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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WI Primary  CNN  April 5, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. this is live cnn special coverage. we're here for the republicans ted cruz has won in wisconsin and a contested convention in cleveland in july looks not only possible, but may even now be probable. bernie sanders upending the front-runner hillary clinton. sanders says his win tonight means the war for the democratic nomination will be decided at the democratic convention in philadelphia. to get there sanders needs to beat clinton by big margins again. sanders is calling his win a
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landslide. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primaries. [cheers and applause] and we have won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers. >> once again on the republican side, wisconsin picked ted cruz and cruz calls that decision a turning point, a rallying cry, he says, for the rest of the country to rise up and stop donald trump. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump. [ boos ] but the hard working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure that tonight was a victory
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for every american. >> we're covering the cruz campaign. very excited, very happy folks over there. >> reporter: that's right. the cruz campaign is ecstatic about their performance here tonight in wisconsin. it was interesting as senator cruz addressed this crowd, he really tried to make a rhetorical pivot towards a general election in celebrating his win here in wisconsin. during his speech he never once mentioned either of his republican rivals by name, instead mentioning hillary clinton a couple of times during his speech and ending his speech with the words hillary, we are coming for you. now, a cruz campaign official tells me tonight this is the tone and message that senator cruz will bring to the campaign trail going forward. that starts tomorrow when senator cruz campaigns in donald trump's home turf of new york. he will spend 48 hours in new york withholding events in the
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bronx tomorrow, an event outside of albany on thursday. while senator cruz is not focus og donald tru ing on donald trump, the cruz campaign has been forced to respond to donald trump. the statement of donald trump alleging that senator cruz is a puppet and trying to steel tal nomination. they say donald trump is a sore looser. this is donald trump in full meltdown mode. >> let's go to the bernie sanders campaign over in wyoming. they were thrilled over there as well. >> reporter: they were and he was trying to rile people up to get out and caucus for him here. he is insisting that he has a path to victory and he will prevail. they are citing his recent
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ability to reduce hillary clinton's lead in pledge delegates by 80 or so delegates. it's a considerable margin between them, but the sanders campaign says they're going to keep chipping away at that until they have a pledged delegate advantage and then they're going into the convention where they will try to convince super delegates to switch their allegiance to bernie sanders. they say this will reflect the will of the voters. the clinton campaign says it y negates the will of the voters. bernie sanders says we are not winding down, we are winding up. we're learning the campaign is still concerned about one challenge that bernie sanders is facing and that's his appeal with african-american voters. that will be essential in new york. they do believe they can close the gap, but it's interesting you heard bernie sanders
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tonight, he was imploring his supporters to have faith. he said ignore what you hear in the corporate media and he insisted there is still a path to the white house. >> thank you very much. dana, a lot of excitement for these two big winners tonight. >> that's right. let's break it down a little bit more. i'm joined by mike shields, the former chief of staff. let's take a step back and look at where we are on the republican side with the delegates. of course 1,237 to win. as of tonight donald trump has 743, ted cruz 507 and john kasich 145. if you were back in your old job you would be looking at these numbers and thinking what to yourself. >> getting ready and preparing for an open convention. that's what the rnc is doing. is isn't get an open convention. donald trump or tred cruz could
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get the numbers they need. >> it's fair to say it's -- >> it's unlikely. they are getting ready at the rnc to have an open transparent convention so everyone can see what's happening and the delegates get to choose the nominee on the floor of the convention. >> it seems to me now there are going to be two parallel campaigns from this point out. there's going to be one campaign about continuing to win primaries and caucuses and collect delegates from now through june 7th and then there's going to be this other full time simultaneous campaign that these candidates and their teams have to run, which is preparing for that open convention and making sure that they understand the process and starting to develop relationships with the human beings that are going to be delegates on the convention floor. we can look at polls to see who has the edge in upcoming states in this contest that's going on. do you look at the campaigns and say somebody is better organized
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than somebody else for what could be an open convention? >> yeah. there will be two campaigns and sometimes some of the things you say to win one campaign may hurt you in the other campaign. you're running against the party and you want the party's delegates to support you on the floor and you might offend them. ted cruz has had a better ground organization than almost any of the other campaigns. i think donald trump now is trying to catch up and get up to speed on that, but i think cruz has an advantage right now organizing at the state level and i think a lot of the people that are delegates are organically predisposed to be ted cruz people. a delegate may have been a tea party activist, they're the people more likely to want to be a delegate and they would start off being a ted cruz person more than a trump person. >> speaking of trump, he released a statement that was incredibly tough. mostly on ted cruz, but another shot at the party. he's been kind of doing this on and off. he did it last week on cnn to anderson cooper during the cnn
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town hall and then he went to the rnc and they made nice and he was okay and talked about the party and talked about a third-party challenge, but what do you make of that? is it a typical trump warning sign or is there more to it than that? >> i think part of it is running against the establishment. there's that message that you're sending out to the voters, but this is what we're talking about. the party bosses are trying to take this away from me is something you would say because you don't think you're going to get 1,237. if you got 1,237 you would say this is perfect. a lot of times the candidate's positions are where they see themselves on the campaign. >> we hear from the republican national committee over and over again that it's not the bosses, it's the delegates and that nothing will be decided, not even the rules of the rules, the platform, everything, without a majority of the delegates there and they do say it's going to be
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transparent. can't wait to put all those cameras in there. >> thanks very much. the big winners tonight, ted cruz and bernie sanders, they're winning in the badger state, but we're going to look at what's going on in new york right after this. ♪ america, let's take a break from politics this month. let's have a few bud lights and focus on what unites us all. three weeks of non-stop basketball. no! yes!
