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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  April 13, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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you do sometimes. >> i stopped singing because she oversings me. >> i'm sure many families can relate. >> i would love to hear you singing on the campaign bus. >> hi, mr. cruz. thank you for being here. >> in response to a question regarding his weaknesses in a redebate, your husband said i might not be the guy that you want to get a beer with but i'll be the one to drive you home. he recognized that likability was a potential problem for many supporters. a lot of the polls have shown that -- recently have shown
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about 60% of respondents say they have an unfavorable view of your husband. as his wife and someone who knows him better than anyone else, can you give us insight of why your husband may be likable that the general public doesn't know? >> think about the context of this. people aren't talking about knowing ted and knowing what it's like to hang out and be with him. they're talking about the projection of the news media and those in washington who have not been working for the american people. one thing i said in the other day when asked does ted have a lot of friends, i said one of the greatest things about marrying ted cruz of the opportunity to hang out with all of his friends, they're incredible people. ted is a great game player, he'll stay up all night, he's a lot fun, he's a movie buff, he's quick to laugh and doesn't take himself too seriously.
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he's been in the environment of an congress that has an 11% approval rating from the american people. and there are a lot of people who haven't been saving the issue you the day. ted's been trying real hard to advance the ball. he's not afraid to call things as he sees them and to move things forward. so i feel very, very confident that when things are aligned properly in washington, when we have a president that has been elected on a mandate from the people, from all of you to get things done, there are a lot of great people in congress who are going to want to act, who are going to be willing to act and ted is going to get along just great with them because we're all going to be aligned again. we've had the problem of a liberal president executing things in executive order that's against the world of people and ted's been standing up for you in an environment that's been really tough. >> thank you for your question. this is kaitlin grainer, she's undecided. she has a question for mrs. cruz. >> thank you for being here.
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i was wondering if there were any obstacles that might have seen like a downfall but have contributed to your success? >> we're all human and all came in and had dreams and hopes and aspirations. for me certainly and maybe for many of us our path to getting there has been a little bit different than we've second and maybe where we ended up is a little different than we expected. i certainly did not expect to be married of someone who was running for president. i dreamed of being in the business world, which i was and have been. there have been transition points in my life. the thing that has helped me grow the most are those transition points. i just want to convey to people when you hit the roughest patches, be so grateful for them because though are the times that you grow.
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i listen to christian music frequently, it inspires me. one song that inspired me so much is that when we come to our source of source of hope or aspiration or god in brokenness or tough times it's an opportunity to show this higher power that this earth and destiny is his story. when we are broken, it's an opportunity for him to put his fingerprints all over our story. i would encourage you, young women, young men, all of us to remember to humbly start over again when you hit a rough patch because it's got to be the beginning of something great. >> bill burgess, president of an international search firm in new york, said he undecided and has a question for you, senator cruz. >> i'm concerned about
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i often ask my candidates what is your favorite movie? i heard that you said your favorite movie is "the princess bride." heidi, i'd like to know what you and your girls, what are your favorite movies? what you ask that question, it kind of gives you insight of their values and where that's coming from. >> that's a tough question for me because i don't want a lot of movies. i wish i did. i think it's a matter of time or desire. i'm just going to answer you truthfully. my movie watching time tends to be some real down time where i'm kind of just having fun and i always enjoyed that silly movie from a long time ago called "legally blond." i'm sorry i can't give you a great inspirational answer. my last answer was more inspirational.
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>> i want you to meet michelle, she lives in nassau, she's leaning towards voting for you and has a question for you, mrs. cruz. >> my question is what will you miss most about living in texas? >> should the voters decide that ted should be their next president and we should be their next family, the thing i would miss the most is perhaps the beautiful sunsets and the people that are unendingly accepting, unendingly focused on capabilities of what you can do, what you're going to do next, not where you came from, not what address you have and what your position is but what you can do for your community. and i applaud the people of texas for a can-do attitude, a non-judgmental attitude. i know that's representative of america.
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so will continue to find that in this country. but i love that about texas and i love our sun sets. >> senator cruz, same question to you. >> let me comment on the last two questions. >> heidi grew up on the rural farm, they didn't have a television set. her parents are amazing people, they were missionaries and they're amazing athletes. her dad climbed mount everest. so for family events they would go out and hike and exercise and exercise like crazy. so when it comes to movies, she didn't grow up watching movies. when we got married -- i am a movie buff. on date night i always want to go see movie and heidi? the demonstration of true love goes to the movies with me and then promptly falls asleep in the movies. heidi can't sit still for two minutes so two hours is agony so she takes a nap.
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she is a california girl. the day we won the senate race, caroline looked up and said, "mommy, you can't tell people you're from california anymore." >> aside from "princess bride," is there a second? >> aside from "princess bride," "the godfather," all three of the "godfather" movies. and another wonderful movie is "amazing grace." it's the story of a man who led the opposition to slavery in england.
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it's amazing -- it starts -- you know the gospel hymn "amazing grace", it was actually written by someone -- i didn't know until i saw the movie and read the book, the person who wrote "amazing grace" had been the captain of a slave ship. he recanted and became a friar. you think of the words, the horrors that the captain of a slave ship has murdered and tortured human beings, as wretched a human being you can imagine someone captaining a slave ship and he says i once was lost and now i'm found, was blind but now i see. the movie focuses a little bit on that individual but then william wilburforce was a young member of parliament and at the time britain was the greatest slave trading empire in the world.
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it was like -- it was like someone in new york city going and campaigning and saying we're going to eliminate wall street. it's like someone in texas saying we're going to shut down the oil industry. it was a crazy thing for wilburforce to stand up. he was a lonely voice in parliament saying the slave trade is gross, it is immoral, it is wrong and over the course of 50 years fighting and highlighting what happens, the movie ends with an historic vote to end and ban the slave trade. and it is as inspirational a movie as you've ever seen about the power of justice and truth and people to come together and stand up against evil. >> i want to thank senator cruz, heidi cruz, as well as caroline and katherine. thank you so much. it's great to meet you. a special thanks as always to the voters here for their questions. tomorrow night a cnn democratic debate. wolf blitzer will moderate and we'll have complete coverage before and after. we go now to "cnn tonight" with don lemon.
