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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  April 11, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> an unidentified navy officer is charged with spying. officials say he was arrested eight months ago and just faced his first hearing on friday. we'll keep you posted. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. this morning no one told me there would be math. >> i'm sorry. no. >> or more importantly, apparently nobody told trump. trump blasted the selection process that handed ted cruz all of colorado's delegates. trump called it totally unfair. which for once is mild by comparison. his new convention manager accused ted cruz of using gastapo tactics. >> that's the first we've heard from trump in four days. that might be a record in this election cycle.
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especially just a week out now from the new york primary that is becoming a big deal now. phil mattingly is joining us with more. is this oh what a difference a weekend makes? >> i think so. if you look at what donald trump has been trying to do over the last couple of days, it runs parallel with what we saw behind the scenes related to delegates. he and his team recognizing that cruz has a major advantage. if you look at north carolina and south dakota and iowa. ted cruz's team and organization and grass roots operation as defeated them every step of the way. part of the reason he put paul manafort in his position was because they realized they have to do something about it. but he will still say things publicly that make it clear he thinks the system is rigged. >> this was changed in the summer to help a guy like cruz, and it's not right. i won south carolina by a
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landslide, like a massive landslide and now they're trying to pick off delegates one by one. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. they offer them trips. they offer them all sorts of things. and you're allowed to do that. i mean, you're allowed to offer trips and you can buy votes. what kind of a system is this? i'm an outsider, and i came into the system and i'm winning the votes by millions of votes but the system is rigged and crooked. >> the system may not be pretty, but it's part of the rules. cruz has been following the rules effectively. that's put donald trump and his team on the defensive. >> north carolina and colorado donald trump gets zip? >> more or less. got shut out of colorado. picked up one or two in north dakota. he references south carolina. he dominated the state. cruz's campaign has been working on another trek. if they get to an open convention and get to ballot two or three, they want to make sure the delegates who initially will
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vote for donald trump on the first ballot, really like cruz. therefore they shift over. after that, we saw it in south carolina on a couple of congressional district conventions. five of six delegates were pro cruz. second or third ballot, all ted cruz. >> complicated but get smart quick on the delegate math. it's going to matter. >> here to respond to jeff dewitt. thank you so much for being with us. donald trump says the system is rigged. well, is it rigged or is it just the system? i mean, these are the rules that are in place that have been in place for a while. it was transparent about what the rules were. why is it unfair? >> well, kate and john, the system absolutely is rigged. what it appears is that the establishment has put a fail safe into the whole process to allow them to still go against the will of the voters if the voters don't listen to what the
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establishment wants, and what's amazing when you look at colorado whether they've completely shut out anyone that liked trump kwar, iniand it sho people of puerto rico and guam have more say in the president. there are videos of republicans burning their registration cards. i'm seeing it firsthand. if you're a known arizona person, they're trying to -- i'm sorry, a known trump person, they're trying to shut you out of the process and only elect cruz and the quote, unquote, never trump people to be delegates. i've been working it on the ground. they pull every dirty trick in the book and they're living up to the name lying ted. >> but, but, but, donald trump has defended the fact that he has contributed in t past to democratic candidates by using these words. i'm just playing the game. i'm a businessman and playing
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the game as it is played. then now he says the gym is ram rigged. and he's playing about it. he's playing it in one regard. is he trying to have it both ways? >> those are different games. what he's said in the past and been open and honest about it is yeah, he's contributed to both sides. as a successful business person in this country, it's one of the most unfortunate truths, in that when you need to get something done, a lot of times you need political support, and -- >> but there's still parts of the game that is politics. nothing about it is illegal. it's just playing the game. >> well, campaign contributions are one thing. this particular thing where here we have voters all across the country being disenfranchised. remember that ted cruz has only actually won three states where they have a true primary process and voters get to speak. he's going around and taking credit for the big win in colorado where the known trump
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supporters were shut out of the meeting, kicked out of the room so there was no chance that they could get voted on to be a delegate. i think it's terrible, and there are a lot of people in colorado that support mr. trump. i think a lot more. it would be like an arizona vote where it was two oh one trump victory over cruz, and to shut the people out of the process, what they're doing is killing the republican people. the people celebrating the most are the democrats. that's who's being helped by this the most. >> we've heard from some colorado trump supporters who said they're upset they couldn't vote for trump. they didn't get any support from the trump campaign because it wasn't organized enough in colorado. paul manafort who is running the convention now accused the cruz campaign of gastapo tactics. what has the cruz team done that's tantamount to nazi secret police? >> in colorado and arizona and other places, they're trying to shut out and kick people out of
