping his farm staff. let's listen here together. >> are you in the same position as the california grape growers because they need people to come in and very seasonal, less seasonal but still seasonal. if you have an industry like california grapes like perhaps what you're talking about in wisconsin, we're going to let people come in but they are going to come in legally and come in through a visa program and come in legally. >> pointing out dirty farming isn't seasonal work, however, immigration policy of donald trump and ted cruz both obviously advocating for the deportation of undocumented immigrants. how is that playing with voters and the electret in your state? >> well, i think it just goes again to show that donald trump has a fundamental
5:17 am
misunderstanding of just about every issue he speaks of. obviously, dairy farming you talk to any dairy farmer and if you told them they were seasonal workers, they just laugh in your face. it's just ridiculous that a guy that's been running for president for well over a year has such a lack of knowledge about basic issues that are facing the country. i just can't even explain it. >> jimmy, you said that you just could not vote for him but again, what will you do if he's the nominee? will you vote -- >> yeah, well, i'm certainly going to go out and vote because we have a lot of races down the ballot that are extremely important, but that being said, i don't believe donald trump will be the nominee. i believe the nominee will be senator cruz and i believe wisconsin will play a pivotal role in making that happen. but if he is -- if he were to be the nominee, i would hope a conservative, somebody that believes in the principles of conservative and the republican party would step forward and
5:18 am
run. >> you would hope for a third party nominee to step in the race at that point? >> obviously, that's not my choice. i hope the republican nomination process works to bring forward a conservative candidate, somebody that believes in the contusi constitution, that's obviously not donald trump. from the minute he stepped into wisconsin he exposed himself as somebody willing to pick up the liberal talking points and use them against conservatives. >> representative, thank you so much for your time today. >> absolutely, thank you. >> sure. more on that controversial law in north carolina that some say discriminates against transgender citizens of the state. it could hit the state in the wallet. details on why billions of dollars in federal funding could be snatched back and new video just in of what appears to be plane debris pulled from the indian ocean. could this be part of the missing malaysia airlines flight
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
federal officials are determining whether or not the state of north carolina should lose billions of dollars in federal funding if they don't repeal a law critics say limits the protections of transgender people. according to a new york times report, the obama administration could pull funding for schools and highways and housing if the law is not repealed. the city of flint is getting ready to sue the state of michigan. the city says it needs help fixing its damaged water system and defending itself against lawsuits. remember flint's water supply was tainted by led after the
5:23 am
state switched water sources to save money since january more than 50 lawsuits have been filed against the city. more debris has washed up on an island by the indian ocean. the piece was found thursday off the coast of rodriguez island. it was taken to a hotel for safekeeping and since been turned over to the local police. malaysia authorities are expected to take the lead to investigate whether the ragged piece came from the missing boeing 777 that vanished two years ago. the brussels airport in belgi belgium, of course, could reopen tomorrow for the first time since last month's terror attacks. an agreement has been reached between the country. the deal requires passengers to be checked before they reach the airport terminal and we're hearing several arrests also have just been made in brussels at a protest. we'll get more details and bring that to you as soon as we get them. also, a reminder for you for
5:24 am
ways you can help the victims of the brussels terror attack. go to soon to come on "new day" hillary clinton says she's sick of the claims and bernie sanders says he's owed an apology. how the race for the presidency on the democratic side is heading up ahead of the wisconsin primary. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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all right. bernie sanders is hoping for a warm reception in wisconsin this morning. doors open in just about 90 minutes for his first rally of the day. where it's been snowing so i'm sure any kind of warmth would be welcome. >> it seems to be accumulating there. wisconsin is where sanders is likely to renew attacks on hillary clinton about her ties to the oil and gas industry, and it comes after a video of former secretary clinton firing back at a climate change activist went viral. you're watching that now. chris fretz is following this. what's happening in wisconsin today? >> reporter: hey, victor. as you can see behind me, crowds starting to line up to hear bernie sanders in the afternoon
5:29 am
and sanders and clinton coming to the winter wonderland of o'claire today before they head to a democratic dinner in milwaukee and hillary clinton down playing expectations here in wisconsin making the case that in 2008 she lost wisconsin to then senator obama by double digits but continues to wail away at bernie sanders saying that he's lying about her record to take oil and gas money as campai campaign contributions. bernie sanders saying hillary clinton owes him an apology because the facts are on his side. >> according to an analysis done by green piece, hillary clinton's campaign and her super pac have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry. in fact 57 oil, gas and coal industry lobbyist directly