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thank you, anderson. breaking news, ted cruz and his wife heidi cruz take questions at our town hall with their two daughters with them. and as ted cruz tries to win over voters in our town hall tonight, an overflow crowd of 27,000 people cheered on bernie sanders in new york's washington square park tonight. we'll tell but that as well. let's discuss all of this with my politically dream team, kellyanne conway, mr. david gregory, chief analyst gloria borger, dana bash joins our crew tonight, matt lewis and kayleigh mcenany a cnn commentator and a trump supporter. >> gloria, i have to ask you, watching those cute little girls tonight --
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>> build a bear. >> i learned a lot tonight. >> any time you see a candidate with his intelligent, smart wife and children, you get to see another side of them. the vote you cast for president of the united states is a very personal vote. i don't think it erases political differences or anything else, you can't overstate it, but i do think it lifts the veil a little bit and it's important for voters. >> did you coordinate with the cruz family? >> i did. we called each other up and said we're going to have a build a bear party and what are you wearing? and i said yellow and -- >> and what do you think, david? >> the looking glass of a
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campaign shine as really hard spotlight of who these people are, the rough and tumble of candidates. when you see people with their spouse, with his kids, it's humbling. you get a sense of the every day, what their life is like, what they care about. it gives us a more complete sense of who they are. >> you said overplay the politics. >> i was just holding back, pacing myself. >> one of the questions out of the gate was the intense battle over delegates and trump calling the whole process rigged. watch this.
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>> last night donald trump was sitting here and he told me that the rules are stacked against him. you heard this before, he's been saying it a lot, that the rules are stacked against him, that there are shenanigans going on. do you agree? >> the way you get elected is you win a majority of delegates. there have been 11 elections in four states and we've beaten donald in all 11 elections. he's unhappy about that because he's losing in the polls. i guess he thinks he should attack the voters. >> does he just not have the ground game? he said even if he had more people in colorado -- >> he's right.
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he would have lost. for the last three weeks he's lost over and over again. donald has a hard ceiling in most states of about 30, 35%. he did well early in the race when there were 16 candidates because the votes were dispersed. now that the field has narrowed, we're seeing republicans are banding together and we're beating him over and over again. >> i remember when the establishment wasn't with ted cruz. holding their nose, kicking and screaming and the anti-trump movement is sort of the great equalizer in getting everybody behind ted cruz. i do think there was a very clever moment that anderson had where he said, wait a minute,
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talking about maybe not dirty tricks but, you know, rigged moments, the fact that he sent out -- he, ted cruz -- sent out a fund-raising notice saying if you give x number of dollars, you can be a deputy cruz delegate, which doesn't exist. he said it's a fund-raising tool and it's not real but, you know what, not everybody gets that. >> it's like getting the wings when you get off the airplanes. that doesn't make you a pilot. speaking of anderson. hello anderson, great debate again. we were talking about what a service this does for the candidates and for the voters because you get to know a different side of them. >> the audience has remained and they're singing happy birthday to caroline cruz.
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engaging with the candidate one-on-one, trying to ask tough question, news of the day type questions and bring in the families and it's up to the viewers and audience. and a lot of the questions from the audience members was really about the family dynamics, things like that you don't normally hear in a debate or town hall. for those wanting nothing but tough questions, they're not going to get that. as many of your panelists were saying, it's interesting to see them with their families and interacting. the cruzes wanted their kids to come up on the stage. it's noting is we suggested. it came from ted and heidi cruz, they wanted the kids to come up on stage so that's what they did. any time can you see the family dynamics, it's another side of the family and another factor
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they take into the voter booth. >> and they learned a lot about build a bear and the american girl doll store. i went in there once but there were too many dolls there. >> i started talking to caroline and she told me it was her birthday and she wanted to go to the american girl doll store. and that's foremost in her mind because she's mentioned it several times in the time i've talked to her. >> you got to see the different sides of these candidates. do you think they moved the needle at all, though? >> i don't know. it was interesting in the donald trump town hall last night we had i think three people in the audience who came in saying they weren't sure but they were thinking of voting for donald trump who said last night convinced them to vote for donald trump. clearly in most of the polls, quinnipiac poll, new york one
10:19 pm
poll, donald trump is way out in front. i don't know how much any of this moved the needle but i do think for many people around the country, it's a chance to see these candidates in a different light. we've had plenty of tough, contentious interviews over the last months and plenty of debates, though senator cruz would like more debates, which i understand but it does allow us to see them in a different light. >> and the democratic debate tomorrow night. kellyanne, ted cruz was asked about the gestapo tactics. oh, you were over there last night. watch this. >> his new convention manager said his folks are using gestapo tactics. >> i have to say, anderson, it is bizarre. donald and his team, it's almost look they're subjects in a clinical course in psychology.
10:20 pm
there are all sorts of different behaviors they display but one of them is projection. the conduct they do regularly they accuse everyone else of doing. so literally in the last few weeks donald's team, roger stowe, his chief political adviser, was threatening to out the hotel room of delegates who dared to cross trump so they could be intimidated. they're acting like union boss thugs. in colorado, i spoke to the chairman of the republican party in colorado, trump supporters put out his home address, his phone numbers, he got thousands of phone calls and death threats. trump supporters were telling people to go to his house and bring guns. violence doesn't belong in the campaign. police are reporting threats of violence against delegates from the trump cam pan. >> roger stowe has left the trump campaign.
10:21 pm
>> he said he has. >> you think he's still in the campaign? >> i think he's their henchman. he's doing the dirty work. >> donald doesn't like he's losing the election. >> is the trump campaign intimidating people, kellyanne? >> it seems like it. we hear from the trump campaign the rules are not fair, the system is corrupt, it's rigged and yet very clearly it was laid out there that stephen house, the party chair of colorado, has received over 3,000 calls since the convention, all of them nasty and he posted on facebook when i hear about burials and my family mentioned in the same sentence, this isn't politics,
10:22 pm
this isn't democracy, it's crazy. you can whine and complain all you want, you changed the rules -- i would say there's analysis that donald trump won 35% of the popular vote and 42% of the delegates. apparently they like those rules. there's no place in politics and i hope kayleigh will back me up on this, there's no place in politics for the nazi, gestapo politics. >> don't you think cruz is just doing a better job with delegates? >> no, i don't think so. because donald trump is ahead in the delegates. he's won more than double states of ted cruz. >> but working the rules, though -- >> can i quickly just address some of the things that kellyanne says? >> yes. >> you're saying trump supporters are indicative of what trump stands for.
