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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 7, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this is "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles and we will begin in new york where donald trump is banking a big win in the upcoming presidential primary. he's reminding voters how ted cruz attacked their new york values just a few months ago and he's shoorg up his chances of winning the nomination before this summer's convention. we begin our coverage with jim acosta. >> reporter: no california delegate dreaming for donald trump after scrapping a plan to
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the west coast the gop front-runner is in a new york state of mind. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. >> he is not onlyi slamming ted cruz for hitting trump's new york values, a comment trump says forgets what happened after the 9/11 attacks. >> we all lived through it. we all know people who died and i've got this guy standing over there looking at me talking about new york values with skorn in his face, with hatred of new york. >> trump is aiming for a blow out in the new york primary. instead of stumping in california, a top trump advisor says the campaign is focussed on capturing all the delegates up for grabs in new york as that would shrink the number of delegates needed for the nomination to manageable number. he has hired his convention
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manager to work alongside corey lewandowski. >> you guys are doing a great job. >> helping new york children make matza he says he wants to figure fie the states democrats. >> our friends in the media is very familiar with those who have supported the democrats for decades. and they really want to see a general election between two new york liberals. >> but that could be a tough sell. with the new york daily news telling cruz to take the "f" you train. >> new york is not stupid. after we were hit we rallied. >> a john kasich super pac ad is piling on. >> now you come and say you love new york. forget about it ted. >> taking a big bite in the big apple kasich stopped at a bronx
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deli and said he's poised to start eating away at trump's delegate lead. >> we're getting to the place where we feel we have the best chance of being able to accumulate delegates. >> the battle is heating up in california where a well organ e organized stop trump movement is gae gearing up. >> we're trying to turn that around and expand. trump is a disaster for us. >> senior white house correspondent joins us now. jim, good to see you. donald trump is doing well in the polls, but maybe california is looking shaky. >> there is a new poll out that shows donald trump's lead in california is not the same size as the lead he has in new york. he's leading in double digits in new york, only seven points in california. that's a shaky lead this far out from the california primary and you add to that some of the opposition he has here.
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the former governor is backing john kasich. the trump campaign says not to worry about this press conference that they cancelled in los angeles on friday. they say there are more events in it the works and we'll see those in the coming weeks. >> it's all becoming about the delegates now. is it becoming obvious that for trump the lack of a ground game when it comes to the delegates and the rules, is that becoming the akill lees heal? >> we've seen ted cruz peel away delegates in states that trump has won. there's even some talk of this possibly happening down in south carolina according to a gop source that i've talked to and said this is a major concern for donald trump, that's why today he announced his new senior strategist is going to be the convention manager and working alongside corey lewandowski, the
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campaign manager for trump. this is something they're focussed on. keep in mind some of the problems that donald trump right now that he has are self inflict inflicted. if you go back to the abortion comments and look at the fact that he was doing a radio call in show with somebody who was with the never trump movement and did not realize that his, his staff did not warn him of that, there are some problems and problems with the candidate himself that are causing headaches inside the trump campaign right now. >> he does say he's not a professional politician so there's bound to be hiccups along the way. thanks. >> you bet. the shake up in the trump campaign comes after it was out maneuvered by ted cruz. is it too little too late. has trump shut the barn door after the delegates have boltd. for more cnn political commenter jeffry lord joins us.
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donald trump is a smart man. he knows when something isn't working you fix it, but has he left it too late about the delegate count. >> i don't thinks so. i know paul a little bit from years ago. he is exactly the kind of person you want to call in this kind of situation. and i have to say donald trump or anyone else when a presidential campaign starts to succeed, it expands and face goi it's going to get more and more and more people in who have specialties. in paul's case it's delegates, the republican national convention. it's how to manage a convention. i've been through some of this myself. i've been to a number much conventions starting when i was a 17-year-old page working my way up through the sort of channel there as a member of the pennsylvania delegation years
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later. so paul knows all of this kind of thing. this is exactly the kind of person that donald trump or any other successful candidate should hire. >> if nothing else do you think the trump campaign was taken by surprise that the cruz campaign was this good at working the system. >> maybe they were. any candidate who has sort of weary of their opposition and what exactly are they like, by now i think the trump people have learned that ted cruz is great at the ground game. so now it's on to the delegates and they go on from there. but he is good at the ground game. as i pointed out before when he ran from senator of texas, he was the underdog for the republican nomination. he faced a lieutenant governor who was personally wealthy and was the establishment guy and ted cruz outdid them. he's very good at this.
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message received, donald trump has to step up his game and he's doing it. >> some of the latest polling on a different topic here shows donald trump and their negatives that they're peaking right now. they seemed to have surged lately. is that a result of the stop trump movement or have trump's wounds played a part. >> it's probably a little bit of both, but in fairness hillary clinton is not doing so well on that front either. one of the things that i've learned from experience ronald reagan in december of 1979 was down 30 points from jimmy carter and everybody in the democratic establishment and not a small handful in the republican establishment were convinced that if ronald reagan were ever nominated as a president he would lose. it didn't happen. when you get to a point that there's two candidates in the fall, things change and they can change by a lot.
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i'm sure that this election year is no different. >> do you think that right now donald trump doesn't need to make a course correction when it comes to trying to fix those negative numbers. >> i think he's doing it right now. i think that's part of what paul is about. >> okay. good to speak with you. >> thanks. any time. and ted cruz says he's the candidate who can stop trump from getting the republican party's nomination, but as we report cruz has almost no support among his republican colleagues in the senate. >> ted cruz says the gop is rallying behind him. >> you are looking at the entire spectrum of the republican party coming together and uniting. >> reporter: but one group is still holding out. his fellow republican senators. >> i think it has made it more difficult for senators to be difficult for him.
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i think most people would wish he would take the senate more seriously. >> reporter: many gop senators dislike cruz after bitter infighting. he has engaged in bitter tact tactics. he had a 16 day shut down in 2015 after he demanded support to defund obamacare. >> the republicans in this body, more than a few of them, say we will take lots of symbolic votes against obamacare, but there's nothing we can do. >> the tough talk has made cruz beloved by conservative activists frustrated with party leaders, but at the capitol it has come at a price as cruz looks for unity against donald trump. >> i think it made it more difficult for him to round up support. >> on the campaign trail cruz has called his colleagues part of a corrupt washington cartel and he took the unusual step of taking to the senate floor and
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accusing mitch mcconnell of being a liar. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat out lie. >> reporter: many still think he went too. >> i don't think it went over very well. >> reporter: some say it's time for cruz to apologize. >> i said he should. i think it was the wrong thing do do. >> reporter: cruz quietly a former senator to do damage control. he tells cnn that ted called me and asked me to help him in building a working relationship with the house and senate. cruz may get another endorsement. >> i get along very well with senator cruz. >> reporter: but senator lindsey graham a long time critic and cruz supporter suggests that he needs to do more. >> i think ted would be well served to reach out to his colleagues. the more support he gets, the more viable alternative he becomes to trump. >> a big question remains.
