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tv   New Day  CNN  April 6, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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we have this election covered the way only cnn can. christine romans has a look at where the races stand now. >> hi. good morning, you guys. wisconsin was a must win for ted cruz and bernie sanders. and they did just that. let's look at the numbers. cruz's decisive victory in wisconsin shaking up the republican race now. he won with more than 48% of the vote. cruz will take 36 of those. now, donald trump will get three delegates for his second place finish, which means he is still on top of the gop delegate race. the math isn't adding up for him to clinch the nomination before the convention. this of course sets the stage for a delegate fight, fight at an open convention with 16 primaries and caucuses to go here. trump will need to win 60% of the remaining pledged delegates to reach the magical number of
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1,237. not impossible but unhikely. cruz and kasich are favored to do better in those states. 1,066, a little more than 200 behind clinton's delegate total. however, clinton leads sanders by a wide margin. hillary clinton, she's got about 36. she needs 36% of the remaining pledged delegates to clinch the nomination. superdelegates don't count until they vote on the convention floor. sanders campaign hoping some of them jump ship. both parties facing the real possibility of not having a nominee before the start of their conventions. wow. all right, christine. thank you so much. ted cruz has a decisive win on over donald trump and pushes the
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gop closer to a contested convention. trump, though, not giving up without a fight. phil mattingly joins us with more. >> ted cruz needed a big night. ted cruz got a big night. it may reset the republican race and pushes donald trump far away from the pathway he was hoping to have to secure the republican nomination before the convention in july. >> hillary, get ready. here we come. >> ted cruz pulling off a big win in wisconsin's republican primary. the victory for cruz narrowing donald trump's path to the nomination and moving the party ever closer to a contested convention. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> cruz's win the most substantial since his defeat of trump in iowa. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect
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state for donald trump. but the hard-working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure tonight was a victory for every american. >> trump facing an impossible mathematical challenge to a mass the 1237 to capture the nomination. after blunders, attack ads, the question about his ability to be presidential loosening the front-runner's grip as the presumptive nominee. former candidate lindsey graham, who reluctantly backed cruz, wrote well down, ted cruz. hopefully tonight is the turning point to deny donald trump 1237. >> only releasing a biting
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statement against the cruz campaign saying in part, lying ted cruz had the govern of wisconsin, many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind him. going on to say ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. cruz, meanwhile, celebrating his big win. >> my wife heidi. >> ensuring she shares the spotlight after trump retweeted an unflattering photo of her, which he later acknowledged may have been a mistake. >> the race moves east. 95 delegates at stake right here in new york. donald trump's advisers not trying to hold down. predicting one source told me 90 delegates could can come his way. it is not as favorable to ted
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cruz. looking to grab that momentum back in the weeks ahead. still one thing is very clear. last night a huge night for ted cruz and huge night for everybody trying to stop donald trump. all eyes now on cleveland >> phil, new york, the big one, no question. we have to look forward. new york is a little bit tricky on the gop side than people know. we will talk about that in a little bit. thank you for giving us the headline there. bernie sanders riding this wave of momentum, a decisive win in wisconsin. he has now defeated hillary clinton in six of the last seven states. the focus of the race shifts to new york as well. but you know what, this is not as easy as people thought it would be for hillary clinton. let's bring in jeff zeleny joining us with more. >> good morning, everyone now. this is what a winning streak looks like. bernie sanders is on one. he not only won wisconsin, but he won big, by 13 percentage points. clinton's campaign said prepared
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for a loss, but they were not prepared for a loss of this size. in the key battleground in the general election should she win. last night was all bernie sanders. he gave a bit of a definition of what momentum means. >> momentum is starting a campaign 60 to 70 points behind secretary clinton. momentum is the last couple of weeks they had the national polls which have had us one point or one point down. >> now, bernie sanders won across the board. mainly young voters. but also inspect voters. that is the biggest worrying segment of the electorate. the campaign has not been able to reach out to. as for hillary clinton, she did not have an event at all. she was at a fund-raiser last night in the bronx. she did send out new tweet, however congrats to bernie sanders on winning wisconsin.
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to all the voters who poured their hearts into this campaign, forward. 247 delegates at stake. a firewall if there was ever was one. >> we're also learning why they voted the way they did. which candidate could bring change front and center. what are you seeing, christine? >> clearly that ted cruz and bernie sanders dominated that primary. but there are surprises in exit polling. 87%, 87% of republican voters either angry or dissatisfied with the federal government. now, trump usually does very well with this group here. but cruz crushed trump with that 52%. 52% say they were dissatisfied going to cruz. trump was 29%. we asked voters who candidate
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can could bring needed change. this was close. trump and cruz very close here. but who can win in november. 68% chose ted cruz. kasich at 13%. also on the republican side, we asked when did you decide whom to vote for. donald trump scores half of all voters. trump supporters, looks like here, are loyal. voteers who made their decision last month, 62%. showing some of that momentum in the rough past few weeks. two surprises here for bernie sanders. 51% of wisconsin voters think he would be a better commander in chief than hillary clinton. that's a surprise in in poll. look at this margin for sanders. 83% he is more honest and trustworthy. clinton with 16% of that category, guys. >> all right.
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christine, thank you very much. appreciate it. another huge number we will talk about is excitement on the democratic side. another place that bernie sanders really popped last night. we have david gregory, maeve reston, and errol lewis. errol, you're in the hot seat at the desk here this morning. let's look at the side we were just talking about, the democratic side. this number, excitement. it was like 86-14 if that adds up to 100 on the side of bernie sanders. that's the big number we want to talk. start with the gop side. what's your take? >> when you look at the numbers, we had a question that we talked about just the other day, were the gaffes that donald trump committed last week, are they going to affect him? i think we have a piece of the answer. when the late breaking votes are going to ted cruz. when people are wondering about the ability to win in the fall are breaking toward ted cruz. much of what ted cruz said
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really apparently said is true. he is a valid alternative. if you want to win in november, he's got a case to make. trump can't pull it off and he can. and these gaffes that he had, the bad week that he had, he would shrug off and say, oh, i've been written off many times before. i think people are paying more attention right now. >> was wisconsin always going to be tough terrain for donald trump? is what we learned last night applicable to moving forward? >> i think it is in two respects. this should have been good for donald trump. you look at anti-trade message, working class white voters. it should have been a strong state for him. in the case of ted cruz, he is growing in terms of his ability to attract support outside his normalal base, christian conserve is active voters. he grew last night. donald trump is not growing. he is losing women. scores are going far down in
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terms of his ratings among women. that's a worrying sign for the fall as well, in addition to these contests. the challenge is can you take what happens and take it to the northeast, particularly new york where trump is likely to be strong. where if you're ted cruz you've got to do well. and the suburban districts. when you're dealing with john kasich, who again doesn't come up with anything last night, he is trying to presidential and seem presidential in the fall, can only hurt cruz and help trump, whatever trump says. a bigger field helps trump. >> trump says if it weren't for kasich in the race, he would have won ohio, and maybe that would have changed momentum. after wisconsin, we have an acute focus on the numbers like we haven't had before. maeve reston, the magic number we like to say, 1,237, it is a
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fibonacci number without the golden number. he does not win 60% of delegates. nobody wins because of the field. so how real after wisconsin is convention? >> i think it's a pretty real thing that's going to happen here. it's very difficult to say to see after last night. looking at that 60% number from donald trump, who has not been hitting that threshold, it is difficult to see how we could end up not having a contested convention. they say this as their last stand. i was talk to go some of the folks involved in that effort last night. they say this win last night is going to be amazing for fund raising abilities. they will now be focusing on flipping delegates in the states coming up. we have to look ahead at donald
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trump's delegate operation. he has been hiring people to can come in and help scoop up the delegates and make sure he has them locked down for the convention. i was making a lot of calls to colorado. just not seeing real effort there yet >> arizona and louisiana too could be big states. trump got all the delegates in arizona. but cruz's people are on the ground working those people. >> chris, the other thing is, we talk about an objective number but sit not a math number. if you're not at 1237, it's not game over. this is a negotiation. the negotiation will be ongoing. several at the convention. where if he's anywhere close, i spoke to top republicans who have him close. yes, he need 60%. he gets to 1,208. it's not hard to pick up extra
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points. i think that's what is important to remember. how close does he have to get to not be denied. >> donald trump did something interesting. he assured the cameras. he did not make any statement. but he did put out a written statement. i'm going to read it. get comfortable, everyone. it takes a while. it is interesting. it certainly bears reading here. donald j. trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment yet again. lying ted cruz has wisconsin, many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind. not only was he repelled by the anti-trump superpacs spending
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countless millions of dollars on false advertising about his own superpacs, who totally control him ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse used by the party boss. errol, there is a lot there. he is accusing ted cruz of a crime. >> yes. . i doubt there will be much follow-up to that. i don't know if the attorney general will look into this at all. what's interesting is what's missing from that statement. i donald trump can unify the republican party. in fact, this does just the opposite. accusing someone of a federal crime, saying something is going to be stolen from him. you don't get to be the nominee unless you have the majority of the delegates. >> this is the big fear for the rnc. is donald trump saying they're
3:16 am
taking this from me. that triggers the pledge. if you're fair to me, i'll respect the pledge. if he isn't -- >> more than just this statement. >> it's a sappling. >> the problem is these republicans see a calamity, in their view. they view, a lot of republicans -- look at the polling last night. the percent was 60% of the non-trump voter is getting the nomination. >> panel, thank you very much. we'll talk to you momentarily on the other side. let's get over to michaela. >> bernie sanders tasting victory again. seven wins for the vermont senator in the last eight were contests. hillary clinton ought to be nervous. is there something to that? our panel will discuss it next.
