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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 8, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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local media say police have arrested a suspect in last year's paris attacks, part of the cell connected to last month's deadly bombings in brussels. joining me from london senior international diplomatic editor nic robertson. what more do we know about these arrests, the exact location and who was captured? we know that it was mohamed abrini, one of the people captured and also a man called -- we don't have a lot of details about him. there is speculation about his role or whereabouts during the brussels attack. that haven't been released on an official basis but with what we know about mohamed abrini, he was in the man who drove with salah abdeslam, one of the planners of the paris attacks, two days before the paris attacks, drove from brussels paris, picked up on cctv camera at a gas station.
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his route is believed to have a role in helping to plan the paris attacks, as well and also a had a role in the brussels attacks, as well. the nature we don't know. for the authorities, wolf, this is absolutely huge. they have got salah abdeslam, one of the plotters and planners behind these attacks, in custody. they have a second person now. this gives a huge advantage to figure out if one of them is lying to them. they can cross reference information here. a big win for belgian authorities today. wolf? >> isn't salah abdeslam cooperating with authorities? he was supposedly being extradited from belgium in to france. salah abdeslam, what do we know about his level of cooperation? >> the picture is not clear. what we know is the first day after he was arrested his lawyer said he was cooperating with belgian authorities.
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he was going to fight extradition to france. shortly after the attacks in brussels he changed his tune. he got a different lawyer and his lawyer said he wants to be extradited to france and will answer questions about the paris attacks in france. when the lawyer was questioned will he answer questions about the brussels attack, the lawyer refused several times to answer that question. so it's not clear. it was expected, once we heard from his lawyer, that he was willing to be extradited, that extradition would take ten days. in the last couple of days we have learned the extradition process will take much longer because they have questions they want to ask salah abdeslam. >> i want you stand by, nic. i want to bring in our panel. we are getting more information, pamela brown is working her sources, jim sciutto is here. he is working his sources. national security analyst peaer bergen is here with us and a
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retired brigadier general is with us. what are you learning about the arrests, significant in connection with the paris attacks last november and the march 22nd attacks in the brussels airport. >> there has been speculation that mohamed abrini was in fact the man in the hat that we have seen in the surveillance video. i'm told by some intelligence and law enforcement sources in the united states, the belief is he is in fact the man in white. there's not a consensus among everyone in the u.s. government but there are people who have more confidence in the fact he is the man in white because of intelligence gathering, process of elimination, people they have arrested, people they know in the network. they have looked at everything and believe he could be the iman in white. they are relying on the belgians to get that confirmation. you may remember, there was someone belgian authorities released that was thought to be the man in the white and wasn't. people in the u.s. government are cautiously optimistic that mohamed abrini is the man in white.
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>> if he is that would be a huge moment in the terror investigation. >> no question. it is already huge, even if he doesn't turn out to be him. because i he has multiple ties to the paris attacks. he drove salah abdeslam, the last attacker as it were from the paris attacks two days before and drove with him after the attacks. he was in the same safe house where two terrorists that died in the attacks, he was in the safe house where they stayed before they carried him out. he has ties to abaaoud, who we talked about as the mastermind. the suspicion is ties to the brussels attacks, even if he is not the man in the hat because it is believed to be the same cell that carried out paris and brussels. you have this nexus coming to be here. he's essential to investigators broader network. one piece of caution, this is something expressed by u.s. and french counterterror officials. remember salah abdeslam captured
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on a friday, three days later on monday the brussels attacks were carried out. part of the concern was because he was captured a cell may jump in to action to carry out something as a concern police would uncover further members of the network. we don't know another attack is in the planning but certainly a concern. i was told on the phone a few moments ago, that france and belgium authorities that when you have a significant arrest like this other members of the network scramble and the level of alert is high in europe, it would be only higher in the wake of this arrest. >> that is a real concern. peter bergen, you have studied this a long time. when salah abdeslam was arrested there were the terror attacks at the subway station, the metro station in brussels. the fear, as jim points out, is if there are other terror plots in the works in europe or elsewhere right now they may accelerate their timing fearing mohamed abrini might be talking to local authorities. >> hopefully belgium
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counterterrorism officials won make the mistake they made with salah abdeslam. they didn't ask him about what else was in the pipeline. hopefully that's what the first thing they would ask mohamed abrini. they look at the paris attacks and what will happen next. >> what if he shuts up. >> if he shuts up -- >> if he's not talking what can they do about that? >> a skilled interrogator, using the techniques they use may elicit something. >> salah abdeslam's lawyer says he is not cooperating and wants to be extra died from belgium to france. how do you deal with that? they have attorneys in belgium. they have attorneys in france. if they want to shut up, what can authorities do to get that information from them if they are true believers and say do whatever you want to us. >> they are probably not going to get the intelligence from thee these guys if they clam up. what they have to do is widen the investigation. widen the sbael jens gathering.