10:12 pm
will it one time rival marco rubio support him. >> i haven't thought about the presidential race at all. >> reporter: cnn washington. >> ted cruz is being criticized for claiming senate majority leader lead. our chief correspondent asked cruz about that controversy. >> one of the things that my colleague in the senate has heard from several republican senators is that they probably would think about backing you and telling all of their grassroots activists to back you if you would apologize for saying that your republican leader was a liar. >> this is why people are so frustrated with washington. it's the inside battles back and forth. this isn't a game. this isn't about washington power brokers. this isn't a smoke filled room. if we want to turn the country around, barack obama and hillary
10:13 pm
clinton should apologize to the american people. >> you called mitch o connell a liar. >> they should apologize for seven years of stagnation. barack obama and hillary clinton should apologize to the single working woman. >> it could help you. >> that's not going to happen. they can hold their breath a long, long time. >> that's called avoiding the question. okay. take a short break. when we come back we'll turn to the democratic race. bernie sanders isn't the only one facing a challenge from hillary clinton in new york. hillary clinton is also facing a challenge from a turn style. also ahead the stars who owe their careers to the tv mega hit american idol.
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i don't want to buy any cookies, little girl.
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now that's something you don't see every day. she took it for an entire stop and she was with reporters and secret service. it took secretary clinton multiple slides at the turn style before her metro card granted her access to the train. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are looking for a big win in new york's primary. as cnn reports the attacks and tension are escalating. >> i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> hillary clinton taking the high road today for a moment at least as the democratic race devolves into a war of words. >> let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. >> at stake is the new york primary which bernie sanders is fighting hard to win. firing off some of the most personal attacks yet of the campaign over who is qualified to be president. >> the american people might wonder about your qualifications madam secretary when you voted
10:19 pm
for the war in iraq. >> in philadelphia today sanders unleashed a laundry list of grievances. >> are you qualified to be president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street, an entity whose greed helped destroy our economy. >> sanders said clinton started it by diminishing his qualifications. she said he did. it's a rough and tumble new york primary raising questions about unifying the democratic party. >> i ran a very contested campaign against then senator obama and it went all the way to the end. we worked really hard. he got more delegates and so i endorsed him. >> this map on the wall at clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn is a daily reminder of their lead in delegates. sanders is vowing to take the fight to the convention, a move that doesn't sit well with the clinton campaign manager. >> the stakes are so high. nobody in our party wants to see
10:20 pm
donald trump or ted cruz become president and i think people will quickly unify behind our nominee. she was a democrat her entire life and he has not been a democrat. what incentive does he have to help unify this party. >> that's up to senator sanders he's going to have to make a decision about the role he has to play. >> would it be a mistake for the party to litigate this. >> i think to the point it's obvious that a candidate has the majority of delegates and will win the nomination, i do think it will be time to come together. >> not there yet and a long way to go. 12 days remining before the new york primary. how this plays out between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, it will make it more difficult to unify the party. cnn new york. clay aiken ran for a seat in 2014. these days he's supporting
10:21 pm
bernie sanders. he joins us now in los angeles. thank you for coming in. last month you declared your support for bernie sanders. you said you liked hillary clinton. you expected that she would end up getting the party nomination and then you went on to write i think she's more qualified than anyone who has run for president in decades and i agree with her on most issues. i wish you could embrace some of the more progressive ideas that sanders talks about. she needs to be better. she needs to learn from the bern. that seems different from a lot of bernie sanders supporters because there seems to be real angry directed towards hillary clinton. >> i'm a democrat first and i think that the democratic nominee whether it's bernie sanders or hillary clinton is who i want to see in the white house in january next year. a think a lot of people who support bernie sanders appreciate the fact that he's not a normal politician. he's more willing to do and say
10:22 pm
things that normal politicians will not do. he didn't take advantage of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. it's an honest move on his part and i think a lo the of people who support him appreciate that about him. when hillary clinton has used somewhat typical political attacks at bernie sanders saying he's running one of the most negative campaigns in the history of -- i don't where she was in 2008, but that was pretty nasty. he said he wanted to get rid of people's health care and obamacare, i think that up sets a lot of bernie sanders supporters. >> does it worry that they have escalated with the attacks. could this hurt the party in the long run? >> do i think it will hurt the party in the long run, probably not when you look in comparison at what's happening on the republican side. we look tam compared to that
10:23 pm
circus. i'm a bernie sanders supporter who is perfectly willing to be objective and say i don't think it was necessarily the most responsible move to say that hillary clinton's not qualified. she certainly is. i still believe the most qualified and i don't think it's necessarily responsible for the sanders campaign at this point to say it should be up to the super delegates to decide when a few months ago they didn't want the super delegates to decide. i believe bernie sanders should stay in the race as long as possible. i'd like to see him stay in to the convention. >> that seems to be the strategy. >> i think it's important to have him as part of the discussion. >> it is getting feisty out there. bill clinton was campaigning for his wife. there was a heated exchange with a protester from the black lives move. they're angry over a bill that he signed that put more non-violent phoneders in prison for extended periods of time. >> i don't know you would character eyes the gang leaders
10:24 pm
who got 13-year-old kids hooked on crack and sent them out to the street to murder other african-american. maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn't. >> we haven't seen bill clinton like this, but does something like this hurt hillary clinton or help hillary clinton. >> i don't think it does either. that reminds you about the spirit of competition in a way and the closer you get to success, to winning, the more almost desperate you become for bernie sanders he's gotten further than i think maybe he expected. for hillary clinton she's finding herself in a race that's a lot closer than she ever planned. we're seeing her get frustrated and bill clinton is starting do get frustrated at how much of a fight senator sanders is putting up. he had some protesters at that rally and he probably got frustrated that here we are
10:25 pm
finding that hillary clinton hasn't wrapped up the nomination. >> the clinton campaign thought they would be resting and getting ready for the general election, but sanders keeps hanging in there even though his path to victory is a difficult one. >> i think that's important for secretary clinton to continue to address is the fact that there is a facti is a faction that want her to continue to move to the left on things like trade in the wake of michigan. she did that to change her stance going into ohio. i think she needs to continue to embrace that. i think attacking bernie sanders at this point is probably not responsible because she's going to have to get those people to vote for her in november. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. and before clay went into politics he had a different claim to fame. american idon season two runner up and now millions of fans are saying good yeah to the talent
