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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. hello, i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield on this wednesday. welcome to "legal view." a tale of two trumps today. on the one hand fiery blustery side of donald trump son full display as he escalates his war of words with reince priebus. he trump says the system is rigged and priebus says it is
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not true. trump joined by his wife and children revealed his softer side. michelle kosinski gives ik us a look. >> donald trump calling out the republican national convention during the town hall on tuesday night accusing them of conspiring to keep him from clinching the gop nomination by denying him delegates. >> i won louisiana. i won it easily. >> popular vote. >> the popular vote and because of all the shenanigans that goes on. >> shenanigans, those are the rules. >> i know the rules very well but i know it is stacked against me by the establishment. >> trump alleging the party republican party is 100% controlled by the rnc and rules were changed to stop him. >> they changed the rules a number of months ago. the people -- >> eight months ago. >> it's not very long ago. >> you have had a lot of time to
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prepare. >> you know why, because they saw how i was doing and they didn't like it. >> the trump family later joining the candidate on stage. trump's daughter taking on critics who say their father is disrespectful to women. >> he always taught me there wasn't anything i couldn't do and i don't think that is a message a father would relay to a daughter who he didn't believe didn't have the 0 potential to accomplish what their brothers could. >> reporter: pointing to an equal opportunity father and business mogul. >> my father since i have been a little girl inspired me and had so much faith in me to be the best person i can be. the best woman i can be. >> reporter: trump admitting when it comes to debates his family sometimes wishes he would lighten up. >> they are always saying be nicer on the debate. i say wait, they are coming at me from all of these angles but me lal lan ya would say be nicer in the debates. i say i can't do that. i have to win first.
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>> trump jr. agrees. >> there comes a time when being nice and trying to do all of this stuff, when people are laughing in your face you have to fight back. that's what is so important about what he does. >> trump's wife melania pushing her husband to act more presidential. >> how would you like him to be different? >> just nice language. better language. not all the time. sometimes i agree wit. >> somebody yelled out something at the rally. >> yes, i was thinking don't repeat it. because the press, all they will talk about is the word, inappropriate word and that was correct. >> on changing his tone, trump says he can switch it up anytime. >> it's easy to do it. it's easier to do it than the way i behave right now. >> why not? >> i have two more people i have to take out. >> when it comes to the retweeting that sparked trump's
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war of wives last month with ted cruz, trump said yes, it's the retweets that usually get him in hot water and then it is his own doing. >> during the evenings, after 7:00 or so i will always do it. >> do you want to say to him, put the mobile device down? >> if he would only listen. i did many times. i just say, okay, do whatever you want. he's an adult and knows the consequences. >> it's the special bond, they say they all have with their father that trumps it all. >> he's always had so much love for us and his family. he's an amazing guy. one of my best friends in the entire world. >> we learned something new about the infamous trump tweets make their way in to the world. how do they come to be? donald trump's words, he says he shouts them out to the young ladies in his office. >> speaking of tweets we have a tweet rebuttal today. saying nomination process known
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for a year and beyond. it's the responsibility of a he the campaigns to understand it. complaints now, give us all a break. pamela? >> all right. michelle kosinski, thank you for that. let's talk more about the town hall and the feud between trump and the rnc. joining us is trump supporter and treasurer from the state of arizona jessica whit and a cnn opinion writer who wrote a new piece on last night's town hall. thank you for coming on. jeff, to you first, you saw what mr. priebus had to say about trump's claims that the rules were made to hurt and go against him. what do you make of the rnc's response? ? >> clearly the response is inaccurate when you look at colorado's rules were changed in august. after mr. trump was not only in the race but leading the pack as the front runner. obviously when it comes down to the gop chair now and says it was done over a year now it is
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inaccurate. mr. trump was in the race and these rules were changed to reflect the fact the establishment is worried about mr. trump being the nominee. that doesn't change the fact that as a country, the majority of the people want him as not only the nominee but as a the president. >> hang on. that was the colorado republican party, not the rnc. look, he's saying the rules have been out there. you are supposed to learn up, read the rules and act accordingly. isn't that a fair rebuttal to what trump is saying? >> no. i think the other thing that is interesting is some of these state party a's are not following their own rules. we have heard many stories about colorado kicking trump people out of the room before they vote. if you are going to kick the trump supporters out before the vote clearly ted cruz can sweep which is evidence by the gop's tweet that said we did it, #never trump. these are rules. if you go to the american people and say the rules are we can change the rules whenever we want and we don't have to follow
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the rules. that's what the rules are saying. what i'd like to ask now, reince, is to say, are you going to commit the rules will not change at the convention. because a lot of rumor that's will keep -- if mr. trump doze well as we project they will they will go further and change the rules and i think someone needs to pin him down and see if he won't do that. >> we will have a discussion on that topic later in the show. one more question for you, jeff, one of the claims by trump is the republican party doesn't like him because he's not bound by special interests. listen to what he says about that. >> anderson, we had delegates there and they were not heard because the republican party out there was 100% probably controlled by the rnc, which maybe doesn't like this happening because i'm a self funder. i am putting up my own money. they don't have control of me because i'm working for the people. >> he is self funding to a certain extent. how does that play to voters in
