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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 12, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he has the ability to turn things into gold. it's the passion that makes him so successful for what he does. >> he never gives up. he's works harder and harder opinion and he's able to balance everything he's doing on the campaign trail with his business and also taking care of us and being such app amazing father. i think having those two qualities and us receiving so much love from him, even when he's so busy is an amazing quality to have. >> i think one of the things i've always been most inspired by in observing my father is the way that he really inspires others, the way at our company, at the trump organization, he will set a very aggressive, a very bold vision and then really help people find it, help people both unearth their own potential and also work together to achieving the vision that he's
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chartered for the company. and i think watching him on this platform also set an unbelievable bold vision, also really spearheads the conversation and really whether you agree with the platform or disagree with his policies on certain issues, he is guiding the conversation on both sides of the aisle, he's guiding the agenda and guiding the course. that's what leadership is. now he's doing that across this country and it's really remarkable. >> melania, is there something you learned about him that you really didn't know? >> i knew his drive and i'm with him almost every day and i go through the good, bad and the ugly stuff and, you know, we going through it and he's strong, he's passionate, he's
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smart, he's tough and he's handling fantastic. because he's passion about the country. >> mr. trump, is there something you didn't know about yourself? >> well, i think something was reinforced tonight. i've known the most successful people in the world, many of them are very unhappy people, many of them you know and i've always said the most important thing is having a great family. the family is more important. to me the most successful, the people that seem to be the happiest are with a great family. you can see i have a wonderful family and it's been very important to me. i think it's been a real stabilizing factor. i don't think i would ve had the kind of success i've had without my family. >> is business life tougher or political life? >> i think the people in political life, it's more dishonest. i think the business people are tougher.
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i think the people -- i know them all. we'll use some of these tough people to renegotiate our trade deals, i know the good ones and the bad ones and i know the overrated ones and the ones that are the best of all that are unheard of. i think the business people are tougher but politicians are more deceptive. >> do you really believe you're going to get to 1,237 or do you in your heart believe this is going to be an open convention? >> i think i'll get to 1,237. i think we're going to do very well in new york, i think we should do really well in california. i think we'll get to the 1,237. this has been an amazing process. i said at the beginning but i'll say it again, i'm spending my own money. i understand politicians, i understand what motivates them. the thing that motivates them are the special interests and their lobbyists. the people that are really giving them are giving money.
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by my not taking money from special interests, i'm going to be able to do the right thing for the people. whether it's ted cruz or others, i mean, i will tell you they're not going to do the right thing for the country. and it just is the way politics works. and nobody knows the system better than i do. >> and you know how politics works, at the convention, if you are don't make it in the first round of voting, a lot of those delegates who have to vote for you in the first round, they're tree to go elsewhere. are you ready for that? >> sure i'm ready for it. my life would be a lot easier. i just want to do something. as my children have said, the country has been great to me and i want to give back. if people want me to do that, i think i'll do a fantastic job for them. we'll save social security. our country is in such trouble. we're sitting on a bubble.
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our country is in trouble. i think i'd do a tremendous job. >> i want to thank donald trump and his entire family. tomorrow night ted cruz and his family. until then time for "cnn tonight" and don lemon. breaking us, you just saw our town hall with donald trump and his family. i'm don lemon. did a surging donald trump win over voters tonight? did he show his softer side by appearing alongside his family right here on cnn? let's discuss with my political dream team, kayleigh mcenany, david gregory, host of the david gregory show podcast, gloria borger, matt lewis, and donna
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brazile. next time, donna, you'll get with the purple. what was the news coming out of this? >> donald trump said he doesn't believe that the republican establishment wants him to be the nominee, that the republican party wants him to be the nominee. and we've heard him say over and over again that the process is rigged, et cetera, but i don't think we've ever heard him say that he believes that the party, i.e., the rnc, et cetera, wants him to be the nominee. >> let's listen to it. >> oh, you got it. >> yeah. >> good for you. >> you've been very critical. you said the nominating system of colorado is rigged, disgusting and dirty, a corrupt
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deal full of crooked shenanigans. ted cruz said you're a whiner. the rules are the rules. didn't you just get played out on the ground? >> no, i don't think so. i've watched ted cruz say he's been winning. i've won 22 states and he's won 10 and we're way up on votes in terms of the voters, which to me is important to me. i'm millions of votes ahead of him and hundreds of delegates ahead of him but the colorado thing was very very unfair. i thought louisiana was unfair. i won it easy. >> you won the popular vote, he won the delegates. >> i won the popular vote. and all the shenanigans. >> you call them shenanigans but those are the rules. >> today when it was announced, they put it out on twitter, we stopped trump.
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the point is it was stacked us. >> you could have had a better organization on the ground. >> i don't know if it would have mattered. it was totally set in stone. that's the way it was. you saw republicans that wanted to go and be trump delegates and they're burning their card on the internet. >> a lot of time, he had a lot of organization, going out, reaching out to people who wanted to be delegates -- >> we had a lot of delegates and they were not heard because the republican party out there was 100% probably controlled by the rnc, which maybe doesn't like this happening because i'm a self-funder, putting up my own money. they don't like when i put up my own money, they don't have any control over me because i'm doing for the people. when you talk about winning, i've won most of it and i'm not complaining. there were a couple i won that he's complaining about but i've been winning far more than anybody else.
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>> so, gloria, i think anderson's question was very good. was he just outplayed? what did you think of his answer? >> his answer was quite predictable. i know kayleigh would disagree with me. but when you enter a game and run for the presidency, you have to know the rules. i believe that donald trump on the ground lost. and that these rules were changed back last august, the cruz campaign knew what they were, people who run for the presidency need to know the rules and complaining that they're unfair doesn't really work for you heading into a convention because you're either telling the delegates they're corrupt and what happens if you win by the way? if you win, is it an illegitimate process by which you won? >> what did you think of his answer? was he just outplayed on the field? >> i think he was.