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the room if they're trump people. they're putting cruz people on. if they don't get enough cruz people to show up to the meetings, they actually are putting people's names on a ballot who never registered and never filled out to do it because they're trying to stack the box. i've seen it here myself. it's a dirty trick. the whole thing is about controlling the political process while disenfranchising the will of the voters. we have to want to support the will of the voters. that's all we're asking for with the trump campaign. let's listen to the will of the voters. trump has received $2 million voters than cruz has and cruz knows this and is trying to steal the process. it's terrible and has to stop. we have the let the voter's voices be heard. >> it's the process and the rules of the game. you say let the will of the voters be heard. interestingly enough, you might have larger organizational
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problems. two of trump's children aren't even registered to vote for him in the republican primary here. what does that mean? >> well, again, you know, new york is going to be a landslide victory as we all know. by some polls we're up as much as 50%. it's one of the things in new york. we'll take new york by storm. the northeast is going to go for mr. trump. cruz is out there saying it's a two man race, yet he's taking third place -- >> what about the kids? it speaks to an organizational problem if you can't figure out how to get your own kids to vote for you, doesn't it? >> well, as you've seen, the kids are out stumping for him like crazy and going all over the state. they will be voting for him come the fall, but in terms of the primary process, we're letting the primary process move along right now and it's doing great. >> so it's not a problem? how would you describe it away? >> again, you know, the kids have their own way to do w
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business, their own political views. if they're not registered to vote in the primary, i don't think that's a problem at all. he's going to win by a majority in the new york primary. what we're looking for is in the fall and defeating hillary clinton. i don't think there's any question how they'll vote in the fall. they support their father very much and stump for him all over the state and the country. his kids have been everywhere for him. there's no question who they support in this race. >> everywhere but the ballot box. >> thanks, jeff. we appreciate it. thanks for the time. >> thank you. so let's talk more about the big battles for delegates. let's bring in david chalion. the fight is on. it's either playing the game or the system is rigged a needs to be torn up, however you want to describe it. it is what it is right now.
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how is this fight going to -- what is this fight going to look like going forward? there's no indication it's going to change? >> did you hear echoes of 2000? here's some of that now. we're going to get well educated as a country about this delegate process and the rules. listen, there are two parallel campaigns going on right now on the republican side. there's the campaign to win primaries and caucuses and get voters and there's the campaign to organize at each one of these stages of the process required to get actual human beings, names attached to these delegate slots and make sure you are putting people that are favorable to you on the proper convention committee and on the convention floor so that if it does go to multiple ballots as it looks like is likely to happen, you're prepared for that as a campaign. >> the trump team brought on this delegate wizard, this magician who is going to make it
8:11 am
all better for them, paul manafort. are there any signs he will going forward or he has the capacity to fix the delegate problem. if you go into colorado without one delegate, that's an issue. >> it is. i was looking at the overall delegate picture, where we are. trump, 746. cruz, 538. that's a differential of 208 delegates. trump, i don't know the exact number, but he was close to a 300. he was real close to a 300 delegate margin. this is a much bigger problem to solve. ted cruz has taken a very big bite out of donald trump's delegate lead. they need to reverse that, and that i think you see some evidence that paul manafort being in there now is shifting their attention to this, and only this. >> because new york is 95. >> exactly. if he can win a sweep like he did in south carolina where he wins every single delegate in
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new york, all 95, he'll be book back on the board. the polls show this northeast swing is going to be good for him, but that doesn't change the organizational issue that you have state by state in all of the county processes. >> is it decided yet if they can ramp up in time? i mean, that's the question. can they ramp up now and turn it around? that is unknown. >> well, all our reporting suggested that what man fopaul manafort believed was they had a two week window to do that. yes, if we're headed for an open convention, there's time. you're going to start getting all the committees collected in july. there's time to form a floor strategy. what they're missing in terms of the clock is what cruz has been building the entire time which is understanding each state's process, how the rules are played, and leveraging that. you brought this up in terms of
8:13 am
giving democrats donations, filing for bankruptcy, donald trump has been the master of leveraging the rules to his benefit. that has not been happening thus far. >> thank you so much. we'll be talking about this a lot coming up. talking a lot about big issues this week. a big week of politics here on cnn. three town halls for the republican candidates and their families. tonight john kasich with his wife and his daughters. on tuesday it's donald trump and his wife and children. and then on wednesday, ted cruz joined by his wife. his children are too young. they're not going to join him that night. the candidates and their families will speak with anderson and take questions. a big week. it starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. >> talk about parallel campaigns as it relates to donald trump and ted cruz, there's also a different type of parallel campaign. we'll tell you about a nationwide effort coming from house speaker paul ryan. who is the target of this
