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tv   Wolf  CNN  April 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hold the all-star game in north carolina unless it changes what is going on there. this could have serious reverberations as well. >> thank you for joining us. that's all for "legal view" today. thank you for watching. jim sciutto in for wolf. he starts right now. >> hello, i'm jim sciutto. wolf blitzer is on assignment. 7 p.m. in paris. 9:30 in kabul, afghanistan. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you for joining us today. we start today with the republican race for president and the return to the trail of donald trump. after a few days off the campaign trail, he came back with a flourish in new york. not before taking a bad beating in colorado, losing all of that state's delegates to the senator ted cruz. it was a sore spot for trump who called the system unfair during the weekend stop in rochester, new york.
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>> this is a broke system, folks. i couldn't care less about bernie. but i have won twice as much as cruz. i won millions and millions of votes more. people that have never voted. i say it to the rnc and the republican party, you have a big problem, folks. people don't like what's going on. >> here's the numbers that trump is talk about. he has 2 million more popular vote than his close est competitor and a sizable lead in delegates as well. he hopes to build on that lead with the new york primary next on the schedule, april 19th. here with me is phil mattingly in new york. trump grumbling about being outflanked by the cruz campaign. phil, you have been on the campaign trail for a long time. is this a result of a lack of
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political ground game? >> yeah, it absolutely is. it's an issue that the trump campaign is starting to work to remedy. placing paul manafort, the veteran gop operative, atop the convention and delegate team over the last week. it has been a move made entirely because of the recognition of what ted cruz has been doing on the ground. it is illustrative to look at what the cruz campaign has done in the last couple of weeks and what they plan to do in the weeks ahead. it is a dual-pronged approach. keep donald trump reaching for the 1237, the number to secure the nomination before the republican convention. that's where you see events that occurred like colorado, where the cruz team worked for a month to get their together to secure as many delegates as they could. now look forward. you see the cruz team work to get commitments for an open convention, georgia, south carolina, kentucky, mississippi, arkansas. these are areas where ted cruz
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had a significant ground operation. states he was expected to do well in and lost to donald trump. look at kentucky specifically. what we have seen here, another state where donald trump won. two counties ken on the and campbell have voted on who their delegates will be. they lean toward ted cruz. another state that donald trump won but you see the cruz operation working with behind the scene to get delegates that line up with the cruz campaign. first ballot, most if not all of them will be voting for donald trump. should we get to the open convention you look at the southern states and these are states where on the second, third and fourth ballot ted cruz could have a lot of allies. >> so on the campaign trail, you are obviously talking to a lot of voters out there. does this rallying cry of a rig ared primary in colorado actually -- even though he lost in the delegate count, does it help him in a way? this idea of us against them. >> in terms of supporters absolutely.
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if you try to explain the system to anyone. it is an arcane, confusing and complex system. and a lot of campaign lawyers are trying to get hair heads around it. it doesn't look good. in colorado there were no actual votes. wasn't a primary or caucus. there were delegates selected to go forward. it seems odd and confusing. i think donald trump is using that to his advantage. that's why he has been tweeting about this nonstop and mentioning it at his rallies. it is important to point out these are rules state by state that were decided on by state republican committees and have been the rules in place cycle after cycle. there's no major change. there's no major effort to try to undercut donald trump here. these are just the rules. and frankly, ted cruz's campaign has recognized these rules and tried to take advantage of them. >> that's why campaigns hires lawyers. phil, thank you very much. i want to get more on trump's warnings to the rnc and the campaign's anger over what it calls delegate manipulation
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by ted cruz. joining me is the senior adviser to donald trump. steven, to be fair, this colorado primary was on schedule for a long time as a state convention. it's not news this is the way that delegates were going to be awarded. why didn't the trump campaign make a plan to go head-to-head with cruz and win them over. >> wrong is wrong. disenfranchising a million republican voters in the state of colorado is wrong. a great example of how painful that is think from the perspective of a soldier risking their life so iraqis can go and vote. we all remember the purple fingers. the same soldier coming back to colorado can't vote in his or her own presidential election. >> as phil was saying, this has been on the books for months here. that's an argument you can have but it is an argument you could have had months ago or to help enfranchise that voter, get out on the, with the grassroots
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organization to win those delegates over. why didn't the trump campaign do that ground work itself? >> the reason why delegates are going for ted cruz in a voter-free state like colorado is because ted cruz is popular with insiders. i spent a few days in colorado. donald trump is popular with voters and ted cruz is popular withed inners. think of this remarkable fact. ted cruz has only one two primaries out of his home region. texas and oklahoma, two in his home region and two others in the whole entire country. ted cruz doesn't win where people vote. >> let me ask you this question, it is becoming a math game hereful. trying to, as you know, other candidates trying to keep trump from reaching the majority by the time the convention comes around and that's new not either. go to 2008 an on the democratic side and obama had a strategy built around hoarding delegates so to speak in caucus states and that worked for him. he beat the front runner.
