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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 6, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. welcome to "legal view." i'm ashleigh banfield an i'm not going to shout the election headline of the day because i know you have heard itted a nauseam already. bernie sanders won wisconsin. so did ted cruz. neither is the party's front runner and that's the bigger issue. they both get to make victory speeches and hold up newspaper front pages but how much does wisconsin mean in the only race that matters, that is the
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delegate race. short answer is honestly not a lot. wisconsin is not a winner-take-all state for the democrats. so sanders and hillary clinton split the delegates 46 for sanders and 36 for hillary clinton. the republican ted cruz's a win is more meaningful but not a lot if you think of it. 36 delegates versus three for donald trump. so it slows down trump's momentum and it does further add to the real possibility now of this complicated contested convention. put it in the lexicon, folks. contested convention. so much more real today. one person being uncharacteristically quiet today, that guy, donald trump. no tweets. angry or otherwise. no blaming, no pointing fingers but there was, oh, yeah, this statement from a campaign staffer last night calling ted cruz more names, barely
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mentioning wisconsin, although threatening he had stolen votes again and that he had broken the law by cohorting with super pacs with no evidence to show. in a few minutes here on cnn, hillary clinton will join us live for an interview. we are waiting for the exact word on when she's going to be able to hook up to the satellite. stay nimble, folks. she should be here very soon. with wisconsin down, there's a busy month ahead. serious delegate numbers to be crunched and waiting to be claimed. i want you to take a peek at this. important dates for the republican candidates. the biggest kahuna so far, new york. april 19th. then the following week is a very super tuesday. to the democrats, new york is huge for them, too. 247 delegates looking for homes to land in on just that one day. and here's last night's winners.
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ted cruz and bernie sanders, both of them basking in the glow of a wisconsin win. also looking forward to where that glow will take them. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> with our victory tonight in wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses. >> utah, colorado, north dakota, wisconsin. four victories. >> and we are having an excellent chance to win in oregon and california a. >> with colorado and wyoming finish voting, we are likely to have gained over 100 delegates on trump. >> please keep this secret. do not tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to get more nervous, but i believe we have an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in
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that state. >> hillary, get ready. here we come. >> fighting words. look at the panel that knows how to fight it out. john phillips, tara d cnn political commentator, jeff zeleny and smart guy in glasses and cnn political commentator bob beckel, smart guy in suspenders. bob, we are going to start with you. wisconsin is not new york. i think we all know that. i want you to dig in to this for me and let me know why this matters to the front runners and the folks that won last night. >> you could argue there is a little momentum. the problem is things change so quickly. not going to get momentum in two weeks them question about new york is the significant one now. bernie sanders, i was talking to his campaign strategist and they believe they can win new york.
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i'm trying to put it together. i have counted delegates for six presidential elections and i can get hillary clinton to the majority of delegates. i cannot get bernie sanders there at the republican side, t still has a chance to get to the majority but it is getting increasingly unlikely and if it goes to a second ballot, neither trump or cruz will get the majority. >> if we talk new york, let's talk democrats here. jeff zeleny, i know you are here in new york. nice to have you here. but look at the new york daily news headline. bernie's sandy hook shame. an interview in "the daily news" where he said to the question should the families of the sandy hook first graders be able to sue the gunmakers and he said no. that's why he gets the headline in a big new york newspaper at a time when he is coming to new york for the delegate contest. can he beat this down? can he do okay in this state
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against the former new york senator hillary clinton. >> this this is a welcome back home, bernie sanders. he likes to talk about how he was born in brooklyn and lived in new york city for 18 of his first years of life here. this is not a surprise to him. it is sending a signal or raising a flag this is a new, tough contest, a ruffin and tumble contest for the the next two weeks. look, all of the issues here that have been playing out are going to be playing out again on a bigger, louder stage. the issue of guns -- the clinton campaign believes is one of the biggest issues to use against bernie sanders. it takes on a new meaning here in new york. the sandy hook, you can't think of anything more emotional and raw than that. so it is one of the things that bernie sanders will have to defend himself against. ashleigh, i can't think of any of the bernie sanders supporters i have seen at his big rallies who will be persuaded or changed by a headline or a word of the
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daily news. i they like bernie sanders for other reasons. at this point in the campaign this is a closed primary here. you have to already be a registered democratic voter. most people know who they are going to vote for. they just need to get to the polls. i don't think there is as much persuasion as earlier contests. >> so there's the voters and delegates. to that end, i want to play something from ted cruz about the notion becoming far more real after the wisconsin, to get a contested convention for the republican nominee. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. >> i want to talk about that before factor. he said it is possible before the convention. he could reach the 1237.
