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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thank you for that. we appreciate it. it boggles the mind without question. thank you. thank you, everyone for watching. stay tuned. wolf has fantastic coverage as the campaign continues. all of the campaigns continue through wisconsin tomorrow night. turng it over to wolf. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is noon in milwaukee, wisconsin. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. up first, counting down to a crucial presidential primary. and koicounting the numbers in race for delegates. this wisconsin primary is less than a day away. three of the five candidates are crisscrossing wisconsin, donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders have already held events today with more stops this afternoon. hillary clinton and john kasich are campaigning in new york ahead of that state's primary.
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that is on april 19th. in wisconsin, 86 democratic delegates are up for grabs. 42 republican delegates at stake. hillary clinton leads the democrat s right now with 1742. that includes 483 super delegates. bernie sanders has 1,051. that includes 31 super delegates. on the republican side, donald trump is ahead with 739 delegates. cruz has 466. kasich has 145. out there on the campaign trail today, the gop candidates made their case to voters. >> donald trump said that i need to get out of the race because i'm getting his voters. well -- no, i have news for him. i'm going to get a lot of his voters. that's what's going to happen. >> media was saying wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump to win. it was not a good state for me to compete in. what we are seeing happening in
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wisconsin is the unity of the republican party manifested. >> i really believe tomorrow we will have a very, very big victory. very, very big. >> let's get to the delegate math and the race for the republican nomination. jim acosta is joining us from superior, wisconsin, the next stop for the trump campaign and phil mattingly has been doing the math on the delegate race. he is joining us from new york. trump spent the weekend trying to repair the damage from last week. how would you describe the state of the trump campaign right now? >> i think it matches the weather up here in superior, wisconsin. it is 30 degrees. it is snowing right now. does not feel like opening day on the campaign trail whint comes to baseball season, certainly not opening day here in wisconsin. i think the trump campaign is staring at a cold reality. that is if he does not win the wisconsin primary i will be that much more difficult for him to
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clinch the number of 1237 delegates to capture the gop nomination. so that's why he is fighting hard across the estate state of wisconsin. even though polls show cruz has a healthy lead, trump is doing everything he can up to the last minute to eke out a squeaker tomorrow. he is bringing in his wife melania trump later on tonight in milwaukee, wisconsin. you mentioned the problems that donald trump had the last week, he's certainly in clean up mode today. you heard donald trump talking about the fact that, you know, over the weekend he was quoted as saying the u.s. economy may go in to a major recession. donald trump said at an event in lacrosse, wisconsin, that he did say that but he also said, she saying that if he is elected president he country won't go in to a major recession and he talked about nato and the comments about his remarks about nato over the last week. donald trump is saying he doesn't want to get rid of nato
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but retrofit it for current threats such as terrorism. i think you are hearing trump on the campaign trail talk abouts the mistakes he had over the last week, things he would like to clean up. he is talking about john kasich and what we heard last night and what we heard in lacrosse. he is going after john kasich, calling on the ohio governor to get out of the erase, basically saying he is wasting his time and drawing votes from donald trump. versus ted cruz playing the spoiler pointing out kasich isn't in wisconsin today. he is in new york. >> interesting. i want to go to phil. how is the kasich campaign responding to donald trump's call for him to get out of the race and for ted cruz's attack ad against him in wisconsin? >> well, two different responses. when it comes to donald trump, the campaign is short of thrilled that this is starting to happen right now. donald trump for the most part over the course of the campaign has left john kasich alone. he's attacks elevate john kasich and the guided principle behind
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the kasich campaign through the last few months has been if john kasich gets attention and get his message out that is what happens so he rises. the campaign is also wasting no time raising money off of this. they sent an e-mail to supporters less than 24 hours after trump's comments came out saying this is an opportunity to block donald trump. when it comes to donald trump, the kasich campaign is more than happy to have the fight. the ted cruz attacks are different. they recognize the danger. ted cruz going after kasich hard on tv in wisconsin in an area where kasich is hoping to pick up three or six delegates and these are sharp, record-based attacks and the attacks the kasich campaign recognizes they need to push back hard on. a lot of concern over what ted cruz's campaign and his affiliated super pacs can do. >> what is cruz saying about a path to the nomination?
