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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. outfront next, duelling rallies in wisconsin tonight. trump and sanders. new details emerged from a leak within the trump campaign tonight. and the paul ryan rumor that just will not go away. let's go "outfront." >> good monday evening. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, the battle for wisconsin. at this moment, we're awaiting duelling rallies in milwaukee. donald trump and bernie sanders fighting for every single vote in this crucial battleground state. donald trump in the unusual position of trailing ted cruz.
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trump about to hold his third rally of the day. a block from trump's event is bernie sanders, who is neck and neck with hillary clinton in the state. this as the front runner predicts a very big victory tomorrow while continuing to insist that john kasich shouldn't be allowed to run. >> he got to get the hell out. he hurts me much more than he hurts cruz. >> kasich campaigning in new york today blasted back. >> donald trump said that i need to get out of the race because i'm getting his voters. no, no. i've got news for him. i'm going to get a heck of a lot of his voters. >> ted cruz says he's the most electable republican in the field. >> because if we nominate donald trump, he elects hillary clinton. he loses by double digits to hillary clinton. i beat hillary clinton. >> sarah murray is outfront.
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the fact he did multiple rallies today shows he's going down to the wire. >> reporter: he is definitely spending quite a bit of time here. like you said, it will be a come from behind victory if he's able to pull that off. he is trailing ted cruz here in the polls. this is the state that has not been very receptive to donald trump, even in its most conservative wings. his top advisers have come and said they're not expecting that much from wisconsin. maybe a couple of delegates, but that's it. another candidate not expected to do well here is john kasich. it's almost like kasich has become such a thorn in donald trump's side. he just wants him shoved aside. it's not just donald trump. it's ted cruz who has trained his ire on kasich. he's not everyon on the ballot n it comes to the convention. they want a man to man,
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head-to-head race between donald trump and ted cruz. it could be a while before they get that, erin. >> thank you. why is wisconsin proving more troublesome than some of the other states have for donald trump? martin savage is outfront. >> reporter: something's weird in wisconsin. what's worked for donald trump elsewhere may not be working here. >> i'm a bus operator with local union 998 here main milwaukee. >> how long have you been here? >> six and a half years. >> reporter: every demographic that's been pro-trump. not here. >> where do you stand politically? >> definitely a staunch conser e conservati conservative. i voted for ted cruz. >> why? >> i like that he's not a fanatic. >> reporter: trump still has his fans here. >> he has his own money, so he can stand up for the people.
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>> reporter: even they can see where trump has messed up. >> i don't think he's appealed to the walker supporters. >> reporter: scott walker is wisconsin's governor. you may best remember him for this. in 2011, walker took on state unions in a bitter battle over right to work legislation and won. in 2015, walker, beloved by republicans in his state, decided to run for president and lost. pushed out many experts say by trump. something trump likes to brag about at his wisconsin rallies. >> i wouldn't say your governor loves me. >> reporter: he's right because walker endorsed cruz. trump said he doesn't need walker supporters anyway. he's counting on democrats. >> you can crossover. i think i'm going to have a big democrat crossover. >> reporter: he's heard of crossovers in the past, but -- >> in this election, no.
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i have not heard that. i think it may have something to do with the slate of candidates on the republican side. >> reporter: wisconsin voters have been politically engaged for five straight hard years. they know the issues, and they're no trump pushovers. >> i think voters are more well informed here. he didn't play real strong with us because we're not as susceptible to his wild man ways, his ruckus rhetoric. i don't think that plays well for a lot of folks. >> reporter: if trump loses, erin, then the real question is going to be is this the start of some national trend or an anomaly in wisconsin. it will also mean two weeks of bad headlines for him before the next primary in new york. if he wins, well, that never trump movement, the one trying to block him from being the nominee, they have probably lost their latest best chance to stop that from happening. >> outfront now, the co-chair
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for the cruz campaign and trump supporter jeff lord. jeff, let me start with you in this piece from marvin savage. you heard that voter there and martin as martin described him, every demographic that's been trump so far, but he's voting cruz. why is trump having such a hard time in wisconsin? >> in truth, erin, i think maybe this last week was not the best for him. perhaps the headlines that came out of that -- governor walker is very popular with republicans in wisconsin. he's endorsed ted cruz, but i would say this, caution this. we all remember iowa. donald trump came in second in iowa. there were all these cruz headlines. trump rebounded immediately and won in new hampshire and south carolina and nevada and on from
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there. i'd also point out that bill clinton managed to lose 13 primaries in 1992 and still became the nominee and ronald reagan lost four and became the nominee. we'll see. >> which is a fair point, bob. if you win wisconsin in a big way, you deny trump delegates. then what? trump's home state is next, new york. betting against him has never paid off. here he is. >> everybody said that's the end of trump. it's over for trump. you know how many times i've been given the end? i've been given the last rites how many times? like ten. every week it's the end of trump. sir, i don't know what happened, but your poll numbers just went through the roof. >> so what is next for you, bob?
