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tv   Amanpour  CNN  April 4, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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republicans donald trump and ted cruz are telling john kasich he should drop out of the u.s. presidential race. but kasich is having no part of it. he spoke monday with cnn's anderson cooper. >> i think i've heard today that senator cruz has to get like 102% of the remaining delegates.
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that's kind of aritmatically impossible. that's what he was saying about me. everybody needs to chill out. i'm in new york. we're going to do well here. i'm going to pennsylvania. we're excited about that. and we're going to go to an open convention, where kids are going to learn more about kipicking presidents than they do about spending time just on snapchat. >> you call senator cruz a smear artist. he's running an ad about your ties to your corporation, with tax breaks. to be fair to you, i saw a message from deathics commission, saying you had made a clean break from that company. do you believe that is part of the cruz strategy to take you down? >> he is senator smear. and people say, you've been pointing things out. i've said i'm not a pin cushion or a marshmallow. he smeared ben carson. he smeared marco rubio. he smeared donald trump. and now, he's smearing me. and "the wall street journal" pointed out that he smeared me
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in an editorial last week. it's down, dirty and negative and not uplifting. that's what we deal with. we'll put one foot in front of the other and keep going with a positive vision. but i have to tell you, anderson, don't push me around. you think you can push me around and get away with it, you're wrong. >> all right. well, ted cruz is leading donald trump in a respected wisconsin poll going into tuesday's primaries there. cnn's martin savage went to the u.s. state to see if trump's message is appealing to voters or turning them off. >> reporter: something's weird in wisconsin. what's worked for donald trump elsewhere, may not be working here. >> i am a bus operator with a local union 889. here in milwaukee. >> reporter: how long have you been doing that? >> i've been here about 6 1/2 years. >> reporter: tim, white, middle-aged, every demographic that's been pro-trump.
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not here. where do you stand politically? >> a staunch conservative, absolutely. i voted for ted cruz. >> reporter: why? >> i like the fact he is not some type of fanatic like a donald trump or something. >> reporter: trump has fans here. >> he can stand up for the people. >> reporter: even they see where trump may have messed up in wisconsin. >> i don't think he's appealed to the walker supporters. there's a strong walker base in wisconsin. scott walker is wisconsin's governor. you may best remember him for this. in 2011, walker took on state unions in a bitter battle over right to work legislation. and won. in 2015, walker, beloved by republicans in his state, decided to run for president. and lost. pushed out, many experts say, by trump. something that trump likes to brag about in his wisconsin
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rallies, while bashing walker's record. >> i wouldn't say your governor loves me. >> reporter: he is right. walker endorsed cruz. but trump says he doesn't need walker's supporters anyway. he says he's counting on democrats. >> you know, you can cross over. i think i'm going to have a big democrat crossover. and i hope i do. >> reporter: ahead of the milwaukee teachers' union thinks that trump is wrong about wisconsin. he's heard of crossovers in the past. >> in this election, no. i think i have not heard that. and it may have something to do with the slate of candidates on the republican side. >> reporter: wisconsin voters have been engage for five, straight, hard years. they know the issues. and they're no trump pushovers. >> i think voters are more well-informed here. he doesn't play strong with us because we're not as susceptible to his wild man ways. his raucous rhetoric and things of that nature. that doesn't play well with a
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lot of folks. >> reporter: martin savage, cnn, milwaukee. on the democratic side of the presidential race, bernie sanders could pick up another primary win in wisconsin. but hillary clinton's campaign is telling supporters not to worry because her delegate lead, i should say over sanders, is insurmountable, their word. even though, bernie sanders is predicting a big win. >> we have won six of the last seven caucuses and primaries. if there's a record-breaking turnout here in wisconsin, we're going to win here, as well. >> hillary clinton supporters expect her to be the democratic presidential nominee. no other candidate can match her political resume and experience. so, why does clinton seem to struggle with being likable? cnn's jonathan mann reports. >> she doesn't seem very warm.
