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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 3, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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baseball fans have to bundle up if for opening game between the pooirts and cardinals. going to barely break into the low 40s today. and stay with us. thank you so much. we're glad to have you here this morning. >> a lot more coming up in the next hour of your "new day" next hour of your "new day" starting right now. -- captions by vitac -- two days until the badger state head to the polls. >> today the republicans candidates are making their final push. senator cruz with two stops. donald trump with just one rally tonight after a busy saturday. trump held three campaign events yesterday and despite coming off what some say was the most brutal week of his candidacy, donald trump says he's still feeling confident.
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>> he's still leaving ted cruz in the all important delegate race itself, hoping to keep that momentum going. jeremy diamond joining us, is there any indication he may be able to close that ten point lead of ted cruz? >> reporter: certainly we've seen donald trump making the efforts. he's been barn storming the state. yesterday he had three events in different parts of the state. donald trump taking a very targeted approach here. he is talking a lot about trade. you know there have been a lot of manufacturing job losses in wisconsin in the last several years. and that is something that donald trump has homed in on he's finessed his attacks on supporters. he's also gone overgovernor walk over wisconsin who has now endorsed ted cruz for the race last week. so we are certainly seeing donald trump make efforts to tighten the race. he said yesterday he see this is contest as pivotal and he thinks
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he can win in wisconsin. but certainly the polls are showing a different story. so it remains to be seen if donald trump in the last few days can narrow the gap. >> thank you. let's bring in cnn political commentator hughes and ferguson. good morning. is there enough time here for donald trump to close this gap in wisconsin and pull out a win is this. >> i think wisconsin is looking good for senator cruz. but donald trump is trying. mr. trump is trying his best. holding five different rallies between now and election day. and wisconsin is a state that it is not winner take all. i think winner take all by congressional district. so i think it looks good for senator cruz but it is not something that is a complete write off for the trump campaign. >> all right. this "new york times" piece for maureen dowd, trump says he probably should not have tweet order retweeted that unflattering photo of heidi cruz
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and the unflattering comparison of his wife melania. if i had to do it again i wouldn't have sent it. should he apologize here, ben? >> well, donald trump is not one to apologize. and at this point i think the daniel has already been done. and one of the reasons you see him falling behind in wisconsin and why there is so much concern around the trump campaign now is that he's had two really bad weeks in a row. and the only person you can blame for this is donald trump. he is definitely hurt himself in wisconsin on the issue of abortion. we've seen how that effect his campaign. but also this getting down in the mud and being a five-year-old on the playground with these insults, saying well he started. and remember donald trump lied. he said that photograph of his wife was bought by the ted cruz campaign and given to a super pack. that never happened. it was never bought by the ted cruz campaign.
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it was never given to a super pack that. would have actually broken the law. and i think now you are starting to see others that are really looking more at what donald trump is saying than probably ever before. and when he does lie about these things, it comes back to bite him. and that is why he's have been problems right not. i that is the reason he's not the nominee at this point is because of these antics and these constant "i'm going to throw stuff out there that's factually not accurate." it is a lie and he's getting busted for it. >> something trump said yesterday about the cbs interview this morning an face the nation. let's watch and then talk. >> the truth is you can't, no matter what you do, no matter what you say because they can take something you say and turn it around. like i'll be on cbs face the nation. what i said was perfect. what i said was -- otherwise i wouldn't -- honestly i'm going to be on that's tomorrow. and i taped it yesterday. what i said was so good. it was so perfect. and then they looked.