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>> well, i think you let the campaign play out. first of all, wisconsin hasn't happened yet. i think ted cruz is going to have a great night tomorrow night. let's say he wins. the basketball coach in me says there's nothing like winning. i think john kasich definitely needs to get out of the race. donald trump is telling him to get out of the race. ted cruz is saying get out of the race. let this be a head-to-head competition. i think that would be fair and square and i think the delegates would appreciate and reward that process if that actually happened. only those two can get to 1237, and only those two can come out of cleveland as the nominee. >> we'll talk about paul ryan later in the show. jeff, there is something to be said about whether donald trump is at a crucial moment in his campaign where things could really fall apart or he rebounds quickly off a loss in wisconsin. there's a big piece on trump in
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new york magazine. according to sherman, trump writes his own ads and tweets. he has 94 paid staffers. hillary clinton 775 paid staffers. trump said, quote, i'm the strategist. today he said he's not going to change his tone at all. here he is. >> my wife is always saying -- and ivanka. you've heard of her, right? darling, be more presidential. daddy, be more presidential. i will, but i have to knock off the final two first, right? i can be presidential. if i was presidential, only about 20% of you would be here because it would be boring as
4:10 pm
hell. let me unpresidential just for a little while longer. maybe i'll be a little bit unpresidential as i beat hillary. >> his rallies react to that, but is bragging about being unpresidential at this point in the race a smart move? >> yeah, you know, being presidential is a good thing for presidents. when you're a candidate for president, to be perfectly candid you have to knock the stuffing out of your competition here. you can rest assured that ted cruz is not going to waste any time being presidential. he's going to go after donald trump tooth and nail. frankly, that's what's going on the other side with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. this is how you get to be the presidential nominee and the chance to be presidential in victory. if you start acting presidential before then, thomas e. dewy tried that once.
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it didn't work out so well. >> he got a headline. outfront next, millions of votes in the gop primary could be absolutely meaningless. we'll explain. plus, bernie sanders predicting if he wins wisconsin tomorrow he's going to take new york too. how is it no one's pants have caught on fire in this campaign? it's a truly serious question. >> ted cruz is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life. for lying, he's the best i've ever seen. he's the best. soup and sandwich and cannonballs and clean and real and looking good and sandwich and soup and a new personal best. and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything.
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tonight, a battle for delegates. the gop candidates making their last pitch to wisconsin voters before tomorrow's primary, but it's looking like this fight will continue all the way to the convention in july where every delegate counts. frankly, the voters' choice means absolutely nothing. it's a pretty stunning thing to say, but true. this has become an all-out battle for those delegates. >> it has. we look at those numbers out there and the delegate count. everyone thinks the delegates will go to the convention and will reflect the will of the millions of people in the primaries and caucuses, and they will wil will, but only to a point.
4:16 pm
suddenly, many of these people on the floor become unbound. they no longer have to reflect that will. the people who are chosen to be delegates can make a big difference. let's go to the tennessee delegation. 58 delegates here. based on the popular vote, donald trump was going to get 33 of them, ted cruz 16. under the party rules, they must vote that way for first two ballots at the convention. but take a look at that little note up there. 14 of these are chosen by the committee in the state, the party committee. the trump campaign has already suggested they think the committee has tried to stack this with people who are anti-trump so on the third vote those people could start turning votes over against him. in the worst-case scenario, you could see donald trump lose a state that he already won.