10:23 pm
roger stone does not work with the campaign. there's a controversy -- >> he -- >> kellyanne, i got to finish. there's controversy over whether he was fired on the campaign or quit. he left on not good terms. >> he's involved, i promise. >> the only personal who has been accused of dirty tactics was governor kasich accusing cruz in engaging in double -- >> so it's okay that people are being threatened. >> there are accusations by both candidates that ted cruz -- >> i'm sorry, you're a very nice be person, but are you going to look the viewers in the eyes and tell them it's a false report that they say they will publish where the hotel is. >> we saw it on video so we can't say it's false but --
10:24 pm
>> i'd like to see donald trump stand up and say cut the crap. >> i would like to see ted cruz stand up against the people in michigan -- >> there's a couple of things hurting donald trump. the first thing was the calendar. there were two weeks before wisconsin, he looked like he was going to lose all the way and he loses and then two weeks after. he's been in this vacuum where i think he's had politically a desire to distract that he had lost and the idea that the stop trump movement was gaining some traction. he's on course to do very well in new york and throughout the northeast and that will quiet some of that down. it is also true has he misplayed
10:25 pm
some of it and he can catch up. here's the other big problem. the reason he's in this situation is because he's not a majority candidate. he's not getting above 50%. because a he faces is usual, which is a dedicated movement to oppose him within his party. usually you have consolidation around the front-runner so it's keeping him below 50%. these combination of factors have created this difficulty. winning in new york will do a lot to correct that. >> at this point in a campaign when you have a candidates that been consistently ahead, consistently the front-runner, i think this pushback that they're getting is something perhaps
10:26 pm
they didn't anticipate, which is why they've been so far behind on the ground game in terms of delegate selection because maybe there is a sense they didn't need to do that. right? >> i'm going to get you in, matt. you sat there quietly but you're going to have to wait. you're awfully quiet tonight. 27,000 people flooding new york's washington square park tonight for bernie sanders's rally there. stay with us for our brooklyn democratic race tomorrow night beginning at 9:00. we have much more reaction to tonight's town hall with ted cruz, his wife heidi and his two lovely daughters. every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked
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with less than one week to the new york primary, ted cruz and heidi cruz take questions at the town hall. dana, anderson asked cruz about his comparison of trump to the godfather's michael corleone. >> you compared donald trump to the lead character of "the godfather."
10:31 pm
you said he needs to understand he's not michael corleone, needs to stop threatening the voters and delegates. do you actually think donald trump is threatening voters and delegates? >> i was very glad to wake up this morning and i didn't find a horse's head in my bed. that was comforting. listen, i think it is grotesque to have a campaign that engages in threatening voters. donald trump at his rallies have told his supporters to punch that protester in the face. i have protesters at my rallies. i'll engage them in political discourse. if they're disruptive, law enforcement will remove them. you doesn't have -- don't have a right to -- >> you believe donald trump is promoting violence. >> he told his supporters to punch that guy in the face. that's not funny.
10:32 pm
it's not funny when roger stone, who organized and put together trump's delegate campaign is telling people in cleveland we're going to make public your hotel room so people can threaten and intimidate you if you dare -- that's behaving like 1968 chicago. we're not interested in behaving like union thugs. donald trump needs to learn that. >> let's start with the pop culture headline, he liked "godfather iii" the best. >> i never even saw it. >> i rest my case, your honor. i do think he's got a point about the tactics but he's never said that someone should be
10:33 pm
punched from the podium and he never would, but they all have different variations of raw political tactics. again, violence is not something that that ted cruz or his campaign has ever engaged in but it is a rough and tumble world of politics. the fact that ted cruz really more than any other candidate appeared with his family is critical for him because he does have that likability issue that this helps more than anybody else. >> he needs to show a softer side. at least that's what the word on the street is. "vanity fair" said of all the back room deals cruz is trying to close, his hardest sell is still himself. did he show a softer side? >> yes, he did. i thought it was a b plus before the girls came out and an a plus after the girls came out.
10:34 pm
there's a certain pious -- the girls softened him up. donald trump has made ted cruz into this palatable, moderate guy. you hear when ted cruz is decrying the violence and harsh rhetoric of violence, it's -- >> we all know because we've covered politics and white houses and politics before. at the end of the day people vote on politics and their ideology and the guy they want in their living room every night because that's something you cannot measure. >> i want to play this. he was asked if he can beat hillary clinton. that's what's important come the general, right? here's his response.
10:35 pm
>> you told our dana bash that poll after poll after poll shows you beating secretary clinton. i've heard you say that. that's not exactly accurate. of the nine polls released just in the last month, i won only one and since february 4th, you win two, tied two and lost seven. >> there's been poll after poll after poll that show me beating hillary clinton. most polls show me beating her or tied with her. >> not in the last two months? >> three weeks ago fox news showed me leading hillary clinton by 3 points -- >> that was the only one. >> but there were a whole bunch of them that were just a few weeks earlier. ohio just a few weeks ago. i'm leading hillary clinton by 2 points, 47 to 45. let's take wisconsin.
10:36 pm
wisconsin is a blue state, it hasn't gone republican since 1984. reagan's reelects the last time it went republican. marquette university a couple of weeks ago did a statewide poll, trump loses to hillary in wisconsin by double digits, hillary and i are tied in wisconsin at 44-44. let's take pennsylvania. trump is behind hillary in the general election in pennsylvania, hillary and i are tied in pennsylvania. another historically blue state in presidential races but i believe in the general election we're going to compete and i think beat hillary in pennsylvania. we're seeing that across the country. iowa, another swing state. i'm leading hillary clinton in the state of iowa, donald trump is behind and one final point, young people. obama won young people 70/30 in both elections. i'm 14 points ahead of hillary clinton in young people. >> gloria borger, i hear a fact check coming on.
10:37 pm
>> oh, my god, my head is exploding. i just love hearing ted cruz and all of these candidates quite frankly say, i don't really care about the polls and then talk only about the polls. i was going to say donald trump had kind of set this new standard here where presidential candidates actually talk about the polls and say you should vote for them because of the polls. john kasich, for example, in new york says, you know, you got to vote for me because i'm the only one who can beat hillary clinton and we just heard this recitation from cruz laying out wisconsin, whatever state he went through exactly how he can do this. and it is the case he's making to everybody, including members of the so-called establishment who hate him but now love him, love/hate relationship with cruz.
10:38 pm
this is all we're hearing. >> i love it when you go to an interview with donald trump, he actually hands you the polls. i know it's coming. it's like here he comes with the polls in his hand. >>. >> the data analytics, the ground game, you need your own operation to do that. the other things i want to say is to quo senator obama since 2008, i think ted cruz is likable enough for this cycle because people are looking -- they're not asking just who is likable, they're asking who is a leader. if you look at hillary clinton's likability ratings, they're actually going in the wrong direction for her. >> hold that thought. hold that thought. we're going to talk about that and more, including who would he like to be his vice president? a surprising name. we'll be right back.
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ted and heidi cruz speaking directly to voters and answering their questions tonight at cnn's town hall. up saw -- you saw them.
10:43 pm
back with my political dream team right here. vp picks. he talked about potential vp picks. >> marco rubio said yesterday he hopes they'll nominate a conservative and the only person is you. you could cut a deal in which basically he gives you his delegates. >> i think very, very highly of marco. he's a very good communicator. when he ran for senate in 2010, his underdog race in florida inspired me, it was one of the inspirations that led me to run two years later in texas. so i think the world of marco -- >> is that really true? you guys had tough words during the campaign. is that how it works? >> it's the campaign.
