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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  April 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. so grateful for your company. i'm christie paul. >> 10:00 on the east coast. in a few hours, republican presidential candidate donald trump will hold a town hall in racine, wisconsin. also attending rallies in wassau and eau claire in the hopes of picking up last minute votes after the latest fox business polls. ted cruz is leading trump by ten points. >> donald trump has had what some are characterizing as a rough week regarding comments on abortion and now saying abortion laws should remain unchanged. but earlier this week he said women who get abortions should
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be punished. >> you told bloomberg in january you believed abortions should be banned at some point in pregnancy. >> i would have liked to have seen this be a states right. i would have preferred that. it would be better up to the states. right now the laws are set. that's the way the laws are. >> you have a feeling they should change? a lot of laws you want to change. everything from libel to torture. >> at this moment the laws are set. we have to leave it that way. >> cnn is covering the story from every angle. we have cnn's national correspondent jason carroll in wisconsin. cnn white house producer kristen holmes in washington and ron brownstein from los angeles. >> we'd like to start with you. trump's latest mixed messages, a lot of people are saying. wondering if there is a possibility that it will muddy the waters for supporters. >> that's what we'll be looking
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out for today and in the coming days what's become a crucial wisconsin primary. a spokesperson issued a statement immediately after the clip was released last night saying mr. trump was simply stating the facts. that's the law now. once he's president he'll change the law through judicial appointment. this isn't his first flip-flop. he said women should be punished if they had abortions. immediately after that the campaign said he meant doctors should be punished. this is a hot button issue for social conservatives. this will lead to his opponents re-asking the question of authenticity. is donald trump a true conservative? i'm sure we'll see more comments as they criss-cross wisconsin trying to get votes before tuesday saying maybe donald trump doesn't know as much about the issues. things they have said in the past. whether or not, again, this will
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affect his favorability remains unclear. i think we'll have a better understanding of that after tuesday's primary. as we have seen in the past donald trump supporters have given him leeway on certain issues. >> kristen, good to have you here. thank you. >> trump is holding a town hall in wisconsin today. first time he's out on the campaign trail since his comments an abortion law. jason, this is a town hall. he'll likely have to answer the question again. he'll get another shot at it. >> we'll see. certainly at previous town halls trump has the opportunity to get up and speak. at a certain point they allow questions from some people who come out to see him. we'll see if he'll have the opportunity if somebody asks him a question about the controversy surrounding his stance on abortion or will we hear about foreign policy?
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i would imagine that the trump camp wants to move away from the issue of what happened with the misstep this week on his stance on abortion. we'll likely hear him say something about president obama. in the past we have heard him criticize president obama's foreign policy. given what the president said about trump not knowing anything about foreign policy look to hear trump speak at this town hall later on today. in terms of what we have heard from trump, and he likes to tweet. he took to twitter not speaking about abortion or foreign policy but talking about jobs in the state. that's important to the people here in wisconsin. he said the following. wisconsin suffered a great loss of jobs and trade. if i win, all of the bad things happening in the u.s. will be rapidly reversed. all of the bad things. that's certainly a tall order. looking forward to hear what trump has to say when he speaks here later today.
