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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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a. thanks for watching. c"cnn newsroom" starts now. hello everybody. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. republican presidential candidate ted cruz riding high after his win in wisconsin but there's a giant roadblock in his path. donald trump and his home state of new york. a new poll shows trump leading with 52%, john kasich has 25% and cruz has 17%. trump lashed out at ted cruz and his krcriticism of those new yo values. >> he is lying ted.
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i came up with the idea, but you have to spell it right. it's lyin' ted. the bible held high and he puts it down and he lies. >> donald can be counted on to take the high road and demonstrate class. if he wants to engage in insults he's welcome to do so. he gets very angry when the voters reject him. >> new york voters cast their primary ballots in less than two weeks from now. >> reporter: if donald trump was smarting from that loss in wisconsin you certainly could not tell when he was on the campaign trail here in new york. he drew a crowd of about 10,000 people before the fire marshal closed the doors and he was pumped up laying hard into his top gop rival ted cruz. >> lying ted cruz came today.
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he couldn't draw 100 people. 100 people. [ boos ] >> there was a big headline today in the new york post he couldn't draw 100 people. now, do you remember -- do you remember -- do you remember during the debate when he started elelecturing me on a ne york values. >> it's pretty clear that donald trump has decided that cruz's dig on new york values is going to play differently. meanwhile trump is dealing with some campaign issues of his own. there's a little bit of turmoil playing out and a power struggle going on between corey lewandowski and another veteran republican operative paul mannaforth that the campaign brought in. could there be a campaign shakeup afoot? only time will tell.
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cnn new york. >> just outside that venue a show down between donald trump supporters and protesters. >> reporter: trump and anti-trump protesters verbally clashing near by a trump rally here in long island, about 150 protesters on each side exchanging verbal chants on the pro-trump saying things like build that wall and on the anti-trump side saying things like stop the hate. the protests got heated and the police having to form a boundary line to keep the two from clashing physically. we did not see any arrests here outside, but we did see two arrests inside the rally which was absolutely packed. police here are telling us that two men were arrested after an altercation inside the rally. outside despite the verbal
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chants police were able to keep things calm and you can see there was a pretty heavy police presence especially as these trump supporters left the rally and were confronted by anti-trump protesters. the police were able to keep everything under control with the police on the ground and the mounted units. we did not see violence outside that rally despite the two arrests. back to you. >> just another night on the trump campaign. joining me here in los angeles is the democratic strategist and a conservative talk show radio host. thank you for being with us. donald trump, was he fired up tonight. at that campaign rally, lying ted, there was a poetry going on about a snake. listen to this. >> take me in oh tender woman, take me for heaven snake, take me in sighed the broken snake.
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i saved you cried the woman and you bit me heaven's why. you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. oh shut up said the represent tile with a grin, you damn well knew i was a snake before you took me in. >> okay. the story here donald trump has r read out before. it's the lyrics from a song. the woman being the united states and donald trump's world. donald trump not taking a backward step despite that loss in wisconsin and not changing his campaign. >> his argument and i suspect why he's doing this is his argument is that people who are gathering around ted cruz are doing so to stop donald trump, just to get to cleveland without
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having enough delegates to win on the ballot and once that happens they're going to throw ted cruz overboard like they are doing with donald trump. >> and so when you look at this, i guess the question is when does donald trump make that pivot to being more presidential? >> i don't think he ever does. i think this is his brand and this is what he's selling so why would he change it now? he's gotten this far. he had a bad week this week, but he's still ahead in the delegate count and he's well on his way to becoming the republican presidential nominee. i think if he spent as much time studying foreign policy as he did on that poem he might have more chops. >> new york is friendly territory for donald trump. not so friendly for ted cruz. in fact he's had to walk back that criticism that he made earlier in the campaign about so-called new york values. let's listen to what ted cruz had to say.