10:26 pm
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less than 50 kilometers from
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the capital isis has overrun a cement plant and taken worker captive. reports say dozens of people have been killed. the brutal murder of this man shown here from criticizing religion. they shot and killed him on wednesday. he is the sixth writer critical of religious extremism killed in the last 14 months. the wild pursuit that made headlines a few hours ago was a little crazier than usual. >> reporter: the rain makes it that much worse. only in l.a. a high speed chase in a convertible. >> you see this guy leaning out of his car. >> reporter: the occupants suspected of burglary, dancing
10:31 pm
and doing do nuts. after do nuts on the hollywood boulevard, a view of stars and then police move in. >> got some spike strips. >> reporter: the car escapes with one less tire, but gets back on the freeway. >> they'll want to give propz to somebody, but whoever the manufacturer of those tiesres, u got to give them kudos. >> then a tmz tour truck changing of lanes blocks the driver's path. >> that was a hollywood moment for sure. >> reporter: crowds begin gathering on the street harping back to this. l.a.'s most famous chase, the o.j. simpson pursuit. >> look at the cars stopped. >> reporter: same celebrity culture but this time with social media in mind. the driver poses on the hood. selfies are taken and pursuit
10:32 pm
trends on twitter. >> those are sheriffs. >> reporter: police swoop in detaining three people. the chase entertaining to some, but utterly dangerous. the latest statistics available on average 323 people are killed each year in police chases. >> and now there's more on the car chase. we were watching this earlier. los angeles has car chases, but this seemed to be unusual. >> reporter: we weren't the only ones watching. it trended on twitter and social media went wild. this car chase had some extra entertainment if you will. yes, they are extremely dangerous. if you look at the video you can see where the driver is sort of nearly hitting other cars. he does hit a car. but what you also saw was guys who were playing to the cameras. everyone in this city knows when there's a car chase, if you happen to be in one, there's
10:33 pm
always a helicopter above watching what you're doing. so they started playing to these helicopters and then they started taking selfies. >> this is like a shared moment, a social media moment wasn't it. >> right. so once people got hold of social media and they see this happening in their neighborhoods, everyone starts sharing. it speaks to the celebrity culture. >> especially here in l.a. >> this wasn't just trending in l.a. people started paying attention to this all over the place and it speaks to the sort of oh my gosh look at that, it's that sort of thing, but it also speaks to something else which worried law enforcement which is if people start playing to cameras while they're doing this sort of thing, they can very easily get it by doing something terrible and this could have ended very badly. >> okay. so what happens to the two people in that car right now? obviously there's some criminal proceedings and maybe a reality tv when they come out. >> probably. so what you're probably going to
10:34 pm
see from police, because they're going to look through that video and look at every single instance where there was a traffic violation, they hit a car around speeding through lights, all sorts of things, but they are also suspected of burglary. so that investigation has to go on too. so they're going to look at all these things in conjunction with each other and figure out what to charge them with. >> it was an incredible moment. thank you. the winner of american idol season 15 is trent harman. he wins tonight. >> fred harmon from mississippi, the last american idol. they looked back at the show's
10:35 pm
15 seasons. they invited back many of the stars who helped make this show special. we were there to see the lights dim for the last time. i'm a little sad. >> looking back we grew up with this show. >> it felt like a festive funeral there. everyone super aware this show was ending, although i have to add maybe not forever. we'll see. i have a feeling this program will be back. it's too good to retire forever, but for now it is in retirement and it won't be back for a few years. >> good night for now. i think he would like to be back someday. i think there are some young singers out there that would love to audition. idol needs to be reinvented. let's think about how huge it was. we're never going to see anything like that again. >> you don't get the president
10:36 pm
to appear on your last episode ever unless there's something special going on. >> he said it very well with four words. this show transformed television. >> absolutely. the other thing too we had the original judges back. randy and simon and he was his usual self. >> i just thought the severe good opposite tune on behalf of myself to apologize over the years for being so mean to the contest ants when we were trying to be helpful. you were really horrible and i think now is the time to apologize. >> unbelievable. >> he hasn't changed a bit. i'm just wondering, the moment when simon left the show as the judge, did it go downhill from there. >> it was death by a thousand cuts, but i think this was the
10:37 pm
biggest cut of all. there was no way to replace him. the producers tried and they weren't able to. the slide did happen when he left. now it was a big deal back then. and now you take that for granted. whatever the show is going to become, it has to be reinvented. >> we have to give the brits credit for this one. >> everyone exceed american idol. there were some amazing scenes on these international versions of idol. look at this. . >> ♪
10:38 pm
can't live, can't live or live without you ♪ >> i don't know if i would call it singing. >> the question is can they ever repeat this? we think it might be back, but are the conditions there for something like this to be repeated. >> anyone can become an american idol now. teenagers can become famous themselves, but i think we'll see a live streaming version of this thing because a singing competiti competition is as basic as apple pie. it's part of the american brand and also expected around the world. >> that was the thing it did. it was like you can go out there and be great and try harder and succeed. >> it's basic story telling. there's always a yerning for that. that's why i think it will be
10:39 pm
back someday. >> so good to see you here. >> you too. thanks. next on newsroom l.a. a fashion ad banned because the model was too thin. the regulations some countries are using to protect women in the fashion industry. [ male announcer ] love drama? don't be a yes man. [ boss ] it is a very smart plan. so we're all on board? [ paul ] no. this is a stupid plan. hate drama? go to research. price. find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. only helps you get the right car ♪coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit single from the dizzcounts. ♪ cash money ♪ the biggest discount and understand... ♪ the dizzcounts.
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france is cracking down on prostitution with a new law which takes aim at those who pay for sex instead of those who provide it. >> reporter: this law is the result of years of work by the parliament trying to get it right. basically the objective is to get prostitutes off the streets. there are an estimated 40,000 sex workers who work on the streets of france and authorities would like to eliminate that or reduce it as much as possible. they've modelled the law after the law in sweden which
10:43 pm
basically punishes the customers of prostitutes. the prostitutes are protesting. there is a union that has been protesting this law which says if you go after the client it's bad for business and it may force prostitutes into some kind of risky behavior for example going into customer's homes so they won't be arrested. in there may be some intended conventions. prostitutes will be given six months residency permits if they say they want to get out of prostitution. they go into a reeducation program to make them legal. according to some people that will get rid of sexual slaves, people that have come here from eastern europe or the middle east and are basically being forced to prostitute. cnn, paris.
