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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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nrg stadium all day. it will get noisy here later. this is the fan tipoff experience behind us they're setting up for behind us. coming up, today is the first day of north dakota's republican convention where 25 delegates will be selected for the gop convention in july. ted cruz is expected to speak, but donald trump is not appearing, instead ben carson is speaking for him tomorrow. could this add to trump's troubles? we will have more on the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, why he thinks hillary clinton needs to apologize. the fallout in the newsroom. first to wisconsin, where establishment republicans are uniting against donald trump. look at some of today's
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headlines. unfit to be president, an icy welcome. fresh off endorsement from governor scott walker, cruz shows a double digit lead in most polling. john kasich is hoping to get some of wisconsin's delegates ahead of tuesday's primary, vowing the gop will see a contested convention and that trump will not be the nominee. meanwhile, a crucial state convention is taking place this weekend in north dakota. 25 of that state's delegates are unbound, meaning they can vote for whomever they want heading into the national convention come july. jason carroll is in wisconsin, chris frates is in eau claire, and phil mattingly in fargo, north dakota. jason, i'll begin with you.
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trump had a challenging week. started when he told chris matthews that women that received abortions should be n punished. he appeared on cbs and said when it comes to abortion, the law is set. >> you told bloomberg in january that abortion should be banned at some point in pregnancy. >> first of all, i would like to see this be a state rights rule. i think it were better if up to the states. right now the laws are set. that's the way the laws are. >> do you have a feeling they should change? you talked libel to torture. >> at this point the laws are set. we have to leave it that way. >> all right. jason carroll, i think we are
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with us. this clarifying of the stance on abortion is already making impact, polling shown he has lost support in wisconsin. what's the expectation there in a couple days? >> the expectation today, not likely trump will address the abortion issue at this town hall in racine. a number of people are looking for clarification. when you think of the tradition of first telling chris matthews on msnbc that women should be punished, then saying the doctors should be punished, then should be left up to states, finally saying that laws should stand as is. there needs to be some sort of clarification. as you know, trump spokeswoman came out and clarified his remarks saying mr. trump gave an accurate account of the law as it is today, and made clear it must stay that way now until he is president.
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then he will change the law through judicial appointments, allow states to protect the unborn. there's nothing new or different here. clearly there's something different. otherwise you wouldn't have democrats and republicans criticizing him. not those that support abortion but those opposed to it criticizing trump as well. not likely he'll address that at this town hall. more than likely we'll hear him talk jobs and the economy. as you know this morning, he tweeted about that, talking wisconsin and loss of jobs, saying if i win, saying in a tweet, all the bad things in the u.s. will rapidly be reversed. certainly a tall order. interesting to see what happens when the town hall gets under way. he speaks and there's opportunity for questions and answers with people in the audience. again, not likely to hear about that issue on abortion. >> thank you so much, jason
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carroll. north dakota getting presidential attention today as the battle for delegates in the race for the republican nomination is heating up. cnn correspondent phil mattingly in fargo, and phil, north dakota is starting the process of picking their republican candidate. the process there is different than the rest of the nation. explain how this works. >> reporter: that's right, fredricka. not looking at a caucus or primary, we are looking at the state convention. here is why it matters. 28 total delegates come out of this state, all of whom unbound when they get to cleveland in july. three are already selected. 25 are in play. party leaders put together a slate today. that slate will be voted on tomorrow. why unbound delegates matter so much, put together this hypothetical, fredricka. donald trump gets to cleveland, short of the 1237 needed to secure the nomination. the number of delegates he needs to become the republican nominee. maybe he is only 20 short or 22
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short. he convinces 25 to be named delegates here or 28 total from north dakota to side with him. that pushes him over the line. that's why you see ted cruz, keynote speaker here in about two hours, ben carson in town, going to spend 24 hours in the state, lobbying for donald trump. john kasich is here, unbound delegates have become the most valuable free agents in the game now. that's why we are in fargo, north dakota. fredricka, that's why this state, solid red doesn't usually get attention, you know how they'll vote, is the hottest place to be on the republican campaign, fredricka. >> wow. more fireworks on the campaign trail. phil mattingly, thanks so much. talk about the dems a minute. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in wisconsin today. in three days republicans and democrats have primaries in that
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state, and a dispute over contributions from the oil and gas industry is heating up between the two democratic candidates. both sides accusing the other of lying, and each wanting, demanding apologies. this week hillary clinton angrily responded to a greenpeace activist that asked clinton if she will reject fossil fuel money from her campaign. this is the moment. >> will you act on your word and reject fossil fuel money in the future in your campaign? >> i do not, i have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about that. i'm sick of it. >> bernie sanders is responding to hillary clinton, asking for an apology from her. cnn correspondent chris frates has the latest. the apologies, likely to happen or no? >> reporter: i don't think so.