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donald trump was not preparing for the machinery of a presidential run. this is the king kong of politics. he wanted to climb the empire state building and scream i am running and i should win and be your president because i'm the greatest. now he's trying to catch up with some organization. if he does well in his upcoming contest, he gets darn close and he might have the machinery in place to win on the process. he is going after the establishment. he's making ted cruz look like the ultimate d.c. insider, which he is not, it is hilarious, he's solidifying his base and doing two things at once, calling out the rnc for being against him but at the same time trying to negotiate some deals as well as he can to try to get delegates on his side before it's too late. he may pull it off. >> we often have discussions
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where we make it seem that donald trump is somehow losing, where in fact he's ahead by 200 delegates. >> but he is complaining about the delegates process, even though he's ahead. >> and he should. he thinks the system is unfair when a million voters in colorado don't get to -- >> but there's a game being played here, too. there's some gamesmanship. >> no, there's not. >> stand by. you may recognize this guy on the screen now, anderson cooper, he moderated the town hall. my question to you last night -- great job by the way -- i asked if you think you're going to see a whole different donald trump with the whole clan on the stage. i think we did. what do you think? >> i think with any of the candidates with their family, you see a different side of them. we tried to start of the hour with tough questions for trump
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about his complaints on the whole delegate battle, particularly in colorado, but really the audience seemed very interested in focusing on family members and getting their perspectives, the first time you really see them all together on the stage like this. the donald trump children have spent a lot of time in the spotlight and are very experienced at communicating and clearly i think, i'm looking at twitter reaction from donald trump supporters who certainly felt they hit it out of the park in terms of their presentation tonight. obviously his critics will see it differently but i think for trump supporters, they feel the candidate came out very well tonight. >> in your questioning -- in his answer he had something very interesting to say about bernie sanders. let's listen and then we'll discuss. >> i just want to read you what corey gardner, a republican senator from colorado said. he seems annoyed at what you're saying. >> he's a member of the stab establishment. >> he said how on earth are you going to defeat isis if you
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can't figure out the colorado convention? >> we'll figure it out but it's stacked against us. my delegates, they're all over the internet burning up their cards. >> so how are they stacked against you? >> the republican party in colorado award cruz or wanted somebody other than trump. i don't think anybody wants cruz. there's no reason to want him. the republican party wanted someone other than trump. i am the only one that's going to beat hillary clinton, assuming she runs and gets out of her problem, which she probably will because that's a system that's bad, too. i'm not fan of bernie sanders. to me he's forget it. but every time i turn on, he's winning. week after week he wins, wins and i watch you and all of the pundits and they say he can't win. you know why? it's stacked against him. it really is.
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in his case it's super delegates and in my case it's the obvious. >> so a definite comparison to himself. bernie sanders is not really an outsider but he is. he's saying it's stacked against both of them. >> he also later on said he doesn't have much evidence in terms of how the system is actually stacked against him. he's saying the rnc, the state republican party didn't want him. senator cruz spent a lot of time, a lot of organization, have field offices getting out people, putting up people to vote, putting up people to run as delegates. i think there was an argument to be made that he was simply outmaneuvered on the ground, even if you don't believe with the system, if you ever don't believe it's the right kind of system, that is the system. those are the rules in place. they've been in place for some eight months at the very least, these latest rules. so donald trump didn't seem to play the game as well as senator cruz did in the state of colorado. >> i don't know if you can see
10:15 pm
behind you because these candidates have grueling schedules. is he still in there talking to people and shaking hands? >> he is. it's actually one of the first times in the town hall in the midst of it that i've heard people say "you've convinced me tonight." we had two or maybe three people who said they came into this and were not sure but made decisions over the course of the evening, which i thought was interesting. i'm not sure exactly what it says but i thought it was interesting. >> i any what it is is that people really get to know a different side, there aren't timers. you can say okay, your time is up, you need to respond to this. donald trump has left the room, left the building as you were speaking there, anderson. thank you, great job. see you soon. >> stick around. we have much more on the reaction to the town hall with donald trump and his family tonight. don't go anywhere.
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donald trump and his family taking questions from the voters tonight. dana bash, you were in the room tonight. towards the end, i just want to get your reaction on what the audience members thought of when anderson asked him do you think you're going to get to that magic 1,237? here was his response. >> do you really think you're going to get to 1,237 or in your
10:20 pm
heart do you believe this is going to end up being an open convention? >> i think i'll get to 1,237. i think we're going to do very well in new york. as i said before, some of the states around that we're going to be in next. i think we should do really well in california. i think we'll get to the 1,237. this has been an amazing process. i said it before, i'll say it again, i'm spending my own money. they won't do the right thing. by my not taking money from the special interests, they're told to do it by the people that give them money. whether it's ted cruz or others, they're not going to do the right thing for the country. and it just is the way politics works and nobody knows the system better than i do. >> dana, he was confident.
10:21 pm
was the room with him? >> i think a lot of people, it was obvious from the questions, a lot of people who came here with were him or going towards him. they wanted to that final push from him and also from him family. but i do think we all have to be careful not to count out donald trump from getting that 1,237 before the convention. is it hard? is it difficult? of course. but it is absolutely not impossible. you have the numbers up there right now. and the fact that he hired paul manafort, it really does signal the kind of approach he's taking to this. he has had' very lean, mean machine to this point and he's really followed his gut and he's followed his instincts but now he recognizes he needs more than that, he needs to play the game. not just the game he's used to
10:22 pm
playing, i'll write you a check, you make sure you vote this way or that way. no, this is really, really granular in old style horse trading politics with delegates. it really isn't something that he's not used to, it's something that maybe a generation isn't used to because it has been so long. i do think that, again, just going back to your question, it is possible. and i definitely think given what happened in colorado, given what happened in louisiana, his delegate convention chair, paul manafort has his work cut out for him, he's just catching up, but it is possible. >> back with me is my political dream treatment.
10:23 pm
>> a new poll shows donald trump at 55%. that helps him get to that delegate math, right? >> absolutely. people assume trump wins new york, trump wins new jersey but then cruz has to win indiana and nebraska and it could go to california. or it could go to the convention. and i actually think the number is 1,200. it's sort of like when you go to buy a car or buy something on tv, 1,999. i think if he gets to 1,200, depriving him of it would be really unpalatable. >> gerald ford they they had the contested convention was 20 short and ronald reagan was 11
10:24 pm
short. i was talking to his campaign manager, corey, i said you have to do a little delegate maintenance, identify them, you have to put them in a database and know their birthday. it's not about giving them rides on an airplane. it's just knowing who they are. >> it's like cramming for the s.a.t.s. you can't decide to cram the week before the election. that's sort of the position they're in. not quite as bad. >> but you were also shaking your head, kellyanne, when you said don't count donald trump out. >> a lot of states to go. momentum is a lot. >> but nobody thought he was going to lose new york. >> he's planting himself here. that is a different strategy.