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make sure it goes beyond belgium and france. this network is not only in belgium and france it goes well beyond that. this is an intelligence, operation. this isn't a military or police operation. they will go where the intelligence takes them. they have to strengthen their intelligence to find it. >> mohamed abrini is a key play and they have to get him to talk within the next 24 hours to see if anything is in the works right now. >> that's true. this is another episode of "24," they can't take significant actions against him if he du doesn't want to talk. they are not going to use aggressive intelligence techniques to get information. >> what they used to call enhanced interrogation, some call torture and some people say a situation like this where there maybe something in the works enhanced interrogation techniques might be appropriate. >> i don't think so. i don't think the europeans have
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a stomach for what we used to consider enhanced interrogation techniques and i believe there's significant amount of european law that prevents that. >> so you think belgium and france don't do water boarding don't stuff like that. >> i certainly don't. >> a top official did not express confidence in what the u.s. colleagues, allies in belgium are doing right now. and in other places in europe, as well. >> right. i interviewed the director. he said cooperation has improved with europe in the wake of the isis threat, a big concern among u.s. officials is european officials are not routinely checking people who cross their border against terror watch lists. the u.s. shares all of this data it has collected about possible terrorists and the european officials, because of their privacy laws and perhaps resources aren't using that data routinely to cross reference people at the borders. and that's a concern for american officials. >> beyond the cooperation
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between europe and the u.s., it has been described to me by multiple officials that european intelligence agencies have a pre-9/11 mentality in terms of sharing among themselves and also even internal sharing inside of those countries between the various intelligence agencies. you will remember this from 9/11, the 9/11 commission even competitive relationships between the cia, fbi and others and still see that mentality which causes problems. we talk about in competitive relationships within belgium, that has a severe problem. >> stand by. we are getting information. a quick break and much more with the panel on these terror-related arrests in brussels right now from one of those arrested. later, donald trump is beefing up his team to focus on the fight for delegates. a senior adviser is standing by to join us live.
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we're covering breaking news from belgium. the prosecutor's office says several arrests have been made in connection with the terror attacks in brussels. one arrested is mohamed abrini a suspect in last november's terror attacks in paris. mohamed abrini was a childhood
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friend of the paris terror suspect salah abdeslam, arrested last month in brussels, a few days before the terror attack at the brussels airport and the metro station. joining us from london our international editor nic robertson. you are getting information from your sources. what are you learning? >> wefl wolf, i think this goes to what we were talking about going in to the break which is the concern that the tools given to european counterterrorism officials, the tools an the data and that isn't being used properly add adequately. i think the view from europe and of course one would expect it to be a resip piciprocal view. they had the attack in 2004 and neither country had han attack since. they learned lessons. britain thwarted seven attacks.
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but they say what they find can and does happen is when they ask their counterparts in the united states for additional help on information, because the united states has an ability to get in to the internet the way some of them here in europe don't, they are asked to provide a lot of information and not always able to provide it all but the information they say they get back is quite of heavily redacted in a way they can't interpret it well. this was witnessed in europe at the end of last year where you had a terror alert in geneva that didn't pan out and another one in brussels that didn't pan out. this is information they point to as information useful than were happy to have it but not specific enough to really aid them. there was an over reaction. there's claerly we are hearing from both sides there are
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problems in the system and both sides need to get together and fix it. if you want the view from europe. but today is a good day from belgium authorities. they have a second key player in these two attacks in paris and brussels. that will bring in a lot more information and i think we can be pretty sure what they get here they will share with their colleagues and friends in the united states. >> maybe more than two suspects under arrests. several arrests. mohamed abrini is one of the names publicly revealed but could be other players, as well. pamela, is it possible that information the u.s. provided belgian authorities in recent days maybe information collected from the internet or social media or anything played a role in the arrests today. >> it's certainly possible. we don't know that for sure. the bulk of the information has come from the belgian side and the u.s. officials are getting that information passed to them.