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>> let's be clear. the people of new york know what those values are. they're the values of liberal politicians. all these politicians donald trump has supported and given tens of millions of dollars throughout the year. follow donald trump's checkbook. >> so new york values, new york liberal values. i'm glad we cleared that up. if there is this stop trump movement and they've invested heavily in ted cruz if he does badly in new york, where does that leave them? >> it leaves them still going into cleveland without anybody having enough delegates and probably still gives them the same position which is to hope to get to three or four ballots and turn to somebody else. i think the danger is cruz and trump have won 80% of the
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delegates. if one of them does not come out of cleveland without a nomination there will be hell to pay. >> a third of the republican voters said they would not support donald trump and a third said they would not support ted cruz. >> there's such a divide in the republican party right now. there isn't a consensus. in new york john kasich is running second. ted cruz is nowhere to be found there. i think it's a big problem for him moving forward and i think a lot of republican voters who are angry and supporting donald trump are going to feel disenfranchised. >> these primaries are complica complicated. stay with us, john king has more on the state there and what the outcome from this primary new york, what it could mean in this race for delegates. >> most important thing to remember about the new york republican presidential primary is it's a little complicated.
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95 delegates at stake. 27 races within the big race for those 95 delegates. you can win 14 statewide at large delegates and then 81 congressional district delegates, three delegates for each of the 27 zirdistricts. if you get more than 50% in a district, you get all three. if you get below 50% you get two and the other person gets one more. if you look at the state, you have several races within the races if you will. the candidates will be competing in different congressional districts. you this this congressional district number 27. it goes from buffalo to roch ester. look how big it is. nearly 4,000 square miles. 27% of the residents have college degrees, household income above $55,000.
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look at this district in the heart of new york city. 76% white. only 15 square miles compared to nearly 4,000. how much mo more than $82,000 the household median income. you're competing in different races within the race and the outcome of the delegates will effect whether donald trump can get to 1,237. let's say mr. trump wins and the others do well, let's give second place to john kasich, third place to ted cruz, under this scenario trump builds his lead, but he's not getting out here to the magic number. right now donald trump says i'm above 50%. i can win most of the new york delegates. let's say a scenario like that plays out. in that case mr. trump gets 68 of the 95. that would be a big day for mr.
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trump. let's say kasich and cruz split the rest of the delegates, that gives trump more momentum as he comes out. that would be a spring board out of new york, but then he has to do this. we're going to project all the way to the end. donald trump wins the rest of the states in the east and mid-atlantic. ted cruz continues his success in the west. we gave cruz indiana and then it could come down to california on june 7th. look where trump is he's at 1069. let's say he wins california. that would be a huge take out of california. senator cruz comes in second and kasich third. we've been generous to trump here and in california, even then he's at 1189. let's say trump wins indiana, not cruz, again, trump gets closer, but he doesn't get to the he said. this is see in the trump deliberations. if we can't get 1237 get as close as possible.
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if you start to fall back from that. this is where the campaign starts to think this is where we win on the first ballot and if we can't win on the first ballot donald trump can't win at all. >> i want to get to the delegate count, but quickly john king made the point get as close to 1237 as close as possible. 1236, is that close enough or what are you saying? >> possibly. a lot of these delegates have committed to candidates that have dropped out and they may be able to be unbound. are we having fun yet? >> let's look at the delegate count here right now. donald trump is the front-runner here. even though he lost wisconsin he still needs -- there's 826 delegates remaining. he has 743.