10:25 pm
wisconsin was a big blow in that it was a double digit loss and it was a retail politicking state ash place where cruz was able to coalesce those five former opponents. we've been talking for a month on your show, i've been talking about the value of data analytics, ground game, having infrastructure -- >> now he's realizing it? >> i don't know, he's not realizing. people around him should realize it. he's saying his base is being -- >> for not knowing how to run the system, ted cruz should have won and donald trump is beating him in the delegate count by 200. for someone who is so terrible, he's doing pretty darn well when he's beating your candidate by double. >> cleveland is going to be a convention. if you can't perform at the
10:26 pm
colorado convention, it doesn't portend well for the cleveland convention. >> go ahead, gloria. >> that's right. people who go to the college -- >> people who are part of the republican party, not people who like to party. >> they are party people who are devoted to the party. the danger here for donald trump i think is denigrating their commitment to their party by calls the system corrupt. it's something i think that he's got to watch out for because -- >> is it you have to get to know the people? >> i went to houston and talked to jim baker about this who ran the '76 convention for gerald ford. he said you have to know everything about them. and calling them corrupt or the system corrupt is really not the way to do it, particularly if
10:27 pm
you're likely to win. >> but it also is a fact that the reason that the delegates are chosen the way they're chosen is two-fold. one is he's partially right, it is to keep outliers from getting the nomination. there's the delegate math and we're talking about that a lot as we should and there's also the electorate. to your point where cruz has underperformed is -- >> with the people, who should matter. >> with his base of evangelicals in the south, that's where trump overperformed. but where trump is really hurting now is can he grow his base of support beyond the more poorly educated, those without college degrees, white males, can he grow among women, can he grow among a diverse population in a state like new york at all. it's in part the saidism of
10:28 pm
these delegates who might waver. i can win, i can grow from where i've been. that's what he was demonstrating early on. it's only in wisconsin did cruz grow some game to -- >> if cruz gets below -- if cruz gets below 20%, you get a big bagel, right? so nothing. >> a new york bagel. >> john kasich, he was in new york more in the last two weeks than i was and we've been there. >> stand by. more from our panel and more from the trump family tonight here on cnn. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it.
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donald trump answering questions at our town haul, 95 delegates up for grabs. i want you to listen to him talking about vp picks tonight.
10:33 pm
>> you gave an interview to "usa today," talked about you're looking at vice presidential picks, you're not going to give out any names but you named marco rubio, john kasich, scott walker. >> i said they're people i like. here's the problem, i've beaten them very badly. walker how could i ask for him for an endorsement because i got him out. >> when you say you liked them, did you mean you liked them at potential vice presidents? >> i like them at people. could they be involved in the government? >> absolutely they could. i don't think necessarily vice president.
10:34 pm
>> would you like for somebody with political experience on the ground, especially a political person who could help you with congress? >> yes. i'm going to do so well with so many different things but you don't need two like me. i want to have something that can deal with congress, that gets along with congress, that's a washington person. >> can you name one? >> i don't want to do that now. i think it's inappropriate. i just think it's the wrong time. i do have people in mind. look, i've been dealing in politics all my life. i know most of these politician. >> so he said he's thinking about someone from the establishment, miss borger. are you surprised? >> he said it before. to donald trump's credit, he said i need some balance for what i don't know. it's sort of a what like president obama did, going to joe biden.
10:35 pm
i give donald trump a lot of credit to say i think i need somebody to play the inside game for me because i haven't played that inside game. do i think any of the people he mentioned are real at this point? none maybe except for scott walker. >> is that a kasich or scott walker? >> i don't think kasich would do it. >> most people's money would be on someone like john kasich. >> anything's possible. all these people who hate each other now would enter into the conversation. what did trump say about being nicer? first i have to take two people out and then i can be presidential. there is something so transparent about him. i'm in the game, i'm going to
10:36 pm
torch these people, i'm going to say things that are nasty the way i would never talk to my children or my wife and that's just the way it has to be in politics. this is why conservatives worry about him. he's not ideological. he will make deals. and that's what he's saying by saying i'm the ultimate anti-establishment guy but i know i need a d.c. insider. >> who does he need? >> a washington insider who can navigate the system. because at the end of the day -- >> who would sign on? >> we didn't think governor christie would sign on. >> now he's going to go to the -- >> they understand you can't shut down the government like senator cruz and get things done. you can't be an obstructionist. >> i'm not so sure his voters wouldn't -- >> definitely trying to stop obama care. >> you can't be an obstructionist -- >> i think senator cruz --
10:37 pm
>> he wants to deport 12 million people. there is no practical way to get that through the government. >> you should read "art of the deal." it's a deal at the end of the day. if there's things you need to compromise on, one thing he's not compromising on is building the wall. that is what you have to be able to compromise. we have a president who has refused to coalesce to the other party and extend his arm really -- >> hold on, let me finish really quick. there has to be a bill, there has to be a signature by the president and donald trump is saying -- >> does he know what happens when people dig under the wall? which is how many people get over? >> i mean, we're talking about whether or not donald trump has a chance, a snowball chance, i
10:38 pm
mean, he's the leader, the front-runner, more votes, more delegates, does he have a path, can he regain his momentum to win? but this whole notion of picking a washington insider, that's not an anti-message. that's off his narrative. he's against the establishment. he wants to change thing. i don't know if this is a good conversation for donald trump. >> obama had to go to a big time insider to shore up his weaknesses. i think where i disagree that there has to be a compromise, there has to be a bill, i just think there be certain things he's standing for that he'll fight in that are nonstarters either in a compromise or negotiation. i may be wrong but that's my sense. he's in some ways asough on these things as cruz has been. >> we've got to take a break. hold your thought.
