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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we're waiting for donald trump to speak any moment as the republican race turns into "star wars." "the lead" starts right now. breaking news today -- house speaker paul ryan ruling himself out as the new hope for republicans, as governor john kasich warns voters of going to the dark side. guess who's darth vader in kasich's discussion? with a republican convention battle looking more likely, people in hats such as these,
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you're seeing on your screen, these are the people who could decide it all and basically, anything short of a good old fashioned palm greasing is legally okay to try and sway a delegate. plus, what could be kim j g jong-un. what is the next move if this missile flies? good afternoon, welcome to "the lead." any minute now, we're going to see donald trump hit this stage in rome, new york. after a relatively low-key few days. the republican front-runner is back on the trail, just days ahead of the new york primary, and hours ahead of the special cnn town hall meeting with him and his family. so, welcome to "the lead." while we wait four that. i'm jake tapper. politics lead, john kasich issuing a stark warning, saying that the choice republicans face will set the country on one of two paths, one path is
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presumably the one where he becomes republican nominee chosen by delegates at a contested convention, only way he could get the nomination, and then, of course, in kasich's view, there is this, quote, darker path. darker path. that's the path that ends with either trump or cruz getting the nomination. leading the party to certain doom versus hillary clinton in the fall for mr. case. jason carroll is in rome, new york, following donald trump. establishment republican brz hoping for a third path with speaker paul ryan accepting the nomination but ryan delivers a statement saying count him out, he should not be considered, period. >> reporter: right. so there's some disappointment among some of wishful thinkers hoping ryan would be the person to step in if there was a contested convention, save the day, unite the party. but no disappointment in this room, jake.
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one speaker already has taken the stage, met by huge applause when he said, we are not going to let leaders take away our right to vote for who we want and that man is donald trump. you. >> donald trump directing his anger at gop nominating system which he called corrupt, this after trump says his supporters in colorado were shut out when that state awarded all its delegates to ted cruz. >> we have a weak system. in colorado they were going to vote. you saw what's happening in coloradoing one of the big things, it's a fix. >> reporter: ted cruz, firing back on glenn beck's radio show today, calling trump a sore loser. >> donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him losin donald. >> reporter: last night the chairman of the republican national committee weighed in on
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the issue, saying rules were set last year, nothing mysterious, nothing new. rules have not changed. the rules are the same. nothing different. colorado senator corey gardner taking to social media, tweeting, i've attended colorado gop conventions for years. it requires organization and attention to grassroots to win. cruz had it. trump didn't. end of story. polls show trump holding a commanding lead in new york and could be on track to take a significant portion of the state's 95 delegates up for grabs. rival john kasich, out campaigning at a brooklyn matzo bakery is running a distant second. his goal, pick up as many delegates as possible and continue to draw differences between himself and the other two candidates. he encouraged voters not to choose what he called the path of darkness. >> the path that exploits anger, encourages resentment, turns
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fear into hatred, and divides people, and it cheapens each one of us. it has but one. beneficiary, and that is to the politician who speaks of it. >> reporter: despite trump's harsh criticisms he would consider him as a possible running mate along with former rival senator marco rubio and wisconsin governor scott walker, on cnn's town hall last night, kasich said, he's not interested. >> i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i would be the worst vice president the country ever saw. why you know why. >> i'm not like a vice president. i'm a president. >> reporter: as for governor walker. >> i literally heard it in the car and i laughed. >> reporter: for those holding out hope for a latent tri into the presidential race, vice speaker paul ryan -- >> i do not want, nor will i accept, the nomination for our party.
