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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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agreed to four additional debates. there one one remaining. we have to get past this one before we discuss the next debate. that's what the candidates agreed to. >> thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. no problem. sure. we are two days away from the cnn democratic presidential debate. don't miss hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off. that's all for us today. thank you so much. "legal view" starts right now. i'm john bermen in for ashleigh banfield today. we have breaking news out of capitol hill. political intrigue perhaps put to rest. the speaker of the house paul ryan is scheduled a speech for a few hours from now. aides say the goal of the speech to rule himself out once and for all as a possible candidate for
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president. joining us cnn political reporter man. what are you hear something. >> the real concern the speaker, talking about running from president. he is trying to move aggressively to distance themselves from the infighting that's happening on the campaign trail. the questions of whether or not he would be a late entry and run for a contested convention have been a source of distraction. even when he went to israel this question hovered over him at a trip to israel. right now the speaker wants to be clear he has no intention of running. his aides tried to dispel any chatter he may run the last several weeks. he is telling reporters he probablien can't win if he were to run, he would almost certainly divide the party given
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the fact he has done virtually nothing to prepare for a campaign. today he wants to make that crystal clear and say he will not be a candidate, no matter what happens at the republican convention. the question is whether or not it will stop the chatter of folks who want him to run because they are concerned about donald trump and ted cruz. >> then reason people have been speculating is because he said similar things about becoming speaker of the house. let me read you a tweet from paul ryan after john boehner made clear he was stepping down. paul ryan saidly not be a candidate for speaker. i believe i can best serve as the chairman of the ways and means and that was three weeks before he was nominated for speaker of the house. if nominated i will not run, if electedly not serve. >> that is what we can expect. i asked the speakers aides and
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advisers, he said no to the speakership, this is different. he was able to unite the republican conference. he said he would only run for speakership if all factions of the republican conference got behind him. there is no way that would happen now given howdy visive of a primary fight this this has been so far. they don't expect donald trump and ted cruz supporters to get behind them and he doesn't appear to want to be president ooet aer -- either. >> thank you so much. errol lewis, it says something about the state of the campaign that it is big news when a guy who isn't running in the primaries is announcing he will not be a candidate at a convention if it is contested, which we don't know if it is yet, but it seems like a moment that is happening today. do you think it will have an
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impact on the race? >> it takes away one last hope that perhaps some of the party elders, some party players who were putting resources behind speaker ryan. let's not let him get too cute about this. the reality is there was a super pac that was trying to get support for him. he went an gave a speech where he tried to play the role of party elder. there were three or four cameras in the room and they came up with something that looked like a campaign commercial and he let that happen. as you said, when he was trying to not become speaker, he put out all of these deniesal he accepted. perhaps this is the first statement in a negotiation. it is a moment. what he is either doing is slyly trying to advance a candidacy or more likely really taking himself out. the reason could be, in fact, that it is a prize he dunn think he could get or it might be a prize that is not worth havings for a he is concerned.
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the level of division in the campaign could go until june and then have a very open, very noisy, very contested convention the following month. it ma maybe not the scenario he's looking for. he had almost the opposite scenario in 2012. and in the end it didn't work out for him. >> there were serious whispers here. people with money were talking about this. this is something people were bantering about even if it weren't realistic. it will be one of these three guys, and delegates have to choose from one of those? >> that's a logical conclusion to reach. on the other hand, there's so much uncertainty and disruption and shifting around that is possible. let's keep in mind, again, paul ryan will be presiding over this convention tochlt the extent there are rules changes or a decision to do something out of the ordinary, like it or not, he will be in the middle of that
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whether he is a candidate or not. >> i can almost hear the mitt romney surge discussed right now. now it will be mitt romney. thank you, errol. in the race for the white house donald trump says the system, the system that paul ryan says he will not be a part of is rigged. donald trump is telling supporters they are being ripped off after ted cruz won a series of conventions. the latest in colorado where delegates were awarded to ted cruz without a voter casting a ballot at a ballot box and trump is using that to fire up supporters. listen. >> there's been so much pressure, like in colorado, which was a total fix. there's 0 so much -- the people wanted to vote. they took away their votes. it's the biggest political story out there. i don't know if you read it in the papers. it is one of the great political stories, they took away their vote and they gave it to these delegates. i want to tell you, folks, what they did -- turned out -- i think it will come back to haunt
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them. >> all right. tough fumes over the nomination process. he did pick up some good news today. he actually won a dozen delegates today. officials in missouri declared trump the official winner of that state's primary. he picks up 12 delegates. it with us close. as a result the state did not make an official delegation. when we did our delegate map we did not count the 12. now the state says he won and we are including those 12 in that math. we are joined by one republican lawmaker, a guy who knows what happened in colorado very well. colorado senator cory gardner. i want to get to the process there in a moment. but first the big news on capitol hill where you are standing right now. paul ryan set three hours from now to give a speak where he will put to rest any idea that he would allow himself to be nominated by the republican party to be president. your reaction?