4:17 pm
what about louisiana? this was basically a tie in that donald trump got 18 of the state's 46 delegates. ted cruz got 18. marco rubio got 5. here are ten where we don't know where they're going to go. we have no idea what's going to happen with them. only difference here is louisiana releases its entire delegation after the first vote. this whole state could become a big question mark. you multiple that state after state after state and not just down in the bayous. the more you have voodoo voting under way. >> it just seems so absurd and un-american because it gets even more extreme, right, tom? there are some states in which the popular vote -- well, people don't get to really vote at all. it is just the delegates. >> yeah, there are only a few states like this.
4:18 pm
north dakota is like this. what they did is have a state convention this past weekend. the people there simply decided who the delegates would be. yes, the candidates were there and they tried to campaign to say give us more. ted cruz did pretty good in terms of getting people there, but we don't actually know that because here's the thing. this delegation, nobody in it has to say ahead of the convention how he or she will vote. they can change their vote anytime they wish. this is a complete mystery here. again, erin, you take all this, you multiply it state after state after state. in the end, you wind up with a circumstance that it's not over until the voting is over and even then it may not be over. >> voodoo voting may be the kind term to describe it. wow, this is the united states of america. supposed to be the world's ultimate democracy. thank you very much, tom foreman. let's go straight to our senior
4:19 pm
political adviser barry bennett and republican strategist todd. as a regular citizen, you say isn't it supposed to be the will of the people? you say the trump team has not been focused on the delegate game. when tom lay that is out, when you're not focused on those individuals, you're going to be toast. >> i think you have to give donald trump credit first off. he's a great television star. he's produced this like a reality television show. he's done a fantastic job in the debates. every time he has a winning victory party, but in politics it's not a reality show. it's a network. you have to build a network to assemble a coalition. the time to work on state parties and committees is two years ago. donald trump chose not to do
4:20 pm
that. now he's paying a price for it. >> barry, now ben carson is backing donald trump, a surrogate for him, but you heard brad. donald trump's two years behind. you have jumped on board the trump team. you were with carson a few months ago. are you worried about the trump team not being prepared? are you playing catch up here? >> we might be playing a little bit of catch up, but ben carson is a great example. ben carson's folks are coming over to us. ben carson's entire delegate operation is now working for trump. word gets out very fast. we're going to get to 1237. these unbound delegates, we're not counting on our scheme to get to 1237. we're going to get there. we're going to get there without them first ballot. >> you're going to get there first ballot, but you're saying you think you can get there before the convention opini? >> oh, yeah.
4:21 pm
>> he said what you're saying is not true. he's outmaneuvering donald trump when it comes to the delegates fair and square. north dakota voters have not voted. they don't get to in a north dakota primary. >> just yesterday in north dakota they had their convention electing their delegates. of the delegates who have declared who they're supporting, 18 are supporting me. one is supporting donald trump. i'll take an 18 to 1 ratio every day of the week. >> donald trump did not go there to woo delegates. >> we saw ben carson. he did a great job. i haven't been able to find 18 of those delegates in support of ted cruz. we're talking to all of them. we talk to them every day. they can change their mind. we're not going to stop wooing them. we'll get our fair share.
