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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  April 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. our cnn democratic debate at the brooklyn navy yard. 27,000 bernie sanders sanders supporters overflow crowd tonight. >> i don't think that there is any doubt that our campaign today has the momentum.
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we have won seven out of the last eight caucuses and primaries. [ cheers and applause ] and when i look at an unbelievable thousand dollars like this -- and when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win next thursday. >> i think new york values are at the core of american values, that's why i'm proud to be a new yorker! >> don't forget about the republicans on the republican side. donald trump's war with the party rages on. >> the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from the voters. >> rnc chief reince priebus telling wolf blitzer this -- >> the rules are not being changed in order to injure or
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benefit anybody. they are what they are. they're in writing. they're available to anyone who wants to participate. and actually, state by state they're not all that complicated. >> meanwhile, ted cruz says this in our town hall tonight. >> literally in the last few weeks, donald's chief adviser, roger stone, they're acting like union boss thugs. >> donald trump heating up his attacks on the republican powers that be. >> in colorado right now they're picketting and going wild because the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from the voters. so the voters never got to vote. and the voters didn't know that except when i got up and
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complained because they did it after i joined the race and they figured i'd probably win colorado, which i would. so in colorado they're all delegates. we had delegates, they go in and they don't take them and they take these others. so they get the delegates without voting. we vote and whoever wins gets 17 delegates. but whoever doesn't win can get like 35 or whatever the difference is between the -- so think of it. you beat somebody badly with the people because it's a rigged system, folks. the republican system is a rigged system. >> there is breaking news out of the trump campaign tonight. cnn's sarah murray has that for us. >> reporter: the trump campaign is getting a piece of good news.
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his campaign manager corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted. what this does is it removes another distraction for the trump campaign. they are at a pivot point where they are trying to expand their operation and add in more seasoned veterans, trying to do a little bit more d.c. outreach but that does not seem to extend to the rnc. here in pittsburgh tonight donald trump said once again he believes the system is rigged and now we're seeing rnc chair reince priebus phit back harder against that notion and reince feels he needs to be hitting back harder on this. priebus has tried to run a transparent process and he does not want to see the party come out damaged at the end of this. he also predicted that all of this would eventually blow over.
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>> thanks very much, sarah. we appreciate that. sunlen serfaty is with us tonight. this is a big night for ted cruz at the town hall. what's cruz saying about his chances? >> reporter: tonight was a good chance for senator cruz and his family to show off a little bit of his softer side, which is a very stark contrast of this fierce battle for delegates taking place. senator cruz will take the entire day tomorrow in advance of tuesday's primary there. tonight he shifted a little bit, while he was there campaigning in pennsylvania, he told the crowd donald trump is looking very strong in new york and then he raised the bar for expectations of how donald trump should be next tuesday saying that if donald trump doesn't get 50% or higher in new york, it will be a crushing loss for him. that was a slight shift.
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of course the polls have him well behind in new york. so it seemed to me that ted cruz really seemed to be lowering expectations for what his performance will come out to be on tuesday night and of course raising the bar for donald trump in the same breath. >> conventional wisdom and the polls show that ted cruz is going to have a really hard time here in new york. but how about the contest coming off that they're not in his favor either? what's the strategy? >> it is a very tough terrain for ted cruz. what they're doing right now is this dual track strategy on parallel tracks. on one track you have them going in this traditional state-by-state slog and slowing up to places like pennsylvania and new york, trying to carve out delegates where they can. but at the same time behind the scenes there is this fully functional apparatus from the cruz campaign that's really going and preparing for the
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potential contested convention in cleveland in july. they have been fierce in trying to woo these delegates. we've heard senator cruz predict he thinks his chances are good if they push toward a contested convention. he has predicted he will be in a better position, the cruz campaign feels very good of their chances if that's potentially pushed towards a second ballot. >> sunlen, appreciate it. thank you. have a good night. >> let's ask ydiscuss now with political dream team, an added few here. >> park preston, cnn politics executive editor, cnn contributor bakari sellers,
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kayleigh mcenany, cnn analyst and trump supporter. >> i want to talk to you about what we heard sarah murray talk, about this sort of war between donald trump taking on the establishment, the republican party. have you ever seen anything like this, a candidate doing this? >> certainly not to the level we've seen it right now. what's interesting about this war is that donald trump, i don't think that he's able to separate the republican national committee and his enemies in the republican party. we see him go to the building of the rnc and meet with reince priebus a couple weeks ago, they come out and talk about unity and we see he comes out and attacks him right away. donald trump, had he been winning, we wouldn't be talking about the rules. but the fact of the matter is there are rules, they are in place. donald trump didn't follow the rules up this point. >> why take on the leader of the party so publicly? >> i think it plays to brand
