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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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night for chris and he knocked down the biggest shot of his life. >> well, best to him. he was definitely prepared. what a game, even for myself a tar heels fan, unc alum. i'm pam brown. "the lead" with jake tapper starts next. thanks, pam. it's decision day in wisconsin. donald trump is promising a big surprise but will ted cruz be the one surprising him? how long can john kasich stay in the game without a win? can bernie sanders keep his winning streak going against hillary clinton? so many questions. "the lead" starts right now. good afternoon. welcome to a very special edition of "the lead." i'm jake tapper. republicans have 42 delegates at stake in wisconsin today. that's the state where the gop was born in 1854. the democrats have 86 delegates.
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donald trump, who has 740 of his party's delegates going into today's primary sounded pretty confident. >> the polls are busy, huh? >> they are busy. >> we could have a big surprise tonight, big surprise. feels like south carolina. this feels like new hampshire. i think you could have a bigging big turnout. a great surprise today. >> as we have all learned in this very unconventional campaign, do not count out donald trump. though democratic front-runner hillary clinton speaking on "the view" earlier today. she might like to do just that. >> to put it into broader perspective, i have more votes than he does. i have 1 million more votes. i just -- i don't think the vast majority of americans, let's hope, want to reward that kind of behavior and that sort of really hateful rhetoric. >> meanwhile, wisconsin native
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house speaker paul ryan on a congressional trip to israel casting absentee ballot in wisconsin. the speaker wants you to stop trying to get him to run for president. >> put my name in this thing. i said get my name out of that. if you want to be president, you should run for president and that's just the way i see it. >> today president obama speaking out on state of the race and on donald trump and ted cruz. >> people expect the president of the united states and the elected officials in this country to treat these problems seriously, to put more polysis that have been examined, analyzed, are effective, where unintended consequences are taken into account. they don't expect half-baked notions coming out of the white house. we can't afford that. >> voters are heading to the polls across wisconsin and as
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they do, cnn's reporters are covering every angle on these crucial primaries. we'll begin with sunlen serfaty. she's with the cruz campaign in milwaukee. polls have had cruz up in wisconsin, but this is an open primary, and trump is banking on independents and democrats crossing over to the republican primary and pulling the leaver for him. >> reporter: that's right, jake. the cruz campaign say they still feel strong going into tonight and the candidates for their part today, spent most of the day huddled in strategy meetings or doing last-minute retail politics. but for the front-runners on both sides, both donald trump and hillary clinton tonight are facing a pivotal moment here in wisconsin. >> based on the enthusiasm, how do you think we'll do in wisconsin? i think we're going to do really well. >> reporter: donald trump today saying, don't count him out in the battle for wisconsin. >> i hear polls are busy, huh? >> they are busy. >> we could have a big surprise tonight, folks. big surprise.
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>> reporter: ted cruz casts the badger state prime mar as a potential tipping point in the race. >> if we end up with a win tonight, it is going to have national repercussions, not just for the 42 delegates at stake here in wisconsin, but i believe it's going to powerful impact states to come. >> reporter: a cruz win in wisconsin could embolden the stop front forces delivering a blow to the front-runners march towards the nomination and increasing odds of a contested convention in cleveland in july. trump is not shying away from the importance of the moment. >> it's impossible, almost impossible, for ted cruz to win. so he would have to get at the convention, which i think would be highly unlikely. so he can't win. >> reporter: trump's wife joining him for his final wisconsin rally before the primary, trying to blunt the criticism of the front-runner that has turned off so many women voters according to polls. >> no matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone
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equal. >> reporter: trump also detailing how he will deliver on one of his biggest campaign promises, getting mexico to pay for a wall along the southern border. among the steps outlined in the campaign memo, threatening to bar mexican immigrants in the u.s. from wiring money to relatives in mexico. president obama today rejecting trump's approach. >> the notion that we're going to track every western union, you know, bit of money that's being sent to mexico, you know, good luck with that. >> reporter: taking aim not only at trump but also at cruz. >> it's not just mr. trump's proposals. i mean, you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals, which, in some ways, are just as draconian. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a tight battle in wisconsin. >> in national poll after national poll, we beat donald