8:14 am
campaign and what does it mean for the gop primary? we'll discuss. >> plus hillary clinton naming names but that name not bernie sanders. today she's got a new ad out targeting donald trump. why trump and not her democratic rival? and also we have breaking news on the paris and brussels terror investigation. new information minutes away about just who and where these terrorists might have been targeting. stay with us. nnected. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you get an industry leading broadband network and cloud and hosting services. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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the battle for republican party delegates is quickly becoming a full blown war. as donald trump and ted cruz are fighting it out in many states and trump now calling the system corrupt and crooked and pointing directly at cruz. >> we want to bring in maeve reston and doug high and josh holmes. maeve, we want to start with you. you were there. you were there. you saw what was going on in colorado right now. describe to us this cruz operation. how does it work and where is
8:19 am
trump falling short? >> well, it was fascinating. i was there over four days. it was this sort of series of mini conventions where delegates were elected at the congressional district level and then a massive state convention where people were running for 13 delegate slots. they got a speech of 10 seconds each if they wanted to. but cruz's operation has been working the system and following the rules since the last year. they started recruiting delegate second downs in colorado who would be committed to cruz all the way through the convention. i spoke a lot of them. they said second, third, fourth ballot, i'll be with cruz. they courted these people, made phone calls. they made sure they won in each of the mini conventions and then won at the statewide convention, and his slate just cleaned up. one of the things that's important to know is that there are these tip sheets, these
8:20 am
slates that the campaigns hand out. you know, throughout the convention. and donald trump's slate which has the names of the people that his campaign wanted to elect riddled with errors because every person's name has a number next to it, and then you get a ballot that's like a bubble sheet where you fill in the person's number. the fact that donald trump's campaign had errors was a strike against them, and cruz's campaign just worked it and got their people elected. >> totally worked it within the rule, but as you were listening to maeve describe this, doug, as a party guy, as someone who is no fan of trump, but does he have a point? no primary, no caucus, a bubble sheet. we're back taking s.a.t.s. >> look, he's trying to create an expectations game. if donald trump loses, he can't say he lost fair and square. it will have to have been taken from him. maeve is right. this is all about organization. not just colorado but wyoming, the iowa caucus where cruz did
8:21 am
well. and the difference is ted cruz has known these people and worked them for two years. donald trump is just getting to know these people and hasn't organized his own family to vote for him in the primary. there are problems for him. >> josh, it's interesting. doug is heaping praise on the cruz organization and system. one group that ted cruz cannot organize is the u.s. senate right now. right? i mean, he's got mike lee and lindsey graham tepidly saying things. but really, having a hard time lining up senators. over the weekend he spoke so some jewish republicans, apparently had a hard time lining up financial support for big donors there as well. why is cruz having a hard time lining up the so-called establishment? >> well, in fairness i think he and his campaign are probably spending a lot more time trying to wrangle delegates in other states than they are working his colleagues in the united states
8:22 am
senate. frankly, he probably has a lot better opportunity to get people who don't know him well and haven't worked with him than he does his colleagues who have spent a lot of time with him in the united states senate. i don't know. at this point it kind of looks like one of those races where you're either more trump or not. and if you're not for trump, increasingly people are in the ted cruz camp, but he's not having a ton of luck at persuading people that he's the only alternative. >> maeve, seeing this reporting coming from "the washington post," they were combing through donald trump's kind of charitable givings. their conclusion is they don't really see his charitable givings coming from his own pocket. you see free golf games and donald trump foundation money, but it's not coming from his own pocket. this, though, the reason it matters is because from day one trump has said that he's given more than $100 million to charities in the last five years. big question right now is do
8:23 am
people care? >> you know, i don't think that we've seen that they really care that much. so far obviously with evangelicals, trump sort of defied the rules over and over again. you think about the voters who care about the charitable giving, in many cases it's people who would like to see him talking more about generosity and giving to those groups. i think that this is another situation where you need to fact check donald trump. when he claims he's given a huge number in charitable donations, then he has to prove it. i think the owness will be on him going forward. the question is whether it becomes another one of these things that he's exaggerated and do people care about that? i did talk to a lot of delegates, for example, in colorado over the weekend who kept saying donald trump is so inconsistent. he says one thing and then it ends up not pg true. i'm sticking with ted cruz for that reason.