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she doesn't seem genuine. >> she doesn't appear honest. >> i hate to say it's just her personal. that's not a fair thing to say. she's a woman and comes off as serious. you hear about her yelling. >> reporter: they are impressions that barely scratch the surface of hillary clinton's decades in public life. but they are deep-seeded. and for clinton, they are a problem. hillary clinton has been many things. a middle-class girl from the north side of chicago. a yale scholar. the first lady of arkansas. and then, the first lady of the united states. ♪ don't stop, thinking about tomorrow ♪ >> reporter: after a tumultuous eight years in the white house, she would serve as senator from new york, the only first lady to ever hold the post. and then, in 2007, she became a candidate for president herself. she has worn many hats and famously many pantssuits.
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and she is judged for her clothes, her air, her marriage, her integrity. and somethinmuch more basic, her likability. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: a cnn/"new york times" poll says that 52% of voters have an unfavorable view of her. donald trump, probably the most polarizing politician, is disliked by slightly more voters, 57%. there's been questions, scandals, investigations, about her land development deal about her days in arkansas, known as whitewater. about the attack in benghazi, libya, when she was secretary of state. about her decision to handle government communications on a private e-mail server. what do all of the episodes have in common? no wrongdoing was ever proven. but she was never able to wash away the stain of scandal. >> the problem with hillary clinton isn't the substance. the problem is the style. the problem is, is she a person
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you want to have a beer with? >> reporter: and of course, there was mario lemieux. her husband's relationship with an intern, that nearly brought down his presidency. >> bill clinton is still one of the most popular living politicians. but the downside is the sta scandals. and the extent of monica lewinsky are what people don't want to relive. >> reporter: there may be something else. maybe many americans are uncomfortable with a woman as ambitious as hillary clinton. heres ago, she identified the problem. >> i would have stayed home and baked cookies. >> she has competed in the presidential primary eight years ago. she's been secretary of state of the united states. the third female secretary of state in the united states. so, at this point, i don't think it's sexism. >> hillary. >> reporter: supporters insist clinton is still judged unfairly. >> this will be a big test for the country. and whether or not we're able to look past all of the cultural,
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social and media biases and look at the personal, the individual, the leadership traits and what they bring to the conversation. that's the big test that she will have to pass. >> reporter: compare her to some of the most important men in her life today. clinton is not credited with bernie sanders' honesty, donald trump's candor, or her husband's magnetism. but she is doggedly working towards the democratic presidential nomination. as she approaches the general election, she will have to convince americans that she can be the first female president of the united states, whether they like her or not. jonathan man, cnn. the u.s. supreme court has spoken, ruling unanimously in a key voting rights case. the justices held that a state may count all of its residents when it's drawing voting districts. two playoffs from texas argued
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their vote was being diluted and sought to have districts drawn on eligible voters not the population. civil rights groups watched the case slowly. they were worried that a ruling for the plaintiffs would have shifted districts to rural areas that would favor republicans. leaked documents point to a web of offshore companies and some of the world's most powerful people. we'll have the kremlin's reaction to the panama papers. plus this, isn't your traditional comic book. you'll meat the artist that lets the fans read their adventures the fans read their adventures online. wethe small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component...
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more, now, on the panama papers. the massive document leak that claims to reveal secret offshore accounts and shell companies being used by some of the world's top leaders. in all, 11.5 million documents were leaked or hacked from a law firm in panama. they name at least 12 current or former leaders from around the world. and at least 128 other politicians and public officials are mentioned. now, some of the people mentioned in the papers are russian. president vladimir putin is not one of them. but a musician named sergei roldugan is. he's a lifelong friend of mr. putin. a russian journalist who combed
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through the papers explains what that might mean. >> translator: asset turnover results to millions of dollars. the most important here, is that he is a musician. he cannot have this on his own. we suppose he kept it for the head of state. we see the way his companies are financed. and it violates the law because money obtained from equity trading from russian state companies was transferred there. but in reality, the equity trading never took place. the deals were back dated. he secretly owned assets in russia's strategic industries. >> and the kremlin has dismissed the panama papers as a series of fibs meant to discredit president putin. matthew chance has more on the reaction from maoscow. >> reporter: the kremlin says
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this is putin phobia, to describe what he says is the west's inability to stay anything positive about russia or its leadership. the kremlin spokesman saying that these reports were specifically designed to target vladimir putin, with the intention of undermining the russian leader, ahead of parliamentary elections, that are scheduled to be held later in this year, in september, as fact. the problem with that interpretation is two-fold. firstly, the reports, the leaks, do not just mention vladimir putin. they mention people close to him. but a whole range, dozens of politicians and world leaders are identified as being, you know, implicated in these offshore shell companies. that's the first problem. it's not specifically about russia. secondly, the impact this is going to have on vladimir putin's election chances or his party's election chances are
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likely to be negligible. not least because the russian public have become immune to the allegations that have been almost constantly circling the kremlin and the inner circle of vladimir putin about corruption. they've heard it all before. and it doesn't seem to, have in the past, dented vladimir putin's popularity. it stands at somewhere like 85%. and there's no indication so far, that the latest allegations are going to be any different. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> we will, of course, have more on that story. also, a south korean artist is turning "star wars" comics digital. we'll look at the webtoon craze, that's set to go global. we're back in a moment. tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever.