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>> reporter: look for trump to tap into more anger over what happened in colorado using it as a rallying cry to get voters to the polls next tuesday. jake. >> let's bring in the panel, haley baumgartner, representative for the trump campaign, alice stewart, communications director for ted cruz's campaign and michael steele, former adviser for jeb bush. jeb bush is not a former jeb bush, he's still jeb bush. this fight over what happened in colorado, senator corey gardner, as you saw on the spot, defending the colorado republican convention process in tweets saying, ted cruz showed up to the colorado gop convention, donald trump only sent a surrogate, cruz swept, elections are won by those who show up. more pointedly, how on earth are you going to defeat isis if you can't figure out the colorado gop convention? tell me what the strategy is for
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attacking colorado republicans and their process. >> we definitely have a robust ground game. i think that to make it an attack that you can't defeat isis because you can't win o. colorado, look the system is rigged, it was a back door deal by the establishment. >> what's the hefd it was rigged? >> they are changing rules at last minute, and in order to influence the process. and there's outrage with this. >> michael? >> rules were set over a year ago. this is federalism, this is democracy, the states set these rules for these events. and i think corey gardner's exactly right. running for president is complex process because being president means dealing with complex issues and if you can't handle the process of running for president you certainly shouldn't be commander in chief for the united states. >> government kasich referred to cruz and trump as force of darkness and division. what's your view on that? what's your response? >> well, that's absurd. one thing on the colorado election process, look, this
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happens every time donald loses, when he's not winning, he's whining and we saw that happen saturday after he was resoundingly defeated in colorado. and look, corey gardner's exactly right, to win in colorado and a lot of the state you you have to have ground game and organization. we have ground game and organization. but it's also best used when we have the tremendous grassroots volunteers that we have in colorado and other states. looking we're blessed with a great campaign organization, but it's only as good as the way we can bring in people from in the field. we had a great, tremendous energy in colorado, i was there saturday. it was a tremendous show of support for ted cruz. we played by the rules, won by the rules, and that's what we're going to continue to done this is the fourth contest we've had recently where we've beaten donald trump. we started in utah, going to north dakota, last week in wisconsin, now colorado. momentum is in our favor somewhere donald wants to continue to complain about it. we're going to continue to compete. >> alice, i don't know how you
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can say that with a straight face. when you work for mike huckabee you were calling your now-boss lyin' ted a phony and hypocrite. mr. trump is winning, winning by a large margin. as we move forward in the six states coming up in the northeast we're winning by a larger margin. >> let's talk about that. michael, i want to ask you, and alice i want to turn to you, ted cruz is casting himself as somebody who is a reagan republican, who is uniting the party. should he not be able to went a state in the northeast like new york, like pennsylvania? >> well, new york is donald trump's home state. >> pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island? >> i think that ted cruz is a conservative and a republican, and those are two things donald trump is not. i don't think we're going to be able to beat hillary clinton unless we nominate someone who is a conservative and a republican. >> you didn't answer me question. alice, should ted cruz not be able to win in one of these states, he is in third place right now, according to polls,
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in both new york and pennsylvania. third place. just to underline that, behind john kasich. >> first, new york is donald trump's home state. he's expected to win there. and look, the good thing is, this is not always about winning in a state. it's about acquiring more delegates and there are a lot of conservative districts and areas of new york where we've been campaigning and ted will be there the next few days campaigning in new york and we expect to pick up delegates. that's what this process is about, acquiring delegates, continuing to build on those relationships, in the event we have to compete on the convention floor and working those relationships and if we cannot win and achieve 1,237 out in the primary and caucus process we will do so on the convention floor. that's why we've been successful. however we pick up in new york, we expect to do well, also in pennsylvania and other states up in the northeast and it's all about acquiring delegates to get to 1,237. >> i want to get your response
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to this from former mayor rudy giuliani. >> i'm not joining the camp. in any way because i don't know the campaign. i don't know what apparatus is there. i don't know who the people are. >> strange endortsment. >> i don't think it's strange at all. to have the vote of mayor rudy giuliani, america's mayor, is a great thing. i think that speaks for itself. >> one last thing for you, michael, and that is the very fact that house speaker paul ryan had to give this shermanesq shermanesque declaration, le will not seek nor accept the nomination, what does that say where the republican party is now in terms of looking for a candidate that the establishment likes? >> well, speaker ryan is an incredibly thoughtful, attractive candidate. if he had chosen to run for president this year he would have done very well but he chose not to run for president. he has a big job on his hands as
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speaker of the house. no question people want him to be a candidate, want him to be a potential leader in the future but he's not running for president this year. >> thank you so much. appreciate all of you being here. tune in tonight for part ii of our exclusive republican town hall series. donald trump, his wife and his children answering questions about the voters and from anderson cooper tomorrow night, ted cruz and his wife, heidi. all of it starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. if you thought the delegate battle on the republican side was ugly, things are getting nasty on the democratic side. hillary clinton's campaign throwing accusation at bernie sanders and shade. it's all over superdelegates. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression.