10:39 pm
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so donald trump positive in his support but angry with a fixed system. >> anderson, they changed the rules a number of months ago -- >> about eight months ago. >> that's not long ago. >> you had a lot of time to prepare -- >> they changed rules because they saw how i was doing and they didn't like it. they saw because they thought jeb bush was going to win or marco rubio was going to win. they changed the rules so i wouldn't get any delegates. then i won in a landslide and
10:44 pm
got all the delegates. but colorado is unfortunate because they disenfranchised the voters -- >> you're saying that you don't think the rnc wants you to get the nomination? >> no, i don't. >> you think they're activity working against you? >> i don't see it. it's not like i have 15 miles of proof. but they shouldn't want to have a vote of the people of colorado. the voting has been phenomenal. >> reince priebus tweeted at 10:18 p.m. said nomination process known for a year plus beyond. it is the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. has he never gone in like that? >> no. i think he said the rules are
10:45 pm
the rules before, but i think he took this as a shot across the bow of the rnc, which it was. trump complained directly about the rnc and priebus running the rnc felt the need to come out and say these are the rules. >> you've been calling us the dream team. and people have been watching people versus o.j. simpson. we learned the johnnie cochran technique is if you don't have the facts, you run against the system. reince priebus and the rnc. they're the lapd basically. donald trump is going to war against the system. the system is rigged, the system is broken. i think it's indicative of a flawed campaign. >> no, matt -- >> it is, it is. >> but, don -- >> the republican nominee gets so much from the party, so much from the rnc. it's data files, it's money,
10:46 pm
it's resources, it's ground game. that is the establishment. is he going to say no to that? i don't want the rnc data files? >> isn't he doing fine without the files right now? >> if you get to the contested convention -- >> it's easier to show up trump's argument, the game is rigged, the fix is in. i don't believe it. it's bogus, but the glove don't fit you, you must acquit. it works. >> i'm loving this. >> i would refer you to the exit polls in wisconsin where the voters there elected cruz, it's in their interest to go to a contested convention, those same voters in washington said by 54% they want the person with the most delegates going into the convention to be the nominee. likewise, a national -- >> let's put that up. >> they probably don't realize there's also an electoral college.
10:47 pm
>> 66% according to a cnn, 60% of republicans tell cnn the nominee should be the candidate with the most delegates. >> the rnc needs to listen to their voters. everyone on this panel says rules, rules, rules. i want them to look at the voters and explain why the rules are fair. >> why is it fair that we have an electoral college and the popular vote doesn't elect -- >> electors can't be bribed. in this election alone, we will have more than 157 delegates go again the people. >> did what in colorado happen because the system was rigged or because people didn't show up and do the work? >> as a member of the rules committee -- i'm a democrat. when you put together these
10:48 pm
rules, whether it's at the republican convention back in 2012 or throughout the process, you anticipate those who are interested in running, they're in the room, they understand what the process is. throughout our process, we have not just, you know, hillary clinton people, bernie sanders, martin o'malley and others. so the rules are written with the candidates in mind but also the state parties. they're the ones who have a vested interest in making sure the rules mirror -- >> that's why you said the rnc doesn't decide the rules? >> this isn't up to the rnc. this is up to the people who are on the rules committee who go to the convention. donald trump will have a lot of representation on the rule committee given the fact that he has won an awful lot of votes. so, yes, kayleigh, he will have that representation.
10:49 pm
i agree -- and i understand the people when they say, look, it's only fair if you're winning, heading into the convention that you ought to get it. i think the margins matter, just like it mattered in 1976. there were small margins, they didn't really know going in what was going to happen and they had to have a ground game. now, if donald trump is 50 votes short, he'll be able to get the nomination, there is no doubt about it. i mean, i think he would. >> i think 1,200 looks a lot bigger than 1,199. for some reason. >> but i also believe if he's 200 short and cruz comes in second, that there's going to be a fight. >> and that's the point. that's why the rules are set up the way they're set up. he can still win in what he believes is a rigged system and my sense is he'll still be happy existing within that system. he's putting the machinery in place to try to prevail and he's is a bit behind. >> i got to take a break.
10:50 pm
we'll be right back. stop... clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online and... start playing start relaxing start loving book direct at and start saving.
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back now with my political dream team, matt lewis. >> no more on that. >> you have too much time on your hands. >> some big name republican names saying they plan to skip the convention, like jeb bush or kelly ayotte or -- >> i wouldn't go either if i was jeb bush. >> no speaking slots. >> it might be about speaking slots and what would your role be if you want? if it's a tight race and you're not sure where you're going to come down, you'd probably rather be anywhere else. some are saying they're not going to go but particularly republicans in blue states might hang back and say let me see how this works. >> does it behoove anyone not to show up? >> you've got to be tied together.
10:55 pm
can you only keep your distance so long. kelly ayotte stayed out of the new hampshire primary. maybe that was safe for her to do. >> do you think that donald trump helped himself tonight or did his family help him? >> absolutely without a doubt. all the candidates benefit from being with their families. the families are usually compelling and they soften them up and show a different side. i think trump more than anybody needs that. and his family frankly is really compelling and melania and especially ivanka. he should get her out there.
10:56 pm
>> there's also a sense of if he can raise a daughter that is that sharp and charismatic and likable, that says something about him that maybe we don't see, that maybe he's a good father. >> the most memorable thing they said that every day before they left in the morning he said don't do drugs, don't drink. >> it's the first time in a year where donald trump was on the stage where he wasn't the star. i think he enjoyed being a spectator for that portion. >> with that said, we will be right back. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing?
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. new york's primaries are just days away and the stakes couldn't be higher for both sides. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, out on the campaign trail today. we count down to our democrat being debate at the brooklyn navy yard. >> people will say, oh, there she goes, she's playing the gender card. and what i say to that is if talking about equal pay and paid leave and more opportunities for women and girls is playing the gender card, then deal me in. >> i want to start off by talking about some of the very real differences that exist between secretary clinton and myself.
11:01 pm
and there are a lot of differences. [ cheers and applause ] >> the republicans taking aim at their front-runner. >> some who feed off of the fears and the anger that is felt by some of us and exploited feed their own insatiable desires for fame and attention. that could drive america down into a ditch and not make us great again. >> donald loves to call people a loser. donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him losin' donald. >> you can't write this stuff. one republican says thanks but no thanks to the nomination. >> i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party.
11:02 pm
>> meanwhile in our town hall tonight, donald trump says this about the battle for delegates. >> i think i'll get to 1,237. i think we're going to do very well in new york. as i said before, some of the states around that we're going to be in next. i think we should do well in california. i think we'll get to the 1,237. this has been an amazing process. i said at the beginning and i'll say it again, i'm spending my own money. i understand politicians. i understand what motivates them, the thing that motivates them are special interests and lobbyists. they won't do the right thing. the people that are really getting them are giving money. by my not taking money from all of these special interests, i'm going to be able to do the right thing for the people. they do so many bad deals and people think why are they so stupid? they're doing because they're told to do it by the people that give them money. >> i want to get straight to sarah with breaking news. marco rubio is making news tonight.