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the gop? >> the voters have digged out and i myself can tell you as an elected official that the role that money plays in politics is disgusting. money absolutely controls so many of our politicians. we are looking for that fresh face that mr. trump brings where he's not controlled by the money interest. that obviously plays very well. when you look at his family now too. coming on tv an you see they are all very good, high moral value, clean-cut, straight-shooting, straight talking, very well spoken and beautiful family, that he brings with him and quite frankly his family, as we saw last night looks presidential, too. looks like the first family that will make america proud again, too. i think the whole package is there for him to do well. >> voters were able to hear from trump's family about his role as a father. here's what some of his children had to say about that. >> every day of our life, every morning, don't drink, don't do
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drugs. >> every morning before school, without fail. >> as young children it was often accompanied by one of us eye rolling but i think in retrospect as parents we see how much that was an important message. >> she used say daddy, don't say that anymore. i felt it was important. i have seen so many brilliant young children of wonderful parents destroyed becse they >> throughout our lives he's always been there. usually on his terms. it wasn't a typical go play catch in the backyard father-son relationships but we wasn't to job sites with him. we would be in his office playing with trucks as a 6-year-old while he is negotiating deals with presidents of major companies. he always made himself available. >> you have this opinion piece on where you spoke how lovely trump's family was but you wrote this "as trump brings his family to the limelight at this type of event, it glosses over the ugliness of his
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campaign." what did they gloss over? >> first of all, i want to say i do agree his family certainly seems lovely. it is a tribute to him considering all of his accomplishments as a builder, developer. i think one of the greatest tributes to trump, the man himself, is that he has a close family that seems to respect him deeply. they are close and all look to him as an inspiration. that said, that is all true and it is commendment, yet we cannot overlook the trump fa nom nonin the broader context that. is trump as a candidate has trafficked in the worst type of ethnic stereotypes. he has questioned the legitimacy of the first african-american president, engaged in islam phobia, called for nasty deportations. things that wouldn't strike most americans as family values. i'm not taking away from who he maybe in his personal life and his children probably have ever reason to love, admire and
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respect him, but that cannot explain away his comments about women, the way he who mocked disabled people, the way he mocked veterans and the way he has mainstream hate within the republican party and the united states. one of the things ivana trump said the facts speak for themselves and she talked about her relationship with her father. it is true the facts do speak for themselves and that's why donald trump has 70% plus negatives among american women. that's why donald trump has 80% plus disapproval rates among latinos. within those numbers, it's 70% very negative among latinos. these did not occur in a vacuum. they are a result of the type of ugly campaign he's been running that played to so much of our worst sentiment. >> he is basically saying his families conveniently didn't
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address those issues. >> i don't think those were issues that are real. i disagree with almost all of them. let's look at the state of florida where you have two cuban background candidates, marco rubio still in the race in florida and ted cruz. and donald trump got more votes than both of them. so to say he doesn't -- that's a very strong latino community there, too. to say he isn't crossing those lines and getting in to -- the support of not only the hispanic people but of women is inaccurate. he does well with both groups and only going to do better. as people see his family and everything on there, we have done well. i will be honest, president obama has two beautiful daughters and even going back george bush had a beautiful family. people look at that and when they see his beautiful family and see that what ivanka said about how mr. trump raised her to know she had every possibility as a man does. >> you are right. i'm not questioning his
9:13 am
beautiful family. i'm just saying it is a fact. we are talking about the facts. donald trump has incited violence at his rallies. one of the hallmarks of these rallies has been directed at black lives matter protester to arab, muslims and latinos. those are the facts. the fact is he has run one 0 of the ugliest presidential campaigns in modern american history. >> no. that's -- >> we're not going to settle that debate here on the show. thank you both for coming on. by the way. >> thank you. >> tonight is ted cruz and his wife heidi on the stage. don't miss it tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. coming up next, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling it out in new york a day ahead of their debate. we are hot on their trails coming up. for a limited time, you can get a
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the two democrats racing for
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the white house have their next faceoff tomorrow. that clock on the screen there counting down to the new york city debate. look at the brooklyn navy yard. clearly not a lot going on right now. but that changes tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern. bernie sanders appearing at a rally today thrown by 42,000 strong transport union in new york city. sanders has their endorsement and his first sitting senator's endorsement. jeff mercury writes in the new york times he feels sanders is the guy to rethink the economy and american politics. so we will get that sound later on. by contrast, hillary clinton has the endorsement of many sitting u.s. senators, at least 40 including the minority leader. this is a clinton event happening right now. the convention of the national action network. new york's primaries for both parties is six days from now. things are heating up.