4:22 pm
>> brad, what do you say to thithi this? 28 delegates in north dakota. a lot of people think it is going to be very difficult for the trump campaign to do, including yourself. so these 28 delegates, they could make or break it. any two delegates could. how is it fair that you have delegates that can vote for whoever they want when that isn't the will of the american people? >> barry is a pro. trump could have used him two years ago. now he's asking him to make a sailboat out of sawdust. it's a tough job. it's much easier if they get their 1237 through earned delegates and get this on the first ballot. in 1964, there were only 16 states that held votes at all. the other states sent their own delegations elected by their state party leadership. they elect the nominee. they do so with the advice of the voters. that's the way our system works. >> i agree. brad, this is actually the way it works, but the will of the
4:23 pm
voters has to be taken into account. these delegates do that in their congressional district and in their state. we have won millions and millions more votes than anybody else. hundreds and hundreds more delegates than anybody else and we're going to win. >> in the first primary that donald trump won in new hampshire, he got 35% of the vote. his average is 35.6% of the vote. the real problem they have and they have to fix is they have to run a campaign that appeals to all of the republican primary. they can't do the exact same thing that donald trump did to win new hampshire. he said he has to knock two more out. he implies that he thinks this is a basketball tournament. that's not how nominations work. you have to build a coalition of the majority, the overwhelming majority, of the people who come to cleveland and vote on that
4:24 pm
floor and get their confidence. i sense that's not the way he views this race. he views it state to state. that's not the way nominations work. >> if you look at the polling today, we're at 42 in wisconsin. in pennsylvania we're at 48. we're getting there. >> you need to be over 50 in new york. >> we're going to win all 95 delegates. >> you do get winner take all. thanks so much to both of you. outfront next, bernie sanders about to speak live to supporters in milwaukee. almost every candidate has called an opponent a liar. who wins the award for using the "l" word the most? well, we will tell you the truth. igent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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tonight, hillary clinton's campaign insisting bernie sanders only path forward depends on overturning the will of the voters. clinton has built a nearly insurmountable lead says her campaign manager. wisconsin is the state that
4:29 pm
could change the course of this election. right now donald trump and bernie sanders are about to hold duelling rallies in front of thousands of supporters in milwaukee. for sanders, a victory there would give him more momentum ahead of new york. for hillary clinton, it would put an end to bernie sanders winning streak. how does the sanders campaign feel about their chances tomorrow? i asked him about it last week. he said i'll tell you on tuesday night how i feel. he clearly had a good attitude about it, but i would imagine they're only more confident now. >> reporter: yeah, i think they are, erin. you'll have to pardon me because there's a concert going on right now. the group 303 on stage right now. one, we're seeing bernie sanders talk a big game. you're hearing it from the candidates themselves, but i think now they're feeling good about the polls. they're looking back towards michigan where you see sort of a similar makeup of the electorate
4:30 pm
to what you're seeing here in wisconsin. they're relying a lot on labor support and college students. i think they're thinking they're going to be able to pull this out tomorrow night. bernie sanders needs to win many more delegates in these coming contests than hillary clinton does. >> all right. thank you very much, brianna. very energized crowd where she is and across town with donald trump. now my guests. let me start with you jonathan. a hillary clinton campaign memo that we just got a moment ago says clinton has built nearly an insurmountable lead. it says the only way for bernie sanders to win is, quote, overturn the will of the voters. pretty aggressive charge. what's your response? true? >> whatever. i mean, they're going to keep putting out memos about all
4:31 pm
sorts of leads. we're about looking at what the voters want to do. i'm going to go out on a limb and say we're going to win new york. there are contests in may in oregon. we have a path to victory. we will pass hillary clinton in the pledged delegates. >> whatever, bacarri? >> i think the math is what it is. the fact of the matter, bernie sanders, he's in a good position tomorrow night. he may squeak out a victory, but he can't win the pledged delegates. bernie sanders has to win by 60-plus points. the problem is when you go into new york and pennsylvania and maryland, california, connecticut, these delegate rich states, hillary clinton is doing very well. bernie sanders has to pull off the equivalent of recovering five onside kicks and three hail
4:32 pm
marys. >> is it fair for the campaign to say the only way for his path to the nomination would be to reverse the will of the voters? it's not fair, is it? >> the race isn't over by any stretch. bernie sanders has every right to go into june. the memo is correct. the math is correct. it's accurate. i believe bernie sanders is going to have a good night tomorrow night, but the race is going to be very close. >> bacarri, he doesn't have to win by 60 points. he has to obtain some 60% thresholds. >> you're correct. >> just wanted to make -- the viewers might be confused about that. >> you are correct. i apologize for that, jonathan. >> no problem. i know you didn't do it intentionally. we understand what you said about the math, but i think we
4:33 pm
should look at the races coming up. bernie is going to do very well. when bernie has lots of time to spend in particular states and people get to hear his message, he does very well. i may eat crow on this. i'm going out on a limb and i think bernie is going to win new york, but the enthusiasm there is outstanding. there were 1,000 people out in queens that showed up. >> with that magic, you need to win it by a big margin, not just win it. >> that'sbacarri, bernie sander done well. the general sense in new york state from early polls is it has gotten a little bit tighter over time. we're waiting more definitive polling, but you have a long time before the new york primary. two weeks. bernie sanders has a lot of time, and hillary clinton has been maybe trying to soften expectations. here she is on nbc.