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i'm looking at new york with 95 gop delegates. winner take all if you are over 50% there. pennsylvania 71, maryland 38, connecticut 28. by those are not really ted cruz states. how does he think he can do this orb or is he hedging his bests saying it is going to be a contested convention. >> i think it's the latter. ted cruz is unlikely to get to 1237 before the convention. after last night's results, it is almost guaranteed we are going to an open convention. it is interesting for me to watch the way the candidates react. ted cruz is trying to paint a pretty picture, but donald trump even though new york is favorable for him and pennsylvania also, there are other states that may prove to be fire walls like nebraska and indiana that come toward the end there. it's a game of delegates.
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as much as people don't like this, the trump folks teams try toing ignore the fact these are the rules of the game. they want to change the rules midstream. i don't know when that has happened. for 160 years the rules have been you have to get a majority of the delegates. that's the game we are playing here. for donald trump to come out with that statement and say to imply that ted cruz or anyone is trying to steal the nomination from him is just more political asymmetrical warfare and dishonest because that's not the way it works. >> john, that's your guy. she is driving your guy for his lack of understanding how how far the political machine works. she's right. no one is breaking rules. they are using the rules, much like donald trump said in the past, i used bankruptcy law because it was available to me. he can't have it both ways. do you think that the results last night will finally tell donald trump you need your team, sir? it is not just your personality, because that is topping you at
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37% and not going to get you to 1237. >> look, donald trump has been wildly off message the last two weeks. the ad attacking his wife where they essentially implied any beautiful woman that poses in a magazine is a hoochie mama got under his skin and got him talking about ted cruz's wife instead of immigration and trade and the failure of the republican establishment. bob beckel, as you mentioned, is a smart mayne man and his math is right. donald trump is the only republican who has a chance of winning outright without a contested convention. so what he has to do is go to new york, a big state with a lot of delegates and run up the score. in every poll i've seen of late he's polling north of 50%. in some polls north of 60%. if he does that, he's going to gain a ton of delegates in to other states that will be home games for him. states in the northeast, california, the pacific coast.