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he needs to win 60% of all the remaining delegates. ted cruz needs 88% of all of the remaining delegates. john kasich -- he's doing what john kasich's doing. he needs 125%. when you look at those numbers, clearly it's almost impossible for ted cruz, right? is it possible for donald trump to pick up 60% from this point? >> he's starting to fall off a lot because of some of these self inflicted wounds. the retweet he did about mrs. cruz didn't help or the comment about abortion didn't help. it's the first time he's run for anything so he's inexperienced but the things he's done hasn't helped. >> the more you shine a light on trump the more people see how vulnerable he is. let the man keep speaking. he can't change his brand now. it is who he is and it's who he
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has built up for 30 years. when it comes to getting to that convention and that second or third ballot, he's walking into something he doesn't understand. >> this is unknown territory for donald trump, but it's not unknown territory for ted cruz. if they do get to an open convention, all reports of strife going on behind the scenes in the trump campaign, he's getting tired, that he may give up, do you get to a point where a contested convention if ted cruz is going to be allowed i guess and not stopped, but if he is allowed to go, is he favored under a circumstance like that. >> i don't think so. i think the establishment dislikes ted cruz only slightly less than they like donald trump. i think they're going to try and dump him and go somewhere else. >> do you think they're using ted cruz. >> i think that's where john kasich has a shot. >> that's why he's still in the
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game. >> yes. absolutely ted cruz is a better organizer and that has gotten him this far. if you had asked republican establishment three months ago who would be your default candidate, it would not have been ted cruz. >> i would have thought three weeks ago. >> yeah. stay with us because we have a lot to talk about. we're going do the democrats when we come back. it is heating up on the democratic side. bernie sanders is hitting hillary clinton hard on some very controversial decisions she's made in the past and we'll have the accusation from the bernie sanders campaign that had hillary clinton laughing like this. ♪ ♪
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esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. the bud light party wasn't invited to the debates. but we don't need them. we have debates of our own every night. a hotdog is a sandwich. over bud lights, of course. it's pronounced jif. you cannot outrun a zebra. here's to good natured civil debates. also, it's gif. she has been saying lately that she thinks i am not qualified to be president. [ boos ] well, let me -- let me just say
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in response to secretary clinton, i don't believe that she is qualified if she is -- [cheers and applause] -- if she is through her super pac taking tens of millions of dollars in special interest funds. >> bernie sanders campaigning in philadelphia just a few hours ago and really going hard. here in the studio to continue this discussion about this incredible election we're having this year democratic strategist and radio host. new york seems to be the state where these two are going for it. they're going to settle the score once and for all. is this your reading of it? >> i think it will probably go longer, as long as bernie sanders wants to stay in the race, he's going to stay in the race, but new york is the big time. they're both going after it and
9:21 pm
on my side of the aisle you're not seeing comparisons of hands and what spouses looks like, it's more on the substance. we'll take that any day of the week and i think they're finally taking gloves off and going toe-to-toe on issues and that's great. >> it's interesting to watch the democratic side. it was done when bernie said enough with your damn e-mails. >> you think he should have gone after her about the e-mails. i don't think he thought he would go this far. i think he thought he would push the party to the left and try to enact for reform on wall street, free college tuition. i think he's stunned that a 74-year-old guy who is a socialist who looks like he sleeps in his car has done this well. >> always running for his plane. >> that's right. millionaires and billionaires. >> it's at this point where
9:22 pm
secretary clinton is laughing out loud at some of the attacks coming at her from the sanders campaign. she responded to these allegations from the sanders campaign that she could tear the democratic party apart. >> i mean it's just ludicrous on the face of it. i have been campaigning and fundraising and recruiting democrats to run and win for a really long time. i think about 40 years. senator sanders by his own admission he's never been a democrat. >> so what does this say about the relationship now between these two because i thought it started out amic ably enough. do they dislike each other in is i think you're going to see bernie sanders come out and support hillary clinton and i do think hillary clinton gets to the nomination, but he's going to talk about the issues that he
9:23 pm
cares about. i do think he's run into some problems in new york particularly with that new york daily news interview where he wasn't able to back up the promises he's been making. attacking hillary on her credentials is laughable. >> do you think the interview backs your point that he never thought he would go this far? some of the issues he's most passionate about came across as he hasn't thought everything through. >> he's throughout about these things for 40 years and they haven't happened, so why do you think they would happen? if the opposition is going to be a cruz or trump or even a john kasich. >> do you think the sanders supporters will come out and vote for hillary? >> i think there's a lot of energy on both sides. i think donald trump has brought out a lot of energy on the republican side and bernie sanders has brought out energy
9:24 pm
on the democratic side. i think there's a lot of people that would like to change the rules of the game. in a baseball game they want to change how it's scored from the number of runs to the number of hits and that's not going to happen. that's not how you win the race or the game and at the end of the day bernie sanders knows that. >> despite all that he is still lashing out at hillary clinton and he said he was told by clinton, there was this allegation from clinton that he should apologize to the victims of the sandy hook school shooting because of his stance on not holding gun makers liable for gun crimes and he had this response to hillary clinton. >> what happened in sandy hook is a tragedy beyond comprehensi comprehension, but maybe secretary clinton might want to apologize to the families who lost their loved ones in iraq or secretary clinton might want to apologize to the millions of workers in this country who lost their jobs because of the