11:03 pm
what do we know? >> marco rubio did an interview with the mark levin radio show. he did not quite endorse ted cruz but this is as close as he's come so far. take a listen. >> i've been clear that i want the republican nominee to be a conservative and in my view at this moment of the candidates that are still actively campaigning, the only one that fits that criteria is ted cruz, i've said that publicly. as far as the delegates that we've earned, they're bound on the first ballot. i want to make sure they're there after the first ballot. these delegates, many of them will be free to vote for another candidate and i hope that they'll nominate a conservative. >> rubio has all but disappeared since he dropped out of the race. it is telling to hear him say ted cruz is the only real conservative left. marco rubio has asked to keep the delegates bound to him. he could play a role if you get to point where donald trump is coming up just short. >> it will be interesting to see
11:04 pm
how donald trump responds to that and you know he will. let's talk about the candidate you've been following, donald trump. you've been on the campaign train, you've soon him take on angry protesters, impressions with him and his family tonight? >> it is striking when you see him up there with his children because they do give a sense of donald trump that you don't see on the campaign trail. to see how proud he is of them and to hear them talk about how they were praised. about how her father treated her the same as her brothers in terms of her role in the company and in terms of growing up and fueling her ambition. i think that was all telling. i think this is the kind of thing that could help donald trump soften his image. when we look at the broader lector ratd -- electorate, he has some tough numbers, but with his family being out there is something that could help prepare him in the general election. it all comes down to the candidate.
11:05 pm
it depends on whether donald trump is more disciplined on the stump as well. >> we've been hearing him take on the party saying the primary process is fixed, rigged, corrupt. how are voters reacting to that? >> this does fire up his voters. this does speak to his base. they feel like they have showed up and voted and in new york they're preparing to cast their ballots and they feel like the republican party isn't listening to them. when i was talking to voters at his event in new york yesterday they said they completely agree with donald trump, they feel the process is stacked against him, they feel the republican party is trying to rob donald trump of the nomination. the rnc is pushing back hard on this. i think we saw that from reince priebus on twitter tonight. they do not want to give voters the sense that their party is corrupt, that they are trying to steal the nomination. they're trying to be very sensitive to that. at least for now donald trump feels a better approach is to continue to be at war with the party. >> i appreciate that. reince priebus tweeting out
11:06 pm
saying the nomination process has been known for a year plus beyond. it is the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. we're going to discuss that much more now. and we're here with kayleigh mcenany, gloria gorger, donna brazile, kellyanne. we're going to talk about reince priebus, but i want to talk about the shockingly low approval numbers among women that trump has. but women in his family have a different story. look. >> i think the facts speak for themselves. i have witnessed these incredible female role models that he's employed in the highest executive positions at the trump organization my entire life in an industry that has
11:07 pm
been dominated by men, is still dominated by men but certainly was when he was starting out in his career and he was employing some of these women and raising them through the ranks. for me i think the way he raised me and raised tiffany, it's a testament to the fact that he believes in inspiring women, empowering women. he taught me there wasn't something i could doesn't if i set me mind to it, if i had deep passion and unearthed what i wanted to do with my life and worked very hard to achieve it. i don't think that's the message a father would relay to a daughter he didn't believe had the potential to accomplish exactly what her brothers could. so for me it's his actions speak loud are than the word of many politicians who talk about gender equality but it's not evidenced in their daily employment practices. i think both at the trump organization and also in a more
11:08 pm
personal capacity, the type of father he was to a daughter, two daughters, i think evidences how he feels about our gender in general. >> tiffany? >> i think my father since i've been a little girl has always just inspired me and had so much faith in me to just be the best person i can be, the best woman i can be. every time i speak to him on the phone, whether at school or i'm with him in his office or palm beach, he wants to us do the best and he has the utmost fail that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to just as well as men if not better and we're such strong, hard workers, ivanka, melania, i truly feel my father is the best father, the best husband that he could be, truly. >> what's the disconnect here? why do the women closest to him see things differently than many women voters? >> they see him as a father, an employer of women, he's warned them not to go for the drugs and alcohol.
11:09 pm
that's different than the man running for different. if you look at the polls, it started going down with women, republican women, college educated republican women, to say nothing of independent and democratic women, around march 11 at the chicago rally. then after he insulted heidi cruz, somebody else's wife. can he recover? yes. should he put his family right out there to help him? should we see them as surrogates? this family is so cohesive. and such a beautiful portrait of donald trump. he's got buildings all around the world with his name on it. this is his greatest imprimatur. if he is the nominee, and he goes up against hillary clinton, he has a lot of repair work to do among women of all political stripes. he will have his daughters and wife out there. >> the response from his daughters, kayleigh, did that help him? >> 100%. this retweet, which he admitted
11:10 pm
was a mistake, many people do believe that was a mistake, there was this effort to paint donald trump into a caricature of being anti-woman. guess what? this evening that argument was just poked and all the air came out of it. >> don't you think he supplied the canvas and the paint and paint brush -- >> yes, he did but from that one instance, they tried to payment this caricature. >> it was the megyn kelly stuff, too. >> let her finish. i'll let you get in. >> what you heard from his daughter diminishes the argument that donald trump is anti-woman. you see someone who empowers women, not diminishes them. >> but they're wealthy people in manhattan. they need to connect in a different way. and ivanka can and melania can and tiffany can, but to think all of that got washed away -- >> i don't think that --
11:11 pm
>> donald trump, there is a pattern of behavior, it's rosie o'donnell, megyn kelly and heidi cruz. so donald trump brought this on himself. but i do agree with you in the sense that i think the family is really compelling. i think ivanka especially, not only does she seem really authentic and likable, it speaks well of him as a father to have raised a daughter like that. >> can i say one thing about ivanka? she had a baby three weeks ago. for those of us who have had babies, a, i didn't look like she looked tonight. and i was speaking with her before. this is a woman who is still getting up with the baby, right? and the respect they have for their father. >> let's hear the sons, then we'll talk about it. >> do you think sometimes tone is important and you get more with honey than vinegar so to
11:12 pm
speak? >> i think without question. what's interesting throughout this process, there also comes a time when you have to put the hammer down. >> i agree. >> there comes a time when people are laughing in your face, that you have to actually fight back. that's what's so important about what he does. he's not going to go every time there's a little change in the winds, he's not going to flip. that's not what he does. he's going to fight for the american people. tone is important. for 38 years i've seen him do deals with people from all over the world, different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different everything, different personalities. he's better to do that than anybody. nobody can be more endearing. he wins everyone over when the time is right. but we're at a time in our country where we believe we need some change. we need politicians who have real world experience. the biggest joke i hear is politicians talking about how they're great public servants.