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here. donald trump is keenly aware of what he's doing. he is outrageously going after the party, party officials, saying the system is rigged, the rules he been aware of and playing within were somehow stacked against him. in fact, the primary calendar was meant to benefit someone like trump who can consolidate early with a lot of victories, which he had. you have a front-runner shy of 50% in the polls, he's still a plurality front-runner, who face as unique opposition against him within the party, that wants to stop his nomination. he's using the outside game to play up the outsider status with his supporters, while at the same time couching up with hiring more insiders, manafort, to try to bolster his efforts to get close to that magic number. remember, he could get very close. he could yet go over the top. if he's close enough, he might
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be able to play the delegate game and negotiate and still win that first ballot. so he's playing outside and inside at the same time. >> is it too soon to tell, bill press, who is winning here, priebus or trump? >> i think it is too soon. trump is the outsider. part of his message is the republican party has lost his generation, doesn't represent working class citizens anymore. why should he be nice to reince priebus? >> it gets him the extra 150 delegates he needs when he get to the convention. >>s >> unless he gets them ahead of time. >> sure. but there's the trump vote and non-trump vote.
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the non-trump vote was scattered over 5, 10, 15 candidates. now it can be a more binary choice. but even now the growth stock is the non-trump portion. he hasn't won a contest over 50%. he should be nice to reince priebus because the rnc gives its nominee data and money and everything, all the kings horses and all the kings money you need as a nominee. you can't go it alone as a republican nominee. >> kellyanne is right. and david is absolutely right. if he does win the nomination, he would have spent the last six months attacking the establishment he needs in his corner to win. and if you talk to those donors, even though he's worth $4 billion or $10 billion, however much he's worth, people aren't going to want to give him money, they're not going to want to knock on doors or pass out leaflets. he has to be careful who he attacks. >> what happens if donald trump
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gets very close to the number and then doesn't win and the rnc takes it away from him or at least it's viewed that way? i think that reince priebus and the rnc are playing a much more dangerous game. if donald trump is the presumptive nominee or would be the presumptive nominee if his name wasn't trump and he comes within 100 or 150 delegates, i understand the rules are the rules, you have to get to the number but on the second or third ballot you end up with a nominee who has 400, 500 less delegates like ted cruz, then the republican party is playing a dangerous game because democrats are used to republicans and republican states suppressing the votes. republicans are not used to republicans suppressing the vote. >> i never thought i'd be sitting here saying, bakari sellers, amen. what's going to happen if he gets close to the nomination and it's taken from him and the rnc has to look at colorado voters
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and say i'm sorry you don't get to vote, that's the way the rules are. it's the role of rnc. that being said, the role of the rnc is to ensure that every voters in the republican party gets a chance to speak and they have not done a good job at ensuring that. >> we're very loose about talking about the notion that someone is going to take something away from donald trump. that's not going to happen. first of all -- >> let's not talk about perception. >> oh! >> wait a minute. >> you get to 1,237 by yourself and someone took it away from you? why isn't he out there cultivating the delegates now the way the others are? >> my point is put aside perception or argument, the rnc does not giveth, the rnc does not taketh away. we have a system that's set up and there are flaws in the system, kayleigh as you pointed
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out, and reince will stand up and say we have rules that we're going by. if you cannot get to 50%, if you cannot get to 1,237, there are certain aspects of democracy some people don't like, just like the electoral college. when bush in 2000 didn't have as much of the popular vote, he could have campaigned more in texas but it doesn't work that way. >> hold your thoughts. we'll talk about it on the other side of this break. i do think that kellyanne is right, bakari has a much more sinister plan to get kayleigh on his side. let's talk about the democratic side now. a crowd of 27,000 people flooding new york's washington square park tonight for a bernie sanders rally. stay with cnn for our brooklyn democratic presidential debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. stick around. my dream team is here. when we come back, the softer
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if you only knew what happened during the commercial breaks. my goodness, it was crazy. but we were talking about the will of the people and whether it will be subverted at this convention or can be. let's listen to what ted cruz said and we'll discuss. >> if trump emerges with more
8:19 pm
votes, but at the convention in the second round you get the delegates, you get the nomination, will the will of the people be subverted? that's what trump is saying. >> that's a ludicrous argument. there's only one way you earn the nomination. you earn the majority of the delegate votes elected by the people. going back to the turn of the century, that is how it's been. and in cleveland i believe if it's contested convention, i'll have a ton of delegates, he'll have a ton of delegates and in that situation, we're going to be in a much stronger situation to earn the contested delegates. >> does everybody buy that?