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oh maybe he should have added a word. well actually the way it came out. they took words out that i said. >> so if he didn't give the full answer there. should we expect now a fifth attempt at clarifying his views on abortion laws? do you believe that cbs changed his words? he was on camera when he said it? >> i don't think they changed words. you say what you say. the question is it's selective editing and the context. every would have been us on the screen have been hit with some hit piece where they have taken words of the cob text of the conversation and twist it. >> -- context? >> well i want to watch the segment. i can't sit there and say something about something i haven't seen yet. but obviously mr. trump has some concern about it he addressed it easter early on. he's not winning right now at the top because he's not being
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able to be controlled by the media and establishment. he's getting hit by all sides. he hasn't gone along with what everybody wants him to be. he's not the manchurian candidate right now -- >> he's not winning right now because he's making up stuff. and then when he gets busted making it up. he flips it. >> that's not what it is. >> donald trump has four position on abortion. then comes out and says after he act likes a schoolboy and attacks ted cruz oh, well their campaign bought this photo from gq and they started this war. >> you can keep -- >> hold on. hold on. >> when you lie and people are now paying attention to these lies. look what he just did with cbs. he's now saying that cbs took him out of context and somehow misrepresent order changed or
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edited his words. if that actually happened i would be defending donald trump right now. >> no you wouldn't. >> yes i would. >> you have not defended a thing. >> i have defended donald trump on several things when i thought he got a bad rap. but he didn't get taken out of the context. >> he wasn't edited by cbs news. they are not stupid enough to do. >> scotty your point. >> you don't know that yet. you haven't even seen the segment. >> let scotty finish, ben. >> and that is the issue right now. there can be no perfect answer right now for some of these pundits. there is nothing he can say. and if my guy is not winning considering he's winning in the gop primary. whereas the excuse for your guy right now not win right now. for senator cruz who's almost 300 delegates left or kasich who's not even mathematically possible for a nominee. if my guy -- if you are going to sit there and criticize my guy
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because of his lies what is your excuse? >> i'm criticizing donald trump for lying. and when you see a guy on camera and you see his answer on camera, when it is his actual face you can't claim it got edited out of context and blame it on the news organization. >> i'll wait until it actually ashs. >> we know that scottie nel hughes is a strong defender, supporter of donald trump. and do you know who else knows? the folks at saturday night live. >> you can't break me kate. because i'm crazy. and crazy don't break. and kate, i know you agree with me on three things when it comes to drun. one he is drop dead gorgeous. >> no. >> two, he is bringing trade back so we can make american grapes again. >>. [ laughter ] >> and three, he is way better than ted cruz. >> okay. yes i that i do agree on.
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>> a sketch from snl. in spite offing a conversation he spoofing a conversation you had. >> first i looked at the tv and went oh my god i have roots and she better have a southern accent. that look was so 2015 snl. update i cut my hair. but i have a great sense of humor. my mother loved it and you have to have a sense of humor and laugh about yourself. but i will say this. the morning after, talk about the ultimate shame and ultimate sexism. what does snl want me to do? barefoot and pregnant or just talk about parenting issues? i'm out there and willing to get involved in the process and i try to be respectful to people. and just because you don't like the guy i'm representing or -- but the good news is i have a great sense of humor. i thought it was a funny sketch. and i think it is an honor to be
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portrayed by her. >> i think they poke fun at everyone, including the folks here at cnn and all the presidential candidates but glad you had a good laugh. thank you both. . and stay with cnn for full coverage of the wisconsin primaries. two days away now. all day special coverage on tuesday right here on cnn. a momentumous day in brussels this morning. the airport, site of one of the terrorist bombings is open right now. not at full strength. >> plus the democrats are duel oefrg a potential debate. which day? which time? ha what is it going to take to get the two sides to agree on getting these candidates face to face again? >> let me tell you that the last cnn poll had us 20 points ahead of donald trump. why do so many businesses
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13 minutes past the hour. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are trading barbs, this time over a still unscheduled debate. clinton camp has accused the savnz team of playing games. while a sanders spokesman charged clinton's offers were ludicrous. cnn has been following secretary clinton on the campaign trail. i'm wondering, are either of these camps really open to a debate? or are they just taking shots. >> it is a bit of both. they clearly want to score points by being able to brag about who picked the debate, at what time, what venue. but it really is a debate about debates. which not what most democrats want to see. they would like to see talking about irks and events. and a lot of democrats i've talked to are proud of the fact they are not the republican party right now and they are not having this personal debate play out that we see between donald trump and ted cruz.