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i think donald has to get a win in new york, hit the reset buttonen and then he has a chance to win before we get to cleveland. >> stand by if you will. these two teases. the pretty ladies were up on the stages last night. heidi cruz and jane sanders prominently featured by their husbands. i'm not sure if this was with an attempt to go after the women's vote to say look at who i have by my side after the crap we heard last week. and then hillary clinton changing tactics when it came to bernie sanders and using words like disqualify and defeat. we will talk about that after this break [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. back with my super smart political panel. bob, first to you, we went to break so you could contemplate the whole time during break the significance of seeing the ladies out last night. we had ted cruz bringing heidi cruz who was i think safe to say aligned. a hug, smooch and kiss. on the right side of the screen, jane sanders coming up with bernie sanders. we know how important the women
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vote is, anything more important to it than that. >> absolutely not. that was decided before the voters. this has ban week or two of wives battles. now, they are frankly open game. it's been that way since the early part of the republic. but the way it is done this time has been a little harder. of course they set it up that way. you don't see a podium on election night in any state with background people are not preselected to do and send a message. >> speaking of strategy, jeff zeleny, great reporting from you in the clinton camp in a new shift in her strategy. here to for it has been gentle. now as you have reported she's going towards the words
9:17 am
disqualified, defeat and worry about unifying the party later. talk to me about your conversation. how they ended up at this point. was wisconsin a turning point for them or was michigan? this is a shift in they have to remind voters, the clinton campaign does not believe bernie sanders is qualified for the president as she is. when they disqualify, they are not saying he shouldn't be running as a democrat or is not constitutionally qualified. they mean his plans have not been thought out. you can see what secretary clinton has been saying this morning, during an earlier interview to the speech to the unions in philadelphia a few minutes ago. she is focusing on his plan. she is saying their numbers don't add up up. they are trying to shape voters
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and say, he's not as qualified for the white house as i am. one problem with this is the enthusiasm is on the side of senator sanders. there's no doubt about it. when i was at a rally he did at the bronx last thursday evening, when i saw 18 thourk people there, i thought this is a real fight for new york. she has a lot of advantages here, of course. she represented the state in the u.s. senate. this populous streak, this moment, this anger in the electorate that has been throughout the primary calendar here is alive and well in new york and amplified more by wall street income equality. they know they have a tough race here. the reason they are doing it is a defensive move. they know the sanders campaign about to hit them on fracking, upstate, income inequality. that's why they are preparing this. that's need to try to stop it. >> almost taking a page out of what is going on with donald trump how his critics have said he's not even a republican.
9:19 am
she is saying, i'm not sure that bernie sanders is a democrat looking at his independent record. look at the interesting meeting 0 over the last week. where somewhere around 100 or so republican operatives gathered in a room and ted cruz's idea was to start wrangling any kind of state delegate he could find in the new york contest. i wonder if you have the inside scoop whether this is a strategy because he brought him on to work the delegate angle when he started to realize that's there, i have to do that. and roger stone may enter the picture once again. they used to work together. >> that's right. i'm told donald trump has a strong ground operation in the state of new york, which is not
9:20 am
the case in some states. look, it is important for him to get over 50%. the delegate math doesn't work unless he wins big in these big blue states. let's face it, ted cruz is a guy who typecast his message to evangelical christians. he's going to have a difficult time appealing to voters that don't fit that narrow category. when you talk about a state like new york, a state where there aren't that many evangelical christians. in fact, you look to the south, the deep south, states where ted cruz thought he was going to run the table and donald trump won the deep south with a clean sweep. i don't think he will have a lot of luck in new york. i don't think donald trump will have a victory there and that will help to reset the button as he moves to the other states. >> big victory is 50% or more. he has been topping 37, 40 and that's not going to do it for
9:21 am
him. cruz thinks he can scrape away. i keep saying mining for delegates everywhere. we have been mentioned john kasich. should we? >> he is still around, right? i think john kasich may play fairly well in new york. he maybe the difference that prevents donald trump from reaching that 50% threshold. i think john is right that new york is not necessarily ted cruz country, but upstate new york is very different than new york city. upstate new york is, you know, people forget about that a lot of times but it is conservative, maybe not evangelical christians but there is opportunity to -- that's where he was born. >> right. >> 71 gop delegates in pennsylvania. that's not something to shake your fist at. >> pennsylvania is a complicated state when it comes to delegate
9:22 am
allocation. they have unassigned delegates. past new york we will tab about how complicated pennsylvania is and delegates matter there. even the oddsmakers have come out and said it looks like it is 80% chance that we will have an open convention. delegates matter. >> apparently you can go and try to figure out your own pathway forward. and people wouldn't have been this nerdy up until now. this is the first time we have all been super nerds. >> thank you. coming up this hour, as i mentioned off the top, 22 minutes ago, hillary clinton live on cnn. the democratic front runner talking about moving past wisconsin. a short tweet last night but it was real magnanimous. congratulations to bernie. i wonder if she felt that in her heart. and she said it is looking good
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in new york but how good? hillary clinton and sanders going head to head in a debate here on cnn april 14th, 9:00 p.m. eastern. mark your calendar. and mark your calendar for three minutes from now because we will be right back and senator clinton will join us live. yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at i'm spending too muchs for time hiringnter. and not enough time in my kitchen. (announcer) need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 100 of the web's leading job boards with a single click. then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list.