9:19 am
to join us to talk about everything is a commentator and columnist for the daily bees and a hillary clinton supporter who currently works for a super pac and a super delegate. >> you are? >> i am. >> i didn't know that. >> we will have to talk later. >> i want to go to the new information. we saw bernie sanders walking the picket line with workers. a powerful image. he got endorse from the transport union today. how will organized labor support effect the vote in your view here in new york? >> well, you know, listen, i think it is powerful and positive some unions are coming out. it shows the real issues thhe's bringing to the table. this isn't just about a campaign. this is about working people who feel like the democratic party establish and its history of
9:20 am
more centrist, big business and wall street has less for working people. the unions send an important signal. there are a lot of unions who supported hillary. so in ernest, i think it is probably a wash when it comes to the primaries. >> let's look at the endorsements we know of right now. we have occupy wall street which is endorsing sanders. you have the maryland congressman, elijah cummingsings who likes hillary clinton. she has senators support. what do these endorsements mean? on the republican side, you have seen these endorsements not carry as much weight. do they carry more on the democratic side? >> i think we're in an era of politics where a lot of endorsements don't mean as much as they used to. at the same time, they are something the candidates can tout and use to further the message. sally used it to further sanders message aboutworking-class
9:21 am
voters. i can use it to say hillary clinton has a ton of endorse mentes from unions and won the union vote in all of the primaries and caucuses up until now. so it is something to tout. i can talk about the daily news and how impactful the horrible interview that sanders had with him had an effect. that was out there. i think the most important endorsement is the endorsement of the voters. at the end of the day they are the ones that will make the decision. this is an election more than any other where outside endorsements don't matter and voters will be looking at the records, the stances and what these candidates are saying and what they want the candidate to do for themselves. >> it is interesting because the new york primary is getting more attention and carrying more weight than what we have seen in the past. for many reasons. in light of that, bernie sanders has had this tremendous momentum, winning eight of the last nine contests. how much of a make or break will the new york primary be for him
9:22 am
in your view? >> it is a break for hillary. if hillary is expected to win new york state but we don't know. it is six days. there's the cnn debate tomorrow night and a lot could change, but it is a break for hillary. if she does not win what was her home state as a senator that is a real problem. if bernie sanders does not win the expectations game, no one was quite expecting him to win the state and the fact he started to close the margin is enough of a small victory for him. he will keep going. he has the money and support. he has won enough states. he has enough credibility. he will go through the convention -- he could still win, especially if the super delegates decide to abide by the democracy of the people. either way he will press his agenda and issues which is vital to the future of the democratic party. >> in light of that, most expected hillary clinton to win
9:23 am
the new york primary. how worried is the clinton camp that bernie sanders could creep up on her here? >> i think they should wake up every day worried. that's the only way to run a winning campaign. i hope they are nervous and worried and that's how they should run every day. yes, he is closing the margin and that's what we have seen him do in a lot of states we have seen the contests go in to. i think what she needs to do is run like she is the underdog. that actually is where she is at her best. focus on what she is going to be doing, focus on her record and breaking down barriers and making the comparison, not just to her opponent in the democratic primary but frankly focused on how krit daal the election is and how important this decision is for voters because of what democrats are going to be facing in november. i think that's actually something that we can both agree on. as passionate and as -- it's gotten the back and forth has gotten intense in the last
9:24 am
couple of weeks, as the democrats are going through right now, it's nothing compared to the gutter politics and the debauchery that the other side is going through at the moment. i think democrats need to keep their eye on the ball in terms of what is important. that's what hillary clinton is going to do and at the end of the day i think what she is focused on is what voters are listening in terms of she is ahead by pledge delegates. she is ahead by super delegate but the pledge delegates matter. she is ahead by almost 2.5 million votes. at the end of the day those are the things that matter the most. >> primary is six days away. we will continue to monitor all of the developments. thank you very much. appreciate it. by the way, another big event, the stage is being set for the democratic debate tomorrow night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will take that stage in brooklyn. it all starts 9:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow night only on cnn.