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with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have won seven of the last eight. >> bernie sanders continuing his winning streak, building home up as they battle for the next big contest in new york. what does this mean for hillary clinton? so, jeff, is this a turning point what happened last night? >> it's not in terms of the math. this is a point where we can't say often enough it's different for democrats and republicans how they select their nominees. for math, hillary clinton lost a touch of ground last night in wisconsin. even a win this big is only going to net her 10 more
3:22 am
delegat delegates. >> that doesn't sound compelling to people. seven out of eight states, bernie is on a roll. let's lay it out for people. >> i think he got 46 delegates and she got 36. that doesn't seem like a landslide. she is at 1,778, i believe, and he's at 11,097. >> inspect voters, young voters, even women voters. bernie sanders split the women vote in wisconsin. there are worry signs up and down the line here. but she still holds a big lead in delegates. and that's an issue. >> it is worth marinating on this, though.
3:23 am
don't hype, don't hype. i don't think it's hyping it too much. sometimes you have a primary that gives you a window into the actual state of play. do you believe that's what it is for the democrats? >> yes and no. i think the enthusiasm factor matters. the level of distrust that even primary voters have for hillary clinton. that is certainly going to become true in spades once we get to a general election that there are voters who don't trust her, don't think she's honest. that hope and enthusiasm that barack obama had in 2008 is not something that she has as a potentially historical candidate herself. a little bit of history is instructed. dan pfeiffer reminds us in 2008 we won six of the last nine contests. is and some by large margins. so this goes to jeff's point,
3:24 am
which is the math that matters now. not in terms of how many delegates you get as far as you move forward. >> so it's the math that matters. bernie sanders is hoping there will be a contested convention they say they will catch up with hillary clinton in pledged delegates. is that what we're looking at? >> that may or may not happen, of course. david made an excellent point. you go back to 2008, there was a lot of tension. it was really up in the air right up to the convention. it was clear that he obama had a delegate lead. you could make a case that in the last few, like california, there could be a surge. bernie sanders has every reason to feel not quite confident. he has a math to something that
3:25 am
could be called victory. rules changes. discussions about policy points. the rest of the ticket. a lot of things that sanders forces might want out of this election. all of that will be an ongoing discussion. >> zeleny, you have such great sourcing on all of this stuff. this is the party we're talking about. >> right. >> if these numbers exist within the party, that does have to make you nervous what happens outside of it. >> no doubt. look how she has changed as a candidate already. we have seen a shift to the left -- she's been in this race, what, almost a year. boy, this is not the type of candidate she thought she would be. she thought she would be moderating already. she is to the left here. she is trying to win over, you know, these sanders supporters. he has changed this conversation
3:26 am
and this race more than anything. but the biggest thing is money. no one ever expected bernie sanders to raise this money. there are 15 million reasons why the clinton campaign in brooklyn is upset. new york is a critical firewall. >> i think the clinton campaign wants focus on sanders in the way that we also focus on trump, which is on his credentials, his platform, acumen on foreign policy, his ability to get elected in the fall where she far outshines him. and his answers to the new york daily news shows deficiencies on policy areas. even in areas having to do with trade or breaking the banks. these are potential weaknesses
3:27 am
for him that get subsumed. >> not at the polls, it's baked in. the numbers aren't great for bernie sander. so a little bit of that is baked in. they're still going for him. >> panel, great to talk to you. >> so what does the candidate have to say about this named hillary clinton? we'll talk to her at 11:00 eastern. ask her to check the boxes here. the candidate is the best to answer them. >> and hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off in a cnn debate in brooklyn, next thursday, april 14th, five days before the new york primary. do not miss that. >> another important story. a growing backlash in mississippi that allows a new law for businesses to deny services to the lbgt community.
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critics are calling it legal discrimination. mississippi allowing private businesses to deny services to the lbgt community-based on religious freedom. >> they have been passed in several states since gay marriage was legalized last summer. why is mississippi so different? according to the experts i have spoken to, three religious beliefs by the state and that is marriage is a union between man and woman. it happens between a hetersexual married couple and sex is determined at birth. those are not protected by the state. which means anyone who doesn't necessarily agree with that would be able to deny services to individuals.
3:33 am
opponents of this call that discrimination. but you hear from some of the supporters who signed this into law who say they are simply trying to protect people's religious freedoms. >> there's no intent. there's no one on the part of the mississippi legislature who wants to discriminate or harm anyone. if they are worried about protecting people's rights, understand people of faith have rights. >> it is important to remember what's happening in north carolina where a similar debate took place. a law was passed that mandate what restrooms they can use. now something to put on our radar is tennessee. a bill there in the works soon to be debated next week that would give several caregivers, therapists and family counselors to turn away certain people based on their beliefs.
3:34 am
it will be a similar story to look out here for. but opponents hoping for a different outcome. >> corporate america responding too, saying they will take their business elsewhere. thank you so much for that. other news, merit garland back on capitol hill making his case for the job. mitch mcconnell says they will not have a nominee until after the election. he said a vote should happen. uconn women winning a record fourth consecutive ncaa championship over syracuse, 82-51 and capped another perfect season for the huskies at 38-0. the sixth time they have gone
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unbeaten. 75-game streak. the 11th national championship for head coach gene know arima. >> what a legacy. >> that is beautiful. >> big night for ted cruz. texas certain trouncing donald trump in wisconsin. cruz now claims he has a clear path to the nomination. does his math add up? the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes.
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senator ted cruz all smiles with a big win in wisconsin. he calls it a turning point. cruz victory making it almost impossible for donald trump to reach the magic 1,237 number before the republican convention. let's discuss how big this is and why. congrats last night, steve. >> more than a turning point is the earthquake the last two weeks. cruz took utah with amazing
3:40 am
numbers. then north dakota where he took 18 of 19 delegates. amazing show then. colorado. and now a major victory in wisconsin. two weeks ago they were saying it was tailor made for donald trump. you have seen a total shift in the republican party in this election going into the primaries in april, may, june. ted cruz has the momentum. since a year ago when ted cruz was in a field of 17 you see consistent leadership, consistent messaging. that's paying off over time. that's what people want in the white house. they want a solid candidate they can rely on. his erratic behavior by donald trump is paying off. >> in terms of turning point means the fates have changed.
3:41 am
when you look at the delegate count, if you want to put up the numbers, math can get deep. 60% on of the remaining delegates is what trump has to get. but your man can't win either. he needs 88%. i do know the campaign is working existing delegates, going to arizona and louisiana. even then it is a little bit of a stretch. what is your path to victory? >> and the delegates to jeb bush. it is going to be a battle. donald trump is losing support. the vast majority are against donald trump.
3:42 am
we are going into new york in two weeks. it will be a tough battle. i think you will see ted cruz competed expectations and do better than people think even if new york. >> how? >> by having a message that resonates with voters. he said new york values. what about 9/11? >> conservative republicans know exactly what that means. donald trump said de blasio would make new york great again. those are the values of wiener, spitzer, cuomo that donald trump has supported. >> so is it's just politics, not the people. >> it's just the politics. yesterday was the first day of common core testing in new york.
3:43 am
donald trump said it is the role of federal government to provide information. john kasich supports common core. here's another key issue where ted cruz's clear message will resonate with new york, as well as leadership in bringing jobs and security for the state of new york. >> so you don't think you win in new york, do you? >> i wouldn't predict a win. we will take delegates out of new york and we will exceed expectations. again, two weeks before wisconsin, they said it was tailor made for donald trump. now they say he will win big in new york. let's see how that plays out. wisconsin, one of the categories that mattered that is new is white nondegree having males. i don't love that demographic description. but he won this by a larger margin than we have seen. what does this mean? >> it means that people are galvanizing behind ted cruz.
3:44 am
you've saying they went for ted cruz? >> yeah, 49-38. >> that's because they understand real economic growth and want consistency in the white house. you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. it creates world turmoil and economic turmoil. we need to import and export products. we can't support a president who says we're going to create a trade war we cannot win. wisconsin voters understand this. they are very smart. as are new york voters. >> give me a yes or no on this. do you believe donald trump or any of his campaign team can bring out proof that he helped ted cruz inappropriately in wisconsin or the superpac coordinated with a campaign in a way that is illegal. >> absolutely, positively not.
3:45 am
another crazy allegations coming on out of donald trump's mouth, the things he would do to create world turmoil and economic turmoil. absolutely, positively not. he makes these accusations, lying ted and all of this nonsense. they are not going to buy it. >> thanks for being on "new day". appreciate it. >> thanks, chris. voters in the state citing trade, jobs, and the economy as chief concerns. will those issues propel ted cruz and bernie sanders to the top moving forward? we needed 30 new hires for our call center.
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. >> economy is issue number one for voters. something we have seen in almost every single primary state. 32% of voters tell us the economy is their top issue. government spending a close second. terrorism is third. not a surprise really of the attacks in brussels. what was a surprise of those who
3:49 am
said the economy and jobs is their top issue, they decidedly voted for ted cruz 46%. trump in second with 30%. more than half of all republican voters say trade takes away u.s. jobs. trade is a job killer. this is rich trump territory. in wisconsin, it was closer than in previous contests. much closer. donald trump with a slight edge over cruz. one-third of all democratic voters put the economy as their top issue. they voted for bernie sanders. 54% to clinton's 46%. guys. >> thanks so much for that, christine. bernie sanders flying high after his wisconsin win he is being criticized about a recent interview with the new york daily news. will his answers hurt him? let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would.