5:30 am
contributed to her campaign with 43 contributing the maximum allowed for the primary. and these are not just workers in the fossil fuel industry, these are paid registered lobbyists. secretary clinton, you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. [ cheers ] >> so the clinton campaign essentially stating there is no way that they are apologizing to bernie sanders saying he's distorting her record and pointing out that he has gotten about $50,000 in contributions from people in that same green piece list. now wisconsin is a must-win for bernie sanders. there is 86 delegates up for grabs and he's about 24 delegates behind hillary clinton and because there is no winner take all states, he needs to win about 75% of the delegates left to clinch the nomination. hillary clinton for her part, she only needs to win 35% so this is a big state for bernie sanders if he wants to continue
5:31 am
to compete and go on to new york where he hopes to upset hillary clinton in her adoptive home state of course, she was a senator and the clinton campaign starting to signal there will be a debate before that april 19th primary so we'll see hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head-to-head in new york, which has about 250 delegates at steak. that's second really only to california. the clinton people hoping to beat bernie sanders badly in the state and try to put him out of commission and sanders looking for the big upset but nothing happens, guys until bernie sanders can win in wisconsin. back to you. >> chris, thanks so much. let's focus in on the back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. let's bring in democratic strategist and supporter robert zimmerman and wisconsin state representative and bernie sanders supporter jonathan. good to have both of you. >> good morning. >> robert -- >> good to be here. >> good to have you. robert, i want to start with you and put aside just for this question the implications, the
5:32 am
inference that the standards campaign might be making but factu factually, is there anything bernie sanders said in that sound byte, is there anything actually inaccurate about what he said about the fund raising numbers as it relates to oil and gas? >> everything he said was factually inaccurate. checker column which all t - networks use as a source for documenting the truth for misleading statements. the fact checker gave bernie sanders three, hardly significant and those words and reference to lobbyist was especially misleading. the reality is these personal attacks are not just false but reflected desperation and driven by the fact you see many progressive leaders come together now and condemn the
5:33 am
sanders campaign for lack of a real clear progressive agenda. the human rights campaign, barney franks, john lewis. the black and hispanic congressional caucuses. economic journalist like paul krugman. you're seeing a desperation. >> let me come in here and bring you in representative. there is a desperation on behalf of the sanders campaign saying everything he just said about those 57 lobbyists who donated to the campaign, 43 who donated to the max, it's all factually inaccurate. your response? >> look, if you think it's inaccurate, take it up with green piece. i think you misunderstood or stated it's not misinformation but inspiration. we'll win wisconsin and the fact of the matter is the bernie sanders campaign is exactly like bernie sanders himself. the story of when keeping it
5:34 am
real went right and he's been keeping it real for decades on the environment, on all the other issues, wage disparity, wealth gap and raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. bernie sanders is a genuine candidate inspired tons of people and if you've been to any rallies or seen any movements, it's an inspiring movement. the desperation is, i think what is going on -- let me finish my point. you see voters engaged from all sides of the spectrum and people never voted before and people fired up and ready to go because bernie sanders keeps it real. >> representative, let me ask you, if money from the oil and gas industry is so filthy and so possibly can corrupt a candidate, why won't bernie sanders return the $53,000 that he received? >> look, the money that bernie sanders received $53,000 is from individuals who happen to work in the industry, not from high up lobbyists or anyone whose running the show but the fact of
5:35 am
the matter is again, this is one little districting moment from a much larger movement we're building -- >> the reality is -- >> firing up a base -- >> hold on -- >> sorry, let me finish the point, that's about getting people who are excited to vote in a democratic primary and getted -- >> you hear -- >> proud of -- >> jonathan the reality is -- >> robert, go ahead. >> this distracting moment you're taking reference to is the center piece of the sanders campaign. there are personal attacks on secretary clinton versus talking about the issues where they differ on policy and that's frustrating for us that want to see an important policy discussion and if you think these personal attacks are inspiration inspirational, if you come to new york, i got a bridge in brooklyn i can give you a deal on. >> let robert finish. >> that's a good point -- >> and the politics of desperation. >> representative, go ahead. let me though this in here.