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there's video that was released yesterday the cctv video showing a man in the hat walking for two hours after the attack. it is unclear if that helped. we will be interested to see how these arrests take place. he has been on the run ever since the paris attacks. i find it interesting he was under their noses in brussels. >> just like salah abdeslam. >> it is possible that mohamed abrini is the guy in the hat. >> there's a lot of information in that video. you can determine height, gait, left or right handed. those are things they are checking against the man in custody right now. i would add to nic's point, there are human beings on both sides an political sensitivities from this side saying they don't do enough and griping from that side saying they don't give us enough. it goes back to 9/11.
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you heard the same tension between u.s. intelligence agencies before. it's the issue they are trying to correct now. >> i sis in irraqqah, they are presumably watching the news media right now. they are going to make the point they are alive and kicking. >> let's say mohamed abrini says nothing. has computers, cell phones and papers at the point where he was arrested. that will be useful, even if he chooses to say nothing about what the network plans next. >> what do you think they will do, isis? >> i think these type of attacks in europe are pretty much energy drinks for isis around the world. they get rehabilitated, many ways excited about this advertisement. this is free advertising for the organization. it demonstrates to the world they are relevant, still strong. and they are still capable.
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>> authorities should go on a higher state of alert. >> certainly. particularly human intelligence agencies should not sleep at night. that's the way they will find and prevent future attacks. >> do you agree? >> it was mystifying to me why the belgians dropped the alert a few days after the attack but clearly this is a real possibility. we have seen it already. >> why would they do that? they went on a higher state of alert right afterafterwards an then lowered it. >> we so it here, too. you don't want to under or over reak. you want your country and citizens to get back to normal to the degree they can. these are judgment calls every step at of the game. it is a difficult balance. >> you are working your sources presumably. we will know soon enough whether this mohamed abrini is the man with that luggage, with that cart at the airport, with that explosive material inside if it
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turns out he is the same individual that would be a huge moment. >> absolutely. i think most people hope it is. the concern is the man who put a bomb in the airport in brussels is still on the loose. speculation early on was mohamed abrini was him based on the connection with the terrorist attacks. we know brussels nrk was connected to paris. through intelligence sharing and process of elimination, u.s. officials have more confidence and believe that's the connection. >> we will see if it is. we will stay on top of the story. we are also following the presidential can contest here in the united states. we are about to hit the presidential campaign trail. democrats are focused on new york state. a lot of developments today. stay with us. look at 'em!
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now to the race for president in the united states. the democrats are campaigning in new york state ahead of the april 19th primary there. we're seeing slowing down, of sorts, of the negative back and forth. the sanders' camp is putting the blame on the clinton campaign for starting the latest fight. >> bernie sanders has really set the message in this race. he dominated the issue terrain in this race. the clinton campaign is in control of the tone. they set the tone. if they want a harsh tone we are happy to participate on that level. >> let's go to our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. he's in brooklyn for us right now. that's where bernie sanders is holding a couple of events today. he was born in brooklyn, as we
10:26 am
all know. listen to what each of the candidates said on "the today show" this morning when they were asked the question of qualification to be president. >> i believe that voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders 0 over donald trump or ted cruz anytime. >> she's qualified? >> of course. >> of course. she is qualified. change from what he said yesterday to today, before -- she's saying he's more qualified to be president than any other pub cab candidates but is she specifically saying he is qualified? >> well, she hasn't said that specifically. i think until she does she may continue to be asked about it. there's no doubt there is a bit of a cooling of temperatures, if you will, a bit of a cease fire in the democratic presidential campaign. bernie sanders was on "the view" a short time ago and he said,
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look, we don't want to be acting like republicans. we want to keep focusing on issues. it underscores how competitive and contentious this race is going in to that new york primary. i'm here in [ ly brooklyn. there is a rally that bernie sanders will be at this afternoon. he is fighting hard for new york and holding a rally outside of his childhood home. they are trying to make the case is he born in new york and he has a connection here. it is an uphill battle for bernie sanders in this fight for new york. she was twice elected here. it is her adopted home state and she has spent more time recently than he is. >> she has lived in new york state since she left the white house when she was first lady, became senator, served as senator for eight years before secretary of state for four years. let's talk about what is going on the republican side. jeff, colorado is choosing more