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bernie sanders campaign challenged secretary clinton's campaign to a debate at the end of march. yesterday secretary clinton's campaign said they proposed three dates all of which were rejected and the sanders came back with as you quoted their ludicrous proposals. the reality is we're going to have a debate before the april 19th primary in new york but getting there has been a process and shows that this contest is getting a little more personal. there is a growing animosity between the two. and that is playing out in this debate. >> just to clarify, the ludicrous comment from sanders because of one the dates that was thrown out by the clinton akah camp was apparently on an ncaa playoff night and he was saying who's going to watch that? so when you are talking about getting personal, we're seeing
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more of that from hillary. we saw it yesterday when she was talking about she is a democrat and has been for years and years. and that was her way to take a dig at bernie sanders, yes? >> yeah, hillary clinton became a democrat in 1965 when she was 18 years old. and yesterday she basically accused bernie sanders of being a democrat come lately. let's take a listen to what she said. >> i'm also a democrat. and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. and i think that is kind of important if we are selecting somebody to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> basically that is hillary clinton saying i'm a democrat. bernie sanders, well i don't know he might not be. he's caucused for the democrats since 1991 when he came to
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congress but he's been an independent since that time and has never been an official member of the democratic party. he declared cansy as the democrat. but he still calls himself a democratic socialist and independent. and that quote is hillary clinton's way of digging at his commitment to the party he's looking to represent. and again it shows that this race is growing more acrimonious by the day. >> and we'll see if a debate comes out of it. thank you dan merica. thank you. >> thank you. >> we want to bring in cnn political commentator and anchor for time warner cable news. let me ask you. do you have confidence that we'll see a democratic debate before the primary. >> i have my fingers crossed because time warner cable is in conversations about whether or not we might be one of the media
4:18 am
partners. if all goes well perhaps there will be a debate. i might even get to be involved in it. i will tell you christi, that the sanders campaign has been asking for debates in new york since the beginning of primary season. as early as january/february they were suggesting debates here in new york. the clinton camp is not dismissing those calls at this point. obviously secretary clinton is in a stronger position. she doesn't have to do the debates. she doesn't need them nearly as much as bernie sanders does before april 19th. >> but her detractors errol say she doesn't want them because if she said something wrong it would hurt her more than sanders. >> absolutely. he has much to kbgain and she h everything to lose. anybody can make a misstatement during the a debate. and with the lead she now holds
4:19 am
in some ways she has nowhere to go but down. she was lead big a lot a couple of weeks ago. and that's closed to single digits. she doesn't have to play bernie sanders game is it she doesn't want to. she has a long road ahead of her. she's going to probably win new york. even the latest polls suggest that. she's got a lot of momentum going forward. why risk it so that from her point of view there is no need do it. >> i thought this was interesting. clinton campaign for secretary tweeted this earlier. we were told that sanders was willing to debate on gma, on "good morning america" and then when we accepted, he bulked. it is a creative idea. why do you think they rejected it? >> that you would have to get
4:20 am
from the sanders camp. that is hard thing to no e for sure. >> do you think that a morning debate would be better? would be different? would bring anything new to the table in a debate between the two? >> it would certainly be different because i know the producers and whatever hosts doing the debate would be moving at the much less relaxed pace. some of the two hour debates you can dig down deep into issues. one thing i want to mention is something we don't really know about and this is true for both camps, the sanders camp may have big fundraisers or important rallies scheduled on some of these dates and it is not that easy for them to cancel and walk away important internal campaign business just to stick another debate in. and there is the prep that has to go it. it can be very time consuming. i wouldn't take all of this as pure political gamesmanship. some of this really is about the
4:21 am
logistics f running a big and complicated company. >> we just heard a couple of minutes ago the sound bite of hillary clinton talking how shooets a democrat and really solidifying that point and in a sense taking a digs a bernie sanders saying he's not always been. does that argument matter to his supporters? because we know that's been brought up about donald trump and how long he's or not been a republican and doesn't seem to detract people from him. is that an argument she can with in? >> it is a debate that needs to happen. this is as old as i've been watching politics, between the progressives, the movement democrats and the regulars we would call them. the people who build the party establishment. and frankly, bernie sanders is not the only person that would apply to. elizabeth warren was a
4:22 am
republican until her early 40s, i think. you know, this is an interesting kind of question. the regular democrat, the people who register the voters, mobilize the vote year after year, whether they have great candidate orsz less than great candidates, they look at some of these outsiders, the bernie sanders and elizabeth warrens and they are not necessarily all that impressed. >> errol, thank you. we appreciate it. also a programming note for you. bernie sanders is at jake -- bernie sanders is a guest this morning on state of the union, 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. north carolina has a new law some say is anti-lgbt. we'll tell you why one woman says she could be in danger if this law is followed and enforced. also the airport in brussels now back open for the first time
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introducing the x1 sports app. get live stats, averages, and standings. right on your tv. change the way you experience tv, with xfinity x1. 26 minutes after the hour now and for the first time since the terror bomb, in wrulss the cities airport has reopened but this is an extremely limited schedule. cnn correspondent alexandra field is live at the airport this morning and i understand only three passenger flights today. probably more about symbolism than actual transportation and transit today. >> absolutely. and it is significant to so many people in this city and
4:27 am
community just to see these first steps being taken. it is nowhere nearly close to operating the way it did before when it had 600 flights a day. but three is where they have decided to start and they want to bring far fewer passengers here in the beginning stages to make everyone feel comfortable and secure. and to the to that end you are seeing a very heavy security presence outside the airport where we are. as you approach you are seeing police, military vehicles. canines out here. they have passengers going to a temporary check in location. a location built for them as the check in desk were destroyed in the bombings. anyone taking those three flights will see a very heavy security presence out here. this as reflective moment certainly for anyone who works at this airport or was here on the day of those attacks. we understand there will be a moment of silence here too before the first flight takes
4:28 am
off in a sthort while. >> we have those three passenger planes. we understand there have been some cargo flights since the bombings. is there potential some of these flight will not return at all? >> reporter: yeah, the airport has prepared for that possibility. they don't know which airlines will continue to run which routes here at this time. they are hoping to be operating at full capacity by the end of june, beginning of july for summer vacations. the airport authorities are expressing the fact they are hopeful they will be running fully that they will restore full service here but yes there are decisions that will come down to the airlines as far as when they want to return, and what kind of routes at this point. so people are going to take it day by day and we should see more flights added day by day. >> alexandra field, there in brussels. thank you. the countdown is on.