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because when they ship with us, their business becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you please keep this a secret. tkphot tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous, and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. that was bernie sanders celebrating his big win last night in wisconsin over hillary
3:54 am
clinton. that is six out of the last seven states for sanders. but he is also still recovering from a symptom pell in the editorial board of the new york daily news which raised questions whether the media has been tuff 'n uff on sanders. joining us now to talk about this is national a correspondent for the nation john and dylan myers. great to have both of you gentleman with us this morning. he had a resounding victory last night in wisconsin. do you think that perhaps the media has not taken him seriously enough? >> the core premise that you're getting to is an important one. i'm not sure the media has taken
3:55 am
the democratic race quite as seriously. it has grabbed the spotlight, and for reasons well discussed. as this contest gets to new york, if we believe the polls, the republican race is not going to be that close in new york. the democratic race will be very competitive. and new york is a media hot house. it is a place where we really do have things breaking fast, as dillon knows. and you have the daily news and the post that go at it every morning with incredible headlines. so i think this is going to be real test. >> it has been labeled a disaster in some corners for bernie sanders because of how he answered some questions. let me give an example of things that he botched. for example. >> one of his platforms seld break up greedy big banks.
3:56 am
he was asked by the editorial board, how would you go about that breaking up the banks? >> they are a danger to the economy over too big to fail. >> do you think the fed now has that authority? >> bernie sanders says i don't know if they have it. that seems like one he should have been able to hit out of the park. >> these sorts of answers happen throughout this interview. his issue was always about the economy. that really is what brought him as far as he's come.
3:57 am
but in an interview, he can't even really get into specifics he would break up the banks or implement this ambitious economic policy that he's brought up. the point is right. we're getting into a new york city media market. they're going to go hard and take advantage of the fact that they have two weeks in the national spotlight with the race. they're going to go hard on all of these candidates. for bernie sanders, a guy who has been able to get up there and rail against wall street day after day after day and get called for specifics and just say, well, you know, wall street deserves everything it gets but not have any specifics on that issue may be that time when people begin to take a second look at how effective he can be in actually implementing these proposals. >> john, here is another example. this is what you would do to fight isis basically and what you would do with a captured isis commander?
3:58 am
sanders said, imprison him. daily news says where? sanders says, if that leads us to guantanamo. they said, no, separate and apart from guantanamo. it could be there. it could be anywherement would where president sanders, what would you do? he said i haven't thought a lot about it. somewhere near the locale where that person was captured. shouldn't he have thought more about that answer? >> that's a rough answer. when you get to the heart of the matter, rather than the specifics of that issue, which people have wrestled with a great deal, what you recognize here is there is something unique about a newspaper editorial board session. you are sitting with a group of folks where they have done a lot of research. they would do editorials. they take stands. one of the critical moments is to have a clear stance, take it and let it sort out as it does.
3:59 am
>> why didn't bernie sanders have a clear stance on both those things. whether he has the authority to break up the banks and what he would do with impressioned isis commanders. >> well, i think that the answer to that is -- i can't get into somebody's head and say why you did or you didn't. but you have to in a setting like this. let me suggest on the first one, the banking question, i do think on that one, i'd like to see more questions and answers there. maybe some other additional newspaper editorial sessions. my sense is that sanders can and will do better on those. but of course this gets to the heart of the matter. you have two weeks. you're going to get hit aggressively again and again and again. there are not those opportunities to clean things up. you've got to hit the mark in every interview and every setting. for sanders, if he recognizes
4:00 am
that this interview did not go as he wanted it to go. >> yeah. >> and really get stronger, he could do fine in new york. but if you see a series of this, a pattern of this, new york city especially is the sort of place where this can become a real problem. >> sorry, dillon, we're out of time. >> no worries. >> appreciate you being here on "new day". talk to you soon. a lot of news, including the results of the wisconsin primaries, so let's get right to it. >> ted cruz can't win. no way. >> what an incredible victory tonight. >> we won in wisconsin. >> we won some. he has some. i have 2.5 million more votes than he does. >> this is a dirty business, politics. >> the facts are pretty clear. we have a path toward victory. >> trump may be the most outrageous. he is saying what all of them believe. >> let me just say, hillary, get
4:01 am
ready. here we come. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "new day". we begin with ted cruz and bernie sanders winning big in wisconsin and resetting the 2016 race. both candidates dealing blows to their party's front-runner. >> on a democratic side, big night as well. bernie sanders decisively winning six of the last seven states. but can he catch hillary clinton in terms of delegates. does this mean it has to come down to superdelegates. his campaign line is this will go to a convention. that was something no one was talking about even a month ago. cnn has this covered only the way we can. let's again with christine romans with a look at where the race stands right now. sit all about the numbers, my
4:02 am
friend. who better than you? >> wisconsin was a must win for ted cruz and bernie sanders. they both did just that. the state proving to be unfriendly territory. cruz's decisive victory. wisconsin shaking up the republican race. he won more than 48% of the votes. with 42 delegates up for grabs, cruz will take 36 of those. as we get into the home stretch, the math isn't adding up for him to clinch the nomination. 16 primaries and caucuses to go. 16 to go. trump will need to win 60% of the remaining pledge delegates to reach the magic number of 1,237. not impossible but up likely. turning now to the democratic race, bernie sanders. bernie sanders on top of 56% of that vote. that brings his number of pledged delegates to 1,066.
4:03 am
a little more than 200 behind hillary clinton's pledge delegate total. however, clinton leads sanders by a very, very wide margin among democratic establishment superdelegates. assuming all of those superdelegates remain committed to hillary clinton, she will need to win 36% of the remaining delegates, pledge delegates to clinch the nomination. superdelegates don't count until they vote on the convention floor. sanders campaign hoping some of them jump ship. both parties facing the real possibility, real possibility of not having a nominee before the start of their convention. when you thought it couldn't get more interesting. >> and then the intrigue builds. thanks so much for that. ted cruz crushing donald trump in wisconsin, making a contested convention a real possibility. you know trump is not going to go quietly. phil mattingly joins us live with more. >> no chance at all he is going
4:04 am
w quietly. the support of a very popular governor and a series of conservative talk radio hosts were hammering home a pro-cruz message. it looked a lot like what he did in iowa. and the results were similar. >> hillary, get ready. here we come. >> ted cruz pulling off a big win in wisconsin's republican primary. the victory for cruz narrowing donald trump's path to the nomination and moving the party ever closer to a contested convention. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> cruz's win the most substantial since hesitate defeat of trump in iowa. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump.
4:05 am
but the hard-working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure tonight was a victory for every american. >> trump facing an impossible mathematical challenge to amass the 1,237 to capture the nomination. after blunders, attack ads, the question about his ability to be presidential loosening the front-runner's grip as the presumptive nominee. former candidate lindsey graham, who reluctantly backed cruz, tweeting well done, ted cruz. hopefully tonight is the turning point to deny donald trump 1,237. >> could be a big surprise tonight, folks. >> trump campaign releasing a biting statement against the cruz campaign saying in part, lying ted cruz had the governor
4:06 am
of wisconsin, many conservative talk radio show hosts, and the entire party apparatus behind him. going on to say ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. cruz, meanwhile, celebrating his big win. >> my wife heidi. >> ensuring she shares the spotlight after trump retweeted an unflattering photo of her, which he later acknowledged was a mistake. >> suspect she going to make a lovely first lady? >> the race moves east. 95 delegates at stake right here in new york. donald trump's advisers not trying to hold down expectations at all. some predicting he could win 90 delegates. it would help him seize the momentum back. really no question at all what happens in wisconsin sets the stage for a very, very important
4:07 am
and interesting convention in cleveland. perhaps an open one. >> just gets interestinger and interestinger. >> great grammar. >> thank you. bernie sanders has beat hillary clinton in six of the last seven states. both rivals have ties. jeff zeleny has more. how is it looking, jeff. >> good morning, guys. if you look up in the dictionary under winning streak, bernie sanders's name would be on that list at least for now. he is coming off a string of wins here. that is what he hopes propel him to the new york primary, which is the next stop in a couple weeks. berne where sanders was in wyoming. caucuses on saturday coming up. he believes that will be another win to extend his streak. he talked a lot about that winning streak last night. >> with our victory tonight in
4:08 am
wisconsin, we have now won seven of eight of the last caucuses. and we have won almost all of them with overwhelming landslide numbers. >> now, if only the rules allowed for the number of wins, he would be in a better position. the reality here this morning is that hillary clinton still has a strong lead in pledge delegates. those are the rules. that's why theampaign is not licking their wounds but planning ahead. they will try and sort of disqualify him in the words of one aide to show he is not acceptable as nominee. she did not speak at all last night. she sent out a tweet. congrats to bernie sanders on winning wisconsin. to all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign, forward.
4:09 am
guys. >> jeff, thank you very much. wisconsin democrats and republicans did more than exercise their franchise in tuesday's primary. they also told us why they voted the way they did on issues like terrorism and immigration. christine romans is back with the deciding factors. christine, i left the one at the top of the list for you. >> all right. ted cruz winning across the board with basically all voters on on all issues here. terrorism, the top issue for 30% of voters. cruz did well, winning 50%. donald trump far behind in that category. the temporary ban on muslims widely supported by wisconsin gop voters. near 7 in 10 say they favor it. ted cruz narrowly won this group. 49% for cruz. just 43% favored trump. remember, this is one of his signature policy proposals. it is a question we need to be asking if trump hadn't brought it up.