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i am in eau claire waiting for the bernie sanders rally. hillary clinton is here later in the day. before either of the candidates hit the ground, there's already mud flying back and forth between the campaigns. a few minutes ago the clinton campaign put out a statement taking a shot at the sanders camp for not agreeing to dates for a new york debate. the spokesperson saying they put out three dates in april to have the debate. sanders people have not agreed to it, and saying this, the sanders campaign needs to stop using the new york primary as a playground for political games and negative attacks against hillary clinton. of course, hillary clinton is trying to tamper down expectations in wisconsin, making the point she lost to senator obama in 2008 by double digits, but she's taking big swings at bernie sanders, saying that he is lying about the amount of financial support she's gotten from oil and gas industries. just yesterday bernie sanders saying that's not true.
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he was telling the truth, and demanding an apology. take a listen. >> hillary clinton's campaign and her super pac have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry. in fact, 57 oil, gas and coal industry lobbyists have directly contributed to her campaign, with 43 contributing the maximum allowed for the primary. and these are not just workers in the fossil fuel industry, these are paid, registered lobbyists. second clinton, you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. >> reporter: fred, the clinton campaign saying there's no way they're going to apologize, saying bernie sanders is
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distorting the record, pointing out that about $50,000 of sanders' campaign contributions came from individuals in the greenpeace report. of course, wisconsin is huge for bernie sanders. he needs to win here to make up the delegates that he is lagging. he lags by 240 delegates. he needs as many of the 86 delegates as he can. he is trying to upset her in new york. that's why he is trying to get that debate. we will see how that continues to play out. sanders people say they'll put out a statement about new york debates later. we will be watching that as well, fred. >> it is remarkable, what was a sizable gap is shrinking. chris frates, thank you so much. coming up, we will talk about the battle on the democratic side, the fight for new york, and president obama taking aim at dald trump, saying quote, he doesn't know much about foreign policy. how this is adding to trump's bad week. or is it? when the newsroom continues.
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hiel right now, we are going to talk presidential politics, road to the white house. tuesday voters in wisconsin will have their say in this year's presidential primary. bernie sanders is hoping to build off his sweep of three western states last week. hillary clinton is down playing her chances of winning wisconsin, wants to pick up as many delegates as possible to pad her lead. let's talk about the status of the democratic race and a look at the general election straight ahead. ford o'connell is a republican strategist, chairman of civic foreign pac, and was adviser to mccain, palin presidential campaign. ameek a cons, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter. good to see both of you. >> hello. >> how are you.
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>> great. bernie sanders is feeling momentum after that three western state sweep. do you see or think the campaign is feeling that there is some potential for shrinking that gap between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? talking clinton with 1742 delegates, including some superdelegates. sanders with 1051, including 31 superdelegates. is bernie sanders feeling like there's some potential, a real chance that he can shrink the gap and perhaps potentially surpass hillary clinton? >> absolutely. i mean, the sanders campaign said from the beginning states at the beginning of the process are suited for a conservative democratic candidate. unfortunately many states with the exception of florida are
9:16 am
states that democrats don't win in general elections, it is latter states, wisconsin, the northeast, these are states that work better for democrats and also work better for the sanders campaign. as we have seen five out of six caucuses he won and the last three primaries, in michigan alone and in washington, he caught 100 delegates alone in that state saturday. if the real difference in pledge delegates is 240, he could catch up rather quickly. by june 7th, the campaigns proposing probably pass her. one thing to keep in mind, superdelegates aren't elected until after the primary in that state and don't make decision until night of the convention. that's the rules of the dnc. many of those superdelegates. >> that's pie in the sky. >> it is not pie in the sky. dnc rules are -- >> wait a minute. ford, you are disputing that
9:17 am
some superdelegates while they pledged support, they can change their minds. that's the beauty of the gift, maybe even the curse of being a superdelegate. >> look, to that point, bernie sanders is on a roll, he has hillary clinton on her heels, she's going to run home in her pant suit and hope to stave off the bleeding. the superdelegates are the embodiment of establishment politics, which is hillary clinton, not bernie sanders. and understand something else from the democratic party, we are all focused on the trump circus, infighting and scourge earth is not only the sole province of the republican party, it is going on in the democratic party as well. as much as mickey makes the case for bernie sanders, he has to literally pull off a cataclysmic event to get 73% of remaining delegates. >> ford, one thing to keep in mind, many delegates are elected officials. if those elected officials