10:44 pm
i was trying to beat him, he was trying to beat me. that's what happens in a campaign. i consider him a friend -- >> would you consider a cruz/rubio ticket? >> anybody would consider him a candidate for vp -- >> you're not ruling it out. >> he would be someone you would be a fool not to look at very, very seriously. >> i just heard something, gloria said we've been talking about crubio for months. >> paul ryan made point of saying there was not going to be a white knight to run for the party. rubio's got to be in that mix. they can mend fences. if you take rubio out before he got into the race.
10:45 pm
marco rubio was a guy who came up with tea party backing, was a tea party darling when he was elected to the senate. he's a big part of the future of the party. cruz has all the anti-establishment credentials which could come back to hurt him as well when he gets a more thorough scrubbing when he becomes the nominee. right now he's benefiting from the fact that he's a safe haven from those who don't want to nominate trump. rubio is conservative, he's from florida, he provides the kind of contrast they would want with hillary clinton about who is looking to the past, looking to the future. it's an obvious place to begin consideration. >> clinton/gore, they doubled down two young southern guys. this would be two 44, 45-year-old cuban americans, children of immigrants. it's not balancing the ticket but it's reinforcing something republicans actually probably need to reinforce. >> the republican party has been terrible at doing this. it's the republican party that's -- democratic party that's been
10:46 pm
masterful at electing jfk, jimmy carter. the republican party says let's nominate the person who lost to the person who won. >> those of us who remember the carter presidency field hold. >> they're stuck with hillary and bernie. they don't have that. >> if you're going to a contested convention, that would help a little bit. >> i was going to say, as reagan said, we don't want to exploit our opponent's youth and inexperience, sometimes having the reaganesque candidate -- who would that be? >> donald trump i would argue. >> i didn't want to hear that.
10:47 pm
>> can he unite the establishment and get trump supporters on his side? >> if he were the nominee, who would be in for rough treatment about the kind of colleague he's been in the senate, his positions of shutting down the government on obama care that put him at odds with the rest of the party, let alone with the general electorate that he wants to try to court. i think he face as lot of difficulty. i'm not sure that he in the election era of trump, i'm not sure that those backers, many of whom may not have voted before, are easily going to slide over somewhere else. i think they may be its own base and that's why he, trump, is such a wild card. >> the question is tonight, what does taylor swift have to do
10:48 pm
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back now with my -- >> dream team! >> are you paying attention, david gregory? we often wonder what the next president that the next president will bring to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. nancy reagan fixed it up. here's what taylor swift has to do with a possible cruz white house. >> who is the one person that you can't wait to invite over for dinner? >> well, let me answer -- caroline, why don't you answer to that question. who do you most want to invite to the white house if we win. >> you say it, katherine. >> who do you want to invite over for dinner, katherine? >> no, caroline say it.
10:53 pm
>> how about mom says it. >> the girls would love to have their first guest be taylor swift. >> what's your favorite taylor swift song? >> i like all the songs. >> yeah? >> my three favorite is "bad blood," "blank space" and "wildest dreams." >> and they're have karaoke machines they got for christmas and it is a little frightening with the two of them singing taylor swift together. >> we don't sing together. >> that's true. >> it does not match. >> you do sometimes. >> well, i stopped singing because she oversings me. >> i'm sure a lot of families can relate to them singing taylor swift. >> i'd love to see you singing on the campaign bus. >> they outmaneuvered and outsign their dad. >> and they're so natural.
10:54 pm
>> these are sisters. she oversings me. >> there are no "i'm not touching you" moments. which are normal family moments. >> that would happened at my house for sure. to say that it humanizes him makes it seem more superficial than it should be. they are campaigning, both of them, so much that they decided to pull them out of school and they have tutors with them and they're together all the time. and this is a true family affair. >> who do you think this is more important to, this moment was more important for? everyone says john kasich is such a nice guy, right? he has a great family. but donald trump who is so harsh sometimes, especially in media
10:55 pm
and his comments on the campaign trail and ted cruz, they say nobody likes the guy. who was this important for? >> it was important for all of them. the republican party had a really bad week last week and the week prior. there were accusations flying and insults. but this week to see john kasich walking in on the boyfriend and his daughter and to see their families, it was a victory for the party. >> and it comes when the nastiness and rhetoric is getting heated on the democratic side. the knives are getting longer and sharper. >> you don't know what's going to happen, especially when you bring children on.
10:56 pm
>> they said last night that ivanka was donald trump's biggest imprimatur. >> oh, sure. one of the big tests that cruz faces is can he grow out of his base of christian conservative voters? he's got to show he can do that if he's going to do well. >> stick around, everyone. when we come back, how their families have helped and hurt the candidates. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton's duelling rallies in new york city just days ahead. we'll be right back.
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
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"check out credit karma today. credit karma. give yourself some credit." (shush, shush, shush) life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. our cnn democratic debate just hours away. i'm don lemon. 27,000 supporters for bernie
11:01 pm
sanders. >> i don't think there is any doubt but that our campaign today has the momentum. we have won 7 out of the last 8 caucuses and primaries. and when i look at an unbelievable crowd like this, i believe we're going to win here in new york next tuesday. hillary clinton rallies her own faithful in the bronx. >> i think new york values are at the core of american values. that's why i'm proud to be a new yorker. >> don't forget about the republicans on the republican side, donald trump's war with the party rages on. >> the bosseses and establishment and the people that shouldn't have all this
11:02 pm
power took all the power away from the voters. >> rnc chairman preibus telling wolf blitzer this -- >> the rules are what they are, they're in writing, they're available to anybody that wants to participate. actually, state by state, they're not all that complicated. >> meanwhile, donald trump says this in our town hall tonight. >> so, literally in the last few weeks, donald's team, roger stone, his chief political adviser, was threatening to out the hotel rooms of delegates who dare to cross trump so they could be intimidated. they're acting like union boss thugs. >> a busy night on the campaign trail tonight at his rally in pittsbgh, donald trump heating up his attacks on the republican powers that be. >> colorado right now, they're picketing and going wild because the bosses and the establishment and the people that shouldn't
11:03 pm
have this power took all of the power away from the voters. so, the voters never got to vote. and the voters didn't know that except when i got up and complained because they did it after i joined the race and they figured i'd probably win colorado, which i would. i would win colorado. like my polls here. i'll explain that. so, in colorado, they're all delegates. and we had delegates that go in, they don't take them. and then they take these others. so, they get the delegates without voting. the people don't vote. here's what's happening here. so, we vote. whoever wins gets 17 delegates. whoever doesn't win gets like 35 or whatever the difference is between the -- so think of it. you beat somebody badly with the people because it's a rigged system, folks. the republican system is a rigged system. meanwhile, breaking news out of the trump campaign. cnn's sara murray has that for us. >> reporter: don, the trump campaign is getting a piece of
11:04 pm
good news tonight. their campaign manager corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted with that reporter michelle fields. the florida prosecutor lnlt move forward with these charges. in this incident field alleged lewandowski grabbed her and left bruises behind. it removes another distraction for the trump campaign. they are at a pivot point where they're trying to expand their operation and add in more seasoned veterans. they're trying to do a little more d.c. outreach, but that outreach does not seem to extend to the rnc here in pittsburgh tonight. donald trump said once again he believes the system is rigged. now we're seeing rnc chair preibus defend that. reince feels he needs to hit back. preibus has try to run a transparent process. he does not want to see the