4:29 am
two days from our coverage of the crucial wisconsin primary. and a look at what the candidates are doing in the badger state to try to drum you have some last minute votes. also critics say a new north carolina law is anti-gay. why some people who are trans gender say listen, this is putting our arrives in danger. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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don't you dare play with your food. don't you dare get any big ideas. ignore what people say you can't do. don't you dare take that apart. don't you dare stay up all night on the computer. don't you dare raise your voice. ♪ ♪ so up next, wisconsin, of course. primaries a couple of days away. donald trump holding two events in wisconsin today. a win here would give him much needed momentum in the delegate race. although he's still ahead.
4:33 am
however, he is trailing senator cruz in recent polls by 10 points. >> and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are trading barbs over a potential date in new york. each side is offering potential dates but the other team won't commit. one option proposed is a morning debate. very creative you would think. so far nothing's been settled. the new york primary is still more than two weeks away. so there is time i guess is what we are saying. let's turn to north carolina and this law that has so many people talking. particularly critics who say it endangers trans gender people. >> there are those rallying to support the legislation as well. you have heard from lawmakers and lawyers from both sides actually. our nick valencia joins us now with a new perspective. nick is live this morning. i know you spoke with a transgender woman who said this could put her in physical danger, potential for physical harm. >> that is right victor.
4:34 am
and to the 10s of thousands of trans gender people here in the state of north carolina they say it goes much further than what restroom they are allowed to use. they have to use the restroom related to the gender on their birth certificate. supports of this legislation say the lgbt community, they should not be given special rights. ♪ ♪ it is saturday and this is a midday drag show, a fundraiser for lgbt awareness. candace cox is the woman of the hour. >> but the most important thing for me personally is every time i close my eyes and ask my god as the person of faith how he feels, he doesn't seem to are have a problem with it and my parents have no problem with it and their opinion matters to me.
4:35 am
>> reporter: cox is transgender. she says she's one of the tens of thousands of of people in north carolina effected by the public facility's privacies and securities act. a new state law that requires trans people to use the public restroom relegate related to the gender on their birth certifica certificate. now how they identify. >> it put us in danger and it is open discrimination. it is no different than the jim crowe laws in the south. >> reporter: at home, candace and her husband say that now that she'll be required to use the men's room they worry she'll be physically assaulted or worse. >> most of the people do not understand what the bill actually does. >> reporter: stam is one of the sponsors. he says the law is not about limiting the protection of the lgbt community but rather not giving them special rights. we have lots of accommodations
4:36 am
in the bill for those in special circumstances. but we are trying to protect the reasonable expectations of privacy of 9 9.9% of our citizens who think when they are going into a restroom or changing room or locker room that they will be private. >> that's you as a boy. >> yeah. >> reporter: 19 surgeries, two trips to thailand and more than a hundred thousand dollars later she's postop transgender, whether the trans community would call "passable" as the woman but says that doesn't make it any easier. >> we're all fight trg same thing. we just want to be accepted and we want to know we're not going to be discriminated against. >> reporter: there are a laundry list of businesses who say they are going to stop doing business
4:37 am
with the state of north carolina or boycott them. i've spoken with administrators and they say those are veil threats and say this law is not going to have a detrimental impact on the state. >> let me ask you about candace cox. this law has been on the books for about a week now. has she avoided public facilities? or does she plan to or not to follow this law? >> she says it hadn't really affected her so far. this law is specific to governmental restrooms. so private businesses can allow people to have a transgender restroom. it was written into the law so transgender people who feel uncomfortable going into a restroom if --. they deserve special rights they need to be protected. they are a special group they think and they need to make sure they are not physically assaulted. that is a big concern is
4:38 am
physical assaults. living here in the south there aren't people who are very open minded altogether. so she's worried about going into a men's restroom which is she hasn't used since 2003 and being assaulted or worse. and that is definitely a concern for her husband and the tens of thousand os other transgender people here in the community. >> nick, thanks so much. so bernie sanders example is saying that hillary clinton is just playing games. hillary clinton says the same thing about brnds as well. >> yeah there is this back and forth. this duel over a possible debate in new york. who could be winning the war?