11:13 pm
they're serving themselves. he wants to give back to the country that's been so great to him, to the people who have been so loyal to him. he wants to go through this brutal process to be able to give back. he's truly -- it's incredibly selfless and amazing to see and it's resonating with the people. >> donna, how does this resonate? >> i've met his kids, met his wife, they're very kind, respectful people. but when you disrespect an entire group of americans, whether it's punishing women, mexicans as rapists, banning muslims, i mean, people take that personally. so i don't know if one interview with his family will change the script, but it will help some people who are comfortable with his temperament maybe find him a little bit more -- >> so everyone is sitting here talking about megyn kelly and heidi cruz and muslims and --
11:14 pm
none of this has seemed to hurt donald trump at all. >> it has. >> hold on. >> he should have had this wrapped up a long time ago. >> and he's losing to hillary. >> women alone, if you look at the data, he's trailing among women. people don't realize in a general election, the republican usually wins women in terms of the total number of women. >> white women. >> i'm sorry, excuse me, white women. i beg your pardon. >> married, not single. >> my point is if he c't win -- barack obama lost white women in 2012, he lost them by 6 points to mitt romney. if hillary clinton got up to 52 and wins 80% of minorities, it's very hard to win. that kind of data really does matter. and character witness, family, all of that is very important but there is -- he was asked tonight do you speak the way to your family the way you speak in the course of the political campaign? oh, no, i don't do that. i'm a lot nicer.
11:15 pm
so there is this kind of outlandish way of speaking about women, muslims and others that he is now trying to tack back. i think he does have a long way to go. >> aren't people often different at home with their families than they are at work? >> but it's like he's winking. >> stand by, guys. i have to take a break. as we count down to new york's primaries next tuesday, stay with cnn for the town hall with all the gop candidates and their families, anderson cooper, ted cruz and his wife heidi cruz and that's starting at 9:00. it's our democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that's thursday night at 9:00 p.m. when we come right back, more from donald trump at our cnn town hall tonight. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud
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11:19 pm
we're back with my political dream team, gloria borger, david gregory, kayleigh mcenany, donna brazile, kellyanne conway. let's continue on about tone. i thought you said something interesting. you said it's a wink and a nod? >> he said, this isn't the way i talk to my family and this -- [ all talking at once ] >> well, by the way, maybe i will ask someone from the establishment to be my vice president, which raises a lot of question marks with conservatives, who believe he's not a conservative, he's way to
11:20 pm
malleable, which is why some in the establishment early on was saying i can live with this guy. >> he says he gets enjoyment out of tweeting and -- >> it's interesting. >> let's listen to it. >> you know, it's interesting. i started off a number of years ago and i now see that over the weekend i picked up like almost 100,000 people and i have 7.6 million people there, almost 7.5 million on facebook, 1.5 million on instagram. i have malls -- millions. and it's really an asset. i really enjoy doing it. you see what's going on. there is some genius there. will you read some of the stuff, there is genius there. you have to find the right genius, but it is a powerful thing. >> as president, though -- >> no, i wouldn't be doing it. or i would do it very little.
11:21 pm
it's different. but right now if i'm fighting one of my opponents, i can tweet out things or my feelings and i had it in cnn. there was one instance where i was at a town hall and someone got up and made a pretty negative statement about the president, you probably remember, very negative. they never found out who this guy was, was he a setup or what and he made a pretty negative statement about the president and they said i didn't defend him and it was a big deal. i remember i tweeted one line and then another line and i put it out and it broke into cnn, they broke into this major broadcast, "donald trump breaking news," and it totally solved the problem. so it doesn't all work badly. but it is a modern method of communication. when i have 16 million or 17 million people when you add it up, it gives me a big advantage. >> do you ever want to say to him put the mobile device down,
11:22 pm
it's 2:00 a.m. and you're still tweeting. >> if he would only listen. i did many times. and i just say, okay, do whatever you want. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> i said none of those things, even twitter seems to have hurt him. you guys vehemently disagreed saying yes, it has hurt him. why does he continue to do this? he said i'm not going to do this as president. wouldn't one thing you'd have to show by example? >> it's his frenemy, twitter. i think he knows he's very smart about controlling the news cycle. so he can tweet something at 10:00 at night and you'll put it on your show because you're watching, we're watching and then the morning -- the news cycle on the morning shows will be dominated by something that donald trump tweeted the night before. >> he couldn't have done what he's done without a 24/7 news cycle, cable news, and without twitter. i don't know that he could have pulled it off. >> that's a good question, too, for president obama, as well, who used social media to his advantage. and cable news. >> that's right. and he's been able to phone into these shows.
11:23 pm
i think twitter phoning into the shows, rallies and the polls. this man loves the polls. he doesn't love his own pollsters. now all the polls show him losing to hillary clinton. and that's a problem for him. if your entire narrative is winning, winning, winning, we're losing and we need to win again and you're losing in the fall, there are republican primary vote who are will look past some of the indignities and look past some of the rhetoric to win in the fall to beat hillary clinton. if you can't prove you can beat hillary clinton, you've shrunk your -- >> let me ask you then. you said putting stock in polls. so the polls show he's losing to hillary clinton. how much stock should we put in that? because in a general, it's not a real general right now. we don't know if hillary clinton is the nominee. we don't know who the exact nominee is. how much stock should anyone put in that? >> a poll that came out today showed him coming closer to beating hillary clinton than ted cruz. this just goes to show the polls are not reliable right now. it is april right now. i tend to agree --
11:24 pm
>> one at a time. >> the polls against hillary clinton do not matter right now, particularly in a race when you have bernie sanders who said i don't want to talk about her e-mails. if donald trump is the nominee, we're going to talk about her e-mails, benghazi, the clinton foundation until the cows come home. and that gap will close and close. >> donna, go ahead. >> i'm sit hearing, i want to laugh but it's inappropriate at this time to talk about hillary's e-mails and investigation -- that's all the republicans are talking about because there's no substance. we've entered a substance-free zone with donald trump. when is the last time we've actually debated policy when we talk about these republican candidates? i mean -- you can talk about tearing down someone's character. but if you don't have a plan and a vision for the future, it's worthless. >> she potentially broke federal law and that will be asked about her on the debate stage.