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delegates today and tomorrow. donald trump is not going there. ted cruz is going there. what's at stake in colorado? >> well, wolf, the republican race is becoming a person-by-person, delegate-by delegate battle now. that's why ted cruz is going to colorado tomorrow temperature an interesting quirky process in colorado. each of the seven congressional districts is holding elections for their own delegates her. not all of them are bound to a particular candidate. that's why ted cruz is trying to win them over. donald trump has a big lead over all of the delegates but ted cruz is gaining ground and doing it by playing the rules well. he is going after the state and county conventions. by the end of the week he is almost certain to have a handful or a couple handfuls more delegates in thiz pock. still behind donald trump but that's what is boiled down to, a local-type situation in colorado where person-by-person is saying
10:29 am
who they will support to represent their district in colorado. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in gary ben knit net seni net for the trump campaign. why isn't he going to colorado to get the unbound delegates. >> the way the system works you have to start doing this before trump was even in the race. ted cruz has been running for a couple of years. so expectations are low in colorado but we have 95 available in new york and the the citizens of connecticut, pennsylvania, new jersey are all watching, as well. >> we have a team out there but don't have high expectations. >> senior team or just a team. >> senior team. >> i want you to listen to what paul manafort the latest strategic adviser, delegate adviser to the trump campaign. he was on cnn's "new day" with
10:30 am
chris cuomo and said this. >> the reality is ted cruz has seen his best day. the reality is this convention process will be over with probably june 7th. it will be apparent to the world that trump is over the 1237 number. there's pennsylvania, there's new jersey, there's maryland, connecticut. these are his -- yes, california is important but by the time we get to california the momentum will be clear and ted cruz path to victory will be in shambles. >> isn't there a concern that some of those bound delegates, whether louisiana, tennessee, that there are a bunch of states where there's still an open question who will get the delegate even if trump won the majority or plurality in those states that cruz has a better ground game. he's getting them away and maybe some of the rubio delegates could be stole en if you want to
10:31 am
use that word. every delegate is important because if you don't get to 1237 it is potentially not going to happen. >> the key for us to get it to 1237 in earned delegates. we will get that. >> you need 60% of the remaining delegates in order to get there. how doable is that? >> after new york it is 52. >> we're cleaning up. >> if you get more than 50% you get 18 delegates but then each congressional district you have to get the majority. have you gone through the districts? >> we are far more organized. >> in new york state. so you are confident you will get all 95, what about new jersey, maryland, connecticut, a bunch of states coming up? >> in pennsylvania we are 18 points ahead. they have a strange system where you elect individuals. so we have to run campaigns for jane doe, so we will do well.
10:32 am
>> you are like paul manafort and confident the number you will have by the time california in early june, the california contest is there you will have it and you will go to the convention. will they show up at the convention, ted cruz, john kasich, will they try to see if it will go to a second, third or fourth round where the pledged delegates become unpledged. >> once you get from 1237 you go to 1500, everyone wants to be the winner. i think it takes the air out of it. >> you are confident that this -- what happened in wisconsin. why didn't you do well there. >> i never had delegates on my board in wisconsin and neither did paul and we walked away with six. that is pretty good. >> who will do better in new york state, you think obviously trump will win but will kasich or cruz do better in new york. who's a bigger threat to trump in new york? >> i don't think we have any threats in trump -- cruz is fli
10:33 am
with a 20% threshold. where if you don't get 20% you can't qualify for any delegates. >> it is not 15, it is 20 in new york. >> kasich is at 20, give or take. >> going forward, kasich will do well in pennsylvania. >> should do better in pennsylvania but in maryland he didn't file, his lack of organization is catching up to him. >> he's staying in the contest for the time being the trump campaign wants him to drop out. >> yeah. >> you don't think his support would go to cruz? >> i don't think it goes 100% to anybody. >> a lot of the rubio support, a lot of ben carson support went to cruz. >> we picked up a marco rubio delegate and we are doing fine with those folks. >> what is the biggest issue, the biggest responsibility that paul manafort has right now. he was just brought in.