4:10 am
one wrinkle with ted cruz is deportation for illegal immigrants. only 34% support that measure. donald trump eeking out a victory. 49% said trump is their man. 45% for ted cruz. on the democratic side, you know, a big win for bernie sanders. sanders's camp say he is gaining momentum. but the voters in wisconsin, they told us they think hillary clinton is the best candidate to take on donald trump. >> thanks for breaking all of that down for us. we want to bring in tim miller, former jeb bush spokesman and adviser to an anti-trump superpac. and commentator jeffrey lord, former reagan white house and trump supporter. great to have you here. >> good morning, ali. >> jeffrey, i'll start with you.
4:11 am
ted cruz called last night a turning point. is that how you would characterize it? >> is not yet. he won a great victory. congratulations to senator cruz and heidi cruz. but on we go. i've already heard chris discussing this this morning. i thought this was a mistake when i heard it the first time in iowa. the new york values is not going to play well in new york. i've got a lot of new york relatives. they're not too keen on ted cruz because of that remark. i'm sure that clip of ted cruz saying that will be played over and over and over again in new york media. >> tim, how do you characterize what happened with ted cruz and donald trump last night? >> sure. for starter, i wish donald trump was as gracious following defeat as jeffrey was right there. he sent out a typically childish statement where he made false claims about ted cruz last night
4:12 am
as usual. >> let me stop you for just a second. in case people missed it i want to read a portion of it for them. it's an interesting statement. so here's just a portion. >> interesting is one word of it. >> in fact, he sort of refers to you, tim. not by name. but in part. not only was cruz propelled by the anti-trump superpacs spending countless millions of dollars on on false advertising against mr. trump, but he was coordinating with his own superpacs, which is illegal. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. tim, just talk about that. >> he sounded like a fifth grader who lost a class election with that statement last night. his behavior continues to get lower and lower as the campaign
4:13 am
goes on. but i would say this in response to the substance of it. with regard to ted cruz, we are sitting here in washington. the establishment in washington hates it. and if you're mitch mcconnell type or one of the u.s. senators in d.c., they don't like ted cruz because they stood up to the establishment. donald trump is the worst not among establishment friendly voters but among very conservative voters, weekly churchgoers, among suburban women. because these voters who have is core values are turned off by donald trump. and those are the people standing up to donald trump, not the establishment. >> jeffrey, what is donald trump's evidence that ted cruz is committing a federal crime -- >> he has none. >> that tkroupbg? >> i saw the statement for the first time last night. so i honestly don't know. >> you don't know of any coordination? >> no, i don't. i'm just hearing this last night
4:14 am
for the first time. i don't know. i will say that -- i don't really think superpacs are a great idea. candidates ought to be responsible for their campaigns. there is the feeling that super pacs are somehow sending winks and nods to the candidate here. and that's not a good thing. one other thing here, ali, the republican establishment hates ted cruz. they can't stand him. i notice that the statement from senator graham put out in relation to the wisconsin victory, he congratulated ted cruz on stopping donald trump. he didn't say anything about ted cruz would make a really great president. >> oh. >> so the notion that donald trump is saying ted cruz is a trojan horse, i do believe that. i don't believe senator cruz believes that. there are all kinds of people trying to figure out how to defeat both of them >> lindsey graham has been very
4:15 am
clear he might be holding his nose. >> i think jeff relative made my point. that is not true. i don't know. maybe donald trump doesn't know what a trojan horse is. it is ridiculous to think ted cruz would do the bidding in d.c. e he is conservative. frankly, a lot of establishment folks in d.c. would rather have had a different candidate. here we are. ted cruz is at least a conservative. he has conservative values. >> tim, i want to -- >> he wouldn't do it knowingly. but he would be used. that's my point. >> i want to ask you a question. in terms of your anti-trump super pac where he says not only was cruz propelled by the super pac spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on false advertising against mr. trump, obviously you don't think it was false advertising. how much credit do you take for what happened in wisconsin with your ads? >> look, what we are trying to
4:16 am
do is put out a message to voters so they understand the truth about donald trump. the ads we ran were the furthest thing from false. they were pretty straightforward. it was demeaning remarks he made about women. and the fact that in donald trump's private sector life, he hasn't looked out for the regular voter. in fact, at every opportunity he's outsourced jobs rather than creating jobs in america. that's what we were putting forth to the voters. what was telling in wisconsin is that republicans and conserves from scott walker, ribble, stood up about how they need to reject donald trump. i hope more elected officials speak as clearly as they did because i think that made a big difference. >> jeffrey, what do you think that means moving forward to new york? >> i think in wisconsin, they had everything. they had a great organization, the cruz folks. they had everybody on their side. the ground is now shifting to
4:17 am
new york. i live in pennsylvania where donald trump is doing fairly well. i think governor kasich, who we are leaving out of this conversation in essence, a native pennsylvanian is going to eat into ted cruz's situation here. and, again, senator cruz went out of his way to slam new york values which loosely translated to northeastern values. values of people in pennsylvania, delaware, connecticut, rhode island. so i think he is going to have a hard sell there. >> new york is donald trump's home state. it is baked in the cake he is going to win there. we expect that as we look at the delegate strategy just as john kasich won ohio. this comment about new york values. rank and file republicans, conservative republican voteers know exactly what he means when he talks about the new york media and how it is out of step with republican values.
4:18 am
so i don't think that will affect ted cruz at all. >> but tim, ronald reagan carried new york state. how do you expect ted cruz to carry new york state in a fall election? >> recent general election polls show donald trump winning mississippi by three. forget new york. he will lose new york by 30. he is losing utah because mormons can see right through donald trump. they see he is a fraud. they don't trust him in utah and conservative faithful church-going voters. >> buckle in. >> let's not get ahead of ourselves. we'll look towards new york. tim, jeffrey, thank you very much for being here. >> thanks. >> thanks, ali. meanwhile, berne where sanders is ready to ride the momentum after beating hillary clinton in wisconsin. but can he win new york and catch up to her o'dell gatz?
4:19 am
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4:23 am
with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses. and we have won almost all of them with overwhelming land slide numbers. >> the senator is correct to question what does it mean? there's no question that last night wisconsin a big win, continuing the streak for the vermont senator. hillary clinton, though, still has a big delegate lead. a lot of this about math but momentum such that we now have the sanders campaign saying maybe the convention will be contested. we have van jones and former press secretary to first lady hillary clinton and deputy assistant to president bill clinton lisa caputo. good to have you. let's start with you. you're man one, van.
4:24 am
if this is momentum, what does it really mean? the math does not seem to be inclusion to path to victory out right, or is it? >> listen, first of all, he had a great night. he had a great run. new york will be the one to settle is the score. she has to win big and win big here. but he has to be able to prove that he can do well in a big state. last night he was waving the white flag. i'm not going to say anything mean. she said we're coming for bernie sanders. bernie sanders believes he is the better general election candidate. he believes the delegates will swing to him and he would be the
4:25 am
best germ election candidate. if he gets destroyed in new york, that argument goes away. >> how would you break up the banks? >> i don't know. >> how would you deal with isis when you capture people? i haven't thought about it. >> luckily that happened to him on paper and not on camera. the new york media will vet him in a way he has never been vetted. >> lisa, van doing a little bit of work for you there. to be fair, the campaign has been saying for a while we're not going to win in wisconsin. sanders is going to win. we will move into the north east and everything changes. they did a better job managing expectations than perhaps in earlier states. i don't think they saw the range. what's your take on why the news is still bright for the secretary. >> well, i think a couple of things, chris. first, you mentioned earlier the
4:26 am
math. math is on her side. she locked up a ton of superdelegates. the lead she has from a delegate standpoint is substantial. second, she is leading handy among african-americans and hispanics. the experience argument for her is very much playing in her favor. democrats for a person they feel is more experienced and much better to lead the country. democrats who favor continuing president obama's policies are in favor of hillary clinton. i do want to talk a little bit about going into new york. new york critical, as van said. new york, new jersey, california all huge delegate rich states you will see secretary clinton who represented the state for eight years, talking about the record, what she brought home
4:27 am
for citizens in the state of new york. and also don't underestimate that new york media. senator sanders didn't do himself any favors in the new york daily news interview print or tv. it's out there. it's public record. >> sanders won wisconsin. also, 14% of people who voted in wisconsin said i'm excited about hillary clinton. that's a troubling number, no matter what happens. these are democrats. >> absolutely. sanders has stressed the enthusiasm for sanders is palpable. he has the younger voters. here in new york city, you have a very strong progressive left voice. >> very effectively.
4:28 am
>> cantor is one of the best political operatives on earth. he will be all in for sanders. there are traps for her, problems for her. her record on criminal justice, welfare repeal or or nafta is going to get a big, strong look. new york city is the place. you have two weeks. both camps dug in battling each other. this is the state where you figure out does hillary clinton have the ability to take this guy out >> lisa, add more hype to the fire for me. i'm getting into it. i may stay in new york the next two straight weeks. >> you and me both. i think a couple of things. it is important to look at the daily news interview. the fact of the matter is when you're running for president, you've got to put forth substantive policy proposals. what was damaging i think in
4:29 am
that interview just objectively if you look at it, when you have your core bread and butter issue being an attack on wall street and breaking up the big banks, and when you are pressed by a member of the media, what would you do, what would your policy be? and you can't answer and you don't know what the regulatory statutes are, what the laws are. what is the power of the fed, the president. and the congress. that's your bread and butter issue. second, foreign policy. >> make your final point, he's sa. >> what would you do with israel and palestine? he said i'm not run to go run the government of israel. what would you do if you captured an isis commander. i don't know where i would put him in prison. and the gun issue very important in new york. he again supported immunity for gun manufacturers. so these issues are going to come home to roost in new york i think and throughout the rest of the primary. >> final point, van jones.