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see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. welcome back. let's reset. big wins tonight on the
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republican and democratic side. ted cruz the big winner on the republican side. he wins the republican presidential primary 85% of the vote is now in. he's got a significant lead. 48.9% to donald trump's 34.4%. only 14.2% for john kasich. a win of more than 133,000 votes for ted cruz at least of now. on the democratic side an impressive win for bernie sanders. 88% of the vote is in. he's got a lead 56.2% to 43.5%. more than a 100,000 vote advantage for bernie sanders on the democratic side. let's look at my home state of new york state. that's going to be the big contest in two weeks. a lot of delegates at stake. this is where both hillary clinton and donald trump hope to rebound. >> you want to talk about new york. one of the interesting things, buffalo, new york, the
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interesting thing about this is if you go back to the republican primary perspective, the race is usually almost over. it's essentially done by the time you get there. let's look at 2012, mitt romney got the entire state. 2008, john mccain won with a walk with walk. it's hard from the republican side to look at the state, but it's donald trump's home state. donald trump think he's going to win big at home and make the pain of tonight go away. 95 delegates in new york, can donald trump win 50% plus and win them all? if he wins them all, his math is still tough to get there before the convention, but he would take away the pain of tonight. on the democratic side, hillary clinton remembers this very well in a 2008 campaign that didn't go her way, her adopted home state of new york, senator obama
9:15 pm
winning one small county. she hopes to run it up. bernie sanders says he's going to contest. it's hard to go back and project it to this race except to say secretary clinton hopes to be confident. there's a sense of nerves there. what does it mean when you come this way? 95 delegates on the republican side. donald trump is going to end like this tonight. ted cruz closing in, but still not getting -- the key for republicans in new york is to -- even if donald trump wins, to keep him from winning it all. let's say ted cruz comes in second and john kasich comes in third, ted cruz would like to take more of those, but to keep donald trump from taking them all. it's a win for donald trump, but the math is still -- it's like lie to have an open convention. donald trump has to win big
9:16 pm
there. watch the polling in new york. trump has been above 50%. let's see if the cruz win in wisconsin effects the numbers. on the democratic side, a win for bernie sanders, he'll get a net gain of eight delegates. can hillary clinton rebound here, 291 delegates for the democrats. if she can win 55-45 she'll say we're back on track. >> unlike wisconsin, new york state on the democratic primary is a closed state. only registered democrats can vote. independents, republicans, they can't vote on the democratic side. you have to be a registered democrat. >> i'm back here with my mega monster panel. i appreciate it. ron, i want to start with you. looking ahead, what are you anticipating we're going to see in the next few weeks when it comes to victories in these soon to be primaries. >> if you look on the democratic
9:17 pm
side, bernie sanders has really made enormous progress from where he started. he started as a candidate depending on young voters. in fact he has dominated among young voters. he's gone beyond that and he's become competitive with those working class white voters. i think that points to a very good sequence of states that are coming up on the coast and oregon and also in kentucky and west virginia and possibly indiana as well. the big hill for him is he still has not cracked the diversity of the democratic party. hillary clinton wins 3/4 of the african-american voters. on the democratic side all of the big states are diverse states. even though he will probably win most of the remaining states that are voting, the challenge remains in places like pennsylvania, new york, california and new jersey. she's won every big state except
9:18 pm
michigan. that's the hill he has to get over after all this progress that he's made. >> do you think that it's like lie that neither sanders nor clinton will reach the magic number of delegates before the convention. >> he needs to change the dynamic for that to happen. you need a break through in more than one of these states. they're putting more stock in new jersey and california than they are in new york and pennsylvania. it's not inconceivable to see a path forward for him. the fact is that he has won now white voters in every state outside of the south except for iowa and ohio. she is really depending on the diversity of the democratic party as her last firewall and i think the question for sanders is what it has always been, can he crack that wall. so far a little bit of among latinos in illinois and navevad
9:19 pm
but not much of anything else. >> she ran off a series of victories in states like kentucky and west virginia and indiana. that was a narrow race. the question ultimately though is how do you get to the magic number and she seems to be in a position to get there. it's not going to be pretty, it's not going to be particularly satisfying, but it seems to me she's on a path to get there. >> on the republican side, there is no clear path to the magic number. if you look at donald trump who did not do well this evening, he can make up for his loss in wisconsin because you're coming into new york state, his home state, 95 delegates. it is closed, but the most recent polling we have shows him at 56%. will cruz's momentum help him?