10:34 am
he was involved in 1976 the last time there was a contested convention. what is his responsible right now? >> delegates, convention, washington outreach. a lot of responsibilities. >> how does that work with corey lewandowski, the campaign manager? >> the campaign is in new york. paul will be here in washington. >> paul will be based in washington. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it very much. we will stay on top of the story for our viewers. former president clinton tries to explain his angry exchange with black lives matter protesters. the clash with those demonstrators during a campaign stop in philadelphia yesterday. he was strongly defending hillary clinton for using the term super predator some 20 years ago to describe some violent young people. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids popped up on crack and sent them in to
10:35 am
the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth. >> president clinton defended his record on crime when he was in office at a campaign stop. he expressed regret about his tone saying he almost, saying he almost wanted to apologize. >> i like and believe in protest. i'd be a hypocrite if i didn't because i engaged in some when i was a kid, but i never thought i should drown anyone else out. i confess, maybe it is a sign of old age, but it bothers me now when that happens. >> president clinton said he understands the protesters were trying to draw attention to their message. interesting comments from him today. special programming note, anderson cooper will host a town
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hall with donald trump on tuesday night, april 12th. that's next tuesday. this coming toon tuesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't want to miss that. next thursday, i will moderate the next cnn democratic debate in we'll be right back lynn. y -- in brooklyn. it is five days before the new york primary. all of that coming up on cnn. ahead, we are following breaking news of some big arrest connected to the terrorist attacks in brussels and paris. new details. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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breaking news this hour. a man, mohamed abrini is under
10:41 am
arrest. he was picked up in brussels near the neighborhood where another paris suspect salah abdeslam was arrested. mohamed abrini is suspect in last year's deadly terror attacks in paris. that happened in november. belgian tv, by the way, suggesting that mohamed abrini could be the infamous man in the dark hat and white coat spotted at the brussels airport just before the bombings there. same cell blamed for the paris attacks is believed to have carried out the brussels attacks. another man was picked up. he was sought for having an operational role in the brussels attacks. i want to bring in our justice correspondent, pamela brown and terrorism analyst paul cruickshank what do we know about him? >> well, we know that he is a swedish radical. someone on the radar screen of terrorism. someone who traveled to syria, who posted pictures from syria
10:42 am
with an isis flag behind him. the last known posting in january of we are told by a french source close to the investigation, that it is the same as osama krayem. they have established this individual came through the greek islands on september 20. other attackers including the stadium attackers came through the island posing as refugees a while later. and then osama krayem traveled through europe, through austria
10:43 am
and went up to a refugee center in olm, germany. from a hotel nearby, he was picked up on the 3rd of october by salah abdeslam, who of course was arrested last month, shortly before the brussels attacks. this individual is believed to be operationally involved in the brussels attacks. these are two significant arrests, not just mohamed abrini but also osama krayem. they were the two most wanted men in europe. belgian authorities have got them and big breakthrough for them. warnings still, wolf, others are connected to these individuals and to the paris and brussels cells at large. we understand that about a dozen individuals are believed to have played a logistical support role in these plots and are still believed to be loose on the
10:44 am
streets of europe, wolf. they also have the identities of several others. they are searching in connection with the paris and brussels attacks. >> presumably they had these three suspects now under their control. the two arrested today, salah abdeslam, who was arrested before the brussels airport attack, if they are talking, they are going to get a lot of information. but you are getting more information yourself. what are you learning? >> as far as talking goes, officials want to know if there are other imminent attacks in the works that mohamed abrini could have been had knowledge of or played a role in them like salah abdeslam. you will remember he was arrested and a few days later the attacks happened in the brussels airport and metro. they believe he was connected and helping in the planning and perhaps going to take part in that. officials are trying to establish whether mohamed abrini is the man we have been seeing in the surveillance video.
10:45 am
there was speculation early on he was. based on the fact he was connected with the paris attacks. and then through the course of process of elimination, eliminating people they don't believe are part of the network, arresting others, in addition to intelligence gathering and looking at this network, some officials are believe he is the man in white. others aren't sure. there isn't a consensus right now. that's up to the belgians who are holding a press conference to announce. >> paul cruickshank, what are you hearing about the possibility? i looked a the images. there seems to be a similarity but no confirmation that mohamed abrini is the guy with the luggage cart with the hat and why jacket. >> that's correct, wolf. no confirmation from belgian authorities that this is one and the same guy, the man in the white hat on the cctv footage.