4:30 am
>> the good thing is on the policy questions, he can get an answer to those and have them by tonight. even donald trump with his fantasy wall was able to come up with a policy prescription to pay for it. that's not going to be his problem. he can deal with that. the challenge is you will be head to head for two weeks in the capital of the world. there is an opportunity for each side to make a mistake and it will cost you big. >> lisa, van, thank you. how great is it for you that next week we will have the cnn debate with hillary is and bernie in brooklyn. that is going to be a big moment. there is a lot of stake that night. there are big questions for hillary clinton. where it goes from here given what we see in the polls and with bernie sanders. she will answer for herself at 11:15 as it says on your screen. alisyn.
4:31 am
>> okay, chris, looking forward to that. back to the republican field and the duel between donald trump and ted cruz. how big a he blow was losing wisconsin for trump. the drama builds, as do the chances for a contested convention. powders, concealers and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins and antioxidants. your skin will look beautiful when you wear it and even after you take it off. neutrogena® cosmetics see what's possible. dogs - sure can be messy. but with nexgard, their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures.
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4:35 am
donald trump looking to rebound his home state of new york in two weeks after a loss in wisconsin last night. can trump get the delegates he need to lock in the nomination before the convention? joining us now is trump's senior adviser sarah huckabee sanders. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. good morning, alisyn. >> good morning, sarah. i want to ask you about the statement that the campaign put out last night after cruz's win. let me just read a portion of it for our viewers and get you to explain it. basically the campaign says not only was he, meaning cruz, propelled by the anti-trump super pacs spending countless
4:36 am
millions of dollars on false advertising but he was coordinating with his own super pacs, which is illegal, who totally control him. sarah, what is your evidence that cruz is coordinating with his super pac? >> i don't know about the specific evidence of coordination with a super pac. what i do know is donald trump has had over $70 million in attack ads spent against him. i think that's what they are referring to in terms of the powers that control ted cruz. he is a wall street funded candidate. he acts like the ultimate outsider. in reality, he is one of the ultimate insiders. that's what voters will be looking at particularly moving forward and moving into the next couple of contests. >> but sarah, you're the senior adviser for this campaign. the campaign, trump's campaign is accusing senator cruz of a federal crime. don't you need to present some evident of that? >> you know, i think that will
4:37 am
come in due time. i think super pacs will muddy the waters a lot in this cycle. we have seen a lot of candidates do this. one of the big questions, and it's a very gray area, and i have experienced it a lot in campaigns, how far can the super pacs go? they put together countless rallies on his behalf that he has attended. typically that's a really gray area that hasn't been ruled on. in this cycle and maybe the next several months, maybe we will see changes happen. they will have to make big decisions and rule whether candidates can participate in that type of activity. >> to be clear, do you think senator cruz is actively coordinating with his super pac, which is a federal crime? >> i think it is something we need to look at. i don't know specifically whether or not he is directly engaged. i do think it is something that is worth taking a look at and something we need to spend time
4:38 am
investigating. >> do you think they went too far in putting out a statement accusing him of a federal crime if you don't have evidence right now? >> again, i don't know the details. in wasn't with the campaign last night. i'm here in arkansas. they may have something i haven't seen. but i think there is definitely a pattern here of behavior that should be looked at and should be something we're focussed on. but moving forward the main thing we need to be focused on, who is going to win this election? i still think that will be donald trump. there is no question ted cruz had a good night last night, a good win in wisconsin. he is still several hundred delegates ahead of ted cruz. and i don't see any other states at this point that ted cruz has the potential to do well. i don't see anywhere where he may even pick up a win. last night 42 delegates at stake. moving forward, you have 267 delegates left this month alone.
4:39 am
and i think donald trump will take the lion's share of those and expand by greater margin by the end of this month. >> it also gets complicated for donald trump. as you know, we have to get to 1,237. to do so he has to win 60% of the contests coming up. he has to win 88%. skwr john kasich has an even harder road. he has been winning by 46%.
4:40 am
4:41 am
if you are gay, does that mean you should be treated differently? we thought this was decided in parts of the country but apparently not in parts of the south. we'll dbtd, next. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. growing backlash over controversial new laws in mississippi and north carolina. mississippi's governor signing a sweeping religious freedom bill into law to refuse service to
4:45 am
lgbt people. paypal pulling out of a hub in charlotte over a similar law. joining us, sarah warbellow, legal director for --. and paul. hope we can have a thought provoking conversation with the two of you. thank you for joining us. paul, some are wondering if this is a move by the conservatives as a new strategy in response to ruling on gay marriage. what is your reaction? >> i read the mississippi law last night. there is not a lot of overlap between it and north carolina's law. north carolina's laws were a reaction to really extreme weird ordinance passed by the city of charlotte a couple weeks ago. >> sarah, how do you respond to
4:46 am
that? >> nonsense. this is perfectly standard. the city of charlotte passed an ordinance similar to one passed in indianapolis in 1975. we have over 40 years of experience with core non discrimination ordinances at the city and state level that provide basic protections for lgbt people in every area of their lives. >> so what we've seen in north carolina specifically is that there are big corporations saying hey we're going to pump the brakes on doing business with you. we've seen paypal canceling a new operations center in charlotte. lion's gate have now moved a pilot to vancouver. the nba is reconsidering having its all-star game there. 120 voices of businesses have responded saying we're not okay with this. how do you respond to that? >> sure. let me talk about paypal and
4:47 am
nba. couple of things i don't understand. when paypal made its announcement that it was coming three weeks ago, north carolina had the same law on discrimination that it has today. i don't know if they were unaware of that. secondly, north carolina today has the same law statewide as about 32 other states.3 and the third thing, and this is -- the same with the nba, talking about not bringing all-star game to charlotte, the charlotte action is what paypal and nba said they wanted to see. so they are punishes charlotte. only charlotte will suffer from that. not the state of north carolina. like calling in air strikes on your own position. weird. >> what do you think. >> the north carolina law is uniquely terrible. i think some of the legislators would understand it better if
4:48 am
they spent more than 12 hours su shoveling it through. it strips away protections for people of all characteristics. race, sex, disability. forcing people to file lawsuits at the federal level instead of the state level. it stops cities from protecting their residents and visit irs including elizabeth peoplgbt pe. and then has outrageous provisions making a subset of women enter into men's restrooms. it is truly outrageous and that is why we've seen overwhelmingly businesses oppose. >> go ahead paul. >> almost none of that is accurate. i'll take a few of the points. they claim we took away rights for the handicap or disabled. no. we have an entire other statute with full remedies and
4:49 am
comprehensive coverage for those with disabilities. we took away no rights for those based on race, color, national origin. we do not force people into the wrong restroom. quite to the contrary t charlotte ordinance -- our bill only applies to government buildings and public schools. >> we know there is a new law as well in mississippi. and we can pull that up really quickly. some of the things. denial of services based on belief. marnl between the man and woman. sexual relations. we know these kind of laws can effect the bottom line of a state. can mississippi, the poorest state in the nation afford that? we need a quick response from you. >> i think not.
4:50 am
already businesses have spoken out. including major employers like toyota and nissan. this is bad for business. bad for the reputation of mississippi and the state can't afford it. >> thank you both. ted cruz's big wisconsin win raising the likelihood of a contested republican convention this summer. how will the battle over delegates go? we'll explore that next. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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all of these different numbers, magic numbers, delegate numbers. percentages. let's break down the state of play now and going into the conventions on both sides. we have the man to do it right now. miami shields, cnn delegate analyst. mike is former chief of staff at the rnc and president of a super pac that advocates for conservative issues. thank you for being with us this morning. we need some context. i've been joking that one two three seven sounds like a fibonacci number. tell us what the realities are. >> well the reality is that a majority wins. so you have to have 1237 delegates. as you said that is 50 percent plus one of the delegates that
4:55 am
votes on the floor of the convention in cleveland. everyone's seen these conventions before and they are sort of made for tv scripted events where you have people speaking on the stage. and they may have caught at -- the. the candidates have to appeal to the delegates of the convention to vote for them. that is way it used to be in history and both parts all the way up until around 1972 we started having primaries that kind of changed that. looks like now after last night's results that we're heading to a republican convention that is going to be open. >> when we are looking at how this happens, you have to get to one two three seven. not necessarily before the convention but at it. the idea, even if donald trump were to get there, would he keep them at a convention? on that point we just had a cruz team member say to us, hey we're working rubio, we're working jeb
4:56 am
bush. we're working the ground in arizona and l.ouisiana. why? >> because they are appealing to the delegates. after last night you are going to see two campaigns being run. one to the voters appealing for them to vote for them to win bound delegates at the convention. the other is to rub a campaign to the delegates. the delegates are people. they are going to be at the convention. they have their own wishes and believes about the nominee. so you want delegates that agree with your candidate because the delegates that you win in a primary are bound. but they are only bound to vote for you. they only have to vote for you on the first ballot. if a candidate doesn't get to 50% on the fist ballot after that they are unbound and can vote for whoever they want. >> so mike shields is not impressed by the notion that cruz needs to win 88% of the remaining delegates to get to
4:57 am
1237. trump needs to reach 60% plus of the cull until then. you are saying it is not over just because you are in the primaries. the game in some ways you are suggesting might not start until the convention. >> it is still possible for one of the candidates to win a majority of bound delegates before we go to cleveland. and then you would have what we traditionally have seen in the last 20 years, which is a presumptive nominee. it doesn't look as likely after last night. so yes, what that means is you are going to have to have this played out on the floor. so you are going to have people duking it out all the way to cleveland and trying to angle themselves. there have been candidates who have gone into the -- walter mondale, for instance, went in the convention in 1984 as the leader but short of the delegates. and we won over enough of the delegates to vote for him. so highwow big the gap also mat. if, for instance, donald trump goes in and 40 delegates short.
