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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  April 4, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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virgin america has been on a tear. the company was started by richard branson. >> that chart tells you something is happening. >> it says someone is interested in that airline. "early start" continues right now. >> just one day before voters cast ballots in the next key primary. donald trump and hillary clinton trailing in the polls. will a loss in wisconsin shake up the race on both sides? investigators revealing new information on the deadly new amtrak train derailment. what went so wrong? mass deportation of migrants and refugees in europe. happening this morning. there is controversy surrounding this plan to ship thousands from greece to turkey. we are live. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is monday, april 4th.
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5:00 a.m. in the east. now just one day before voters head to the polls in wisconsin, intense battle going down to the wire between donald trump and ted cruz. cruz out front by trump by as much as ten points. cruz picked up victories over the weekend. in colorado, he won the first six delegates to the republican convention picked in a week long selection process. in north dakota, the cruz team said they did well. all north dakota delegates are unbound. today is all about wisconsin. where a cruz win could alter the momentum of the republican race. cnn's sunlen serfaty has the latest from green bay. >> reporter: good morning, christine and john. the cruz campaign hit the ground hard in wisconsin. dispatching heidi cruz, carly fiorina, governor scott walker
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all barnstorming the state. the cruz campaign manager wants all hands on deck. the senator has been projecting confidence. he is predicting he will get most if not all of the state's delegates tomorrow night. on the stump here in green bay, he is playing up the importance. moment going forward saying it is a decision point that will resonate beyond just here in wisconsin. the senator seemed to get reflective on the state of the race and all that has transpired. >> this has been quite the election cycle. hadn't been boring. there were all sorts of things a year ago someone said you would see and you would say no. >> reporter: there's a notable strategy shift from the cruz campaign here in wisconsin. they are out with the very first negative tv ad targeting john kasich. this is a candidate they have in
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large part attempted to margina marginalize calling him a quote spoiler. the last few hours here in wisconsin suggests their concerns. >> sunlen serfaty in green bay. let's break it down on both sides. we are joined by political reporter chris moody. chris, this is a big moment for the trump campaign. donald trump effectively could be if not derailed, stalled significantly on his quest for the republican nomination. you can tell the stakes are very high for him trailing ted cruz. unusual amount of vitriol coming from him about ted cruz. >> lying ted cruz. he comes in bible high. i'm lying ted cruz.
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he's a dirty rotten cheat. remember that. >> you see donald trump. those are words he has used before, but with a tone that sounded harsh. a lot of people saying donald trump had the worst week of his campaign. >> you are right, john. wisconsin is crucial. now we're shifting from winning and losing primaries to the real hard delegate game. looking at the map forward, new york coming up. ted cruz knows in order to keep donald trump from getting the delegates. he needs to clinch the nomination. he needs to win in wisconsin and hold his number down as much as possible. we are not just seeing that on the campaign trail. ted cruz mounted a really aggressive behind the scenes effort to work the delegates system and work the convention system. he is playing some really high level chess here to work the pieces and try to make sure donald trump does not get that number. the belief is among the republican establishment if you can keep donald trump from
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clinching this nomination, he's not going to have the skills to win on the convention floor. ted cruz believes he invested the time, money and resources and people to do that if he can get there. wisconsin is a key piece of that puzzle strategy. >> the governor of wisconsin endorsed ted cruz. wisconsin with higher voter turnout and republican base directed by scott walker. it could be a tough formula for trump to crack. >> for many reasons. a lot of wisconsin is the heart of the republican establishment power right now. you have the head of the rnc who remains officially not on anyone's side. the governor endorsing cruz. you have paul ryan, the house speaker. this could be a tough place for wisconsin -- excuse me. donald trump. also donald trump's rhetoric as we have seen in the poll numbers. when you break it down by women