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as you see this now, these are the facts whether you like them or not, what is the trump strategy for beating cruz and others at their own game? to get to that majority by convention time? >> we have a few big primary states coming up where people can actually vote. it is unseemly and i think it will hurt cruz how much he is crowing about his delegate gains. he is bragging trump won this district. hundreds of thousands of people supported this district but we'll take the delegates. nobody voted in colorado and that's fantastic. cruz is crowing about voter disenfranchisement is going to cost him millions of votes as we head in to big states like california, new york, new jersey and the message of our campaign about voter franchisement is actually going to help us to get to 1237. >> will you get to 1237 by the convention. are you i confident? >> i think we will and we will dpooit fight they are the dlkts that are not voter decide. but remember, cruz as a partied
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inner, who supports trade and immigration is going to have an upper hand when it comes to woos officials. >> it sounds like you are doing expectations management. say we are confident but if we don't here's the reason why. >> i'm just telling the truth. i worked in washington ten years. i know why insiders like ted cruz -- insiders love our trade deals with china. so does ted cruz. insiders love foreign deals so they favor cruz. >> i'm sure you have seen the cover of the globe managing the first day of a presidency. we will remind our viewers of the coverage here. i wonder if you have a reaction to the headlines and how it portrays how donald trump would govern? >> well, in one sense it's amusing. because their big warning, if you reduce it to its essence, it says beware of donald trump is president. we are going to enforce immigration laws and enforce
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rules of our trade deals which we are required to do but neither of which we actually do. in that sense it is amusing. a serious level it demonstrates the cosmopolitan hostility from journalist, present company excluded to what donald trump is trying to do on behalf of working americans. >> thank you for your time. trump and his family will participate in a cnn town hall tomorrow night in new york with anderson cooper. ted cruz and his wife have a turn wednesday night. up first is john kasich and his family. that will be tonight at 9:00 p.m. here on cnn. our question here at cnn is the executive editor for cnn politics and is joining me from new york. mark, will we see a different side of the candidates as they come on the air with their families by their decides. >> when you run for president, you have to sit down with your
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family and wonder if it is worth the public riggers to dig in to your life. today will be interesting to have the candidates on stage with their wives. in this case we will have john kasich's twin daughters joining them to talk about the process of the decision making to run for president, what their father is like off of the campaign trail. and really opening a window in to the candidate's personality that you don't normally see. we know a lot and certainly our viewers know a lot about their positions on policy, but what is the candidate like when they are not on the campaign stump? >> so what does each candidate need from these moments? i imagine ted cruz needs softening of the hard edge. what does john kasich need to show because his family not as prominent the campaign so far. what are their goals for the candidates? >> i think for governor kasich,
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he has a hard edge from his days as congressman here in washington, d.c. look, for him, for john kasich tonight it is to help to introduce him to voters in the states moving forward and help him to make the case even though he is far behind in the delegate dhunt he can make the case when it gets to a contest ed convention that he should be the republican nominee. tomorrow night the same thing with donald trump in many ways. he will be surrounded by his children and wife. to show donald trump in a way we haven't seen him up to this point. as you said, ted cruz, as well. seems to have -- i have been around ted and his wife heidi and he does soften up a bit. you have to be likable and this is the forum where a candidate can shine or fall. and we'll get to see that tonight and over the next three nights. >> we all soften up around our wives. thank you very much. a reminder that three nighten cnn town hall event begins tonight at 9:00 p.m.
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eastern. it is john kasich tonight and his wife karen and their twin teenager daughters. tomorrow night, donald trump with his family. wednesday night ted and heidi cruz. live at 9:00 p.m. each night only here on cnn. coming up, president obama comes to hillary clinton's defense over the investigation of her e-mails. later, an isis cell targeting one of the largest sporting events in the world. more on that after this.