4:58 am
there might be some delegates for another candidate he can win over. he might be over to close a gap of 40. if he's down by 200, that is a different thing and looks more likely to have multiple ballots after that. not only are they appealing to the voters but they have to try to close that gap in the delegates. >> in 1984 and mondale, that was a big motivation for my pops. now that takes us to if we're going to a dpop convention and have it be contested and open, what do you see in john kasich? does it make sense to you that he's staying in the race? how real do you think his chances are there even if he goes 1 and 49 as ted cruz suggested? >> well i think the scenario for john kasich or anybody else, frankly would be if you have, for instance, that the front runner gets there and there is a ballot and they don't make it. so they did not get to 50% plus
4:59 am
one. then a second ballot and the second person doesn't make it. at that point you are going to start saying well neither one of these can get 50%. we now need to look at other candidates to have their names put forward. there is a rules meeting the week before the convention. it is made up of the delegates. so there is a rules committee of the delegates that are getting elected to the convention. they are going to set the rules for the convention and they will determine which candidates are going to have their names placed into nomination and how we are going to proceed with the votes. but i think what kasich is trying to do is have his name out there. amass some delegates. actually the person in third place is marco rubio. kasich is trying to get himself into a position where what if neither one of the candidates gets to 50 plus one. i'm here, i presented myself also as the candidate who could have his name placed in the.
5:00 am
>> rule 40 b. gave that eight state distinction to whether or not you can be on the ballot at the convention. mike shields, great to have you on "new day." welcome to the family. we're going to have you on plenty. thanks for setting us straight on how the delegates work. >> thank you. that is a big issue. you are going to hear a lot about the numbers this morning because of what happened in wisconsin. let's get to it. -- captions by vitac --
5:01 am
good morning. welcome to your "new day." wednesday april 6, now 8:00 in the east east. the election for president is different today than it was yesterday. underdogs ted cruz and bernie sanders are now more in the hunt than ever. both posting wins. cruz calling it a turning point in his campaign. trumpts path to the nomination more complicated as the delegate fight will likely go to a contested convention. >> on the other side, bernie sanders is riding a hot streak, winning 7 of the last 8 contests. easily defeating hillary clinton in wisconsin. next up delegate rich new york. can clinton stop sanders' momentum? and will democrats also face a contested convention? let's begin with christine romans breaking down where the race stands now. >> wisconsin was a must win for
5:02 am
ted cruz and bernie sanders and they both did just that. the state proving to be unfriendly territory for donald trump and hillary clinton. let's look on the numbers. cruz's victory shaking up the republican race. he won more than 48% with 42 delegates up for grabs. cruz will take 36. donald trump will get three delegates for his second place finish, which means he is still on top of the delegate pile here. as we get into the home stretch the math isn't adding up for him to clinch the nomination before the convention. this of course sets the stage for a delegate fight at app open convention with 16 primaries and caucuses to go. 16 to go. trump will need to win 60% of the remaining delegates. not impossible but unlikely. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders with 56% of the vote bringing his number of delegates to 1066, a little more than 200 behind hillary
5:03 am
clinton's delegate total. among super delegates, assuming they stay committed to their candidate, hillary clinton needs only about 36% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. but super delegates don't count until they vote on the convention floor. the sanders campaign hoping some of those will jump ship. both parties now facing the real possibility of not having a nominee before the start of their convention. so interesting michaela. >> it really is. cruz has won over trump making ab open convention more likely. but you think trump will give up without a fight right? said no one, ever. phil mattingly is here with more on that. >> ted cruz and his campaign made no secret of the fact that wisconsin was a huge state for them. they had a very big operation on the ground. they had the support of a very popular republican governor in scott walker and a series of
5:04 am
conservative talk radio hosts constantly hammering home a pro cruise message. >> hillary, get ready, here we go. >> ted cruz pulling off a pig win in wisconsin's primary. the victory for cruz narrowing trump's path to the in nomination and moving the party closer to a contested convention. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> cruz's win the most substantial since his defeat of trump in iowa. >> three weeks ago the media said wisconsin was a perfect state for donald trump. but the hard working men and women of wisconsin stood and campaigned tirelessly to make sure tonight was a victory for every american. >> trump facing a nearly
5:05 am
impossible mathematical challenge to amass the delegates needed to capture the nomination. a rough week of political blunder, attack ads and questions about his ability to be presidential, loosening the front runner's grip as the presumptive nominee. lindsey graham, tweeting well done ted cruz. hopefully tonight is the turning point to deny donald trump 1237 delegates. in the hours before polls close trump hit the trail hard. it wasn't enough. >> could have a big surprise tonight, folks. big surprise. >> trump's campaign mostly silent after the loss only releasing a biting statement against the cruz campaign, saying in part, lying ted cruz, had the governor of wisconsin. many conservative talk show hosts and the entire party behind him going on to say ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he's a trojan horse, being used
5:06 am
by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. cruz meanwhile celebrating his big win. >> my wife hyde. >> ensuring she shares the spotlight after trump shared an unflattering photo of her which he acknowledged was a mistake. >> i may be biased but isn't she going to make an amazing first lady. >> all eyes in the republican primary are turning right here, new york. the next big primary, april 19th. 95 delegates at stake. one of trump's advisors say they believe they could win as many as 90 of them. and the map only gets better for them after. places where donald trump can hopefull regain that momentum. but no question about it. last night a big night for ted cruz and a big night for anybody who's a huge fan of a possible contested convention in cleveland. >> thanks so much. we appreciate that.
5:07 am
to the democratic race now. bernard with another decisive win in wisconsin. he's now defeated hillary clinton in six of the last seven states. the race shifts to new york where both rivals have ties. >> bernie sanders is starting to get used to winning. you could see the look on his face last night as she whe was speaking in wyoming. all eyes are on new york though. where he hopes a win could slow or stop the lead of clinton. listen to what he said last night. >> please keep this a secret, do not secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous. and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state.
5:08 am
>> now the voters of new york of course will make that final decision there. bernie sanders knows he has a much tougher race here in new york. but the reality here is the mood in this democratic contest has changed. math remains the same but the mood changed. the clinton campaign i'm told is going to be more aggressively defining and disqualifying him, in the words of one aide, bernie sanders. so the next two weeks here so competitive here. hillary clinton knows this is her firewall if there ever was one. >> it is going to be very interesting to be in new york and read all of the new york media and how the weeks unfold. we are getting a clearer picture of the mood and issues on the minds of voters in wisconsin. democrats and republicans concerned with bread and butter. christine romans is back with the deciding factors in the wisconsin primary. what did you find? >> kitchen table economics. the economy issue number one for voters in wisconsin. something we've seen in almost every state so far. 37% of democratic voters put the
5:09 am
economy and jobs at the top of their list. followed by government spending, terrorism and immigration. of those voters who said the economy and jobs are number one, 54% voted for bernie sanders. 8 points more than hillary clinton. on the republican side, voters say they are fearful, fearful about the future of the u.s. economy. we've seen that play out in every contest so far. and look how frightened they are. 94% say they are worried. and of that 94%, voters broke decisively for cruz. now, that is a big win for him. because that issue has been trump's calling card. trump has repeatedly one those voters this cycle but this time it went for cruz. trade a very important subject for republicans and democrats. more than half of all voters say trade with other countries kill u.s. jobs. trump's victory over cruz slim. 43% to 42%.
5:10 am
very slim. a big change. trump usually absolutely dominates with that group. >> let's discuss wisconsin specifically from the republican perspective. senator cruz asked the voters there, in the historic words of fife dog, can i kick it? the resounding answer, yes you can. let's discuss with these guys. don't spend your time googling who i just referenced. let's just discuss the election. anna, we have a cruz person, a trump person. and yet you may be the most important person here this morning. not because you are sitting next to me. but because marco rubio, jeb bush now relevant again. what do you believe to be the state of play in this race? >> i think it is completely up in the air. i think it is getting increasingly unlikely anybody is going to get to 1237. open convention is looking more probable.
5:11 am
and if we don't have a presumptive nominee, if we don't have somebody that has 1237 plus one. >> going in. >> we're going into an open convention. it is going to mean that after the first ballot, nobody wins on the first ballot? then the second ballot is poaching, poaching of delegates. strategic. it is courting, it is lobbying. you are going to see what we haven't seen in years happen and it is going to happen in front of live tv with -- >> it is going to be a real convention. if that happens, it is a real convention, we're talking about john kasich in his role there because he's in third but he's not in third. marco rubio is in third. and that is going to be a big state of play here. how big a part of your campaign calculus, even though you got your win last night in wisconsin, you have your momentum presumptively. but marco rubio's delegates. jeb bush's supporters.