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trump by huge margins, huge margins. >> reporter: as sanders talks up his momentum, clinton is touting her advantage. >> i have 2. 5 million more votes. i have i significant lead in delegates which is what decides who the nominee is. >> and the democratic rivals have brought to an end their debate over the debates, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton agreeing to face off next thursday in a debate in brooklyn, right here on cnn. jake? >> hours away from the polls closing, how is the cruz campaign feeling today? >> reporter: well, they certainly feel strong. senator cruz has many endorsements he's been touting as he campaigns in wisconsin. he campaigned with governor scott walker, also former rival carly fiorina. his wife, too, has been heavily engage in campaigning. they have barn stormed the state and senator cruz is not shying away from his predictions for
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tonight. he has, for the last few days, been saying, pointblank he believes he will win here in wisconsin, momentum so important to his campaign going forward, jake. >> sunlen serfaty, thank you. sara murray covering the trump campaign for cnn. donald trump sounding pretty confident on the stump. you heard him. he's down in polls but as we've seen before, polls are sometimes, sometimes often wrong. can he pull off a win tonight, you think? >> reporter: if he does pull off a win tonight, it will be a come from behind victory, a surprise win. you heard him earlier saying he feels like wisconsin feels like new hampshire, like south carolina. right now, the polls don't bear that out. talking to voters, they seem to not really have this sort of fanatic support for trump that he's seen in other states. even as trump is going out there predicting a potential victory in wisconsin, that's not what his senior staffers are saying. they are saying, publicly, delegates in wisconsin have never been part of their march
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to 1,237 delegates. if he does have a poor showing in wisconsin tone, they're saying they have a way to lock up the nomination. that path does get narrower if he does not perform well in wisconsin tonight. >> jeff zeleny covering hillary clinton for cnn, and she's -- he's at a town hall she is holding for women. you're in brooklyn where cnn's democratic debate will take place next week. clinton's campaign sent out a fund-raising e-mail, saying we could lose wisconsin. how are they feeling behind the e-mails and behind their television appearances about what's going to happen tonight? >> reporter: well, jake, that's the tricky game here of managing expectations. they want supporters and donor to know they need their help that they could lose wisconsin but they don't want to sort of place too many bets on wisconsin. one of the reasons that secretary clinton did not fly
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there today or yesterday or the day before yesterday to go out and campaign here, she was there on saturday, but they are really trying to distance themselves a little bit. they remember eight years ago, that they lost wisconsin by some 18 points to barack obama. they don't believe it will be that wide of a margin this time at all. but they are trying to manage expectations and they say, look, regardless of the outcome, the delegates are essentially a wash here since democrats split up their delegates. that's why they're in new york. jake, this is the real place, the real fire wall that she knows she cannot lose in two weeks. >> jeff, as you know, bernie sanders campaign predicting a win. the margin of victory matters. how much do you think this would lift him up, give him momentum heading into new york. explain why the margin matters. >> reporter: jake, the margin of victory matters because the democratic rules say the delegates are picked proportionally. if he wins by a point or two, he'll only get, you know, maybe
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one extra delegate or two extra delegates. if he wins by double digits he starts to close the gap here. but that is unlikely to happen that he's able to win by a large enough margin to close the gap considerably. she still leads in 239 pledge delegates or so, never mind the super delegates. bernie sanders, a win, would add to his argument that he's been winning a rush of states and it would send him head long into the new york primary and with a head of steam here. the reality here is how democrats elect their nominee, it's their rules, it's not ours, that delegates matter. that's why hillary clinton's strong lead here, it's frustrating to the sanders campaign but so important here going forward. a win is a win. they'll take the win if he gets one. th that's why the new york primary so important in the next few weeks. >> when cnn puts up that graphic, pay attention to the top number. that's the pledge delegates. bottom number is the combination of pledged and super delegates but super delegates, as we saw
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eight years ago, can be convinced to change their mind. keep your eyes on the top one. joining me, our megamonster panel. sally cone for "the daily beast" who leans towards bernie sanders. the former mayor of philadelphia, michael nutter who supports hillary clinton. congratulations on villeneuanov. john king, gloria borger, also with us jeffrey lord, cnn political commentator, supports donald trump. amanda carpenter, republican strategist kevin madden who is also a cnn political contributor, and last, but certainly not least, the birthday girl, mary katharine hamm a senior writer at "the federalist" and relatively new cnn political contributor. thanks one and all. appreciate it. it's a long night. let's get our feet wet. donald trump is predicting a surprise, it's an open primary, explain why that could help him.