11:05 pm
party come out damaged at the end of this. he also predicted all of this would eventually blow over. we'll see if everyone is sing g ing kum-bi-ya in a couple months. >> i wouldn't count on it. sunlen at cr, what is ted c saying about his chances? >> reporter: tonight was a good chance for senator cruz and his family to show off a little bit of his softer side, which is a very stark contrast to this fierce battle for delegates that's taking place. senator cruz will spend the entire day tomorrow in new york in advance of tuesday' primary there. tonight he kind of shifted a little bit while he was here campaigning in pennsylvania. he told the crowd, look, donald trump is looking very strong in new york. and then he raised the bar for
11:06 pm
how he expects donald trump should do next tuesday saying if donald trump doesn't get 50% or higher in new york, it will be a crushing loss for him. that was a slight shift. of course, the polls have him well behind in new york. so, it seems ted cruz really seemed to be lowering expectations for what his performance will come out to be on tuesday night. of course, raising the bar for donald trump. >> conventional wisdom and the polls show some -- that ted cruz will have a hard time here in new york. how about the contest coming up. they're not in his favor either. what is his strategy? >> reporter: that's right. it is a very tough terrain for ted cruz. i think his campaign will fully admit that. what they're doing right now is this dual-track strategy. on one track you have them going in this state-by-state slog showing up in places like pennsylvania and new york,
11:07 pm
trying to carve out delegates where they can. at the same time behind the scenes there's this fully apparatus from the cruz campaign that's going and preparing for the potential contested convention in cleveland in july. they have been fierce in trying to rwoo these delegates. senator cruz thinks his chances are good if they push this towards a contested convention. he says donald trump will come in with a ton of delegates, he'll come in with a ton of delegates, but he predicted he'll be in a better position. the cruz campaign feels good with their chances if it's pushed forward. >> have a good night. let's discuss with my political dream team, added few year -- why are you laughing at that? surprised to be on the dream team? krrn political analyst david gregory, mark preston, cnn politics executive editor, cnn contributing editor bacarri and
11:08 pm
kayly, a trump supporter. preston, to you. are you politics editor? >> employed, i like to say. >> lucky, right? >> lucky, if the boss ain't watching. >> we heard sara murray talk about this sort of war between donald trump taking on the establishment of the republican party. have you ever seen anything like this, a candidate doing that? >> not to the level we've seen it right now. what's interesting about this war is donald trump, i don't think he's able to separate the republican national committee in his enemies in the republican party. i think that we see him go to the rnc, the building of the rnc, meet with preibus a couple weeks ago, they come out, talk about unit and we see what happens here where he comes out and attacks him right away. i think donald trump, had he be winning, we wouldn't be talking about the rules. the fact of the matter s don, there are rules. they are in place. donald trump just didn't follow
11:09 pm
the rules up to this point. >> david, why take on the leader of a party so publicly and so personally? >> i think it plays to brand here. i think that donald trump is keenly aware of what he's doing. he is outrage outly going after the party, be party officials, saying the system is rigged, the rules he's been aware of and playing within were somehow stacked against him. in fact, the primary calendar was meant to benefit someone like trump who can con date early with early victories, which he has. but you have something unique. a front-runner shy of 50% in the polls, who faces a unique opposition against him within the party. that wants to stop his nomination. he's using the outsider game to play up the outside with his supporters while at the same time catching up with hiring more insiders, paul manafort, someone else from the campaign of scott walker, governor walker in wisconsin, to try to bell
11:10 pm
centre his efforts to get close to that magic number. remember, he could get very close. he could get go over the top. if he's close, he might be able to play the delegate game, negotiate and still win that first ballot. he's playing outside and inside. >> is it still too early to tell who's winning here, preibus or trump? >> i think it is probably too soon. i agree with david. i think this is smart strategy for donald trump. he's the outsider. outsider candidate. part of his message is that the republican party has lost its direction. doesn't represent working class americans anymore. and he's taken -- why should he be nice to reince preibus. what does that get him? >> it gets him the extra 80 or 150 delegates he needs when he gets to the ready rnc con have convention -- >> ahead of time. >> sure. that's a big if. it looks like he's nervous recently that he won't get the 1237 outright. wisconsin was a big blow.
11:11 pm
what's been said here is absolutely correct. there are two pieces of the electorate, the trump vote and the nonnon-trump vote. non-trump vote for a long time was scattered over five, ten candidates. now it can be more of a binary choice, but the road stock is not the trump portion. it's the non-trump portion. he should be nice to reince preibus because he needs data. the nominee gives him data, money, all the king's horses, all the king's money. you can't go it alone. >> kelly is exactly right. the short game is right in that he has to be the outsider. dave is absolutely right. but if he does win the nomination, he would have spent the last six months attacking the establishment that he needs in his corner to win. if you talk to the donors, people aren't going to give him money, knock on doors, throw out
11:12 pm
leaflets. he needs to be careful who he attacks. >> let me push back on both of you guys for one second because what happens if donald trump gets very close to the number and then doesn't win and the rnc takes it away from him or at least it's viewed that way? and i think that reince preibus and the rnc are playing a much more dangerous game. if donald trump is the presumptive nominee or would be if his name wasn't trump, if and he comes within 100 or 150 delegates, i understand the rules are the rules, but on the second or third ballot, you end up with a nominee who has 400, 500 less delegates like ted cruz then the republican party is playing a dangerous game. democrats are used to republicans suppressing the vote. >> i never thought i'd be sitting here but, amen. particularly, what's going to happen -- >> let him finish.
11:13 pm
>> what's going to happen in particular when, yes, if he gets close to the nomination and it's taken from him and then the rnc has to look at colorado voters and say, hey, i'm sorry, you didn't get to vote, that's the way the rules are. i'm sorry, north dakota, you diplomat get to vote. wyoming, i'm sorry you didn't get to vote. the role of the rnc. that being said, the role of the rnc is to ensure that every voter in the republican party gets a chance to speak. they have not done a good job at ensuring that. >> we're loose talking about the notion that someone is going to take something away from donald trump. that is not -- that's not going to happen. first of all -- let's not talk about perception. >> you get to 1237 by yourself and someone takes it away from you? why isn't he cultivating these delegates like the others are? >> he is now. >> the rnc does not giveth and
11:14 pm
the rnc does not taketh away. we have a system set up, and there are flaws in the system as you pointed out, and reince can stand up and say, there's a time to look at how states organize and if there are holes in it but there are rules we're going by. if you cannot get to 50%, if you cannot get to 1237, there are certain aspects people don't like, just like the electorate college. when bush in 2012 didn't have much of the popular vote, people say, he should campaign more in texas. it doesn't work that way. >> i do think that kelly ann is right, he has a much more sinister plan to get kayleigh on his side. a crowd of 27,000 people flooding new york's washington square tonight for a bernie sanders rally. stay with cnn for our brooklyn presidential debate with hillary
11:15 pm
clinton -- between hillary clinton and bernie sanders tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. stick around, my dream team is here. when we come right back, the softer side of the candidates, how their families are hoping to help them win over voters. t-mobile does data differently. so it can do more for your business. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge. and that's not all. because with t-mobile there's no overages. ever. switch your business to t-mobile at work. and get four lines. with 10gb of 4g lte data each for just $35 per line. nobody does business data like t-mobile.