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george? >> it's victor, i'll take it. it's all right, jason. thanks sos much. let's bring in ron brownstein. ron, i want to get to you first. good morning to you. few candidates for president could have survived a week like donald trump had. people across the country said the same thing now for months. is this different? on the issue of abortion. >> well, look. the trump phenomenon has been consistent. he has a deep hold on his piece of the party but had trouble expanding beyond that. he's a plurality, not a majority front runner. if you look at the past people who collected this data, candidates who won the kind of race he won they were ascending toward 50% of the vote. you were seeing elected officials consolidate around him. donald trump is stuck somewhere between 35 and 40%. he's looking at a tough night
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tuesday in wisconsin in a state that was 57% noncollege in 2012. should have been a good place for him. in this situation trump has a bigger piece of the party than anyone else. it will be a close call to get over the ballot majority. that's the meaning of stumbles on issues like abortion, nato, nuclear weapons in asia deepening doubts among party leaders that he can be an effective general election nominee. there is likely a reasonable chance that he's going to need some unbound elegance to get over the top on that first ballot. >> they are fighting for delegates today in tennessee. let me read from your piece this week in the atlantic. trump's march madness. talk about the trump treadmill. the faster he runs to solidify his hold on supporters the harder it is to gain ground with
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other voters. he's running in place with any gains among the groups most receptive to him and a group that's very skeptical, women. >> yes. >> when we look at the latest cnn poll, nearly three quarters of women polled have an unfavorable view of donald trump. that will be an argument made on the second ballot if we get that far. >> donald trump is looking at unprecedented general election unfavorable numbers. not only women but african-americans, hispanics and millennials. you look at those groups, particularly college educated white women, minorities. all growing as a share of the electorate. that raises concerns about him as a candidate even more immediately. before november he's got to get there. about 42% of men through the
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first 20 primaries with exit polls. in the wisconsin polling his support is falling into the 20s. new york and new jersey could be states to have a problem. >> as we look toward tuesday and the latest polls showing ten points behind. that would be the start of the organized trump movement. >> the turn outs have been so large. maybe he can change the
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composition of the electorate. when you look at the polling the groups that have been skeptical of him are moving further away. just as strikingly in that marquette wisconsin poll he was even with ted cruz among his core group, the blue collar whites. looks like a tough state for him. should have done well. majority noncollege voters, only 35s% evangelical voters. if trump is soundly defeated here it is a sign of the ground shifting underneath him. but, as i say, he's got an opportunity for a comeback right away in new york on april 19. >> always good to have you. >> thank you. >> next, hillary clinton versus bernie sanders, bothle kaing each other liars. sanders demanding an apoll apology. >> plus a clue in the search for mh-370. a piece of -- maybe debris. no one is sure yet.
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13 minutes past the hour. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking the campaigns to wisconsin today. just a couple hours from the doors opening at sanders' rally in e au claire. he claims the hillary clinton campaign was lying about donations from the oil and gas industry. >> according to an analysis done by greenpeace, hillary clinton's campaign and her super pac received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry.
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[ booing ] in fact, 57 oil, gas and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to her campaign with 43 contributing the maximum allowed for the primary. these are not just workers in the fossil fuel industry. they are paid, registered lobbyists. secretary clinton you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. >> democratic representative from wisconsin and hillary clinton supporter moore with us now. thank you very much. we appreciate it. sanders wants the apology. i'm not sure he'll get it. but i wonder what is it about this issue in particular that made her so frustrated this week when we saw the exchange between her and the activists?
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>> well, you know, what i think is frustrating and it's unfortunate that bernie is taking this tact. of course he wants an apology. he wants to extend the salacious argument that when someone take as donation from someone and therefore they become an empty vessel of that person's will it is absolutely outrageous to suggest that she's bought and paid for by the gas and oil industry. i think that is what she was reacting to. in fact, if we were to sort of extrapolate from that argument, we could see the same of bernie with the nra. who has voted, you know, for protections for manufacturers of guns against lawsuits. and of course we don't believe he's bought and paid for by the nra, the most powerful lobbyist on the hill. i think you saw that.
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it's outrageous. for example i have taken donations from the banking industry which bernie likes to elucidate. but, in fact, i helped preside over the strongest wall street controls that have been seen in a decade with the dodd frank legislation. that's an absurd, outrageous allegation. i'm sorry mr. sanders has gone this route. >> you mentioned guns. earlier we had one of the parents from the aurora shooters when he came out supporting hillary clinton. is guns going to be one of the topics that you believe will help her push forward ahead of bernie sanders and can she do it in wisconsin based on the polls we are seeing thus far? >> i can tell you moms of the movement here in milwaukee are passionate about supporting
7:17 am
hillary clinton. they recognize her passion around this issue. we had one mom say, in fact, bernie sanders might be for free college, but you can't go to college if you are not alive. gun violence is pandemic right here in the district where i represent and where both bernie sanders and hillary clinton will visit. we have gun loopholes that allow gun shops to continue to operate even after they have been found guilty of being the one% of gun shops throughout the country that have the most crime guns including guns that shoot comes. this is a real issue in the area. >> when we talk about your area and you talk about the moms having conversations there in wisconsin, we actually had early in our show this morning a
7:18 am
former clinton campaign manager who said she's preparing for a loss in wisconsin. what is it about hillar clinton that even her former campaign manager is saying she can't win there. >> well, let me say this. you know, we don't have a winner take all situation. at the end of the day, i think both secretary clinton and senator sanders will walk away with about the same amount of delegates out of wisconsin. it is a hard-fought battle. but wisconsinites have been battered and bruised by the right. i mean, you saw what happened with scott walker eviscerating the rights of workers. denver stating school funding. eviscerating women's right to birth control and good health care. there is a lot of progressive and left activity in wisconsin that have come up on the heels
7:19 am
of this bruising right wing leadership we have had here. it doesn't surprise me. we see a strong left flank here. >> i see. i understand. representative moore, thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> of course. >> a programming note for you. full coverage of the wisconsin presidential primaries for republicans and democrats. all day coverage begins tuesday on cnn. >> still to come, protesters plan for peace. arrested in brus sell where is a temporary memorial was set up for the victims of terror attacks there. we'll tell you why they are being detained. also, later, donald trump trailing ted cruz in wisconsin in the polls there. also the town hall that starts in a couple of hours. will it make a difference in time for tuesday's primary? we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back.