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i don't know if you have been following this story that started small and got big in alabama but the governor of that state is now facing possible impeachment. it's all because of the scandal. a number of state lawmakers say
9:28 am
that governor bentley needs to go after being accused of having an affair with a former top aide named rebecca mason. governor bentley said there are no grounds for impeachment and he believes the move is based on political grandstanding. here's why. he says, emphatically that he denies having a physical affair with miss mason. he said he will not resign over all of this. he has apologized in the wake of some pretty salacious audio recordings. they were from 2014 and surfaced last month. they are between bentley and someone who is believed to be ms. mason. here's the deal. normally i wouldn't play this kind of stuff on daytime tv in a newscast but it is specific to the denial of a physical relationship. i have to give you a warning if i'm going to play this audiotape, you are about to hear something of an extraordinarily
9:29 am
explicit nature. this may not be suitable. i'm just going to say it is not suitable for all ages. have a look. >> you know what, when i stand behind you and i put my harms around you and i put my hands on you and pull you in real close, i love that too. >> see, look at danny's reaction. >> 0 oh, dear. >> you are blushing over this stuff, like they have never heard it before. cnn j jeffrey toobin and danny savalos. i want to say the words again when you deny of having a physical affair and aud i owe tape says when i stand behind you and put my hands on your breasts, i love that too. >> that is a country song. >> honest to god, it is.
9:30 am
>> it is certainly not the kind of thing you expect your governor to say if it is not his wife and wouldn't expect to have an audiotape. how can he deny having a faa physical affair and have this audiotape out there and he knows it is 0 out there. jeffrey? >> the -- people deny things all the time. who knows what the relationship is between this gentleman, the governor and miss may john. >> when i put my arms around you and pull you close and put my hands on your breasts. >> i don't want to speculate. >> i will jump in. criminal law has long recognized the most natural human impulse in the first instance is deny, deny, deny. in some aspects criminal procedure allows for that and doesn't always penalize you for that instinctual i didn't do it. every not guilty plea is a
9:31 am
denial fact of the facts. what explanation can there be for audio like this, i don't know. i'm sure someone more creative than i will come up with an explanation. >> other than ew, this is disgusting, i think it is if these "politico"s want to impeach this governor, it's not so simple. there was -- he didn't say this under oath. he didn't actually break any laws. maybe he is being a dirty birdie but is that good enough for an impeachment? >> the thing about impeachment people don't raek news is it is always a political, not a legal act. if the state legislatures of alabama decide it's impeachment, than it is impeachable. even though there's no criminal offense, even alleged. >> impeachment looks and smells like a trial. it seems like a normal proceeding in court but it is not. it can be confusing.
9:32 am
it is dictated by the legislature, procedure and it's not even if he is found guilty it is not civil or criminal liability. it's just impeachment. >> and the whole removal from office. i have to leave it there but it is not the last word on that. thank you for that. straight ahead, hillary clinton will join us live here on cnn wchl we discuss what happened last night. all about last night, wisconsin. the upcoming debate which will be really good. and then her strategy moving forward. oh, yeah, and the whole new strategy to really rip in to her opponent now and disqualify and defeat him. that's new. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday, or if you're young or old. no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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ted cruz, bernie sanders walking away from wisconsin with a big mo. if you are new to politics that is momentum and everybody wants it. their big wins yesterday in the primaries had less to to do with who the voters picked than why. some of the reasons are surprising. dig deep in the numbers and that's what christine romans has done. >> reporter: ashleigh, the economy issue number one in wisconsin. something we have seen in almost every state so far. 37% of democratic voters put economy and jobs at the top of the list, followed by government spending, terrorism, income inequality and health care. 54% voted for bernie sanders, eight more than hillary clinton. voters are fearful about the economy. we have seen that play out in every contest so far. 94% of wisconsinens say they are worried. 6% are not. of the 94%, voters broke decisively for ted kruz cruz.