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or educated voters, in wisconsin, you have to play nice in a way. you can't use as much vitriol as trump has. we heard a couple of minutes ago, trump is throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at everyone right now and that could back fire on him tuesday. >> you are talking about the high level campaign that cruz is working. he is picking up delegates that other people don't see out there. the republican chairman reince priebus was asked about this notion of an open convention. there are people who say this is really an avenue where someone like paul ryan and mitt romney or jeb bush and marco rubio could get back in the game and end up on the contested floor fight. reince priebus says not so fast. >> if something like that were remotely possible, that candidate would actually have a floor operation and actual campaign going on with the
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delegates to make something like that possible. paul's not going to do that. so, my answer is no, but clearly there's a lot of information out there that people are spreading around to cause confusion. i think our candidate is someone who is running. >> if he means that, our candidate is someone running, that means it is a case between ted cruz and donald trump and john kasich. >> there is a rule that a candidate has to win eight states. that rule could change. in a way, reince priebus is right. especially when it comes to the intensity of a floor campaign would mean. there will be hundreds of people need to be involved. if you were coming if like paul ryan or mitt romney, you have to be working behind the scenes. john, you know that would leak so fast if anyone started hinting at doing that. also, if it will be someone not
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named trump, cruz or kasich and somebody who hasn't run. can you imagine the outcry there would be if someone had taken it from trump, close to 1,237, but someone that never stepped foot on the campaign trail. you would have some problems in cleveland if that were the case. you would be hearing about it from all the candidates, ted cruz, donald trump and john kasich included. >> let's talk about the debate over the debate over whether the dates or the debates are logical. they are zeroing in on the important new york primary without another debate on the schedule. let's listen to what they said. hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparring on the sunday talk shows. >> i'm confident. i'm not the one negotiating it. that is going on between campaigns. i know my campaign has been really trying to get a time that
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senator sanders campaign would agree. >> i want to look at the maximum viewing audience and any time and venue that works that has that viewing audience will be good. >> april 19th. 247 delegates. you think they will debate before then? >> let's set the stage here a little bit. bernie sanders has had an incredible run in the last couple weeks. dominating in the west and coming in with the momentum in wisconsin. solid base. he could win that state and heading into the battle ground of new york. a lot of frustration early in the democratic race from activists and progressive activists that the debates were sidelines. there were not enough at first and when there were, they were on a high holy holiday or a weekend when no one was watching. sanders deserves the time.
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he challenged hillary clinton. new york will be huge. you mention over 200 delegates. they want the exposure and they're calling for the debate. i think they will find the time. the campaign trail schedule is tight right now. i think this is frustration is a response to all of that debates pushed to saturday and sunday. they want something as high profile the republicans have had. >> chris moody, thank you. when you get into debates over debates, voters do not care. >> they just want to see a debate. >> he has a t-shirt. >> this is always. chris, thank you. donald trump, the gop frontrunner trashes the economy and makes bold claims about the national debt. trump says he will erase the $19 trillion debt by the end of his
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second term. $19 trillion. the math doesn't work. that would require the u.s. to pay off $2 trillion a year. the annual budget is under $4 trillion for the current fiscal year. he would renegotiate trade deals to increase economic growth and wipe away the debt. those economists say that could cause a trade war and recession in the united states. trump says the country is headed for a massive recession and the u.s. economy is sitting on a bubble that will soon burst. experts put a garden variety recession in the next year at 20%. despite the global economy, u.s. economic growth is steady. americans are spending money. the other claim, bad time to invest in the stock market. global markets unfazed. to get rid of the $19 trillion debt in eight years is the only
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way you could do that is to hand everyone of us a $55,000 bill and say pay your fair share. 12 minutes after the hour. two killed and dozens injured in an amtrak derailment. there is new information on the investigation this morning. le e, the d the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon... then quickly fell back to earth landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. that's why you drink ensure you don't let anything keep you sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on grandma! for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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and i want to remind you that no one's the same without the game. take @youwishcommish8 for instance. he writes, "as commissioner of my fantasy league, i'm thinking about moving the draft up... to next week.