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my goodness, it was crazy. but we were talking about the will of the people and whether it will be subverted at this convention or can be. let's listen to what ted cruz said and then we'll discuss. >> if trump emerges with more votes, the popular vote, but at the convention in a second round you get the delegates, you get the nomination, will the will of the people be subverted? because that's what trump is saying. >> that's a ludicrous argument. there's one way and only one way you earn the republican nomination. that is, you earn the votes of the majority of the delegates elected by the people, going back to 1860, that has been consistently for more than a century, how the republican party, how we picked our nominee. and if donald can't get a majority, and the reason he's throwing such a fit, the odds are looking more and more like he can't get a majority, we'll go to cleveland. in cleveland, i believe f it's a contested convention, i'll have a ton of delegates, veal a ton of delegates. and in that situation, we're
11:20 pm
going to be in the much stronger position, i believe, to earn a majority of the delegates and continue uniting the party. >> does everybody here buy that? >> no. >> yes. >> i don't know. this is what i why. a couple things. donald trump could get to 1237. a lot of people have written off the fact he can get to 1237. secondly, there are rules. as david said, there are rules. if you don't get to 1,237, then i go into a convention and try to get to 1237. >> the rule is a broken, unjust rule. it's not an argument that it's a precedent and been here for years and years and years. the delegate system is a remnant of a bygone eras when nominees were chosen in back, smokey filled rooms. it's only coming out now because this is the first time in -- >> i don't disagree it's flawed. i'm just saying you were dealt a hand, you have to play the hand you're dealt.
11:21 pm
>> there's also something that was intellectually dishonest from what ted cruz said. ted cruz said you have to get to this number of delegates, he understands he may not have it and he's going to somehow mysteriously come out with those delegates. >> not mysterious. >> and then he's going to unify the party. those two things are oxymoronic. there's no way he's going to go and do this and then just disenfranchise this many trump voters and then all of a sudden say you're going to unify the party. it just doesn't work. >> he's already unifying the party. he's got five former presidential candidates who were his opponents endorsing him. first of all, you're using a lot of charge words there, bakari. it's not a mystery how you do it. pe he just did it in colorado. you get to know the delegates. you look them in the eye, you go there and campaign. you read the paper, he has people on his campaign staff doing outreach, delegate outreach. donald trump up there -- >> donald trump said that's why
11:22 pm
he's setting up this narrative, perception is a reality. it's not even a narrative. if donald trump doesn't get the nomination, he will have a significant segment of the republican party that voted for him. he is on track to win. let's not -- he's not the it is engine that could here. he is in command of this race. if he he were to not win, he wouldn't get to that number, it wouldn't be mysterious, it would be an open convention with a system you may believe is a antiquated, but it's what everyone is working within, including donald trump. he only complains if he loses. hold on. the point is at the end, everybody who loses represents a certain segment of the party. those people are going to feel like they got cheated. >> david, i think there's a question, which is, if he's close, if he's in -- trump, in under 100 and he doesn't get the
11:23 pm
nomination, there will be hell to pay. >> why do you think he doesn't have a team in place to get him over the top? >> first of all, i do think we all know that ted cruz has a much better delegate team than donald trump has. trump is depending on bluster. he always has. ted cruz is depending on portion. whatever it is, it seems if he gets there, that closed to nomination and he doesn't walk away with it -- >> you mentioned -- >> the never trump people seem to not have a plan in place for what happens when it's never trump. >> that's not true. >> when it's never trump, they never win. >> sure, we do. >> you break apart your party. that's -- i mean, the gamble is huge here that you're playing. the gamble my good friend lindsey graham -- >> there's no gamble. >> there is a huge political gamble. there is a huge political gamble by siphoning off the energy and life line and the blood and voters -- >> what about -- i'll tell you what, we'll make a deal here tonight. i'll worry about how the
11:24 pm
republicans feel at their convention, you worry about what the 27,000 people that showed up in new york for bernie sanders, how they're going to feel. >> you don't have to worry because bernie's not going to win. i will also probably -- i will also go one step further and i will tell you that both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are more prepared to be president of the united states and will beat either donald trump or ted cruz any given day of the week. the problem is that the only person who ask be the 45th president of the united states, who's running right now s john kasich, but the republican party -- >> here's where bakari is right. the party has to unite at the end of the day. as much as i love what you say, it's going to be about my party and whoever your party's nominee is. there has to be a system that franchises the voters and the rnc is in the habit of make, rules to stop candidates at times. we saw ron paul, they didn't like the way he was using the rules to rules 40-b came into place. why can't there be a rule, if no one has a majority, so we have
11:25 pm
ted cruz, donald trump. together they have 70%, 08% of the vote, so we're going to make a rule that both of these guys have to be on the same ticket. whoever has the highest of the american people's vote is at the top of that ticket. that is a way to unite. quite frankly, the only way to unite. >> do you think they'd really accept that? >> hey -- zootd rules committee says it -- >> what's not democracy -- >> if we're going back to 2012 and talk about this arcane rule our viewers are glossing over -- >> 40-b. >> just remember that, everybody, out there in tv land. the bottom line, that wasn't the rnc that changed that rule. that was romney supporters. >> thank you. >> who he got on the rnc that changed that rule because they didn't want ron paul's name put into nomination and cause problems on the convention floor. that's why that happened. it wasn't the smoke-filled rooms of reince preibus -- >> it was the delegates. >> nobody smokes anymore. they're is no smoke.