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>> i don't know times paul ryan has to rule it out but he will rule it out again today. it is nonsense that somebody outside of the three people running for this nomination are going to be elected to our nominee. it's nonsense. one of the three will be our nominee. i know there are some who want there to be through the looking glass moment for paul ryan or others but it is not going to happen. >> you don't support donald trump. you came out against donald trump. you said kasich isn't realistic. does that mean you are supporting senator cruz now since you say it is only one of those three. >> what i said is any nominee will have to earn my support like the support of the grassroots voters in colorado and the delegates we send to the national convention. i look forward to my support being earned like anybody else in the country. donald trump has been backtracking, going backwards in earning the support. >> if you say you are not for trump and kasich is not
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realistic, doesn't that mean you are for cruz. what's the hesitation? >> i look forward to talking to senator cruz and his team with what matches with my ideas. i said that i believe our nominee needs to be strong on national security, have a positive vision. i look forward to seeing how that lines up with senator cruz. i believe it can but time will tell as they earn my support like they have to earn the support of thousands of delegates who are going to the convention in ohio. >> you have been in the senate with him for 18 months what haven't you seen in the senate that would seal the deal to support senator cruz? >> i don't think there is hesitation. i supported rubio, is widely known. i want our nominee to earn my support. if you look at the race like donald trump he's going backwards from that support. >> all right. let's talk about the colorado convention process. donald trump, i don't think he liked it one be bit. he called the system rigged. your reaction to that? >> elections are hard work and won by those who showed up and
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ted cruz showed up in colorado. the fact is, this is a grassroots process are. i stood with thousands of delegates all day at the colorado convention and talking to kasich delegates, trump supporters who were wearing the make america great again hat, cruz supporters. all of them participated in a process that has been around for a century to choose these delegates to the national convention. elections are won by those who showed up. ted cruz showed up, gave a great speech and won. elections are hard work. this process isn't a coronation. if he wants a coronation perhaps he should be a democrat. >> i understand it is in the rule answer the way colorado has done it. is it the best way to do it? what's wrong with having a primary? colorado is a growing state and crucial in the general election why not have a primary? >> 65,000 coloradoens participated in the process beginning with their grassroots
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precinct caucuses where they are elected to the county assembly and selected delegates. it is a high honor to be a delegate to our assembly. in 2002 the decision was made to save money, move away from the primary and go to the convention process. this is the process i'm proud to have won two years ago in 2014 to be elected to the united states senate. for donald trump to attack the thousands of people in colorado who participated in this grassroots process, who drove hundreds of miles, took days away from work and family to participate in a process they are proud of, nobody complained to me at the convention. no donald trump delegate complained about the process. in fact, i heard steve miller, donald trump's surrogate talk twice before the convention. he never complained to me about the process. the complaints started when he lost the election. elections are hard work. donald trump didn't put the organization, the effort or skill in to being in colorado. we're not impressed by flash or
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celebrity. we want a workhorse to win this race and donald trump -- and donald trump did not take the nomination. ted cruz did out of colorado. >> last question, if donald trump ends up the nominee, would you support him as the nominee? >> he will have to earn my support. i don't believe he will be the nominee but any nominee will have to earn my support. >> thank you. up next, we will hear more from the trump campaign and the republicans about trump's claim that the party somehow rigged the system against him. you heard senator gardner say that is not the case. and more on in the big announcement or statement or denial from paul ryan. is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all?