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too early?" commish, the season is a ways out. months in fact. no rosters are set, the draft hasn't even happened yet, and not a single free agent has been signed. so, it is too early? ...yes it is. dial it back, commish... way back. this morning, the ntsb investigating a weekend train derailment south of philadelphia. one of three serious accidents involving amtrak. rail officials say the train was carrying more than 300 passengers when it left the tracks. both amtrak workers were killed. we want to get more from sara ganim. >> reporter: a source close to the investigation telling cnn, two workers, one in a backhoe and one near a backhoe was
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struck by train 89. they were both amtrak workers. that raises the question how they did not know they were on an active track when the accident happened and how the train didn't know this was an active construction scene when this happened. the ntsb now on scene working with amtrak to investigate the accident. you can see behind me. that is train number 89. it was on the palmetto route from new york to savannah, georgia. 341 passengers on board. 35 of the passengers injured when the collision happened. none of the passengers has life threatening injuries. you can see the force of the impact by looking at the front car. you can see it actually derailed from the track. now on sunday amtrak was able to bring back a limited service on this northeast corridor which is good news for people on their
2:18 am
monday morning commute. 750,000 people ride the northeast corridor every day between boston and washington, d.c. on sunday morning around 8:00 a.m., this was a frightening experience for many of those passengers. one telling cnn he could tell something was wrong before the crash happened. outside the window, they could see a cloud of dust. it felt like they were riding gravel. another passenger, 15-year-old linton holmes talked about his frightening experience. >> the train was rumbling. we got off track, i guess, and then it was a bunch of dust. it was dust everywhere. then the train conductors were running to the front. there were people bloody because there was an explosion. we got off track and an explosion. the windows burst out.
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>> reporter: the investigation is clearly ongoing. the ntsb recovered the data recorder and the forward and inward looking cameras. john and christine. sara, thank you for that. dangerous wind storms in the midwest and northeast. a tree crashed a car killing two people in abington, massachusetts. this was the scene in ohio. a huge tree toppling over on a house. in new york, debris all over the streets. at least 370,000 people from wisconsin to maine had significant power out aages. a world series rematch. the royals and mets tangled in kansas city. could the mets get revenge? we have coy wire with the bleacher report next.
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all right. march madness. the 68 teams that were playing before are now down to two. >> coy wire has the update on the national championship game. >> vegas has two point favorite over villanova. two brothers. we heard about the teams. here is a cool story line. his parents became his legal guardi guardians. the players met at 10 years old. they have been competing since. a national title on the line.
2:25 am
the brothers say the losers will never hear the end of it. the parents are going to remain neutral. the game starts at 9:19 eastern on our sister channel tbs. women's hoops in college. uconn women have been the road runner. everybody else is like wile e. coyote. head coach was just named coach of the year. he could surpass the most titles every with a uconn win. baseball, we are glad you are back. the royals raised the banner. unfortunately, the team they
2:26 am
beat, 4-1, mets, had to meet them. wade davis says wait a minute. he strikes out david wright and cespedes. john berman, your red sox start their season in cleveland this afternoon. that is at 4:10. cubbies, christine, 10:05. you will probably stay up late. >> too late for me. give me the highlights in the morning. coy, thank you. >> donald trump on the attack overnight. new statements, but this time directed at john kasich. why is he going after the guy running in third? that's next. everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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donald trump and ted cruz calling for john kasich to get
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out of the race. bernie sanders and hillary clinton cannot agree on the terms of the next debate. getting heated the day before the primary. new information on the deadly amtrak derailment. we will get you new information. thousands of refugees who risk their lives on a dangerous journey to get into europe. this morning, they're being deported. the eu plan now in motion. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> it is 5:31 in the east. one day before the voters head to the polls in wisconsin. this is bigger and different. intense battle between ted cruz and donald trump. both campaigning across wisconsin. ted cruz out in front leading trump by ten points. cruz picked up new tactical victories beyond wisconsin.
2:32 am
he won six delegates in colorado. they were chosen in a week long process. the cruz team in north dakota claims it did well in the delegation to the convention. all north dakota delegates are unbound. today is all about wisconsin. where the ted cruz win could alter the momentum of the republican race. cnn's sunlen serfaty has the latest from green bay. >> reporter: good morning, christine and john. the cruz team has dispatched heidi cruz and governor scott walker and carly fiorina all barnstorming the state. the cruz campaign manager declared a all hands on deck for the 24 hours before the voting begins tomorrow. the senator has been projecting confidence. he is predicting he will get most if not all of the state's delegates tomorrow.