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and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. raise your expectations. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. welcome back to "the lead." staying with politics, it rigged, it's all rigged, that's the cry from donald trump's camp about the delegate process and he's not alone. bernie sanders is getting a raw deal from the establishment, too. but today it's hillary clinton's team out and out accusing bernie
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sanders of maneuvering around the will of the people, they say he is trying to flip superdelegates, the elected officials and party bigwigs, automatically giving delegate status to support whomever they want. hillary clinton has more superdelegates supporting her than bernie does. sanders has 38 committed superdelegates. clinton, her superdelegates about 486. if you believe the polls, clinton will add to her pledged earned delegate lead next week. she's up 13 points in new york. dominates sanders among black voters. columnist for "the washington post," also the author of why the right went wrong. history of the conservative movement in the country. thanks for being here. >> great to be with you. >> we'll talk about your book in a second. first, your reaction, clinton and bill de blasio did a skit at new york inner circle dinner.
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take a look. >> i just have to say, thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. i don't like jokes like that. >> caution politician time. i've been there. >> normally cp is a racist reference to colored people being late. i can't imagine what is going through the heads -- >> those skits are often written by us, tradition -- >> is that right? >> yeah, i'd love to know who wrote that. but, yeah, if you're a politician, parley running in a democratic primary in new york, don't mess with this. you know, cross politician,
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that's true. i don't know, i wouldn't have done that if i had been there. >> listen to something hillary clinton said yesterday about guns used in crimes and violence in new york. >> in the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont so this is not, oh, i live in a rural state we don't have any of these problems. >> sanders campaign saying when you have a state as small as vermont per capita doesn't mean as much. this is getting quite intense, between hillary and bernie on guns. >> i think, first of all, bernie did vote for that loophole that basically makes it possible to sue gun manufacturers, so that's a real issue. he's backtracked and now wants to narrow his position down. but in new york, i don't think it's at all surprising she's doing this. i think what's also interesting
1:20 pm
is, hillary clinton can, in a sense, only go at bernie sanders from the left. she can't really go at him from the right. for example, his plans would require big tax increases, because she does not want to alienate the bernie sanders base. particularly young people, if you're -- so she's had to campaign in this very careful way. on the one hand, she's got to beat him, she's going to go after him on issues like guns. on the other hand, she desperately needs voters, particularly under 30 voters, voting for bernie sanders because democrats depend unusually for a major party on the votes of young people. so i'm not surprised she's hitting him on guns. and i think it's interesting what she's deciding not to hit him on. >> the sanders campaign put out a press release, taking off areas where hillary clinton has a credibility gap. nick merrill wrote on twitter in response, what strains credulity pretending bernie sanders is running the campaign they say they would. maybe the new york lights are
1:21 pm
too bright. it's getting nasty. not about issues and guns. >> he pulled back about hillary not being qualified because of the other reasons and now saying she is. this is a do or die state. we say that all the time. i think in this case, if hillary clinton wins new york, particularly by a decent margin, it is almost impossible to see how bernie can ever get ahead in this race. on the other hand it throws all of the cards in the air. >> sure does, yeah. >> i think they are both fighting this because they both have to win this state. >> your book "why the right went wrong" traces the conservative movement from goldwater through today. where does donald trump and trumpism fit in with with the conservative movement? >> in a couple of ways. one of the points central to the
1:22 pm
book, republicans have gotten a lot of votes from white working class voters and delivered nothing to them, and that's not just a liberal columnist saying that, a lot of republicans have said, if we don't start delivering to working class people, we're in trouble. donald trump is the trouble. he is their revenge. since goldwater, republicans have had to make a series of promises to their political base they couldn't keep and it's created a cycle of d disappointment, betrayal, radicalization and that's who is donald trump is speaking to. since the goldwater campaign the republican party has moved to the right. a lot of moderates have left. it's no accident that the last two leading candidates are donald trump and ted cruz. they've been heading there a long time. >> appreciate it. tune into cnn thursday for the next democratic debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders fating off in brooklyn. buffalo new york's wolf blitzer
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moderating. first place plane tickets, designer watches, lavish dinners, not "lifestyle of the rich and famous" is it legal? scary signs from north korea that kim jong-un's regime may be prepping a missile launch capable of hitting the united states. i thodid the ancestrydna toian. find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european.