9:20 pm
will kasich stay in? he's at 19%. you look at the states coming up they're really more for donald trump than they are for ted cruz. nothing succeeds like success so you have to say, but you have to say in the states coming up they're not natural terrain. >> what do we see out of trump in terms of his behavior? we've talked about how he's been behaviori behaving over the last couple of weeks. he's good at changing the subject after a loss. he's going to have a press conference later this week. what does he unveil. >> they suggest they're going to have a series of substantive policy speeches so it will be interesting to see how people receive that from donald trump. >> he's going to hammer the new york values comment. >> remind people what that is. >> during the debate we remember ted cruz going -- trying to court iowans by saying donald
9:21 pm
trump has new york values. he's heading into a place -- to my that was a 47% comment. where romney dismissed 47% of the electorate ted cruz dismissed the entire state. >> i think he meant to dismiss an entire city. >> a city, but a whole region of the country. you have new york and new jersey and connecticut. you have a region of the country that subscribes to these new york values. if i'm donald trump i'm hitting that message home. this is a man that insulted your integrity and you cannot vote for him. >> there's another problem for ted cruz. one of the reasons that ted cruz did so well in wisconsin is wisconsin has a conservative establishment, forging those fights over scott walker and the unions. there's nothing like that in the states going forward. new york and california these states have leaderless republican parties. the republican party
9:22 pm
establishment is not as strong in these states. they can't give cruz as much of a boost as they did in wisconsin. >> it is worth noting though how complete the collapse was for trump tonight. he lost things he hasn't lost before. he lost non-college white men in wisconsin. ted cruz did better among voters who are not evangelicals than he's done in any state and trump lost voters with a college education by almost 20 points. >> we've seen that cruz has been very unpopular in the east so far. >> if you're ted cruz are you going to go crazy spending a ton of money in new york. he'll have the fight there and he'll try to be competitive, but this isn't the end all be all state for him. it's donald trump's home state. what i'm looking for does donald trump win by a big margin. all ted cruz has to do is competitive and stop trump from getting 1,237 and he's prepared
9:23 pm
for this contested convention which we are accepting is going to happen. >> here's my question. since we are moving probably to a contested convention, this is going to take on a lot of strategy and a lot of working each delegate and figuring out how the rules work in all the states. donald trump has not been good at doing that. he had a talk with the r nc thi week. what does his statement tell us that he has learned about wisconsin where this was not natural terrain for cruz and how he's going to move forward. to me not a lot. it's a smear saying cruz is a criminal because he co lewded with his super pac. there's no evidence of that. there's not a lot of strategy here. he can change that, but the statement tonight suggests he he's the same donald trump. >> donald trump didn't get the result he wanted so how is the front-runner responding? we'll have more after this
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the battle for wisconsin now done and now the candidates there, new york the empire state, you're watching special coverage of the wisconsin primary. bernie sanders is the big winner. hillary clinton might be changing it up, but her campaign says its mission is to try to disqualify and defeat bernie
9:28 pm
sanders. for the republicans the margin was huge. tonight's big winner in wisconsin is ted cruz. now donald trump's path to 1,237, that's the magic number of delegates needed to clench the nomination, it's narrower. donald trump put out a statement where he accused ted cruz of breaking the law. tell our viewers what he said. >> reporter: that's right. in this statement donald trump had tough words for ted cruz. he said not only was he propelled by the anti-trump super pacs spending millions of dollars on false advertising with mr. trump, but he was coordinating with his own super pacs which is illegal. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he's a trojan horse attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. we have confidence that mr. trump will go on to win in new york where he holds a
9:29 pm
substantial lead in the polls and beyond. donald trump will hold a campaign rally here. later this week he will be in california for a press conference. they have their eyes on these two big delegate prizes. >> the two biggest delegate prizes of this race. jake, back to you. >> let's talk about what donald trump might be referring to with our panel. the only thing i can find out and i've asked the trump campaign for comment and i've not gotten any word back, is that they have been upset about the fact that in wisconsin ted cruz would go to rallies and the rallies would be basically hosted by a super pac that he was not -- that cruz was not supposed to be coordinating with. it's the keep the promise pact. we saw this with other campaigns on the road.