8:20 pm
>> donald trump can get to 1,237. a lot of people have written off the fact thee can get to 1,237. secondly, there are rules. as david said, there are rules. if you don't get to 1,237, then up go to a contested convention. >> the rule is a broken, unjust rule. it's not an argument that it's precedent and been here for years and years. the delegate system is a remnant of a bygone eras when nominees were chosen in back, smokey rooms. >> i don't disagree that it flawed. i'm just saying you were dealt a hand, you have to play the hand you're dealt. >> there's also something that was intellectually dishonest from what ted cruz said. ted cruz said you have to get tho this number of delegates, he understands he may not have it and he's going to somehow mysteriously come out with those delegates. >> not mysterious.
8:21 pm
>> and then he's going to unify the party. those two things are oxymoronic. it just doesn't work. you're shaking your head -- >> he's already unifying the party. he's got five former presidential candidates who were his opponents endorsing him. ted cruz is going to go on a mysterious -- it's not a mystery how you do it. he just did it in colorado. up get to know the delegates. you go there and look them in the eye. he's got people on his campaign staff now doing delegate maintenance and delegate -- >> donald trump is setting up this narrative that perception is reality. >> it's not even a narrative. if donald trump doesn't get the nomination, he will have a significant segment of the republican party that voted for him. he is on track to win. let's not -- he's not the little engine that could hear. he is in command of this race.
8:22 pm
if he were to not win, were not to get to that number, it would be an open convention the way it used to have with a system you may believe is antiquated and others may agree with you, but it's what everybody is working within, including donald trump, who has said on the record that he only complains if he loses them, he might within the system. but the point is at the end everybody who loses represents a certain segment of the party and those people are going to feel like they got cheated. >> good point. >> i think there's a question of measure here, which is if he's close, if he's in under a hundred and he doesn't get the nomination, there's going to be hell to pay. >> why do you think he wouldn't? >> first of all, i do think we all know that ted cruz has a much better delegate team than donald trump has. trump is depending on bluster, he always has. ted cruz is depending on
8:23 pm
organization. whatever it is, it seems if he gets that close to the nomination and doesn't walk away with it, the whole thing will fall apart. >> the never trump people seem to not have a plan in place for what happens when it's never trump. because what happens when it's never trump, they never win. >> sure we do. >> you break apart your party. the gamble is huge here that you're playing. the gamble that my good friend lindsey graham -- >> there's no gamble. >> there is a huge political gamble by siphoning off the energy and the lifeline and the blood and the voters and -- >> bakari, we'll make a deal here tonight. i'll worry about how the republicans worry about at their convention and you worried about how the 27,000 voters for bernie sanders who showed up how they're going to feel. >> i will go one step further and i had tell you both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are
8:24 pm
more prepared to be president of the united states and will beat either trump or ted cruz any given day of the week. the problem is the only person who can be the 45th president of the united states who running right now is john kasich but the republican party -- >> bakari is right this party has to unite at the end of the day. at the end of the day it's going to be who my party and whoever your party's nominee is. there has to be a system that enfranchises the voters. the rnc is in the habit to making rules of stopping candidates. we saw that with ron paul. so rule 40 b came into place. we have ted cruz, we have trump, we're going to make a rule both of these guys have to be on the same ticket and whoever has the highest of the american people's votes is at the top of that ticket. that's, quite frankly, the only
8:25 pm
way to unite. >> you think they're going to accept that, either one of them? >> if we're going to go back to 2012 and talk about this arcane rule that our viewers are probably glossing over right now. >> 40b. >> just remember that everybody in tv land. the bottom line is that wasn't the rnc that changed that rule. that was romney supporters who got on the rnc that changed the rules because they didn't want ron paul's name put into nomination and cause problems on the convention floor. that's why that happened. it wasn't the smoke-filled rooms of reince priebus and a few others -- >> nobody smokes anymore. >> we don't know what they were doing in colorado -- >> mark, how many kids do you have? >> right now i have one, two, three, four, five, six kids on the stage. >> i want to know how many kids because you start off loud and you go down, let's take this down. >> donald trump's team, his new convention team, you know how
8:26 pm
they spent last weekend? they were on all the tv shows. you know how ted cruz's team spent it? you have family values or you do. >> up next -- that was nothing what happened on the break here. how the candidates are turning the spot lights on their families. we'll be right back.