10:46 am
mohamed abrini, there's been a lot of speculation in the belgian media that's the case, i think we will have to wait for the belgian federal prosecutors to weigh in. they will be weighing in shortly on that. i'm sure they will be asked a question did the reelise of the cctv footage lead to the crucial arrests of the two most wanted men in europe right now the two men considered most dangerous, two men that could have launched further terrorist attacks in europe. was that a crucial step? if it was a crucial step, why wasn't it released earlier? was there a good reason for it not to be released earlier? i think it is important at these times to not second guess too much what investigators are doing. sometimes they can have legitimate reasons for deciding to delay the release of these takes. i'm sure they will answer many of those questions quite soon. >> i'm sure you are right. >> thank you very much. still aed head, iraq's second
10:47 am
largest city facing a threat that could be, get this, could be even worse than isis. arwa damon is live in iraq. she will have a report.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
if the dam fails, it will be catastrophic. there will be thousands of people downstream that will be either injured or killed, certainly displaced, and the damage could extend all the way down to close to baghdad or in to baghdad. >> general lloyd austin, the commander of the u.s. military central command, issuing a dire warning about the mosul dam, only a month ago. since then, the situation has not improved. fears for the dam's safety have grown as the fighting between isis and the iraqi army intensifies. cnn's arwa damon investigates how the structure is holding up right now with all the fighting around it. >> reporter: it has been described by some as the most dangerous dam in the world. the mosul dam. the largest in iraq, which produces hydroelectricity, is
10:52 am
built on a foundation of soft gypsum rock, making erosion a constant challenge. we enter the underbelly of the dam to see how it is even still standing. completed in the mid-1980s, what keeps it all intact is a process that needs to happen daily. workers are drilling bore holes. this one will go down 150 meters or around 500 feet. drilling that particular distance takes about a week and the machines go up and down along the length of the dam. breaking up and then rapporting cement to ensure the stability of the dam's foundation. it's a process called grouting. when isis briefly took over the dam in 2014, this was halted for 45 days. intense around the cloud routing reversed those weaknesses. the u.s. issued a stark warning.
10:53 am
describing the potential for collapse as, quote, serious and unprecedented. a catastrophic event that would see mosul, iraq's second largest city and under isis control, entirely submerged, with flooding as far downstream as baghdad. that warning said the lives of iraqis would be at risk. the dam's manager insists that disaster is not imminent. >> translator: if the dam were to collapse when the water level is above seawater, yes, mosul would be flooded. but with current level, there would be minimal damage. >> reporter: the seepage is one of the reasons why he says the u.s. is concerned. but he claims his team has determined it is not impacting the dam's foundation. still, last we're, the u.s. installed an early warning system they monitor regularly and there is an urgent need for repairs. millions of iraqis are directly
10:54 am
reliant on the mosul dam in one way or another but years of neglect by the iraqi government due to politics, bureaucracy and corruption are already being felt. couple that with security concerns that for years kept international companies from taking up the job. an italian company has just been contracted to repair and refurbish the dam but work is yet to begin. and in iraq where nothing is ever entirely predictable, it is always the best to plan for the worst. >> and arwa's joining us now live fromm erbil in iraq. arwa, how imminent is a threat of collapse? what are u.s. officials, others, saying? >> well, here's the thing, wolf, they don't really know, and that is what makes everything just so precarious. it could be a day, a week, a month, a year or even ten years. but the problem is, given all of these various dynamics that
10:55 am
exist, all of these various possibilities for the foundation to actually give away, that is why the u.s. thought at this stage it was critical to issue a warning and create awareness. because if it does, it is going to be absolutely catastrophic for so many amongst the iraqi population, not to mention the ongoing damage it would be doing to agricultural farmlands and cities in a country that really can hardly afford it, given everything else it is going through. plus, it is absolutely imperative to try to get these repairs under way. because the u.s. knows only too well that this is a country where things at best take so much longer than is anticipated, that they really do need to get these repairs done so they can at least eliminate the threat of the mosul dam collapsing from all of the other threats that already face the iraqi population including the threat of isis, wolf. >> what a disaster that would be.
10:56 am
all right, thanks very much, arwa damon in iraq, for us. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." the news continues right after a short break.
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all right, here we go, top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news on cnn. this man allegedly involved in not just one but two of europe's most horrific terror attacks has just been caught alive. one of the men here, mohamed abrini, has just been arested. these photos showing abrini at a gas station, two days after the paris attacks, with the now captured, the eighth wanted terror suspect from paris there in the surveillance photos from the gas station from right after those coordinated attacks. meaning that last named suspect is no longer at large. also