8:24 am
it is an issue. >> doug, i want to ask you about paul ryan, a man who says he is not running for president and will not rub for president. >> never. >> yet, his office is putting out what looks like campaign ads and posting it on twitter. he's putting together policy platforms. if you had to bet your life on it, give me 100% guarantee that paul ryan will not be the nominee, you think there's a zero percent chance in november? >> i've learned one thing in campaign. don't make predictions. if anybody is a hash tagever ryan person, it's paul ryan. also, look, these are things that john boehner did. we certainly would have done videos like this. one of the challenges that i think paul ryan faces is when he has the weekly press conference or weekly solo press conference, the first question may come from dana bash or cnn's excellent producer on capitol hill.
8:25 am
the first question is more about donald trump's outrageous play of the day than the house. we talk about paul ryan in 2016. i'm happy he's a great positive voice who is putting a positive agenda out there because republicans need it. >> but it also circles back to what david was just talking about which is floor strategy. at the convention are there going to be enough people out there who want to elect paul ryan that are going to have a game plan ahead of time to go around and work the delegates for being elected in each of the states to the point where they can flip to paul ryan in the end? i'm not sure that we've seen enough evidence of that yet. yes, he's talked about as a possible candidate, but this is going to be all about strategy, and right now cruz is winning that game. >> it won't be hard to remember his name. he will be the chair of the convention. it will be easy to remember that. great to see you guys. doug, maeve, josh, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, breaking news.
8:26 am
the u.s. embassy in kabul warning about possible hotel attacks. >> plus this, more breaking news coming. the terrorist suspect who says that he is the man in the hat from the airport terror attack in brussels. he apparently just revealed the cell's next target was one of the world's biggest spoortirtin events. new details coming up. kills 99 of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™.
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. we have breaking news on a terror information in europe. the widening terror
8:31 am
investigation. another plot was in the works by the same isis cell behind the attacks in brussels and paris. >> paul crouickshank here with new details in fact it seems like one of the biggest sporting events in the world was the target. >> stunning new details. this comes from the interrogation of mohamed abrini, the suspect who was captured, the man in the hat on friday saying that they were looking to target these euro 2016 soccer championships which are starting in france on the 10th of june. that was going to be their target. investigators believe that when they arrested salah abdeslam, they accelerated their plans and chose another target, choosen targets in brussels instead. their bigger more ambitious target was france with the european soccer championships, and as you know, john, this is one of the biggest sports spectacles on the planet.
8:32 am
it would have cut into the european psyche, grabbed headlines across europe, and so a lot of concern moving forward about how do you protect this tournament starting in june in france given the number of isis fighters who are believed to have come back to europe given the fact isis appears to be accelerating the attack planning against france. >> well, and a lot of question has been all along, who you e extensive is the coordination with syria when we talk about the cell and the attacks. you've been uncovering new information coming out from the computer that was found in the trash can. one of the brothers, there was an audio file of him speaking wan isis operative in syria. >> this is extraordinary. a source close to the investigation telling nme from the computer that was recovered in a trash bin, they've recovered an audio file several minutes long of a brainstorming session with a senior isis
8:33 am
operative in syria coordinating attacks in realtime and discussing what targets to attack in belgium and france and when to attack them, how to attack them, which operatives should move forward for those attacks, sacrifice themselves, which should hold back for future attacks. this is realtime coordination from syria, and it would appear that every single western intelligence service including the nsa completely missed this. >> quickly, abrini says he's the man in the hat at the airport, he was the third airport bomber. that's his claim. do authorities believe him and think he's telling the truth? >> at the moment, they believe he's likely telling the truth because they have other elements in the investigation pointing in that direction as well. there has been one belgian analyst who has cast a little bit of doubt saying maybe he's covering for another isis operative who could have been the man in the hat. why would he crumble and start cooperating so quickly? why should we trust them?