5:12 am
people up for grabs in arizona, louisiana. we know you are working them. what is the calculus? >> it is the principle that is important. the republican nominee for president and vice president as well needs to have the support of the majority of the republican party as represented through the detects who are elected and sent to the convention. at the end of the day the republican nominee is either going to be donald trump, in which case we go on to a disastrous general election. or it is going to be ted cruz in which case we can defeat hillary clinton and hold control of congress and win a lot of down ticket offices as well. it is going to be one of those two. any notion it is going to be some candidate who's not appeared on the ballot or dropped out long ago or even that it is going to be john kasich isn't realistic. and last night with a big win in wisconsin it is dramatically more likely that is going to be ted cruz. >> scotty, you do not agree with anything that mr. nearing just said. tell us why. >> i wish i was as optimistic as
5:13 am
mr. nehring. listen you look -- it's now about quality, not quantity if we do go into this brokered convention. and we are finding out where you had people who openly ran for jeb bush or marco rubio delegates replacing those delegate delegates. there is truly a trojan horse in the room right now. it is anybody's game. and it depends on the state republican laws. in wisconsin, the delegates were already elected prior to yesterday. they are just bound until the one-third vote takes place on the first or second ballot. but they have already been chosen and you know they are probably going to be more favorable towards people like paul ryan and governor scott walker if given that opportunity over a ted cruz or donald trump. >> any hispanic woman worth her
5:14 am
salt will tell you there is nothing better than being courted and being courted by many people is so much better than being courted by one person. >> is that only -- >> they might be bound on the first ballot. but if nobody wins in that first ballot it is an open game. and you are -- >> scotty's point is, let me reframe quickly. her point, nobody is more loyal than a trump person. 70 plus% say i'll never vote for anybody educationalse no matter. why wouldn't the delegates follow suit? >> first of all because it is nice to be wanted. we are going to be in uncharted territory. and i think at that point you are going to have -- you are going to be in pioneering ground. i do think that the trump delegates, the people that are trump people are trump people. they are not going anywhere. if they don't get to a majority, ted cruz has a chance, john kasich has a chance.
5:15 am
anybody has a chance. and i would not underestimate ted cruz's strategic ability. in places he has proven to have the best ground game. the best data mining. they have got a good, good organization. and donald trump needs to build up on his. >> so scotty, anna appears to be making the cruz case. scotty, how do you deal with the organization advantage cruz has? we've seen it work in the past. it could be at work right now. >> but you only get courted if you have that option. the state rules like in tennessee, the delegates are bound until the third vote. a lot of the states are the same way. it is not until they reach the third ballot. what we're finding are even cruz slots are being replaced by people that are rubio and others. even if they are going under the pretension they are a cruz support or a trump support and in reality they have openly
5:16 am
bashed both candidates and we're finding that in states across the united states. so nobody right now can be completely -- even trump people. i cannot be completely sure are really trump folks. that is why you are seeing the trump campaign building up and building up this side and make sure their delegates are truly trump supporters and that is hard when you have state parties manipulating rules, allowing people to come in -- >> oh here we go with the blaming the rules -- >> cruz is just as much trouble as trump people are. >> blame somebody else. it's always somebody else's fault whenever donald trump loses. >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- so on and so forth. just two days ago donald trump predicted, in fact yesterday he predicted there would be a big surprise that he was going to win in wisconsin. and then when he loses the trump
5:17 am
campaign always has to blame somebody else. the rules or somebody is trying to steal something. this, that. the other. there is a reason wisconsin was an inflection point in this campaign last night. and that is because wisconsin, nobody was paying more attention to the candidates in this race for the last two weeks than the voters of the state of wisconsin. every candidate was here. every candidate tried to win. even john kasich. donald trump added three events. boosted the media buy. brought his wife in. he did everything he could to try to win and he got shah lacked by 13 points. s at the end of the day ted cruz one here because of the superiority of his message and the fact that he's a better candidate and the republicans in this state rejected donald trump after all of the things that he did. people in this state got to know all of the candidates equally well. they embraced ted cruz and
5:18 am
rejected donald trump and that is why this place is completely new ball going forward. >> thank you very much. that is a very good taste of a state of play and where things are going to go this from here. >> couple other headlines to let you know o. iceland's prime minister seemingly the first casualty of the papers. sigmoider gun fredson. . amy schumer in a battle with glamour magazine. said she was never told she'd be featured in glamour's plus sized issue. she's between a size 6 and 8. plus size is being 12 and up. she doesn't want young girls looking at her size and thinking
5:19 am
that is plus size. -- glamour magazine --. >> let's hear it. >> we only have 40 minutes left. i could go all day with. >> is schumer right or is the magazine right? >> she's absolutely right. and it is disingenuous for them to label somebody plus size. plus size is above 12. and to be perfectly honest i think it is time to get rid of the word plus size anyway. >> never categorizing men by their sizes. that is interesting. haven't thought of that. >> it true. >> i would take moy macho as a size. -- >> bernie sanders momentum after wisconsin ultimately put a dent in hillary clinton's lead. that is a proposition the sanders campaign says the true. is there substance to it?
5:20 am
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5:23 am
sanders campaign getting a big boost from his win in wisconsin. he's hoping to carry that momentum in to new york. sanders decisive victory did not put much dent in hillary's delegate lead though. joining us to discuss is cnn senior political commentator
5:24 am
david axelrod. hi david. >> hi guys. >> was last night a game changer if for sanders campaign? >> no i don't think it was a game changer. obviously a good night and adds to his momentum but it doesn't change the math that much. that is the nature of the democratic party process. everybody goes home with a prize. and even though he won a substantial victory if wisconsin, he only cut the delegate lead by about 14 delegates. he's going to have to start ripping off big margins in big states in order to try and even up this race. and that is what he wants to do. he wants to even it up. drive it to the convention. make the case that he's a more electable candidate and get the super delegates to flip. it is a very difficult task he has. >> is it true that the ax believes that the most meaningful thing out of last few days wasn't at the ballots in wisconsin last night but was in
5:25 am
the daily news earlier, the answers bernie sanders gave to the editorial board there. if so, why? >> well i think it exposed the reality of his -- i think he's run a magnificent campaign in the sense that he has brought to the fore issues that are of deep concern to a lot of people. not just democrats about the way our economy functions. but when he was asked specific questions at the daily news about how he would implement his ideas, he was trump easyesque i way. he had no answer. and this is the great divide between clinton and sanders, in that she is a pragmatist. he's speaking in idealistic turms but not in pragmatic terms. and me knows this. he's been in the senate for 25 years. he understands the difficulty of getting things done. chris when he was on my pod cast a few month ago we were talking
5:26 am
about single payor healthcare. and i said we could not even get a public option in -- which is a modest proposal -- in the healthcare plan. how are you going to get single payor? and he really didn't have an answer to that question. and you saw some of that at the daily news editorial board. so as bernie sanders does better he's also going to get more scrutiny. >> do you think the media has given him a pass in terms of pressing him on specifics? >> you know, i think that there is a natural inclination not to expose someone to the same kind of scrutiny if you don't believe they are going to be a nominee. and i think there is a supposition on the part of the media that bernie sanders is not going to be the nominee of the party. so he hasn't gotten the same scrutiny. but the better he does the more he'll get. and you don't go through new
5:27 am
york without getting scorched a little by the media. i expect he'll be scrutinized for closely in the next couple weeks. >> van jones made a point that bernie is very lucky that was in print not on television what happened in the daily news. >> it's hard to replay it over and over. >> but there also may be a positive of bernie sanders being given some presumption of viability here. 14% of people in the exit polls in wisconsin -- i know the clinton campaign will say it is over weighted white. it is not really a reflection of the country's demographics in general. but 14%, ax, say they are excited. democrats. if clinton becomes president. that's real. that's consistent. that number has been the same or growing in terms of favorability for sanders. what about that? >> there is no doubt that there is more enthusiasm on his side of the equation. but the question is what happens in a general election?
5:28 am
and i think given what's going on in the republican side there is going to be plenty of enthusiasm on the democratic side. may not be motivated by the candidate but it will be motivated by the choice. so i wouldn't extrapolate too -- i think the more meaningful data point there is is that unlike on the republican side, on the democratic side democrats are relatively satisfied with their candidates. they may be more enthusiastic about sanders. but you don't see a third of the voters saying they would be scared if one of these candidates were nominated, which is what people said about donald trump in those exit polls yesterday. >> hillary clinton just did an interview with politico which they posted. we have a portion i can read you here. "there is a persistent organized effort to misrepresent my record and i don't appreciate that -- she's talking about bernie sanders -- and i feel sorry for that lot of the young people fed these misrepresentations.
5:29 am
i know senator sanders spends a lot of time attacking my husband, attacking president obama. i rarely hear him say anything anything about george w. bush who i think wrecked our economy." what duke of those sentiments? >> i understand her frustration. jeff weaver, great guy, doing a great job for bernard was on last night and kind of casually threw out well she's casually taking money from the gun lobby. these kind of things i'm sure irritate her. the notion that she is a pawn of the oil and the fossil fuel industry when she has fought for climate change. one thing i would stay away from. i would stay away in the insinuation that these young people who are inspired by bernie sanders are dupes and they are being fed misinformation and that is why they are enthusiastic about bernie sanders. >> all of these representations,
5:30 am
is he misrepresenting her record? >> i think that he is -- i think there are legitimate questions about the money that she's taken from wall street. the speeches that she made. i think that is a fair attack. i think on issues like climate change, the notion that she is somehow a pawn of the oil industry because she has taken some money from people who work for oil companies or that one guy gave her a contribution and she is suddenly taking money from the -- that is a very classic political game. i'm not saying he's doing anything politicians don't. but don't hold yourself out as someone who's a holier than thou when you are playing the game down and dirty just like everyone else. >> david axelrod. great to have you on "new day." no question there are real questions coming out of last night. who better to answer for the clinton campaign than the secretary herself. at 11:15 eastern i'll speak with
5:31 am
hillary clinton live during "at this hour." don't miss it. >> so you have clinton and sanders certainly going to be up against it when it comes to this next big primary in new york. so when better to have a big debate? camerota? >> i say thursday. >> what time? >> next thursday. 9:00 p.m. >> and where? >> in brooklyn. --. >> 8:31 in the east. wisconsin voters choosing the two sitting senators as their pick for president. what effect will the vote have on the 2016 race? ron johnson is here. the senator will discuss that with us next ♪
5:32 am
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wisconsin mattered. and that makes new york matter even more. delegate rich certainly the next big prize in the presidential election. what happens? let's discuss with somebody who knows all too well the impact a state can make.