9:25 pm
disastrous trade agreements that she supported. stay with us because john king looks ahead at all of the challenges that bernie sanders has not just in new york but moving forward to try to secure this nomination. >> after a big wisconsin win the challenge for bernie sanders is to keep the momentum and then change the math. this is pledged delegates with a healthy lead over bernie sanders although he's starting to close in a little bit. the next contest is wyoming bernie sanders is expected to win. let's give the bulk of the delegates to bernie sanders. he has to do more. then it moves to new york and we finish out the rest of the month of april in the east and that's why clinton thinks race turns to her advantage. sanders biggest problem so far is he's had trouble winning in states with more african-american and latinos. look what's up, new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, rhode
9:26 pm
island and in many much these states you have a much bigger african-american, a much more significant latino community. hillary clinton thinks that works to her advantage why is why she thinks the map is going to go like this. hillary clinton thinks she's going to win new york. this gives it to her 55-45. she thinks she's going to win pennsylvania. she also thinks she's going to win maryland because of the african-american and she thinks she will win delaware. let's give that to hillary clinton. for the sake of this argument let's say bernie sanders wins in connecticut and next door is in smaller rhode island. even if that plays out if sanders wins two of those states they're the smaller states. what hillary clinton hopes is a win in new york and then the rest of the wins in april, she starts to stretch that lead out. by the time we get to this month, the hillary clinton
9:27 pm
strategic goal is to say senator sanders i have the math and your momentum is done. so obviously a very steep hill for bernie sanders to climb. it's not going to happen. if he doesn't drop out sooner rather than later does he risk being a spoiler? >> absolutely not. hillary clinton stayed in until june in the 2008 -- >> there's a lot of criticism of her for that. >> he did fine in that election. i don't think it's going to be a problem for hillary. >> the only way he becomes a spoiler if he does something really radical and run as an independent. he won't do that. he'll be on the campaign as a surrogate for her after this is done. >> we appreciate you both joining us. we'll talk to you again next hour so a lot more to get through on this. a programming note hillary clinton and bernie sanders will face off in a presidential debate a week from now. get ready for the fireworks on
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welcome back everybody. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. donald trump is back on the campaign trail after his loss to ted cruz in wisconsin's republican presidential primary. he's a favorite in new york which votes april 19. democrat hillary clinton says she's feeling very good about her delegate lead over bernie
9:32 pm
sanders despite his win in wisconsin. the next prime minister of iceland is expected to be sworn in on thursday. his predecessor stepped down after documents revealed ties to an offshore country. south korea says north korea may be mount a nuclear war head. if true the missile could reach parts of south korea and japan. authorities say they will not announce when salah abdeslam will be transferred to france for security reasons. the transfer will be acknowledged after the it happens. he was arrested months after being on the run. village by village iraqi forces have begun the push to liberate the second biggest city from isis. they're no the the soldiers who ran from isis fighters as they
9:33 pm
swept into the northern city of mos mosul. these troops have been retrained and they're backed by american air power and expertise. right now towns south of mosul they're struggling to hold small but significant victories. senior international correspondent accompanied them for what took. >> reporter: as the iraqi security forces are attempting to launch this initial phase of the operation to eventually advance on and recapture the city of mosul, they are already being challenged and they're also facing the full force of isis's tactics to try to stop their advance. bursts of gun fire, a reminder that isis is probing for vulnerabilities in the iraqi's
9:34 pm
army defenses. >> translator: isis and now we are on the perimeter of what is their so-called caliphate. they're using waves of suicide bombers backed by fighters. >> reporter: coalition air strikes levelled this building. isis militants had snuck in the night before we arrived. the hillside is strewn with the bodies of dead isis fighters. one of them looks particularly young, a teenager the iraqis say. the men only recently recaptured this village. the first steps in the battle for mosul, iraq's second largest city that fell to isis after security forces abandoned their positions around two years ago. these are men retrained, under new command, forces that will be put to the test. will they hold this ground and fight or again flee? key of course to the equation is
9:35 pm
u.s. support. >> translator: for us we have enough ground forces. the most important thing is to see ongoing u.s. backing with the air support, advisors and logistical support. but not boots on the ground? >> translator: it's not an urgent thing for us right now, boots on the ground. we can liberate our lands. >> reporter: isis has had plenty of time to fortify it's defenses and mosul and here 30 miles away from the main battle ground. deep in one of the hills a labry ninth. this is not just a tunnel complex, it's actually a tunnel and sleeping quarters complex that has been dug well
9:36 pm
underground. winding passages that veer off in multiple directions. this one leads to a small opening. for oxygen circulation we are told. this is just the start of the impending bloody battle to try to lib rat mosul, one that will be a defining chapter in this history. the iraqi's attempt to move on another village, but that attempt failed and commanders are telling us they're holding their defensive positions waiting for reinforcements to arrive. thanks for that. our military analyst joins us now. thank you for being with us. this operation's been under way for almost three weeks now. iraqi forces have retain three villages and the whole thing could be on hold. is that what you would expect?