9:38 am
a win for him because donald trump repeatedly won those voters this election cycle. trade, more than half of all republican voters say trade with other countries kills u.s. jobs. donald trump won those voters. he had the most states but look at this, trump's victory over cruz very small, 33 to 54%. trump usually nominates. a returning point in with wisconsin. thank you for look tg to that for me. there's someone else who works here who i adore equally and that chris cuomo. here's why adore you, you are adorable and get the great booking. how on earth you get secretary clinton? >> all about the power of cnn. there's no question. everybody knows nobody's covering the election the way we are. as you know they come to this
9:39 am
show. everybody wants to be relevant here and this is an important time. what does wisconsin mean in terms of the next phase of the race? i believe we saw a reset here. in different ways in two different parties. who better to answer for what bernie sanders momentum means six out of seven contests, what the exit polls showed us what happens coming in to new york than hillary clinton herself. we are waiting for secretary clinton right now. when she is ready we will get after it. >> so this notion that jeff zeleny was able to get about her retooling how she will go after bernie sanders. it is looking like it will start to get ugly. not something i expected. >> i don't know if it will get ugly. we will have to see. i saw her pressed on another show this morning about do you think he is qualified, and clinton side stepped it, as you would argue she should. she shouldn't be in the business of equal waiting her opponents in this way but that's all we see on the gop said side and she
9:40 am
said let's let the voters decide. zeleny is well wired in that campaign and an excellent reporter. we all know that. but i think there is a plus-minus for clinton going after sanders. sanders is not easy to attack. why? because not unlike trump, very different but stay with me, there's such high passion for people who support him that you have to be careful about how you speak negatively about the candidate without alienating the base in a way you may not be able to recover from. >> you need those people. i'm dealing with that later. i will you know fie them later. i need to win these states. >> absolutely. i would think her people would suggest the math is very much on her side. can things change, yes we are talking about the possible, not the probable. the biggest concern for hem right now, right now, is how does clinton emerge from this contest? what happens with sanders if he doesn't win but when it is
9:41 am
convention time and he has a mighty following. how do you do less? what about the numbers about enthusiasm for you as president of the united states among your own, among democrats, trust among your own. how do you deal with those? once you get done as the nominee, if that happens for her, now you have the real test in front of you. i think that's a basis of concern and that's why there are things that hillary clinton needs to address now. >> >> i we thought it would be wrapped up by march and now april and i'm not sure they will be with april. >> introducing people to the idea of momentum in politics. another word that happens in politics is wrong. they were wrong. the assesslements of senator sanders were wrong. we were talking about how it seems like forever ago that i had senator sanders on more than once and he would be talking income equality. that's what you need the election to be about. we would openly say to the
9:42 am
senator, if you care so much, why don't you get in to the race. who wants to have this conversation, me, running for president, now. the man is a walking hashtag and has an a incredible movement around him. that's why you play the game and have the campaign. people mistook the mood of the country. and they mistook the ability of people to harness that mood. big /* newspaper all over the walks everywhere, sandy hook shame. i can only imagine she will go after him on gun control and use this against him. she has two weeks to do whatever she wants to get that new york vote. >> this hopefully will get a chance to interview the secretary shortly. certainly going to ask about it. i think it's rare that you get an issue that you see a
9:43 am
candidate say this is the big difference. secretary clinton said this morning, this is a big difference between me and senator sanders. i want to talk to the secretary about what she sees the difference as and how legit it is. this is about what liability standard you apply to gunmakers. i think this is something that plays one way emotionally and another way logically and legally. that's an interesting space to navigate. both of us love it very much. >> for new york, when you say sandy hook emotion takes over. >> anywhere, anywhere. you have kids, i have kids, whether you have kids or not. >> but it is what makes it safe for kids like those going forward? what has worked in this past and in the fiech and can you get it done? those are as important as the emotion at the end of the day. why do you feel the emotional loss? where is the emotion taking you, the desire. >> blame.