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tomorrow. for the first time since the deadly terror attacks three flights -- yes, three -- have been scheduled. but security is being ramped up and only cars and taxis will be allowed to drop off passengers at the airport. >> also, at least 24 people from brussels have been arrested. they were calling for peace, singing songs there. the detainments come after the city officials banned public gatherings this weekend. >> let me bring you up to speed. city officials called off demonstrations a few days ago, protests, large gatherings in the city for the weekend. that was prompted by plans from a right wing group that wanted to bring their march to
7:24 am
molenbeek, a neighborhood largely inhabited by. a crowd of people not affiliated with that planned right wing demonstration but a crowd of people who live in the neighborhood. they gathered waiting for the possibility that the march would be in the community. in the last hour or so some of the crowd has dispersed. a large group of people took off running. we saw police move into the neighborhood. we are watching now. they have the riot gear on. they are pushing back the crowds. at this point you have a line of police in position right here. they have a crowd control vehicle.
7:25 am
it's the same sort of response we saw a couple of hours ago. that's where the memorial has been growing for victims for more than a week now. we did see a group of people gathered there. calling for peace, unity, a multicultural brussels but police pushed them out making two dozen arrests. joining frus molenbeek, alexandra, thank you so as much. >> the question is can trump's rallies today reinvigorate his numbers and what can he say after what people are calling a tough week for him? and isis has taken over mosul university in iraq and what the u.s. is doing about it.
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donald trump will hold a town hall in wisconsin. he's attending in wassau and eau claire hoping for last minute votes. bernie sanders says hillary clinton accused his campaign of lying about her and demands an apology. here she's angry when asked about donations from the fossil fuels activist. she says the campaign was lying about her. she told a rally in wisconsin we were not lying. we were telling the truth. >> it's been a rough week for donald trump after misspeaking on his abortion and foreign policy as some would say. could this be an opportunity for ted cruz or john kasich to gain momentum in the race? good to see you again. thank you. >> how you doing? >> good, thank you. let's listen here together to how the candidate reacted to what trump said about punishing
7:32 am
women for having abortion ifs abortion was illegal. let's listen. >> the pro choice movement said that's where you look at clinics or whatever. you don't they this on women. it's tough enough for them. end of story. >> we know that there have been a lot of complaint that is the media has been focused on. is what's happening this week giving an opening for your candidate to get out there more and possibly gain support for more women? >> yeah. i think that's absolutely happening. what you also saw the governor do this week is not only talk about this gap that happened after the speech but nato and saying we need more nuclear weapons, not fewer. it provides an opening for
7:33 am
governor kasich showing donald trump is incapable of serving as the president of the united states. his campaign manager was arrested on a battery charge. you cannot make this up. as his unfavorables among women as you mentioned continue to go up. the recent polls show three of four women hold him in highly negative territory. for a host of reasons. it offers an opening for john kasich to make the case. >> the one thing about donald trump is what he said about a possible third party run. let's listen to this. >> you ruling out ruling as an independent third party candidate? >> it's not that simple. i'm by far the front-runner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> if you don't get the nomination? >> we'll have to see how i was treated. simple.
7:34 am
>> the believed strategy for governor kasich is he's staying in the race until you get to a contested convention. perhaps he can clinch the nomination there. let's say he does and donald trump runs third party. what does it do to your candidate's chances at that point. >> i think three way races only help the democrats. that's the case in terms of ross perot and other third party races that happen. that's not going to happen. i think as this goes on, this is by far and away one of the worst weeks donald trump has had from a political perspective. we have three months to go in the primary before we get to cleveland. what the polls continue to show is as we look forward to the general election it's only john kasich that can win against hillary clinton. one poll has us up 11 points.