4:34 pm
>> i am absolutely confident i will be the nominee. i will do everything i can win to new york. i represented new york for eight years. i'm proud of the work that i did with so many thousands of new yorkers. so of course i'm going to work incredibly hard. >> how big of a blow would it be for her to lose what she sells as her home state? >> i still think we go back to the same point, which i make over and over again. the math is not changing. the fact of the matter is that hillary clinton is in a very, very good position to be the democratic nominee. new york does have some things that go in hillary clinton's favor. it's a closed primary. it's very diverse in new york. she did represent that state for eight years. we do anticipate -- i will go out on a limb and bet john a deep dish pizza up in new york. >> you're on, bacarri. >> let me ask you this, jonathan.
4:35 pm
you've come out and pushed for transparency. you want her to release wall street transcripts. something that makes perfect sense, but sanders hasn't been completely transparent. his tax returns, he's not released all of them. here's how he explained that to jake tapper. >> you know who does our tax returns? my wife does our tax returns. we have been a bit busy lately. there aren't going to be very much exciting in that. i get a salary from the united states senate. >> all right. may make sense, jonathan, but why not pay an accountant this year? >> when i heard that, i looked it up and he did release his tax returns from 2014, which showed that he made under $200,000. >> the first two pages he did last june. >> he didn't release a complete return. >> let's talk honestly. nobody doubt that is bernie sanders lives a very, very modest life with a very modest
4:36 pm
income that's very different from the $100 million that bill clinton and hillary clinton have gotten for paid speeches. they are multimillionaires. they're in the top tenth of 1%. bernie sanders is of modest means. everybody knows that. >> you cannot ask for transparency on one side and not deliver on the other side. you want to see the wall street speeches, but you don't want to disclose your tax returns on the other hand. if you want both candidates to be treated fairly, then bernie sanders needs to display it and show his tax returns. not just a page, but all of them. >> and showed his income states through 2014. they're the same. >> first three pages, not the full thing. just to be exact. thanks to both. bernie sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck in wisconsin. paul ryan insisting he's not running for president.
4:37 pm
>> i think you need to run for president if you're going to be president. i'm not running for president, so, period, end of story. >> why does his name keep coming up as the gop nominee? are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats, spotless. the uniforms clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. everybody wants a piece of ready.
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we have breaking news right now. after days of heated debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have set a date to debate. >> well, certainly, erin, there's been a lot of talk about when, if, how would the democratic candidates, bernie sanders and hillary clinton, would debate before the new york primary. they will do it on cnn as well as new york one in new york city. they will do it on april 14th in primetime between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern time. the new york primary is going to mean a lot. bernie sanders was born in brooklyn. hillary clinton's headquarters is in brooklyn right now. hillary clinton and bernie sanders april 14th here on cnn. >> mark preston, thank you very much. as he said, april 14th right
4:42 pm
here on cnn. at this moment, it's wisconsin we're counting down to. live pictures of bernie sanders rally that's about to get started tonight in milwaukee. a big source of his support is college students around the country and in wisconsin. in that state, they can register to vote on the same day as the primary. >> thank you, madison. >> reporter: bernie sanders turning up the heat on hillary clinton in the battle for wisconsin. ground zero for the sanders campaign? the university of wisconsin madison with some 43,000 potential voters. >> you only get one presidential election when you're in college, when you're an undergrad student in college, so this is it for us. this is the one, so people are pumped. >> reporter: a junior is so pumped she's stumping for sanders on campaign. >> there's never been a political candidate that i've agreed with so much on, so it's pretty cool.