9:18 am
aren't responding to 70 and 80% of districts, they're spitting in the face of voters. sure, they can make deals with hillary clinton. it is a patronage system, but they'll choose the voters' interests over interest of getting a job ordeal making. >> let me say this. i am rooting for bernie sanders. understand on your side, most of the delegates out there are in big states like new york and new jersey and pennsylvania, like california. you have to pick off one of the big states. you keep winning small states. and winning small states looks nice for the headlines. >> he won washington, he won michigan. >> let me finish. the name of the game as we both know is not votes, it is actual delegates. maybe you guys should go back and change the rules with establishment on the democratic side, stop the proportional stuff, start making it winner take all like republicans and maybe bernie could capture lightning in a bottle. >> we are going to leave it right there. all right.
9:19 am
thanks so much. appreciate it. this is a prelude of what it will be like on the convention floor and perhaps at the election as well. thank you. donald trump, some would say he had a rocky week. some believe it is going to continue, too. coming up, where things went off the rails and talk about how this could impact his relationship with core republicans. ♪ some people know how to make an entrance. ♪ to thrive under pressure. ♪ to reject the status quo. and they have no problem passing the competition. the aggressive new 2016 lexus gs 350 and 200 turbo. once driven, there's no going back. (is committed to truth on thee plabel.d
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welcome back. fredricka whitfield in houston at nrg stadium where the ncaa final four is this evening. we are watching racine, wisconsin, donald trump is expected to speak there. recovering from what some may describe as a bad or rough week on the campaign trail. trump made four attempts to clarify his stance on comments he made about whether women should be penalized for having abortions. that's not the only issue he is stumbling with. dana bash looks at the bumpy week. >> reporter: when all else fails for donald trump, he tries to change the subject. >> ted cruz was my roommate. i did not like him at all. >> reporter: slamming ted cruz in an instagram video after one
9:24 am
of the billionaire frontrunner's worst weeks since the campaign began, cause ago fire storm with these comments. asked if women should be punished for having an abortion if it became illegal. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, has to be some form. >> then trump recanted within hours, and added this. >> could be that i misspoke. this was a long, convoluted subject. >> reporter: he has not taken back what he said at cnn's town hall, advocating for more nuclear weapons in asia. >> at some point we have to say you know what, we are better off if japan protects against the maniac in north korea. >> reporter: he now refuses to rule out using nuclear weapons in europe. >> europe is a big place. last person to use nuclear would be donald trump. that's the way i feel. i think it is a horrible thing. the thought of it is horrible. but i don't want to take anything off the table. >> reporter: his rivals continue
9:25 am
to blast him. >> nominating donald trump -- >> the problem with town halls, he has to answer questions in a specific way. >> reporter: kasich went after ted cruz for having a thin leadership record. >> his record is shutting down the government, and making everybody he works with upset. >> reporter: trump sees unfavorable ratings rise and support among women fall, quick to point out he is still the frontrunner by a long shot. even if he arrives at the gop convention in july without winning the nomination, if he is close, it should be him. >> i think whoever has that kind of advantage should get it. >> reporter: the first time politician is learning that seizing a republican nomination takes more than winning contests, it takes winning over delegates in some states where rules vary. sources tell cnn educating trump about the complicated delegate process was the subject of his meeting with reince priebus at
9:26 am
rnc headquarters in washington. >> very actually terrific meeting i think, it is really a unity meeting. >> reporter: he used the meeting to ask trump to ease up trashing the rnc as he did this week at the cnn town hall. >> i have been treated very unfairly. >> unfairly by who. >> i think by basically the rnc, the republican party. >> thanks so much to dana bash for the look back at the week. let's dig deeper into what's happened with donald trump and his campaign all week long. joining me from washington, cnn tar a stet meyer, adriana cohen in newton, massachusetts, columnist for the boston herald, and cnn commentator and analyst mel robbins in boston. mel, you first. you wrote an op-ed for cnn asking trump's female admirers
9:27 am