7:35 am
it's where john kasich does we. like ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire and north carolina. that's what i think people will focus on when we get to cleveland as donald trump's support continues to erode. he will continue to have a strong base of support. no question about it. you are seeing 70 plus% of the republican party have a dim view of him in his candidacy. >> this is an unconventional campaign to say the least. no telling really where it will go. one noticeable thing is last few days is the tension between governor kasich and senator cruz. >> the president heaped praise on the governor.
7:36 am
>> i have to give your governor credit. john kasich with state legislatures here today. they expanded medicare. the president cited medicaid expansion. >> all righty. in her she pennsylvania the problem with senator cruz he said the problem is making everybody he works with upset. governor kasich said, i'm staying above the fray. are we seeing that erode? >> it is something to get into the name calling. done by senator cruz, donald trump. if you haven't seen john kasich it's fair to play out someone's record. it is a strong record in terms of balancing federal budgets.
7:37 am
streamlining and improving education. also in ohio. the fact is senator cruz has been in a few years. he doesn't have much of a record. hasn't been able to deliver on the promises. he's good at describing problems. but john kasich has dealt with problems over his career. i think he'll continue to talk about that record and offer it as a contrast. it's about who has the best record and can be the best president of the united states. >> electability is taking a front row seat. trent duffy, grateful to have you here. thank you. >> thank you. consider this. isis has taken over mosul university in iraq. why? access to fully stocked chemistry labs where they can make bombs. we'll show you how the u.s. is trying to eliminate the threat.
7:38 am
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following new developments in iraq where a university in isis held territory is being used by the terror group to manufacture weapons and train foreign fighters in the science of bomb making. barbara starr reports on what led a u.s. coalition there to try to shut it down. >> reporter: new images of u.s. war planes bombing mosul
7:42 am
university. there have been more than a dozen strikes in recent weeks taking out isis installations across the campus. one critical target -- isis's chemistry lab. getting rid of isis's chemical weapons capability, a top priority. >> isil has used chemical weapons including mustard gas in syria and iraq. there is no doubt if these mad men got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material they would most certainly use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> reporter: a senior iraqi explosives officer told cnn some of the chemicals worked on include those similar to what was used in the brussels attack. though u.s. officials could not confirm. isis brought in foreign fighters to teach them how to build bombs. fighters who could possibly return to the west. >> what they needed help with was top end research and development engineering. how do you compound chemicals so
7:43 am
they aren't as detectable. >> reporter: sharpening the u.s. focus on taking out isis's advance weapons. >> something that we are focused on every single day, particularly around mosul where we know they have had a chemical weapons network trying to produce chemical weapons. >> reporter: with the university long shut down, u.s. intelligence believes most of the chemical weapons there centers around chlorine and mustard which could be put into bombs earmarked for the west. as u.s. war planes bomb overhead the u.s. having detained isis's chemical weapons chief, also stepping up intelligence gathering efforts. >> the more we operate, the more information we get, the more our special operators are out there. the more we learn about the networks and the more we are able to unravel them. >> reporter: barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> cnn military analyst general mark curtling joining us now.
7:44 am
he's been on the campus of mosul university. he know s it well. how valuable is this space they have acquired? and why is it so hard for the u.s. to get them out of the space? >> it is a large university. when it is active, it has about 30,000 students and about 4,000 professors with various schools, one of which is the chemistry school. what you are talking about is the capability for some of the previous instructors to be potentially forced into helping to make chemical weapons. but you also have the fear -- and this was part of the president's meetings yesterday. the potential for what's called a radiological dispersal device. taking nuclear capabilities, radiological equipment like cesium, plutonium or radium and focusing on an explosive device to spread radioactivity. what you have is the potential
7:45 am
to build both chemical weapons and maybe dirty bombs or what some call a nuclear weapon, although it is not atomic. it just disperses radio activity. >> how confident are you that the coalition can keep that out of the hands of isis in. >> mosul -- i'm sorry, isis has been on the university campus for over a year. they got there in 2014. they took over the university as part of the take over of the city. what you are talking about is the destruction of facilities. but i think what you will probably understand, too, is the coalition forces have also garnered intelligence reports from those who have been there. so the strikes can be more consistent with the right kind of targets. you don't want to arbitrarily bomb a campus with buildings and the potential to teach that many students. you do want to strike the right facilities to take away this capability. as far as my confidence that
7:46 am
isis can build chemical and radiological twices it's high. they wanted to do it for ten years. it's something difficult to stop. >> do you think the u.s. and coalition forces have enough support from the arab world? >> i never thought that. we have to see more of the religious arab world condemning eye sis as an extreme organization. there are some beginning to do that but not at the level many believe they should. because of other factors affecting the arab world. shee i can't versus sunni government throughout the middle east they want to get involved. they would prefer to have the iraqi forces, syrian freedom fighters and the u.s. and
7:47 am
coalition partners to do this without having multiple nations involved. that's a tricky situation, very complex. >> what would destroying that chemistry lab do? how would it impact isis at this point? do we know how much they are using it if they have been there for a year and coalition forces have known it and there have been strikes there. >> >> you don't know if the chemicals and radiological materials have been taken out of the labs and transferred elsewhere. some of that has occurred. you want to stop the use of many facilities and the type of equipment they have in those labs. isis has turned this into a chemical and research facility if not bomb making capability. all of that's coming through the intelligence channels to the coalition targeters.