10:44 pm
now to britain where regulators have banned an ad where the model appears to be underweight. it's not the first time an ad has been pulled because a model appears to be too thin.
10:45 pm
still to come, here we go again for star wars fans. >> i rebel. >> there it is, the first look at a spin off in the film. we'll talk about that in just a minute. >> a major weapon test is imminent and we need to know what it is and how to destroy it. but the specialists at ford like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires. .
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what will you do when they catch you? what will you do if they break you? you continue to fight. what will you become? >> those are the scenes for the first spinoff franchise. it's set just before the plot of the original 1977 film. it follows a group of rebels who
10:50 pm
try to steal the plans. the managing editor of the l.a. business channel joins me now. it's lovely to have you here. >> feel my goose bumps. >> you are all akwifr. >> look here we go again. >> it's april. this movie comes out in december. >> yes, well they're not floging a dead horse, they're milking a cash cow. it's clever marketing. the mission of a teaser trailer is to wet the appetite without giving anything way. >> that's a good trailer. >> it was dark. it was diverse. it was dynamic. if it had been bad, it could have really set things back. as we've seen recently with batman versus superman there's a lot of the expectation and then the word on the film is bad it
10:51 pm
can kill things. the reaction to this trailer has fans like me in a frenzy. >> disney plans to put out a new "star wars" film every year. what about franchise fatigue. we're getting to the point where it isn't as special. >> it's a corporate safe bet. we've been around hollywood long enough to know it's about making money and when disney bought the rights to "star wars" for $4 billion, a lot of people were thinking they've overpaid. >> now it looks like a steal. >> star wars the force awakens has earned $2 billion. they have a whole series of films coming out. >> i just remember as a kid
10:52 pm
growing up you saw the first "star wars" movie and the next one came out and it was a huge deal. >> it's like having chocolate ice cream every day. we've waited so long for this. how we'll feel in five or six times, maybe that might be going too far. but for now -- the college years. but for now it's great fun and like i said there's so few long shots in hollywood. no one wants to take chances anymore. this is the surest safe bet that you can take and disney has bet the farm on the whole thing. it's paying off so far. >> the force awakens, the "star wars" movie which came out last year, that was a safe bet because you had familiar characters and story lines. they didn't change it that much. this one is sort of a different
10:53 pm
universe. is this one a little risky? in that universe is this little ris risky. >> it's still under the brand. this is a mix of old and new. we see familiar vilans, but new characters and they're following what they did with the force awakens. a bad ass female lead and yeah it seemed that they've set the table for good things to come. >> i'm still waiting for the crazy summer vacation. >> you write it, i'll produce it and we'll sell it to disney. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. hillary clinton took her campaign underground. she went for a ride on the new york city subway.
10:54 pm
the turnstyle briefly turned against her. >> imagine you're sitting in a subway car just want to be left alone on your way to work. >> back up. >> she's just like us, riding the subway. >> next president of the united states. >> hillary went for a subway joyride carried live. >> i want to explain what our viewers are looking at. >> that's a dark new york subaway car dorridor. >> do some people need to get off. hillary rode two stops in the bronx, got off and got kissed by a stranger. he posed for selfies. but it was the woman of the people photo op that the campaign was after. >> we're going to make this shot work for everyone.
10:55 pm
>> hillary's live ride ended up side-by-side with ted cruz getting slammed by the daily news line take the f you train ted. >> how do you get on the subway today, you get a tocken and get in. >> hillary knows tokens gave way to metro cards more than a decade ago, but when she tried to swipe her card it didn't work, four times. the fifth time was the charm. conservative web sites pounced on hillary's struggle. shocking new video, out of touch, hillary clinton. >> out of touch? the touch is the problem. this happens all the time even to seasoned subway riders like myself. a failed swipe can lead to a whack in the groin. >> hillary laughed off her swiping. the campaign may be getting
10:56 pm
testy, but please no hitting below the belt. cnn new york. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. the news continues after a short break. ♪ i got the discounts dothat you need ♪l ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions.
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an appeal for help. police release new video of a key suspect in the brussels airport bombing. the presidential candidates try to connect with new york voters, but some are getting a pretty tough reception. and saying goodbye to the tv sensation that launched countless careers and was copied around the world. live from cnn world headquarters here in atlanta, welcome to our viewers around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. good day to you. we start this hour in belgium. police there are releasing new surveillance images showing the
11:01 pm
one suspect who survived after a bombing at the brussels airport. we get more now from cnn's chief u.s. security correspondent jim sciutto about the near step by step record that police now have on this mysterious attacker. >> reporter: in the horrific aftermath of the brussels attack, one of the suspected terrorists calmly turned and walked away, the beginning of a long meandering two-hour escape from the carnage. today belgium police released a stz of surveillance videos of the suspect, tracking his every move, and appeal to the public for help finding him before he strikes again. >> present on the scene during the attacks in brussels airport. the so-called man with the hat, as well as the vest he was wearing at the time. we especially appeal to people who might have filmed or taken a photograph of the suspect or link they can provide excellent information on this issue.