5:36 am
if there is a specific instance in which the sanders campaign believes that these contributions caused her to change her position or change a policy position, why not say that instead of just giving a number and an industry and letting people kind of connect it for themselves? >> well, let me answer robert's point directly. the simple fact of the matter is if we want to talk about policy, i'm more than happy to. that's what we should be talking about. bernie sanders has given -- bernie sanders has given a one-word answer when it comes to fracking and that is no. he's against it. he's against it nationwide. he's against it for the rest of the world. if you want to talk about policy, let's talk about policy. he's against fracking and that's an important issue to the voters in wisconsin and voters across the country and that's why he's searching and doing well. we cut the lead by a third in the delegates. we are winning six out of the last seven states and will win
5:37 am
wisconsin and moving forward. >> i want to -- >> robert, i want to come back -- i'm sorry, representative, i want to come back to the question and we need to wrap here. if there is a direct connection between the numbers that senator sanders read out according to green piece, according to other studies and a reversal you see what is it? shouldn't the campaign say that instead of reading numbers and then just saying connected for yourself? >> well, i'm always more interested in giving out facts than talking about whatever personal inspirations or whatever, ideas people have. the policy issue is fracking and we should be talking about that directly. i would like to hear the same one-word answer from all the campaigns which is no, we're universely against fracking and it's bad environmental policy. >> good to have both of you this morning. >> thank you, good morning. >> thank you very much. bernie sanders is jake
5:38 am
tapper's guest on "state of the union" sunday at 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. after the break, we're learning several arrests have been made in brussels after a protest got out of hand this morning. we'll have a live report for you, also, isis has taken over mosul university in iraq. the reason, access to fully stocked chemistry labs where they can make bombs. how the u.s. is trying to eliminate the threat and what we know about it. but first. you see it there. smart small think big introducing us to a company that uses laser cutting to turn ideas into products. >> i'm the ceo of danger awesome. danger awesome is what some people call a maker space or a fab lab. 3 d printers, laser cutters, you don't have to be an engineer or designer. just describe it and we make it. if you want to learn how to make it yourself, we teach people
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5:43 am
breaking news we want to show to you, 24 people have been arrested in brussels at the square where a temporary public memorial for the victims of the brussels terror attack have been set up. this is the latest video. >> this is happening banning a anti islam rally. the area where several of the terror suspects live. alexander field joins us by phone now. alexandria, what have you seen this morning and know so far. >> caller: we saw fairly large crowd gathering which is not entirely unusual. this is the same spot where people have been going to m g i
5:44 am
memorialize. there was said to be no demonstrations and public gatherings. when people were seemingly refusing to disburse, you did see police come in and bring the square. this is different from last week in riot gear and with crowd disburse l vehicles, a different scene. a large number of place that came in, some on horseback, some on motorbike moving throughout the crowd asking people to disburse. those who refused were detained, put into police vans. we saw at least two dozen people taken away. as far as what the crowd wanted, we could hear them shouting various shouting various slogans including we are all sons of immigrants, saying brussels is a multi cultural place and calling for peace. the police were seemingly acting under the orders from city officials who said they did not want gatherings to take place this weekend.
5:45 am
that order came down after plans were reveal that a group was planning on arriving in that neighborhood you just mentioned planning on organizing this sort of right wing anti immigration protest and try to devote police resources and connected to the brussels attacks or plotting other potential attacks. >> we're seeing the video on the screen now from the arrests earlier in the day. several people, more than 24 have been arrested. alexandria field on the phone with us. thanks so much. >> isis has taken over a university using labs. what the u.s. is doing about this. >> joe biden is getting in on the march madness and we'll take
5:46 am
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following develops in iraq where a commune ity is being us to manufacture weapons in the science of bomb making. i want to share images of u.s. war planes bombing mosul university. there are more than a dozen strikes taking out isis instillations but one critical target is the chemistry lab. cnn military analyst lieutenant general joining us now here. how much do we know, i guess, about what they made and how much they have stockpiled there?