7:48 am
you are seeing extensive targeting of several buildings on campus. >> good to have you here. thank you. >> thank you. >> still ahead the obama administration is reviewing the possibility of cutting federal funding to north carolina over a controversial new law. next hear from an attorney who is defending the bill. he says he would step in and defend it on behalf of the state for free. ms of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! for the strength and energy to get back to doing... what you love. ensure. always stay you. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered,
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north carolina could lose some federal funding that limits protections against trans gender people. according to a "new york times" report several branchs of the federal government -- housing, education, transportation -- may consider pulling funding for north carolina if the law isn't repealed. the law stops cities from passing their own anti-discrimination ordinances to protect gay and trans gender people and requires people to use public restrooms that
7:53 am
correspond with the birth certificate, the gender on their birth certificate. i spoke with an attorney. he defended kim davis during her standoff over the kentucky marriage certificates. he said there was no chance of the state losing funding and he called it common sense law in north carolina. watch. >> if you have gone through surgical procedures or had a mistake on your birth certificate, change it and use the other restroom if that's what your birt certificate has. what we have now is back to common sense. a man who is biologically a man can't go into a woman's locker room or shower security. >> why is it the state's business if a person goes through a procedure to change genitalia, why is it the state's business? >> you know, just within a week we had a 51-year-old
7:54 am
cross-dressing male who went into a women's restroom and exposed himself. he's being charged in that situation. a few weeks ago we had a 15-year-old boy go into a girls' locker room. five girls were preparing for basketball. that's the problem we have . >> if a man walked into a restroom and exposed himself to another man would that still not be a crime? it has nothing to do with gender. >> no, no. if a mangoes into a woman's restroom, it makes women and girls feel their privacy has been invaded and it puts them at risk. >> he went on to say similar laws have been passed all over the country. he's volunteered to defend the law for free. that's after the state attorney general said he would not defend it in court. >> still ahead, flint, michigan, taking a dramatic step forward in battling the ongoing water
7:55 am
crisis. details on the lawsuit the city is filing against the state government now. and debris washed ashore on a remote island could be a piece of the missing flight. details on the mysterious disappearance. oes it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. heywhether to stay or go?re ♪ when it's go, the new choice privileges gets you there faster. and now, stay two times and you can earn a free night. book now at
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the city of flint is preparing to sue michigan. >> they say they need help with the water crisis and defending itself in lawsuits. since january, more than 50 lawsuits have been filed against the city. new york state joined the ranks of states seeking to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. governor cuomo expected to sign legislation that passed yesterday. the pay hike would be raised over several years. california passed similar legislation that will be signed into law on monday. >> classes were cancel ed in chicago after nearly 30,000 teachers walked off the jobs. their protesting stalled contract negotiations in the city. they also say they are trying to stop school closures and state funding cuts. the illinois governor and chicago mayor said they are only hurting students. also, more debris washed up on a remote island in the indian ocean that may be from malaysia
8:00 am
airlines flight 370. it was found off the coast of rodrigues island in mauritius. it was taken to a hotel for safekeeping but turned over to local police. malaysian authorities are expected to see if it was from the missing triple 7 that disappeared two years ago. >> we hope you make great memories. thank you for spending time with us. >> we turn it over now to fredricka whitfield in houston this morning. hey, fred. hey. it's the final four madness. so exciting here. thousands of folks descending on houston. i wish you all were here with me. >> we wouldn't get anything done. >> why not have a free saturday and play a little bit. >> have fun, fred. >> we'll juggle with it all today. good to see you. good morning. hello. i'm fredricka whitfield live from houston,


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