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[ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk." severe flooding in northwest pakistan has taken dozens of lives over the last several days. our meteorologist pedram javaheri joins us with more on this story. how long before this flooding starts to subside? >> that's a fantastic question. this is going to be a multi-day
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event. the rains have stopped. when it comes to flooding in certain parts of the world, how the water flows downstream. and the indris river, one of the most flood-prone areas. and some of the most compelling images you will see, when you look at folks dealing with the waters across this region and the rainfall that's led to nearly 50 fatalities across the area. in pakistan, it is surprised to learn it is the sixth most populous nation. but about one-quarter lives along the indris river. and rosemary asked how long before this comes to an end. this is the hindu cush mountains. it flows towards the arabian sea. that is a multi-day event. with the population along that river, several weeks before the
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event subsides. and you look at the population at-risk, india is topping on the list with nearly 4.8 million people, as far as how many people are exposed how many every year. top five, pakistan, 700,000 people exposed to flooding. 100 to 200 millimeters, about hour to eight inches. if you're watching us around the western u.s., we appreciate you staying up. look at san francisco. the rainfall that came down in northwestern pakistan, in two days, about eight inches is comparable to four or five months of rainfall in the city of san francisco. this shows you the intensity, the severity of what's happening across that region. one good news, rosemary, is the weather will be quiet. the rain and the water that has already fallen has to work downstream. we'll follow this. rosemary? >> thanks for keeping an eye on that, pedram. we'll talk again next hour. comic books are take on a new modern form in south korea.
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many are hooked on webtoons you can watch on your smartphone. looks like the craze is going global. paula hancocks has that for you. >> reporter: a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a multibillion-dollar franchise was born. four movies, seven decades later, there's a new take on the trilogy that started it all. a digital take. seen through the eyes of a young luke skywalker, this is a webtoon. an online version of a comic book. it starts with a pencil, with the freedom to create new scenes not in the original films. the job of "star wars" fan and korean artist, jan. drawing up to 30 pictures a day. the only time he's not at his desk is when he's sleep organize
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eating. when i went to the "star wars" celebration and visited lucas film for meetings, he said, i suddenly realized how big this was and felt under pressure. fans fight over different versions of the stories. i realize i will never be able to please everyone. a struggling comic industry in the early 2000s led to the creation of the webtoon. now, a $360 million market. it's expected to double within two years. and this is the end product. your "star wars" webtoon on your phone, your tablet, your computer. wherever you want to watch it. it's popular here in south korea. it's in the top ten. and just a few months ago, they translated it into english to tap into the global market. the company behind that translation, exparted it to the united states. its webtoons are read in a number of countries, including china. one in three koreans reads a
11:56 pm
webtoon nearly every day. a cultural mania. they hope this can become a global obsession. >> may the force be with you. >> reporter: paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. >> that's a lot of drawing in one day. i'm rosemary church. next hour, more on the fallout of the so-called panama papers. i'll talk with someone that is calling for the resignation of the leader. we'll be back in a moment.
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fallout from the panama papers as people ask the iceland prime minister to resign. and ted cruz and john kasich are looking to stop donald trump. and an olympic set of crises in brazil, where the political scandals and the zika


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