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you may be surprised that malicious gossip, dirty tricks and back room deals were just as common in politics back then as they are today. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash sat down with dana broountty who is also produce over "race for the white house". >> what motivated you to do this? >> i'm a history buff for one and the types of projects i've always done are amazing minds doing amazing things and nothing more amazing than a presidential
4:43 am
race and no more amazing minds i think in the world. >> it is kind of amazing. because with every election we've never seen it so dirty, we've never seen it so intense. but it's always been like that. just that we know about it more because of the media. >> the elections have always been dirty and that is one thing i've learned. even with honest ab. the dirty tricks his campaign did that you would never think that abraham lincoln would be involved in that. and the nice guy, the guy whose didn't want to go that route, they lost. >> house of cards, do you see parallels? >> yeah. it is fascinating actually. the fist season of house of cards we thought maybe we're pushing it a little too far and then we go home and watch the news at night and, maybe we're not pushing it far enough. there are a lot of parallels we definitely take from the
4:44 am
headlines a lot of what we incorporate into our show while we -- it is fictional and we do push the boundaries a little further than what's probably realistic. maybe, maybe not. but yeah, we definitely -- there is a lot of there is definitely a lot of parallels between house of kards and real life politics. >> a reckless outsider, what can they do to stop him? jackson versus adams, race for the white house, tonight at 9:00 eastern. >> they have already squared off several times, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we've see them in the evening but now there is talk of instead of a 7:00 p.m. debate, maybe 7:00 a.m.? >> it is interesting. and we know most of the ncaa brackets are busted but we're dwoeng to go live to houston and talk about the vice president. he had a lot to say yesterday and not just about basketball.
4:45 am
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4:48 am
12 minutes to the top of the hour and in the discussion for the race for the white house let's talk the democrats now where there is a fiery debate over a debate. and the pressure is rising between the clinton and sanders' campaigns. they are each calling the new york primary later this month a home state face-off and now going back and forth over a possible debate before that primary. brian stelter, host of reliable
4:49 am
sources, 11:00 sundays eastern. cnn's media correspondent. who's winning this so far? >> i think at the moment clinton has sanders on the defensive. which is a big change because one of the narratives of this primary election season has been that sanders wants to debate and that clinton is not so hot about debating. of course she's had the lead pretty much all the time even though sanders has picked up a number of states. and so for clinton sometimes more of a risk to debate than it is for sanders. all along sanders has been call for more debate. even back when martin o'malley was in the race. but now in the past day clinton's really turned this around by coming out and listing a number of different options, dates she would like to debate sanders in new york. and sanders so far has said those are not suitable dates and proposing other ones so there is a back and forth and it goes to
4:50 am
who has the advantage heading into this new york primary. of course then all eyes will be on new york and both campaigns notably crucial here. >> it was an interesting proposition we've discussed this morning about the possibility of instead of doing another evening debate, it's starting at 8:00 or 9:00, doing one on the morning show. >> we had one in flint a number of weeks ago. there hasn't been one since. one idea was to have a morning show debate on "good morning america" from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. the idea here was that if you're a network like abc, you don't want to have to give up primetime unless you have to. "scandal" and "grey's anatomy," they don't like to preempt those entertainment shows for news except for when they really have to. the idea was to give over "good morning america" for a debate extend. abc confirmed it was extended to both parties. apparently the sanders campaign did not love that idea. they say they're proposing other dates instead.