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our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. all right. the breaking news out of capitol hill. house speaker paul ryan just scheduled a speech a short time from now in front of the republican national committee headquarters in washington. what's he going to do? he will apparently rule out the possibility of being a presidential nominee, running somehow at the convention, being selected by the delegates there. he will rule it out. put the issue to rest once and for all. we will discuss it now with scottie hughes a reporter of
9:17 am
donald trump and scottie, what does this announcement mean for donald trump? >> i don't think it means anything for donald trump except for the fact -- remember, as your i correspondent pointed out, paul rye ian has gone back on his word before where he said he was not going to run for speaker of the house and guess what, today he is speaker 0 of the house. we have been told time and time again the rules basically become null and void until accepted by the new 2016 rnc rules committee which will not meet until a week before the convention. anything is possible. anything can change and when you look at the unity that is not happening in the republican party every option is on the table? >> you don't trust him? >> i don't trust paul ryan. the ideal situation he wants. when you have conservative split between senator cruz and donald trump and there doesn't look like any hope of unifying soon that's when he wants to come in and be seen as the white knight
9:18 am
he's already been seen as according to the house, when he accepted the speaker role. i do not trust his words and he has a background to prove it. >> i'm in for political intrigue but what more can he do if he says he's not going to do it. if nominatedly not run if electedly not serve. that's all he can do. >> how about if he follows through with it this time? that's the problem we have. what politicians in washington, their actions don't usually follow through as with speaker ryan. so, fine, you want to say that right now, how about this time if there happens to be a change in the rules committee and the option comes open how about you don't throw your name in it and the next go around i might have the trust again. >> let me ask you about a different process, a process to elect the president of the united states, the delegate selection process. donald trump says the system is rigged.
9:19 am
the republican national committee chairman reince priebus went on twitter overnight and said the rules were set last year, nothing mysterious, nothing new, the rules have not changed, the rules are the same, nothing different. that's actually correct, isn't it? >> very much. the rnc has nothing to do with the individual state parties rules. they are all different. cory is right. senator cruz emerged the best politician from the state of colorado from the convention this past weekend. senator cruz started to put together his delegate game in january of 2015, before donald trump was a rumor to run for president. so you have to question if all of senator cruz's actions have been to be running for president necessarily than being a good representative as a senator from texas but his ground game paid off. he did know the rules and played them. but you have to wonder if it was such a great process, why are so many republican coloradoens feeling like their voices were
9:20 am
not heard and their votes were not counted. >> the goal is to win and he's winning. that's what he set out to do. i have to get your reaction from a new poll from time warner cable news. trump is 60% of the vote. two other 0s below 20%. that would bode well for donald trump to get most, if not all, of the 95 delegates in this state. even as that looks good, in the same poll he has favorable issues. unfavorable over 50%. could that problem last beyond new york? >> he has home state advantage in new york and it spills in to pennsylvania and the following primaries that follow. california and indiana where ground games come this to play. i think these folks pay not like different parts of mr. trump. manufacture importantly some of the words he says but like his actions and what he has accomplished and what he
9:21 am
promises for the future. that's what is most important for people going to the voter booths, especially when you compare yourself to whoever the democrats choose to put at the top of the ticket. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you, john. speaker ryan is expected to give his statement coming up up a few i hours from now. we will bring it to you live. much more happening today, as well. tonight, cnn town halls continue. tonight the trump family 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. tomorrow night, we will hear from ted and heidi cruz. up next, we will hear from hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling it out here in new york ever for every last vote. one more week to go before the primary. and the clinton presidential library released hundreds of pages of photos featuring, you guessed it, donald trump. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure
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democrats hitting the campaign trail hard today after the debate. hillary clinton holding a round table for equal payday pointing out ta bias is part of the reason we see wage gaps between men and women. >> once we do more, encourage, ensenty vising so companies are forthcoming we have to be
9:27 am
willing to address these biases. the research is absolutely conclusive that people, men and women, carry different ideas in our brains, our consciousness, about how to evaluate men's and women's work. >> bernie sanders taking his message of grassroots fund-raising to rochester while he hits secretary clinton over the super pac are spending on her behalf. >> during the last five-week period, a large super pac report ared raising $25 million from special interests including 15 million from wall street. does anybody seriously believe that you can be an agent of changing if you are taking money from the most powerful special interest in the country?