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i know you have some sound. >> the interesting element is ted cruz said don't talk about an open convention, contested convention. he is getting to the point where we are that it is a possibility. he still thinks he has the advantage. here's why. take a listen. >> there are only two candidate whose names will appear on the ballot. donald trump and myself, under the rules you have to have won eight states only two candidates will have met threshold. i believe we will win that election if there is a contested convention. one of the easiest ways to understand this is simply ask the question. where does the rubio and kasich delegates go and i think they naturally come to us. and that puts us over the majority. >> wolf, obviously one key component that ted cruz is leaving out, john kasich. what he is citing is a rule from
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the 2012 convention that said a can kate had to win the majority in eight states to qualify. the rules change every four years so it doesn't exist going in to 2016 but with ted cruz and donald trump working on is the recognition they will likely control a vast majority of the rules committee that decides those rules. that means they can put it in to place and keep kasich off the ballot. that's a behind the scenes ballot happening right now that is important and dangerous for the kasich campaign. >> a lot of behind the scenes battles underway. thank you very much. jim acosta, thank you very much as well. national spokesman for the cruz campaign, spokesman for kasich for america and barry bennett, senior adviser to the trump campaign. let me start with you. the "washington post" published a letter you wrote to the campaign staff over the weekend after trump appears to struggle
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with his comments on abortion, nato, nuclear weapons. you blasted the news media and the republican establishment writing this "america is sick of them. they are idiotic attacks just remind voters why they hate the washington establishment." was that an acknowledgeable the campaign was having difficult days over the past week? >> well, i guess it depends where you sit. from where i sit, we went from leading 39-33 the beginning of the week to leading 45-31. what washington describes as a bad week under the out good in my shoes. >> you are talking about national polls, reuters. in wisconsin, the polls show you are behind by six points, seven points. some of the polls suggest ten points. >> i think ten days ago we would have acknowledged we were down more than ten points. it has been tightening every day. that's why we are campaigning so hard. our projections for delegates never included delegates from
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wisconsin. but i think we will win some. >> you think you will win some tomorrow in wisconsin, is that what you are say something. >> yeah. >> you think you will win the state? >> i don't know. but we will win some. >> trump says kasich should not be allowed to run because he can't win enough delegates to secure the nomination. listen to what he said on the campaign trail. listen to this. >> kasich is now one for 30. one for 30 or one for 29. he's one for 30. it's good if he gets out. i don't want him in. why are you in? everyone says he's such a nice guy. he's not a nice guy. remember the first debates? at he came at me so strong. >> explain why he is in the race. >> because he cares about the country and he does not want donald trump to be the nominee of the republican party which would be a disaster not just for this cycle in terms of losing
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the senate and supreme court but generations to come. john kasich is in the race because he is the best fit to be the commander in chief and best prepared and the path to the math starts to weigh more in our favor as the race shifts to the northeast. 17 states left to go. i think it is interesting that donald trump is taking his votes and i think that is what is happening. look at where kasich is competing. he is competing in suburban swing states that decide general elections and that's why the elections showcasic is the only one that can beat hillary clinton in november and more are starting to see that. >> you can see mathematicallye can't get to 1237 -- the only hope he has if it is a contested, open convention, as it is called an on the second, third or fourth round people come to him. is that right? >> that's right. none of the three candidates is going to reach the 1237. that's become very clear. >> well, let me ask ron, first of all, do you think your
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candidate, senator cruz could reach that magic number? >> sure. i think there are two candidates that could reach that number. donald trump and ted cruz. overall, the trend is not favoring donald trump at all. look, even today, donald trump is predicting a victory in wisconsin tomorrow. he upped the ante and increased his media buys there. he added three events to the schedule. he's bringing his wife in to campaign with him. clearly the trump campaign is putting everything on the line in wisconsin and we'll see. the voters in wisconsin are the people paying most attention to the race right now. they are favoring ted cruz and he's one of the candidates that can reach the majority of the delegates. john kasich is running as a spoiler, a distraction and he has no shot of being the nominee on the second, third, fourth or tenth ballot. it's not going to happen. we will go in to the convention with a sizable number of delegates. we are working hard to reach the majority and prevent donald trump from becoming the
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republican nominee. that's what happens. if donald trump is the nominee and more lakely every day that john kasich remains in the race. >> kasich may be mathematically out of it reaching the magic number but you need -- the cruz campaign needs 80% of the remaining delegates out there in order to get to that magic number. the trump campaign maybe needs 55 or 60%. can you reach that 80%? >> look at utah our goal was make it to 50% and we hit 69%. and we got 100% of the delegates. you don't have to win 80% of the vote in order to get 80% of this delegates going forward because of how the rules are structured. where we engage in a state our numbers go up and donald trump's numbers go down and kasich's numbers remain down. we have built out a campaign that goes all the way through june 7th, all the states that