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only with xfinity. our cnn town halls have given us an inside look at the candidates and their families. >> reporter: heidi cruz stepping firmly into the national spotlight with husband senator ted cruz. >> when i thought about our country and the crisis we're in and the talent ted has, it struck me i needed to be part of this for our country, not for ted. >> some have described him as combative, divisive, cruz and his rivals are looking to their
8:31 pm
families to help show their warmer side. it's a touchy subject to expose a presidential candidate's family to the public during the campaign. then presidential candidate barack obama made it a part to keep his daughters, sasha and malia, out of his campaign. presidential candidates have had a history of bringing out their families to help with their image, so case kate anderson brauer, author of "first women." jackie kennedy did this with caroline and john-john. when she was out of town, he would make sure to call his look photographer friend and bring them into the oval office. >> "vanity fair" published an
8:32 pm
article entitled "what happens when the potential first daughter becomes the defact or first lady"? >> i think the way he raised me and raised tiffany, it's a testament to the fact that he believes in aspiring women. >> ivanka trump is friends with former first daughter hillary clinton. >> she's better qualified to be president for this time than i was when i ran. >> for john kasich, his daughters helped to humanize him. >> he just tries to tell jokes that he thinks are funny but they're mostly just funny to us because they're dumb. >> spoken like every 16-year-old child of a parent.
8:33 pm
>> and he also thinks he's a really good dancer. >> uh-oh. >> north south. >> wait, north south? that's his move? >> you got to go north and south. you can't do this -- you got to go north south. >> just today jane sanders giving a boost to her husband. >> i wish you knew how effective he was as a legislator. >> a candidate's family often giving much-needed help, especially in a campaign as negative as this one. jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> thank you. back with me now, my dream team. bakari, i wonder if there's a risk of exposing your family to this kind of media attention. my parents would be so embarrassed, we would fight, expose family secrets. >> i personally think as someone who has run statewide before, someone who has run a race before, candidates' families are completely off limits. i think the one asterisk you may
8:34 pm
have is hillary and bill clinton because he's a former president and his record can be talked about. i absolutely adored heidi cruz, i got a chance to talk to her in the green room, i love the kids. i think ivanka trump -- i think his wife is great. i have a lot better things about these republican spouses than i have about the candidates themselves -- >> and the children. >> and the children. and i thought one of the best town halls we had was john kasich and his family. it humanized him and changed the dynamic and how i thought about him. >> i know when we saw the girls in the cute yellow dresses, we're going wrong. >>. >> i didn't think they should be off record at all -- i mean not attacking them. but i think these town halls are the best that anybody has had and i thought it really humanized these candidates to
8:35 pm
see their families, meet their spouses and hear them talk about their shared experience. this thing tonight for the first time tonight, i almost found ted cruz likable. >> wow. >> when i say off limits, i do mean attacking them -- >> making them part it haof it getting to know them is very, very important. >> do you think it's the same and as effective or more effective as a live performance? >> for an ad to be effective, it has to be shown five or six times. you're the one who cuts ads so repetition helps. having been involved in all of these town halls and debates, the best part of these town halls have been the kid. i'm getting a little tired of the candidates in the sense that they know who they are. it's the children who shape you as a person. when you see ted cruz get a hard question on stage about his likability and when heidi cruz
8:36 pm
was answering the question, you could see ted cruz playing with his daughter. it was just an instinct as a father he would do that and that was a humanizing moment. >> ivanka trump said what is it the effect that the children have on you? in her case she said it made me a better person, a better wife. let's not forget it a tough grind for these families. many people don't sign up for this. i read before about the obamas that michelle obama at the time was against her husband's first run. she's been very supportive of his presidency. >> the wives are often -- mitt romney's wife said no, no. >> let me say something else that hasn't been said as the cruz person here. i think what people have heard in america over the last couple of weeks about heidi cruz has
8:37 pm