9:28 am
our job is to stand up to these powerful special interests. not to take their money. >> while that is going on, the bill clinton presidential library released 500 pages of records. the documents show the clinton white house had donald trump on its mind at times during donald trump's first toying with whether or not he should run for president back in 2000. jeremy diamond has been combing through these documents and is joining us live from little rock. jeremy, the clinton and trumps have known each other a long time. what did you find? >> they certainly have. we found several instances that are interesting in these documents. first off, it is clear the possibility of a trump presidency, a trump candidacy has dogged white houses before them white house was prepared in october of 1999 preparing president clinton for the possibility he could get asked
9:29 am
about donald trump running for president. they were preparing for questions about whether bill clinton's scandals had led to a trend of people in the entertainment business, like donald trump, considering runs for president. the responses are essentially advising president clinton to say, he is confident the american people will make the right decision and sort out the wheat. there is a long standing relationship between the clintons and donald trump. president clinton's personal secretary considered in 1996 sending a birthday letter to donald trump. they ultimately decided not to a few days later. it's unclear why but it shows there was a relationship there, enough for clinton's personal secretary to consider sending this note. of course, a lot has changed since then. now we have donald trump talking about president clinton as one of the great women abusers of all time and how hillary clinton is a enabler of bill clinton's sex scandals and so that is
9:30 am
where we stand today. clearly a big shift then. the white house with was certainly in president clinton's administration, certainly aware of donald trump, certainly looking at him as you consider this presidential run in 1999. that she first time he announced an exploratory committee not running for president until where we stand today. >> no birthday card in 1996. i'm betting not in 2016 either. fascinating to hear that. thank you to much. interesting day today. today marks the one-year anniversary of when hillary clinton launched her campaign for president. brian, i have to ask you about the news we are hearing. paul ryan intends to lay to rest and rule out the possibility that he would be a candidate for president at the convention. your reaction? >> i don't have much reaction. with we will see how he is in his statements today. this is the same way he
9:31 am
campaigned for speaker of the house, making shermanesque statements so you can never tell. the biggest take away, it proves the level of dissatisfaction that is in the republican party over the candidates running. the republican party realizes none of them will be in a good position to defeat hillary clinton in a general election. that's what we are focused on. >> same reaction the trump supporter did moments ago. you are not sure when paul ryan says he won't do it. >> we'll see. >> donald trump on the stump last night. talking about bill and hillary clinton saying her life is a beautiful lie. he says he is guilty on the issue of the e-mail controversy. your reaction to donald trump? >> donald trump i think has independent fact checkers that says nobody spewed more falsehood on the trail last year than donald trump. we know that because hillary clinton has been so direct an aggressive about calling him out, condemning his insulting statements and challenging him
9:32 am
on positions that will take us back ward that donald trump's response will be to sling personal insults. we are ready for that. hillary clinton fared against republican attacks for many years now. donald trump are l not silence her. >> you have an ad out about donald trump. i'm curious about when or if you will talk about ted cruz. >> i think that in the general election, hillary clinton would be well suited against any of the people republicans could put forward. donald trump and ted cruz are on the same page on issues that would define a general election. donald trump is getting this attention based on his delegate lead but i don't think that ted cruz would put i republicans in a better position. >> should we read anything in to the fact you are running ads about donald trump opposed to ted cruz? >> we have called him out. he has made outrageous statements as well. in the aftermath of the brussels
9:33 am
attack and he call. >> he has spoken out against candidates whether ted cruz or trump. we moved past, temporarily the issues of the two candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders saying whether either is qualified to be president. are you confident the issue is past? >> i think the sanders campaign found a more artful way to lodge the same accusation. last week they were talking about her being unqualified and this week suggesting she doesn't have the judgment to be president. it's essentially repackaging the same attack. i don't think it will ring true to voters. and i think the reason why they are lurching in the style of these attacks is because here on the great stage of the new york primary, where you can't fake it. where it is primetime all the time, i think the scrutiny is not serving sanders well. he is not being able to answer many questions put before him. this is a level of scrutiny i
9:34 am
don't think he has countered to date in this campaign and i think you saw in the intervau last week that he didn't explain or put up the details on his signature proposals. this suggests he is untested and the reason why we think that new york democrats will choose hillary clinton because with the stakes so high and 0 potential of ted cruz or donald trump in the general election, we need somebody that is tested and has the toughness and ten nasty. >> didn't you just do what you accused the sanders campaign of doing. you shifted to say he can't handle the glare and is untested. more words for the same thing. >> no. >> >> there's a difference here. we are not questioning his fitness to hold the office. hillary clinton has said it. >> she said he is qualified to be president. obviously he would make a far better president than any of the other republicans running.