11:02 pm
>> reporter: at 7:58 a.m., the suspect leaves the airport terminal, walks past a sheraton hotel, seen here, then turns right, where he briefly breaks into a jog. always on foot, the suspect takes this long route towards the city center where nearly an hour later at 8:50 a.m. he is seen again walking, sleeves rolled up, and without his light colored jacket, which he appears to have left along the way. he walks along this route for another 50 minutes. and at 9:42 a.m., surveillance videos catch here here in the neighborhood of schaerbeek, the neighborhood where investigators believe the attackers built their bombs. he continues making his way through that neighborhood, where at 9:49 a.m., he is seen on camera again, this time seemingly talking on his cell phone. an elbow patch is clearly visible on his shirt. as the search continues, startling new information that
11:03 pm
one of the suicide bombers that struck the brussels airport previously had worked as a part-time cleaner at the european parliament in the belgium capital. work that routinely put him within close proximity of many senior european leaders. about two hours after the attacks, belgian police lost track of the suspect. they are releasing these videos to the public now because his trail has gone cold, and they want to try to catch him before he can strike again. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. america's choice 2016. and in the race for the white house, the rhetoric among democrats turns negative. bernie sanders is standing by his claim that hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. listen. >> you the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in
11:04 pm
iraq, the most disastrous foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. >> clinton, though, campaigned in new york on thursday. she shook hands and met voters on the subway. and as for sanders' comment, clinton kept things positive. >> look, i didn't -- i don't know why he is saying that. but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. >> the republican candidates decidedly less civil, battling over so-called new york values now. donald trump says that he is proud of his city and his state. ted cruz, though, is standing by his criticism. cnn's jim acosta has more on all of that. ♪ >> reporter: no california delegate dreaming for donald trump. after scrapping a planned trip to the west coast, the gop front-runner is in a new york state of mind. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing
11:05 pm
me on new york values like we're no good. >> reporter: the real estate tycoon is not only slamming ted cruz for once hitting trump's new york values -- >> most people know exactly what new york values are. >> reporter: a comment trump says forgets what happened after the 9/11 attacks. >> we all lived through it. we all know people that died. and i've got this guy standing over there, looking at me, talking about new york values with scorn in his face, hatred, with hatred of new york. >> reporter: trump is aiming for a blowout in the new york primary. instead of stumping in california, a top trump adviser tells cnn the campaign is focused on capturing all 95 delegates up for grabs in new york as that would shrink the number of delegates needed to clench the nomination to a more manageable number. and trump announcing he has named newly hired strategist paul manafort as his convention manager to work alongside campaign manager cory lewandowski.
11:06 pm
>> you guys are doing a great job. >> reporter: helping make matzoh in brooklyn, he says he wants to highlight trump's past support for liberal democrats. >> our friends in the media are very comfortable with the new york liberal who has supported andrew cuomo and hillary clinton and chuck schumer for decades. and they really want to see a general election between two new york liberals. >> reporter: but that could be a tough sell. with the new york daily news telling cruz to take the fu train. >> new yorkers aren't stupid, ted. after we were hit, we rallied, rebuilt. >> reporter: and a new pro john kasich super pac ad is piling on. >> now come come here and conveniently say you love new york. forget about it, ted. >> we love new york values. >> reporter: taking a big bite in the big apple, kasich stopped at a bronx deli. >> mama mia! >> reporter: and said he is poised to start eating away at
11:07 pm
trump's lead. >> we are now getting to the place we feel we have the best chance to accumulate delegates. >> reporter: the delegate battle is also heating up in california, where a well-organized republican stop trump movement is gearing up. >> here in california, republicans are shrinking due to demographics. and we're trying desperately to turn that around and expand. trump is an unmitigated disaster for us. >> that was jim acosta reporting there for us. now as for ted cruz and that heat that he is facing in new york, he is polling at a distant third place right now. and he will face an uphill battle the primaries ahead throughout the northeast. cruz sat down with cnn's chief little correspondent dana bash. >> the new york daily news gave you a warm welcome. they actually gave you some helpful hints to take the f train and the u train. >> very helpful. >> very helpful. in all seriousness, when you saw this, what did you make of it? >> i laughed out loud. i have never been popular with
11:08 pm
left wing journalists or tabloids. and frankly, that's not my target audience. i'll tell you, the energy and support we're saying. we just did a wonderful gathering here. i came to brooklyn and baked some matzoh and just spoke with the russian jewish community and the orthodox community and hassidic jewish community. and the energy and enthusiasm we had here today was tremendous. >> but in all seriousness, the origin of this, which i'm glad you're having fun with it because it is a new york tabloid is that you several months ago disparaged new york value. now, i was upstate with you earlier today, and i'm well aware in talking to voter there's that in upstate, they got what you were saying. that you were talking about liberals in new york city. >> sure. >> and that conservatives in upstate new york are quite different. but you understand how a sound bite is played and how your opponent is using it against you here. any regrets in using that terminology now, now that you're asking new york voters to vote for you? >> not remotely.
11:09 pm
because everyone in new york and outside of new york knows exactly what i meant by that. and it is the liberal values of democratic politicians who have been hammering the people of new york for decades. they've suffered under these liberal values. it's been politicians like governor andrew cuomo, like hillary clinton, like mayor bill de blasio. andrew cuomo told new yorkers, said if you're pro-life, if you believe in traditional marriage, if you believe in the second amendment, there is no place for you in the state of new york. it was striking yesterday when i was meeting with senator diaz, a democratic senator. he said my own governor said there is no place for me as a pastor. and someone who believes in life. that is a liberal intolerance, which the people of new york i think are tired of. >> coming here in new york, given the fact that you're campaigning in the new york republican primary, is this how you lan to rack up delegates here? find pockets of support like here in the orthodox jewish community or in upstate new
11:10 pm
york? >> we are building a big tent and we're unifying republicans, you know. nationwide, there are 65 to 70 republicans who get that donald trump is not the best candidate to go up against hillary clinton that he loses and loses badly to hillary. and what we're seeing happening all over the country is those 65 to 70% of republicans are uniting behind this campaign. we saw it powerfully in wisconsin just a couple of days ago. >> okay. so no question, you did very well in wisconsin. and you should be commended for that victory. >> thank you. >> but do you concede that at this point, your only realistic way to get the nomination is at the convention, not your only mathematical way, but your only realistic way? >> not remotely. we have a clear path forward to get to 1,237 delegates. it's difficult. we've got to win, and we've got to win consistently. i'll point out in the last three weeks we've won in four states in a row. we won a landslide in utah. nearly 70% of the vote. well got all of the delegates.
11:11 pm
>> but now you're here in new york, in third place, maryland coming up, in third place in the polls. you need 88% of the remaining delegates to win. >> well, let's see what the voters say. i actually think the people of new york, particularly upstate new york have an awful lot in common with the people of wisconsin. >> dana bash there speaking with ted cruz. it is 2 cleven here on the u.s. east coast. and still ahead this hour, a cnn exclusive. you'll hear from isis survivors in iraq. they share their horrific memories. some even used as human shields. plus, outrage in bangladesh. the government responds saying it's doing all it can to find the attackers who murdered a young writer in the streets. this is "newsroom."