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vote vote on june 7th we will be competing in like we are competing hard in wisconsin. look at how we turned the numbers an in wisconsin. a couple of weeks ago, donald trump was leading in wisconsin. now we are in the lead. where we engage with our message we come out on top. >> let barry respond? >> wisconsin is tight, everyone will agree to that. new york is up 36 points, pennsylvania up 18 points. you can disbelieve a lot of things but you can't disbelieve in the laws of mathics. there's no way that ted cruz will win 80% of the remaining delegates. not possible. >> we will see what happens. two weeks later in new york, then after that a week later in pennsylvania and a bunch of other states. trent duffy, guys, thank you very much. . coming up, hillary clinton says she is confident she will be the democratic presidential nominee, but is she confident she can win new york, the state she served as a u.s. senator? the clinton and sanders campaign have represent tives that will
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uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. i was so proud to be a new yorker all those years i represented you. i'm even prouder today. hillary clinton highlighting her "new york times" at a campaign stop last hour. the big new york primary is still two weeks away, two weeks from tomorrow. tomorrow is wisconsin day, the wisconsin primary. she's in a major battle. bernie sanders over that 86 democratic convention delegates. sanders had won five of the last six contests between the two.
10:19 am
leading in the polls in wisconsin at least for now. hillary clinton, however, continues to hang on to her overall delegate lead. especially when you include the so-called super delegates. with us is chief strategist for hillary clinton campaign joel. thank you for joining us. as we saw bernie sanders campaigning in wisconsin today. hillary clinton campaigning in new york. the day before the critically important primary in wisconsin. why has she moved on past wisconsin. >> she was in wisconsin thr ys last week. she gave major speeches, one on the supreme court, one with the mothers of the movement on gun violence, another on education. we have been competing very hard in wisconsin. we know it is close. we know it is competitive. our goal is to, you know, maintain our sizable advantage in pledged delegates, which as you just showed on the screen is roughly 240 right now. we have a lot of delegates this
10:20 am
month between tuesday the 19th and april 26th. there will will be 700 delegates decided. i said april 26th is the goal line here. we will know at that point who has an insurmountable lead in pledge delegates and who doesn't. >> bernie sanders has won five of the last six contests. presumably i guess you concede they may win in wisconsin tomorrow. that makes new york a must-win state. you have to win hillary clinton's adopted home state? >> he's won five of the last six contest. but you have to remember the number of net delegates doesn't add up to the number of net delegates we won from winning florida and texas for example or florida and north carolina. delegates are what matter here. i think what is different in wisconsin for senator sanders, it's a state -- the kind of
10:21 am
state he typically does well in. less diverse ethan other primaries in the states we are going in to. hillary clinton has 2.5 million vote advantage over senator sanders because she put together the most diverse coalition of any candidate on either side here. by that, i mean she is winning 2-1 with voters over 30. winning with women by 30 points and latinos and african r african-americans. we are looking a the whole map, looking at coming out of the month of april 26th with commanding net delegate lead largely in place or bigger. >> so you are saying, new york. you have to win new york, right? >> well, look, she's a snr from new york. she has won in new york before. she was elected and re-elected with a bigger margin after the served the people in the state for six years. they know she se progressive and
10:22 am
gets things done and has an impact on their communities. fighting to clean up the hudson river, fighting to help farmers in upstate new york get their goods to restaurants in new york city and working with communities upstate to bring things like the internet more broadly to schools. she has a record here of getting things done that makes a difference in people's lives and we will keep drawing that contrast as we talk through the new york primary. >> both democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders say they are willing to debate ahead of the new york primary. they havent yet agreed on the terms. listen to what they have been saying. >> i'm confident there will be. but i'm not the one negotiating it. that's going on between our campaigns and i know my campaign has been really trying to get a time that senator sanders campaign would agree with. >> we want to look at the maximum viewing audience. anytime and any venue that has
10:23 am
that viewing audience will be good. >> how close are you to working out a deal? >> well, you know, i'm not negotiating either. i think it is probably getting closer. i think secretary clinton wants more debates. she likes debating. she does well in them. i think there is a potential for a breakthrough. i understand mayor de blasio said he might be able to get a permit for a rally at a different time than the debate that is important in the sanders campaign. i think if you take both camps at their word they want to have a debate here and we'll see if we can work it out. the sooner it is worked out the better for everyone so they can go about campaigning, meeting with voters and talking to them every day, getting all over the state. she has been in syracuse, harlem and, you know, really rovs it here. we will keep campaigning and work out a debate hopefully if we can in the next day or so.