8:34 am
at the moment they have other evidence which corroborates the notion that he was the man in the hat. >> it's amazing. what happened after abdeslsalah abdeslam was arrested. now we look at 2016 after abrini has been taken. >> we have breaking news out of zban. warning the americans to avoid the city's star hotel and be vigilant at all other hotels. this after receiving plans of a planned attacks. >> this after carry ri was targeted over the weekend. the taliban said kerry was the intended target of rocket strikes that hit an hour within his departure. we are joined with more exclusive reporting. >> reporter: kate, a ghastly day for afghans. 12 army recruits killed driving
8:35 am
into the capital by a bomb and two others killed by a bomb. it's the southern province that is the key focus right. the taliban heavily on the advance and the disarray many consider to be at the heart of the iraqi army. that's the force u.s. officials said would do a good job defending. the iraqi army struggling to hold them back. >> reporter: you know a war is going badly when your enemy is right in front you. this white flag is the talibans. they're that close, defending one of the last government hold outs in the province. it use tod to be nato that shot from these positions. hundreds of americans and britons died. many in the town where these pictures show the afghan army recently in heavy clashes.
8:36 am
but now afghanistan is quite quickly watching. the taliban are winning partly because of men like these. this is a rare window into the afghanistan government's worst nightmare. soldiers from the afghan army who say they've defected and joined the taliban. they never dreamed they'd change sides. >> i did 18 months of army training and took and oath to serve this country, but the situation changed. the army let us down, so we had to come to the taliban who treat us like guests. >> reporter: i should say afghan and u.s. officials reject the idea that the city is so much under threat. the acting defense minister said he would quit if it fell to the taliban, but this is occurring even more what is known as the summer fighting season, warmer temperatures and increased
8:37 am
violence begins and many worry the losses and the disarray they're experiencing may make the taliban's job easier in the months ahead. >> amazing reporting, thank you, nick. coming up still for us, new york primary is right around the corner and the fight is intensifying between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both claiming home turf of some sort on this primary. by the hillary clinton choosing to target donald trump instead of sanders in a new ad a week before voters head to the polls? the globe, s your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge. and that's not all. because with t-mobile there's no overages. ever. switch your business to t-mobile at work. and get four lines. with 10gb of 4g lte data each for just $35 per line. nobody does business data like t-mobile.
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democratic debate. hillary clinton setting her sights on a different target than bernie sanders today. donald trump. watch this. >> he says we should punish women who have abortions. that mexicans who come to america are rapists, and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong. >> there's hillary clinton right there in that ad. let's talk about this with donna brazil and jackie cue sin itch. jackie, it was quite a week, a week where neither was qualified on the democratic side. now they are qualified with some caveats. we'll get to that ad targeting trump in a second. but between the democrats, can k you describe the level of
8:43 am
discourse at this moment in the democratic race? >> it doesn't seem like there's a love loss right now, but i would note that hillary clinton seems to be dialing back her direct attacks on bernie sanders. we heard it on the sunday shows this weekend where she was asked something about bernie sanders and she said i'm not going to say anything negative about him. you're not hearing that from sanders yet. i do wonder as the week goes on if he tries to dial it back as well. listen, both of the candidates are fighting for their political life in different ways in new york city. hillary clinton needs to win it, and probably big. where if bernie sanders pulls an upset, that's going to be a big deal for his campaign. if it does get back into the gutter, that also probably wouldn't be surprising. >> donna, looking back to last fall, every time that hillary clinton -- >> i can't look back that far. >> every time hillary clinton tried to pivot and focus on the general election, it seems she's dragged back into the primary fight with sanders. now she wants to talk about
8:44 am
donald trump, and she has an ad talking about donald trump. is it a mistake not to focus on bernie sanders? every other time she's tried to pivot, it's come back to bite her. >> i was driving here this morning. it reminded me, when you drive you can look behind and ahead. to the sides too. i believe you can do two things at once. i think it's important secretary clinton and senator sanders focus on the threat that not just donald trump and his extremism but the republican party itself. it's not a mistake to put out an ad in new york that says we're stronger when we stick together and include and not exclude. i think that's the larger message she's trying to convey to new yorkers, especially at a time like this. >> let's talk about this message and their immediate future of taking bernie sanders and
8:45 am
hillary clinton in this primary. hillary clinton and bill clinton spent sunday visiting a half a dozen churches in new york to try to shore up votes among african american voters. these are voters that supported hillary overwhelmingly in every state so far. why this effort a week out before the primary where she's got a healthy lead? what's the thought? >> well, first of all, no one should ever sit on their lead in american politics, not with all the unpredictable events. secondly, they have a relationship with the larger community of church goers, and to be able to go back into the church and to basically remind people of what's at stake in this election, that's important. people expect not just secretary clinton but senator sanders also to reach out to voters, especially voters that want to hear their plans for the future. they want to hear about their