been incredibly unfair and unflattering by trump's retweet. and i think people can look and say this is the woman that had been accused, they see someone who is harvard business, the girls adore her, her husband adores her. that's a real family. i think that's an unspoken benefit. >> i have to play devil's advocate because a lot of people took up for heidi cruz and mo most people took up for heidi cruz -- >> even some trump people. >> even so trump people. >> and he said it was a mistake himself. >> to have to experience one place removed from the candidate and how much scrutiny they get, how they get attacked, how they attack each other, how the press scrutiny affects them. i thought the really unfortunate incident with heidi cruz and that attack on her allowed cruz
8:38 pm
to do something that's really nice. it's just really -- to lift her up as not only the woman he loves but a very talented smart, accomplished, professional woman who has been navigating both of their commitments to their families and careers and have done it in a way that i do in my life, that a lot of men and women do and really kind of elevate that and celebrate her in that way, which i thought really was strong for him. >> can i compliment donald trump? >> quickly. we got to go. >> i think can you tell a lot by someone's children and donald trump has raised children and there in new york city, you don't read about them in the tabloids, they haven't gotten arrested, haven't gotten in trouble. kudos to donald trump. i may not be able to say anything great about donald trump and policy-wise, but he's a hell of a father. >> up next, just hours to go before cnn's big. [ -- brooklyn democratic
8:39 pm
debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it out with duelling rallies tonight.
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and bernie sanders duke it out tomorrow tonight in brooklyn. but tonight each candidate is rallying their supporters. more than 600 delegates at stake here. jeff zeleny, duelling rallies tonight, how did they go? >> they were duelling rallies but so different in their style and crowds. bernie sanders came to the heart of new york city and held a rally that his campaign said had some 27,000 people there. that number is hard to verify but i was there, there were thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people there, one of the biggest rallies we've seen this year. you could sell how he was going to fire up the crowd. that was by going directly after hillary clinton.
8:44 pm
>> our disastrous trade policies are costing us millions of jobs! >> from trade to wall street to campaign finance reform to climate change, one after another after another, the crowd was eating up his strong criticism of secretary clinton. across town in the bronx, a much sha smaller crowd, some 1,200 or so were there to hear the secretary speak. she spent most of her time focusing on donald trump. >> unlike donald trump, we're not saying some people don't belong, we're not saying some people are not wanted. this is a borough of immigrants in a city of immigrants in a state of immigrants in a nation of immigrants!
8:45 pm
>> don, just the feel out, there the bernie sanders rally reminded me of another rally in 2007. that was when a freshman senator from illinois, barack obama, went to the exact same place, got 20,000 people in hillary clinton's back yard. bernie sanders trying to do a similar thing here. the question of course is will the outcome be the same? it may not be. >> jeff, this race took a nasty turn once it came to new york. sanders vows to fight all the way to the convention. once a nominee is chosen, can the party come together? >> it's a central question. the democratic leaders are heartened in one hand by seeing these big crowds at sanders' events but they're also a little concerned and wondering will they unify if he does not become the nominee? i spent a lot of time before the rally talking to voters. voter after voter, of course supporters of senator sanders say they're simply not sure if they could end up voting for someone other than senator
8:46 pm
sanders. one young woman said i might vote for hillary if bernie sanders told me to but i'm not sure about that. she was in her young 20s. so party unity is a big question mark hanging over this entire democratic contest. >> the stakes are high. what should we be looking at? >> the moments are different. it's been five weeks since the candidates have come face to face for a debate. we are looking for how much direct conflict is there going to be? how much are they going to complete the argument they've started from afar? we've heard both sides questioning whether they're qualified, their judgment. when bernie sanders is next to
8:47 pm
her on the debate stage, will he question her judgment as pointedly as he has? he probably will. i'm really watching for secretary clinton. she has the upper hand in pledged delegates and super delegates. how aggressively will she go after him tomorrow evening? i think it might be more than we've seen before. the math mematics are not so important to her but politically it's important to her. >> thank you, jeff zeleny. have a good evening. when we come back, watch to watch for when bernie sanders and hillary clinton go head to head in brooklyn tomorrow night. stop...