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10:17 am
absolutely out of lines den grags of groups of people from american women being able to make our own decisions to american muslims. it is dangerous. people around the world, as well as our country, are hearing this. they are wondering what's happening in america? so i intend to do everything i can to become the nominee. i'm clearly focused on that, but at the same time, i want to start to draw the starkest distinctions between what i know america stands for, what i believe our, not just new york but american values and what donald trump is standing for. so we will keep going. i think i can both walk and chew gum at the same time. >> out on the campaign trail, bill clinton defended his wife's call qualifications at a campaign stop. >> hillary is experienced enough in national security, diplomacy and making a world with more partner and fewer adversaries to
10:18 am
keep the worst bad things from happening and make some good things happen so america's recovery, which is real, is not derailed by problems half a world away. you have to have somebody that can do both parties of the job. she can do that. >> last week senator sanders said hillary clinton was not qualified to be president. later he conceded she is. now sanders says it is a question of judgment. >> many in many respects she may have the experience to be president of the united states. no one can argue that, but in terms of judgment, something is clearly lacking. >> let's bring in our panel, cnn political commentator former executive of the director of the black caucus and senior contributor for the daily caller. the gloves were off. 24 hours they put them on and
10:19 am
are battling again. a symantec change there from qualification to judgment. what's happening there? are they going to get rough again? >> i think they will. they have a debate on thursday and we can expect the most heated democratic debate so far. why? because new york sets the ground, the stage for what's going to happen in california. we were talking about this earlier, new york is a battleground state for the democrats and also looking towards the general. you heard hillary clinton earlier in this clip where she is talking about she wants to look ahead. focused on what it takes to be the nominee but pivoted to what it will take to beat donald trump. >> you have two hometowners there, sanders and she's an adopted. >> a brooklyn born son as they say. >> now with the president's involvement here. he in effect came to hillary clinton's defense on the e-mail controversy. let's play for our viewers a quick clip of that. >> there's a a carelessness in
10:20 am
terms of managing e-mails that she has owned and she recognizes, but i also think it is important to keep this in perspective. this is somebody who has served her ub country for four years as secretary of state an did an outstanding job. >> now i wonder, does that help or hurt her in this controversy? >> i think it helps her, but i also think it is problematic. you know, at one point, president obama says he she never intentionally put americans in jeopardy. if you are the secretary of state, it shouldn't just be intentional. even accidentally putting american lives at stake is problematic. he said while there's classified information and then really classified information, but back in january, the inspector general report suggested that actually the information she was putting at risk was actually a higher level than what you would consider to be top secret. it is problematic. he may be biassing everything by
10:21 am
weighing in on it to begin with. >> i have heard folks in the fbi that don't like pronouncements on high about investigations. is this dangerous territory? >> it is much to do about nothing. congressman cummingsing have endorsed hillary clinton now and lead democrat on benghazi. what does it say? it says as expect ed there's no -- they expect it to wrap up. mr. cummingsing said he wasn't endorsing anyone until after the committee has done its work. it is political at this point. >> turning to the republicans. like i said, this plan had been on the schedule for months. is this fair criticism. >> if i were trump i would do
10:22 am
the same thing. he's been outmaneuvered and basically -- ted cruz, like barack obama was better at playing the game than hillary clinton in 2008. ted cruz is better at playing the delegate game than trump. we don't have a direct democracy and it is funny to hear a conservative complain about it. this is federalism. this is the state parties having their unique rules. does he want a command area control top down primary structure? >> exactly. >> on the democratic side, we don't have time to play the clip now. but hillary clinton focusing on donald trump. turning the target from sanders on to him. is it early for her to do that? i would argue it is late. what we have seen is no one held him accountable until they realized that thing was out of the gate. for her, hopefully for her campaign strategist they realize if they don't start early and often they will have huge
10:23 am
problems when the general comes. >> do you agree. >> i think she is. >> they agree. thank you very much for joining us. the democratic presidential debate is thursday night at 9:00 p.m. on cnn from brooklyn, new york. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face to face for the first time in more than five weeks now. the last time before the crucial new york primary that will be only here on cnn. coming up next, the euro 2016 soccer tournament. one of the largest sporting events in the world and may have been the next target for the terror cell blamed for paris and brussels attacks. we will look in to that more deeply after this break. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™,