to dump him. you said i am not judging you, i'm judging him. i know two days ago he told you to forget about the pass, but for the sake of your future, i hope you are smart enough to stop listening to him. what provoked these sentiments? >> i have been writing about donald trump and explaining the phenomenon for eight months now. i think i was the first commentator to say he would be the republican nominee, and to be basically explaining the phenomenon, talking about why he has such tremendous appeal. but as a woman, it finally just got to be too much. when he attacked megyn kelly, i wrote a piece saying i am not sure he is sexist, because he is an equal opportunity offender, but when i looked at historical
9:28 am
evidence, with the way he speaks about women, about his own daughter, some of the things he's said, disgusting words he uses to describe about women that i can't use on television, remarks recently, the way he was attacking heidi cruz, if you add this all up and look at the behavior outside of the context of the presidential race alone, if you had a girlfriend that was dating a guy that acted like this historically and presently regarding women, if you cared about her, you would not want her dating him. i decided to write a piece in the form of a dear jane letter in that context. like just stop. i get that you like him. i get that he has shaken things up, he is a disrupter, not like the others in the last 8 years that were boring, but be smart and listen to what he is saying about women, because it is disgusting. a lot of women think that men that treat other women like that are going to treat you like
9:29 am
that. once you get committed, guess what, the honeymoon period is over and now you're stuck with him. so i think donald trump, while he loves a great looking woman on his arm, i don't think he likes women at all. >> interesting. >> anybody that attacks him, he goes ballistically sexist and disgusting. a guy that successful shouldn't have to speak like that. >> mel, you have drawn some real parallels, the political relationship that a voter would have and personal relationship one would have with someone. adriana, a cnn poll shows among all women, 74% find him unfavorable. among republican women, 59% favorable. trump comments on abortion this week, which he tried to clarify now four times at last count, can't be helping to win over female general, can it? >> i think we can agree trump
9:30 am
hasn't had a great week, that's for sure. he botched it on the abortion response. no question about that. what trump supporters know is that well done is better than well said. benjamin franklin taught us that. a lot of trump supporters are blunting out noise, the political rhetoric, the mud slinging, barbs going back and forth. by the way, they're also going back and forth with bernie sanders and hillary clinton. this is more inflammatory rhetoric. it is not just coming from donald trump. i remember last august hillary clinton compared the gop, half the nation, to terrorists. is that not inflammatory? is that not partisan? it certainly is. during the cnn first debate with anderson cooper, she said republicans were her enemies. that's not nice speak. that's not politically correct, that's very partisan. here is where we are today. republican supporters, i am sure if you asked them did you like
9:31 am
the comments said about this person or that person, no, they're not going to like it. but at the end of the day, republicans collect smooth talking politicians like we have now and what have they done. they haven't fixed our country's problems. many argue that the establishment types like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell green lighted president obama's leftwing agenda. at this point voters aren't looking for a smooth talker, they want a doer, jobs kree ater, someone that can address the broken immigration system. >> tar a, trump's own party asking him to be careful, more careful with his words. is that an influential conversation. reince priebus, donald trump meeting recently, underscoring her point that he says whatever
9:32 am
he wants, whatever he decides to respond to in his own way and so far that's been working for him. the question is now is he potentially facing a setback? >> donald trump is who he is. he said that out of his own mouth. you can't ask someone to change their character. i agree with mel 100%. i have written similar things, compared him to an abusive husband. when he sweet talks you, gets you to marry him, after everybody warns you about the signs, you get married and go oh, my god, realize what i have done, you can divorce someone like that. the american people can't divorce their president, you have to wait four years to vote him out. donald trump demonstrated time and time again willful ignorance of policy and the process. he continued to spew lies and mistruths, untruths just to
9:33 am
deflect from the fact it has been nothing but an emotional seduction of voters to capitalize on their legitimate anger, populism. it is easier to tap in and gin people up, but it takes responsibility to actually govern and be a patriot. nothing donald trump has done in his candidacy has reflected the responsibility and seriousness of being the president of the united states. so what, he met with the rnc. so what if he says i misspoke. none of those things. no, he didn't. he is speaking exactly what he thinks. and with reckless abandon all the time, and i'm sorry, what he says, his policies, what he advocates for are not even republican policies. yet people continue to say he is not a smooth talker, he is not a politician. no, he is not, he is a con artist, a salesman. a reality show character conning