11:26 pm
>> we don't know what they were doing in colorado. >> mark, how many kids do you have? >> right now i have one, two, three, four, five, six kids. >> you start out loud and then you go down. >> there's a very simple solution. donald trump's team, new convention team, they were on all the tv shows. you know how ted cruz's convention team spent last weekend, they were at colorado last week at the convention. up next, family values. how the candidates -- that was nothing between what happened in the breaks here. how candidates are turning the spotlight on their families. we'll be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want-
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11:30 pm
>> reporter: heidi cruz stepping firmly into the national spotlight with husband senator ted cruz. >> when i thought about our country and the crisis we're in and the talent ted has, it really struck me that i needed to be part of this for our country, not for ted. >> reporter: some of his colleagues have described him as combative, divisive, impersonable, not many in washington circles would be used to describe him. cruz and his rivals are looking to their families to help show their warmer side. >> who wants to say grace? >> i do! >> reporter: it's a touchy subject to expose a presidential candidate's family to the public during the campaign. then presidential candidate barack obama made it a part to keep his daughters, sasha and malia, out of the campaign. presidential candidates have had a history of bringing out their families to help with their
11:31 pm
imarnlgs so says kate anderson brauer, author of "first women: the grace of modern america's first ladies". >> carolyn did this with john john. when she was out of town, he would make sure to call his photographer friend and bring him into the oval office. >> reporter: ivanka trump has been campaigning so much for her d dad. >> i think the way he raised me, the way he tried tiffany, it's a testament to the fact that he believes in inspiring women, empowering women. he always taught me there wasn't anything i couldn't do if i set my mind to it. >> when she and her sister talked about how supportive she is of women, and that's one thing he gets criticized for a lot, they kind of lessen that
11:32 pm
criticism. >> reporter: ivanka trump is friends with chelsea clinton, who has been a surrogate for her mother hillary clinton, but not as much as the former president has been. >> she's more qualified to be president this time than she was when i ran. >> reporter: for john kasich, his daughters tried to help humanize him. >> he tries to tell jokes that he thinks are funny, but they're mostly just funny to us because they're dumb. >> spoken like every 16-year-old child of a parent. >> and he also thinks he's a really good dancer. north/south. >> that's exactly right. >> wait, north/south, that's his move? >> yeah. >> you have to go north to south up. can't do this. have you to go north/south. >> reporter: just today jane sanders giving a boost to her husband. >> i which he new how effective he was as a legislator. >> reporter: a candidate's family often giving much needed help, especially in a campaign as negative as this one.
11:33 pm
jason carroll, cnn, new york. >> thank you, jason carroll. back with me now my dream team. bakari, i wonder if there's a risk exposing your family to this kind of media attention. i can only imagine my family up there. my parents would be so embarrassed if we had a fight, es posed family secrets. >> i was sharing this off camera. i think as someone who has run statewide before, someone who has run a race before, candidate's families are completely off limits. i think the one asterisk you may have is hillary and bill clinton because bill is a former president so his record is something that can be talked about. the fact of the matter is, i absolutely adore heidi cruz. i talked to her in the green room. love the kids. i think ivanka trump, i think his wife is great. i have a lot better things to say about these republican spouses than i do about the candidates themselves. >> and the children. >> and the children. i thought one of the best town halls we had, with both
11:34 pm
candidates, was john kasich and his family. it humanized him, it changed my dynamic and thought about him. so i think the families helped. >> i knew when we saw the girls tonight in the cute yellow dresses and i said, we're going long. >> and i'm a swifty. listen, i'm with them. >> i didn't think they should be off record at all -- or not attacking them, but i think these town halls were the best we've had. best anybody has had. and i thought it really humanized these candidates to see their families, to meet their spouses, to hear them talk about their shared experience. i got to tell you, this thing tonight for the first time, i almost found ted cruz likeable. >> wow. >> seriously -- >> when i say off limits, i do mean attacking them. i do think attacking spouses -- >> making it part to get to know them is very, very important. >> we often see them in ads but you think it's the same as effective or more performance as a live performance? >> for an ad to be effective it
11:35 pm
has to be shown five or six times to actually -- repetition helps. i have to tell you what, having been involved in all of these town halls this year and all of our debates, i have to tell you, the best part of these town halls have been the kids. i'm getting a little tirtd of the candidates in the sense we know who they are but it's the children who shape you as a person. when you see ted cruz get a hard question on stage, which he did, and heidi cruz did about his like act and when heidi cruz was answering the question, you can see ted cruz playing with his daughter. it was just an instinct as a father he would do that. that is a humanizing moment. >> ivanka trump, she put it best last night, what she said applies to ted cruz last night which is what effect does children are on you as an individual? in her case she said it's made me a better person, a better wife, less self-centered. that's absolutely true of these politicians as well. let's not forget, it's a tough grind for these families. a lot of them become accidental
11:36 pm
political spouses. absolutely accidental political children. many people don't sign up for this. i read before about the obamas. michelle obama at the time was against her husband's first run. she's been very supportive of his presidency. not everybody buys into the career choice of -- >> the wives are often -- mitt romney's wife said, no, no. >> something else that has not been said, let me put it out there as the cruz person, i think what people have heard in america over the last couple of weeks about heidi cruz has been incredibly unfair and unflattering by a lot of the trump people and trump's's retweet. and i think america can look at heidi and say, this is the woman that's been accused of x, y, z. they see somebody's harvard business, the girls adore her, her husband adores her, that's a real family regardle of what you think of him and i think that's the unspoken benefit. >> i do have to play devil's advocate because a lot of people took off for heidi cruz. i think most people in america took up for heidi cruz, even
11:37 pm
some trump people said he never should have done that. >> he said it was a mistake himself. >> i think it's interesting, too, you know, we lose sight of how difficult it is for spouses and certainly children, to have to experience one place removed from the candidate and how much scrutiny they get and how they get attacked, how they attack each other, how the press scrutiny affects them. very difficult for the spouses who often become collateral damage. i thought really unfortunate incident with heidi cruz and that attack on her allowed cruz to do something that's really nice. i mean, it's just really -- to lift her up is not only the woman he loves but a very talented, smart, accomplished professional woman who has been navigating, you know, both of their commitment to their family and their careers. and have done it in a way that i do in my life that a lot of men and women do. and really kind of elevate that and celebrate her in that way, which i thought really -- >> can i compliment donald trump? >> quickly. we've got to go. >> i think you can tell a lot by
11:38 pm
someone's children. and donald trump has raised children and they're in new york city. you don't read about them in the tabloi tabloids. they haven't gotten arrested, any of these things. kudos to donald trump. may not be able to say anything about donald trump policywise but they're a hell of a family. hours to go until cnn's big brooklyn democratic debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders battle it out in new york with dueling rallies tonight. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view.