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>> open primaries, democrats, independents can cross over. trade message should play well in much of the state yet public polling showing him down ten points to ted cruz. important to the stop trump movement, invested time and money, a big battleground state, talk radio establishment, everything against donald trump. if he won by one vote it would send such a message to the stop trump movement that you had your best shot, you had a sustained time to do it and you didn't do it. if he loses, is he dead? of course not. moving to his home state new york. he begins the day needing 56% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,237. >> unlikely but possible. >> he's the only one that has a possibility. >> right. >> there's 42 delegates at state. to get to keep 56% he'd need 24. most think it's unlikely but let's count the vote. >> gloria, he's far from finished.
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he's leading in the delegates by quite a bit. he's heading into his home state of new york. is it possible either john kasich or ted cruz or both of them together can slow him down? >> look, i think that's what they're trying to do. i think we all presume to a certain degree this is going to wind up, you know, in a contested convention. what we know about tonight is that ted cruz really needs to win this. it's important for him. not only because of the math and the numbers but also he has to show that he's got some juice outside the south, he's got some juice in the midwest, heading into particularly some very difficult contests, you know, in northeast. >> maryland, connecticut, new york, pennsylvania. >> new york, new york values, remember that? >> noted tea party bastions. >> not exactly. and i think what we'll learn tonight, for donald trump, is really whether wisconsin was never supposed to be a great state for him but whether he's got some real problems given to
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the controversies over the last couple of weeks or whether wisconsin could be a speed bump on the way to a contested convention where he goes in with, you know, he's just 100 or so shy of clinching the nomination. >> kevin madden, let me go to you now. there's a shadow campaign going on now trying to appeal to delegates. first of all, there are unbound delegates in places like north dakota where delegates at the end of the day can go to the convention and vote however they want. pennsylvania will be similar. and there are the bound delegates who can be released after the first ballot. how intense is this campaign going on? >> we're talking -- talking as intense a campaign as you can imagine. we're looking at campaign staffers who are giving detailed personal attention to each and every single delegate. it's a person by person fight. because if we know if we go into a contested convention every single delegate will count. so, you have campaigns that are calling people at home, you have campaigns that are trying to
1:15 pm
find out who is it amongst that universe that knows potential delegate that may have influence on them and they're working them. so, it's a pretty intense situation right now. >> and on that point, ted cruz, no one foresaw going into a contested convention but cruz is prepared to play in all 50 stated. he knew in order for him to get the nomination it would go until april. he didn't think the primary opponent would be donald trump, rather a jeb bush or marco rubio but he was prepared to talks to the delegates and it's paying off now as you saw with north dakota, arizona, going forward. >> stay with me. if i haven't gotten to your favorite, i will. wisconsin primary math, according to donald trump. >> ted cruz can't win. no way he can get the delegates. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
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and a little help and soup and sandwich and study group. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clean pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. welcome back to "the lead." jake tapper. breaking news, voting under way at this hour in the wisconsin prim mary, which is a my stakes contest from both democrats and republicans, both underdogs trying to use wisconsin win. bernie sanders, hoping to continue his hoe mentum as he vows to take his campaign all the way to the democratic convention, as does ted cruz on the republican side banking on a victory in wisconsin, hoping
1:20 pm
badger state becomes trump's waterloo. might donald trump and hillary clinton pull off wins in this unpredictable open primary? back now with the panel, mary, let me start with you. mitch mcconnell spoke to our colleague about how important electability is to him when it comes to picking a republican presidential candidate. take a listen. >> i don't think it should be a particularly surprising observation that i'd like a candidate for president who can win. does that shock any of you? >> do you think that -- >> i'm not going to get into who fits the description but i will say the nominee's going to be somebody who can get 1,237 delegate votes and i hope's a person who can appeal to a broad swath of the american public and win the election. >> i'm not asking you to read the mind of mitch mcconnell there, but who do you think he might be talking about? do you think he's saying that