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up next, two more guns turn up in the investigation in to the shooting death of nfl star will smith. one of them belonged to a former new orleans saints player. we will find out what else police are learned coming up. when it comes to capability and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient, full-size pickup. ever. so what does that mean? it means ram trucks give you the best of both worlds. so go big. and go far. because the best never rest. that's why i run on quickbooks. details.
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former new orleans saints defensive end will smith had a loaded gun in his car the night he was killed but the suspect cardell hayes had two guns, one used in the shooting and the other found in his hummer h2 yesterday morning. the latest in the high-profile case that started with faender bender.
9:30 am
for the "legal view" bring to joey jackson for more on this. will smith announced he had a gun. turns out there was one in his car. do you think his attorney will then make the case this was a justifiable homicide based on the laws in louisiana? >> without question. first look at stand your ground. it means you have no duty to retreat. ing stand your ground and there's no basis in the event you feel there is a reasonable perception in your mind that you are in danger. you can stand your ground and act. with the development of this weapon it lends credence to the fact there was a discussion about a weapon, as one witness said and remember a passenger was interviewed an the passenger in hayes' car was interviewed and reports the weapon was even brandished. this goes to a critical issue, what was my state of mind and perception of a threat? >> how does the fact that hayes'
9:31 am
belief turned out to be true that smith had a gun impact the jury in this case? >> major. the jury will ask number one, was there a threat? was there a threat at all? number two, was that threat immediate and deadly? and number three, based upon that, were the actions of hayes reasonable? that's what a jury will question, is the finding of a nine millimeters well in that car and the report that smith was talking about and had a gun is a significant development which favors the defense of self-defense in the case. >> the prosecution will argue that hayes pursued the car. he should have called 911. >> absolutely. the prosecution will argue there were multiple shots. did you exceed your justification for self defense when you fired multiple times, and thereby, did you lose the ability? because force used always has to be proportionate to threat posed. so they will argue that. >> joey, thank you for that
9:32 am
legal analysis we appreciate it. we will get the inside scoop on the rules from a gop insider coming up.
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our most advanced formula for joint health and comfort. cosamin -- proven by more research than any leading joint supplement. the feud between donald trump, and the pub dan national committee is growing. trump says the odds are against him as he takes shots at what he calls the rigged system. he double ed down on his claims during cnn's town hall. >> i know the rules very well. i know it is stacked against me by the establishment. i fully understd it.
9:37 am
we had people out there and ty weren't heard. today, when it was announced, the numbers were announced they put out something on twitter saying whoa, we stopped trump. that was put out by the party in colorado. the point is, it was stacked against us. we won our share. >> joining us to get further insight is steve cheffer will. he is a republican delegate and gop member. you have been a member on the committee for several years now. bottom line, did the rnc create any rules to thwart trump's ability to secure the nomination? >> no, they didn't. of course the rnc has been working on rules for the last four years, but then we have a convention rules committee that is separate from the rnc committee that meets the week before and of course that committee can offer a change rules they want to see going forth in to the convention. the committee has the authority as a guiding force for the national convention. >> do you think that will happen? do you think when they meet a
9:38 am
week or two before the convention, they will come up with new rules that could hurt donald trump or any of the other candidates? >> well, my view on this whole thing is the rules should not be changed at this point in time. four years ago, i opposed raising from the five state polarities to the eight state majority. i didn't think it is a good thing to do. i wish we would have changed it before now. but this close to the convention, we have to use the rules the candidates knew going in to the race. changing it at this point in time looks like we are trying to give the two leading candidates a disadvantage and we can't do that. it's a war within the republican party we can't afford. we have to be united coming out of the convention. my view is we need to keep the rules as they are right now. >> as you point out historically the rules have been changed to get whatever results they were looking for. the question is what is stopping
9:39 am
them? in this case, i want to go to what randy evans said on msnbc, he said if donald trump exceeds 1100 votes he maybe the nominee even if he doesn't have the magic 1237 number. is how is that possible? >> first of all, you have to have 1,237. that's the bottom line. no wiggle room on that. i don't know what he is inferring. maybe he is inferring if donald trump has 1100 and ted cruz is half of that or two-thirds that that he maybe thinks it is best that donald trump be given that nomination on the second ballot. certainly the rules are not changing. that you have to have 1237 to secure the nomination. if no you don't go you go to a second ballot. >> do you think this will be a contested convention? >> i don't know. i guess we will have to wait and sewt pans out in the states, california on june 7th. as you know this has been an
9:40 am
unprep diktable race. for me to guess if it is contested we will have to wait and see. our hope is we will be united when this is over. >> thank you very much for sharing your perspective there. >> up next on this wednesday, if you are a juror in the trial, lawyers want to know if you ever watched this show, eaten at chick-fil-a or looked at on-line porn. we will see how it factors in to the trial ahead.