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8:52 pm
climate change. i think bernie's going to put it all on the line and he's got a big momentum out of tonight's rally going into tomorrow night. >> that's a lot of substance you're talking about. what about qualified, not qualified and all of those things? and the dreaded daily news interview. will that come up tomorrow night? >> there's no question that will come up tomorrow night. that has been a potent bullet for her to launch at bernie sanders. here's what the republican party has got going th-- democratic party has going for them that the republican doesn't, it has gotten a little personal but not like the republican party. >> remember the song "oh, yes, they're here, the dream team is
8:53 pm
here ♪ is that houdini? >> no -- oh, yes. >> i'm 31. you missed me. >> that was the younger generation. >> phew! go ahead. >> i think it was a good moment for sanders to get this debate to have a shot in new york. he's had a lot of buzz. he had a great rally tonight. he gets a shot at hillary clinton to draw her into the kind of debate that he would like to have. i think as bakari said maybe during the break that she would like to focus on trump and get beyond this but he wants to draw her back. >> what's going to be her line of attack tomorrow? >> first we have to state the facts. hillary clinton has won the most states, has the most pledged delegat delegates, she has a lead that even barack obama didn't have. >> 2.4 million more voters. >> we all know the spin. >> why is that spin?
8:54 pm
>> that's the spin. >> it's a negative. >> i think there will be a third person on the stage, which is donald trump. i think hillary clinton will direct a lot of her issues and messaging towards donald trump but the democratic race has not been about momentum this entire time. hillary clinton on march 15th, she went out and won five states. she went 5-0 and then she lost these 7 out of the next 8 -- or 8 out of the last 9. this race has been about demographics. where you have states that have large populations of african-american voters, hispanic voters, pennsylvania, hillary clinton does much better. i anticipate hillary clinton to do not only better in new york -- >> she's ahead of double digits according to the "new york one" poll. i only have like 20 seconds left. what happens if she loses? is that a mortal blow to her? >> it's a whole new ball game.
8:55 pm
>> how? >> bernie sanders has made up much bigger deficits than that in one state. >> if bernie sanders wins new york, he cannot win new york 51-49. he unfortunately has to win 60-40. >> can i say the unity thing? >> kayleigh is sitting over there let them argue about this. >> we'll be together in nevada. >> we'll be right back. well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab.
8:56 pm
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8:59 pm
27,000 people flooding new york's park tonight for bernie sanders's rally. and tomorrow our debate shifts to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, that's tomorrow night beginning at 9:00. >> david, you have a correction? >> it was the l.a. dream team that did that song, no. ♪, yes, the l.a. dream team is here ♪ >> you said delegate-wise it won't matter to hillary clinton if she loses but it would certainly be a blow to her ego and confidence not to win her own state. >> is it would be really bad. but to see her win, i think bernie sanders will have to be a lot more negative and the next day he's going to the vatican so he can be absolved to that
9:00 pm
negativity the next day. >> and as a catholic, please bring some of that back to me because i have a lot of sins. >> and all of the panel say -- >> amen. >> that is it for us tonight. i'll see you back here tomorrow at a special [ applause ] good evening. welcome to town hall night again here on "360." last night donald trump and his family. right now his leading rival ted cruz and his family only six days before the primary. >> tonight, he says he's winning and donald trump is whining. >> yelling and screaming. i'm sure some cursing. a lot of whining. >> no love lost between the candidate who slammed new york values and his new york opponent. >> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. >> and it's gotten personal. >> i don't get angryen