1:21 pm
that's not donald trump or ted cruz? >> i'm going to venture a guess that's what he's talking about. the problem is much of the republican electorate isn't interested in electability until now. wisconsin you've had concentrated media attention on trump because the race is not split up, you have people pressing him on answers which led him to his abortion thing, five different answers in a couple of days. it's concentrated, in a place like wisconsin, people are interested in decency, retail politics and going, hmm and among women you're seeing a drop-off in reconsideration. some people among trump's camp are unmovable but some are regular republicans who may be susceptible to the election ability argument, at long last. >> concentrist tration of media, another thing concentrated in wisconsin, super pacs spending a lot of money to attack donald trump. look at this, numbers come from
1:22 pm more than $2 million against trump just in the state of wisconsin. >> i remember donald trump saying, after he won by a lot in florida, that he was down there for a golf tournament or something and every time he turned on the television these ads, where they're propelled by these folks. all it wound up doing in the end is helping him. and i would suggest that the more this kind of stuff is done, it just piles on to the establishment versus donald trump and the american people kind -- >> but what's he going to do about this? he has no fund-raising operation. he prides himself on, a self-funded candidate. say he gets the nomination. there's so much anti-trump money coming in, and he has no apparatus to raise money on his own, outside of cutting himself check. that's a problem not an asset. >> he has suggested that he has not decided to self-fund for a general election. >> sure. you have to have it going for months, you have to be in peep's
1:23 pm
in-boxes, sending them text messages and he hasn't attempted that. >> turn to the democrats. mayor nutter, jeff weaver, the campaign manager for bernie sanders, is suggesting that the sanders strategy for winning is that nobody will be able to get to the magic number of delegates needed and then he will go to the convention and he will try to convince the super delegates pledged to hillary clinton, are you a super delegate? >> i am. >> so you're one of them, although guessing not vincible. >> not yet. >> convince you -- >> no. >> and your ilk. but it brings to an argument, al franken, senator from minnesota goes and constituents democrats voted ford bernie sanders and that's the strategy. >> first, jake, he needs a new strategy. as chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz said on cnn two hours ago expectation is that democrats will have a nominee who has the requisite number of
1:24 pm
pledged delegates to then go on to be our nominee and from our perspective, to go on to be the 45th president of the united states of america. but everybody has to have their theory. that's his theory. and they're going to keep going. there's no question that senator sanders is going to continue to run late into this convention season. but at some point in time, i believe june 14th, this game will end. there's no fifth quarter to this. there's no overtime. there will be facts. there will be pledge delegates, there will be super delegates ad numbers up, you have what you have and there will a nominee. >> sally. >> bernie sanders will keep going, and he should keep going, both because he has an agenda, it's important that he's raising and helping make hillary clinton a better, more populist candidate. two, he'll shape the democratic platform and it's important he keep going so voters he's engaged and mobilized, especially young, feel invested
1:25 pm
in politics in the democrat party as opposed to ostracized and checked out. those are incredibly important reasons. we get to that point, that are all kinds of scenarios, if we get to that point at democratic convention and deciding factor who becomes the democratic nominee, i emphasize democratic nominee, we're proud of that word, and a deciding factor are anti-democratic super delegates, that's not only a problem for branding as a part but frankly it's going to alienate all of those young voters who we have a chance to have invested. >> i'll keep that democratic card in my pocket. >> i love you, i'll love you more when you abandon -- >> we got a lot to come from that statement. >> corner stoent of donald trump's campaign building a wall along the mexican boarder to keep undocumented immigrants out and forcing mexico to pay for it but never spelled out how he'd get mexico to hand out billions
1:26 pm
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welcome back to a special edition of "the lead." today, donald trump unveiled this plan to make mexico pay for his proposed wall along the united states southern border. he says mexico must make a one-time payment of $5 billion to $10 billion to the united states to construct the wall, if mexico refuses, then as president, he would move to block mexicans in the united states undocumented and legal, from wiring money to relatives in mexico, which collectively, amounts to $24 billion every