4:51 am
they're also talk of a possible primetime debate on a cable news channel as well. there's a lot of options floating out there. and right now clinton's sort of on the offense here, winning this debate about the debates as it goes on. but it's partly because sanders wants to have big rallies, big events in new york. one of the defining images of the sanders campaign has been filling these ballrooms, filling these arenas and other venues with thousands of supporters. he would like to do that here in new york leading up to the primary here. if he has to spend time preparing for a debate and then going to a debate, it takes away some of the time from the rallies. there's lots of interesting considerations here. we'll see what the candidates ultimately do. when we're talking about the democrats, there's been no gop debate for a while. trump, cruz and kasich not appearing on the same stage in a long time. instead, they keep preferring these town hall formats on cnn and other channels. >> brian stelter, thanks. catch "reliable sources" at 11:00 eastern right here on cnn.
4:52 am
all righty. well, what a night it was. we're looking forward to the final two taking you live to houston. and vice president biden was there. he had a few things to say, didn't even have to. also, "saturday night live" taking aim at donald trump. and what they're saying his flip-flopping on a controversial issue. we'll give you a look. stay close. et here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude...
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all righty. basketball's final four down to the final two. >> andy scholes live in houston with this morning's "bleacher
4:56 am
report." not much sleep last night but a couple of good games to watch. >> reporter: well, you know, victor, in the ncaa tournament, sometimes we get those nail-biters that come down to the very end. sometimes we get what we got last night. both games blowouts. villanova put on a shooting exhibition for the ages against oklahoma. they went 11 for 18 from three-point land. they shot a ridiculous 71% from the field in the game. oklahoma star buddy heald, the wildcats able to hold him to just nine points as vil notilan crushing them. the biggest blowout in history. the first time since 1985. >> that was just one of those games that could happen to anybody. i feel bad for oklahoma that it happened to them in the final four. i'm happy we had one of those games. we just make every shot.
4:57 am
>> they played really well today. it was one of the best teams i ever played in college. you know, just got to give them credit. they made it hard for us to guard them. >> reporter: the nightcap, one seed north carolina having a little problem with ten seed syracuse. tar heels had an 11-point lead by halftime. syracuse just never able to make a serious run at them. north carolina wins 83-66, one win away from their first title since 2009. so on monday, it's going to be one seed north carolina taking on two seed villanova for the championship. again, that's monday night, 9:19 eastern on tbs. the tar heels, two-point favorites in that game. the vice president, joe biden, and dr. jill biden, they were on hand here in houston last night rooting on their schools. vice president biden graduated from the syracuse school of law while dr. biden got her master's from villanova. before the games, the vp joined the tbs pregame show and gave his thoughts on the current
4:58 am
presidential race. >> there's a lot to look forward in the country. the thing that bothers me about both the parties right now is there's not enough optimism. america's better positioned than any country in the world to control the 21st century, for real. and i just think these kids out here are going to see more change and more progress than any generation has ever seen. >> reporter: good news and bad news for the bidens. bad news, syracuse lost, so they're out. but the good news, they don't have to be a house divided come monday night. they can both root for dr. jill biden's alum, villanova. >> all righty. andy scholes, have fun. thank you so much. >> before we leave you this morning, we want to show you this. "saturday night live" took aim at donald trump and all of his clarifications and shifts of the last week. >> mm-hmm. the guys on "weekend update," they had a field day. >> during an msnbc town hall on wednesday, trump said women should be punished for getting abortions. then an hour later, he said
4:59 am
doctors should be punished. then an hour later, he said we should just let the state decide. then the next day he said you know what? let's just leave the law as loan, before finally saying yesterday, "when i'm president, i'm going to change those laws." so at this point, donald trump has to be pro-choice because he's made all of the choices. >> also, donald trump, how do you not already have a stock answer for an abortion question? you're on msnbc. what did you think they were going to ask you? their number one show is, "so what do you think about abortion?" and the answer is never "women should be punished." i don't care what the question is. you don't say that on tv. even if you're on "wheel of fortune" and the board says "women should be unished," don't say it. how do you fall for that setup? >> sometimes you've just got to laugh at all of this don't you? >> and sometimes it's tough to laugh because we're talking about serious things. >> that's true. no response from mr. trump yet,
5:00 am
but thank you so much for making us part of your morning. >> "inside politics with john king" starts right now. president obama says donald trump is in way over his head. >> the person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy. >> the republican front-runner's tough week includes a flip-flop on abortion and his campaign manager facing assault charges. >> by the way, she was grabbing me. >> so much for that gop unity pledge. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife. >> plus as bernie sanders talks trade -- >> i stood on picket lines. >> -- hillary clinton lashes out. >> i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> tensions are high. and wisconsin votes


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