11:12 pm
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network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. welcome back to "newsroom." more than 300 industrial workers are reportedly being held hostage by isis after the group overran a factory near syria's capital. state media there reports it happened just to the northeast of damascus at this cement plant. the company says the militants are holding the workers nearby, but it has not had any contact with them. all of this playing out in the
11:16 pm
town of. syrian forces have been battling forces around that town, and dozens of people have been killed there. across the border and no northern iraq, that country's forces liberated from any control of isis. now we're hearing from survivors about their who fight experience, their memories, their scars and how some were used as human shields. arwa damon brings us this cnn exclusive. >> reporter: the initial phase of the operation to push towards mosul has come to a halt until the iraqi army says it receives reinforcements. but they have managed to wrest control back from isis in a handful of villages. when we spoke to the civilians that lived there, their stories were horrific. the latest arrivals at this refugee camp were not those who fled isis. they're those who say isis used
11:17 pm
them as human shields and didn't let them leave. they're from a handful of villages the iraqi army recently recaptured from isis. the men are kept at the camp's mosque, a security precaution amid concerns isis fighters may be among them. isis put five families into each home in the middle of the village, this man recalls. like many here, he does not want his identity revealed. he still has loved ones at the mercy of isis, an has already witnessed and lost too much. he and his family could hear the army's advance. hope finally that they would be saved. but in the fierce clashes, his younger brother was hit as he pulled his niece away from the window. he shouted "i am shot, get me." the memory of that moment so painful, he can no longer control his emotions.
11:18 pm
he said "i don't want the die." but he bled out in his arms. with us, he is able to leave the mosque grounds, and we head to see the rest of his family. he says they did not flee when isis first arrived nearly two years ago because his elderly mother could not run away. a mother who has buried her son. what is life, she now questions? at least god spared the rest. their stories of life under isis make your skin crawl. he worked at a hospital in mosul. "i was forced to keep working clothe. he said if you don't, i will leave your head on the hospital gate, he tells us. once he was stopped in the street and forced to witness a public mass execution. in another instance, on the way to the market, he says we saw people hanging from the electricity pole. we asked why. they said they were trying to leave. if you try to escape, this will be your fate.
11:19 pm
the women also hide their faces, but little can hide the lingering fear, the overwhelming psychological trauma or the pain. this woman says the house isis held her family in as the iraqi army advanced was hit by a mortar. she was injured. her 15-year-old son killed. her last image of him with blood coming out of his eyes, nose, mouth. it's all memories she says before it becomes too much and she walks away. the accounts of isis using the civilian population as human shields is one that is of utmost concern, both to the iraqis and to the united states as they advance on mosul, the country's second largest city, there are potentially 1.5 to 2 million people whose lives will be at risk. >> the horrors of living under isis control. arwa damon reports there for us.
11:20 pm
not far from the front line, engineers are waging another battle. their goal is to save what has been called the most dangerous dam in the world. and next, arwa damon takes us inside that massive structure near mosul. she went to find out how after all the fighting around that dam, it is still standing. >> reporter: workers are drilling bore holes. this one will go down 150 meters or around 500 feet. drilling that particular distance takes about a week. and the machines go up and down along the length of the dam, breaking up and then repouring cement to try to ensure the stability of the dam's foundation. >> we take you to the front lines in the fight against isis in iraq. international viewers can watch at 4:00 p.m. in london, 11:00 p.m. in hong kong, only here on cnn. now to bangladesh where activists are outraged after yet
11:21 pm
another secular blogger was murdered in the streets there. a gang armed with machetes hacked him to death on wednesday, and now the government says it is searching for those responsible for nazimuddin samad's murder. our senior international correspondent ivan watson now joins us live in hong kong. ivan, it's good to have you this hour. this is the sixth writer to be murdered for criticizing islam in 14 months? >> that's right. it's a growing number, a worrying trend. and the u.s. state department now is joining the growing chorus of voices condemning this murder. a series of murders that really amounts to what appears to be a campaign of assassinations targeting anybody who dares publish or write anything challenging islam and in particular, real fundamentalist interpretations of islam in bangladesh. police in bangladesh tell cnn a group of attackers ambushed
11:22 pm
26-year-old nazimuddin samad on his way home from evening university classes. they hacked him with machetes and then shot him. witnesses heard the attackers shout "allahu akbar" as they fled. samad appears to be the latest in a series of assassinations targeting secularist writers. bangladesh is a majority muslim country with a hindu religious minority. but some writers who describe themselves as free thinkers have challenged religion's role in society, criticizing extremism and militancy. the country's constitution promises to uphold the principle of secularism. but authority there's suggest some murdered critics crossed the line with their writing. a top police officer also told cnn in february bloggers need to speak up if they want protection. >> if we do not get any
11:23 pm
information from anyone, even if he does not report to the police, we -- it is difficult for police to provide. >> reporter: a friend of samad said the writer went into hiding last year for several month, fearing for his life. but samad later wrote it's better to die rather than living by keeping my head down. samad is the sixth secularist writer or publisher to have been murdered in dhaka in 14 months. others include and roy, whose widow barely survived the machete attack that killed her husband. >> i had four stab, machete stabs on my head. >> why do you think these people attacked you? >> we have got to a point where criticizing islam is becoming a
11:24 pm
very big crime or a sin in bangladesh. >> reporter: bangladeshi students took to the streets wednesday for their murdered classmate. >> translator: we're protesting here because one of our law students at the university was brutally killed. we want a proper investigation, and we want justice for the killing. >> reporter: tributes for the victim poured in on social media. one friend calls nazimuddin samad a courageous free thinker. another asks for an end to this brutality. george, the bangladeshi government vows that it bring these killers to justice, and has pointed out that v there have been some arrests made throughout the course of these murders over the past 14 months. but in the same breath, the home minister that cnn spoke with on thursday went on to criticize some of these bloggers that say their lives are at risk. and he said that, quote,
11:25 pm
so-called bloggers do not have any right to use these kind of languages that attack religion. no one has the right to attack religious leaders be it the prophet muhammad, or jesus. that is where some press freedoms and freedoms of expression groups have really started to criticize the bangladeshi government. why it is that on the one hand you say you're going to try to protect freedom of expression, but on the other hand you're criticizing some of the writings of some of these people who have been brutally murdered, in some cases in broad daylight in the capital of bangladesh. they're arguing that that is sending a very mixed message, essentially arguing that some of these people deserve what they're getting. so that's at the crux of the debate, even as these brutal murders continue. george? >> the home minister making the comments that you just pointed out. but in your report, police officers saying, look, if you're
11:26 pm
here, we need to know that you're here to protect you. that is mixed message indeed. ivan watson live for us. ivan, thank you for your reporting there. it is 8:25 in paris this morning. still ahead on newsroom, a top u.s. official says europe could have done more to prevent terror attacks. . >> it's concerning that our partners don't use all of our data. we provide them with tools. we provide them with support. and i would find it concerning that they don't use these tools. >> in a cnn exclusive, you will hear what this official says europe could do to improve. live in the united states and around the world this hour, you're watching "cnn newsroom."