4:43 pm
>> reporter: likely democratic primary voters 18 to 29 years old. 8 in 10 pick sanders. >> it's frustrating to me to be told you're not a feminist because you're a bernie supporter. i would love to see a woman president, but i don't agree with hillary on everything. it's about representation versus policy in politics. >> reporter: badgers have been working feverishly for hillary clinton. >> for me, it comes down to experience. she's the most experienced candidate in the race from senate to secretary of state. some people are making really big promises. it's hard to see how they'll come true. we realize that real change comes from real plans. i think hillary clinton should be the best candidate. >> being pro-choice, hillary clinton pushed legislation through. bernie sanders has the right stance, but i don't think he's been the strongest advocate for me as hillary has been. >> reporter: when it comes to young voters who are under 30 years old, they have a history
4:44 pm
of showing up here in bigger numbers than some other states. >> eight years ago, it was the 2008 primary. voter aged 18 to 29 made up 16%, 17% of the electorate. that's a pretty sizable chunk. you might see it a little bit higher than that on tuesday. >> reporter: wisconsin is one of 11 states plus d.c. that allows for same date registration, which tends to increase the number of youth at the polls. >> i think we're expecting a really big turnout. when that happens, we win. >> reporter: there's going to be a bit of a caveat this year. for the first time ever, the citizens here are going to face strict photo identification requirements. that a lot of critics say they effect the youth vote and impact this upcoming primary. >> thank you. could be crucial for sanders. outfront next, trump fearing republicans pushing paul ryan for president. could paul ryan leave the
4:45 pm
convention as the nominee without getting a single populist vote? >> donald trump is a pathological liar. >> ted cruz is the single biggest liar. non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season for continuous relief. with claritin you get powerful, non-drowsy relief 24 hours a day, day after day. and with fewer symptoms to distract you... can focus on the extraordinary things you do every single day. live claritin clear. every day. one week only, save up to $31 on claritin products. check this sunday's newspaper. the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. sure, we cor put them stacked on a rack.s. but the specialists at ford
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4:49 pm
should go run for president. that's the way i see it. >> yet he can't stop the speculation. is paul ryan as the gop nominee just a dream for the gop establishment or could there be truth to it? paul ryan said he didn't want to be speaker and yet here he is. he is now speaker. does no really mean no? >> they really hope folks in the party establishment, if there's a deadlock in the convention, if there's nobody who can swoop in, maybe paul ryan can the way he did with the speakership. when i spoke to one soirs told me the difference between the speakership and presidential nominee is in the speakership, paul ryan made clear he needed to unite the conference behind him, get all factions of the party behind him, and they did. in this case, they'd not unite
4:50 pm
behind him. it would be very divisive and ugly. donald trump supporters would be unhappy with him and there are things in paul ryan's record that anger people on the right. they want to make clear nothing public or private, paul ryan is doing to secure the republican nomination. that's why they're trying to tamp down this talk. >> they're trying to tamp it down but there are those who will not allow themselves to be tamped like karl rove. here he is. >> the fresh face might be the thing to give us a chance to turn this election and win in november against hillary. >> fresh face code for paul ryan? >> exactly. they continue to push the narrative as we head into the convention. there are things paul ryan has done like immigration reform and votes on the budget that have angered folks on the right. even if folks in the establishment try to pop up paul ryan, you'll have a lot of anger on the right because much things
4:51 pm
paul ryan has done in the past which is why paul ryan wants nothing to do with this right now. >> thank you, manu. doug hye was communications director for the republican committee. senior aide to eric canter. knows how this can happen better than anybody. you'd probably be happy with a paul ryan on the ticket. listen to what ted cruz said about what would happen if paul ryan indeed emerged from the convention as the nominee. >> this fevered pipe dream of washington that at the convention they will parachute in some white knight who will save the washington establi establishment. it is nothing less than a pipe dream. it ain't going to happen. if it did, the people would, quite rightly, revolt. >> is he right? the people would revolt? >> i think there are a million