9:34 am
the american people into believing he cares about what they care about and that he is going to make a difference. based on what? his own business record is shoddy. based on what? so i think that we're going to continue to see this from him because that is who he is. >> all right. hold it right there. we are going to talk more about this. take a short break and continue the conversation after this. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. i am fredricka whitfield at the nrg stadium. bear with me, we have a sound check going on behind us for a tipoff tailgate party that will get under way momentarily. let's get back to talking about the road to the white house. donald trump is keeping his eyes open. here is what he told fox news about running as a third party candidate. >> are you ruling out running as
9:38 am
an independent third party candidate? >> look. >> it is a simple question. >> i am by far the frontrunner as a republican. i want to run as a republican. i will beat hillary clinton. >> if you don't get the nomination? >> we have to see how i was treated. i have to see how i was treated, very simple. >> i want to bring back the panel. tara, before the break you were talking about donald trump is very intentional, there's very little mistaking what he says or how he says it so what do you hear in that sound bite whether he is indeed seeking a third party candidacy or not? >> i hear someone that's a whiner, a sore loser, wants to hold people hostage if he doesn't get his way. i mean, this is what he does. people talk about his business record. he does the same thing with small businesses and
9:39 am
contractors, when he decides to stiff them on bills, then he will sue them, threatens to sue them into oblivion if they don't finally pay the price he wants to. this is what he is doing with the republican party. >> real quick. >> he doesn't get it, he needs to stop whining about it and threatening third party. >> is there a difference between the presidential candidate and the business man, donald trump? >> well, i think donald trump is just putting it out there he wants to be treated fairly, all candidates should be treated fairly. i read a boston herald column recently that says the nomination should go to the candidate, whoever it may be, ted cruz or whoever it is, or donald trump should go to the one with the most delegates. i think that's what's fair. to rob that frontrunner of all of the delegates he worked so hard to earn, after all these
9:40 am
primaries and caucuses is just wrong. that's like taking the first place team in football -- >> mel, we are almost out of time. mel, donald trump has been saying it is about negotiation. is he negotiating his way out of commitment to the republican party and into a third party candidacy. >> you know, that's an excellent question. let's not forget he wrote the best selling book "the art of the deal." there are a lot of quotes around the internet on that book. this guy understands leverage. while he may not be popular, he certainly understands how to use leverage to intimidate and hold control in the deal. that's what he's doing. the republican party is screwed in terms of the white house if he goes independent on them. >> we're going to leave it there. thank you very much. appreciate it, ladies. thanks so much. live pictures of racine, wisconsin, donald trump event there. we will bring it to you after this.
9:41 am
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welcome back. i am fredricka whitfield in houston at the nrg stadium where the ncaa final four will tip-off later on today. meantime, president barack obama says recent attacks in europe by isis are a sign the group is losing ground. he made the comments at the nuclear security summit in washington. >> as isil is squeezed in syria
9:45 am
and iraq, we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere as we have seen recently tragically in countries from turkey to brussels. this means a sense of urgency we have shown destroying isil in iraq and syria also has to infuse efforts to prevent attacks around the world. >> the president said nuclear material equivalent to 150 nuclear weapons has been removed from circulation and out of the hands of extremists. i want to bring in cnn military analyst rick francona, former military atash a in syria. do you believe they are putting more emphasis on terror attacks as they suffer military losses in iraq and syria, an indicator that they are in trouble? >> i don't think there's indicator they're in trouble, but we know they wanted to expand operations and have done so since the very beginning. we see them operating in libya
9:46 am
and pakistan, recent, pakistan had an isis connection. they wanted to do this all along, that's part of their plan. ideally they would like to maintain their presence in syria and iraq, they believe that to be their capital area. but their expansion is something that's been part of the plan all along. as they encounter pressure, they're probably going to lash out. if you look at who they're going after, a lot of it is in retaliation for people participating in the coalition against them. they're going to come under increasing pressure and going to be increasing attacks overseas because they can do that. >> given what happened in paris and brussels, how well equipped do you believe security forces are in europe to deal with stopping the next terror attack, trying to prevent it. >> yeah, the problem with europe is they've got no real coordinated effort.