9:37 pm
>> this is what i would expect. every village they take, every mile they move is going to be hard fought. isis has had over a year to defend this area. they built defenses and these complexes like were shown there. they got the booby traps. they expect that the iraqis are going to take heavy casualties and they think that's what's going to slow them down. they've perfected one tactic that we've not seen used before and that's massive waves of suicide bombers. it's proved to be effective for isis. that just complicates the iraqi planning. i know the iraqis are saying they hope to liberate mosul by the end of the year, but this is going to be slow going.
9:38 pm
>> the general was optimistic that he didn't need u.s. ground forces. how realistic is that? >> i think he's not going to get them so he's resigned himself to that fact. he's going to get special forces troops. if what i'm hearing plays out we're going to see more special forces embedded with the iraqi units to call on these air strikes. u.s. air power can be effective but it has to be controlled. if we get that that will be a force multiplier for the iraqis. they know they have to do this on their own and they have a real challenge there. they're trying do this without the iranian malitias. that's been a factor for them because they relied heavily on them. >> very quickly, the pentagon said it was open to more arr
9:39 pm
artillery positions. >> remember that one marine that was killed, he was in an artillery unit providing direct support to iraqi forces moving up the valley. we're going to see a lot of artillery support and air support and that's going to be the u.s. contribution for the battle for mosul. >> good to speak with you. thank you sir. >> good to be with you. preparing to confront isis in battle is only one concern. there's the battle of trying to help refugees who helped militants and next we'll be introduced to the people who were used as human shields. >> reporter: isis put five families in each home in the middle of the village. like many here he does not want his identity revealed. he still has loved ones at the mercy of isis and has witnessed
9:40 pm
and lost too much. >> the exclusive report thursday here on "cnn newsroom" l.a. when we come back users of a messaging app have a new encryption and what it means to global law enforcement. the first issue of marble's black panther series is out. we'll talk about the comeback of the first all black super hero. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪
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welcome back. encrypted communications is at the center of a debate. authorities say it can help terrorists stay out of sight. the agency tried to get apple to unlock a phone so they could get
9:44 pm
data. the instant messaging services is taking a big step to protect privacy as well. it has extended end-to-end encryption to all communications across all devices. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> this is a big issue. this comes down to the privacy versus security argument. a lot of people out there applauding what this has done, this is user privacy at an extreme, but a lot of people might argue this has gone too far. >> it's important to know that this is encryption for one billion users. it's all encrypted. it's important to note it's been in the works since 2014. it's not in response to this apple deal. >> they did it with a small group of teches as well. >> they're owned by facebook. so the imessage on the iphone
9:45 pm
has been encrypted for three or four years. this is so big baecause it's an device. someone on a regular phone, anyone can be encrypted end-to-end. >> the bottom line here is that even if law enforcement go out and get a warrant and they say hand over the information on that what's app platform, we need that data, we can't do it. >> they're out of luck. companies used to say that, but they couldn't do it. there's no back doors. it's going to cause a lot of problems because there are hundreds of requests a day from law enforcement to unlock these phones. some of these issues are small and some are big when maybe they should be unlocked. >> you talked about a back door. how would that work and why wouldn't they put a back door into this. >> they don't work together.