4:52 pm
scenarios where people might revolt anyways. we're going to go into this probably very divided as a party and come out of it very divided. if you are a ted cruz supporter you're not likely to vote for donald trump on the third or fourth ballot. same thing if you are a trump delegate. it's part of why we find ourselves in the delicate position we're in. >> fair point. you originally had 17 people running for the republican nomination. remember when we had to have two debates back-to-back? this seems like ancient history. there were so many people running. does it seem desperate to talk about nominating someone who was not even ever on a ballot. was not even one of the 17? >> i'm trying to forget when i had to watch two debates a night. it was taxing on all of us. a lot of people are desperate. when our front-runner is at record high unfavorables. 73% of women. when 51% of white males disapprove of donald trump and that's his base, it tells you we
4:53 pm
have real problems if we nominate this front-runner. >> with voters being so angry and against the establishment. if you ended up in a situation where paul ryan or somebody else became the nominee, what would happen? >> i don't think anybody really knows what would happen. that's why we see ourselves trying to sort out every different scenario that's possible. you mentioned the other people who have run. scott walker could, in theory, get this, or marco rubio. it's why we've seen so often day after day talk of contested conventions dismissed three months ago, nine months ago. it's a real possibility and it's almost like opening day of baseball. anything can happen. >> all right. thank you very much. that is why -- >> go tar heels tonight. >> i saw your tie. "outfront" next, jeanne moos on what may be the one thing all the candidates agree on. their rivals are liars. [ salesman ] congrats on the new car.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
our breaking news, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have set a date to face off in new york. cnn will host it in brooklyn next thursday, april 14th at 9:00 eastern. the "l" word is usually avoided but it's been heavily used this election season. >> reporter: remember when the "l" word was all about lesbians? in campaign 2016, this is the"
4:58 pm
l" word on everyone's lips. >> and then he lies. i never saw a guy lie like this guy. >> reporter: donald trump says it about ted cruz and hillary clinton. >> she lies about everything. >> hillary says it about the sanders campaign. >> i'm so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. >> reporter: sanders says about trump -- >> donald trump say pathological liar. >> reporter: and trump has turned it into a nickname. >> i call him lyin' ted. >> many just call him lyin' ted. >> making his nose grow. >> lied about ben carson to steal a win in iowa. >> reporter: slithering around his neck like a python trying to strangle him. >> if ted cruz's mouths is move, he's lying. >> reporter: but i tell you no lie when i tell you the award for most accusations of lying uttered in a single paragraph goes to ben shapiro. the conservative commentator trashed trump after that female
4:59 pm
reporter was grabbed by the donald's campaign manager. >> lying liars lie. this is the trump campaign where lies are told and lies are told to cover up the law and new lies are told in order to cover up the lies told about the lies. >> reporter: nine "l" words makes the measly one shouted at president obama by a republican congressman -- >> lie! >> quaint. when it comes to the most egregious -- >> pants on fire goes to the collective misstatements of donald trump. >> reporter: or campaign song of 2016 we nominate the cast aways hit from 1965. ♪ >> reporter: looks like we're going to need a bigger hose. jeanne moos, cnn. >> pathological liar. >> biggest liar. >> reporter: -- new york. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night on the wisconsin primary.
5:00 pm
that crucial day tomorrow. anderson cooper "360" starts right now. good evening. we begin with breaking news. this network and the two democratic candidates have reached agreement on another cnn debate. it's going to take place in new york city on the 14th, just five days before the primary in new york. wolf blitzer will be moderating. it's a fitting capper to a very full day in the run-up to tomorrow's wisconsin primary. donald trump telling john kasich, hit the road jack. get out of the race. asking supporters to tell him, seal the nomination. governor kasich calling ted cruz senator smear, telling him and trump to get over it and put aside the personal attacks and prepare for contested convention in cleveland. senator cruz with a late-night rally in waukesha, wisconsin, saying there will only be two candidates left by then. himself and donald trump. trump also has a late event in milwaukee which is happening practically right next door to a bernie sanders event. senator sanders is