2:33 am
on the stump, he played up the crowd of the importance going forward saying it is a decision point that will resonate across the country beyond just here in wisconsin. the senator also seemed to get reflective on the state of the race and all that has transpired. >> this has been quite the election cycle. hadn't been boring. there were all sorts of things a year ago someone would say you would see. you would say no, that would never happen. >> reporter: a notable strategy shift from the cruz campaign in wisconsin. they are out with the first negative tv ad targeting john kasich. the candidate they have attempted to marginalize. calling him a point blank spoiler. the focus on him in wisconsin certainly suggests some concern on their level about what role he might play tomorrow night. christine and john. >> sunlen, thank you. joining us to break down the
2:34 am
fight, senior digital political reporter chris moody. let's start with the frontrunner and the number two guy telling the distant guy number three, get out of the race. >> kasich. kasich is now 1 for 30. is it 1 for 30 or 1 for 29? it is good if he gets out. i don't want him in. he shouldn't be in. if he wants to get to the convention. that's okay. go to the convention and announce you want to be president. you shouldn't be littering up the process. that's what he's doing. >> then team kasich saying, lookiloo look, we don't think he is going to get the nomination. >> john kasich is playing the long game here. trump asked the rnc to kick him out of the race as though they could. that is not how things work.
2:35 am
if john kasich has the money and time, he can run for president to his heart content. john kasich knows on the trail, he is fighting on trump's turf. it looks like he is not able to clinch the nomination. once we get to the convention, that is kasich's opportunity. he will have to make a tough argument. let's say he doesn't win any other states. he only has one. he will have to convince the delegates why he should be the one to go to and not ted cruz. that is his only opportunity. the only way to get there is to stay in the race. >> my question, chris, both ted cruz and donald trump say that john kasich is hurting them. they both want john kasich out of the race. they both can't be right. kasich has to be helping either ted cruz or donald trump. it can't be both. >> it can't be. i think we have to dig into the polling data after a couple of weeks or months to see where the
2:36 am
kasich voters were going. i think if you look at ted cruz's perspective. he is playing the long game looking closely at the delegate race not just winning each state, but racks up as much delegates deep into the policy and delegate game in a way donald trump is not. a lot of this stuff is behind the scenes. you don't see it on the campaign trail. cruz is working smartly at this game. john kasich does possibly pull away some of that opportunity. if you go to the convention, it is a lot easier for ted cruz versus donald trump as opposed to ted cruz, donald trump and john kasich. i think cruz wants a clear path. he wants to be the one alterative to trump and shift all of the delegates if they can get to the convention without donald trump clinching it beforehand. >> let's talk about wisconsin quickly. this is a big prize here.
2:37 am
you have a well informed electorate. active voters. it is the establishment. if there is an establishment state for the republicans, this is it. ted cruz winning in these polls by a ten-point lead here. could it be a good day for ted cruz? >> it looks like it will be a very good day. any time you win a state. donald trump branded himself as a winner. not just that, but also a closer. it is getting more difficult for donald trump to make the closing argument. the math looks good for trump going forward. east to new york where trump is dominating. if you can beat him in a big state like wisconsin, i think it's a great day for ted cruz. the name of the game for him is not just winning, but keeping trump below the threshold of delegates he needs.
2:38 am
that will be a victory. once you get to the convention floor, that is ted cruz territory. that is john kasich territory. that is not necessarily donald trump. donald trump dominates on the stump when he is able to campaign at big rallies. he will not have that at the convention. a lot of wheeling and dealing. a lot of horse trading. donald trump might be good at that in business, but he hasn't proven it in politics. now is time to put his money where his mouth is and close a deal here. this is one of the biggest deals he has ever closed if he can pull it off. >> chris, democrats, spending time debating over whether they debate again. what's going on here? >> debates over debates. that is far less interesting over what they will say at a debate. bernie sanders has had a couple of weeks in the west. taking the momentum to wisconsin where he could very well win. this is a thorn in hillary clinton's side. we are in april.