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welcome back to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. republican delegates, one imagines, bleed deep red but some might be able to see a lot of green in the run-up to the cleveland convention. no one nknows how a contested
1:28 pm
convention would play out but the republican rule book allows donors to make it rain, shower delegates with lavish meals, gift card for a trip to the champagne room in a sprint to lock up support. tom foreman, how is this not bribery? >> well, let a republican official plain that, jake, a lot of voter are asking the same thing. here's how it works. if you get to contested convention and you get through the first couple of votes with nobody winning, then why, many of the delegates, almost all of them, would become unbound, what some delegates already are, meaning free to vote as they please, not the way the voters back home told them to vote. so let's look at one delegate and consider how that would work. let's say this guy arrives in cleveland for the convention and he knows the rules already. first of all, he can't take any gifts from corporations, from foreign nationals, or from
1:29 pm
federal contractors. all of those are no-nos. but the rules say he can accept gifts from political pacs and individuals who may be supporting the candidates out there. so, if a political pac said we want to provide you with first class travel into town, put you in a very nice hotel, take a limousine to pick you up, give you lavish meals while here all of that is okay by the rules. let's say the private supporter of one of the candidates says i want to throw in a gift bag as well and it's going include nice snacks and designer watch and headphones and a tablet computer. how about tickets to a slow or sporting event. en again under the rules all of that is fine. he may have state rules that tell him he can't. but at national level, nothing to stop him. many people involve in national party say what delegates want is not all of that stuff. they might want access to the candidates to talk about the issues, that could seem noble.
1:30 pm
however that meeting with the candidate might go better if you had it at some elite golf club over a free round or two or if you had it in a getaway weekend for delegates in the bahamas. so this is how this would work. the candidates cannot directly buy or sell votes. delegates can't do that either. but this is sort of wink and a nod stuff, jake. in the end, even though the party says it does not want this in happening, the campaigns all say they really want no part of something so seedy, by the time you reach a contested convention, they will have spent millions trying to win this delegate. so some supports might want to push out john kasich steak knive order a cruz cruise or trump helicopter tours. jake? >> nice. tom foreman, thanks. money lead. president obama commemorated equal payday, dedicating new national monument honoring women's equality. the house that served as
1:31 pm
headquarters for the national's women's party is the belmont paul women's monument. while a national monument is great, there's more work to be done. world lead, troubling, new signs north korea is getting closer to launching a missile and this time the united states could in range. will you watch?!
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korea is preparing to test launch a mobile ballistic missile with range to reach portion of the united states. if successful, this would mark a significant advance in the reclusive regime's military capability. right to cnn's barbara starr. how are u.s. officials responding to this news. >> the u.s. watching north korea around the clock. that regime is so unpredictable, nobody can be certain what it might do. >> reporter: kim jong-un could be planning an unprecedented military move. u.s. spy satellites detected early signed that north korea may, for the first time, be preparing to test a mobile ballistic missile capable of hitting portions of the u.s. the mobile missiles are mounted on huge vehicles, like these shown in military parades. the launcher can move quickly, in wartime, and attack could come with little or no warning.
1:37 pm
even a test would have huge international security implications. >> i think that's going to lead to an epiphany for experts dismissing the possibility that north korea could have the capability. >> reporter: the latest assessment is it's most likely to fire the missile which the u.s. believes has the ability to potentially hit guam and the island in alaska. two other missiles, the kno-8 and the kno-14, they have a longer range and potentially able to hit the pacific pacific northwest of the u.s. u.s. officials caution they cannot even be certain if the missiles would work as advertised. just this week, kim was in attendance during an int intercontinental engine test, part of north korea's effort to constantly refine its technologien the mobile kn-14 is
1:38 pm
misteara. north korea believed to have displayed it last year. the u.s. is not certain what improvements have been made to the newest weapon, but worry it may have increased precision. the concerns compounded by the belief of some in the u.s. intelligence community that north korea has some type of miniaturized, untested, nuclear warhead device that could go on top of a missile. >> it's the prude ent decision on my part to assume he has capable to miniaturize the weapon. >> u.s. officials are strongly cautioning they don't know what north korea has even would work, the missiles or war hid device kim thinks he may have. but they are watching all of this. unpredictable regime and don't know what might be coming next. >> barbara starr, thanks so much. joining me now, republican congressman devon newness,
1:39 pm
chairman of the house select committee on intelligence. thanks for being here. >> great to be back with you. you can't tell us things that are clevelanded but in terms of the threat from north korea, what do you think about north korea's nuclear capabilities as of now? could they fire a nuke and hit our soldiers in south korea or japan or hit the u.s. >> north korea is destabilizing the region. they continue to develop ballistic capabilities where they shot a ballistic missile about a thousand miles. we believe they can threaten the united states. and so what we have to do is be supportive of south korean allies to make sure we're the deterrent in the region. with the regime, they're very unpredictable and don't know what they could possibly do. we have significant -- a significant force structure in that area, if they did try something stupid. >> when you say threaten the