9:46 pm
they're not comp pabl. even apple can't read your messages. no one can read it besides your phone and the receiver's phone. >> people are going to say this is a bad idea. what if there's information out there on a what's app device of a terrorist attack or a child has been kidnapped and they need to get that information, but the privacy of those people involved in that is being protected. that seems bizarre. >> i feed to say encryption is very important. our lively hoods, everything is in our phones. even though encryption is important, terrorists are using encryption and imagine if a family member was in a situation where information to save their life was on an iphone and you couldn't get to it, that's what we don't think of and the that's the job of the u.s. government to think of. in brussels it was.
9:47 pm
hopefully he's not going forward, but -- iphones have been encrypted. the population can use encryption easily. encryption has been around for a long time, but you had to seek it out. now anyone with what's app, basically anyone on the street has end-to-end encryption. >> thank you. >> thank you. short break here. in the marvel universe black panther is the king of the most advanced nation of the world. we'll discuss how the first black come et super hero is making a comeback. also ahead the world has lost a legend. ♪ and i'm proud to be an okie from mus co gee. a place where even --
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♪ could be holding you tonight. ♪ >> country music legend merle haggard. he died on his 79th birthday
9:52 pm
from complications of -- a milestone in the comic book world. the first black comic superhero is out. he's the alter eggo of a fict n fictional african nation. in 2018 black panther stars in his own movie. let's discuss the significance of all this. thanks for being here. from all the reviews i've read, people are saying this isn't a good comic book with a black superhero, this is a good comic period. >> it's about time. it's about time that america has
9:53 pm
noticed this is an iconic character. i think what people don't realize is that this character has existed for a really long time. the black panther should be a black character and this should be celebrated across everywhere. >> why did it take so long? >> that's what i'm trying to figure out. today people are making a big deal out of people mentioning the black panther. even with emmies, that's a big issue. the black panther movement has nothing to do with this character. >> this character was born in the '60s. i guess the question is there has been some criticism about the name, so why wouldn't the comic book marvel comics go back and say we have controversy
9:54 pm
there. let's create a whole new character and start from skra mu scratch. >> the writer thought about naming it something different but he thought black panther sounded cooler. this is a character who is a king in a village of africa who is creating good. he's not a villain. >> what does this mean for kids who are black. >> this is amazing. during halloween i didn't dress up as a superhero because i didn't know i could be. >> you can now. >> kids have this character that they can fantasize about and they have this idea that there's somebody on tv who looks like me. >> the thing which i look out there at that landscape and it seems like they've tried ever other color that you want. we've had batman and spiderman and the rock and female superheroes and now finally you
9:55 pm
have a black guy. >> let it be. this is a moment to be celebrated, not tolerated. it's going to be an all-black film on the black panther of this superhero. it's not -- this is one of the times that we need to celebrate because black people are not on tv right now being chased by the cops or being arrested, but yet it's a superhero. >> he saves lives. >> it's good. >> the other thing i found interesting there are no white characters. has that been done before. >> i'm not sure. it's definitely unusual, but imagine there being white characters in it. it wouldn't be the same. >> it wouldn't work. >> now we're creating this fan base of black people who are interested in comics because i'm not a comic kind of dude, but now this is coming out with black characters i'm into it now. >> you can become a superhero. >> i can become a superhero. >> which one are you going to
9:56 pm
be? >> jerrod. >> there you go. >> this is a moment to be celebrate wi celebra celebrated. let it go. it's going to be an amazing film. >> a lot of kids out there are happy. >> for sure. i would be. >> thanks. thank you for watching "cnn newsroom." stay with us. you're watching cnn. ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an okie from muskogee ♪ ♪ [engine revving] .
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♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. this hour the u.s. race for president moves to donald trump's home turf and he's wasting no time using ted cruz's own words against him. the gloves are coming off on the democratic side. bernie sanders claims hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. later this hour how nfl fans can watch their favorite team in the palm of their hand. >> hello. great to have you with us. newsroom l.a. starts right


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