10:24 am
>> that date the mayor is trying to change for a bernie sanders event in new york, what is the date you are talking about for that event, assuming he could change the date of that venn yaw, that location in new york city? >> i'm not sure right now what the date is and what he offered specifically. i know there are a few offers of debates on the table. one of the obstacles we're told is a rally that the sanders campaign wanted to move. i assume the mayor knows what dates are available that could free up the time for that debate. i think both camps want to work this out. i think it is interesting, we spend a lot of time having debates about debates. i think voters in new york want to hear what separates the candidates. who will be able to make a difference in their lives. who will be able to take the case to donald trump and the republicans and stand up for the working people in this country against the policies and republicans holding them back and stopping them from getting
10:25 am
ahead. that candidate is hillary clinton. >> joel, a lot of voters undecided right now, leaning one or the other way. debates are important in helping them to make up their minds. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. up next, we will hear from the bernie sanders campaign. we will get its take on the fight for wisconsin, for new york and on the debate stage. you both have a
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a. >> when you want to think of the kind of administration bernie sanders would have, kind of think about scott walker in reverse.
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>> senator bernie sanders on making a last-minute campaign stop in wisconsin speaking of the republican governor of wisconsin. sanders had a rally in milwaukee. with us in washington, the senior adviser to the bernie sanders campaign. i take it wisconsin critically important. you think will you will win. if you don't, what happens? >> it will be hard if we don't. we are working hard to win there. we need momentum. hillary won the first half of the process. we said if we are going to win we have to dominate the second half and tomorrow we have a good chance of winning wisconsin. >> what about new york state. they are strong in new york. her adopted home state. >> she is strong in new york,
10:31 am
she is well liked, she has a lot going in new york. but we have a guy who grew up in brooklyn, son of an immigrant. we have a great new york story to tell about bernie and his values and the issues that he cares about. >> the week after new york, at the end of april, you have pennsylvania and a few other states like maryland, the northeast. he just said, joel, that's the line they think they can wrap it up by then. >> they said in february it would be over in march and now it is april. we will work hard to compete. new york is important. wisconsin is a pivotal day in the process. we think we can compete with her in pennsylvania. >> big advantage in the super delegates. how do you wean those away? right now she is over 400. you are about 30. >> i think the super delegates, one a couple hundred haven't made a commitment yet and the other group committed to her in 2008, 120 super delegates moved
10:32 am
to barack obama before the convention. we think we can move. >> are you trying to do that now, talking to these super delegates. you have staff working with them. >> we do. making contact and letting them know we are here. we are not on a persuasion point yet. we will get the votes and worry about them. the mayor has given you an opportunity to switch an event you have scheduled to another date to accommodate primetime during the debate in new york city. >> we have to find out -- that was a tweet. we have to find out, we welcome the help and hope to work it out. >> are you willing to change the date. >> we are willing to debate on those days. >> 14th. >> that is when our event is. >> they could move your event. >> if we can work it out that is great. let's work it out.
10:33 am
>> the criticism from the clinton campaign about bernie sanders is he is running for the democratic presidential nomination but not a democrat. he's an independent. for years he was always elected as an independent. he's still not a registered democrat. >> he could register in vermont he would. there's no party registration in beenny maded a decision to run. he didn't want to be like ralph nader. he understood a campaign like his would almost certainly elect a republican. he is made a commitment to run as a democrat. if you look at his voting record, he has a better record of voting with the democratic leadership than hillary clinton when they were in congress together. he's been true to the principles and issues of the democratic party. >> the argument they are making he is not loyal to the democrats. democrats, they are not going to get support in terms of fund-raising, other organizational activities. >> that's not true.