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prosecutors in belgium say terrorists wo carried out the deadly attacks in belgium last month were initially plotting to hit france again. cnn has learned the euro 2016 soccer championships, which begin in june this year, were among their targets. as the terrorists saw how quickly the investigation in to last year's attacks in paris were moving, they switched gears and together turn their target back to brussels instead. sources telling cnn some of the information on that plot came from a laptop computer recovered from a garbage bin outside of the group's bomb factory in brussels. i want to talk over this with cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. paul, just to explain to our american viewers who may not be familiar, euro cup 2016 is a super bowl-like tournament. actually bigger, i pose because i you have so many venues over
10:29 am
the course of weeks. does it make sense to you they would go after an event that size? >> i think clearly that's what they were planning to do, at least according to mohamed abrini, the so-called man in the hat captured on friday. we have learned he told investigators the cell, the cell that carried out the paris and brussels attacks were looking to attack euro 2016 in france. this is a tournament with 16 different nations. it's a huge tournament. short of the world cup and the olympics, this is the biggest thing out there. of course as you know, this would be striking rather hard at the european psyche, grabbing headlines around the world and this same cell launched three suicide bombings outside of the stade de france as par of the paris attacks. the first match in the euro championships on the tenth of
10:30 am
june is in the stayed stadium in paris. a lot of concern about the threat of this huge tournament. >> the french president was there at the match when it was attacked november 13th. behave talked about it a lot. the belgians have gotten a lot of criticism for being overwhelmed with the number of suspects there. but two not communicating well among themselves, with other european powers. with these arrests and picking up the laptop in the last few days, is it your sense they are getting a better handle on the threat there? >> i think they are slowly getting a better handle on this cell. it is a huge challenge they are facing. they are bearing the brunt of isis attack planning against the west right now. belgium is a very small country. it doesn't anywhere near the resources of the u.k. or france let alone the united states. very difficult for them. there are a lot of very dedicated people in their police
10:31 am
and intelligence services working around the clock, frustrated about the negative press. they simply do not have the cape thabl other bigger countries have. the discovery of this laptop has ban big breakthrough. the fbi has been involved and it is extracting information from this computer. one of the extraordinary things they were able to extract is an audio recording of one of the brothers who carried out the attacks in brussels communicating with a senior isis operative in syria, discussing what targets they were going to attack, how and when they were going to launch these attacks, how many they were going to use in the first wave, second wave or third wave. how many they were going to hold back for future operations. this is terrorism by remote control. a large degree of realtime coordination from syria. i think we have to assume that even with the paris and brussels attacks this was also going on at that point. of course, questions now, why
10:32 am
didn't western intelligence manage to intersuspect these communications. ate peers the nsa missed it, as well. 0 otherwise they would have gone in and raided the safe house where they were using this computer in the lead up to the brussels' attacks. >> as you said, direct link, direction from isis on the ground in syria to these attackers in europe. thank you very much. still ahead today, donald trump says dirty tricks are costing him delegate and he seems to be placing some of the blame on the republican national committee. we will hear reaction from the rnc after this break.
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donald trump has a warning for the republican national committee. he says, watch out, the system
10:37 am
is crooked. he says his supporters aren't happy. the chief strategist and communications director if the republican national committee. thank you for coming in today. >> good afternoon. i don't mean to catch you here but i will play a clip of what you said on the same show last february. have a listen. >> do you believe you will have an uncontested candidate for the republican nomination by the time you get around to the convention? >> i do. i do. yes, i do believe that. i think we will have -- like i said we have 60% of the delegates. with we need 1 1237. come the end of march you will hopefully see the emergence of a nominee. i think we are confident. my mid april you will have an idea who our nominee will be. >> two months to the day. are you confident you will have a nominee uncontested in time for the convention in july?