11:27 pm
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11:30 pm
i'm george howell. the headlines we're following this hour. the man in this surveillance video, take a close look. belgian police are asking for the public to help find him. the newly released video shows him walking way from the brussels airport after the march 22nd terrorist attack. he is the same suspect showing in images from the airport before the bombings. just east of the syrian capital, isis has reportedly overrun this large cement plant and taken more than 300 workers captive there. syrian forces have been battling an isis offensive in the area, and reports say that dozens of people there have been killed. the zika virus. the world health organization now says it is a cause of microcephaly, as well as gil guillain-barre syndrome. on to europe where nations are being criticized for failing to do enough to prevent the terror attacks in paris and
11:31 pm
brussels. a top u.s. official said europe could have relied more on the resources offered by the united states. pamela brown has this cnn exclusive. >> reporter: new surveillance video emerging of one of the suspected brussels terrorists still on the run, as the head of the u.s. terror watch list christopher payote. >> it's concerning that our partners don't use all of our data. we provide them with tools. we provide them with support. i would find it concerning that they don't use the tools to scene for their own maritime, border screening, visas, things like that for travel. we find it concerning. >> reporter: maybe things even more difficult. european countries maintain their own individual terrorist watch lists, each have different privacy standards, preventing them from sharing suspect names
11:32 pm
with the u.s. in europe there are cases where information wasn't shared with someone because of the privacy laws. how does that impact the terror watch list? >> it impacts the terror watch list in a way that our sharing may not be as broad or as inclusive as it could be. >> reporter: director piehota says he fears missing terrorist could slip into the u.s. >> there are many that we do know about. and unfortunately, there are some we do not know about. we make sure we know as much as we can. and we take that information, and we use it the best we can to minimize threats to our communities. but we can't know everything all the time. >> reporter: piehota says no one can be added based on their religion. as republican presidential front-runner donald trump has proposed. is that even possible? can you do that? >> that's a policy decision that i wouldn't be able to comment
11:33 pm
on. >> could you even ban someone because of their ethnicity or religion? >> no watch list is based on race, religion, or any other protected right there. has to be a certain level of derogatory information particularized to that individual that would warrant their watch listing. being of a certain national origin or religious affiliation is not grounds for watch listing. >> reporter: director piehota says u.s. citizens make up only half a percent of the u.s. watch list information. and it's constantly being reevaluated with around 1500 changes to the watch list on average every sing day. pamela brown, cnn, washington. the leak of secret documents is keeping world lead owners the hot seat. in britain, the prime minister forced to defend his family's financial affairs on thursday while admitting he did profit from an offshore trust set up by his late father. but david cameron insists he has nothing to hide.
11:34 pm
>> we owned 5,000 units the investment trust, which we sold in january 2010. that was worth something like 30,000 pounds. >> was there a profit on it? >> i paid income tax on the dividends, but there was a profit on it. but it was less than the capital gains tax allowance. so i didn't pay capital gains tax. but it was subject to all the uk taxes in all the normal ways. thinking massive leak, the panama papers have caused a change at the top of iceland's government. sigurdur yohannson was signed earl. after a leak revealed his ties to an offshore company. the chair of the u.s. federal reserve janet yellen the talking to cnn about the strength of the u.s. economy and dismissing concerns that a bubble is ready to burst. her comments came during a panel discussion with cnn's fareed
11:35 pm
zakaria and three former reserve chairs. and here is part of that conversation. >> are we in an economic bubble? is the economy as perilous as some people on the political campaign trail are suggesting? >> so i would say the u.s. economy has made tremendous progress in recovering from the damage from the financial crisis. slowly but surely, the labor market is healing. for well over a year, we've averaged about 225,000 jobs a month. the unemployment rate now stands at 5%. so we're coming close to our assigned congressional goal of maximum employment. inflation, which my colleagues
11:36 pm
here paul and allen spent much of their time as chair bringing inflation down from unacceptably high levels for a number of years now, inflation has been running under our 2% goal. and we're focused on moving it up to 2%. but we think that it's partly transitory influence, namely declining oil prices and the strong dollar that are responsible for pulling inflation below the 2% level. we think is most desirable. so we're making progress there as well. and this is in an economy on a solid course. not a bubble economy. we tried carefully to look at evidence of a potential financial instability that might be brew, and some of the hallmarks of that clearly
11:37 pm
overvalued asset prices, high leverage, rising leverage, and rapid credit growth. we certainly don't see those imbalances. although interest rates are low and that is something can encourage reach for yield behavior, i certainly wouldn't describe this as a bubble economy. we have relatively weak global growth. but the u.s. economy has been doing well and domestic strength has been propelling us forward in spite of the fact that we're suffering a drag from the global economy. >> it is an inciteful interview. you can watch the entire discussion on "fareed zakaria gps" this saturday. the presidential race
11:38 pm
confrontational turn. and bill clinton gets an earful from black lives matter protesters in philadelphia. we'll show you how bill clinton responds, after the break. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen.
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11:42 pm
>> reporter: hillary clinton taking the high road today, for a moment at least, as the democratic race devolves into a war of words. >> let's keep our eye on what's really at stake in this election. >> reporter: at stake is the new york primary, which bernie sanders is fighting hard to win. firing off some of the most personal attacks yet of the campaign over who is qualified to be president. >> the american people might wonder about your qualifications, madam secretary, when you voted for the war in iraq. >> reporter: in philadelphia today, sanders unleashed a long list of grievances. >> are you qualified fob president of the united states when you're raising millions of dollars from wall street, anti-ty whose greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior helped destroy our economy? >> reporter: sanders said clinton started it by diminishing his qualifications. she said he did. it's a rough and tumble new york primary, raising questions about unifying the democratic party. >> i read a very contested campaign against then senator
11:43 pm
obama. and it went all the way to the end. we worked really hard. he got more delegates. and so i endorsed him. >> reporter: this map on the wall at clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn is a daily reminder of a lead in delegates. sanders is vowing to take the fight to the convention, a move that doesn't sit well with clinton campaign manager robbie mook. >> the stakes are so high. nobody in our party wants to see donald trump or ted cruz become president. and i think people will very quickly unified behind our nominee. >> reporter: but it was different. she was a democrat her entire life and he's what not been a democrat. what incentive does he have to help unify the party? >> well, that's up to senator sanders. he has to make a decision about the role he wants to play. >> reporter: would it be a mistake pour the party to keep litigating this into july in philadelphia? >> i think at a point it's obvious that a candidate has a majority of delegates and will win the nomination at the convention. i do think it will be time to come together. but we're not there yet.