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to awesomeness! to watchathon!! big is back. xfinity watchathon week starts april 18. the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. an adult court for a hearing today where a judge ordered a man to remain in jail for two more years. moments ago, the judge ordered four terms of 180 days in jail in consecutive terms. they will argue for or against the ruling. he became notorious after the got probation for a drunk driving crash in 2013 that killed four people prosecutors say his mother helped him flee the country to mexico to avoid a probation hearing last year and potentially jail time. today is one of the most important days of the hot car
9:45 am
baby death case in georgia. remember this one? the first panel of potential jurors is questioned in justin ross harris' murder trial. he is accused of leaving his son cooper to die in a car on june 2014 when temperatures were in the 90s. inside the vehicle right there, much hotter, 120 degrees. according to a heat analysis study. before getting to the stage of jury selection, potential jurors had to answer questions like these on a questionnaire. do you watch legal talk shows, examples included but not limited to nancy grace, ashleigh banfield, anderson cooper, et cetera. have you, or has a friend or family member ever forgotten and left a child or animal in a car even if only brefly? and perhaps the most uncomfortable question of all, have you ever looked at a pornographic website? cnn legal analyst is joining me from atlanta.
9:46 am
he practices law in cobb county, georgia and a prosecutor assigned to the same judge in this case. thank you for coming on. these particular jurors are filled out a questionnaire. now the competency examination begins. why these these questions rel sflant the case? >> the idea behind the questionnaire is to get all of the general questions asked of the hundreds of jurors so once they are brought in the courtroom and they are questioned individually one by one outside of the presence of the rest of the juror, the reason it is important to get the general questions out of the way so the next process can go to much more quickly. i think it does streamline the case. these particular questions, even the uncomfortable ones about having looked at internet pornography are relevant to this case because there's so much information in this case that has to deal with these uncomfortable topics. that being said, i think one of the most important questions asked on this questionnaire is
9:47 am
on page 15, where they basically ask, is there anybody who really wants to be on the jury? anyone who has a interest in being on the jury. what they are trying to do, wisely in my view, is to weed out stealth jurors people who have an agenda and want to get on the jury and affect the outcome, whether they are seeking acquittal, hung jury or a conviction. so weaning out the stealth jurors is very important. >> is that a common question in cases like this? >> this is the first time i've ever seen it in a questionnaire. i've heard it asked before during voir dire or as we say in the south voir dire. it prevents mistrials and people who have an agenda when they try to get on the jury. >> so his divorce was finalized last month. will his ex-wife testify against him? is she standing by her ex?