9:30 pm
carly fiorina would be out there and the super pac would be setting things up. a trump campaign spokesperson is quoted in this article so that might be what he's talking about. >> that's the problem. you say you're committing a crime and it's up to us to speculate what crime you may be committing. >> the point of his statement was not the super pacs. he did mention that -- >> that's a big deal. >> to me the bigger point is the establishment is using ted cruz as a trojan horse. one of the big things that came out of wisconsin tonight was a poll that showed 56% of the people who voted said that the person who has the greatest number of votes should be win the nomination. >> what does it mean to say that
9:31 pm
ted cruz is a trojan horse for the republican establishment? >> ted cruz is touting the fact that everyone is uniting behind him. the establishment is lining up behind ted cruz in advertising dollars. that establishment was against donald trump, which means they have to support and back trump to get never trump. >> the establishment is larger than i had ever imagined. i don't get the logic here. is it once you begin to unify anyone you're a stooge of the establishment so i don't know how trump brings people together. >> this is the death of the republican establishment. the fact they had to go to cruz who they don't like and he's much more conservative than they are shows how weak the republicans are. >> i find myself in the awkward position of explaining donald
9:32 pm
trump and defending him. the -- i agree that the charge of law breaking is out of bounds and kind of crazy, but the fundamental truth is ted cruz has become the instrument of the party establishment to try and stop donald trump. i think that's undeniable. you have person after person who have legions of quotes about how much they detest ted cruz now endorsing him for president. look at lindsey grahams' quotes. he could barely spit out the words. they're gathering around ted cruz because he is -- >> that's the anti-establishment nature of the entire race, not the fact -- >> it's a smart strategy on the part of donald trump to try and seize the anti-establishment mantle away from ted cruz and try to consolidate the anti-establishment vote. it may not work. >> look at that statement.
9:33 pm
it was nonsense. it was a mess. donald trump has hidden himself in such a corner, he has nowhere else's else to go. this guy that's outside the box, you can't unify the party being that guy. >> he wants to win the convention. >> he reached out to paul ryan. he's trying to unify the party. donald trump has taken a step forward, but the -- >> part of what you do when you start -- when you become the front-runner is you start to run a more professional campaign. one thing that hurt him last week is it was still amateur hour. he was winging it. that's part of what i think hurt him. >> you could see what david was talking about tonight just in the results of the exit polls. ted cruz's vote is going to be disassociated from ted cruz himself. >> you saw that in the results
9:34 pm
with only 13%. >> the fact that he won 45% of voters who are not evangelicals after not winning them in any state and going way above what he attracted anyone else, ted cruz is mostly a function -- kind of a function of donald trump. >> he's never trump. he's become the never trump movement. this is the man who engineered the government shut down. there are people who are now supporting him who hated him. he's just a vessel right now. >> on that note, we're going to take a quick break. a commanding win for ted cruz. cnn special coverage continues right after this very quick break. stay with us. ♪ [engine revs] ♪
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there was an interesting moment during ted cruz's acceptance speech. i want to play a little bit of it and then get the reaction from our panel. let's roll that tape. >> my wife, heidi -- [cheers and applause] heidi! hei heidi! heidi! heidi! [cheers and applause]
9:39 pm
>> i may be biassed, but isn't she going to make an amazing first lady? [cheers and applause] >> we love you wisconsin. >> heidi! heidi! heidi! >> sometimes a hug is not just a hug. let's talk about it with our panel. you know senator cruz and you know his wife, that was a statement. he was making a statement there. that was not just i love my wife. >> it was genuine too. heidi has been through a lot. this campaign went into the gutter, we all saw it, but none more so than her. trump tweeted out that nasty picture of her. i think it probably felt really good for both of them to win by taking the high road. you saw that expressed on stage.