11:25 pm
[ multiple speakers ] >> that's not true, kayleigh, that's what your analysis -- the fbi is looking into an inquiry into how her e-mail was handled and whether or not anyone hacked it and if any e-mails contained classified information. all of the various intelligence agencies are looking at those e-mails. i hope they conclude this. i hope she gets this behind her, otherwise she'll have to continue to talk about it. >> you shouldn't feel cornered. because the truth is a lot of the things that are negatives for trump have not hurt him up till now. he is winning. he is winning. now all of these things could eventually hurt him. i do think where he has gotten into issues in policy, it has started to reverberate against him. talking about nuclear weapons for japan or south korea, some of that stuff has boomeranged back on him. i do think presidential
11:26 pm
campaigns are much less about characteristics, character and personal characteristics and he is portraying strength and some of his outrageousness, by the way, in opposition to these other candidates is at a decibel level that offends a lot of people but also gets him such attention that he has been effective. >> kayleigh has a point. remember when he went after bill clinton, it seemed like a crazy idea, the point is that polls -- >> he did seem to neutralize -- >> we don't know what's going to happen in a general election. if donald trump is the nominee, he could go after hillary. we don't know how she's going to respond. she could fall apart. donald trump could put her on the defensive in a way -- >> stay with me. much more to come tonight. donald trump's town hall and these guys who love to continue to debate, even though we're -- we'll be back.
11:27 pm
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11:31 pm
t 95 delegates up for grabs. donald trump has a double lead in the polls. if he wins big, he's going to get all these delegates. back with me, my political dream team. they still fight during the commercial break. kellyanne, ivanka just had her baby, what, two weeks ago? not even two weeks ago? let's listen to what she said about being a mother. >> what's being a mom meant to you? how has it changed you? >> i think it's changed me in almost every capacity. i think it's made me a better person and a better wife. i think i'm much more empathetic, once you start thinking about a bigger picture outside of yourself. it's easy to be very self-centered when you're young and you're single and obviously it started when i got married and i became a we and having kids brings it to a whole different level, putting them first and they become very much the center of your universe. >> that sounds exhausting. >> and it's exhausting. it's really the most amazing type of challenge that you can't prepare yourself for and so
11:32 pm
unbelievably rewarding. i have three children now under the age of 4 1/2 and it's exhausting but it's the perfect kind of chaos. >> wow. >> so just your normal mom here? >> i love it. she certainly appears to be. one of my favorite parts of the interview, don. ivanka, congratulations on your beautiful baby and that body to go with it. i have four small children myself. it does change you. people see us all on tv. it's a heck of a lot easier to run your mouth than to run a house or run a business. it does change you. it takes away that self-involvement. other human beings, you're responsible for them. she seems very genuine. i think she'll connect with lots of mothers young and old across the country, just by being so poignant about her experiences and how her children have humbled her and made her a better person. >> it's something you can't plan for, which is why i don't have any.
11:33 pm
but she was also asked about converting to judaism. >> i was wondering how your father reacted to your decision to convert to judaism? what led you to that decision and how did he react? >> it's such a personal decision. i tend not to talk about it in a public forum. my father was very supportive. he knows me, he knows and he trusts my judgment. he knows i make decisions in a well-reasoned way, i don't rush into things. i appreciate the support he gave me because obviously these decisions are not taken lightly. and it would have been much more hard if i had head winds. but he believes in me. he loves my husband. they're incredibly close and he's been very supportive of me in that decision as in many others that i've taken throughout the years. >> trump as a supportive father, david. >> well, ivanka is an extraordinary person.
11:34 pm
i mean, she came off just beautifully tonight on motherhood, on being a daughter, on making incredibly important faith decision in her family and getting support. so, look, this goes a long way to sort of completing, donald trump showing a different side of him as a father of a child, you know, a grown child like her and his sons and his other daughter, tiffany. all of that is very important. we could spend too much time talking about ivanka, who would be an outstanding surrogate but still we'll be spending the most time talking about donald trump. >> the unspoken point is that a lot of really bad leaders have had families that loved them deeply. so, yes, it's great that he has a family that they love him -- >> yes, people are sending me messages saying of course, it's his family. >> i just love seeing great accomplished young women. >> they are. >> and there's a certain
11:35 pm
humility to them that can be very disarming to people. >> especially ivanka. >> you would think there is no reason to be humble necessarily. there's a certain humility and i think self-composure that maybe very disarming to people. >> humble is not a word i would use to describe donald trump, however. >> that's why he sat there silently and just watched. >> he raised four kids, they all turned out with no drug problems, no alcohol issu. they are well respected citizens in the community. that does say something about donald trump. it's four kids who turned out great. >> that says a lot about donald trump. [ multiple speakers ] the fact that you come out here and so many others and not just defend him but make his case in a very compelling way, i think that says more about him than anything else. >> and we saw the cruz daughters
11:36 pm
last night and they were awesome young ladies -- >> kasich. >> excuse me, the kasich daughters. >> it's also not unimportant because this is this kind of looking glass, especially in 2016, you're running for president. to both shield your family from that and also be humanized by your family while running through a process that does not really encourage humility is important and is an important part of people taking the measure of candidates. so that why i think it's edifying. >> i humbly ask that nobody says anything else so we can get to this break and we'll be right back on the other side with more. what's with him?
11:37 pm
11:38 pm
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11:41 pm
open convention a contested convention and they get through a couple of votes with no one winning the nomination, virtually every delegate on this floor would become unbound, meaning he or she could vote as they please and some believe that could create a fire sale for delegates. why? let's consider one delegate to see what i mean here. this person would arrive at the convention knowing the rules from the national committee. they could not accept gifts from corporations from foreign nationals or from federal contractors. all of those are no-nos. but the rules do say they can take gifts from political pacs and from individuals. so let's say there's a pac out there supporting one of the candidates and that pac says you know what we want to do, we want to give you first class travel to the convention and then a limo to pick you up and a fancy hotel to stay in and lavish meals and we'll pay for everything. the rules save that's okay. what if you have a private individual supporting one of the candidates? he could say let me give you a
11:42 pm
gift bags and inside are some snacks, maybe a designer watch, how about some new headphones, tickets to a ball game or maybe a show of some sort. again, all perfectly fine. nobody can directly buy or sell the votes but this is just all a wink and a nod type of things. many just want contact with the candidates. they want to meet with them. but doesn't that go better if they say let's have that meeting around a round of golf at a club. the party doesn't want to see these things happening. all of the campaigns suggest they want nothing to do with it. the bottom line is if you get to a contested convention, everyone would have spent millions of dollars trying to win over every candidate. it's not unheard of that maybe you'd have supporters out there who would still be pushing some kasich steak knives and maybe a cruz cruise or maybe a tour on a
11:43 pm
donald trump helicopter to win those last few votes. don? >> thank you, tom. appreciate that. back with my political dream team now. i mean, we thought oscar, those gift bags were -- >> swanky. >> by the way, i'm a delegate. no, i'm not. >> he just made the case for why these rules are not fair. this is not the oprah show where you walk away with a lot of free stuff. this is electing the next leader of the free world. the goal should be to uplift the will of the people, make it as representative as possible of the voters, allowing the voters in colorado to have a preference poll. it should not be about what tom just discussed. [ multiple speakers ] >> nobody here is going to defend buying off delegates. maybe if somebody is a lobbyist and they throw a party and you happen to be a delegate, maybe it would be too much to crack down on that.