10:34 am
first of all, the biggest thing that bernie sanders can do for the democratic party is turn out the electorate the would love turn out. a electorate that will elect him president and the elect the democrats in the house and senate. we can take them back with a bernie sanders electorate. i don't think that hillary clinton is capable of doing that. >> why? >> but a she cannot bring independents to the process. she cannot bring young people in to the process the way that barack obama did in 2008 and the way bernie sanders is doing this year. she cannot bring a lot of people who other wise would not vote in the process because they feel left out and behind. the sanders electorate is the one -- if she gets the nomination you will help her right? get those young people, get people out there to mobilize -- >> we will make plans when the primary is over. bernie has been clear he will support the nominee of the democratic party. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you, wolf, the kremlin and others are on the defensive. new details leak about billions of dollars hidden in off-shore
10:35 am
accounts. this just in to cnn. the department of justice here in washington is now weighing in, as well. that story and a lot more news after a quick break. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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u.s. justice department here in washington says it is reviewing reports that claim some of the world's most wealthy and powerful stashed billions of dollars in secret off shore accounts. some allegedly linked to the u.s. financial system. this stems from an unprecedented leak of 11 million documents from a law firm in panama. the information comes from a year-long investigation in the
10:40 am
so-called panama papers. a total of 12 current and former leaders around the world argentina, ukraine and 128 politicians and public members are involved. let's bring in our senior correspondent. rich afrd quest is joining us from new york. we know they use them to hide their wealth. what is most significant about this revelation? is any of illinot illegal. >> proof, wolf is what it is about. this shows the web of intrigue and the side, the scale, the depths. though most of it probably wasn't illegal. not all of it is designed for plaunderring purposes. these companies and off shores some for avoidance of tax, others will have been to shield assets from divorcing spouses.
10:41 am
some will have been to protect the privacy of what people were doing with the assets. and yes, there will be a large dose of this that will have been criminal behavior, as the looting of companies of countries, big off-shore trusts and intermediaries, and you name it. this shows the size, the scale and the depths of this intrigue. >> amazing. among the documents, several show a network of secret off-shore deals. loans of $2 billion lent to close friends of putin. what is the kremlin saying about this? >> it's astonishing the scale of this -- of these enterprises revealed by the latest leak and the deals, as well.
10:42 am
we shine a light on the way the financial system potentially corrupt financial system works in russia at the highest level. one deal shows one of putin's friends was given a bank loan of $800 million. there's no record to show a single dollar, a single cent was paid back. those kind of deals have come out in this. his name is not on any of the documents. he's not directly implicated, as such. but it all points to a connection with the head of the russian state and that is something the kremlin has been commenting on today. categorically denying that putin has done anything wrong. saying these reports were lies. saying they were designed to discredit vladimir putin, the russian leader ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled later this year. the kremlin has been consistent in denying this.
10:43 am
of course, it's not the first time that we have seen corruption allegations levelled at the kremlin but the detail is explicit and accurate. >> richard, it's not just the kremlin that is now being investigated. i know that in addition to the u.s. justice department, australia, u.k., mexico, they are taking a closer look at these documents, as well. what are the implications of what's going on? >> the implications are that there are a large number of people around the world, 800 investigated in australia, the british authority said it has dozens of leads it is following up. in iceland the current prime minister is now having walked out of an interview today because it was revealed he had a secret company that had bonds in a bank being bailed out. it is important to say, off-shore companies, as such, are not necessarily illegal. the law firm involved said it
10:44 am
has been operating 40 years above reproach and never been charged with any form of criminal activity. so just having an off-shore bank account -- but the problem, wolf, is as the nexus got tighter and countries made it more difficult to hide things what is behind it, there are dozens, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that will be nervous about what is to about to be revealed about their assets. >> 11 million documents leaked in this case. matthew chance, richard quest, thank you very much. unraveling the web of terror in europe right now. members of a killer cell of terrorists on the loose linked to the attacks in brussels. we have the latest on the manhunt. new information coming in. if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game.
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10:49 am
and assistance process for troops in iraq, in jordan, in many of the areas in the region, and we are continuing to cooperate in an ongoing basis where you have the beginnings of a government. >> the meeting with nato's secretary-general follows donald trump's comment last week that the organization was becoming, quote, obsolete. the hunt is now on to find a number of radical islamists connected to the paris and brussels attack who are still on the loose as the investigation unfolds. cnn is learning police have the imthats of suspects but not much else. our international diplomatic editor nic robertson is joining us from london. our cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank is in new york. what can you tell us about the investigation so far? >> we know from the picture that the police released of the man in the white coat at the airport with the large bag that was a
10:50 am
bomb that didn't go off, he is still on the loose, whereabouts unknown. the day after the attack among european intelligence agencies, security agencies, a document was released that contained eight names of people who were wanted in connection with the attack. one of them traveled with abaaoud, the ringleader of the paris attack, he traveled to syria with him early 2014. now, he may be dead, so maybe there's one name on that list of eight that doesn't stand up. another name on that les of eight refers to an iraqi living in sweden. he was arrested and released because apparently he was wrongly name named, so on that document alone, we have to look at the names carefully. looking at the numbers more broadly, authorities are looking at people who were associated with a radical isis recruiter in brussels. they were tried in be absentia.