5:36 am
wisconsin republican senator ron johnson, chairman of the senate committee on homeland security and governmental affairs. good to have you with us as always. want to discuss brussels and the implications back here at home but first let's start with the exigency of politics. how do you read the play of what last night means to your candidates and to your party? >> good morning chris. one thing being lost is we had a really important election for the wisconsin supreme court and justice rebecca bradley won that one running away. there were almost a hundred thousand more republican voters voting for that than the primary. that was incredibly important race. for my standpoint what the primary shows that the republican base is energized. and we're going to be coming out i think in droves in november. >> that is the concern. you are up for your race and it is about what reflection will the nominee of your party for president make on all of these
5:37 am
different elections. how concerned are you that if donald trump becomes the nominee, it is bad for senators named ron johnson. >> quite honestly i'm not even thinking about it all that much. because i've got my own race to run and i'm responsible for my open action, my own words. and no matter the candidate. we have a long process to play out here yet and nobody can predict it. whoever is our candidate, i intend to support that nominee. and once we have that nominee selected i think republicans are going to start focusing on the fact that the general election is going to be a comparison between bernie sanders the socialist or hillary clinton who let's face it has more baggage than airport claim area and a republican nominee. so i think that also will energize republican voters in wisconsin. >> do you think the race is a toss up? do you believe donald trump is not going to get to the magic number of 1237? or at least be able to keep that number when he gets to convention? >> again, i'm no political pundit. i'm just a manufacturer from
5:38 am
oshkosh, wisconsin. i'm a u.s. senator now but i'm going to lee the punditry to others. i'll focus on my own job as homeland security and my own election. >> you are not just from oshkosh. you do have a very important job in homeland security and governmental affairs. so what is your take away of this confused effort to get their hands around, in brussels and france, the nature and size and condition of that terrorist cell? and how does that reflect back here? >> shows the threat from islamic terrorist, especially coming out of middle east in syria and iraq is growing. the migrant flow certain contains some of those operatives but just the lack of assimilation within the european cities has also create a huge problem in fact that isis continues to exist. they will continue to inspire and most recently direct some of o those attacks.
5:39 am
it is going to have a spill effect. lits face it. in milwaukee, wisconsin we had a terrorist plot foiled. so until we really take out isis is really that first step. >> add big hearing yesterday. this is what you are competing with. people here say we're not belgium. we're not france. we don't have this insurgent population of muslims. we're different. we're isolated geographically and we don't deal with things like brussels here. is there concern in that con complacentsy? >> there is. it is also true. we are a nation of immigrants. we are really pretty unique in the world that way. so that provides us some measure of protection. but as we saw in san bernardino, california, the foiled plot in milwaukee, these threats are
5:40 am
real and ygrowing. i know the numbers are not totally accurate in the reports but it gives you an indication. prior to 9/11 there are about 5,000 terrorist attacks a year around the world. in 2012 increased to more and up to 15,000 individuals. it is hard to collaalculate the things. >> do you think the campaign in terms of how we deal with muslims and whether they should be allowed in or not affects the security profile of this coun y country. >> i don't think some of those discussions are particularly helpful. again we want positive engagement with really any community in america but particularly muslim communities we want to continue to assimilate. we have to secure the border. we have to defeat isis. there are a number of things we have to do. stop hollowing out the military. there are a host of problems and
5:41 am
challenges facing the nation, why is why it is so important. >> thank you so much for talkingic to us about the race and is it state of security here in the homeland. appreciate it. >> have a good day. >> you too sir. >> ted cruz's victory in wisconsin again raising questions about the contested republican convention. we'll sort through all of the math for you. welcome to stouffer's fit kitchen where world-class chefs meet top-notch nutritionists. prime cuts of meat... 25 grams of protein... bold flavorful sauces... and savory mouth watering sides. it's the perfect balance of delicious and nutritious. making it just the right fit for you. stouffer's fit kitchen meals. this is fit.
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time for cnn money now. christine romans is here with stuff. >> you heard them claim america's unemployment is higher than 5%. now a wall street bank agrees but the theory is more math than politics. a new report pegs the jobless rate more like 6%. the factor in the extra people and it boosts the unemployment rate a bit. we've seen signs of this recently in official data. participation in the labor
5:46 am
market has been rising since september. people are coming into the workforce. as hiring picks up more people are encouraged to start looking again. bank of america says 6% unemployment. still way below trump's claims of anything from 20 to 22% unemployment, chris. >> christine, nothing like your numbers with my morning coffee. so, what impact will the ted cruz victory in wisconsin have on the republican convention in cleveland? it is getting more likely. so we need to know the numbers and we'll give them next ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities.
5:47 am
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5:49 am all it takes......
5:50 am turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white... is the way to whiten. once you get passed the headline that trump beat trump in wisconsin, the next question, the one that matters most:what does it mean? what about the delegates now? what it leads to convention? what do the delegates do? let's talk to someone with keen insight. rnc committee woman from the state of nevada, also a delegate, and also supporting donald trump.
5:51 am
dianna olrock. dianna, good to have you with us. what is your concern? >> good morning, chris. i have very little concern. you know, you have to look at the bigger picture here. wisconsin is simply a microcosm, one state. and going in to wisconsin trump has well over 700 delegates. mr. cruz has over 400. john kasich is kind of in the basement. and going forward, i think donald trump maybe has a hill to climb but ted cruz has a mountain to climb. and i just don't think john kasich is going to get out of the basement. a lot of states coming up. lot more delegates and i think donald trump is going great. >> delegates like yourself only bound for the first vote. the reason i ask for your
5:52 am
concern is because you said absolutely you have one. quote, as far as the stealing of the trump nomination, that is a big concern for everybody, unquote. dianna orrock, why are you concerned that it will be stolen from donald trump? >> well, i don't know that it is going to be stolen. if we go into an open convention we'll have several subsequent ballots and i'm staying loyal to my first vote for donald trump. and all the subsequent ballots. and i think a vast majority of delegates will be doing the same. >> well that is not stealing, right? if i come to you and i'm working for john kasich or whoever and i say dianna think about it. he can't win in the general o or i don't like him because of this or i'll give you that. delegates can switch. the rules allow for it. >> they certainly can. >> do you think it is likely. >> they certainly can. i don't know that stealing is actually going to be going on.
5:53 am
i mean that could kind of amount to an illegal activity i think if people as delegates are actually being offered bribes. >> offering something to somebody doesn't have to be a bribe but you get my point. how many delegates for trump do you think will hold firm and not switch? >> i think the vast majority of his supporters are loyal and don't plan on switch. >> what do you see that suggests he would be able to compete in that type of environment in the convention, his ability to have the ground game at the convention, the machine to go to other delegates and try to work them? >> well i think that many of those delegates with candidates that have suspended their campaigns have pretty much made up their minds going forward. and there is going to be some switching after the first ballot. there is no doubt if that
5:54 am
occurs. but i think the vast majority of the people who have declared themselves as trump delegates are not going to be switching their votes. and i think that can be seen in the loyalty that he has in his supporters all across the nation. his message is so powerful and resonates with so americans, especially those in the republican party that are tired of politics as usual and the false promises they hear election cycle after election cycle. donald trump is refreshing. he's going to do some good things with this country and i think people really believe in his message. he believes in his message. >> as an rnc committee woman, do you agree with donald trump's analysis of the wisconsin race las night in a statement he put out suggesting that the party, meaning the rnc, made it easier for cruz to win last night. that he had them in his corner. do you believe the party did that last night?
5:55 am
>> well there is no doubt that many people in the higher echelon of the republican party, many of them may very well be from the rnc, are spent on sabotaging donald trump's campaign. they have been out in the open about that. so that could very well come into play in the individual states. certainly in wisconsin. but whether that hurts or harms are donald trump, i don't see that happening. >> dianna orrock, thank you very much for your perspective. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> up next the good stuff. stay with us.
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but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. this is what happens when you don't have a comb? >> does my hair look funny right now? >> not at all. >> did michaela mic iffy me with my hair. here is the good stuff. police officers called to check on a suspicious car. when they got there they found a woman and her 11-year-old daughter living out of that car. >> what happened? >> well they're homeland homeless.
6:00 am
here is what they do. they come in and arrange to have housing. that is their job. but this is not their job. on duty officer playing hopscotch with the child. his partner instinctively got out to play hopscotch to connect to let her know it is all okay. and he says he wants people to feel comfortable in tough situations. life is hard. you don't have to make it more hard. and it is not just protect and serve. it is part of being a human being. >> fantastic. --. >> stitched in there double. cost me an extra 15 hundred. >> "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. front runners


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