9:35 am
if you are a democratic voter you have to decide who's best qualified and we believe it will will be hillary clinton by a mile. >> debate thursday here on cnn. thank you so much. reminder thursday night the debate takes place in brooklyn, 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. back to politics in just a moment but first a video video in the alleged murder of nfl player will smith. what police are learning from the video. that's after a quick break. ( ♪ ) ♪ i'm walkin', yes indeed ♪ ♪ and i'm talkin' 'bout you and me ♪ ♪ i'm hopin' that you'll come back to me ♪ ♪ yeah ♪ i'm lonely as i can be ♪ ♪ i'm waitin' for your company ♪ ♪ i'm hopin' that you'll come back to me ♪ ( ♪ )
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new video revealing more clues and raising more questions in the shooting death of former nfl star will smith. he was gunned down in new orleans after his car was rear
9:40 am
ended. one sur sail lance video taken before the shooting shows smith's suv behind the suspect's hummer. police say minutes later, kordell hayes rear ended his suv and shot smith after an argument. martin savidge brings us up to date. >> reporter: newly released video captured moments after the shooting death of will smith. >> shot? >> reveals the shock of eyewitnesses and the sounds of anguish from his wife. you can hear raquel smith pleading for help. >> my leg has been shot. >> reporter: in the video you see the suspect kordell hayes and the passenger being handcuffed by police. an eyewitness describes it. the witness says the former nfl star claimed he also had a gun.
9:41 am
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: his defense attorney points to this tape as reason to believe there may have been a second gun on the scene. police say they only recovered one weapon and that's hayes' handgun. >> i can tell you that my client was not the aggressor in terms of the the behavior that happened after the accident. >> there is new video that has come to light, surveillance video. because the attorney for kordell hayes maintained this began before the shooting that occurred here at this intersection. in fact he said it happened a couple of minutes before and a couple of blocks away at which hayes maintains he was struck himself, his car by a silver mercedes suv. that's what the video seems to show. earlier in the evening, there
9:42 am
you see the 0 orange hummer and there you see the silver suv come very close. it appears they may have touched and then you see the hummer pull to the side as to maybe inspect the damage but instead the suv goes roaring past. that's wie hayes says he was pursuing the suv and why they ended up here. doesn't account for the gun fire but it seems to verify his story to how this began. john? >> martin, thank you so much. bring in joey jackson. we have been looking at the surveillance video and know an eyewitness claims he heard smith say he had a gun. now police say they only recovered one gun. the shooter's in this case but if hayes thought that smith had a gun, how does that change the situation? >> we are looking at whether it was a justifiable homicide. he is facing a second-degree murder charge. that's his life really that he get upon a conviction. the argue will be threefold.
9:43 am
number one, i perceived a threat. number two, that threat was immediate and deadly, three, i used force that was proportionate to the threat posed to me. i think the third prong of that is problematic because apparently there are six different shots but it goes to the issue of state of mind. what was the state of mind of hayes at the time he fired the shot, retaliatory, road rage, did he lose his cool? was it malicious or intentional? and is it because he believed this uttering of i have a gun and now he didn't stop when i pulled over, who's this guy? what's his state of mind. is he a law-abiding citizen. does he represent harm to me and do i need to protect myself? i should hasten to add that we are talking about a state where there's no duty to retreat. we talked many times about the issue of stand your ground.
9:44 am
you don't have a duty to retreat and move. if you feel you are in imminent danger you can discharge your weapon. >> that's how it figures in to whether or not he had a gun, and what about the number of shots, six shots fired by hayes, not just at will smith but his wife raquel was hit as well. how does that play? >> it is problematic for the following reason. you have the ability to defend yourself but the force you use has to be proportionate to the threat posed. on one hand you can argue that is excessive. you fired six times. there needs to be a justification for each shot you fired. why did you fire that shot. on the other hand, we established that will smith was advancing toward him he has no ability to reassess, okay i will shoot and reassess. i believe mime i'm in danger so i will shoot, shoot, shoot. that's the argument. coming up, kasich gave a big speech today.