11:44 pm
>> not there yet, and a long way to go. 12 days remaining before the new york primary. how this race plays out between hillary clinton and bernie sanders if they keep escalating their war, it will make it more difficult to unify the party. that's what some democrats are so concerned about. jeff zeleny, cnn, new york. a feisty exchange in philadelphia between bill clinton and protesters from the black lives matter group. >> i want to be able to -- come on. >> they heckled the former president over his 1994 crime bill. a it cracked down on gangs but also put more nonviolent offenders in prison, many of whom were african american. they also took issue with hillary clinton's stance on crime during the 1990s. bill clinton responded when one person yelled "hillary is a murderer." listen. >> i heard it. can i answer? no, you see, here is the thing. i like protesters, but the ones
11:45 pm
that won't let you answer are afraid of the truth. that's a simple rule. be afraid, very, very afraid. >> i talked to a lot of african american groups. they thought black lives mattered. they said take this bill because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs. because of that bill, we had a 25-year low in crime, a 33 low year murder rate. and because of that and the background check law, we had a 46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence. and who do you think those lives were that mattered? whose lives were saved that mattered? >> the former u.s. president taking the heat there on the campaign trail. now switching to weather. we're talking about a deadly heatwave in india that continues to really cause problems for people. but they're waiting for the cooling rains of the monsoon.
11:46 pm
>> that's right. it's just not arriving. that doesn't typically occur until about may or early june. unfortunately, the heatwave has turned deadly. 35 people have perished for heat-related illnesses just since sunday alone. and this is typically their warmest time of the year. it's just that it's coinciding with a drought, which exacerbates the problem. this is just outside of mumbai region. the government trucking in water for the individuals who live in the hardest hit areas. in fact, they're coming up with a mobile app for their phones that notifies the residents of this region when temperatures are forecast to get above 42 degrees. and this unfortunately sets an ominous reminder of just last year, if we get to my graphics, the fifth deadliest heatwave that ever occurred in india where 2500 fatalities occurred. and you can see that was just behind 1998 when over 2500
11:47 pm
fatalities occurred. so this is a very hot part of the world. just thursday alone, temperatures spiked above 40 degrees across many locations of the central parts of india. thanks to the tilt of the earth this time of year, we get very strong radiation from the sun. this really heats up the land. unfortunately, the mountain range to the north really blocks any of the cooler air trying to settle in from the north. and people are just so desperate for the monsoon rains to come in. but we have to wait another four to perhaps eight weeks before the rains actually settle in. so how does our body react to extreme temperatures? well, we know we sweat. well, unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way in some of the more hot and humid areas of the world, like india. typically, our sweat which is actually an evaporative process, a cooling process. but when we have high humidity and high dew point levels that evaporation doesn't occur. so the cooling of your body and the core temperature doesn't actually allow itself to cool down. and unfortunately, heat stress becomes an extreme problem,
11:48 pm
especially when a person's individual core temperature warms above 40 degrees. that is the danger zone, george, that can cause heat stress and heatstroke. and unfortunately in this particular instance, we have already seen over 30 fatalities. goodness. >> thank you. "american idol" says goodbye to millions of fans after 15 seasons. we'll look at why that show is so groundbreaking.
11:49 pm
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it is a very important topic. we'll hear more about this issue of body image in media with shaun robinson next hour. she is a former entertainment reporter who has written a book on the subject. for fans of art, design, fashion, and luxury, we have some very exciting news for you here at cnn. this saturday, cnn style is headed or the your tv screen. the monthly show gets exclusive access to the biggest names and events in the world. the world of art, fashion, and more. international viewers can watch the debut this saturday at 1:30 p.m. in london. 2:30 p.m. central european time on cnn. we're getting a glimpse of the first spin-off in the "star wars" film franchise. disney released the trailer on thursday. take a look. >> this is a rebellion, isn't it?
11:54 pm
i rebel. >> these are scenes from "rogue one: a star wars story." it's set just before the plot of the original "star wars" film and follows a group of rebels trying to steal plans for the death star. the movie hits theaters worldwide in mid-december. "american idol" is saying goodbye. it's named its 15th and final winner tonight. but most of the finale focused on all of the memories from that show and from familiar faces. brian stelter explains how "idol" changed tv forever. >> hey there, the singing has stopped on "american idol," at least for now. to me, sitting up in the balcony in the rafters of the dolby theater, it kind of felt like a festive funeral. the people in attendance knowing this was the last hurrah of the show that really reshaped television in the united states. and this was a star-studded sendoff. a videotaped appearance by
11:55 pm
president obama started off the two-hour broadcast. he talked about how the show had transformed tv, and made millions of young people more interested in voting. of course, he was talking about voting for celebrities, voting for singers. but he then urged people to take the same kind of energy and put into it the political process. many of the contestant, many of the winners and losers from past seasons were also in attendance, filling the dolby theater. in fact, there were dozens of them at one point. people like carrie underwood, fantasia, daughtry, jennifer hudson, the list goes on and on. singers that were catapulted to a level of fame, some more than others thanks to "american idol." as for the result on thursday night, trent harmon becoming the new win, beating out la porsha renee. but i have a feeling both have very strong careers ahead of them. these were two stars developed as a result of the 15th and now final season of "american idol." now the series creator simon
11:56 pm
fuller has already said he is working on ideas for a reboot, for a reimagining of "idol." so we'll see in what shape, what form it might come back in a few years. but for now, the silence in the theater was sort of deafening. even half an hour later, the cleanup was happening. the confetti was being sweeped up. for now "american idol" is over. back to you. >> brian stelter, thank you. the end of "american idol." we thank you for watching us this hour. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. i'll be back after the break with another hour of news from around the world. stay with us. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance
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caught on surveillance camera. new footage of the suspect wanted in the attack on a brussels airport. plus this. protesters in bangladesh after a secular blogger is hacked to death, and new questions about how the government is responding there. and later, ted cruz in new york blasted by the tabloids, but doubling down on his criticism of quote new york


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