9:40 pm
i thought it was a great moment. >> i agree with amanda entirely. i will offer criticism to the cruz speech writing. you have this great moment. i say read the lyric to "we are the champions". >> that was long. it was helped by the fact that sanders went longer than he did. i know you're not a fan of the tweet that donald trump sent, basically the my wife is hotter than your wife tweet he sent out so i'm not going to ask you to defend it, but doesn't he have anyone around him to say don't send that tweet because all you're going to do is help ted cruz because at the end of the day a lot of people don't like that. >> we saw melania say no
9:41 pm
re-tweets. even trump has come out and admitted it wasn't a good idea. melani melania's been attacked here too. she was attacked first. he responded in a poor way. this is the time where we saw no spouses. spouses are out of it. melania's now on the campaign trail and heidi's on the campaign trail and let's leave it there. >> now we go to new york where everything will be sweetness. >> life. >> the problem is the way that donald trump talks about women in general and this goes back to megyn kelly. we as a society have evolved in terms of the norms. we don't talk about woman in terms of point scoring among men. the value of women is to show how successful we are as men.
9:42 pm
donald trump talks that way. >> that's not fair. >> look at the ad they're running against him, the list of things he has said over the years. this will be a huge problem going forward. >> he has a daughter that he's empowered to run part of his company, he has a wife that's very successful -- >> that is not the same as you talk about -- >> i want to bring to this table -- >> there are a lot of women in his family -- >> excuse me -- >> this whole campaign has been an effort. at first donald trump was a racist. we've called him every name in the book. i look forward -- peter, i look forward to the new label you come up with next week. >> i was going to say something about ted cruz. we criticized ted cruz because he can be robotic and he -- people don't like him because
9:43 pm
he's arrogant and all kinds of things, whatever you want to say about him, this was a moment where he clearly felt his family was under fire. his wife was under fire. i'm sure there were a lot of difficult moments between the two of them during this race, particularly in the state of wisconsin and it was a genuine moment. it wasn't tipper and al at the convention. this was a genuine moment of affection because she had been through a lot. >> can i return to the trump point for a second? >> go ahead. >> honestly all the issues that have been raised you can debate them. i think the bigger problem is the one that was mentioned earlier, which he liked like a stumble bum last week. he went from one controversy to another controversy. races for president is a long
9:44 pm
audition for the toughest job on the planet. >> he's 31 points ahead in new york. he had a rough week, but nonetheless he is still leading in the polls and i think we're going to be singing a different tune in two weeks. >> ted cruz labeling tonight's victory a turning point in the republican race. he says he can get the magic number of delegates before the convention in cleveland. we'll look at the math after this. my fellow americans... they say we're a nation divided. that's not true. we agree on a lot.
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as a result of the people of wisconsin defying the pundits, i'm more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the number of delegates needed to win the republican nomination. [cheers and applause] either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland together we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. [cheers and applause] >> very happy ted cruz with his big win in wisconsin today. here's where the actual votes stand right now. 94% of the vote is in.
9:49 pm
cruz with 48.5%, donald trump with 34.9%. bernie sanders has 56.3%, hillary clinton 43.4%. he's up by 113,000 votes. i want to check in with mark preston right now. you're looking at the all important delegate count emerging out of wisconsin. what are you seeing? >> well, certainly ted cruz got bragging rights tonight with that big victory up in wisconsin, but he gained ground on donald trump. let's look at these numbers. ted cruz has picked up 33 delegates. to that point donald trump has only picked up three and john kasich has been shut out. how did ted cruz get to this point? he picked up 18 delegates by
9:50 pm
winning the state. overall state winner picks up 18 delegates. he also picked up five of the eight congressional districts as we talk right now. each of those congressional districts were worth three delegates each. donald trump only picked up one of those districts and right now it is too close to call in two of those districts. one of those districts is in the state capital. the other part is in the western part of the state. let's look at the overall delegate count if we can right now. donald trump has a fairly commanding lead. he has 743 delegates. ted cruz has 507. john kasich 145. but ted cruz said we're going to get the delegates before we get to cleveland or when we get to cleveland, well it will be probably be when gets to cleveland because at this point he needs to win 88% of the remaining delegates. donald trump needs to win 57%.