9:45 am
the campaign was hyping it for a lack of a better word. they said it is crucial for them. laying out two possible paths for america, one based on anger and resentment and another hope. and the other question is there a path for kasich to the white house? if you have medicare
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short time ago without naming names exactly john kasich slammed his republican opponents in the race for the white house. a in a speech in new york entitled two paths. he said donald trump and ted cruz have chosen one path but he is chooth choosing another. listen to this. >> some play off the fear and anger felt by some of us and exploit it feed their insatiable desires for fame or attention. that could drive america down in to a ditch and not make us great again. just as disturbing are the
9:50 am
solutions they offer. proposals to create a religious test for immigration, to target neighborhoods for surveillance, to deport 11.5 million people, to impose draconian tariffs, which would crush trade and destroy american jobs. we have heard proposals to drop out of nato, abandon europe to russia. possibly use nuclear weapons in europe and end our defense partnerships in asia and tell our middle east allies they have to go at it alone. we have been offered hollow promises to impose a value-added tax, balance budgets through simple, whimsical cuts in waste, fraud and abuse. there's no office that has the title of waste, fraud and abuse. i've stood on the stage and watched with amazement as candidates wallowed in the mud
9:51 am
viciously attacked one another, called each other liars, and disparaged each other's character. those who continue 0ously push that type of behavior are not worthy of the office they are seeking. >> joined by ron christie. a special atist tant to george w. bush. thank you for being with us. the kasich campaign they were applauding this speech as an important moment in this campaign, not just in new york but from here on out. they are laying down a mark aer. what is it? >> why is kasich in the race and still running for president of the united states? i think he gave a clear concise message of why he is. there are two paths, you can take the low road and he consistently saidly not take the low road to the highest office in the united states. that's point one. point two, he led a positive
9:52 am
agenda for the country. why it is important for us to be a strength and strong ally to our neighbors abroad and demonstrate strength to those who may want to hurt us. he has a clear, concise path why he is in the race, why it is important that voters have choice and why he is sticking with this. >> the metaphors write themselves. is there a path for kasich to the white house? one of the polls times from time warner cable news which has donald trump at 60% in new york. john kasich is in second but all the way down at 17%. so, you know, john kasich getting more attention now than he has received in a long time. >> the whole speech played out in a town hall meeting. even with this speech in the campaign says is significant, he was quite eloquent. if it doesn't make a dent here is there anywhere it can make a dent? >> what is different about the
9:53 am
empire state. if kasich wins 50% of the votes he gets those delegates. you can add up delegates around new york state. he as viable path. look at pennsylvania, connecticut where he will be strong. where he can be compelling to a lot of people who are saying we don't want the rhetoric and fighting. we want someone who is a leader. we want john kasich. >> while he was giving that speech, as i ended we got word that paul ryan is giving a speech at 3:00 p.m. at the republican national committee headquarters that he will say he will not be a candidate for president at the convention. he doesn't want it and doesn't want to do it. his people say he will lay it to rest. >> this might be gooded for kasich. that means he might be the establishment alternative at the convention. >> i have known paul ryan 25 years. he consistently told me he doesn't want it to be president. does it help kasich, no.
9:54 am
john kasich is looking for votes and delegates. not what others are doing. he is trying to forge his way and talk to the american people ass to why he's the best choice. >> john kasich said he doesn't want to be vice president. donald trump listed kasich as one of this people he may consider to be vice president along with scott walker and marco rubio. kasich says no. to be fair, you have been in the game a long time. everyone says no when asked to be vice president. >> john kasich says what he means. he doesn't want to be vice president. we have so much more delegates to collect, so many more constituents to talk to. he's not looking at number two. he's looking at number one. >> you look at ohio, the governor of ohio, man, would he help on a ticket. it would be attractive to a national ticket if it came to that there. >> there are those that would look at him as a leader. we need to win in november and reclaim the white house from the
9:55 am
democrats. can he nep that dempb, yes. he wants to do it as the nominee and the candidate, not the number two. >> 30 seconds left. i want to talk about new york and let's end here. is there a number he needs to hit in new york in terms of delegate? >> we are not looking at this -- the campaign is not looking that we need to hit x or y percentage. it is a continual collection of delegates in new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, oregon. such that when we get to the convention in cleveland, john kasich can make a compelling case -- >> what if it is zero. >> it's not going to be zero. >> you laid it out right there. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. tonight's cnn town halls continue with the trump family. donald trump, his kids and wife. that's 9:00 eastern. tomorrow night, we will hear from ted cruz and heidi cruz. there breaking news out of
9:56 am
capitol hill. house speaker paul ryan set to give a speech in a few hours where we're told he will rule out any possibility of running for president at the convention, accepting the nomination. we will discuss after a quick break. with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow.♪
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