1:40 pm
united states, they could hit some part of the united states, whether hawaii -- >> the answer is we don't know yet, but we know that they have -- we know they have nuclear capability and they've been able to fire missiles long distances, so i think it's one of the things we really hope they don't try it. but the more that they practice, better that they debt. >> turn to terrorism. three additional men today charged in connection with the terrorist attacks in brusselss and paris. according to the new threat assessment from the house homeland security committee, 5,000 europeans have traveled to fight with isis, and more than 1,000 have returned to europe. given the concerns we have in the u.s. about how much information the europeans do not share and also of course the visa waiver with the europeans how concerned are you some westerners from europe, europeans train to fight with isis are going to end up in the united states? >> what i like to first start out with is say, when you talk about the 5,000, those are ones that we actually know about that
1:41 pm
are in europe. >> might be more? >> my guess is there's a lot more. a whole bunch more, and then those pockets of cells of fighters that have experience that probably have links back to isis or al qaeda affiliates and some type of control structure, when you put refugees on top of that, don't have any jobs, it becomes a breeding ground for radicalism. and so, what i worry about is the fighters that came back that we know about, the one that's we don't know about and then the radicalization of a population of what is now in the several million. >> you just returned from congressional delegation trip all over the world but focused on the middle east. you visited egypt and israel, two important american allies. how concerned are the egyptians and the israelis about the presence of isis in the sinai peninsula and do you think the u.s. military should beef up its presence there? >> when you look at egypt has
1:42 pm
always worried me, it's almost 100 million people. when people talk about isis and al qaeda they often think, that's in iraq and syria, and the administration's put in like a containment policy, and ignored the sinai that you brought up. but more importantly, they've ignored libya and the rest of north africa, there are pockets of al qaeda and isis affiliates all over. egypt, 100 million people, very poor, squeezed on one side of the sinai with isis presence and the other side with libya with significant isis presence. i've always said if you want a successful strategy to defeat isis and al qaeda it has to involve not just iraq and syria but also north africa. >> top pentagon officials say russia is the threat that the united states should worry about the most. i want your reaction to something that president obama told jeffrey goldberg, quote, the notion that somehow russia is in a stronger position now in syria or ukraine than they were
1:43 pm
before they had invaded ukraine or before he had to deploy military forces to syria is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of power in foreign affairs or in the world, generally. what do you think? the biggest intelligence failure since 9/11 is enable to predict leadership plans and intentions of the putin regime in russia. i can understand why, for after the georgian invasion, you know, we thought diplomacy network, but after the invasion of crimea, that should have been a red line, and we immediately should have moved quickly in to bolster our nato allies. but instead we continued to negotiate with the russians, continued to talk to the russians, and then they invaded eastern ukraine, we missed that. we completely missed entirely when they put a new base, new base with aircraft into the mediterranean, into syria.
1:44 pm
we missed it. we were blind. the intelligence community has continued to get this wrong. i think it's -- all of us are to blame, right? i think the white house is to blame, congress is to blame, many allies are to blame because we misjudged putin for many, many years. >> devon nunes, thank you. >> great to be back. if you think zika is not a problem yet in the united states, think again. american health officials issuing one of their most desdi warnings. >> #bringbackourgirls went viral after boko haram kidnapped school girls. everybody from celebrities and first lady weighed in. that was two years ago this week. where are the girls now? my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. one of the most severe warnings to date on the zika virus is in our national lead today. u.s. health officials admit the mosquito-borne virus is actually
1:49 pm
scarier than first start. this year's mosquito season could be devastating to some families because lab tests and vaccine research may not be able to catch up to the spread of the virus. so far, at least 346 cases of zika confirmed in the continental u.s. all of these cases are travel-related for now but that can change. if one expands the map to include u.s. territoried it gets scarier in puerto rico, there the virus is being locally transmitted affecting at least 37 pregnant women. let's bring in elizabeth cohen. you just got back from puerto rico. health officials are warning there could eventually be hundreds of thousands of cases of zika infection in the u.s. territory, perhaps hundreds of affected whys with these devastating, heartbreaking birth defects? >> that's right. the concern is once it gets warmer here in the continental united states, we could also be seeing babies born with defects. and the concern is about a
1:50 pm
variety of defects, everything from specific nur lonl cal problems to vision problems to still births. when i was in puerto rico i went to an ultrasound with a mom who had zika and went to the ultrasound. as you can imagine, she was quite anxious about what she was about to see. >> reporter: it's the scourge of zika, babies born with a devastating birth defect, mic microselmicr microcepha microcephaly. ma lena, who lives in puerto rico, contracted the zika virus early in her pregnancy. she's now 22 weeks along, a little more than halfway through the pregnancy. tell me what you know about your baby already. >> her name is going to be michaela. >> reporter: you know it's a girl? >> yeah. >> reporter: if your baby has these problems, it will be more difficult? >> definitely, because i have already a baby boy.