9:47 am
each country does their own internal security. there's no fbi that covers all the area. each country is relying on its own individual services, and those are uneven. some services are very good, british, french, german, then look at the smaller countries, belgians in particular, they don't have the resources to do the internal security. when you have a large number of citizens going to syria, it's almost impossible to surveil them all, keep tabs on all of them. the problem for europe is greater than ours, and you have proximity and ease of travel once in europe. they have to relook at all those issues. the agreement that made it wonderful, makes it easy to travel makes it easy for the terrorist to travel as well. >> you talk about the reach of isis and intention of isis to have that kind of global reach, there have been comments out of iraq with authorities there concerned that mosul could
9:48 am
possibly be recaptured by isis by the end of the year, depending who you ask about the time line, there are all kinds of forecasts. are the iraqis and coalition forces in position to combat isis further there? >> well, it's a long process. and we are seeing the beginning signs of it. if you look at the coalition air power targets, you can see where they're trying to isolate raqqah, the curds used to cut supply lines between the two cities. that's a start. for the iraqis to retake mosul, they have to take four major cities before they get to mosul. taking mosul, a city that large, remember isis had over a year to put defenses in. when they go into that city, it will be very difficult, house to house, street by street, very ugly. it will take a long time. by end of the year maybe.
9:49 am
>> all right. rick francona, good to see you. appreciate it. >> take care, fred. as we have been mentioning, i am live in houston. you're hearing the sound check behind me for the tip-off tailgate that will take place because of these four teams in the ncaa final coming up. we have a preview of one of the players surely becoming a star already. plus, what you can expect from the all access report that i am co-anchoring there with steve smith. all of that next.
9:50 am
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welcome back to nrg stadium where it is energetic, fredricka whitfield in houston. you have a sound check going on behind me for the tip-off tailgate party about to get under way outside the stadium in a few moments. there are just three games in march madness, the calendar says april. the final four teams are playing tonight. the players are leaving it all on the court. a win tonight, two games, means a chance at the ncaa championship. that's the big monday night game. cnn sports andy scholes is here. you have been in the action, all
9:54 am
the way through. >> two huge games, i am pumped for the games. i can't wait to see what buddy hield has in store for the wildca wildcats. 29 points a game. just awarded oscar robertson player of the year. he has such a cool story, growing up in the bahamas, moving here when he was 12 years old. he is named after a cast member, bud bundy from "married with children." the coach went 22 years in between final four appearances. last time in the final four was 1994 coaching florida. that's such a long time. he is so grateful to be back in the final four. what was funny in yesterday's press conference, we found out his nickname is slick. slick. but he actually didn't want to talk about it. take a listen. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> he knows. >> i'd like to say it started
9:55 am
because i was pretty smooth, you know, yet it was probably more about the haircut. >> he might make his run for that, but that's a good name. he's pretty slick as everything he does. >> not make us run no more, we're done. so ha ha ha. >> you could tell oklahoma, the players were loose, excited, happy to be in the final four first time since 2002 for them. >> so impressive looking at these young men out there, the kind of poise and control they're showing, not just on the court when playing, that's what people are seeing, but when you see them handling themselves in the big arena, it has been one of the most impressive things for me. >> you say, funny you say big arena, they are playing nrg stadium. when they had basketball games here, the players have troubleshooting on the floor, it is so large, they're not used to playing in a big venue. we will have to see if they can knock down long range three
9:56 am
pointers. or they could be low scoring games. >> we are tied in first place for the cnn bracket. >> they said you can't go back to texas without the bracket. i have everyone making sure my bracket was the best. same picks the rest of the way. no matter what, we end up in the same position. >> a lot of common denominators. this isn't my hometown, but i have a lot of family here, there are family tie stories with the lattin family being from here, and this is home for you. >> absolutely. having a blast. >> andy scholes, good to see you. we will be right back, all access final four. coming up 2:30 eastern time. c s] brace yourself... the first ever gsf is here.
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live from houston, home to tonight's ncaa final four. i am fredricka whitfield. thanks so much for joining me here. this is cnn special live coverage from nrg stadium ahead of the big games tonight. but first. republican presidential candidates are waging a fierce battle in wisconsin three days away, donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich are crisscrossing wisconsin today. these


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