2:39 am
i think she wanted to seal this up by now. new york is a state both have roots in. if sanders can make a case and fight against hillary clinton in new york, that is his huge test to what hillary clinton supporters call a spoiler. they want to have a debate before new york. i think democrats, especially bernie sanders supporter, want to see one. they want to see one in primetime like the republicans have had this whole time. that is what the debate is about. there are so many debates on the democratic side held on weekends or time of low audience. they want to change that and get heavy exposure. >> chris moody, thank you. time for an early start on your money. global stock markets unmoved by donald trump's claims this weekend that it is a terrible time to invest in the stock
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breaking news this morning about 200 people evacuated from newark international airport terminal b after a series of electrical fires broke out in a boiler room ceiling. no injuries. officials say morning flights should be okay, but afternoon flights could be effected. best to contact your airline if you are going in or out of newark. the ntsb investigating a train derailment south of philadelphia. it was carrying 300 people on the train. two workers on the tracks were killed. nearly three dozen passengers were injured. we get more from sara ganim. >> reporter: the two construction workers, one in a backhoe and one near a backhoe was struck by train 89. they were both amtrak workers.
2:46 am
that raises the question that they did not know this was an active track. the ntsb now on scene working with amtrak to investigate the accident. you can see behind me that is train number 89. it was on the palmetto route from new york to savannah, georgia. 341 passengers on board. 35 of the passengers injured when the collision happened. none with life threatening injuries. all of them were taken to the hospital or gotten to their destinations by amtrak today. you can see the force of the impact by looking at the front engine car. it actually derailed from the track. on sunday, amtrak was able to bring back limited service on the northeast corridor. that is good news for the monday morning commute. 750,000 people ride the northeast corridor every day between boston and washington,
2:47 am
d.c. on sunday morning around 8:00 a.m., this was a frightening experience for many of those passengers. one of them telling cnn he could tell something was wrong before the crash happened outside the window. they could see a cloud of dust and it felt like they were riding on gravel. another passenger 15-year-old linton holmes talked about his frightening experience. take a listen. >> the train was like rumbling. we go we got off track. there was a bunch of dust. the train conductors were running to the front. there were people pretty bloody because there was an explosion. we got off track and there was a big explosion. then a fire. then windows burst out. some people were cut up. >> reporter: now the investigation is clearly ongoing. the good news is the ntsb has recovered the data recorder as well as the forward and inward
2:48 am
looking cameras. hopefully those will yield some answers. john and christine. >> thank you, sara. the mississippi governor phil bryant is deciding to sign a new religious freedom bill that passed the house and senate. it would allow government employees and businesses to deny services to same-sex couples who want to get married. on friday, a federal judge blocked official in mississippi from endorvenforcing a law to a children. and new calls for governor robert bentley to step down. the republican has been under fire after sexually explicit phone calls between the governor and rebecca mason. questions remain over whether state funds were used to conceal the relationship. dangerous deadly wind storms
2:49 am
ripping through parts of the midwest and northeast. a tree smashed a car in abington, massachusetts. the victims inside, two people trapped in the car, were killed. this was the scene in ohio. a huge tree toppling over on a house. in new york, much of the same. downed trees everywhere. debr debris scattering the streets. 49 minutes past the hour. let's see what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. >> christine, we will stay on the weather. a lot of people were taken by surprise. a lot of communities still trying to get back on their feet. we will look at what happened with the amtrak crash outside philadelphia yesterday. we will take you there that. we will get into the storm of its own making. the presidential campaign. thank god it's monday says donald trump. not just because he's a christian, but because last month is over. last week specifically is over. it was seen as a bad one for
2:50 am
donald trump. he says don't count me out when i'm down. remember new hampshire. cruz says if we want to look back, look back at iowa. wisconsin looks a lot like iowa. both men poised for a big night tonight. we will take you through it. it is look going for cruz. >> nice to see you, chris. donald trump trashed the stock market and the u.s. economy this weekend. guess what? stocks are higher. stocks jumped after the government's job report and investors are feeling optimistic too. we will get an early start on your money next. this cancer patient... christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the
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but, it might be a good time to spring for a puppy.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. greek officials have begun deporting migrants and refugees back to turkey. part of the new agreement with the eu. more than 50,000 men, women and children stranded in greece.