11:44 pm
but if there's somebody overtly selling or trying to buy votes, that obviously is crossing the line. >> you know what they're going to say? the rules, the rules, the rules, everything you guys said here, we're playing by the rules -- >> kayleigh -- >> donald trump -- i think it's more likely donald trump would buy votes. >> exactly. >> one at a time, one at a time. >> these are the rules, i'm playing by the rules. >> kayleigh be fair. >> if a political pac did this, you have to show transparency. you have to file things. if mr. trump ever did that, nobody would know. talking about free stuff? how does any other candidate get $2 billion of free earned media that donald trump has got? that is the kind of free stuff i would like. you can have your free steak knives. [ multiple speakers ]
11:45 pm
>> how many commentators have gone to mar-a-lago? >> well -- >> give us the bottom line. >> each delegation has to monitor it. you have to know your customer. this is what i was talking to jim baker about. he said you have to know your customer. you have to know who you're dealing with, what they like, what they don't like, talk to them about politics. know their state. understand their issues. it's understanding their issues and how you can help them in their state and what matters to them.
11:46 pm
[ multiple speakers ] >> this is my whole point. if you show you can play by the rules in a convention in colorado and get all the delegates, then you've got a leg up going -- >> but every day that donald trump is talking about the rules and the process, he's not talking about his message. >> this goes to conservatives being worried about donald trump. he's basically saying the establishment is trying to stop me because i can't be bought. but ted cruz ain't the establishment. number two, there are legitimate reasons that conservatives might be concerned about donald trump because he's supported, you know, universal health care. because he wants to taxpayer funding of planned parenthood.
11:47 pm
because hillary clinton came to his wedding. >> yes, exactly. >> that is so pathetic. >> the wedding thing i don't think people will care about. >> but conservatives, if you were a hard core conservative, if you were a delegate -- >> why is it so important that donald trump went to -- or hillary clinton went to donald trump's wedding when last night kasich said he went to a same-sex wedding -- >> mr. kasich is not considered mr. conservative either by the conservative rank and file. this goes to something gloria was talking about earlier, that there are legitimate reasons that people who are really hard core movement conservatives have concerns about donald trump. and it's not because the establishment is trying to get him. >> he complains about the rules, he insulting the delegates. that's his problem. that was the point earlier, attacking the voters is never a good look -- >> when he attacks the voters and talks about the rules, he is skirting the problem he has in terms of ideology.
11:48 pm
>> quick point and we go to break. >> we've come a long way from party bosses and chieftains in the party deciding who the nominee would be. the best way would be to win on the first ballot. if he doesn't, he faces these loyalty tests, which have not been tested in the recent past. there's all these different considerations. i think that goes to gloria's point. you have to know them and persuade them and maybe take them on a quail hunt. >> and people change on the second ballot, you can't assume it's because they were corrupted. >> we'll be right back, we'll be right back. (announcer) need to hire fast?
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and we're back with the political -- >> dream team! >> so there's one guy that a lot of people want to run for president who claims he's not going to do it but also claimed he didn't want to be speaker of the house. here's paul ryan. >> let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority on the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary. count me out. i simply believe that if you want to be the nominee for our
11:53 pm
party to be the president, you should actually run for it. >> believe him, gloria? >> yes. 100% believe him. it was completely shermanesque, he didn't leave any wiggle room. i think what he's trying to do is set up a policy agenda. he's been very active on issues like poverty, the budget, set up a policy agenda so if the nominee is someone a lot of his members don't like, they can have somewhere to two and say i'm for the ryan agenda. and this is very much about trying to keep control of the house of representatives -- he's a young man and -- >> he has told people this would not be his year. only to be validated by the year it turned out to be. he's got a very powerful job. he has a lot of sway over domestic policy as speaker of the house.
11:54 pm
>> what sway does this have at the convention? >> a great deal. >> isn't it remarkable that he says there is a rule that is unfair and i think should be changed. >> that isn't what he said. [ multiple speakers ] >> hold on, hold on. >> he said the rule should be changed that some white knight can come in at the last moment and take the nomination. he said that's an unfair rule. >> you you don't think that's what he said? >> no. what he is saying more globally is i don't want to be the beneficiary of any such rule. i give him a ton of credit today. he has crafted this agenda where he's insistent the party should be for things and not against thing. he's been very bold in his public communications. which is a little bit different from past speakers. that is what has fed this frenzy that he was secretly running. a lot of donors have been pressuring him to be that white knight, and it's sort of unfair to him, because he is the
11:55 pm
speaker of the house. he has a very consequential day job -- >> he's got to love the attention. >> of course he does. >> he's a great conservative communicator, he's optimistic and all that. but the problem is -- it's one thing for ted cruz to, quote, steal the nomination from donald trump. if paul ryan does it, cleveland explodes. >> i agree. >> there's a precedent with president garfield, who was a lead in the congress, it was 37 ballots. >> donna taking us back, dropping history, giving us knowledge as usual. >> he's always dropping back saying i want to be switzerland, i want to be neutral. >> i got to be the guy that goes to the break. we'll be right back. the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris.
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as we count down to the new york primaries next tuesday, make sure you stay with cnn for a town hall. anderson will host ted cruz and his wife heidi cruz tomorrow night at 9:00. then our brooklyn democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders thursday at 9:00. did you guys have a good time? >> great time. >> so, i have just a couple seconds left here, i want to ask. does he get to 1237? >> i have no idea. i really have no -- >> no. >> yes. >> no. >>. not before cleveland or in cleveland. >> how does he get there? you said he gets all the northeast -- >> all the northeast. ups the game with manafort. >> that's it tonight.
12:00 am
if you missed any of our town hall with donald trump and his family, can you see the whole thing starting right now. good night. good evening. it's a big night. john kasich and his family last night. right now donald trump and members of his family, republican front-runner, exactly one week before the primary. >> tonight he's on his home turf. >> this is home. it's great to be home. >> and now after a wisconsin thumpi thumping, campaign changes and a week of bad headlines, donald trump is looking to get his campaign back to its winning ways. >> i love these people! these are my people! man! >> he's back, recharging the batteries and zapping his


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