9:51 pm
it leads us probably to a contested convention in july. >> it leads us to john king right now. he's looking at this race to the nomination on the republican side. by all accounts it's looking increasingly more likely there could be a contested convention. >> let's look at the math. i give donald trump a few more delegates than our official count just to show you the difficulty of his math and the likelihood of that open convention. i give him that because there's some missouri delegates i award to mr. trump. we're coming into his neighborhood. i'm going to give him new york and connecticut and rhode island. i'll say mr. trump wins new jersey and pennsylvania. i'll give him maryland and
9:52 pm
delaware and west virginia as well. i'll leave indiana. out in the west ted cruz has done very well. let's just say as we go forward this could change, but it's to give you a sense of the difficulty of the math. let's say cruz is winning out in these states out here. we'll come down here and go up here. i'll leave california. i've left california and indi a indiana. trump has 993, assuming he does very well here. he could do better or worse, but for the sake of the hypothetical. who wins indiana. ted cruz thinks he'll win it. let's say he gets it. even if you gave it to donald trump and go back here, he gets a little bit closer. the big prize obviously california on june 7th. if this goes to donald trump and
9:53 pm
i gave him all the delegates and i gave him indiana he's just shy. >> 1,222. >> this would be difficult for republicans to say sorry mr. trump if he go the that close, but i did this in an incredibly generous way. under a very generous scenario trump comes up just short. if he doesn't perform as well as i just did, it could be right around 1,200. republicans this week are saying if he's close they will try to stop him at the convention. i do think we will end tonight saying an open convention is much more likely. >> that's what it looks like right now. thanks very much. let's go back to dana and david. >> thanks. look, this is something that we have been anticipating as a possibility, even a probability,
9:54 pm
but the fact is now we have numbers and data to back that up even more so. it's christmas in april for reporters, but it is so much of it is unchartered territory. yes there was an open convention 40 years ago, but the system was different than it is now. >> this is why the momentum of the contest to come and the mathematics and mastering of the rules, both of those things are important. let's look ahead. the next contest in april, all of them, except one, rhode island, are closed contests. as we saw tonight in the exit polls in wisconsin, among republicans, not independents, ted cruz won republicans by 20 points. >> he historically has done better in closed contests. >> independents no longer a trump category. trump he split them. he underperformed with
9:55 pm
independents. these were big qualities. he underperformed with those voters who are angry at the frequently government. he split these categories of his strong suites. we're moving into closed primaries so independents will won't be an opportunity for him. if the results of wisconsin impact the results to come, then cruz is going to start saying, hey, even though i won't have the delegates, even though we know this is going to a fight, i'm building momentum. i'm heading in the right direction if donald trump heads in the wrong direction. >> we have to look at the ifs. but tonight we started talking about wisconsin before we had the results about the fact that this may very well be kind of a one-off for donald trump and there's more fertile ground for
9:56 pm
him going forward, particularly in his home state. the fact that what i think is interesting and you've been looking at these exit polls, the fact that there wasn't a really stark gender gap that hurt donald trump given all of the bad publicity around his comments on abortion and so forth is really kind of stunning. i was in wisconsin last week in suburban milwaukee talking to women there and they were -- this was before all these comments were widely spread. they were very much anti-trump, but it didn't show up that much in these polls so that's certainly a ray of light for the trump campaign. >> no doubt about that. remember, we also saw people decided earlier. there weren't as many late deciders. perhaps if that was different maybe we would have seen more. i think we have a lot to learn about going forward into these next contests, but you're right, the trump campaign can look at
9:57 pm
that gender gap and say that didn't materialize and my supporters are still much more enth enth enthus arrestic about me. >> i will tell you that talking to anti-trump forces and strategists who are working on the never trump movement, they were very clear that they expected to do well tonight, but that going forward in the next few weeks and contests that they do not think that they're going to have as good nights. they're going to think -- they think that donald trump is going to do much better. >> the polls shows that donald trump is doing well in his home state of new york and we shall see. two weeks and counting. will the nation follow wisconsin's lead? ted cruz and bernie sanders are scoring resounding wins tonight. will their momentum carry them forward into new york and
9:58 pm
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