2:55 am
we get the latest from phil black. he joins us live from turkey this morning. behind you, phil, some of the vessels that will bring these folks in. >> reporter: that's right, christine. this is one of three vessels docking here today bringing 202 migrants in total. most from pakistan, some from afghanistan, but also syrians have volunteered to return at this very early stage. the first batch of the so-called returns. these migrants are people left behind the failed dream. they crossed the sea to get to greece in flimsy develovessels dream of a new life in europe. other countries in europe closed borders and created a backlog on of greece. the eu felt it had to do something. its response is to strike this
2:56 am
agreement with turkey to allow it to return the migrants. those who don't apply for asylum or whose applications are unsuccessful. critics of the deal, human rights activists and pro refugee activists say europe is abdicating a moral responsibility to look after these people and give them care and protection. there is a concern where turkey's critics say this is a country that is not best placed or motivated to give them that protecti protectio protection. turkey is dealing with a migration issue. there are 2.7 million syrians in the country who fled the war. turkey is operate being an open-door policy until the conflict is resolved. christine. >> thank you, phil black. 57 minutes past the hour. let's get an early start on your
2:57 am
money. stocks higher. unfazed by donald trump's claim it is a terrible time to invest in stocks. that was in the washington post this weekend. he said the u.s. economy is headed for a massive recession. oil is below $37 a barrel. stocks in europe are up. stocks in china closed for the holiday. after the gains on friday, the dow is up 2% in 2016. nasdaq down 1.8%. down almost 5% a week ago. s&p 500 is up 1.4%. of the stocks in the dow jones industrial average, 21 higher for the year. the biggest losers are american express and goldman sachs. jpmorgan chase is off 9%. concerns about exposure to the oil industry shaking the financial sector earlier this year. investors are concerned how banks will fare with interest rates. a deal to tell you about.
2:58 am
potential deal. alaska airlines nearing a dear to buy virgin america for $2 billion. jetblue was said to be bidding for the airline. all three airlines declined to comment on the merger. alaska airlines is the eighth largest and based in seattle and flies to 90 destination. virgin america flies to 22 destinations. virgin america stock on a tear over the past couple weeks among rumors of a sale. it was started by billionaire richard branson in 2007. it went public in 2014. a heated battle on the presidential campaign trail one day before a key state primary. "new day" picks up our coverage now. let me get rid of the other two, and then i'll be
2:59 am
presidential. >> i could not care less about donald trump. >> he's a dirty, rot especially cheat. remember that. >> a vote for me is a vote for john kasich. >> it's good if he gets out. i don't want him in. >> what we are hearing is truly scary. >> you are looking at the strongest democratic candidate. >> it's kind of a frightening few seconds. we didn't know what to do. >> two kills, dozens injured in an amtrak derailment. >> we got off track and then there was like a big explosion. >> this state has the most hateful law in america against lbgt. >> it's incumbent upon you, governor cory, to fix your mess. >> this is new take with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". monday, april 4th, 6:00 in the east alisyn could not bare to me
3:00 am
see or j.b. with a tan so she's not here. donald trump is happier than anybody else in the race because it means last week is over. or is it? ted cruz still beat the drum of trump's recent abortion comments, especially with women voters ahead of tomorrow's very important wisconsin primary. trump reminding people how he rebounded to win big in new hampshire. cruz is saying if we want to look back, look at wisconsin looking like iowa, john. he's looking for a big night. >> he does, donald trump, face an uphill battle. he is trailing by double digits in both polls. they are desperate to clinch all the states, 42 delegates. he is now pushing for john kasich to drop out of the race. both cruz and kasich want trump out. he said he would automatically win if case


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