9:48 am
do we have any idea? >> she is expected to testify for the defense for sure. she testify for the prosecution, as well. we know she's on their witness list. they have indicated they may or may not call her. i expect her to testify in the state and defense case because i believe her testimony is going to be necessary to make some of the state's evidence make sense from the time line and other things, perhaps the authentication of certain items of personal property taken from her home, her ex-husband's home at the time. >> you worked with the judge in this case. what can you tell us about her? >> the judge is the most senior judge on the bench in cobb county superior court. she has a lot of experience trying major, high-profile and death penalty cases. i have prosecuted in front of her and defended cases in front of her. she is the you want mate referee. she's not the kind of judge that
9:49 am
will interject herself in to this case. she will let the lawyers be lawyers. she will let them try the case. she will make rulings as they come up and address objections as they come up, but she will get out of the way and let the lawyers do their work. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll be right back after this quick break. well, it was nice to see everyone. i just wish it had been for a better reason. me, too, but the eulogy that frank's daughter gave was beautiful. i just feel bad knowing they struggled to pay for the funeral, especially without life insurance. i wish they would've let us help. but, it did make me think, though. about what? well, that i could leave you in the same situation. i don't have life insurance, either. if something were to happen to me tomorrow,
9:50 am
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hillary clinton speaking live in new york right now. she's at the convention for the civil rights organization national action network. >> problem of economics of inequality and racial inequality. it is time we face up to the reality of systemic racism in all of its forms. once we do, we are called to come together to break down all of the barriershat still hold
9:54 am
african-americans back from fully participating in our economy and our society. together, to build ladders of opportunity and empowerment in their place. as i have said many times, white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african-americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume our experiences are everyone else's experiences. we need to try, as best we can, ta walk in your shoes, to imagine what it would be like to sit down our son or daughter and have the talk, or if people
9:55 am
followed us around stores or locked their car doors when we walked past, this is a discipline that i have recognized and tried to practice in my own life ever since my youth minister took our youth fellowship group from our nearly all-white suburb to worship with black and latino children in chicago and to hear dr. king speak. then, in my first semester of law school, i met a woman. she was actually here with me the last time i spoke at this convention. she was the first black woman admitted to the mississippi you are bar. a lawyer for the naacp legal defense fund in jackson, a friend of dr. king's and robert
9:56 am
kennedy's before they were assassinated. all together, a remarkable leader. until i met maryann, i wasn't clear how to channel my faith and commitment to social justice, to make both a living and a difference in the world. i went to work for her at the childr's defense fund. she sent me to her home state of south carolina. to investigate the problem of black teenagers being incourse cars rated -- incarcerated in adult jails. when i look back at everything i have done, whether going under cover in alabama as a young woman to help expose segregated academies an strip them of their tax exemptions or running a legal clinic at the university of arkansas to represent prison inmates and poor families, it was part of the same mission, to fight injustice and even the odds for those who have the odds
9:57 am
stacked against them in life and in our society. that was true when as first lady i worked with both republicans and democrats in congress to create the children's health insurance program that covers 8 million children. it was true when, as a senator from new york, i worked with parents and doctors and community leaders to take on the epidemic of children's asthma in harlem and the bronx. it was true when i worked with the organization 100 black men to create the eagle academy, a public school here in new york city whose mission is serving young black and latino men. or when i joined partners in new york, congressional delegation by charlie rangel and greg meeks to bring jobs and investment to underserved neighborhoods and work with leaders, including my great friend, the late stephanie tubs-jones to protect voting
9:58 am
rights. it was true when i went to david denkins annual kfrs last year in columbia university and gave the first policy speech of my presidential campaign about reforming our criminal justice system and ending the era of mass incarceration. so what i have tried to do, what i intend to keep doing, with your help, is to refuse to accept as normal the fact that black men today are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crime, and sentenced to longer prison terms than white men convicted of the same offenses.
9:59 am
the toll it takes i don't claim to have all of the answers but i know how important it is we address these issuesen and i applaud the national action network for being a champion of this cause and helping to build momentum for reform. as your senator, i fought against racial profiling and the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine. as your president, i'll work with you to lead a national effort for end-to-end reform in our criminal justice system and i will appoint an attorney general who will continue the courageous work of eric holder and loretta lynch, two new yorkers. >> hillary clinton speaking there at the national action network. clinton and sanders have a debate tomorrow night in brooklyn at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and tonight it is ted cruz and his wife heidi on the stage as
10:00 am
the third republican town hall tonight at 9:00. thank you for watching "legal view." i'm pamela brown filling in for ashleigh banfield. jim sciutto is filling in for wolf and that show starts now. hello i'm jim sciutto. wolf blitzer is on assignment today. it is 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. london, 9:30 p.m. in kabul. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we will get to hillary clinton's comments on race relations in just a moment but first donald trump escalating his fight with the republican party taking his complaints to an entirely new level. trump now accusing the republican national committee of conspiring to stop him from winning his party's nomination. the rnc chairman shooting back "give mae break." >> trump argues he has been outmaneuvered in the fight


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