1:31 pm
year. the trump campaign put out this plan online. president obama had this reaction this afternoon -- >> i think that i've been very clear earlier that i am getting questions constantly from foreign leaders about some of the wackier suggestions that are being made. i do have to emphasize that it's not just mr. trump's proposals. i mean, you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals which, in some ways, are just as draconian when it comes to immigration, for example. >> let's bring in bob vander plaats national co-chair of cruz's campaign and jeff dewitt. good to see you. let me start with you, you heard what president obama had to say about your candidate, ted cruz, suggesting that cruz is harming america's reputation with foreign leaders as much as
1:32 pm
donald trumps. your reaction? >> well, first of all, i think foreign leaders that i had a chance to visit they're looking for foreign policy leadership they can count one. i don't think president obama's got great standing oop think ted cruz has a great plan how to secure the border, insist on legal immigration and enforce the laws on the books. this isn't complicated the american people want a solution. ted cruz, not only see outside washington, d.c., taking on both sides of the aisle but he has a plan and a solution to deal with illegal immigration. >> thanks for joining us. mr. trump revealed his plan, compelling plmexico to pay for e wall. preventing mexicans to wiring money but threatening to increase tariffs against mexico, cancel visas, increase visa fees. what would you say to a critic who says threats sound like
1:33 pm
bullying? >> well, you know, we have to put america first. and that's the great thing about what donald trump is doing, he's putting his foot down and saying we have to put america first. in a place like wisconsin, where so many jobs have gone overseas and gone to mexico and the manufacturing secondster has been decimated they're looking for an answer and keeping jobs in america, putting our foot down is one of the only ways to that. i don't think protecting our own national interest is -- we have to get the wall built. if we start to enforce the laws on the books, mr. trump is the only one standing up saying he will do so. >> what are your thoughts? >> mr. trump's plan, i am glad he's come up with a plan because a lot of time what mr. trump has done effectively what we're seeing, he's tapped into the emotion of the american people saying it broken, it needs to be fixed. when it comes to the solution of
1:34 pm
mixing it, that's where he has disconnect of people with america and that's where mr. cruz capitalized on that. you're seeing that in wisconsin, you'll see that tonight in wisconsin. the people moving towards ted cruz, why he's got this momentum in his campaign and he's united -- uniting the republican party. they see him as a serious candidate with serious solutions to some of the big issues we face in this country. >> take a listen to president obama speaking out earlier today against trump, criticizing the plan to bill the wall and have mexico paying for it, calling a half-baked notion. here's what president obama had to say. >> the notion that we're going to track every western union, you know, bit of money that's being sent to mexico, you know be good luck with that. this is just one more example of something that is not thought through and it's primarily put forward for political consumption. >> mr. dewitt, your response? >> well, i will agree with bob,
1:35 pm
i don't look at president obama as an expert on foreign relations, by any means, and he's made a lot of missteps in that area. so i don't look 0 him as having the right answers. but i disagree with bob, when i think the american people believe ted cruz has at answer. a few years ago ted cruz was looking to triple the amount of immigrants coming to the country, in doing so, tripling the amount of muslims. ted cruz is not being serious, he's being a politician and giving a politician answer. donald trump is a businessman, he does things differently, he'll be the one to take our country back. >> the same mr. trump, ted cruz taking on the establishment of our own party, calling out the democrats on the other side of the aisle, where mr. trump was funding the other side of the aisle, funding harry reid and nancy pelosi and hillary clinton. so to say you put trust into
1:36 pm
somebody that is funding our opposition to people that side with barack obama i don't think that's the answer wisconsin or american people are looking for tonight. >> thank you. in this country, all eyes on the wisconsin primaries. the world is seeing the first casualty of the leak of the panama papers. there's 11 million documents reported on by the international consortium of investigative journalists alleging top officials hid billions in wealth through secret offshore. companies. the prime minister of iceland resigned in the wake of the government crisis sparked by some reports. protesters taking to streets. cnn money has not been able to independently verify the allegations. counting down to the first exit polls in the wisconsin primaries and battle over what mississippi is calling ache religious freedom bill. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional.