10:51 am
they're on the run. so you have sort of a tighter circle of perhaps a handful of people and then perhaps 20 others more loosely associated with the network involved in the paris or the brussels attacks and right now authorities don't know where they are. but it's very hard to put a precise number on just the number of people that they're looking for, wolf. >> it sounds like a big number, if they're looking for 20 loosely connected. how hard is it to track down these suspects? >> wolf, it's very hard indeed. and, in fact, before the brussels attacks, belgium authorities were look for the two brothers that carried out the suicide bombing, one at the airport, one at the metro, the bakraoui brothers. one was wanted for terror activities. the other one wanted for criminal activities. but they were looking for them hard. but they were in brussels hiding in plain sight, building bombs
10:52 am
and about to carry out an attack. so just because they've identified a number of these individuals and there are eight, we understand, who are on this wanted list in connect with the paris and brussels attack. just because they've identified individuals doesn't mean they know where they are. that is the big concern as we move forward, that the people still at large, and there are a number of them, will strike again. if we understood anything about this cell, is that they're very, very determined. we saw salah abdeslam not carry through with a plot in paris but he was going to be a part of that plot in brussels they think. >> explains why not only france and belgium but other countries in europe right now, they're on this higher state of alert, right? >> absolutely. the british, for one, are concerned, immediately their response that day to the brussels attack was to raise the profile of security and, indeed, the level of security itself at transport hubs, airports, the
10:53 am
underground network here in london and elsewhere in the uk and this is amplified in what we're seeing across the rest of europe, wolf, there's concern, these people are out there, they could attack. >> very worrisome information. nic robertson, paul cruickshank, guy, thanks. up neck, txt, the first ste the controversial refugee plan as hundreds head back to turkey. how many will be relocated and why. this is joanne.
10:54 am
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there's fresh controversy in europe over a very controversial plan for migrants. it's part of the plan worked out between the european union and turkey aimed at reducing the influx of illegal migrants in greece. cnn's international correspondent phil black is at the turkish port where the migrants arrived today.
10:58 am
>> wolf, it was a slow process. we watched as each of the three vessels pulled up to a wharf and end this disembarked the migrants. 202 in all. each one escorted individually by a european official and then handed over to a turkish official on this side before being taken ashore, being identified, fingerprints taken, going through a process of registration. 202 in all, most from pakistan, some from afghanistan. two syrians we are told. those from afghanistan and other countries like pakistan, bangladesh, india, their future here is less certain. they will be sent to detention centers. then cases individually assessed. and they could be sent back to their country of origin. for the syrian, they will be allowed to stay here. as turkey says it's policy when dealing with people fleeing the syrian conflicts. there are 2.7 million syrians in this country. this deal they say is necessary because of the backlog created
10:59 am
in greece. as individual european countries shut off their borders to migrants, it's created a backlog in greek camps where there are now around 50,000 people waiting desperately not really knowing what their next step will be. the hope is that this relocation plan will take away some of that burden from greece but also send out a very clear message. don't come. don't risk your life crossing the sea to try and get to europe. this is not a popular plan with human rights activists who say that greece doesn't have the resources to assess all the refugee claims for asylum among the people that are already there, and they're also not happy with them being sent back to turkey. grooms like amnesty international say turkey is becoming an increasingly intolerant place for syrian refugees. turkey insists it will do all it can to help the people seeking receifuge within its borders. >> phil black for us at the port where the migrant arrived today.
11:00 am
that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for international viewer, "amanpour" is next. for viewers in north america, "newsroom" with pamela brown sitting in for brooke baldwin starts right now. hello, i'm pamela brown in today for brooke baldwin. great to have you along with us on this monday. this is cnn's coverage of the final sprint to wisconsin. today, donald trump and ted cruz are blanketing the battleground state as they gear up for tomorrow's critical primary there. and in just minutes from now, they're holding dueling rallies and of course we'll bring both of them to you live. it's worth mentioning this is the second round of competing events in wisconsin today. the stakes are high to say the least. it's not winner take all. but winner take most. 42 delegates are up for grabs.