8:46 am
plans to expand and protect what president obama has. i didn't make it to six churches. i barely made it to my one service. i am proud of them that they could go and do six churches. that's a lot of praising the lord. amen. >> jackie, you may have noticed we have a cnn debate coming up on thursday night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the same stage in brooklyn. you alluded to the fact that it's hard to tell where the temperature is in this race right now. bernie sanders still a little bit on the attack, maybe hillary clinton has pulled back a little bit. what do you think you'll see on stage thursday? >> hillary clinton has shown if someone throws a punch, she'll punch back, but i think it's still about selling themselves as candidates. hillary clinton will remind new yorkers who they elected twice side wide, and bernie sanders has to give them a reason why she needs to be replaced, i guess. it is sort of like a granular campaign like that. but i would not be surprised if
8:47 am
hillary clinton doesn't really go for the jugular with bernie sanders. she still needs his supporters if she wins the nomination to support her going forward. >> that's correct. >> great to see you. thank you. >> and bernie sanders has an accent advantage over hillary clinton. he sounds like he's still from new york. i love his voice. >> we'll see. as presidential candidates go south, their accents change. maybe hillary clinton will test out a new accent on thursday. >> i'll try one myself. >> i would love that, donna. >> i love new york. thank you. >> coming up, just another reminder if you need it. and you do. thursday cnn hosts the democratic presidential debate. don't miss hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off live from new york thursday night 9 eastern right here on cnn. >> and what is donald trump doing right now on the republican race? he scrapped the usual campaign book. did that a long time ago.
8:48 am
never even brought it out, but have they worked and is it time now to pick up the more traditional campaign rule book? then a road rage murder, or is it something else? a super bowl champ is shot and killed after a car crash. his possible connection, though, to the suspect. we'll be right back.
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after a rough weekend in colorado where he saw ted cruz sweep the delegates, donald trump is blasting the system as a whole calling it rigged, calling it corrupt. listen here. >> we're supposed to be a democracy. we're supposed -- >> let's talk about this with -- from the "new york times." donald trump tweeted about this talking about the colorado state convention, saying the people of colorado had their vote taken from them.
8:53 am
the biggest story in politics. this will not be allowed. in december, i recall, you were writing about the concern and the risks that come with running such a non-traditional campaign. ted cruz says and honestly the trump campaign acknowledged this is an organizational problem. they are working to fix it. is that just what they are seeing? this is coming to fruition? >> well, you are kind to mention the story we did in december that basically said that trump refuses to do the basics that are necessary in presidential campaigns. really any high-level campaign. you have to create a serious organization and take steps to win delegates to get the nomination for president. and trump was offering red meat there and in the clip you played because it obviously works well with his supporters who feels he is being wronged. but trump knows he has a problem here internally. that's why he made a change in his campaign to bring out a seasoned political operative
8:54 am
that can honcho these states and delegates. the issue is simple -- some states, very few, have chose not to have primaries or caucuses but elect them through state conventions. this happens all the time in campaigns. and one was colorado and cruz out organized trump there. that is the issue. if trump does fall short, this summer at the convention it will be in large part because he was out organized by his opponents and he had a tremendous following. his message resonated but he was not able to, you know, do the sort of basic attack of politics. >> in the face of this, we now find donald trump a couple of times, last night and this morning comparing himself to bernie sanders saying they are both on the losing end. they are both having to fight against a system that is rigged against them. that seems like a dangerous
8:55 am
game, comparing yourself to going up against one on the democratic side. what do you make of that? >> trump is not one who's scared of unconventional campaign rhetoric, as we have learned. he's not worried about that. there are different arguments that sanders and trump supporters are making. but there is a common thread there. you have campaign nomination contests that can be vcon volum luted and it is a proportional contest in which bernie sanders can win state a's and not walk away with huge delegate troves. for trump it is an organizational problem or lack thereof. yes, these are two complicated nomination processes. the fact is it's not that
8:56 am
straightforward. but there are no political parties in the constitution as you know. these rules are devised by the two parties. >> a nd we are along for the ride. coming up a former nfl star surd z is murdered. they are turning to a 2006 lawsuit to find answers. we'll be right back. download ? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena® cosmetics. with vitamins and antioxidants. now with foundations in shades
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