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welcome back to "the lead." breaking news, out of mississippi, governor phil bryant a religious freedom bill but some businesses are blasting as discrimination. paulo sandoval has the latest. the law says mississippians will not be punished by providing services to others if he feel doing so would violate the religious beliefs. it only protects three specific religious beliefs, what are they? >> that's what sets this apart. the law that now in place there by the governor signed today. throws three beliefs marriage united states a union between a man and a woman, that a person's sex is determined at birth and
1:42 pm
sex is reserved only for heterosexual couples. the beliefs laid out in the law here. go back to the example we've used before, same-sex couple turning to a florist for help with the wedding, in mississippi that florist would be able to say i do not believe in your lifestyle and then turn them away. the law now protects supporters of this, calling it the protection of people's rights. but then you hear the strong chorus of opponents saying, as you mentioned, jake, flat-out discrimination. just because this is signed doesn't mean that that conversation, of course, that debate, will end. >> and polo, in georgia under pressure from companies like disney, governor nathan deal conveniently vetoed a broadly written bill. was governor bryant under similar pressure? >> reporter: it's a similar headline. in the case of georgia, several fortune 500 companies based out of georgia, entertainment
1:43 pm
industry, movie making industry as well. aa result, the governor vetoed legislation, difficult to ignore the large pressure companies would put on the governor there. with respect to mississippi, yes, they are large companies that came forward trying to petition lawmakers and the governor to not take the -- not to sign this into law including nissan which employs 6200 people in one town but despite efforts, despite that -- those petitions we have this law. it will be interesting to see when and if somebody begins to a apeel this. aclu working around the clock to fight back legally. >> panel's back with to talk about the wisconsin primary. there's a lot of talk about family values in the campaign that was featured in the battle over the candidates' wives. we saw melania trump speaking at an event for her husband.
1:44 pm
take a listen. >> as you may know by now when you attack him, he will punch back ten times harder. he's a fighter and if you elect him to be your president, he will fight for you and for our country. he will work for you and with you. >> kevin, let me start with you, donald trump, according to polls, has high negative ratings among women, including republican women in wisconsin. do you think that melania trump coming out, talking about him, attesting to his character, can help? >> look, i say, first, she's effective, i think she's a very good surrogate, i think people tend to like her. but the damage on donald trump with women voters is so bad i don't think there's many surrogates that will help solve. you bring out a surrogate like a wife or daughter, wreinforce attributes you like about somebody, why they're a good father, why they're a good husband. hering with the controversial statements donald trump has done
1:45 pm
and so many offensive actions the damage is already done. while she's a likable person is not going to reverse the slide or help change the trajectory of the votes, of the polls we see with women voters. >> she is beautiful, it's nice to see her out there, i don't think she's relatable for most women. when your wife is the only one who will defend you i don't think that's a good thing for the trump campaign. >> there's other women, too. >> here's what melania depends on, the trump campaign depends on. he was able with the abortion answers to unite pro life and pro-choice women in condemnation of him, that's a big hurdle to overcome. if she were to gain any ground with women she has to depend hadn't him keeping a lid on his id and not saying something else that turns them off and i don't see that happening. >> one thing we forget, if this
1:46 pm
campaign is against hillary clinton, there are a number of women out there who have not very nice things to say about hillary clinton in terms of her conduct with bill clinton and keeping them repressed, et cetera. so you know, this is going to cut both ways. >> hold on. hold on. take a quick break. then coming right back. pick that up where it is. stay with us. a very quick break. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do.