10:38 am
>> clearly it is still possible. i think one part i was right about is more voters did participate in the process than ever before. the turnout has been spectacular. we have had record numbers of participation in almost every state. as we get more contests under our belt, we have a big surprise in new york coming up with 95 delegates it's becoming apparent there is a greater possible of an open convention. on the last day of voting, june 7th, you have 172 in california alone. that means it will be june 7th before we have an answer to the question you are asking. but i think as each contest goes by the likelihood it is an open convention and no one has the bound 1237 delegates to take the nomination gets greater. >> you heard, i'm sure, criticism from the trump campaign after colorado, calling it a rigged vote. you had the trump strategist paul manafort calling them
10:39 am
cruz's tactics. we had stephen miller of the trump campaign on a few minutes ago saying the process was undemocratic. what's your response? >> well, you pointed it out. all of these states and territories submitted plans last year as to how they would allocate their delegates. that process was made to every campaign starting last year. candidates and campaigns shouldn't be surprised as to how the allocation or the selection of those allocated delegates works. it is up to them to win a state and go in and fight to have their slate or delegates get elected. there's two differences. number one n states where a candidate has won the delegates, then it comes down to a person that gets selected. if that person that selected is bound by whatever the state rules are, so trump wins a delegate in a state and then
10:40 am
someone else, someone runs for that slot, the selection of that, regardless of who that person they are bound to vote for the candidate that was allocated. in colorado, they talk about having a convention since last year. everyone has known that. that's how they chose to do it. again, the process by which our parties engaging in right now is sme something we have been engaging in over a century in terms of each state deciding who they will select their delegates. >> let me ask you this. you have heard the criticism. here you have after losing colorado from donald trump, making threats in effect about how his supporters will react. you have just said there's a greater possibility of having a contested convention. there are scenarios where delegates on the second ballot, they change candidates. you know just how fervent many of donald trump's supporters and ted cruz and others how they are if there was something that was viewed as machinations from the outside, that the republican party is trying to push a main
10:41 am
stream candidate. is the rnc prepared for that kind of controversy at the election? how do you handle what could be some angry voters? >> well, there's two things to point out. number one, i think it is highly unlikely that anyone other than the three individuals that go go to cleveland mb will be nominated. number two, this is a nuance in language but it is important. it sup to the delegate. the republican party doesn't have a position. our position is to run the most open transparent convention process that is fair to everyone who attends it. it is left to the delegates who will decide how this convention operates, what the platform look s like and who our nominee will be. up to the delegates. thank you very much, sean spicer with the rnc. good to have you on today. >> thank you. charges of espionage, attempted espionage, and prostitution. it is part of a secret investigation that is now rocking the u.s. navy.
10:42 am
cnn has new details on the case can. we will bring you up to date on them after this break.
10:43 am
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our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. there are new developments in an espionage case now rocking the u.s. navy.
10:46 am
cnn has learned the navy officer charged has been identified as lieutenant commander edward lin. he's been acued of passing state secrets possibly to china or taiwan. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is following this story. what do we know about this officer and what kind of secrets he's alleged to have passed on? >> reporter: well, he was assigned to a reconnaissance and control squadron. he may have had information on where aircraft were flying. he was arrested several months ago at an airport in hawaii u.s. officials say. that's an indication they had an an eye on him and watching him. not clear if he was about to board a plane at the airport. now he is in a navy brig awaiting trial. none of this had come to light since the arrest until last week when the charge on him were released because there was a preliminary hearing by the u.s. military. eventually a decision whether this will go all the way to a
10:47 am
trial or court-martial proceeding. the allegations include espionage, illegally sharing secret information, falsifying records, prostitution, adultery and additional charges. he is someone that obviously might have had access to this type of information. not clear if he was passing it to china, taiwan or both. jim? >> these spy planes in that unit flying close to china's air space. barbara starr at the pentagon. still ahead today, the u.s. spent billions training them. why are afghan soldiers defecting to join the taliban? we will look in an exclusive cnn report.
10:48 am
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10:51 am
the taliban claimed responsibility today for a suicide attack on a bus carrying new afghan army recruits.
10:52 am
at least 12 people were killed. also today, the u.s. embassy issued a warning to americans in afghanistan, avoid the star hotel in kabul because of reports that insurgents planned to attack it. the warning comes as control of a key afghan province hangs in the balance. helmand province is closer than ever to falling under taliban control. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton walsh talked to two men who were part of the reason the afghan army is losing the fight there. they are deserters from the afghan army who have joined the taliban. here's nick's exclusive report. >> reporter: you know a war's going badly when your enemy's right in front of you. this white flag is the taliban's. they really are that close to these afghans. defending one of the last government holdouts in helmand province. it used to be nato that shot from the positions near the vulnerable city of lach-de-gar.
10:53 am
hundreds of americans and britains died for helmand. many in the town of sagan where these pictures show the afghan army recently in heavy clashes. but now afghanistan is quite quickly watching helmand fall. the taliban are winning partly because of men like these. this is a rare window into the afghan government's worse nightmare. soldiers from the afghan army who america spent billions training who say they've defected and joined the taliban. never dreamed they changed sides. >> i took an oath to serve this country. but the situation changed. the army let us down, so we had to come to the taliban, who treat us like guests. >> reporter: they carry their old uniforms, i.d.s and bank cards used to get their old army
10:54 am
wages. they fought in violent sangan where these pictures were more recently filmed. now they use their training and experience to train the taliban. >> translator: i decided to leave the army when my dead and injured comrades lay on our base but nobody took them to the hospital. my army training is very useful now. as i'm now training taliban fighters with the same knowledge. >> reporter: men who have seen the tide turn and voted with their feet. helmand's the indisputable heartland of the south. who fought so hard to push the taliban back. you can talk to many officials who say its capital could fall at any day really. that gives you a sense of how much on the offensive the taliban are and what could happen in the summer fighting season ahead. this is the center of the key town in the taliban's sights, tense yet teeming.