5:50 am
>> well, first of all, christi, let's talk a little bit about what mosul university is. this is the second largest university in iraq. at its height, it had about 4,000 professors and about 30,000 students. so this is a very large university, very well respected a lot of people from the middle east travel there. especially their chemistry department and very well-known in the middle east. what we've saw when isis took over in 2014, they took this campus dispensed with the activity, disbursed the students. many have gone into the kurdish region to continue to try to study but they have taken over this university with all the equipment to include the chemistry labs. there were upwards of 50 pounds of various radio active substances in the university and those -- that's a key ingredient for making a dirty bomb. it's not an atomic weapon. doesn't create a mushroom cloud
5:51 am
and have a heat blast and radiation in other atomic weapons but does spread radiation. the experts call this a weapon of mass disruption, not destruction because it causes si psychological terror. that's the emphasis isis has on the chemistry department. >> how confident are you that the coalition forces can keep isis from making one of those bombs, particularly in this facility? >> not very confident at all truthfully. isis and al qaeda before them have been attempting to make dirty bombs for over a decade. there is only one instance or couple of attempts at exploding dirty bombs, both in russia. one was in a moscow training station and one in chechnya. neither one of them happened. when the bombs do explode, it's literally an explosive with radio active material wrapped around it.
5:52 am
it creates a radio active zone with a lot of requirements to clean up and move people out. it's not that difficult to make truthfully and that's why one of the emphasis of the conference that president obama held yesterday was how do you suck ke secure radio active material. very difficult to secure that studying and using radio active material for a variety of sources. >> is that part of the problem when it comes to take out the facility because if they know where the chemistry lab is, you would think just bomb that facility and it's done. that's not the case? >> yeah, there is two problems associated with it. first of all, christi, we were talking about collateral damage. there is still -- there are still a lot of students in this area hoping class will restart and this is a large campus facility so you don't really know -- you know exactly where the chemistry building is, but i would suspect that the
5:53 am
equipment, the material was taken over a year ago when isis first went in there. it was not a consideration at the time. we're basically shooting behind the duck on this. they know that there are some people in that facility, some of them isis. they don't know completely who is occupying that facility, so that's where we have to take great care and again, when you bomb a facility that has uranium in it, you create a radiation has sazard hazard. that's part of the problem associated with, this as well. >> so appreciate your insight on this. thank you. >> thank you, christi. >> always sir, thanks. victor? >> thank you, christi. the white house is representing at the march madness final four today. live in houston with the details on joe biden's arrival for the big games. why he's really there.
5:54 am
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oklahoma star buddy hill is playing in the final four. >> andy has more from houston in this morning's bleacher report. andy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. excitement building for tonight's big final four game. villanova taking on oklahoma and another chance for a sooner's star to shine under the bright lights. he's been amazing, yesterday brought home the oscar robertson player of the year award and buddy has such a great story. grew up in the ball jhamas and mom gave him the nickname buddy
5:58 am
after al bundy from "married with children." he went 22 years in between final four appearances and kruger's nickname it's slick but he didn't really want to talk about it yesterday. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. [ laughter ] >> he knows. tell us. >> i'd like to say it started because i was pretty smooth, you know, and probably more about the haircut. >> he might make us run for that but that's a good name. he's pretty slick at everything he does. >> not going to make us run no more, we done. >> buddy slick and the sooners tip things off 6:09 eastern against villanova and followed by north carolina taking on syracuse and tune into cnn for a behind the scenes look at the cnn final four all access that extends far beyond the court. bleacher report special area
5:59 am
today 2:30 eastern here on cnn. vice president joe biden and jill will be at the game tonight here in houston. both are alumni of final four teams. biden graduated from syracuse and the second lady got her masters from villanova. they are promoting sexual sexual assault and so guys, both of them will be here rooting for each other tonight because syracuse is playing against north carolina and villanova taking on north carolina. interesting if it was a syracuse villanova final and then it would be a house divided. >> what happens then? negotiating going on. bargaining. >> pictures of the bidens there dressed in suits looking up to the side and i was thinking to myself, i hope they have more fun than that tonight at the game. i hope they enjoy it.
6:00 am
>> we know you will, andy, thank you. >> have a good one. that's it for us. we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern for "news room". >> don't go anywhere, though, smerconish starts now. ♪ ♪ i'm michael smerconish. i think we reached a turning point for donald trump and the entire 2016 race. this alter case between trump's campaign and a reporter kicked off a bad week and tuesday's waterloo is he is plupting in the polls. john kasich is here to talk about his battle to endure until the convention.


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