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1:51 pm
bill clinton's and hillary's role. >> clearly feminist women and men are choosing which candidate to pick between they're going to go with donald trump over hillary clinton. this argument is so inflamingly absurd, the idea that hillary clinton, her husband who by the way is not running, her husband's personal offensive, however offensive they may be, dealings with women is remotely the same thing, on the same planet as donald trump calling women fat pigs and slobs and saying women, one out of three, having abortions should get some form of punishment. has repeated not only personal but policy insults towards women, that's him, he's the candidate, that's who we're voting for and hillary clinton goes without saying has a strong record of policy support for women and girls. there's no contest here and that is desperate and frankly sad argument. >> that's from the sanders supporter at the table. mr. mayor? >> i would add that this continued argument, this
1:52 pm
continued accusation, if you will, against hillary clinton that somehow because she defended her husband, she then has to take on whatever things were going on or somehow it's her fault. husband, wife, you know, when your husband, you know, you'd be lucky to have your wife defend you. >> we'll come to you jeffrey, hold on. >> there are some wonks who have looked at numbers and we know that both hillary clinton and trump are polarizing, they both have high unfavorable ratings. given his 70% unfavorable rating among women, they saying they has to win 70% of white men in the election. maybe that's doable, never hillary clinton strength in elections. but it seems like a really high bar, unless he changes his act and his tune, which is what to bring it full circle, melania trump was trying to do at that
1:53 pm
event. >> jeffrey, you are forced to defend things that i've never heard you remotely say at this table all the time. do you wish that the candidate you support would watch his step a little bit more? 4 sure, yeah. absolutely. i think it -- i think i'm not alone. i think his family and some others, ways to say things and ways not to say things. to clarify, if i may here, the accusation from the women it's not simply about bill clinton's conduct, it is about hillary clinton's conduct as an enabler and they were threatened. i'm just saying what they're saying. when ep you talk to -- feminists, hillary clinton, i will take that any moment and i am largely -- >> if you accusing her of -- >> when the republican party wants to support paid family leave for all, do something about wage equality, ensure that women have affordable quality access to health care, including reproductive freedom, then we can have this discussion. but if you want to use this as a
1:54 pm
fig leaf to try and attack hillary and democrats in general for being hard on women or bad for women -- >> it's not me it's women making the accusation. >> these women say this, these women say that. she defended her husband in a very tough family, personal situation. it should be left at that. whatever else is going on, that's between them. >> okay. potential preview of the general election. john, i want to ask you what gloria talked about when it comes to numbers and challenges donald trump might face, should he get the nomination, which he is still favored to done does he need to get 70%, 75% of the white male vote? what are challenges? both are polarizing, donald trump more so. >> look at donald trump's numbers, talking in the first week of april, not talking only as we head into the general election, he'd have to dramatically change numbers particularly standing among
1:55 pm
women, african-americans and latinos. if numbers he has today among women, african-american, latinos, if hillary clinton can turn out the obama coalition, she wins, period. she puts a couple of other red states back in play. if the election were tomorrow, hillary clinton right now, versus donald trump, everything on paper, tells you she would win and win convincingly. >> what states would be in play? >> north carolina. >> one poll, utah. >> i don't believe it. >> it shows you that states that republicans don't ever have to think or worry about, they'd have to double-check the math. are they in double play? i think not. if you have donald trump/hillary clinton election the map would look a lot like 2008, 2012. >> it's not tomorrow, it's november. we're focused on the wisconsin primary. donald trump and hillary clinton aren't even the nominees. stay with cnn for the wisconsin primaries throughout the night. see you in one hour. follow me on facebook and
1:56 pm
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who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at happening now, pivotal primary. will voters in wisconsin make swiss cheese out of donald trump's plans? will it make hillary clinton feel the bern? or put out this fire? it's up for grabs? first exit polling came out. crunching numbers to see who turned out today and what moved them to vote the way they did. what's next? bernie sanders says if he wins tonight and then in new york, he'll be the next president of the united states mapping out each candidate's path to the nomination and beyond. how it all might change after tonight. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm wolf blitzer, and you're in "the situation room."