10:55 am
it's a bit too soon to say whether people are happy with the taliban. the bazaar is now full of people where it used to be empty. that was because security was bad and somebody people avoided the government's forces. others fled to its outskirts from the fighting and flash points. >> translator: my worst memory is how a wedding party was hit by a mortar killing a large number of women and children. >> translator: the police left after fighting intensified and told me to move to a vakant corner of the village but the bullets followed killing ten people so i fled here. >> reporter: just over a year since nato stopped fighting and here the taliban's white flags are closer than ever. >> nick paton walsh joins us live from kabul. you note in your report a lot of british soldiers, died in helmand province. i was embedded with u.s. troops,
10:56 am
marines down there a few years ago. we've heard of some u.s. operations in the area in the last few months. is this a priority at all for western forces still in afghanistan to fight back, this taliban advance? >> it seems to be certain because as you know it's the largest province and potentially a huge source of cash for the insurgency. that's where the opium trade has its roots in the poppy growth there which is currently being harvested. many afghan and u.s. officials are expressing optimism for the months ahead. the defense minister told me he would resign if that main city you saw there actually fell to the taliban but i have to say that optimism does at times feel misplaced. one official we spoke to on sunday said the city itself is pressed by the taliban from two separate directions and five distredi districks of helmand is under the taliban control.
10:57 am
it's a very deep road for the afghan army to climb. they face personnel losses that are about two-thirds down to desertion. people simply not turning up to work. never mind defecting to the taliban. it's a huge struggle. last year, get this, jim, last year, they lost 5,500 soldiers of policemen and security forces fighting the taliban. that's more than lost in the decade long campaign. those kind of losses really impacting the force and undermining those suggestions we got from nato officials that the ansf, as they're called, will be able to hold territory from the taliban. it's simply not happening. >> any sense that the war there is over is something people have to know is certainly not the case. we're coming out of the winter months in that part of the country, getting into the warmer fighting season. is it expected that there will be a showdown? i mean, you're going to have a significant investment of afghan forces backed by nato forces to contest the taliban?
10:58 am
>> well, there are two huge problems here. one is politically. the national unity government is struggling. it has a crisis of political confidence amongst its critics here and opponents who say it's not doing its job. there are many afghans who are angry at how daily life is deteriorating here. the u.n. says if that government survives this year, that will be a success. that's how low the bar of expectation is. and then there's a security challenge. that's really i think influenced by the new leader of the taliban. he wants to prove himself on the battlefield here. he's getting closer and closer to al qaeda, even, one of his key deputies, a leading al qaeda director here. there's a lot of momentum on the taliban side here. a lot, sadly, against afghan security forces. i think more broadly as some afghan officials admitted to me, there is a perception the government is not winning. they think they can turn that around but the clock is ticking and the weather is warming up. that means violence increases. >> nick, you're coming to us from the capital.
10:59 am
before we let you go, a warning today about a particular hotel in kabul, about what i presume to be a taliban attack. what are the fears there in the capital about the violence from far south, in helmand and elsewhere, leaking in to the capital? >> well, kabul's security bubble's always been penetrable but it feels less safe, frankly, than any time i've been here in the last ten years or so. we had the secretary of state john kerry, his visit on saturday, punctuated by four explosions that hit near the u.s. embassy. this morning, two ministry ed kissi education employees killed in a bus. and forces coming in to the capital from the east, recruits, also killed by a suicide bomb. it's very perilous for afghans, let alone americans, in this city now. >> nick paton walsh in the middle of it in kabul, thank you. that is it for us today.
11:00 am
for international viewers, amanpour is next. for viewers in north america, newsroom with pamela brown. she's in for brooke baldwin. that starts right now. thanks for joining us. hello, i'm pamela brown in new york. brooke baldwin is out today. we begin with the accusations flying in the race for the white house. is the colorado convention a preview of what's to come when the republican national convention meets in july? ted cruz wins in what's being called a voterless victory. and donald trump crying foul. trump broke several days of media silence to protest. after cruz won 34 delegates in colorado's republican convention over the weekend. but there is no primary, no caucus. instead, convention goers pick delegates. some were hindered b