1:51 pm
and it's going to be really difficult. >> reporter: tomorrow morning you're going to have another ultrasound. >> yes. >> reporter: how are you going to feel tomorrow if he says, wait a minute, i see something going on with the brain? >> nobody wants to hear that. even when you're prepared and trying to be prepared for that, so i know i'm going to be sad. >> good morning. >> hello. >> reporter: she goes in for the ultrasound the next day at university hospital in san juan. >> see a hadn't right now, five fingers. h her face. who does she look like? >> she looks like my little boy. >> reporter: at first, everything looks fine. but then, the doctor measures the baby's head. it's growing but the a slower pace than expected. >> you see there is a slight lag in the growth. this is what we would expect. it's still within the normal range but it's lagging behind.
1:52 pm
that obviously in this situation is a cause of concern. although the anatomy still looks greating i would like to see you more frequently. >> reporter: when babies have had severe brain abnormalities some mothers who have zika have chosen to terminate the pregnancies. >> hearing this, hearing about the lagging growth, how does that make you feel? >> well, give me a little bit of concern, you know, worry. this baby's going to be born. no matter what happens, i'm going to have the baby. >> concerns that zika has in adults. this week scientists in brazil presented cases adults developing diseases similar to multiple sclerosis. the question is how frequent are these problems in adults or babies? jake, they need to do more studies to figure that out. >> thank you. the world shocked and outraged when hundreded of girls were kidnapped by boko haram.
1:53 pm
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our world lead now. disturbing report by unicef, boko haram is forcing children, especially young girls, to become suicide bombers. the report says that, in the past two years 1 in 5 suicide bombers deployed by the terrorist group has been a child, usually a girl, some as young as 8 years old. today's report dovetails with a grim anniversary. just two years ago this week, boko haram kidnapped more than 200 school girls in nigeria
1:58 pm
launching a worldwide bring back our girls hashtag campaign. let's bring in correspondent david mckenzie live in south africa. david, do we flow how many of the girls kidnapped two years ago were freed or even located? >> reporter: well, jake, the sad reality is, none of those girls have been freed, despite the u.s.-backed campaign to go in there and squeeze boko haram. we don't know exactly where they are either. though, there is fears that some of them might have been killed in aerial attacks of this stronghold. >> boko haram kidnaps continue to happen virtually every day. conditions in which these girls are forced causes them to volunteer to become suicide bombers? >> reporter: well, it's hard to grasp that, jake, but, yes. we just got back from the far northern part of cameroon, that area is where most of the
1:59 pm
attacks by children, especially girls in that unicef report, have taken place. and we met a young woman who spent two years kidnapped by boko haram, he said, in the stronghold they would come to them, ask them, can they do these suicide attacks, and they would volunteer. it's not because they were brainwashed. it's because conditions, sexual abuse, bombing from the nigerian military is so awful they had no choice. take a listen. >> translator: but it was just because they want to run away from boko haram. if they give them a suicide bomb, maybe they would meet soldiers and tell them, i have a bomb on me, and they would remove the bomb. perhaps they can run away. >> reporter: so volunteering to die, jake, so maybe they can live. >> just a heartbreaking story. david mckenzie, thank you so
2:00 pm
much. i'll be going live on facebook after the show to answer questions about the 2016 election. join me at that's it for "the lead" today. i'm jake tapper. turning you over to mr. wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watchinging. happening now, big, fat, beautiful lie. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton saying, everything about her is a lie. but is trump looking ahead too soon to a possible november matchup? when he may be facing a possible contested gop convention. staying home. worried by the impact of the trump and cruz candidacies and house speaker paul ryan ruling himself out of the race. some republican leaders and key lawmakers say they'll skip the convention and focus in on voters back home. cry for help. after their boat capsizes at sea, three sailors