9:44 am
>> blame and then you want change. because blame doesn't heal. what heals is change. it won't happen again. it will be different. >> so you know as well as i do, having worked on campaigns, my goodness, you have to be nimble and quick. we are getting her set up and ready to go. a live interview shortly. stay tuned. back after this break. ram trucks are reaching new heights when it comes to capability and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-size pickup. ever. so what does that mean? it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds. so go big. and go far. because the best never rest. perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company
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the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. the backlash of groups and was to this one day old law allows churches, charities and businesses and even state officials the right to refuse services, based on religious grounds to gay people and to transgender people. governor says the legislation is meant to protect religious freedom, but the critics say it is just a blanket allowance for discrimination against the lgbt community. it comes as pressure grows to repeal something similar in north carolina. a law i that requires people in that state to use public restrooms that corresponds with the sex on their birth
9:49 am
certificate and not the sex they identify. jeffrey toobin is back with me now. i want to ask you about what the rationale is for this? we understand where the religious freedom folks stand and where the critics stand but then there's the law. a state law can't be in contra investigation to a federal law. to most people it would seem it is. why is that not so? >> under federal law, under in the united states constitution, the status of gay people is not settled. let me give you an example. it is clear if mississippi were to pass a law that said businesses on religious grounds have the right to refuse service to black people. clearly unconstitutional because the supreme court has said that african-americans, that racial minorities are a class that cannot be discriminated against. they have never said that about gay people. the same-sex marriage case suggests that's the case, but
9:50 am
the court has never actually said that you can't discriminate against gay people under the constitution. so this law, it maybe unwise, bigot g bigoted but maybe constitutional. >> some point down the road there may be an amendment. >> not necessarily an amendment. a court case. the supreme court may say that you can't discriminate against gay people but they haven't said that yet. >> or to make them part of a protected class. >> correct. >> okay. the statement from mississippi governor says this. i will paraphrase slightly. the legislation does not challenge federal law. even though laws which are in conflict with mississippi's constitution and refen enforces first amendment rights. i wonder about first amendment rights versus 14th amendment, in equal protection. why doesn't equal protection
9:51 am
jump in and give them the cover that the lgbt community would need? >> because under the 14th amendment, the supreme court has never said that discrimination against gay people is prohibited. that's the issue with the 14th amendment. the first amendment does allow you to aassociate with whoever you want to. and it allows you to have freedom of belief, but the question raised by this case is may your beliefs entitle you to discriminate against gay people? the supreme court has never settled that question but there are so many of these laws coming on the books these cases are almost guaranteed. of course, there's the political and commercial issue of paypal saying they will not open a plant in north carolina because they don't want to be associated with a state that has these laws. that's not a legal issue.