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what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders duke it out tomorrow tonight in brooklyn. but tonight each candidate is rallying their supporters. more than 600 delegates at stake here. senior washington correspondent joining me here, jeff zeleny. jeff zeleny, duelling rallies tonight, how did they go? >> they weren't dueling rallies
11:43 pm
but so different in their style and crowds. bernie sanders came to the heart of new york city and held a rally that his campaign said had some 27,000 people there. that number is hard to verify but i can tell you, i was out there. there were thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people. one of the biggest rallies we've seen this year. you could tell immediately how he was going to fire up the crowd. that was by going directly after hillary clinton. >> our differences with secretary clinton go beyond how we raise money. it goes to an issue which the media doesn't cover, but it is an issue of extraordinary consequence for millions of americans, and that is our disastrous trade policies, which are costing us millions of jobs! >> so, don, from trade to wall street to campaign finance reform to climate change, one after another, the crowd was
11:44 pm
eating up his strong criticism of secretary clinton. across town in the bronx, a much smaller crowd, some 1,200 or so bit campaign's estimate, were there to hear the secretary speak. now, she spent most of her time focusing on donald trump. >> unlike donald trump, we're not saying some people don't belong, we're not saying some people are not wanted. this is a borough of immigrants in a city of immigrants in a state of immigrants in a nation of immigrants! >> so, don, i can tell you, just the feel out there, the bernie sanders rally reminded me of another rally in 2007. that was when a freshman senator barack obama went to the exact same place, got 20,000 people in hillary clinton's backyard. bernie sanders trying to do a similar thing here. the question, of course, is will the outcome be the same? it may not be. >> jeff, this race took a nasty turn once it came to new york. sanders vows to fight all the way to the convention.
11:45 pm
once a nominee is chosen, can the party come together? >> it's a central question. the democratic leaders are heartened in one hand by seeing these big crowds at sanders' events but they're also a little concerned and wondering will they unify if he does not become the nominee? i spent a lot of time before the rally talking to voters. voter after voter, of course supporters of senator sanders say they're simply not sure if they could end up voting for someone other than senator sanders. one young woman, who is a school teacher, said, i might vote for hillary clinton if bernie sanders told me to, but i'm not sure about that. she was in her young 20s. i was struck by that. so party unity is a big question mark hanging over this entire democratic establishment. >> very interesting response.
11:46 pm
clinton and sanders, the debate is tomorrow night right here on cnn. the stakes are high. what should we be looking at? >> the stakes are high. the moments are different. it's been five weeks since the candidates have come face-to-face for a debate. what we're looking for here is how much direct conflict is there going to be? how much are they going to complete the argument they started from afar? the last week we heard both questioning if they're qualified, their judgment. when bernie sanders is next to hillary clinton on that debate stage, is he going to question her judgment as pointedly as he has? he probably will. but i'm watching clintoning clinton. she has the upper hand in this campaign in delegates, superdelegates, how aggressively will she go after bgs sanders tomorrow evening? i think it might be more than we've seen before. that is one of the central figures here. the new york primary is not as mathematically important to her
11:47 pm
but emotionally important. it's her adopted home state. >> jeff zeleny, have a good evening. when we come back, what to watch for when hillary clinton and bernie sanders go head to head in our democratic debate in brooklyn tomorrow night. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. ♪ ♪ for your retirement, you want to celebrate the little things, because they're big to you. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade®.
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i just like saying dream team, political dream team. they're here. so, the debate is tomorrow night, bill. bernie sanders has some ground to make up. is he going to come out swinging? >> i think there's going to be a lively debate. there's a lot at stake for both of them. i think they're both going to come out swinging. i think there will be a much more careful delineation of the differences between them, like fracking, like wall street, climate change. i think bernie's going to put it all on the line and he's got a big momentum out of tonight's rally going into tomorrow night. >> that's a lot of substance you're talking about. what about qualified, not qualified and all of those things? and the dreaded daily news interview. will that come up tomorrow
11:52 pm
night? >> there's no question that will come up tomorrow night. that has been a potent bullet for her to launch at bernie sanders. here's what the republican party has got going -- democratic party has going for them that the republican doesn't, it has gotten a little personal but not like the republican party. i do think you'll see the democratic party come up. >> you remember the song -- ♪ oh yes they're here the dream team is here ♪ is that houdini? >> oh, yes. really, david? >> that's going to come up. >> i'm 31. you missed me. >> that was the younger generation. >> but you knew. you knew. >> go ahead. >> i do think this is a good
11:53 pm
moment for sanders to get this deba debate, to have a shot in new york. he has a lot of buzz. he had a great rally tonight. he gets a shot at hillary clinton to draw her into the kind of debate that he would like to have. i think as bakari said maybe during the break that she would like to focus on trump and get beyond this but he wants to draw her back. >> what's going to be her line of attack tomorrow? >> first we have to state the facts. the facts are hillary clinton has won the most states, has the most pledged delegates, has a lead that even barack obama didn't have. you can do this all you want -- >> 2.4 million more voters. >> we all know the spin. >> twins. >> is it spin or -- why is that spin? >> that's a spin. >> that's a fact. >> so, anyway, tomorrow i think there will be a third person on the stage, which is donald trump. and i think hillary clinton will direct a lot of her message and issues on donald trump. the fact is the democratic race has not been about momentum this
11:54 pm
entire time. hillary clinton on march 15th, she went out and won five states. she went 5-0. and then lost seven out of the next -- or eight. >> this race has been about demographics the entire time. where you have states more diverse, where you have states where you have large african-american populations, large populations of hispanic voters like in new york, maryland, pennsylvania, hillary clinton does much better. i anticipate hillary clinton to do well not only in new york -- >> she's ahead. double digits, 50-37 according to the new york one poll i only have 20 seconds left. what happens if she loses? is that a moral blow to her? not nbc newswise. >> it's a whole new balance gram if she loses. >> how? >> pst bernie sanders has made up much bigger deficits than that -- >> if bernie sanders wins new york, he cannot win bernie sanders 51-49. bernie sanders, unfortunately, has to win 60-40. >> can i say the unity thing i talked about -- >> kayleigh is sitting over
11:55 pm
there saying, i'll let them argue about this. >> we'll be together. >> we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
27,000 people flooding new
11:59 pm
york's washington square park tonight for bernie sanders' rally. tomorrow the focus shifts to brooklyn for our democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that's tomorrow night beginning at 9:00. okay, so, david, do you have a correction for -- >> yeah. it was the l.a. dream team that did that song. oh, yes, they're here, the dream team was here. but it wasn't my era or your era. >> they were joking about it, but this is going to be -- this is really important. you said delegatewise is won't mean that much to hillary clinton but certainly a blow to her ego and a blow to her confidence not to win her own state. chances are she's going to win but we've -- >> it would be really bad. but to really win, we're going to need to see bernie sanders take a new debate tactic. i think he has to go a lot more negative. the next day he's going to the vatican so he can be absolved. >> catholic, please bring some of that absolution back to me.
12:00 am
i have a lot of sins. >> and the panel says -- >> amen. >> i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 live from brooklyn ahead of our cnn democratic debate. if you miss any with our ted cruz town hall and his family, can you see the whole thing starting right now. good night. n just a few minutes we're bringing you the third and final "360" republican town hall. ted and heidi cruz talking to voters. >> i'm sure some cursing a lot of whining. >> no lost love hyped the candidate who slammed new york values and his new york opponent. >> donald has no solutions to the problems we're facing. >> and it's gotten personal. >> i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do if


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