9:52 am
>> that's the free market's reaction. in that state there's been a lot of reaction to mississippi and north carolina. i think there's over 100 companies that are joined the list and a couple of state within their jurisdiction. some say we won't allow any government-sponsored travel to these states, unless it is necessary. >> if you remember, last year, indiana passed a similar kind of law, which critics called a license to discriminate law. and the corporate reaction was so extreme and so immediate that indiana backed down and changed that law almost entirely. north carolina shows no sign of backing down and mississippi just passed a law yesterday. we will see whether the backlash moves either of those states to modify or return that law. >> there is one other piece of language and i will have to paraphrase it but it is odd. it stood out to me as something that may generate more interest from those who may have dismissed this, or felt they had
9:53 am
connection to this particular legislation. the law in mississippi protects from discrimination claims from anyone who believes marriage is between one man and woman with,. /*. and sexual relations are reserved solely for marriage. i wasn't aware of that until i just happened to notice it today. does that mean that cake baker could refuse a couple that just lives together to bake a cake for someone who just lives together? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's exactly what it means. >> that should be a bigger headline. that affects millions and millions of people. i think a lot of people are beyond the whole you can't have sex before you are married issue. >> i think -- first of all, the law just passed and it was brought up very quickly. the mississippi law makes the other laws look tiny just because of the kind of
9:54 am
provisions you are talking about. also, the the number of people and constitutions that are allowed to discriminate under the mississippi law. it is every business in the state. it is every church. it's every -- it's the government itself. so the breadth of the law is really extraordinary, far greater than the north carolina law, or even the indiana law overturned. so, you know, i think you are right to point out what an extreme version of the law is. but this is what the legislators wanted. it wasn't a mistake. >> super fascinating. there's already litigation launched. the aclu is hot and heavy on this trail. i think, you know, without question this will be the kind of thing that we watch in the next year or two. it will be fascinating to watch. jeff, you always have great answers. thank you so much. aappreciate it. as i mention we are waiting on secretary clinton getting ready for this fabulous interview with the fabulous chris cuomo i promised you and i'm going to deliver, more less,
9:55 am
in the next couple of minutes.
9:56 am
9:57 am
wisconsin is yesterday's news. today the race turns to the next big contest, new york. happens to be where chris cuomo is from, where he is sitting and where he is about to interview the former new york senator hillary clinton. >> we have her now. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> great to talk to you again, chris. >> look at what wisconsin means to you. with the speculation going on, do you believe today you will get to the magic number before the convention? the magic number of delegates? >> yes, i do. i think senator sanders had a good night last night and i congratulated him, but if you look at the numbers i'm considerably ahead in both the
9:58 am
popular vote and most importantly the delegate count. i'm feeling very good about where we are and we're excited to be campaigning in new york and then it will be on to pennsylvania and other states. >> when you say, yes, we will reach the number before the convention, do you think that will mean you'll need super delegates? because the sanders campaign especially says that is dirty pool, the super delegates are an artificial help to you. >> well, you know, he knew what the rules were when he decided to run for president. most importantly, i think we will reach whatever number is required. we're going to continue to acquire delegates and add to our total. i have more delegates than he does, in a broader margin than president obama had over me at this time in 2008. i think we are doing well. what's important, chris is we stay photo cussed -- focused on
9:59 am
issues. if you are concerned about income inequality and holding the banks accountable, you have to know how dodd frank works and what you have to do to make it work and i have the best plan to add to that. when it comes to guns, we have a serious difference. i was appalled that senator sanders said that he really didn't see any reason for the parents of children massacred at sandy hook in connecticut to be able to try to sue the gunmakers. i just absolutely disagree. so there's a lot we will talk about and i think that is what the election should be focused on. >> understood. i want to ask you about the issues you articulated. with wisconsin in the rear-view mirror, there are things to look at. you mentioned the difference between 2008 your last presidential run and now in terms of delegate spread. there's been a notion from your supporters that it's about time
10:00 am
for sanders to drop out. you say the fact he is not pressured shows a double standard. i heard you say this this morning. i want to test that a bit. yes, you dropped out in june. it is not june yet. that's one difference. a bigger difference is it does appear by most metrics that bernie sanders has a lot of momentum, almost making him more like obama than like hillary clinton in 2008. so is asking him to drop out now given the excitement around him a fair comparison? >> well, of course, i'm not asking him to. i wouldn't ask him to. my campaign is not asking him to. but if you go back and look at 2008, i had a string of great victories in the spring. i won new york, pennsylvania. we were really on a very good winning streak. however, i did end up with more delegates. i actually by some measures ended up with m


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